Ladies' Night

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered, in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company. Behind it are drinks for those not inclined toward ale, as well as a door leading to the small kitchen where snacks are made and a back room that probably holds yet more ale.

It might finally be winter, but the Wanderin' Wherry Tavern is positively bustling with activity. As the dinner hour ends, people have begun to fill the pub - notably so, the ladyfolk of the weyr. Word seems to have gotten out about the bar's dedicated ladies' night, and servers are hustling and bustling about to take and deliver orders. Amongst the waitstaff is Esiae, and suddenly it's no surprise as to who was the brains behind the event. An apron that reads "Kiss the Cook" has been hastily repainted to read "Kiss the Weyrwoman," and its pockets are filled to about bursting with slips of paper and writing instruments. Someone's overzealous. "Come in, come in," she says, holding the door open for folks before whisking off to one table, then another to take orders. "Seat yourselves anywhere!" There are indeed several tables open - some small, some large - but they're filling fast!

Kiena heard of this event and wasn't about to pass it up without at least peeking in for a bit! If anything, it's an excuse to get out of the cold of winter or, really, to just have a good time (and many drinks). It's been awhile since the bluerider and Smithcrafter actually unwound and relaxed! As she slips inside with a group of women, she'll flash Esiae a grin as the Weyrwoman greets them and before she can whisk away, she'll point to the repainted apron. "That serious or a figure of speech?" she drawls with a chuckle and turns her attention to stalking down a table and claiming one of the seats.

Any excuse to not ruin food by trying to cook works for Kera. So when news of Ladies Night spread, it's no surprise when the greenhealer is one of the ladies pushing through the door. Feet shuffle to a stop quick enough when the crowd is larger than she'ld though it would be. Casting a quick chuckle around "Guess I wasn't the only one eager to get out of burning perfectly good food." Kiena and Esiae are spotted among the crowd and she gives them a wave.

C'rus is not a lady by any stretch of anyone's imagination. Though he is part of a ladies life and thats got to be worth something right? That and there is food here. C'rus always did appreciate food. Especially special event food that is free to the public: Gathers, Hatchings, Assorted other celebrations. Why should a celebration of womaness be any different. He follows in after Kera and takes a quick glance around the bar, and that confirms his intial worry that he would be the only guy there, "Nope. Not the only one." he agrees with Kera, "You never burn it too badly."

Idrissa wasn't sure about coming here, though here she is.. She peeks inside curiously as she opens the door. Maybe no one else came and she'll just skitter off? Not hardly it seems. She's quiet for a moment, hand lifting to scratch at her neck before she slwl moves on into the Tavern.

Esiae spreads her arms out from her sides, still backing away to head towards the pub's kitchen, but she still manages to shrug great big and toss a, "Depends on how drunk I get!" back at Kiena. Welp. At least she's honest! "I'll be back," she adds before twisting away into the crowd. Eventually, she rematerializes at the bluerider's table, beckoning, Kera, C'rus, and yes even quietly-sneaking Idrissa over with a wave of her free hand. The other is busy balancing a tray of what just might be one of everything the bar has to offer on the menu. "I hooked y'all up. Fried tubers, sweet tuber ball-things, that's a burger, I have no idea what's on it, that's some kind of fried… cake… thing…" She frowns a bit, clearly not as good at this waitressing thing as she thought. Oh well, it's the enthusiasm (and free-ness) that counts right? "Well, whatever, there's literally one of everything here and if you like it, I can get you more," the goldrider says with a wink, settling the tray onto the table. "Can't say much about burnt food though," she says with a wrinkle of her nose. "There is a reason they changed it," the woman adds, wriggling her apron with a laugh. She's cheery about it at least. "Drinks, anyone?"

"Ah. So one of those nights?" Kiena quips back to Esiae and her laughter follows. Oh, the bluerider is in a mood! A good one but that can spell trouble depending just how relaxed she can get in this crowd (or drunk). She's just beginning to get real nice and comfy in her chair when Kera arrives and she waves brightly to the greenrider. C'rus is given an odd look and Kiena lasts all but a few seconds before she cannot resist teasing him. "You sure you're not lost, C'rus?" Grin. Idrissa likewise is waved to before her attention is drawn back to Esiae's return with FOOD. "Shards! You bring the whole kitchen?" Who cares about descriptions of what's what? Kiena is already eying a few appreciatively. "I'm sure it's all good. On the house too?" Really? Now, as for drinks! "Ale. Strongest there is!"

Kera smirks to C'rus before giving him a curious frown "Oh, so you /do/ think I burn everything?" Trying to hold up a serious expression seems to be too much work and she starts chuckling. Looking among the crowd, Idrissa is spotted quickly peeking in. "Hi Idrissa." Making her way though the tables, Kiena and Esiae get a quick dip her head in greeting "Hi Kiena, Weyrwoman." A double take at Esiae's apron as Kera grinning as she flops down at the table she was directed to. A bit of a bemused nod at all the food she's placing among the table, "Nah, that's no where near burned. Ask C'rus, he'ld know." Kera snickers a bit and gives an agreeable shrug to Kiena's demand for ale. "Sure why not. Ale it is." Afterall, it's free. Well,for most.

"I didn't say you burn everything." he says with a half a smile forming on his face, "You do burn some things, but so do I." He is honest about his lack of skill in cooking. Thankfully he doesn't have to do it very often. When he hears Kiena chime he the turns his head to face her and shakes his head, "Nahhh. Not lost. I figured I could do a study of a 'ladies night' and gain further insight into how ladies think and experience things. And there is free food." he offers a quick handwave to Idrissa, who he hasn't seen about in ages. "I'll just have a water. I am the designated flyer this evening. I think." he says to Esiae.

Idrissa lifts a hand and pushes some hair back from her face while she looks around a bit nervous. "Hey." Is said with a soft tone and smile seen while she moves on over towards the others that are here. She curiously peers at the items in question while she hops up upon a stool. "You got this all togeher Esiae? That's super nice of you."

"Yes, yes it is," Esiae quips right back about it being one of those nights, eyebrows flicking once in an amused gesture. She shrugs at the implication that she brought the whole kitchen, completely unabashed. "Near about, but it's been awful quiet in here - mostly just the regulars - so the kitchen staff need the practice," she says cheerfully. "And yep, on the house." Maybe even for C'rus, so long as he's drinking water - it's not like she could tell if food went missing from a tray that huge anyways! "And oh, no, this stuff ain't burned 'cause they kicked me out of the kitchen," she explains to Kera with a laugh. "I got demoted to waitress after I maybe sort of set the stove on fire." Which, knowing Esiae, shouldn't be a surprise. She doesn't seem to mind the demotion, though, jotting things down before smirking over at C'rus. "Designated flyer, huh? Well, I guess there has to be one. Water it is." Beaming over at Idrissa, the junior waves one hand in greeting. "Hi there! Good to see you. I set it up yeah, but it was fun, honestly! The staff'll hate me for running 'em ragged for a few days, but I think they'll get over it in good time. Who knows, maybe if it winds up a success, they'll do it more often." And wouldn't that be fun! "Anyways, be right back with those drinks. Think on if you want anything," she says to Idrissa before skipping over to the bar to place the order.

Kiena's grin widens as Kera joins her. "Alright, Kera! Didn't know you liked ale…" It may be ladies night, but this bluerider won't be having any lady-like drinks! Nope. "Everyone burns food at some point, eh? And how've you been, Kera?" Reaching for the food, she'll snatch a few fried tubers and snorts as she glances sidelong to C'rus, "Y'know? I don't know if I want to know if you're serious or joking." After finishing off the fried tubers she snatched up, she'll give Idrissa a welcoming grin too. "Try the tubers, they're good! How've you been too?" Glancing back to Esiae, she chuckles again. "Hey, I'm all for giving them practice if that means more free food!" No complaints from Kiena!

Kera shrugs to Kiena as she scans over the differant things on the table, reaching over to pluck a couple of the fried tubors when they are promoted. "I hardly ever drink, so won't hurt to have a mug or two every so often. I hardly think the Weyr will burn down if I get a drunk…I've been alright, keeping busy with duties and enjoying free hours when they show up." Taking a chomping bite, she grins to C'rus "Free food for the ladies." Meaning men still have to pay. "Besides, you said you were designated flyer, so…" Kera chuckles looks among those around the table, she seems perplexed by the Weyrwoman's antics. "Um, why were you cooking?" in the tavern of all places "Wow, you must have some talent to actually set a stove on fire." Idrissa gets a chuckles as the other woman eyes all the food "I promise not to throw any of it if you promise too." Kera works again to keep a straight face, but fails after a few seconds.

"I believe…" C'rus begins, "…that the general consensus is that I don't have a sense of humor." he intones as dryly and with as little expression as he can manage in his face. Some probably would accuse him of having no sense of humor and have some evidence to back it up, though others would probably know better. Thats probably more than enough of an answer anyway. "It's good to see you too Kiena." he adds politely enough. When Kera pipes in about free food 'for ladies only' he can only shake his head slightly, "I'll eat something when we get home." he adds a wink to his comment. He isn't mad or upset. He'll figure something out. He glances over to Idrissa and then back to Kera when there is mention of a food fight. Ahhh the great food fight. It will live in the history of the weyr for as long as the weyr stands, "I'm sure that the pair of them will be able to restrain themselves." he says to Esiae.

Idrissa smiles and nods to Esiae. "Thanks.." She isn't sure if she will order anything, she doesn't drink /that/ much after all. She ponders a bit before glancing over to Kiena. "I've been alright, how are about yourself?" This questioned as hr smile is still seen. A curious look is sent over to Kera and C'rus. A laugh is heard and she is soon grinning. "I promise that too. Never know about next time though Kera."

Esiae returns quickly, three large mugs in one hand, and several small glasses with a warm amber liquid pinched together in the other. The mug of water is given to C'rus, the ales to Kiena and Kera, while the rest seem to be for herself and the table as she plops down into a seat. "Peach brandy, from Southern Boll," she explains, shifting the extra glasses out in case the others want to try. To Kera, she offers an amused shrug. "Well, I mean, this whole thing was my idea. I wanted to help them out, but uh… big kitchens are a lot more complicated than little ones," she says sheepishly. "I am very talented, though, yes. Especially when it comes to setting things on fire." This time just… happened to be an accident. She goes to take a sip of her drink, but luckily it never reaches her lips, C'rus's dry humor eliciting a hard snort from the goldrider. "Why don't I believe that," she says of his sense of humor, head shaking at his insistance that Kera and Idrissa could keep themselves in check. "Shells, you tellin' me you had a food fight in here? I bet that was a riot," she says, eyes darting between Kera and Idrissa as she leans forwards on her elbows, clearly eager to hear the story.

Kiena chuckles again and gives Kera a sidelong look, "Careful what you say!" she teases the greenrider. C'rus is given a curt nod for his politeness but the bluerider bites her tongue. "Been fine, if busy. The usual!" she answers to Idrissa and then her grin returns. "Hey, the night is young yet? Who knows what'll happen!" Is her two cents about the food fighting. She's a complete enabler. Thanking Esiae, she'll reach for her pint of ale though her eyes linger curiously on that peach brandy. "Hmm. Don't know if I've ever dabbled with brandy before." Interesting! She'll tip her ale as if to toast the weyrwoman, "To your great idea!" And she'll drink to that, while going silent as well to see if the tale of the Great Foodfight is shared.

Verbal pact with Idrissa made, Kera lifts another tubor strip as if to toast the deal "Fair enough, we'll come to new terms next time." Settling back against the chair, C'rus sends her into a round of giggles when he mentions not having a sense of humor. Her head shakes as he goes on about waiting to eat. "Oh, don't be silly, no one will notice a bite here or there." Fingers flick out to the display of tasties Esiae has arranged and served up. Nodding at the weyrwoman's version of how the fire happened. "That's a neat trick though. Setting a stove on fire. Like blowing up a forge, takes real talent." She's getting cheeky and hasn't even started drinking yet. Taking mug in hand, she sips at it while snacking from the tubors. "Hmm, not too bad." Like Kera would know good ale from bad, not. Noddinhg quickly, she lifts her glass at Kiena's toast "Great idea!" Esiae's interest in the tale of her and Idrissa's brawling gets a groan. She's more than happy to let her fellow greeny spin the tale.

"It wasn't /that/ funny." C'rus says to Kera when he notices her giggling about his comment, "I have better jokes that will share later. A person has to pace themselves, can't unleash the awesome all at once. Wouldn't be healthy." he says with a slight chuckle escaping him as well. For the moment he is content with just drinking the water that was placed in front of him, but the time will come when he will likely sneak a nibble here or there, "You'd be surprised how easy things like that are apparently." They certainly happen often enough. As for the story, he won't be the one to tell it even if he was there. Thats for Idrissa or Kera to share. He offers a smile to Idrissa, "How have you been?" he asks. Kiena's nod is seen, but no further words are spoken in her direction for the present moment.

Idrissa blinks as the question of how the foodfight is brought up. A soft ah escapes her while she looks ab it sheepish. "Well, two proddy greens, emotions flying. WE sorta got into a fight and started to throw food at one another." End of story! Or something like that it seems. She glanes to her hands a bit, picking at her nails before the question from C'rus is heard. "I've been alright, busy with work. How have you been C'rus?"

"Nah, cheers to that - a young night full of potential chaos," Esiae says, flicking a wink towards Kiena as she lifts her glass of brandy to join the toast. "It ain't bad," is said of her drink of choice. "It's sweet on the outside, but packs a punch." Just like her. "The ale strong enough for you? Bartender seemed confused when I said I wanted it strong enough to put hair on our chests - think it kinda threw him off," she admits with a wicked smirk before refocusing on Kera. "Ah, no, my little stove fire was but a line of poetry compared to the masterpiece of blowing up the forge," she says, hand pressed to her chest in a very dramatic Harper fashion, eyes going all dreamy. "That was a work of art." Yep. Definitely some cheekiness going around as she flicks C'rus a grin and a shrug, as though to say 'what can you do' for the ease of setting things on fire. "Sometimes combustion just happens." Mentally as well as literally apparently, considering Idrissa's story. "Ah, flight rage. Isn't it grand," Esi says wryly, but the story seems to amuse her nonetheless. "I can't imagine that went well with the staff. Please tell me you caught people in the crossfire." Since the others seem to be going for the tubers, the goldrider goes for the sweet tuber rolls, only one of many foodstuffs laid out on their table in a veritable smorgasboard.

"I'll drink to that too!" Kiena laughs as she raises her glass again and returns Esiae's wink. As for the ale, she'll echo Kera's critique. "It's not bad and how is that confusing? Makes sense to me! If I'd known better, I'd have snuck in some of the ale that circulates Fort. Black Damnation. Granted… that kind of sets up how the night'll go, huh?" More snickering and she'll content herself with enjoying more of her ale and sampling more of the buffet of food at their table. "Y'mind if I try some of that brandy at some point, Esiae?" Just a sip! She's mid sip when the weyrwoman mentions blowing up forges and she promptly coughs. "You what?" Kiena knows all about "spontaneous combustion". There's a reason she's not setting foot in Fort Weyr for awhile! As for the flight and food fight, Kiena just shakes her head and chuckles under her breath.

"It definitely wasn't that funny," drawls a voice from a few yards away from the group. "Tell 'em feats of your chivalrous bravery instead." Now that would be hilarious says the undisguised smirk that goes with it. Enter Darsce, fashionably late - or just fashionably. It's night and she's a lady (though some might disagree, but what do they know? Facades serve their purposes, after all). "Hey Jailbait," the headwoman goes on to greet the only male present with chipper impertinence, perhaps overdoing the sweet tone a wee bit but there's really no malice, just mirth and a glint of knowing in the glance she slides to Kiena directly afterwards. She nods to the rest of the group, pleasantly enough. "Kiena, Kera, Idrissa, having to shave more often?" Maaaybe she'll just sip… water. She draws closer, iceblue eyes glimmer with amusement as they light upon the newly-returned Esiae. It's likely they've crossed paths in the admin hallway, so her greeting is as flip as hers was to C'rus, "Or creating a cavern where there was once none." Not that she minded a bit, seeing it worked out so brilliantly for the baby dragons.

Kera sets her mug down after another sip, casting an amused glance to C'rus "Was too." even if Darsce doesn't agree with her. The woman's voie drawing her attention. Dipping her head politely to the Headwoman. "G'evening Darsce." She closes her mouth quick when she wants to point out that the headwoman and C'rus seem to agree on something. Nope, better not add fuel to that fire. There are too many pyro's around to tempt fate too much. Kera shrugs agreeably to Idrissa's simpliflied version of the proddy induced tiff, then shakes her head at Kiena "Oh no, I already promised no food flinging this evening." Instead, she busies herself with slowly draining her ale and nibbling from all the platters on the table while listening to the conversation.

C'rus knows that voice. How could he forget it? "Ahhh Darsce." he says, just letting that greeting hang there for a moment before continuing, "Tonight isn't about me. Besides I'm sure that since this is ladies night we'd much rather hear your tales of…whatever." He then turns his attention back to his water, silently lamenting that he isn't drinking anything stronger. He looks up after a moment, "I've been well. Thanks for asking Idrissa." he makes a point of saying before adding for Esiae, "That night is indeed young….lucky for us all." Though he could probably use some convincing on just how lucky it is.

Idrissa glances over to Darsce at the needing to shave more often and looks a touch confused at that for one reason or another. She finally will go about ordering a drink, an ale at that. "Oh a few others got hit with stuff." There is a slight pause. "Luckly no one came after us foit so it worked out rather well I think." She goes about picking at some of the food on one of the plates as she listens in on the conversations.

Esi… doesn't need to be told to drink twice. Snickering, she neatly polishes off the rest of her glass before pulling one of the others from the table into her hands. Yoink. "Well, I mean… hair… on our chests," she says, Vanna-White-ing around her boobs. "I think he couldn't reconcile a hairy chest with chick tits." The idea of an ale named Black Damnation has her attention, though, brows quirking upwards. "Now that sounds like an ale I'd try." Bar crawl? Bar crawl. "Please do," is said of the brandy, the other three glasses on the table gestured to openly. "There's more where that came from." When Kiena chokes, Esi merely smiles pleasantly, lashes fluttering. "Hmm? Oh nothing." She might tell, but enter Darsce, stage left, and who can pass up greeting her? "Well, if it ain't the headwoman herself," Esi drawls, eyeing that glass of water. Bor-ring. "What, they didn't have anything pink and fruity enough for ya?" She snorts quietly for the blonde's 'greetings' for everyone else, shrugging with a blase grin when she mentions the cavern's expansion. "Hey, whatever works, am I right? Could use a few more well-timed explosions around here - I can think of a few rooms that need a facelift." It's… hard to tell if she's joking. Regardless, she hops up to fetch Idrissa's ale, adjusting her 'Kiss the Weyrwoman' apron as she goes. "Wish I'd've seen that," she says upon her return, depositing another ale in front of the greenrider. "I totally would have helped." Break them up? Throw more food? Maybe both.

Kiena pouts at Kera but only in a joking way, "Aww. No fun! Ah well. If there's no food fighting, I hope there will at least be dancing at some point?" From the way she suggests it too, it won't be any sort of tame ballroom dancing. Enter Darsce and her grin returns, wider than ever. "Was wondering when you'd turn up!" Formality? Pfft. That's apparently gone out the window and Kiena's only on her first ale (barely)! "Going to join us? We've been set up with the best food." Another wink to Esiae and with a chuckle, turns to Idrissa. "Food fights ain't so bad. Well… unless you're stuck cleaning up after it. It happens! And makes for great stories." Esiae's clarification has Kiena blinking at first and then bursting out into throaty laughter. "Shells! I wish I saw his face now. HA!" Still giggling, she'll polish off her first ale of the night and nod her head. "Next time I get my hands on some, I'll make sure a bottle makes it way to your desk—- err, weyr. No drinking on duty… or something." Right. Reaching for the brandy and wasting little time, she pours herself a little sample and doesn't buy into the innocent act one bit. "Uh huh. Dare I ask…?" Joking of explosions has her fidgeting a bit but she plays along all the same. "Mhm, count me out for explosions of that sort. I've had my fill in the last Turn or so."

Darsce doesn't care who disagrees with her - she's demonstrated that often enough - though she and C'rus have agreed a few times (maybe twice?) before and tonight makes three, apparently. "But it was true what he said," she says to Kera with a slow, negligent shrug of her shoulder before sending C'rus a brightly considering look. "Though, truth is sometimes hilarious, so I guess it was rather funny. Hm. Carry on." There she goes, agreeing with Kera now. She laughs outright about telling stories, eyes returning to the Fortian rider. "The funniest one I know is best left forgotten." Someone hand the headwoman something to mellow her sharp tongue? She answers Kiena's question by hooking a chair with a toe, dragging it over and sitting down beside her and whispering something to her. It's as she lifts her eyes that she catches Idrissa's puzzlement. Woe! Her her joke went over the greenrider's head! Cue dramatic pretense of disappointment, an eyeroll, an overdone sigh and a chin-lift in Esiae's direction, "Drinks…putting hair-" Her words end in a splutter of laughter as Esiae makes it clear with sign language that would make a deaf man very happy. "Nevermind," she waves a manicured hand to dismiss the subject, her tiny smile is at least faintly apologetic. It's a rare expression - enjoy it! Her smile spreads though, listening and watching the weyrwoman and she is definitely biting her tongue now. "Apparently not," she says of pink and fruity. Lies! The bar has everything. "Please don't throw food or blow things up," she says in a monotone, the protest is limp and well-worn. Also useless.

C'rus has never been the sort who cared about who agreed or disagreed with him he'll speak his mind one way or the other. He lifts a finger to wag in Darsce's general direction, "I'd imagine that /your/ truth and /my/ truth are entirely different things." Uh oh. Someone is getting C'rus started, and he was trying to behave himeslf! "Nahhh the funniest came after that…well after that." What the heck is he talking about? Who knows, "It's good to know I have your permission to carry on. I was dying a little inside that you might not be ok with it." Nope. He'll be nice, but not a doormat, "Personally I'd be more interested in a drink that puts hair on the top of my head. Invent that and I know some guys that will be lining up." As for explosions an the like, "I'm with Kiena. No boom is good for awhile…at Fort and here at Xanadu."

Esiae perks for the idea of dancing, turning in her seat to eye the room. It's still full and bustling, but… "Eventually," she says with a fey gleam in her eyes. "And don't worry, you can deliver it wherever you want. They already think I'm crazy, what can it hurt," is said of the bluerider's ale delivery to the junior weyrwoman office. Her expression only gets more devious when the headwoman whispers to Kiena, one brow raiiiising slowly, even if she doesn't comment. "It was pretty priceless," she says of the bartender's expression instead, brown eyes twinkling up at Darsce for her splutter of laughter. "Bet I can get him to blanche again before the night's out." And then she sighs when they all rain on her remodeling parade. "Spoil-sports. Fine. I'll do my best not to blow anything up, but we're all getting another round of drinks." She particularly squints between C'rus and the headwoman, for their lack of drinks and their lack of storytelling combined. "Aww, c'mon, diiish," the goldrider wheedles. "You can't just hint at a story and then not tell it." Well. Yes they can. But it's totally unfair!

Of truths differing, Darsce says sweetly, "Of course they are." It's two for two tonight about agreeing - or wait, three is coming right up! What are they talking about? The headwoman leaves that in the dark, simply says agreeably, "That was what I was referring to, C'rus. But the second funniest thing happened before that." She doesn't elaborate on that, either. Apparently she is a bad story-teller. "Later," she promises Esiae, then with a wink, she lifts her water, mockingly salutes C'rus with it. "I meant Kera could carry on. Giggling. At you." Because he's so funny, y'see. She's downing her water when 'I'm with Kiena' is spoken and she splutters into her glass. "I'll be right back!" she says in a somewhat strangled sound and off she goes post-haste in the direction of the ladies room. Damn. The man really is funny.

Kiena perks up when Esiae says the magic word. 'Eventually' is as good as a solid 'yes' in her books! "Perfect," the blue rider's grin turns almost wolfish then. Lifting her new glass christened with brandy, she'll toast it again to the weyrwoman — or was that a mockery of a salute? "Consider it done then!" She's all too happy to be the supplier of good ale. "Who says your crazy?" she scoffs and as for the challenge directed at the poor bartender she snickers. It takes her awhile to catch up on the banter between Darsce and C'rus, having leaned in towards the Headwoman to catch her whisper and her chuckle and whispered response. When Kiena does clue in though, the blue rider's mood seems to flicker from relaxed and care-free to apprehensive. Quick as a blink of an eye and she'll knock back that glass of brandy, pulling a bit of a face when the kick comes. "Eh, I dunno about that story Esiae. Not for a night like this but if the curiosity is burning you that bad, I know where the records are since I'm the one who wrote half of it during my time as Weyrsecond." Drake was far more subtle but Kiena's never really learned how to be "subtle". She's more like a bull in a china shop most days. "Later, Darsce! Don't be a stranger." Seriously!

Kera turns a too innocent expression to Darsce "Who? Me? I already promised to not throw any food. well, as long as Idrissa doesn't." Her gaze flicks to her fellow greenrider with a smirk and amused wink before tipping the last of her ale up. Shrugging at the empty mug, Kera grins at the banter going on between everyone. Assuming a little frown, "Aw, how can I carry on, if I've nothing to drink?" Her seriousness cracks at that and soon she's looking among the table "So, more ale or try something else?" She's still not gotten bold enough to try the brandy.

C'rus never was known for having a gift of subtlety either. THE STORY. That old millstone that seems to be permenantly attached to his neck. Likely won't be living that down ever. Nor does he really care any longer either. First though to Darsce he can't help but let a grin cross his face, "That wasn't the truth to which I was referring…either of them. I was talking about how you…" And then it seems that she is gone as quick as she came. Probably for the best. He glances back to Kiena as she elaborates. He considers this in silence for a moment and just begins, "I'll give the short version, since this is a party. Turns ago Kiena here…" he waves a hand in her direction, "and I…had a heated disagreement which landed me in jail for a time. Boring story really. Jail isn't as exciting as you might think. Any way…I've moved on. If others haven't…" Not my problem, "I've made a few mistakes, but I'm a contributing member to society once again. Yay me. Happy ending." he raises a glass of water and then drinks. Now back to your regularly scheduled party.

Esiae is content to accept the headwoman's promise, not much caring when the story's told, so long as it is. "Yes, ma'am," the goldrider trills smartly (or smartassedly?), flicking Darsce a sassy salute before she's off and spluttering towards the bathroom. Waggling a brow at Kiena for her 'perfect,' the goldrider returns her toast. "It's not that they say it, really. You can just see it in their eyes and the way folks give you subtle berth," Esi drawls, kicking her feet up onto Darsce's vacated chair. "Could also be that half of them were in the hall when I threatened to have Sony sit on a minor lord holder, but." She shrugs, as if that couldn't possibly be it. "And don't worry about it…" she starts to say when Kiena makes a face, but she trails off when C'rus speaks up, keen to listen even if it is the short version. "I've heard that - about jail. Lots of sitting around rattling cups on bars and waiting for people to remember you're there." Where she could have heard that is anyone's guess, really. She receives the information without a slight nod that might be of realization, but otherwise no outwards judgement, issuing a soft sort of 'huh' before rolling her shoulders. "Well, so long as you two ain't planning to go at it again, that's all I care about," the goldrider says easily, letting the subject die in favor of swinging her feet back under her. "I, for one, want to make the bartender make the pinkest, most disgustingly sweet drink he can manage. Game?," she asks of Kera with a crooked grin. Well, she did ask for opinions on the matter…!

Kiena laughs again, "I know what you mean." Given the bluerider has her own reputation and has experienced those looks before (as a rider and Weyrsecond both!). She chortles, giving Esiae quite the look, "Heh. You didn't!" Now THERE is a story! Sadly she'll have to hear it in detail another time, possibly over a shared bottle of Black Damnation. Kiena was prepared to let certain topics slide but when C'rus gives his version of the story, the bluerider just stares at him. That flush in her cheeks, too? Is not from the alcohol she consumed. "Just couldn't let it be, could you, C'rus? Why are you even here?" she growls at the Fortian but with a long inhale of breath (and some teeth grinding), she'll collect herself with an apologetic look not to him but to Kera. That extends to Esiae as well, along with a look that speaks 'no promises'. Standing, she'll jut her thumb over her shoulder. "I'm going to see if some of us ladies want to kick up some dancing." Kiena's grin is back, wry this time as she glances between. "You two are welcome to join in after you convince the bartender to do THAT! IF you're even standing by then." Challenge given! With a half-salute, half-wave, the bluerider then turns and strides right into the thick of the crowd and it might not take her long to convince a few ladies to start up some dancing!

Kera looks between Kiena and C'rus a few seconds as brief mention of C'rus's jail time is mentioned. The mood around the table seems to cool a few degrees before Kiena decides she wants to dance. Kera and watches the bluerider start off. Another few seconds and she coughs, works to lightening the mood of the table again. "Hey! I went to visit as soon as I was able." Her gaze goes to C'rus at that, and a little grin. "But I won't be needing to go visit in jail again, will I?" Nope, most likely, she'll be the one in jail next time Moncerath goes proddy when Kera is out dining at the tavern. The empty mug is considered for about a half second before she nods quickly with Esiae's suggestion. "Who am I to argue with a weyrwoman? Sure, I'm game. C'rus is too! I doubt we'll get too lost stumbling along the forest path." Flashing a cheeky grin to C'rus she gestures for the queenrider to proceed "Maybe you'll discover a whole new shade of pink weyrwoman."

C'rus hadn't really expected that reaction, but he's never been able to pin down Kiena, and the pair spend so little time together that can be expected. It's probably for the best, "I didn't bring it up, but I'm not going to shrink away from it like it's some unmentionable thing forever tainting my life. You can grow and move on from things you know. If you haven't thats fine." he says evenly. To Esaie he shrugs, "Nahhh. That fight is long dead. Learned a few things since then." He then lets Kiena fall off his radar as she seems to want to put distance between herself and himself, "I think you know me better than that by now." he says to Kera with a slight twinkle in his eye. Nope. No more jail. Jail bad, "What exactly am I game for?"

The goldrider's brown eyes twinkle over at Kiena conspiratorialy for her understanding, chin dipping in a little nod. "I did. Can't say which was more priceless - his face, or Darsce's." The goldrider positively beams for that look, adding a little wink that promises the full story in the future for sure. To her credit, Esiae's posture doesn't change one iota when Kiena flushes and growls at C'rus. She definitely glances between them though, patient and observant before flicking one blonde eyebrow up at the bluerider for her 'no promises' look. "The bartender said to grab Corya - serving girl, short, brown curly hair. She'll help you clear tables for a dance floor," Esi says, nodding amiably to the invitation to dance once the drinking was done. "You bet your sweet ass there will be dancing later." Smirking, the goldrider returns that wave-salute hybrid before shifting her attention back to the table. "Game for making a hideously pink drink concoction and drinking it 'til we can't see straight," the goldrider explains with a smirk, glad to have Kera onboard. "What should we have him put into it? Redfruit, berries maybe. But what sort of alcohol…" She chuckles for the implication that she'll discover a whole new shade of pink, though, head shaking. "Perhaps. They'll have to name it after me, if I do."

Kera nods, flicking fingers to Esiae as she turns her gaze to C'rus "What she said." Looking back to the Weyrwoman for confirmation "So sweet and disgustingly pink that ya can't taste the alcohol at all, right?" Glancing over as tables and chairs start scraping the floor to clear dancing room. "If this Ladies night idea takes off, they may need to expend the tavern some. Make room for a dance area right near the Harper's corner." Pondering Esiae's question of drink ingrediants, her fingers drum on the table before she shrugs "I've no idea, whatever you pick should be fine. It'll be sweet enoughg so we can't taste it anyway. I'm just along for the ride. And free food and drinks."

"I'm afraid that the hour is rather late for me. All this bouncing back and forth through different times sorta messes with a person. I think I'm going to head back to the cottage and get some well earned rest. I'll let you ladies continue on with your evening and I'm sure I'll hear all about just how pink the drink is in the morning." he offers a quick hug to Kera if she'll take it and a salute to Esaie and makes his way out the door.

"It'll be like drinking juice," Esiae confirms with a nod of her head, lips quirking off to one side. Now that they've decided to do it, she backs slightly towards the bar, stopped only by Kera's idea. "Ooh. Expanding the tavern." That would require demolition, right? She tries to hide her excitement over that, really she does, but the goldrider's eyes glimmer eagerly anyways. "Yeah, that's actually a really good idea. A proper dance floor, maybe some plants and decor and proper instruments to make this place seem less… well. Mannish." She smirks and giggles a bit for the idea before raising one hand to wave at C'rus for his departure. "Oh yes. You'll hear all about it as we're clutching our heads and bemoaning our advanced ages," the woman jests, nodding for his salute. "Now, about those drinks." Flicking Kera a wink, the goldrider scampers back to her good old friend the bartender to see what she can connive the man into whipping up for them.

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