Yokohama - Bridge of Operations

From the lift, the main viewscreen dominates the wall seen directly across the way from it. Set above is an enormous observation window, which affords an amazing view of space and the planet below. There are many control consoles and chairs on the deck set before them, as well as a large open area just in front of the viewscreen. Centrally located in this expansive area is the Commanding Officer's chair. Three sets of steps ascend to the platform, which is set several meters above the deck. Other important stations line the upper platform, which extends both the port and starboard, each side ending a few meters short of the viewscreen.

As she is given the 'privalage' of pressing the button, Briana moves within the group towards the button panel and hits the indicated button to take them to the Bridge. As the door opens she steps out into precious gravity with a mix of disapointment and relief on her features at the gravity has been restored. Her steps are slow as she heads out onto the bridge, taken in by the lights, moving along the outside of the room to keep clear of any technicions working here.

It's not without incident that everybody makes it to the bridge. Thankfully, the incident only involves somebody with normal bodily functions and smells, but that doesn't seem to improve R'iahn's temper any. He's first out of the lift, taking a great breath of (recycled) air and shooting the Candidates yet another glare. "Break anything and the crew here will skin you alive. We won't be stopping 'em." He grumps, then gestures abruptly with a hand to the viewscreen. Without looking at it. "Don't get in their way." That's as much instruction as he is apparently willing to provide, casting Kez and M'nol a quick, almost-not-quite entreating look. He'll just…stay over here. In the nice corner. With no views out into space.

Ocelara moves ahead, her footsteps almost inaudible on the floor of the place. Gravity…it's a good thing! But she gestures, as weyrlingmasters herd the Candidates, "There's Pern…all of her." Well. As much as you can see out of the control window! "We're so used to seeing her on maps…it's different…to see her for yourself…Landers, you might like this view more than most."

Karona flees the lift almost as quickly as R'iahn, shooting a disgusted and rather pale-faced glare back, at the… smell. But she seems content to find a corner, and frown at some metallic part of the ship. Her face quickly regains normal colour though, now that her feet are planted firmly on solid flooring.

Iessrien ignores Karona's continued snorty, merely holding tight to the railing and then stepping out with the rest of the candidates. Whatever else he might have said, to anyone, is quieted, as he takes a look at that.. window. And maybe his steps waver a bit, eyes widening just a fraction. His mouth might be hanging open a little. Give the lad a moment, or.. ten.

Pyriel stumbles out as the doors whoosh open after a few others, and glares back into the lift for some reason, hands on his backside. Even as he crinkles his nose at the smell. He grumbles and frowns deeply, eyeing several of the others still contained inside before he grumps on over out of the way. Hands are then shoved into his pockets and he wanders off, still giving several people a suspicious look before he gets a gander of the view. "Whoa." he says intelligently, brows lifting as he slowly drifts forward as if drawn there by gravity. He's about three quarters there when, "Oh dude, gravity. Awesome."

This was what Flandynn wanted to see. This right here. Dark eyes take in the sight given to him, the shorter lad easing his way around this candidate and that 'til he finds the front and can see all of that space, and all of that planet. "Slap me silly and call me Faranth, would you look at that." His footsteps are light, gravity's touch keeping him upon the flooring even if his thoughts are far, far, far beyond where he stands right now.

The bodily smells only falters Kiley's excitement for the moment in which they are on the lift, but as soon as they are free and able to look around, squealing begins again. The view of the planet isn't what draws her attention so much as the control panels, and with a new excitement she pushes forward. The gravity is noted with a slight tilt of her head looking upward before she is quickly moving to the controls and merely looking at them. Her hands are behind her back so she does not touch /anything/, but that look on her face reads that she certainly wants to. "I'd do anything to take a look inside these right now…" Comes a soft breath from the computer crafter before a sigh comes from her lips.

Lan lifts his head up as his name is called, weaving his way through the crowd toward the window indicated. His eyes acknowledge Ocelara before he takes one long gander out the control window. The reaction he has is a subtle loss of breath, while he leans forward with his hand bordering the frame of the glass, eyes widening a little, lips tightening to a thin line. "Look at all the water…" he says in low tones, a quiet whistle of appreciation for the sight.

Karona stopped poking and prodding at bits of the ship at some point before exiting the lift, though her fingers twitch now and then. She's apparently decided there's nothing new she can learn by staring at a bulkhead, so she's wandering slowly around the bridge, taking care not to get in anyone's way. Along she trundles, turning occasionally, until finally a turn has her facing the viewscreen. She stops dead, mid-step, even. "Whoa." she whispers, awestruck. That - that's /Pern/. "Whoa."

Ocelara actually smiles, a soft, wide smile…and then looks back out at the blue-green jewel that hovers there. "That's home. Down there…Can anyone identify a spot they recognize?"

The little brat Candidate is the last one out, hands in pockets as he nonchalantly strolls onto the bridge beaming cherubically back at all those glares sent into the lift. He sings out a cheerful, "Sorry I couldn't hold it in, guys. I tried." Smirksmirk. He skips to the forefront, ducking under and slipping around people, presses his nose to the window and peers out, his breath fogging the glass. "Whoaaaa!" That' a 12-turn old for you.

Pyriel does stop himself from just pressing himself up against the observation window, but barely. Hands were already poised to plant themselves upon the glass, but he steps back after Ocelara starts asking people if they can identify things from orbit, wandering off again to let other people have a go. A few steps are taken before the littlest candidate admits to being the one that cut the cheese in the lift. The kid earns himself an instant side glance and scowl. Soft grumbles under the harper's breath follow this soon after but rather than stop he just keeps on going by him , with but a pause and head shake for Kiley and her panel drooling. "Seek help, seriously." he mumbles on his way past to the computer crafter, tossing himself up against a wall by the lift and crossing his arms over his chest.

We interrupt Karona's regularly scheduled awe to glare at a little boy. "Boys!" the woman mutters, in disgust. "All the same." Grump grump grump. Are we /sure/ she's still young enough to be a candidate? Her eyes drift back to the viewscreen, however, and she soaks in the view with more curiosity than awe now. She takes a step closer, and furrows her brow. "Is that… the curve of Nerat?" she says, pointing something out. "…maybe." she adds, suddenly seeming not all that certain.

"I.. I can see my father's hold from here," Iessrien mumbles weakly to Ocelara, though it's likely said in jest, considering the epic distance of the view and the upward tug at the corners of his mouth. Lips twitch further and there's a nodded, "You said it," to Karona, Iess' nose wrinkling briefly at the little candidate before the holder suddenly turns from the view, features creasinf curiously before he begins heading back toward the lift with a mumbled, "Think.. I might need to sit down somehwere," though obviously /not/ in that prominent chair. Some AWLM or other will rpobably escort the lad to the infirmary or something, hopefully, because he is looking.. a bit ill all of a sudden.

Briana's eyes are wide at the dazzling lights around her. It was like the girl was raised in a cave..oh wait she was. She glances over to the window showing the expanse of space and suddenly closes her eyes with a catch of breath. "Oh…" She murmurs and places a hand over her mouth as she gets a wave of nausea. "How.." She murmurs and turns away for the windows to try to settle herself once more. One thing to be told you are floating in a metal ball in space, another thing to KNOW it and see it!

Kiley whirls to turn to Pyriel for his quip towards her, cheeks flushing an angry red and she murmurs. "I am perfectly healthy." Comes her snip. This is what finally draws her attention away from the electronics of the room and to where everyone is gathering at the window. She wanders over, no longer high on excitement and incredibly sober as her gaze settles upon the planet they were once on. Her eyes widen and she leans in just a little, breathing out a sigh of amazement while her eyes focus there. "Amazing.." Comes her breathless response as she begins to stare.

Ocelara grins a little at Iessrien's 'humor', but shakes her head at him. "We came here, when I was a Candidate…" Yeah, like that was ages ago or something! "And they explained it to us then…we can't see anything humans have done to Pern. We are so high above, and the places and things man makes are so small…we can't even really see the Weyrs from here, save Ista…because we can see Ista Island. That large patch of land there, with the clouds near it…that's the southern edge of the Western Continent…it's late afternoon there…and directly below us is Landing, where the University is."

Karona might shoot Iessrien a glance, but it's only to see if there's an opening to nag, surely. But, with all the AWLMs, and the headwoman, present, she looks away again without a word. Not her place, and all. There might be a mutter of 'infirmary' under her breath though. Her eyes go back to the viewscreen, and she whistles in awe. "It looks so tiny." she says, unable to believe her eyes. "We were just there, but from here, looks small enough to take home, display on a shelf. Or… something." she says, furrowing her brow at her own odd words.

"Where is Red Butte…" Flandynn drawls slowly, inching up closer to the visual. He bumps up against another candidate 'til it is pointed out with a pointed finger by another candidate. "Hi mom!" Hand waves and all. "I swear I'll write soon." He takes a step back and to the side, his thigh bumping up against one of the consoles. His head turns, looking back towards Landers, and giving the ex-sailor a bit of a chin-lifted guy greeting. His ears catch Karona's musings, and the teen glances across to her, "Imagine that… planet in a bottle."

Keziah steps off the lift with normal coloring. She doesn't mind being up here so much with gravity working. The weightlessness she really doesn't like. Nope not at all. She watches the candidates and leans back up against the wall next to the lift, making sure she's not on any precious bottons or equipment.

Ocelara laughs a bit, "You've seen how it looks now. If you can craft them, they might make a fine Gather tchotchy to sell…planet in a bottle. I saw a ship in a bottle, once…" She's bemused. "This may be the furthest away from home you will ever be." Alright, maybe that's not technically accurate, but it certainly seems logical! "Can you imagine? Dragonriders protected Pern for 2000 years without knowing what Pern really looked like."

Pyriel glances to Iessrien as the boy talks, and walks past him into the lift. After that, golden eyes return to the room, catching Kiley's angered flush. Yes, that puts a smile on his face and he does so right at her. "Ya, ya you are." he says, with some sort of knowing tone before his chin lifts upwards for a haughty-like expression. He must get bored of taunting the computer crafter because he's drawn away from it around the time that Kiley wanders off to discover the view. Instead he focuses on Ocelara and what she is saying. That is until Keziah is leaning up against the wall beside him.

Lan is more or less forced to shuffle back a few steps when others crowd in around the window. Mid-step back, he notices the greeting from Flandynn, returning it with a simple tilt of his head. Otherwise he drifts back from the main crowd around the window, remembering to catch a steadying breath. It puts him near Briana, in time to hear her comments and see her own reaction. "Tis overwhelming…" a low rumble of his seafaring accent, standing awkwardly with his eyes constantly moving, taking in the sights.

Karona smirks suddenly. "I bet I've seen more of Pern than my mother, now. She's gonna hate that. I ought to write to her." she decides, grinning widely. So, Karona /can/ grin? It's actually a bit of a scary look on her, perhaps she shouldn't. Flandynn gets a nod, "Would make an interesting conversation piece, have to admit." she says. "'Here's a shell I found on Ierne's shores, I thought it looked rather pretty. Oh, and here's Pern. I went up to space to get this one.'" she plays out an imaginary conversation, amused.

Its the mention of Ista, that draws Briana's head up. "Ista?" She asks and glances to the window. The keeps her hand on the nearby plating as she tries to decide whether it is worth the look from so high above. She looks over to Landers though as he joins them and there is another touch of relief as her 'compatriot' joins them here. As he goes to the window, finally she gets the courage to cross the floor to stand slightly behind him to peak around his shoulder. "Which one is Ista?" She asks with an almost whispering voice as if speaking any louder would dispell all this.

Ocelara looks for a moment, and then gestures, "The Yokohama stays in one place…over Landing…but far that way…on the edge of Pern from us, is Ista…you can sort of make it out. Where those clouds are, I think. Mind you, I'm no miner or harper…"

Flandynn's grin grows following Karona's words, "I think I'd have to visit your place to see all of your knickknacks. I also think your dusting off the bottle would probably be the source of most of our storms." Dark eyes eat up the sight of Keroon's coast from far above, "It is… there are so many colors from up here. Funny how I know how long it takes to get to the Igen delta, but from here it looks like just a jump from home." His head shakes from side to side, hair falling about his ears, dropping over his eyes. His words follow Landen's. "Overwhelming. That is a good word."

Kiley flushes a bit more at Pyriel, giving him another look before she schools her features and keeps her gaze carefully away from him. Arms fold across her chest and she does not indulge him with any more than that look, staring at the planet through the window. Her hands grip her arms tighter and then she looks to the other candidates for their reactions. Briana earns a carefully look before she turns her gaze back to the planet with a thoughtful tilt of her head. "Amazing." She repeats with a soft breath before she's turning away and then making her way towards the lift. On her way, however, she gives Pyriel a jab in the side then settles upon the lift and waits. Exploration awaits!

Ocelara stands there for some little while longer, before she begins to gesture, "Alright…get your bags. You did remember to get your bags off the transport dragons, didn't you?" She mother hens…a little. "We need to get to the quarters, and get set up for the evening. Have a light meal."

Evidently the harper apprentice looses interest with what's being said over by the window, despite a few glances between Briana and Landers, a brow arched. "Heh." Pyriel says for whatever reason, lips once more turning into a smirk. He gives Keziah the once over, eyeing her as if he was trying to figure something out about her, however he soon scowls and pushes himself up and off the wall, just in time to get elbowed in the ribs. "Hey!" he growls, rubbing at the spot a bit before he follows the girl into the lift. "What the…" Then the doors close and all that can be heard is a few shouts back and forth, the words muffled, but the tone is pretty clear. Nothing quite like a heated argument in space.

Keziah just arches at brow at Pyriel, doesn't say anything but looks to see if he will. As he doesn't she shrugs a bit and seems unconcerened about the thoughts of the boy. Nope, nothing serious is going on and they all seem well in hand, so she'll just let the AWLM's do what they are good at. That way no one gets hurt.

Landers' outlines with a raised finger toward the window the indication of where Ista would be, while Ocelara speaks of its location. Lan shows a faint grin to Briana, though the encouragement behind it was waning, fading from his expression soon after. Pensive eyes return toward Flandynn, switching back to Ocelara at the issued orders. Out of place and still with a slight frown on his face, he isn't as animated as some. In fact the sailor looks a little green under the gills. He hasn't really been the same since the zero gravity bay. Still, he does lift his chin as his gaze follows the commotion surrounding Pyriel, a brow perched and then a shoulder rolled.

Karona pales a bit as Ocelara mentions bags and dragons, glancing back to the lift. Her concern over a trip back to the cargo bay seems to have overridden her common sense, as her backpack is somehow still on her shoulder. Silly woman. "Oh. Uh. I'm good." she excuses, then blinks. "…I have my bag." she adds, with sudden realisation. Well, /that's/ a relief. "We… need to?" she asks, regarding moving to quarters, glancing to the viewscreen, and then the crew, with a reluctant nod. "Right. Okay. Of course." she says, trudging back towards the lift, like a good little candidate.

The little brat Candidate has long since grown bored looking out the window at the (mostly) unchanging view and sidled up onto the Flight deck. One of the technicians up there has let the little squirt sit in the captain's chair, much to his delight. After answering a spate of questions, like no, they can't fire beams to blow anything up today and can they cruise around in outer space, the man has been called away, leaving the brat to eye those colorful buttons winking on the panel. So. Stinking. Tempting!!! One finger begins it. Push. Push. CLICK! (his mother always said he liked pushing her buttons) Push. SNAP! Lights flash, sirens beep. And he ducks out of the chair amidst the confusion losing himself in the dwindling mass of Candidates. Is he even still here? Probably escaped in the lift.

Briana looks around Lander's side to get the view of Ista, eyes widening at the view and she ducks back behind the tall sailor. "Yep, that was good." She says quickly before looking to Ocalara as she mentions heading to dorms. "They don't have windows do they?" She asks hopefully as she turns and quickly crosses the floor towards the lift. Yes all very amazing, but a little too much to take in right now for the somewhat sheltered young woman. As the little brat heads to the lift, he bumps into her in the confusion, "hey!" She calls out as she tries to keep her balance, hands going to her ears as the sirens go off and she ducks to the ground.

Ocelara almost comes out from her own skin. Alright…two things that will cause the Headwoman to lose her cool. First…being weightless. Second…being on a spaceship with alarms going off! Nevermind, the Technicians are probably all rushing to try and figure out what went wrong…but her hair is practically standing on end again, without the help of microgravity! She actually looks to M'nol first…and snaps a question, "Should we get them off the ship?" Like, now?

Karona makes for the lift at the sirens, with a growl of "/Boys/!", hands clapped over her ears. But, she did catch some words — 'off', 'the', and 'ship', in that order. Wide pleading eyes turn on Ocelara, hoping the answer is yes.

The techs get the sirens stopped within seconds and the lead calls out a rather cheerfully (and hopefully) calming, "No harm done. We don't need to test the breech containment now." Hopefully that'll assure the AWLMs the Candidates aren't on their naughty-list. Yet.

Ocelara does NOT look reassured, though the lack of bells and whistles is more reassuring, "Indeed…and as soon as we figure out who was responsible for that little…adventure." She eyes the Candidates that are still right there…and begins to mentally count heads….who is missing? She'd wager they're responsible for the fiasco…or knows who is! "We'll let you know."

Landers lifts up his arm, glancing under it to see where Briana snuck off too, a brow following her movements to hide from the awe inspiring view. There isn't much he can say in response to the woman because the sirens are blazing before he can. Instinctively steeling himself, the man tenses up, and by his expression he doesn't understand the emergency causing the lights and sound to blare. It was vastly different from a ship. At least one could see the problem. Here, he was just twisting his head side to side, trying to react to something he couldn't see. And as abruptly as it started, it ends. The sailor lets out a breath, narrowing his eyes toward the non-chalant techs. Grunting, the man stands awkwardly somewhere in the middle of the bridge, regarding Ocelara's words to get to the bottom of it. If his lips were not pursed before, they were tightly pressed together now.

"Breech containment?" "What is that?" "What did he say?" a gaggle of voices. "Please, he said no harm done, can we /please/ just calm down?" pleads an older female voice, though there's a definite worried edge to it. Karona steps out of the group, brow furrowed. "Can we go to nice safe quarters now?" she asks, shooting a glance over the bridge.

Meanwhile, down some hallway skips the Brat, poking head in here, sneaking in there. If Briana's cake in the lounge has a few fingerprints in the frosting, it's likely his doing. But no one knows that. Yet. It's easy to get lost in a crowd of 30 Candidates with techs coming and going through their midst.

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