Space Sick

Yokohama - Recreation Deck

Tables line the walls of this place, each holding a variety of games for the leisure of the personnel and staff that resides within this station. Computers are set up upon the center in rows, offering a variety of games as well to those willing to tap away at the keys or handle the mice and joysticks attached for education and amusement not required for work. Books are also available here, too, both in the form of stories and reference materials for those wishing to take up a hobby or merely escape to somewhere else for a time while it's allowed between their long days and colder nights of duties here in the Yokohama. No matter where one would like to go, plenty of cushioned seating is here for rest and conversation.

Meanwhile, dominating the room is a large window that overlooks Pern, showing much of the planet as the station orbits overhead.

After a brief argument and a blind pressing of buttons, the pair have arrived in the recreation deck. Kiley's cheeks are still red as she looks at the younger candidate. And then she looks around to discover they are alone, arms fold across her check and she moves to the large window and stares out it. Whatever comes from the computer crafter remains to herself as she glares at the planet. "I'm not fat." Comes the woman's final protest.

Ocelara comes into that exhortation with a look of surprise. She quirks her brow, and gestures to those candidates who are making their way in behind her… "Fat?" Wait, what did she just hear? "Who accused you of being fat?" Who's name calling? Is she going to have to do something about it?

"Pfffft." Pyriel says, following after Kiley as she exits the deck. "That's not what I meant!" This is growled to the woman, hands plunged deep into the pockets of pants. "I said I dug a woman with curves, how the ships and shells does that mean yer fat." Then there is Ocelara there, ahead of them, and the harper candidate peeks around Kiley and groans. "I didn't! She's all…taking offense to a compliment. I swear I was trying to be nice, even though she jabbed me in the ribs before she started yelling at me." Fuming now, he crosses his arms across his chest and frowns deeply.

Ocelara cocks her pixieish face up at Pyriel for a moment, but at least it's…with a bit of a smile. Ah. There's the serene headwoman again! "I was wondering where you two got off to when the alarms went off." She pauses, then looks at Kiley thoughtfully a moment. No…no, she doesn't see a fat girl at all…her expression says so. "And while that might, indeed, be a fair compliment, Pyriel…this is neither the time nor the place to go complimenting her. If neither of you Impress, you may go about your courting apace. You've only a few more sevenday."

Pyriel stares at Ocelara, "I ain't courting her. I got someone I like and I ain't done nothing with them either. I was just telling her she looked nice." he defends himself, "Faranth what is it with ya people and thinking everything is about sex." Exasperated, he throws his hands up in the air and drops into one the recreational sofas. He bounces up and down upon it, before he looks impressed. "Wow, this is totally comfortable." he says, off handed before wide golden eyes take in the place that Kiley and he had walked into. "What is this place anyway?"

Ocelara smiles a little, that calm expression washing over her features again, "I'm told it's the 'recreation' area. For those of the Ancients who manned the ship in their long journey to Pern. Some place to go, to relax and enjoy themselves."

Kiley gives Pyriel a careful look, cheeks coloring slightly. "The last time you called me fat.." Her eyes remain on the planet and she mumbles something softer to herself. Her head tilts to consider the harper turned candidate, cheeks color again and her eyes dart away. "Thank you for the compliment." This comes as Ocelara joins them and does point out the compliment. However, she's turning to the Headwoman to join in the protest. "He's not attracted to me." Simple as that. Then, Pyriel speaks and the woman looks at him funny. Then, light bulb turns on and the woman lets out a very soft 'oooh'. But her mouth shuts quickly as she begins to walk around the recreation area, curious. "I liked the other room better. There were more computers.."

Ocelara smiles a little, "It must have been a very long, very…constrained trip for the Ancients…watching over their companions as they grew older…but their charges did not. Only the confines of this ship to wander. Worse than a tiny ovine station in the middle of nowhere. There's nothing outside the walls of the ship…except death."

Pyriel eyes Kiley, "I was sharding drunk on that crap ya gave me. And that was ages ago, stop livin' in the past." he grumbles in her direction. He does nod however, firstly when she thanks him for the compliment, and once more at the part about him not being attracted to her. "Ya. Not interested." So then the harper candidate completely focuses on Ocelara, engrossing himself in the information she was giving him. "They didn't like, take shifts or anything?" he asks, brows lifting. He misses Kiley's light bulb moment in the process. "I mean wouldn't that make more sense? I would go crazy trapped in this metal thing my entire life. Do ya know how long it took them to get here from their planet?"

Ocelara laughs a little, "Not particularly. I had a lot of questions…as a Candidate…and they have the history, in AIVAS. It's fascinating, really. If there's a technician on duty, they might let us see the sleeping chambers."

Keziah had made a detour here and there before making her way to the rec deck. In fact it looks like she took time to really freshen up and heads over towards the books and browses for a little before grabbing one and then heading over to a seat. The candi's that are here are eyed a moment and then she shrugs and opens the book to start reading.

Kiley gives Ocelara a look from where she walks, brows lifting curiously at the woman's words before she continues looking around before settling on one of the seats. Her legs cross neatly as she leans back into the seat. Pyriel earns a look and then she sighs, "right." No arguments come from the computer crafter despite their earlier actions. Her eyes consider the room thoughtfully again, before drifting to Pyriel for his questions. The Headwoman earns a look as she answers the questions. "I think I'd like to see them. Just to see how they were put together. But, I'd rather see the rest of the technology as well. It is amazing." Keziah enters and she looks to the greenrider, inclining her head in greeting. "Ma'am."

Pyriel bobs his head a couple times at Ocelara, before peeking around at the room and then back to the Headwoman again. Keziah is eyed when she passes by on her way to the books shelf he doesn't really say anything to her. Then his attention drifts to Kiley when she speaks, before once more settling his gaze upon Ocelara. "I'm more interested in the history and where we came from originally, I'd love to get my hands on the database. There's some materials in the Harper's craft room back at Xanadu, but I read all that stuff already so many times I think I burned holes in the pages." he sighs, combing a hand through his hand.

Ocelara nods to Pyriel, "It's interesting to me, though I would never want to be a scholar of it." She pauses, considering the viewing window…then smiles again, "Just imagine how this must have looked, before they were near Pern…just the inky blackness of space…and the stars far away. Well…you are welcome to have the run of this area…read the books, they may hold more of the information you see…make sure you've gotten a bed in the sleeping quarters before it's too late…and if you've /need/ of me, I'll be near those same quarters."

Keziah glances up from her book and then smiles at Kiley and gives a nod in return. She glances back at the others a little and then nods at Ocelara's words "There are a lot of reference books here. " she notes and then returns her attention to the book in hand.

Leaning against the back of the couch with the curl of his elbow, Pyriel continues to listen intently on what Ocelara says, nodding his head occasionally. "I wouldn't mind so much, ya know, being a scholar of it. I think it's really interesting, ya know?" he asks, and then Keziah says what she does and the boy is on his feet in a heartbeat. "What? Really?" he exclaims in excitement, practically bouncing over there. He hardly notices that Ocelara has left, trying to get a peek at the book that the greenrider was holding.

Kiley folds her arms on top of her legs while the upper leg begins to bounce idly. Computers are a big part of our history. AIVAS is a computer and then there's the fact that this whole place has many other computers and technology. But, I can imagine the history is just as interesting. She considers the Headwoman with an uplift of her brow, before nodding. She watches as the Headwoman departs before her gaze drifts back over to Keziah as she mentions the reference books. Thanks. And she uplifts herself from the seat to find a book. There's a pause as Pyriel moves over to Keziah before she begins to browse the books.

Keziah blinks as she has a Py in her book? It's nothing real spectacular, just a book on old Earth animals and some from some of the other settled worlds. Her page is turned to one on elephants. "Yeah, really. Lots of different things to read."

Pyriel wasn't going to snatch the book out of Keziah's hands, but it might look like the harper was tempted with the way his hands twitch just so towards it. He stops himself though, and detaches eyes glued to the book the greenrider was holding and reattaches them to the bookcase. He steps forward and scans with the tip of one finger along the spines, until he stops and balks. "No frickin' way!" he says in loud astonishment, yanking a huge book off the shelf and grins big as he hugs it to his chest. It's enormous, and says ATLAS across the front cover. Gaze darts between Keziah and Kiley before he stalks off with his find and drops it heavily onto one of the tables. He sits down at the chair next to it and pulls open the heavy leather cover. A few pages are turned, carefully at the corner, before his face just lights up. Eyes go big, and he turns another page. "Earth! That's it, I couldn't remember. Kiley come see this!"

Keziah can't help smile at Pyriel's enthusiastic enthusiasm. So different than Kiley's. She watches as he finds a book of his own. She can understand his enthusiasm though. Things from Earth and the other places are very interesting to go over. "Hows it look?" she asks softly. "Earth that is."

Kiley picks out a book and then looks towards Keziah and Pyriel with a thoughtful lift of her brow, curious but saying nothing until she secures the book into her hand. It is tucked under her arm as she begins to make her way back, but watches as Pyriel makes his way to the bookshelf. Brows lift and then he's yanking that book off and then stalks off to devour the contents inside. The woman laughs softly at the predatory look that the boy takes. As she is about to take her seat, he calls her over and the woman chuckles softly. Her head shakes thoughtfully and she meanders her way over to settle beside the harper turned candidate. Her gaze finds the page and she lets out a soft hmm of fascination. "So, a long long time ago.. That is where we were from."

Pyriel tosses his head back and grins over at Keziah, "It's beautiful! Ya should come and see." He then returns to the small blue and green planet, hand hesitating over the image before fingers curl in against his palm and he draws it away. "The oils on yer fingers can degrade old books like these, so ya should be careful when handling them. If ya can just touch the corner of the page." Ah, so says the harper. Likely these sort of details had been drilled into him back at Xanadu. He nods to Kiley then, beaming up at her. "It's really weird seeing the continents weird shapes." he says to the computer crafter. "Like this!" He points to a small peninsula, "This one looks like a boot." Leaning forward over the book, he peers down and squints for some reason. "Itaaalay…huh, okay, not sure what all these names mean or anything." A pause. "Maybe holds?" The blond boy shrugs and then pulls away fro a chance for Kiley or Keziah to have a look if they choose to.

A 'swoosh' from the lift announces the arrival of another in the coming and going of those on board the space craft. The unlikely figure who passes through the doors is that of the former-sailor, to whom there is a displeased expression on his face while his eyes forgo the customary sweep of the room. Failing to greet or even acknowledge those already in the rec room like he normally would, he strides over toward a chair pivoted to face that large window, with the planet of Pern being the main attraction of its view. Nay, he doesn't even lift up his face to catch a glimpse of those engaged in the books. Rather, Landers slumps down into the chair with an exhaled breath, extending his legs forward as he slouches back, hand holding up his head with fingers partially messing up his hair as, the heel of his hand on his forehead.

Kiley glances curiously at Keziah speaks, offering a smile. "It is different than Pern." The woman's smile grows just a bit wider before her book comes to settle beside her legs rather than opening it right away. She shifts just a bit and gives Pyriel a curious look for the lesson he offers about the book, brows lifting before she nods slowly in understanding. "Right. Thanks." She leans in just a little more to get a better look at it before she peeks at Pyriel again and the smile earns him one from the computer crafter before her gaze drops down for him to point down at the picture again. "Hnn." Comes her soft response before a shrug is given. "Wouldn't know.. I don't do much research besides from the computers." The next shrug is apologetic. The swoosh of the lift has her head turning in that direction, her gaze coming to focus on Landers as he begins his path. Silence lingers for a moment before she ventures to speak, "you feeling okay?"

Keziah gets up to head over to take a look. "Wow, that is kinda neat." she muses softly "Quite different indeed. And thank you for that information on the books Pyriel. It's always good to know ways of taking care and preserving things." she murmurs and then glances up as one of the other candidates comes and looks at him with concern "Did the weightless get to you?" she asks softly "There is a healer on board, shall I get him?"

"Ya," Pyriel says to the woman folk, "Something they kinda drilled into us with handling ancient documents. That's when I kinda got into this stuff. Ya know, Earth history." That said, he nods like an idiot to statements made about the image of their planet of origin. However as Landers comes in, ignoring them all, and comes to sit by one of the windows facing Pern, the harper arches a brow. Keziah and Kiley ask their questions of the grumpy sailor and he pushes himself up, away from his precious Atlas and drops to sit beside the sailor, "Ya okay, man?" he ask, concern flooding his features and overriding the excitement from just a moment ago.

That generic 'you' has Lan closing his eyes with an exasperated noisy breath, as if his intended sanctuary had been spoiled. It was with a slant of irritation that his face jolted toward them, those who were suddenly concerned with his well-being (had he not been clear enough when he was sputtering endless curses during weightlessness and found clinging to a railing with eyes hammered shut). It was not to Kiley though that his irritation flashes to, but it seems that Keziah becomes a target of his tetchiness, "Ya can do one bettar…" a beat as his eyes narrow on Keziah, "Take me back down thar!" his finger wildly points to the vision of Pern, voice given to a shakiness, "I be done with this I reckon. Tis not a fair journey fer me." He had been looking sickly before, on the bridge. He was still looking that way now. "Iffin ya not be taking me back thar, then yeh nevar mind." As his face draws away, his hand comes to rub the slick sweat off his brow. Could someone sweat in space? He was. When Pyriel joins him, he shakes his head, keeping his eyes covered with that one hand which rested semi-wise up on his forehead, murmuring to Py, "Nay. Be narh good. Thar be no air here… no wind…" Apparently fresh air was staple in a sailor's life.

Kiley glances up at Kexiah as she joins them at the book, her brows lifting curiously before dropping back down to the book briefly; her gaze flickers back towards Landers with a look of concern on her face for the sailor turned candidate. However, Pyriel takes her attention for a brief moment and she nods along with his words. "That's a good lesson to teach though." But she doesn't elaborate further as her gaze once again turns to Landers and then she pushes to her feet to get a better look at the other candidate, however not moving any closer as he takes a look of irritation. Then he turns attention to Keziah and the woman's eyes widen just a little at his reaction, her bottom lip going into her mouth and she remains silent to watch with wide eyes. "Right.." Comes softly, and she looks to Keziah in question for the man's request.

Keziah frowns a little at Landers "Maybe I should see about taking you back down. You really don't look good. Though I think I still want the healer to look you over first. Make sure that its safe to transport you." She brings a hand up to check his forehead for a fever. "I'd like to rule out any kind of sickness. Sometimes betweening can make these things worse. I don't want to make you to ill to stand on the sands."

Pyriel is quiet as Landers speaks, lips pursing about the time that he unleashes his irritation upon Keziah, eyes rounding a bit, but he doesn't try to correct or reprimand the man. Instead, he awkwardly pats the former-sailor on the back a few times, leaning forward in the seat he shared with him so that he could look him over. "Ya man, ya don't look so hot." he states the obvious, and then he looks to Keziah, "Could ya do that? Take him back down?" That concern was still present among his features, even if his hand had returned to his lap after that brief and inept attempt of comforting his friend there. "Maybe ya could stand in front of one of the air vents? I walked under one earlier, it it sorta felt like wind." he offers with creased brows. It might not be much, but Py was just trying to help. He glances to Kiley then, shaking his head lightly back and forth. "It ain't you Kiley, this ain't how he usually is. Promise."

"I be ill worse iffin I stay…" he speaks more respectfully to Keziah after her 'motherly' check of his temperature, his eyes pleading for her accommodation of his request, "Please ma'am… I be narh good up here. I be a right mess. T'would have told ya all 'no' iffin I knew where we's be going. Tis narh a good journey," there is a subtle glance to Kiley. A wince to follow, as if to regret his previous actions. Space can do strange things to a man! "I be having a terrible stomach ache… Can narh stand it. Nothin like I be feeling before. Like 'em shorebounds hurling over the deck rails of a ship ta empty thar stomachs." A glance toward Pyriel, as a prime example. Just as he was looking Py's way, the man has to suddenly clamp his hand over his mouth, dropping his face back down to hide the fact that bubbles were fizzing through his fingers. By a miracle or by design, he doesn't spew, it seems well contained and kept back. He pushes himself up off the chair though, in a rush, looking around for the nearest place to unleash hell…

Kiley nods to Keziah as she talks about taking Landers back, "perhaps that is best.." Comes the soft murmuring from the computer crafter as she looks between the three present with a worried expression soon working into her gaze and upon her face. Pyriel's attempts at comforting the man is met with the slightest of smiles but she does not relax. "I think you should just take him back down.. It must be all the space." But, she's no healer. The woman offers a smile for Pyriel as he defends the man's actions as well and she nods once. "That.. We met once. That's good to know.." But she's trailing off as the man draws her attention again, brows drawing down in worry. But then, he's coming to clamp his hands over his mouth and her own quickly lift to cover her eyes to avoid seeing the scene should he not make it anywhere to release the contents of his stomach.

Keziah moves quickly and snags a trash can and rushes it back over to Landers in hopes of getting most of it in the receptacle and not the floor and furniture. Someone get him a wet towel." she moves to brush back Landers hair. "We'll see about getting you down. Alo's ready to go when you get yourself back under control."

Pyriel was sitting and listening to Landers without anything to add as the man describes how badly he feels and how close he was to loosing the contents of his stomach. That is until the former-sailor is talking about sea sickness and looks at him. The harper candidate colors for some reason, "Um…Landers?" he says quietly but not so low that it couldn't be heard. He doesn't get a chance to finish because the man beside him on the couch is suddenly up and looking for a place to vomit. Py takes that as he cue to get up and hurry away from the direction Landers was headed. At the request of a wet towel, the blond boy's eyes flutter about, and then hone in on a small sink way in the back of the rec room. He dashes over there and pulls open cabinets and drawers, surprisingly finding wash clothes that were as fresh as any he'd ever seen. Yanking one out, he turns the water on, and gets the towel hot and wet before booking it back to the greenrider. "Here." he offers, that concern on his face never ceasing, but rather increasing. After it's handed over, he steps back and away until he's standing beside Kiley.

It would seem that the sailor hardly had anything to eat before, or had previously disposed of his stomach's contents. What is emptied into the trash bin is nothing significant, down to his stomach fluids. He does spit and cough for a time, dry heaving until he's down on his knees, hands on either side of the pail. Oh you can bet there's a few 'sailor' worthy curses that spill out of his mouth as he spits the residue of his experience on the spaceship into the bucket. However the fingers brushing through his hair simmers them down to harmless 'shells' and 'shards.' Eventually, after the heaves stop, he staggers back to his feet, looking as if he hadn't had 'sea-legs,' face looking pasty. A glance is shot back toward the his fellow candidates, "I be sorry fer… interrupting…" a limp arm gesture toward the table where the books where, "jus tryin ta find a quiet spot…" where he could dump his guts out in private? Likely. Instead he had the misfortune of arriving on the wrong floor. A hapless look to Keziah, desperately eager, "I be ready…"

Kiley watches Keziah's quick work in fetching the trash can and settles into a look of relief, however brief as the woman instructs for them to get a wet towel. But she doesn't move as Pyriel handles that task and the woman stands unhelpfully off to the side, looking ever so awkward for this. Fingers are instantly drawn to the bracelet on her wrist, twisting it with the rush of nerves. Her eyes return to Pyriel once he makes his way over near her, lingering on him for a moment longer before returning to Landers. "I hope he'll be okay… Didn't know you could get sick like this cause of space…" Brows furrow into a deeper frown of concern while she watches the man. "Take care." This is spoken louder than everything else to project her words towards the man and watching with worrisome eyes.

"Thank you." Keziah murmurs to Pyriel as she takes the towel and then offers it Landers "Here, use this to help wipe up your face and then we'll head down to the bay. Alosynth is waiting by the lift so we can get you right up on it." she murmurs softly as she steps back to give Landers some room to get up. She looks over at Kiley and Pyriel "Thank you for the help, I'll be back later after I get him settled back down at the Weyr."

Pyriel blanches when Landers tosses his cookies, the back of his hand coming up to his mouth, and he has to look away. He at least keeps any sounds of disgust to himself. He does manage to bob his head at Keziah for her thanks with a brief, "Welcome." He reaches over and lightly touches the back of Kiley's hand as she fidgets. It only lasts as long as it takes for the woman to stop. He murmurs something low to her and then his hand drops back away. Brows kit and he nods to the computer crafter, before his golden eyes flick back to Keziah. "Let us know if he's okay, kay? Ya, know, when ya get back." he says softly, lashes lowering as he loops his arms one over the other across his stomach. A second later, he lifts his eyes towards Landers, "Take care, man. I hope ya feel better." he calls over, keeping a tone that is kept intentionally soft, likely as not to irritate the issues that the former-sailor is having.

Lan takes the towel, though doesn't immediately use it for his mouth. He sets it on his forehead as if to cool his brow. Only after, he wipes his mouth, bunching the towel once he's done with it beside the trash bin that would have to be tossed or cleaned thoroughly. His hand rests on his upset stomach, eyes tracking Keziah for a time, until a large gurgle from his stomach seems to recapture his attention. His hand vaguely waves to his fellow candidates, wanting to get to that lift sooner rather than later, before his stomach could tell him otherwise.

Kiley blinks at Kexiah, "I didn't do anything." Her tone is soft as she stares at the greenrider for a moment longer while fingers continue to twist. Pyriel's touching of her hand makes the computer crafter jump and cast him her wide-eyed gaze before she blinks. Her hand drops and cheeks flush for that murmuring, "right. Thanks. I don't want to break it again." Her gaze drops to her bracelet for that moment before she nods along with the harper-candidate's words for wanting an update on the ill Landers when he resettles on the planet. "Feel better." She repeats, watching the pair go and then breathing a sigh of relief. "At least he'll be back down on Pern and then he'll be taken care of."

Keziah smiles at Kiley "You were there for him." she notes softly as she offers to help Landers to the lift. "Come on." she gestures. "AS I said ALo's waiting. Will get you back down on solid ground, with all the fresh air you can breath." she murmurs softly.

Pyriel winces at the gurgle that comes from Landers stomach, and the hand goes back up this time to clamp against his mouth. He awkwardly waves back to the man before the former-sailor disappears with Keziah back onto the lift from whence they all had come. He then looks to Kiley and nods, but all the excitement of this room had vanished now. "Yeah sure, no prob." he mutters in passing, before he turns away as the lift's doors whoosh shut. He picks up the Atlas he had so admired, and closes it gently, there is some reluctant hesitation before he walks the monstrous thing back to the wide shelf he had pulled it from, and pushes it back up there. With a sigh, he pushes a hand through his hair and turns and regards Kiley a moment. "I'm gunna head up to the residential deck now. Think I had enough fer one night." is said with a sigh. He was looking a touch on the pale side. Without further ado, he heads to the lift, and steps inside once the doors open. "Night." he says softly, and then the door swoosh closed again.

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