Sleepy, In Space

Yokohama - Resident Level 9
Originally four full decks were reserved strictly for residential use, but now three of those have been sealed off, leaving but this remaining floor open for people staying for extended periods of time. This would be likely to include members of the techcraft, healers using the medical facilities for studies, or members of the computer craft. Level nine is a continuous circular corridor contained by restful cream walls and industrial carpeting in a dull gray attempting to achieve a somewhat hospitable atmosphere. This monotony is broken only by a smattering of locking electronic doorways that lead off into individual living quarters.

Beside each door is a small display that can be set to read a variety of things, most importantly if the room is occupied and if whomever happens to dwell there wishes not to be disturbed. A call button can be pressed to alert occupants of a visitor, and an intercom for added security.

Karona has found a spot to sit on the residential level, and she balances a notepad on her lap, tongue sticking out just slightly as she writes. Occasionally she glances this way and that, but it seems everyone else has found other places to be, as the corridor is deserted. She continues writing, glancing up again every so often. Space is rather limited, in, uh, space. So it's only a matter of time before someone happens along. Her hand moves fast across the page, as though fearing discovery.

Kiley is a little bit of a straggler in making her way to the residential level, which also means beds. There's… So much… The woman breathes out with a blissful sigh of delight, clearly in paradise simply from the look on her face as she begins her wandering towards the sleeping area. She is pulled from her moment of bliss by passing by Karona; she blinks and stares at the woman for a moment before registering and then offering a cheerful smile. "Hey." It is an easy greeting, soft in tone before she moves to get out of the way of anyone's path. "How are you doing, Karona?"

Iessrien hasn't been seen since the bridge, and has likely spent an uneventful while in the infirmary, or simply exploring the ship on his own. As he makes his way finally to the residential level, the boy is looking.. pale. Shoulders hunched, face red around the eyes and bridge of his nose, hair still somewhat mussed despite being in gravity again, the holder has probably looked better. He is without his stuff, the satchel likely having been taken to a room while he was off wherever, and the boy is frowning vaguely as the lift doors open. Stepping out and down the corridor, there's a little bit of a grimace at the sight of Karona, Iessrien muttering a, "..Great," under his breath and then tilting his head to Kiley, offering her at least a thin smile, and a, "Hi."

Karona had just turned back to her papers when Kiley made it to this level, so it's the 'Hey' that's her first clue as to company. She reflexively draws a leg up, knee to chin, hiding the papers flat against her torso. Because /that's/ not suspicious at all. She tries to act nonchalant, though, with a nod and a "Hey." back. "Doing… doing better /here/, have to say. Floating below, sirens above…" she shakes her head slightly. Wait, Kiley left before the sirens, didn't she? Oh well. "At least I /think/ that's below and above. Might be above and below." she muses, going slightly pale. "…best not to think about it." she decides. Iessrien gets /eyed/, at his arrival. "Well, you look like death warmed over." she comments, though her tone seems almost /concerned/, more than anything. Poor sick little boy. There might be /some/ pity in there too.

Kiley looks up at the sound of another greeting, turning her gaze towards Iessrien with a smile on her lips that quickly fades a the sight of him. Her mouth opens from the shock and an unspoken reply before she breathes out one. "Shells." She straightens just a bit and casts him a worried look. "Iessrien.. Are you okay? You're looking almost like Landers did not too long ago. Are you going to be sick? Do you need to go back down to Pern?" Her eyes search his face, wide with worry as she tenses some. She looks back to Karona and nods. "Everyone seemed to have an issue with the floating… Or, well, quite a few had issue." The woman's smile is slight compared to the first one. "Sirens?" The smile fades entirely in favor of a confused look, brows working into a serious frown before looking between the two. "I wouldn't worry so much about what is up and what is down right now." Is the only helpful hint coming from the computer crafter. "Maybe you should lay down, Iess?"

"Sirens?" Iess wrinkles his nose slightly, all but echoing Kiley, Karona's comment earning a twitch of his lips, mouth tilting upward on one side. Shrugging his shoulders, he glances off down the corridor with an absent, "Feel like death warmed over too." He might even be more rumpled than that time in the forest. Well, except for the lack of hiccups. Answering Kiley's question has his gaze flicking back with a bit of a blink, "Landers?" and then shaking his head slowly, "No, I'm fine. Just a spacesick or something." Hand giving a brief, vague wave, he moves to lean against the wall, hooking thumbs in jacket pockets, "I've been lying down since we got here. Not going to pass up a chance like this just because I lost my lunch," giving the girls a brief grin, "Got tired of staring at the infirmary walls. That place is.. creepy." His brow crinkles faintly, preoccupied look on his face, before shaking his head slowly again and agreeing with the computercrafter, "Yeah, it's probably better not to worry about up and down."

Karona scowls slightly. "Yeah… someone set of a bunch of alarms up on the bridge. Very loud. Very… alarming. Didn't see who did it, but I just /bet/ it was one of the bratty little boys." And Iessrien might get an accusing eye, but she saw him leave, so that eye doesn't linger. She furrows her brow at Kiley, though. "Landers?" she queries. Iessrien gets an eye then, and Karona snorts. "Sit down, already." she snaps, jerking a thumb at the chairs. Concern, really. It's concern that makes her nag. "…just… if you're gonna lose your lunch again, do it /elsewhere/." she adds, eyeing the boy warily.

Kiley gives Iessrien another worried look before she nods, "he got sick and.. Ah.. Released his lunch." The woman gives a small wave of her hand in filling in for the rest of the story, making a small face of concern for the other candidate. "Okay.. I'm just worried. Don't push yourself too hard." The mention of the infirmary is given a brief lift of her brow before considering Karona for her story. "Oh.. Shells. Must've been loud.. I didn't hear anything, though" Her lips press into a thin line before she suddenly sways, completely off balance. "I should… Go lay down and forget which way is up." Her hand briefly covers her face before she continues on her way to find a place to sleep, giving a brief wave of farewell with her opposite hand.

"That sounds unpleasant," Iess wrinkles his nose again, at Karona's mention of alarms, and then simply slides down the wall to the floor, pressing his back against the cool, strange metal and crossing arms lazilt over his knees. Pft, who needs chairs? He ignores the smith's eyeing in favor of tilting his head back against the wall and letting his gaze drift up to the ceiling, eyes closing. "Nothing left /to/ lose," he informs her absently, letting shoulders relax back and suppressing a grimace for Kiley's explanation of poor Landers. "I won't," he promises the girl, eyes opening partway and flicking towards the computercrafter with a slight smile, offering her a quiet, "Later," and watching her head off to the rooms from beneath lowered lashes, possibly concern for /her/ flickering briefly over his expression for that swaying there, before his eyes sink closed again.

Karona furrows her brow at Kiley, when the computercrafter excuses herself. "Hey, take care." she offers, in farewell, frowning back at Iessrien. She shakes her head then, and cautiously lowers her knee, pulling out that paper to continue writing… whatever it was she was writing. "It was… less than pleasant, yes." she confirms, with a grimace, though she doesn't even bother to look up.

Iessrien falls silent, just sitting there and letting the cold seep in through his shoulders and back, though after a moment the boy's brow creases and he mumbles, "Any idea what the sirens were for?" Eyes flick down the corridor, Karona is writing over there given the briefest glance, before eyelids sink closed once again. Apparently, he's not in any hurry to get up again, though there's no further comment. PErhaps the boy will just.. snooze there aginst the wall for a bit.

Karona sinks back in her chair, pencil flying across paper. Occasionally, she pauses, and glances over at Iessrien. "The sirens? No. Some tech said something about… breech containment?" she says, shaking her head. "I'm sure it's nothing. If it was something, we wouldn't still be up here." she dismisses it, though there's doubt in her tone. "I just muck about with hot metal, all this is beyond me." she admits, with a humble shrug.

"Hmh, true," Iessrien agrees without opening his eyes, letting the worry over sirens drop as he lets his head loll back lazily against the wall, tilting slightly as he stretches his neck first one way, then another. "Think all this is sort of beyond most of us," the holder boy chuckles quietly, bringing one hand up to massage his shoulder, "Shells, this place.." just shaking his head again, though there's a bit of a wince. He can't /still/ be sore from that runner fall, can he?

Karona furrows her brow slightly, glancing over the paper she's writing on - supposedly writing on, her pencil hasn't moved for a while now - to peer at the holder boy. "What's up with your shoulder?" she asks, bluntly. "Didn't ding it in the cargo hold, did you?" Cluck cluck cluck, ol' mother hen candidate. Just can't pass up an opportunity to nag.

Briana went to bed early after the cake and a bit of exploration. She has certainly seemed more relaxed the last few days about the other candidates and sleeping through the night finally instead of her restlness sleep. There is a blink of a green firelizard who comes in with a squeek and a cry and flies swiftly to Briana intent to disturb her from her blessed sleep. "Yes yes…I am here and safe little one…" Briana mutters as she is woken to the plucking of her hair by the firelizard and incessent cries.

There was CAKE? Aww, and poor spacesick Iess totally missed it. Ah well, probably for the best, as he likey wouldn't have managed to keep anything down anyhow. "Hm?" eyelids lift faintly, with a brief glance at Karona, Iessrien's hand pausing on his shoulder as he considers the woman, giving a slight shrug and mumbling, "Got my ass kicked by another.. stupid stunt." He doesn't elaborate, letting his hand drop, arm draping across his knees again. And then he leans forward from the wall, slowly standing and stretching, and possibly wrinkling his nose at squeaky firelizard. The holder boy pauses to glance over at Karona, though if he's curious about what she's writing, he gives no clue, merely starting down the corridor toward the rooms with an absent, "Anyway, I should probably follow Kiley's adive and go lie down. Later," and he doesn't even sound snarky about it. Le gasp, actually speaking to the smith civilly? The world must be ending. That, or the holder really is ill.

Karona doesn't yet notice Briana, as apparently something far more shocking is happening in the corridor, right in front of her eyes. "You dying or something?" she asks Iessrien, without even a snort. "Go, lie down. Probably be good. I guess." she seems doubtful - perhaps she already attempted to sleep while the others had cake. Muttered after Iessrien leaves: "If the room would just stop /spinning/ every time I closed my eyes." she grumbles, and turns her attention back to her writing, stifling a yawn. There's a vague blink, as she recalls a firelizard popping out of between, and she shambles to her feet to follow curiously after, notepad held close to her chest.

Briana sits up in bed, trying to sooth her firelizard who curls up in the teen's lap giving little croons and darting its gaze about. "Its alright blade.." She murmurs before looking about and giving an apologetic look around for the commotion her flitter has made. "This has confused her…" She says in a quiet voice to Karona as she approaches. Her fingers trail lightly along the spine of the creature, trying to sooth it. The comment brings a smile, "I was mostly ok, till I saw the windows. Just…too far above things." She says with a tremor of her shoulders.

Karona finds an open door, and peers in, tilting her head at Briana. She nods slightly at the candidate's words. "Yeah… that's why I've been sticking to the corridors." she waves back the way she'd come, a deserted stretch of corridor and doors, curving away out of sight. Well, some chairs, here and there - she'd been sitting in one. That seems to be all she has to say, hiding another yawn behind her hand.

"I think I might do that as well." Briana says as she looks up to the woman near twice her age. "Though it was sorta interesting seeing Ista from up here." She continues with a half smile, "Was gonna check if I can see the kitchens in the morning…be interesting to see how fancy it is with all the other fanciness about." She says giving indication to the technoligcal panels here and there. "Never was allowed near the computer room where I am from."

Karona twitches slightly at mention of Ista, though it's the computer room that has her questioning, "Ista /has/ a computer room? They seemed so … backwards, when I was there last…" Admittedly, that was before Briana was even born, but still. She shakes her head slightly, and glances back down the corridor. "I'm sure… something could be arranged. If there even is a kitchen up here." Well, those that live here - and there are those - have to eat somehow, right? "I've still to go exploring, not had the time yet… though mainly, I don't want to wander off. Safest place I've seen all ship, that corridor." she jerks her head that-a-way. Safe in a non-queasy sense, most likely.

"I don't know, I mean I saw computers in the Records room, but I mean were I was raised. Ista just is where I call home now." Briana explains as she peeks towards the door, "Never really thought of Ista has terribly backward, nice people and all. Really good kitchens.." She says in defence of the place. The mention of the kitchen here causes her eyebrows to shoot up, "There has got to be! I can't imagine a place this big…well it would just have to be. Having to ferry up that much food from the cold of between…well all they would ever eat is cold food." Ok, so maybe she is a little fanatical about cooking and kitchens.

Karona grimaces slightly, and shakes her head. "Ista's no home. I joined the first craft that'd take me just to get away from that place." And Briana's knot is nodded at, now. "You might find Xanadu your home, come hatching day." she notes. "Much better home than Ista, if you ask me. The forge there, at Xanadu, is simply brilliant." she states, fighting another yawn. "Hunh. I suppose, between is cold." she agrees, regarding the food. She leans against a bulkhead, brow furrowing. "Never really thought about that. Never been somewhere where between was the only way to get there." she realises, with a shudder. Something about that notion is just unsettling, somehow.

"Well they treated me right even when they didn't have to, so I reckon I owe em a bit." Briana says with a half shrug though she follows the gaze to the knot and nods slightly, "I used to live at Xanadu when I was a little kid before my Uncle Impressed and I had to go back home. Memories weren't too bad of it, I wouldn't mind calling Xanadu home either I suppose." The last words give Briana a little chill as well, "Yeah…where just some walls between us and nothingness…It really challenges the mind, you reckon?"

Karona yawns, and nods vaguely, though her eyes are sort of glazed over. And how long have those bags been under them? Seems she's really not been sleeping well, lately. "Mm, yeah, wonder if," yawwwwn, "space is anything like," another yawn, "between." she muses, tilting her head against the bulkhead she's leaning on, and closing her eyes. Seems like she ought to say something else, but instead, she slides down the wall until she's sitting, eyes still closed. Has she… has she /gone to sleep/? Looks that way.

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