Where Everybody (Nearly) Knows Your Name

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

Ka'el is like a vampire. He's more readily seen in the evening hours as the sun sets or after it's sunken beyond the horizon. This stays true this evening. The weather outside is fair, though the lack of moons makes it dark. Luckily, being the advanced sort of weyr that is is,t here is enough lighting outside to keep things reasonably visible in populated areas. And here in the caverns, electric light are on, though the evening the electric bulbs and dim and most light comes from torchlight and the fireplace. They keep things bright AND warm! Ka'el has finished eating his dinner and has snagged a piece of cinnamon cake to munch on as he lounges on the sofa near the fireplace. He lays upon it, one leg set upon the cushions while the other is bent down towards the floor. A book is on his chest, and a bronze firelizard lays lazily upon the fireplace mantle.

With still wet though not dripping hair, Kera makes her way from the hot springs with a poofy satchel hanging from around her neck and shoulder. In search of food, the squeaky clean apprentice waste little time in grabbing a plate and looking for… YES, there is still a little grilled packtail left. Getting a portion and a couple slices of cheese, topped off with a roll and mug of something hot, the girl starts making her way around towards the fires so her hair will dry faster. As she's approaching from the back, Kera doesn't notice the area is occupied until she gets within a few feet. Seeing Ka'el, she pauses, "Oh, excuse me, didn't realize anyone was here." She gestures with her mug to the spot on the this rug in front of the fire that she was heading to. "Do ya mind?"

From the looks of it, the book that Ka'el is in current possession of .. isn't one he chose to read for the enjoyment of it. Nope. Within there are charts and graphs and words and numbers and illustrations of weather patterns…. Yaaaaawn. Eyes close and squeeze, face scrunching up in the process. Focus, Ka'el. Focus! He opens his eyes again, blinking rapidly to focus his gaze before a page is flipped boredly. But, lo! A voice. He clings to the opportunity of being distracted and lifts his gaze to the food-weilding apprentice. Does he mind? Does he mind putting his book down and having an excuse to ignore his studies?? "Nope. Don't mind," he says easily, offering a grin as he gestures to the rug. "Feel free. I welcome you! I beg of you to stay and talk to me about anything except the weather," he goes on to say, theatrically playful.

Bowyn strolls into the cavern, almost loaded down with various supplies and treasures. Her bow and quiver of arrows are strapped to her back, a slightly bulging pack slung over her right shoulder. She carries a couple of rolled up pelts under each arm, which she drops to her feet once she reaches a table of food. The girl tries wiping her dirty hands on her dirtier shirt, grimacing somewhat when she realizes that trying to clean herself off is rather pointless. A shrug of the shoulder and she's being careful to not touch any food other than the stuff she wants, and she turns to find a seat. After a quick glance around, Bo spots Kera and Ka'el by the fire. She grabs a steaming mug of klah and proceeds to scoot the pelts along the floor with her feet, very slowly making her way toward the familiar pair with a little smirk. "Hullo," she peeps once she comes within earshot.

Oh hey look! It's that girl from the cavern. Bowyn is, likely, not a totally unfamiliar face. Ka'el himself has been on Xanadu since the age of fourteen. Four turns later, here he still is! Paths might have crossed a few times within that time, though yet she's not one he's actually gotten to know. At all, in fact. But that doesn't keep him from grinning up at her as she too comes to save him from the boredom that is studying, and the book that now lays on his chest is lifted and closed all the way. Studying: OVER. He sits up, making room on the sofa now instead of hogging it to himself, and curious eyes flit to the pelts that she's kicked over. Blink. Think. *ding!* "Oooh. You're the girl who lives in the woods, right?" Or something like that. Oh, the things people say!

Bowyn grins over at Ka'el as she plops down next to him once the space is free. She sniffs, wiping at the tip of her nose with her wrist and chuckles a little. "Yeah, I suppose that's kind of…accurate." She ponders that 'living in the woods' bit for a moment and eventually nods. "I do live there more than I live here," she concludes. "I saw you at the tavern the other day! What's your name again?" She takes a swig of her klah and immediately starts stuffing her face with as much food as possible, completely oblivious to manners and etiquette. The hunger! A curious eye is drawn to the book that the rider had slammed shut. "What were you reading?" she asks around her food. "Somethin' boring?"

Kera grins a bit and settles down on the rug by the fire, balancing her plate on her knee. Her back is to the fire to dry her hair, but she sits far enough away to not singe it. She normally keeps it in a long braid to her waist, and the way it's getting bigger and poofier as it dries is probably why she keeps it braided all the time. When that short huntress with the odd hair arrives, Kera wiggles her fingers and watches the smaller girl, not quite suspiciously, but cautiously with a smile. "Hi." Kera is still trying to figure out of the huntress threatened to kidnap her a couple days ago. Eyeing the kicked over bundles briefly, she plops a few bites of flakey grilled fish in her mouth. She's busy stuffing her face briefly while she listens. Can't talk, eating. Movement at the mantle has her glancing up the grouping of firelizards as a couple shuffle their positions of flutter their wings.

"Is it also true that you've an underground weyr that's nothin' but a hole you dug with your own hands? Earth on all sides, with tree roots as furniture and trundlebugs for roommates?" Ka'el asks after Bowyn's seated herself. His brows lift and blue eyes widen in an awed look. "Is it also true that you hunt with your bare hands," obviously not, considering the arrows on her back, "an' you prefer your meals raw? The bloodier the better?" Either there are some wild stories circulating about the evasive huntress…or Ka'el is a huge child at heart who has no problem spinning tales! He waits on bated breath before a crooked grin ruins his act. "Name's Ka'el, and of the things I may or may not've heard of you, your name has never come up." The question regarding his book as him glancing at it again. "Beyond boring. So boring I was half considering gouging out my eyes to save me the trouble. Weather Patterns." He shows the cover before looking to Kera. "Hey. There were not hard feelings to apologize for, y'know?"

As the bombardment of questions and rumors reaches her ears, Bowyn can't help but blink, staring in bewilderment before bursting into a loud, hearty laugh. "So curious!" she says before taking another drink. She maintains eye contact with him as she takes another bite, making a point to not answer any of his questions. She smirks. "You decided whether or not you're coming out to visit me in the forest, yet?" the huntress asks, directing her question to the apprentice healer on the floor. While taking a moment to remove her weapons and set them gently on the floor, she snorts at the rider's reply to her book query and wrinkles her nose as if in disgust. "Sheesh, that'll put you right to sleep. Why do you have to study that?"

Kera whips her head around to stare at Ka'el like he had two heads when he starts tossing outragious questions at the little huntress. Looking between the two if them like they are tossing a hideball back and forth, the apprentice simply stares a moment longer before snapping her mouth shut and finishing her bite of fish. When the Weyrling directs his attention her way, Kera merely blinks cluelessly for a few seconds as if all those odd questions rattled her thoughts. Finally it clicks what he is talking about and she snorts good naturedly "Maybe not yet, give it time, I seem to be irrtiating my way through the Weyrling ranks. For the ones I've already irriated, it was a peace offering. In your case, we'll call it a premptive strike." Taking a couple more bites and washing it down, she blinks up to the huntress. "I'm not really the camping type." Nice soft bed with a roof is the way to go in her book. Plus, the huntress /did/ sorta threaten to kidnap her. "Maybe we could all go look together sometimes." Witnesses, they are a good thing.

Gasp. His questions have been … avoided! And you know what that means: They must all be true! Ka'el fixes Borwyn with a shifty-eyed look, as if trying to see through her deceptive mask of …er, deceptiveness. "I knew it…" he says with barely a voice before another grin makes its way across his lips. He slouches back against the cushions now, lifting the arm furthest from her to drape it upon the back of the sofa. "For flying," he answers. "To know what seasons are when and what type of weather is expected in 'em. And why they are. And how they form. And.." he makes a 'kill me now' gesture. A smirk afterward, and he lifts a brow to Ke'ra. "That's a funny way of thinking. If that's the case, I'd be supplying gifts every day and would be broke for it! Thanks, but save your marks next time. I'm pretty hard to piss off too badly." For the most part.

Bowyn cants her head slightly and looks at Kera with a hint of mischief in her eyes. "Who does the term 'all' include, exactly? You afraid to be alone with me out in the trees?" A wicked, lopsided grin spreads across her face. Perfect! A game. After a moment she turns her attention back to the rider, not missing his barely audible 'I knew it'. "You knew it, huh? Seems you're an absolute expert on me. Since you know it all," she starts, setting an empty plate down and crossing her legs on the sofa as she cradles the mug of klah in her hands, "what would you guess my name is?" She knows she didn't mention it before. As for the weather, "Sounds like it's important, but…I guess there's no way to make that interesting. Stinks for you."

Kera doesn't know what to say to Bowyn at first, her startled daze flicking between the two on the couch briefly before she narrows her gaze just a little and sits straighter, her chin lifting just a little. "Who? Well whoever wishes to go see your place of coarse." She seems to conveniantly forgetten to answer the first question. Oh, silly her. Dragging her gaze from the huntress to Ka'el, she gives an unsettled little shrug and chuckles "Too late, already broke. But I'll get paid again in a sevenday or so."

"Easy. Your name is Adahyala," answers Ka'el knowingly, not missing a beat. "Often known by Adahy. More commonly referred to as Yala due to the the call you make in the woods." He cups a hand to one side of his mouth to demonstrate. "Yaaalaa-a-a!" Which, in turn, turns a few curious eyes his way. But he's no stranger to having an audience and easily disregards them to zero in his grin on the shaved-headed huntress. "Meh. Weather patterns are important…" He stage whispers, "but it doesn't make them any more fun." His eyes flit to his firelizard, who seems to have fallen into a doze upon the mantle there. Happy bronze! "Oh, hey I'll go with you," he says, looking to Kera. "To Yala's Underground Labyrinth Weyr? It'll be an adventure."

Bowyn bites back a laugh and fights to keep it down. "Hmmm…well if that's what you'd like to call me, go ahead! But you're wrong!" She does allow a short laugh. "Calling like that'd get you pounced on by a wild feline," she says in a casual tone. Her gaze turns to the apprentice again and she leans toward her a bit. "Well I don't mind a party, but if all your friends get caught in traps or mauled by wild beasts then that's their own fault." The huntress tries to make it hard to discern whether or not she's joking around. When Ka'el pipes up with his interest, she smiles over at him and nods her head. "Well be sure to bring a ball of yarn so you don't lose your way." As if struck by lightning, her eyes widen and she suddenly says, excited, "Hey aren't you the one who's having a party, Ka'el?"

Kera grins to Ka'el, "Adah what?" finishing up the last of her meal before sipping from her mug. She nods agreeably to Ka'el, "Yea, the more the merrier." She takes another sip, unconsciously leaning back as Bowyn leans forward. "Hmm", she mumbles over the rim of her mug and looks expectantly at Bowyn. Unsure how to respond, the apprentice peers to the Weyrling as if looking for help, then back to the huntress. Ka'el's not much help with his loud crazy noises. So her gaze darts back to Bowyn for a second, then down to her arm. She suddenly seems to get an idea and hurries to her feet while gathering her dishes "Oh wow, look at the time. So much to do still tonight. Good evenin" Wiggling her fingers towards the two seated on the couch she flashes a forced nervous smile and darts off quickly still muttering. "Refold my clothes, make sure my bed is lined up straight, rehang the dividers….." Seems shes running away making up all sorts of things she's gotta do, in order to flee from the huntress.

Wild felines, eh? Remind Ka'el to not use that call with Idrissa around. She's a wild feline magnet without any assistance from anyone. "It'll be used in emergencies only, then," he vows with a solemn nod. "And, ah. Will you make it blue yarn? It's one've my favorite hues." But hey, what's that look for? Her sudden inspired expression has him lifting his brows a little, head rearing back slightly. Then. .. Wait, party? Blink. Oh right! That party! "Uh huh. The one and only," he confirms with a single nod and crooked grin. "Consider yourself officially invited, Yala. You'll receive a golden invitation in tomorrow's mail. And if it isn't delivered? … You can still show up. I'll vouch for you. Whether or not Kanekith lets ya in … ah. That I can't say." There's a teasing look in his eyes as he speaks though, and it remains even as he looks to Kera as she departs, offering a wave. "She always runs. Maybe it's me."

Bowyn raises a brow at the request for blue yarn. An unexpected preference? Definitely. "I would have thought you'd like…I don't know. Red, or something." She scratches the side of her head, rubbing a finger against her scar for a moment. "Blue," she confirms, making a mental note. When the party comes back up she grins again. "I've just learned that I love parties. I'd never been to one until recently," she explains, excitement kicking the tone of her voice up a bit, "and then my father had a birthday last month and his friends threw a big do for him. It was something." Bo smiles down into her cup and takes a little sip. "Kanekith," she says. The name rolls around on her tongue. She seems to savor it. "It's a great name for," a pause to find a knot on his person, "a bronze? Is that right? You haven't graduated yet, have you?"

"Why red?" asks Ka'el who allows his arm to slide off from the sofa's back. "Red's .. loud. I'm…" he pauses, then snickers. "Alright, I can be loud. But I guess red's negative to me now because've the dragons. Red eyes aren't good, mostly. Red is angry or scared or pained. Blue's a better dragon eye color." A smirk. "But I liked blue even before him." He lifts a hand to rub at the back of his neck, fingernails idly scratching as he watches her, a quizzical look soon claiming his face. "..You just now learned you like parties?" He lowers his arm. Her first one? "How old are you? You've been down in your hole too long if you're only now starting to go to them! Shells…I've lost count've how many parties and gathers I've gone to." Some better than others. Some small. Some grand. The repeating of his lifemate's name has him smiling a little, and he nods in confirmation. "Aye, Kane's a bronze, and no we haven't graduated. I…" he pauses with a look of dawning. "It'll be in a few months, I guess. Woah.. It's already been so long?" He shakes his head. "Don't Impress, Yala. It ages you. Seems like just yesterday I was barely seventeen!"

Bowyn shrugs a shoulder. "I don't know. Most boys I meet prefer red." She leans back and drapes an arm over the back of the sofa as well, making a small effort to get cozy. "I never thought that dragons could ruin colors for people, but I guess the association makes sense. I associate red with the hunt," she offers for comparison. "It's kind of the same." She looks slightly guilty when he questions her about parties, and soon she's quickly counting on her fingers at the mention of age. "I'm…well I'm almost seventeen," says the huntress, a little surprised. "Time flies!" She's been in the forest for too long, it's true. "I don't get out much," she explains. "I prefer to be alone, mostly. I'm only here, in the Weyr, a couple of days of every week. Otherwise I'm," she stops and laughs, "I'm in that hole, creeping around in the labyrinth. Waiting for the next victim to fall into my clutches." When he speaks of his own age, she snorts into her cup. "From what I hear you /were/ just seventeen."

"Fast. Exciting. Possibly gory.." Ka'el shows his assent with a nod. "Red. S'a good color for a hunt. A hot color for you. A cool one for me." Blue. The mellow hue! He quiets now to listen, looking amused at her realization of her own age. "Tell me about it. I'm a near elder now. Should fix myself up with a cane and claim a table to sit at everyday to rock and gossip about the good ol' days with a friend. … And what do you mean 'from what you hear'?" He cocks a brow, amusement still dancing in his expression. "Now you're stalkin' me, aren't you? Well your facts are true. I was just seventeen … months ago. But it's been a turn since we Impressed .. it's barely felt so long." He shakes his head in wonder. "Anyhow, today's the day you change your ways. You're coming to my party, aren't you? And after that, you'll not disappear into the dark abyss of woodlife, devouring lost souls." He rises now, giving his arms a stretch.

A nod accompanies each of the adjectives that the Weyrling provides. Bowyn guffaws at his being 'an elder'. "Oh yes, I can see the gray hair sprouting on your head right now! Grandpa!" She laughs. When he accuses her of stalking him, she feigns surprise and bats her lashes at him. "Me? Stalking you? Imagine that, me stalking you. Would I truly do that?" Well, she /is/ a huntress…hmm. Suspicious. "Since you've practically left me with no choice, I /will/ go to your party. I'll be like some kind of freak attraction," she says, a hint of something - maybe embarrasment - showing itself as color in her cheeks. "Though I can't promise that I won't disappear back to the woods. You better keep an eye on any pretty youths…I might take them back with me!" Bo winks at the bronzer and rises, herself. "It's been fun," she says as she sets her mug on the plate and passes them both off to someone else to deal with. "I've got to head back. Get rid of these," gesturing toward the pelts. "I'll see you at your party."

Ka'el makes a pained face as he lifts a hand to touch his hair, feeling the gray. "Ahh…I'd hoped no one noticed," he says, and when his hand lowers down, he rests it upon his back, which is now suddenly looking a bit stooped. The poor old man. And ol' Bowyn's not fooling him. He knows when he's being stalked! He always had suspicions there was someone…watching him. He narrows his eyes at her and stare…stare…stares until he can't fight back the quirk of his lips anymore. But hey! He outright grins at the confirmation of her attendance at his shindig. "Awesome. Then we'll all get to the bottom've whether or not you really took down a wild feline with your bare hands and wear its pelt in the middle of the night and run with pack. I've my suspicions…that it's true." He grins. "Pretty youths'll fend for themselves. They know the stories." The non-existent stories! He straightens his bent back now as she speaks of leaving, and he nods, waving. "Same. See you, Yala!" And he too departs, firelizard trailing.

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