Communication of Rank

Xanadu Weyr - Dragon's Rest Farm
In contrast to the gigantic barn is the smaller homestead. The structure is a small two-level cottage, complete with a covered porch that sweeps around the exterior. The wooden slats of the house seem freshly painted, as if this old place has been brought back to life by careful hands. A chair-swing sways beneath the shade of the porch, moving with the slightest breeze off the sea. Inside, the quaint space has been decked out with the comforts one might expect. Fluffy rugs cover hardwood floors, and finely carved furniture dominates most of the spaces. A few things here and there seem older, heirlooms that now have a new place to call home.

Everything within the cottage is comfortable, rather than elaborate. Though it may have once been empty, there is now a warm, welcoming feel to the place. Many large windows and sliding doors look out upon both the training field and across the road, a view of the beach and the sea beyond. Even on the hottest days, these can be opened to let in air and leave the rooms cool and comfortable. Set back a ways from many of the other Weyrbarns along the roadway, there is plenty of room for those who need a bit of space and privacy. There is plenty of space, leaving room to grow, to learn, to expand, and most of all… it is a warm, safe place to come home to when the day's tasks are done.

Winter is coming to Xanadu. Soriana sits near the window. She'd be watching the snow, if there were snow… actually, no, not even if there was snow, because more important than watching snow is watching Skyler. He's lying on his stomach on a blanket, doing baby-pushups. Those are the ones where he's not quite sure if he's going to sit up, crawl, roll over, or what, and even when he starts to do one, he gets distracted by the rattle and soft toys nearby and makes grabby-flails at them… then settles down, often in a slightly different position, before starting over again. All is well, but he's getting awfully wiggly and increasingly capable of causing trouble. So… Soriana watches!

Ka'el arrives from the cold, yet not snowy, outside world. Kanekith's arrival is probably more spectacular than his though. Ka'el just comes through the front door. Kanekith … well. He can't fit inside of a weyr, but he can look inside of one! One big eye soon overtakes the view from the window as he peeks into the home. He could very well see everything from Ka'el's perspective, if he wanted, but he likes doing things on his own and thus…he looks! People are in there. His people is in there. His person, rather. He turns his head enough so that his nostril is near the glass, and he huffs out a breath to fog it up. Hello everyone. Notice me. Notice me! "Keep that up and I'll have you cleanin' all the windows.." warns Ka'el as he pulls off his jacket to hang and boots to set near the door. Gloved hands pull off his knit cap, and he rubs his palm against his hair before pulling the gloves off too. And then, he notices Soriana and Skyler, and he heads over to where they are, plopping down to a crouch some feet away from their active child. "Heeey, what'd I miss? You learn your first dance steps yet? Startin' to do jigs?" he smirks up at Soriana, then extends arms to Skyler. "Come on. You knooooow you wanna crawl to me. I'm the best ever. You can't resist."

Some weyrs are built as giant barns so the dragons can enter the living space. This weyr is not. This weyr will not be, no matter how often a dragon-eye peers in. Kanekith looks. Soriana looks back, because… maybe it's a flying beast about to go splat! But no, it's a bronze dragon looming. "…hi, Kanekith." And breathe again, just in time to look up and, "Hey." Ka'el gets a greeting too! His is even done with a smile instead of being muttered. Skyler notices… that.. he's got a bird-shaped toy. Oh! And also a, "Bmapa!" …soooo maybe he's confused Ka'el with a banana? Sounds, he can make. Sense… not so much yet. But, whether or not he can actually name what he sees, he does know that fathers are interesting. So are mothers, but she's not right in front of him making inviting gestures. Ka'el is! So Skyler wriggle-caterpillar-squirms his way over! It's… maybe technically crawling? Though that's kind of a more dignified sort of motion. Still! This is motion, and that is an accomplishment of which Skyler (or at least his parents) can be proud. Soriana grins, watching. "Oh, yeah, definitely. And he learned all his teaching songs. The harpers were by, said they'll let him apprentice next turn." Only… uh… ten turns early. But hey, this is Skyler! He's awesome like that… according to his parents. Who, if they're actually being accurate… "He's perfected 'push the ball away'." The ball that was near him on the play blanket. Now? Under the couch. Aww yeah. Such skills!

Hello Soriana. Kanekith might be saying that. If he is, she’ll never know. All she gets is a swirling eye that may or may not be greeting her, and then another nostril that might be snorting out a snort of hello. Or. Maybe it’s just a regular sort of dragon snort that isn’t really…anything more than a dragon snort. He’s apparently not too worried about having to wash windows despite his rider’s words. But Kanekith is not destined to be here long. He’s done flying with the dragons of Galaxy with his rider. Together, they’ve soared the skies in formation. Trying new formations. Correcting a lagging dragon or two that fell out of formation by a hair or so. But now that’s done and Kanekith’s instincts are pulling him somewhere else, and with a rumble, the bronze turns to lumber off in search of Luraoth. He has her to tend to now, just as Ka’el has his human family to entertain. Or rather, in this point in time, a member of his human family is greatly entertaining Ka’el. Skyler’s scooting is hilarious, as is shown by the wide and humored grin on his face and the laugh that escapes from his lips. He doesn’t move any closer. Nope! The boy can do this on his own. “All the songs?” he says in a super-amazed, impressed sort of voice to his boy. “You’ll give me an encore performance, won’t you boy? Or is it sort’ve too-amazing thing that can only be performed once a day, else risk the Weyr fallin’ into tears at your greatness?” Skyler’s answer is a dribble of drool that drips form his mouth as he wigglescoots closer, beaming. “Ha!” Ka’el scoops him up (eh, he got close enough!) and stands, cradling the kid in a playful hug complete with a pbfft! Against a baby cheek, which earns a squeal and flailed limbs. Both of them head to Soriana. “He can push a ball? Ha, I knew he had a strong arm,” he says, smirking smugly. “Harper my ass. He’s gonna be a smith. Look, he’s got muscles.” He lifts a very baby-looking baby arm proudly, then leans down to press a fond kiss to his weyrmate’s lips in greeting. A smile follows. “Hey. Can we have a semi-work talk?”

Other things Kanekith might be saying include: Where's the beef? Who's that baby again? Can I have some ice cream? …but whatever the truth behind Kanekith's eye and snort, it will go unheard and unremarked. Soriana has more important things to occupy her! Luraoth… oh, she's around. In her barn, probably, given the cold weather and her current fondness for warmth. That, or she's decided to do some patrols of her own, wandering on foot around the Weyr and seeing what's happening. There are probably exciting things going on. Possibly even things more exciting than Skyler's more-or-less crawl, though maybe not ones that would seem so to his parents. Soriana grins, watching him along with Ka'el, and nods. "Oh yes. Every single one." Does she even remember all of them? …details. "More like once every turn. It's for your own good. The pure notes might shatter your eardrums, otherwise." True facts that are true, and Soriana nods sagely, then grins as Ka'el gives Skyler his proper reward! Which is… cuddletime. A great prize! "Oh yeah, he can push a ball. He's getting good at shoving away." Not so much at pulling toward… yet. He'll get there! He's got time. "So he's practicing his hammer and anvil, is he?" All that flailing has to serve some useful purpose! …besides just slowly turning baby-arms into toddler-arms. Soriana kisses Ka'el back, then smirks faintly. "Semi-work?" She arches a brow, because color her intrigued. "Sure."

Skyler enjoys cuddletime! He also enjoys floor time, for there are lots of interesting things down there for him to see and interact with. Like that ball that was pushed away under the couch. And that colorful stuffed friend over there. And that thing that makes a rattling sound when he pushes it. And that yellow thing over there that feels real good against his gums. Things are far more interesting now than they were months prior! He even is more aware of his parents. Like dad, who has a somewhat prickly face at this point in time, which feels different that mom’s! Aaaand now, Skyler is being set back down on his stomach amongst his sea of toys and stuffed animals and tunnelcats and firelizards while Ka’el pulls up a chair to sit next to his weyrmate. “Semi-work,” he confirms with a nod. “We’ve enough work at work. I ought not to bring it home but..” Heh. When do they not bring work home in some way, shape, or form? The Weyr is their work! He glances out the window, getting a glimpse of Kanekith as he lumbers off, smiling slightly before returning his attention to her. “This is stupid, but technically you’ve been in administration longer than I have, so I might have a valid point in turnin’ to you,” he says with a vague smirk. “I..” He pauses, shakes his head. “Do you have trouble … or.. eh, have you had difficulties with the Weyrwomen at all since you’ve become Senior? .. Not troubles like arguing, but more of the .. communication type of trouble?”

Maybe the toys are as interesting as they were before but Skyler is more interested… oh, but that's still too complicated a thought for him, even with his brain growing and expanding to take in concepts like mom and dad and other people besides. And toys! He takes in those concepts again, with a gurgle as he settles in for play. Skyler's not yet capable of amusing himself for long periods of time, but he's getting better at providing some self-entertainment. It's like semi-work - partway there, but not really. Soriana keeps an eye on Skyler as Ka'el takes his seat, but it's only one. He's getting maneuverable, but he's not yet so speedy as to disappear the moment she glances away. Especially not when he's got so many things to distract him. Soriana will just be distracted by Ka'el, who's got something stupid for her - she nods - that technically - she nods again - might possibly… "Mmh?" Go on, do, tell her what this semi-work thing is that… okay, so now he's telling her, and Soriana's puzzled frown maybe means that it's not quite helping. Difficulties. Does giving her own mother orders count as one of those? But no, not arguments, just… communication troubles? She hmms. "You mean like… not… understanding things?" Because she's not entirely sure she understood him.

"Heh, maybe it's me.." murmurs Ka'el in a vaguely amused tone, realizing he has Soriana as confused as ever. He rubs at the back of his head, making a scrunched face of thought. He looks at Skyler, who for now is busy reaching for a toy. It won't last long. His attention span never does! But at least he has both parents present to entertain him when the time is needed. (i.e. in a minite or so) "Communication isn't the best word.." Ka'el concludes as he lowers his arm down and ponders her, as if by looking at her the term that he's looking for will jump out at him. "….Mm.." He snaps his fingers. Eureka! (hopefully) "Rank," he says wit ha nod. "That's more on point, I think. Trouble with rank.." He leans back in his chair, exhaling a deep and slow sigh. "Maybe 'trouble' is too strong've a word, but maybe not. I don't know if I've found the right balance between .. the me-version of me and the Weyrleader version of me, and some riders are havin' trouble …telling the difference." Cue another thinky face. Slightly crinkled nose. Furrowed brows. "Maybe I'm being too … approachable. I don't aim to be a shardin' jerk to anyone, but sometimes..riders who are my friends have trouble remembering that I'm their Weyrleader as well."

Give him a turn or two, and Skyler's attention might last an entire five or ten minutes, but for now, grownup conversations have to be stolen in one or two minute increments or left to wait until he's asleep. Or… done at work, where they both vanish for so much of their days. And yet the work still chases after them, follows them to home where they sit with Skyler and… talk about work. They don't always talk about work, but sometimes (now) they do. "I mean, sometimes we have to… go over things again…" Because they aren't communicated right… but is that what Ka'el's saying? …apparently not. Soriana arches a brow to him, and instead of obligingly providing him with a word, she looks to Skyler to check on him. Still not screaming (not that she couldn't tell that with ears as well as eyes, but hey, never hurts to be sure) so she looks back to Ka'el. Rank. "…oh." This part of it gets a nod. "Too approachable… nah. That's what you call it when you don't have time because everyone asks you for things whether they're you're friend or not." Soriana smiles crookedly. "If it's just your friends… might be favoritism?" The smile fades to a frown over the course of a sigh. "Or it might just look like it." Appearances can be deceiving… and also dangerous.

Heh. Ka'el has no problem with favors, or lack thereof. That's a relief! But he has other problems. Weyrleader problems. Or rather, problems that anyone in any sort of leadership position might have after having moved up in rank from amid the masses. "Favoritism.." he repeats, the edges of his lips pulling down a bit. "Maybe. I have my favored riders, the ones that grade my nerves less than others," said with a faint smirk, "but I don't … think I treat them any differently. Kera I certainly don't. Mur'dah, I didn't. Not in the riding sense of different." He wrinkles his nose, using a foot to knock one of Skyler's toys closer to him, causing the child to turn his head. What's that? Oh, something new that moved! (well, "new" within the past five minutes. Out of sight, out of mind!) Babbling, he makes the great effort of turning his body that way. Drag. Pull. Draaag. Flail. "The fact that it's coming about again is..well, it makes me feel agitated," says Ka'el. "Kera didn't seem to have a clue that if I ask her to do something, I expect her to do it, not try to tunnel herself out of it or flat out decline."

Weyrleaders have 99 problems and a gold ain't one… because the gold is the Weyrwoman's problem. Division of labor! Soriana nods to Ka'el about those favored riders. "…I think everyone sorta does," she admits. It's hard not to! Equal treatment sounds great in theory, but when the chips are down, leaders are people too and they have preferences about who they'd rather sit and play poker with… or whatever else it is they do when they're not at work. "As long as they're getting… the same assignments, the same… work. I mean, you have the wingleaders do the rotas…" Which is one way of making sure he's fair, by not doing the things where he has the most chance to be unfair. And then looking over their work to make sure that they're reasonably fair. Soriana hmms, a considering expression that turns to an amused one as she watches Skyler make for his toy, then back to considering as Ka'el continues. Back around again? The expression turns down to a frown, because she remembered what happened with Mur'dah. So what - who - Kera. Soriana's frowny face turns into a considering one again. "You know," she says. "I don't think she ever quite had a… normal… reporting relationship." The frown's back, coexisting with consideration. "Her journeyman, back when she was in the infirmary… well." Was Cyrus? "Wasn't exactly responsible… or professional."

"That's true…" muses Ka'el, thinking of Kera and her Jouneyman .. or lack thereof? His nose wrinkles slightly as he shakes his head. "That's unfair to her. Though…really, by now you think she'd've caught on to the way of things." Another faint nose wrinkle. "In any case, there's a problem there. I've seen it even before now. She's had problems seems like since the day she's got here. With authority and the correct way to conduct herself with anyone of it. And .. having known her before any of this," a gesture to the knot that still hangs on his shoulder, "doesn't help matters." He slightly lifts and drops his shoulder before slipping off from his seat, settling on the floor and shifting to lean against her leg. "I think I have it settled but…we'll see. The last thing I need is another Mur'dah situation … or for all've my friends to turn to Mur'dah situations," he murmurs, his smile brought on by Skyler's random roll onto his back. He can roll! And most definitely rocks. And Ka'el … he rocks him and rolls him with his feet, playfully from side to side. Because he can reach him with his feet, and feet sometimes make the best of toys.

Soriana nods. "Oh, she should certainly have figured it out. If Cyrus didn't try to teach it," and if so, it's not the only flaw in that particular journeyman, "I know V'dim did." Respect! Politeness! How to salute, even if he could be flexible on the occasions that required one! All that and more, delivered with nary a smile. Soriana doesn't have a smile either, nodding to Ka'el about the… authority issues. "I mean, Xanadu's been… pretty casual about that. We don't make the wingriders stand every time you come into the room or anything." Should they? Maybe, but Soriana doesn't seem convinced, just frowning in a thinky way. Because… "Most of them seem to get it." Casual or no. "Kera…" Soriana frowns, though it can't last as she watches Ka'el and Skyler play. Or at least… Skyler and Ka'el-feet, wriggling about together. Heh. "…she's dating Cyrus now." Soriana delivers that news in a flat and only vaguely interested tone, her eyes remaining on Skyler. It's an attempt to be neutral… ish.

If there was a Halloween, Skyler would make a most excellent rolly poly! Maybe Xanadu should host a masquerade? It's … about the same thing, right? .. Maybe. Adults in masks. Babies in costume. Who wouldn't have a great time? After a great-deal of giggling and toe-grabbing, Skyler's left alone, on his back, to stare up at the ceiling until his own feet become playthings and toes are stuck into his mouth. Gnaw gnaw! Ka'el meanwhile ponders The Way of Things. "I never thought it ncessary…" he murmurs in a reflective sort of way. The thought of people rising in his presence is .. sort of weird. Being saluted at left and right is more than enough for his tastes. His eyes half close as he leans a little more against her leg, finding casual comfort in -…wait, what? Half-closed eyes blink open, and he looks up at her with a cocked brow. "Is that what all that was about at the festival? Him showin' up through her invitation?" He snorts. "That's nonsense. With all the trouble he's caused here. His inability to .. comprehend dragonriding and obviously hatin' anything to do with it … he dates a dragonrider? And she goes along with it?" He snorts again. "Shell. Whatever issue that's bound to come from that had better stay off of Xanadu's grounds."

Maybe they can have a costume party for just the babies. It'll use less fabric? …but half the babies would probably go as rollies or inchworms so… maybe not. Skyler can stay unique! Soriana nods to Ka'el about the formality. "It's not." Necessary, that is. "Most people can figure out just fine… or if they can't figure out if something's a joke," because Ka'el does sometimes have a straight-faced sense of humor, "they can ask." She shifts a bit, putting her arm around Ka'el to lean against him while Skyler's still distracted by wiggly toes, but… she has information to share, and share it she does. "Yep." There's a faint flicker of a smile, but then it's gone, her tone serious again. "Unless you know of another reason why they'd be blushing at each other as he gives her an armful of gifts." Was it actually said? No. Was it obvious to anyone with half a clue? …heh, as apparent as Cyrus's hatred of dragonriders is! "I don't know what he's thinking, and if it keeps out of Xanadu, I don't care that much." She does a little. Not much. "I don't know what she's thinking either, but…" Soriana frowns. "She's an adult. If she doesn't involve us and there's no trouble to Xanadu… we've no reason-" or at least, no right "-to interfere."

The chortle that escapes at the announcement that the greenrider is an adult is surely accidental. Likely not made as a response to that. That'd be unprofessional, and weren't they just talking about ranks and expectations? Or something like that, anyway. Ka'el lifts a hand in a half-hearted attempt to mask the sound by clearing his throat. "Eh .. right. Although I'd've hoped that she'd have a bit more sense, her messes are her business, as long as it doesn't affect the Weyr or Wings in some way." He shrugs a shoulder, smirking to Skyler (who is sadly not in a super cute costume right now). "If she makes it my business or if it becomes that way because've…" he makes a gesture with both of his hands. Something that looks close to an explosion. Kabooom! "then she'll have more to worry about than runner lessons and wondering when she should salute me." He closes his eyes. "Let's keep our fingers crossed, eh? Cyrus is like … an explosion waiting to happen. He has to be the strangest person I've ever met." And Ka'el has met a lot of people! "And while we're on sour subjects, I've got bad news for you: I'm flyin' with Galaxy tonight. With the turning of the seasons, we're trying new routes and formations with the newest members. I want to oversee. So!" said dramatically, "my stay here is just temporary."

…it's only a semi-work conversation, so they only have to be semi-professional? Besides, surely any unseemly amusement is just because of the cute baby. Soriana smiles faintly. "It's never exactly been her strong suit." Sense, that is! "I didn't hear any complaints from her." Which would be one way for it to become official business. A Weyr takes care of its riders! Also asks things of them, including… runner lessons? Soriana arches a brow for that, but… it's not really important, is it? They'll keep their fingers crossed and hope the Cyrus situation doesn't turn into a worse one. And speaking of things going wrong… Soriana smirks, and addresses their son. "You hear that, Skyler?" Burble! Which is probably baby for "Yes, but I didn't understand because I'm still pre-verbal." Or at least Soriana can pretend it is as she continues, "He's abandoning us!" For the night, at least. Or as much of the night as is needed for those formations. Soriana leans over and kisses Ka'el, warm (despite the cold of the season) and lingering for a moment. "You do have a wingleader, you know." A skilled professional who… yeah, okay, Soriana's not actually expecting Ka'el to not go see for himself, and her reminder's simply a fond one. "We'll likely be in bed by the time you get back. I've an early meeting tomorrow." And Skyler? Well, his bedtime is at the mercy of his parents. It's only fair, because when they wake up again is at the baby's mercy.

Abandonment! Poor Skyler has been abandoned so many times in his life. Like the time they abandoned him in the nursery while they went to work. And that other time when they abandoned him in the nursery while they had a meeting. And then just the other day they abandoned him in the nursery again! Mean ol' parents, abandoning him in a place in which there are toys and fun and food and seasoned nannies to love on him and change him and feed him. And now he's being abandoned yet again! By his father, abandoning him to his mother, who'll undoubtedly play with him and feed him when he gets fussy and rock him when it's bedtime and read him that book that he likes slapping his hand at from time to time. Ka'el mock-gasps at Soriana's announcement to their son, who is making his way onto his side with great effort. So. Much. Energy. Is. Being. Spent! "Don't listen to her, Skyler. This is only a temporary abandonment, for as good as Navarre is, he sort've lacks at giving detailed reports, and … I wanna seeee." New formations! With the newest riders! At night with dragon vision! Cool stuff .. to a Weyrleader who was once posted to Galaxy, anyway. He kisses Soriana back, lips lingering with hers, wanting to linger a little longer but.. "Mm, on the other hand.." She's made a convincing argument to stay, even if she didn't intend to! But.. nope. He made a commitment! "Someday soon…you, me, and our bed have a date. A private one." Sorry Skyler. No kids allowed! But lucky you, good ol' dad has some candlemarks before he's out again, and this is prime family time til then. Maybe he can see that 'push the ball away' trick that's the talk of the town!

All these abandonments. It's a wonder Skyler is as well-adjusted as he is! …uh. He is well-adjusted, right? They haven't messed up hideously… right? Oh, but surely if they had, one of the nannies would have noticed and politely suggested that, maybe, possibly, their son should be treated before he turns into a basket case baby instead of just a baby who gets carried around in a basket. Now, though, Skyler has no basket! He's a free baby, free to… roll over… and chew his toes… and… oh, flail plush toys around, that's a perennial favorite (or… would be if Skyler were old enough to perennial anything). "So you claim," Soriana replies to Ka'el, but it's the teasing tone that means she does in fact believe that claim, but she's still going to object… before brushing her fingers along Ka'el's cheek. "Soon. We should… see if we can get the nannies to do a night event. Starwatching or something." Can Skyler's eyes even focus that far away yet? Doesn't matter, it'd be an excuse to get a night away that doesn't involve actually going and admitting that they're doing it just to get some Grownup Alone Bed Time. "Baga!" Skyler states, vehemently. …Soriana laughs. This sort of baby mockery… well, who knows where it'll lead? The future awaits, but first, there's belly rolling and wiggle-squirming and maybe even something that - if you look at it squinty - resembles baby's first kickball game. Skyler will, of course, win. He cheats… just like his father.

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