Pruning the To-Do List

Xanadu Weyr - Kanekith's Arc Forge
Half-set into a forested knoll is a curved bulwark of stone, tracing out part of a circle. Slightly more than half, in fact. The curved outer wall is yellowed fieldstone, looking like the ruins of some ancient tower now tumbled to a single story's worth of height and adapted into a weyr. The circular shape is completed by a courtyard of red bricks, set into the ground in a houndstooth pattern. The inner wall is slightly concave, made of that same yellow stone, and the sloped roof is a partial cone made from red tile.
The heart of the clearing is a machine now. A small open forge is set out slightly from the wall. There's a bellows to coax the flame hot enough to melt iron and an anvil to work it over. A few wooden chairs provide a place to sit and listen to any avians not yet frightened away by the clang of metal, or perhaps to roast sausages on sticks over a forge whose coals have burnt down low.
To either side of the forge, there's a large archway that leads to a sheltered couch. It's fairly narrow, enough so that a large bronze might have difficulty turning around, but perhaps that's why there's one archway on each end, the openings cleverly angled to keep out most of the wind while still allowing the draconic inhabitant to keep watch on the approaches. Along the back wall of that couch, in the center, is a human-sized door leading further inside.

Cold and clear and snowy. It's a nice winter day, as far as winter days can be nice. Ka'el is busily being busy at his weyr. The place needs to be in some sort of shape for his gathering of souls, besides! The first obstacle to tackle is that pathway. No one without a helpful flying lifemate is going to show up if they can't even find the place, and thus he's been at cutting down the tangle of branches and brush that somewhat hide the way to his clearing. He's obviously been at it a while, considering the piles of cut bramble. There's obviously a path now! Even Kanekith has been put to work, and the bronze dragon paws at the snow on the ground. Clear the snow! Or so he was told, and after a day of snowplowing, he's a pro at shoving it out of his way. Just like he does everything else.

Ka'el's efforts have not gone unnoticed! In fact, Soriana's noticing them right now, prooobably because she's making her way down the path right now. The… somewhat larger and significantly less brambly path. Well, that's nice! She's admiring it as she strolls along, hands tucked in the pockets of her jacket. Why's she here? What, does she need a reason now? Some people! Always prying and sticking their noses in at things where… okay, yes, so if you're going to be nosey about it, she does have a shoulderbag with stuff in it. The stuff part is obvious, because… it looks stuffed! So there's obviously something in it. Other things that are obvious: A bronze dragon moving snow! Somewhat less obvious is a Ka'el, buuut she still locates him - probably by the colorful beanie - and waves.

Phew! This is tough work! Is it time for a break yet? Ka'el's hands are gloved, though with the thick type to keep one's hands from being scratched up by thorns as opposed to the warming up kind. He brushes them off on his jeans as he steands up, giving his back a stretch. This is probably good enough, right? People just need a path, not a pretty manicured lawn! So he's back in the clearing by the time Soriana arrives, and he does notice her. Well, would you look at that! He can actually see people arriving now! He grins, since the newest arrival happens to be his favorite Xanadu person, and he waves back at her. "Look! It isn't a maze anymore! Isn't that .. a-maze-ing?" Budum-ching! Snickering, he makes his way towards her, eyeing that bag. "Glad y'came. I've somethi- .. a favor to ask. But.." Nosey nosey Ka'el, "whatcha got?"

…uhno. A-maze-no. Soriana just lifts eyebrows at Ka'el, for about three seconds before the smirk catches up. "Worst. Maze. Ever. I didn't get lost and wander aimlessly for turns even a little." Not even hours! Complete failure… at… being an impenetrable morass that nobody will be able to find their way through. So, in other words, success! She grins, then arches a brow at his request. Well. His information that he's got a request. "If it's stabbing Zi'on, I already told him, I've got a conflict of interest and you'll have to find someone else." The grin lingers as she follows his gaze to her bag. "Hah. Textbooks." She adjusts the position of it, then lets her gaze drift up again as the shape of her lips adjusts into a different sort of smile. "…and also a change of clothes."

Woohoo! The maze that's not a maze! That's exactly what he was going for! Ka'el grins smugly back at the path. Path, ye hath been conquered! He looks back to Soriana soon enough, but the look she gets is .. confused. Uh, wut? "Stabbing Zi'on … didn't that already happen? Wait, why would I be stabbin' him?" He pauses to think, flipping through his mental file cabinent of Important People of Xanadu to Know About. … Oh yeah! "Isn't he a weyrleader? Western or..somewhere?" Oh V'dim would be so proud. How confident he sounds! -.-; That quizzical look lingers as he eyes her expectantly, even as she reveals what's inside the bag. Textbooks? Boooring. A change of clothes? Far less boring news. His brows lift faintly as he glances from bag to her. "For the party?" Don't get too excited yet, Ka'el! She may just mean a change of weyr-lesson clothes to party clothes. "Or…" He leaves that hanging. Apparently, his favor can wait.

"He claims," and Soriana puts emphasis on the fact that this is a claim, as if to imply that it is not entirely reliable. Or maybe that it comes from Zi'on. "-that you and Kiena are having a dagger-crafting contest. And the winner'll be the one whose dagger stabs Zi'on first, because presumably that'll be the one that's nicest in the hand and most well-balanced." Or something, and Soriana gives that something both grin and shrug. "Yeah, he's Weyrleader at Western." V'dim… would at least not be utterly disappointed. Ka'el got the right answer! Eventually. As for the other question, well, that one gets a shrug too. "I figure it'd be a good idea to have a set here." You know. In case of reasons. Reasons… like the sort that would put a teasing smile on her face. Those sort of reasons.

Oh yeah! The contest! … wait, what contest? The news doesn't seem to clarify anything, and Ka'el's miffed expression remains. Poor confused Ka'el. "If we're havin' a contest, this is the first I've heard've it," he says, adjusting his beanie a bit so it more fully covers his ears. "She's a good weapons smith, and I've told her weaponry is what most interests me. We've worked together whenever I've had time to meet her, but … if there is a contest I've volunteered for without knowing, I forfeit. I don't think weyrleader stabbing would help me in life." Implying that of course he'd win this competition! He grins, and that remains the dominant expression now as the clothing is explained. "Oh." A knowing sort of 'oh'. "Yeah… that's.. Yeah. You probably should. There's space in my drawer you can put it in." And it is agreed! And now Ka'el's looking devious. What was that about a favor?

"Probably not, no." In general, stabbing weyrleaders is not a good way to get ahead, unless your idea of 'ahead' involves jail cells and exile islands. Soriana grins. "It might all be in Zi'on's head." Possibly. Maybe. Probably. Yeah she kinda knew that all along, but! Now Ka'el knows it too. "But, hey, no reason to tell him that. A bit of a threat'll keep him on his toes." Or was it Kiena that'll keep him on his toes? …mmm, same thing, to hear Zi'on talk. The Oh of Knowledge makes Soriana grin, and she nods to his offer of drawer space. "Okay." And thus, it is settled!

Ka'el's mind has gone places. It's evident by the way he's looking at her that Zi'on, Kiena, and the alleged contest are now located at the furthest reaches of his mind, replaced now by the sort of thoughts that Kanekith has learned need not to be shared. It's only after silence has stretched after her 'okay' for a good half minute that he blinks himself out of his stupor, adding a brisk little headshake. Focus! "Oh right, I have…" He pulls off one of his gloves to reach down into a pocket of his jacket, pulling out a sheet of folded paper. "Can you do this? I was told I had to turn in a request form to a weyrwoman junior. You're like… a junior junior weyrwoman, right? You count.." At least she does in his opinion! "I'm thinkin'… lights." He lifts his free, still gloved hand up, gesturing to his weyr. "And lights.." A gesture now to the path. "The kind on strings? So people can find the place .. and see when they're here." He grins. "What do you think?"

There's a jacket in the way of those eyes, you know. Well… actually Ka'el might not know. Judging from the way he's looking at Soriana, he's kind of editing out the jacket, and that… well, okay, it does nothing to displace the teasing smile. In fact, by the time those thirty seconds are up, it might even have turned into a teasing grin. And then… change of topic! The grin flees away to turn into an inquisitive expression. "Hmm?" She reaches for the paper, unfolding it to take a look. Well, more of a glance, really, and then she looks up to Ka'el again as he explains. "Uh, well, sort of…" juniorest weyrwoman. Soriana frowns, looking back down at the sheet of paper she holds, then glances up to where Ka'el indicates along the path and nods absently. "Yeah, that sounds good, but… I mean, I'm still just a weyrling, it's not really the same. I'm just… in classes." Special weyrwoman classes. Soriana gives the paper another look, and then… "Oh. I've got one today." A special weyrwoman class! "With Esiae." Sori grins. "I can get her to sign for it, easy."

"Yeah. A weyrling with a gold dragon," notes Ka'el. "You've more pull than any've us." Though perhaps not enough pull to sign a formal request and secure things from the store room to check out. Well, at least he tried. Suppose his next step will be to go to … wait. Esiae? A single brow faintly quirks up at her, noting the change in demeanor. "..She'll sign it?" And easily, at that? He's liking the sound of this! "You'll take it for me then?" he assumes, his own grin returning now. "You're awesome Sori, thanks. That's done. Path's done.." He checks two things off of his mental checklist and furrows his brows as he tries to recall what else he was supposed to get done today. "Met with the steward.." Oh! And that reminds him. "He's letting me borrow a music player," he informs, sounding vaguely proud of himself. "Reina's going to help me with it … ah, shards. I forgot to tell her that. Eh, anyhow, there'll be music!"

Soriana makes an equivocating sort of gesture with her hand as Ka'el talks about her pull. "None officially." And paperwork? Has gotta be official. That's sorta the whole point of paperwork! Well, that, and boring people to sleep, but it does so in very official ways. But… there are ways around these things. People who know people, and that part of things, Soriana can do even while she's unofficial. She knows people. People like Esiae. "Yeah. She's fun, she'll understand." And appreciate! So Soriana folds the paper again and tucks it into her own pocket as she says with confidence, "I'll get your lights." Problem: solved. Path, yep, that's solved too… and the steward? What's he got to do with things? Sori's head tilts to the side curiously. A music player? "…huh. Sounds good." Or that's the idea, at least! "So are you gonna build up a big fire?" She indicates the forge with a wave of one hand. "I mean, not now, obviously, but…" For partytimes! So nobody freezes.

Ka'el is learning that Esiae may be the go-to weyrwoman when things are a little hairy, or when favors need to be done. Now, would she be so helpful to him as she apparently is to Soriana? Probably not. He isn't a junior junior weyrwoman. But, oh lucky him, he has steady access to one! And so with the lighting situation handed over, Ka'el pulls that glove back onto his frozen hand, flexing his fingers after. "Yes," he confirms, nodding as he looks to the forge. "I've already got coals ready for it. S'too bad that we didn't get our weyrs in the summer. Even spring. It's so shardin' cold, and we haven't even had our freezeover yet." His nose wrinkles. "There'd beter not be a blizzard that day. I don't want anyone stuck in my weyr an' trashin' the place. "Since, you know, Xanadu is filled with heathens! He extends a hand to her. "Can take your bag inside if y'want. Actually .. let's /go/ inside. It's warm in there and I've got to pull out that table.." The joys of party prep!

Ka'el can know people who know people who know people? There's presumably a point at which this chain of knowledge stops working, but so far, so good! At least, if he actually gets those lights of his! Soriana nods about the fire-to-be, and hehs. "It's gonna get colder before it gets warm again. You know it is." Doesn't it always? "So can you get the Steward to make the power not go out? I mean, if you got a music player out of him…" She grins, and reaches to take that hand, giving Ka'el a nod. "Sounds good to me. Better prune the place into order." She makes a snip-snip gesture with her free hand as she follows him inside!

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