A Lesson in Finesse

Yokohama - Cargo Bay

Since the gravity units were restored and now are maintained in working order, the cargo deck of the Yokohama is constantly buzzing with activity. With research needing to be done, equipment to be moved, or a plethora of other tasks taking place people are always coming and going, either from the planet 'below' by dragon back, or meandering in and out from other places aboard the ship.
This area is well lit, the floors themselves have had space set aside specifically for 'betweening'. Three large marked off areas remain clutter-free of people, dragons and equipment. With these 'landing pads' clear, dragons avoid the danger of teleporting into an area of space already occupied and causing a tragedy. Several massive sun lamps have been set up over off to the left, in an effort to make the stay of dragon-kind more comfortable.

Having been told they're heading off for an overnighter, the Candidates have been instructed to pack enough clothes for two days, bring blankets and pillows, but the destination has been left secret. The AWLMs, keeping closed lips to all questions, have rounded up their charges, herding them into the Clearing and loaded them onto dragons. Rising to the skies, which today are cold but clear this early winter morning, they fall into formation and wink Between. It's into the weightlessness of the Yokohama's cargo bay that they re-enter, floating gently, dragons wisely folding their wings and remaining as motionless as possible (apparently they were forewarned about the grav units being under maintenance). Riding straps are all that keep the occupants tethered to their mounts…

M'nol lets out a whoop as they come out of /between/ before turning without preamble to untether his load, "Here ya are, folks. Welcome to the Yokohama. Be careful, I don't want to have to scrape you off the ceiling."

Karona doesn't seem phased by the Xanadu end of transport, not even between. She's got a small backpack slung over a shoulder, no firelizards, though they'll likely between to join her later. When they emerge from between, however, her eyes go wide. "Eeep." she says, then claps a hand over her mouth. Bad move - the motion pushes her to the side, only the dragon's straps keeping her in place.

It's probably no surprise that Ocelara] didn't stand out among the candidates…she's younger than some of them, and slightly built, and when suited up to go *between*, she could easily be mistaken among them…but her grumble of "Faranth's sweet bugle, I will never get used to this." Used to this…well, at least SOMEONE's been up here before. Who knew there was something that could rattle the ususally inscrutable young Headwoman out of her serenity? Apparently, it's microgravity.

Keziah is a grumpy rider. Keziah is not a happy rider. Today was supposed to be her day off, not a day to be sentenced to spend in space. But one does not just say no to V'dim without easily. Engrained habit to obey they Weyrlingmaster, even turns later. As soon as they enter the Yokohama, Keziah goes still and doesn't immediatly turn to help the others off. She swallows a few times before turning to help the candidates out, going a little green as she does. "Off you go." is said simply.

Golden eyes widen as they come out of /between/ and they are…floating?" "Oooookay…." Pyriel says, hands suddenly flying to whatever he can grab to hold onto, even if it isn't at all necessary. His own pack has been looped around his shoulders, and thankfully tucked in against his body and the straps. Otherwise that would just float off the the ceiling that M'nol had just talked about. Even his hair was floating around above his head like a halo just the slightest. "Dude…are we in space?" he asks, knuckles going quite white on the leather he was now holding onto for dear life. Give the boy a prize.

Iessrien was just in time getting to the clearing, having run full-tilt from the direction of the stables where a runner bearing Breakwater's crest had just arrived. Breathless, the boy, already shouldering a large satchel, had gone with the first rider he'd come to, and was pale-faced and wide-eyed long before the dragon pushed off the ground and went between. Clutched in one hand was a larg envelope, which was carefully stowed in his satchel before he got strapped in. As soon as the dragon emerges from between into the cargo bay, Iess' hands tighten on the straps, knuckles going white, the boy jerking in startlement and.. letting out a rather crude swear before looking suddenly ill. At least the rider he's with is actually nice, and helps the group dismount, though Faranth only knows what they're supposed to do from there. Iess certainly has no clue, cling to his bag with one hand and he side of the straps with the other.

Kileys reaction to the note of a day trip was one of dread, the look on her face clearly reading so when her appearance was made into the clearing and even as she mounted the dragon. But it is their arrival into /space/ of all places that has the woman taken by surprise. Her face clearly reads shock, then slowly begins to morph into something of pure and utter /bliss/ as their surroundings. The softest of squeals is released from the computer crafter, and it steadily grows louder as she is released from the dragon. "We're in /space/. In the Yokohama!" More squeals follow as the computer crafter attempts to move herself about to see /everything/. "It is like we're in a giant /computer/!" Someone get the girl a bag before she begins to hyperventilate from her excitement. "I can't believe it. I can't believe it."

Karona unbuckles herself from the straps, and carefully makes her way to the bulkhead designated as floor, though such things barely matter in zero gravity. She tugs herself 'down' using the riding straps. She soon runs out of straps, but momentum carries her the rest of the way. "…okay…" she murmurs once she lands, "…what now?" Is she a little bit stuck? Perhaps. Figuring out how to move in zero g isn't easy. Her head jerks Iessrien's way at the crude swear, snapping, "Language!" at the boy. Being startled and in space is evidently no excuse for being crude, in the woman's mind. However, the motion sends her drifting in that direction. "Hey, no, stop that." she mutters, flailing a bit. This… only makes things worse. After a minute, she attempts to cease flailing, taking a few deep breaths, as she floats on. "…right. Eventually hit a wall or ceiling or something…" she reasons. "…can push off of that…" Right. Planning. That's something she does know how to do: plan.

Ocelara is reasonably careful, unfastening herself from the straps and pushing away from the dragon's neck, then offers her hand to the Candidates with her. "Careful…careful. Push off too hard and you'll smack into a wall. Do damage and the Techcraft will never let me hear the end of it…and then you will never hear the end of it!" She holds on to one of the straps with the other hand, to keep her from doing just what she's warned against! Floating off and smacking into something important.

Keziah listens as some of the AWLM's take some charges under their wings and explain to them the intricasies of moving in space. She looks at those nearest her and sighs. "Again, why me?" she murmurs and carefully unstraps herself and lets herself float off. Alosynth croons softly, understanding full well her rider's 'issues'. "All right folks, space is a lesson in the theory of every action has a reaction, and you won't stop until you come up against something if you push yourself off too hard. And that can hurt. Blood in space is not fun. Nor any other fluids. If you feel sick, I suggest you use one of the recepticals that are provided for just such a thing if you can get to them. Free floating vomit is even worse than blood. Trust me on this one. Stay off the landing pads and there's grips and hand holds you can use along the sides to move around." A pause. "And please be careful?"

One of the more daring Candidates, once he's gotten over the surprise of where they are is busily undoing his buckles all the while noticing Karona's struggles over (down?) there. Once unfettered, he smirks slyly and draws his knees slowly up to his chin, the PUSHES off the dragon's back and goes sailing across the room in a freewheeeling tumble that is definitely out of control. "YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiikes!" Whomp! He makes contact with the far wall (luckily they've padded them somewhat) and bounces off, arrowing back towards the group.

Pyriel seeks out Kiley first and foremost, and he arches a brow at the woman while she has her joygasm. He just stares, catching every squee and bouncy happy moment. "Kiley! Chill. Yer freaking me out." he calls over, indeed looking freaked. Then Karona is unstrapping herself and floating away? The harper candidate slinks down for a time, shaking his head as the woman takes to the air. Wide eyes follow her progression, and then he's glance between this person and the next. Quickly though, he's drawn to the cannon balling guy that zips over his head and goes on towards the wall, bounces off it and then floating back. Face having lost some of it's color thanks to this, he keeps staring at the adventerous male candidate, until it's clear that he's unhurt. With this Py takes a deep breath, and lets it out slowly. A second's hesitation and he reaches down, unstrapping himself as well as quickly as possible, as if to do so before he changed his mind. He pushes himself off with a light thrust of palms against dragon hide and then just crosses his arms over his chest and folds his legs crosswise. Yes, he will now just slowly spin in a circle head to foot, eyes closed and mouth drawn down into a frown. After a few rotations, the frown deepens and the eyes open. "Uh..yeah…um…" he says, brows sinking downwards. "Wait…what?" he asks after Keziah speaks, "What she say?"

"Shells.. really?" thin brows arching up towards his hairline, Iessrien's turns to regard Kiley for that squeal and revelation of where they are. But the holder boy has to suppress a groan the next moment as the momentum makes him shift in midair, looking faintly nauseous, and muttering, "..I hope there's some place on this thing that isn't floating.. because I'd hate to be sick over everything." Still, he has to smirk, sparing Karona a glance and absently flicking the girl off with a "$&#8168 you," over his shoulder. Iess doesn't move immediately, watching the others, attention drawn to Keziah. He makes a slight face at the mention of ..fluids in space. Nobody wants /that/ floating around the air of the cargo bay. "Yes ma'am," Iess smiles somewhat at the greenrider, grateful for her advice, and then mumbling a low, "..Ouch," for the poor careening candidate over there. Blue eyes flick from his hold on the straps to the the grips along the walls, and he moves until he's well in line with one. Very carefully, Iessrien pushes off. It's a bit fast, but he brings his knees up to brace, catching hold of the grip even as his boots absorb the somewhat rough impact with the wall. Success! He turns to grin a bit at the greenrider then, canting his head with a, "Where to now?"

Briana is still strapped in, eyes wide as she looks around her. This is not even something she really ever heard of in her world. Watching the people 'flying' around her gives a look of wonder to her features. "We can fly like dragons here…" She murmurs to herself, though for now…there is still the hesitation to unstrap herself. As Kiley displays the paramount of excitement and more and more of the candidates release themselves to fly through the cargo bay, the dark skinned girl looks down to her straps, fingers resting on the secure latch. She is biting her lower lip as she gathers up the courage to release the strap and drift off into the unknown. "My brothers would freak if I told them I got to …fly." She finally says with a smile to her lips at the though, another deep breath and she undoes the latch and slowly starts to float above her dragon transport.

Karona pales at Keziah's words, looking suddenly ill. Free-floating vomit? Oh dear. "Er, could…" she gulps, "…could someone give me a hand? To one of those receptacles. /Please/?" Though it seems a temporary moment, as she reaches a wall, and finds a hand-hold to cling to. "Er… nevermind. I'm okay now." she says. "I think…" she adds, warily. She's hanging onto that bar of metal for grim life. "Is there anywhere on here that we're /not/ floating? That… would be lovely." she says, face still terribly pale. Iessrien's similar words have her scowling. Something in common with the holder boy? Even worse than /floating/! His reaction to her nag has her eyes widening. Finally there's some colour in her face, red and furious, but all she can do is splutter, apparently not expecting such /rudeness/. Terribly impolite. Huff!

The yahoo that ping-ponged off the far wall is nearing the group and it's sure to be a collision course unless he smacks into one of the others and deflects. He's giggling hysterically as he cartwheels on in, bypassing Pyriel by a hair (or is that a halo?) his “Lookout!” hastily - and far too tardily called in warning. He's too busy looking back at Pyriel to notice he's headed right at Ocelara.

Ocelara is brighter than some would accuse her of being; she still has a firm hold on the dragon's strap, and when the youngster goes zipping past, he's dodged..and then nabbed. By the ear, "And what did we JUST say to you?" Oooh…that's a scolding tone any mother would approve of. "It'll be the sanding and polishing crew for you when we get back. If I don't just arrange to have M'nol dump you out an airlock to save me the trouble of supervising you!" She barely ruffles a hair out of place, after that, despite flailing candidate at the end of her arm…. "Keziah, could you help the lass before she rediscovers what she had for lunch a sevenday ago?" Uh huh. There must have been a headwoman in her ancestry somewhere.

Kiley continues her string of 'I can't believe it' as she attempts to maneuver herself around, wriggling this way and that before she gives up and floats just for a bit. At least until Keziah is giving the instructions. The smile that lingers on her lips continues to show the unending excitement and joy to simply be in the Yokohama. Pyriel's reaction gives the woman pause and she eyes him for a long moment before just beaming a grin at him, "you're not going to get me down, Pyriel." Play on words right there. "I am /so/ happy." And then she makes to push herself over towards a grip on the wall, holding tightly as she continues to look around. A deep breath is drawn and the woman suppresses another squeal as her gaze looks to Iessrien. A wave is given to the other candidate as well as towards Briana before she begins to settle down, somewhat.

Alosynth watches the ping-ponging candidate and then lets out a rumble as he starts to go through people. Keziah spins. Bad move. She goes green as she does it but she does get to catch the sight of the boy being snagged by the ear. She gives a wince but she grins. "Nice catch." she murmurs after swallowing a couple more times. She then turns her attention to Karona and frowns "I don't generally come up here, so I don't know if they've got the gravity turned on in any of the compartments." she hmms a little and then shrugs. No help. She does manuever herself so that she's grabbing onto the rail. "Best idea is try to orient yourself to an up down position and keep it. Focus on single things and try to take it slow. For the rest, practice the free-fall a bit first and then you can explore. Just make sure not to touch anything and don't give the technicians too much of a hard time."

"So this is what you wherfolk do on a surprise lark? Makes me curious what Turn's End celebration is like." Flandynn drawls, his voice floating in with about as much amusement as he finds in watching people pinging about. "Oh, that's famous." Cartwheeling. He isn't quite apt to be trying triple-axles or anything of the sort yet, he'll settle for the basics of floating from point A to point B, instead of random point C. Hair flops about him in some kind of mad-scientist mien as he tries to float/glide/drift/scramble towards one of those beforementioned wall-grips. Tummy fipflops.

M'nol turns carefully to lean back against Faraeth's neck and watch the show. He must come up here fairly often, it seems, "Weyrfolk, Flandynn, weyrfolk. Whers are mining and hold security." His eyes slide to watch Karona as she careens, "you okay there?"

Pyriel's brows furrow at Kiley for her retort to him. "Hey…I wasn't…." he starts and then just scowls. "Whatever…think what ya want." He continues to float there around and around he goes, a sigh slipping out then and again. Though his attention instantly flicks to M'nol when the brownrider answers his question, and his eyes are back to being wide and wild. "What?" he asks in a squeak, and despite himself he attempts to cough and cover this quickly. Now he's looking about in a most paranoid way, this way, that, down and up. Floating vomit? That's when the giggling boy floats overhead, so close that he can likely see ever single wrinkle of the lad's clothing. Unfurling in an attempt to dodge belatedly, he's frozen in that alarmed expression, until that kid is well past him. Then he's growling and making extremely displeased gestures, some of them, not so kind. Then he sees where the guy is headed and the anger melts away. "Oh crap. Hey! Hey! Watch out man!" he points to Ocelara. Apparently, for no reason as the Headwoman dodges and grabs the candidate's ear. Oh well. Then it is as if he all at once remembers he's just floating towards the wall. A serious round of cursing now ensues as he attempts to swim in midair to get back some semblance of control. Doggy paddle? Nope. Breast stroke. No good. Butterfly stroke? "Ah shard it." he grumps, and then lightly bounces against the wall. He takes this opportunity to grab hold of something, anything to hold him in place, and luckily for him, it's a metal ladder. There he clings, and goes very very still.

Both of the yahoo's eyes roll Ocelara-wards to see just who has snagged him, "YEEEE-ouch?" His yell diminishes the instant he sees that it is the Headwoman. His shrug says, 'Who cares about sanding and polishing?' Absolutely unrepentant, the grin he gives her, until that word 'airlock' hits his brain. Then it's a falsely meek, "Yes Ma'am, Miss Ocelara." Until she's not looking, anyway.

Iessrien totally smirks at the reaction he gets from Karona for his rudeness, the corners of his mouth twitching upwards slightly, though his next words to her are.. oddly unacidic, "At least it's only us moving and not this whole thing.. Uh.. it isn't moing, is it?" glancing over to Kiley for the answer, as if she'd know. He's not looking quite sure, -where- he is still, all told. He'll at least offer the computercrafter a smile for her enthusiasm, even if Iess' own is a bit more ..contained. He's swallowing an awful lot for a reason, still a little green around the gills, but he's reining it in as much as he can. The ping-ponging candidate is watched a little warily as he nears the group, Iessrien's earlier amusement fading as he himself calls a, "Hey- lookout," to Pyriel and Ocelare, the latter earning a sudden grin, Iess trying not to laugh as she ear-nabs that poor candidate. /Ouch/. Pondwater blue eyes flick over the other candidates, Briana and Flandynn and then back to Py, the ..midair swimming having the holder boy chuckling outright, though he begins to make his way over toward the harper, using the wall grips, with a, "Hey! That must lead somewhere." Like to a deck with gravity maybe. Hopefully?

As Briana floats above the dragon she gives a gentle pushoff from its back, arms going out as if to steady herself as she floats up to the ceiling. There is a mixture of excitement and nervousness on her face as she flies up to the ceiling as she nears it she puts her hands up to keep from banging her head. Then there is discussion of areas with gravity and she looks a little nervous suddenly, "They won't make it gravity in here will they?" Its a long way down! She takes a breath and pushes off the ceiling, her wide rounded eyes seeking out any obstacles that may come her way, hands still held out as if they would help steady her, only she starts to roll into a slow backflip as she heads through the air, "woooaaaahhhh…" She calls out, "How do I stop spinning?" Her long hair is thankfully contained in a braid that just floats out behind her.

Karona nods very very cautiously at Keziah's advice, hands not leaving the railing for a second. "R-right. Orient myself." she murmurs. "…how do I do that?" she asks, furrowing her brow. It's pretty obvious she's never been up here before, and, at the rate she's going, she'd probably be happy never to be here again. Pyriel's cursing gets a snap of "LANGUAGE! Shards!" from the woman. Do they not teach little boys anything anymore? Tut tut tut. Iessrien gets a stare - no malice, just a stare - "…th-the whole thing? Moving?" Oh dear. Face pales again.

Ocelara agrees with Karona, "Language, Candidates…I assure you, there are worse fates than hard labor." She releases the unrepentant Candidate with something akin to an understanding smirk…but then gives him a slight nudge. There. Now. "Try and find something to /gently/ cling to. Something meant to be touched…like a ladder, railing, or the wall if you must…" Nevermind, she's not letting go of that strap with her own hand…which means she's gently beginning to spin as the small motions cause the dragon to rotate…heh.

Flandynn's fingers curl around a grip, his hip banging into the side-wall, only to have his body fall away once more into the open air. From that grip, he dangles -only sideways. He twists by that tentative hold, looking up, up, up there… and then twist to look down, down over there. He drifts ever more 'til more candidates are upside down before his head, instead of right side up. His words follow after Ocelara's, "So clinging to another person is bad…? because right now, I really want to cling to someone."

Keziah watches Karona and points to the pads. "have that as your down point and keep yourself orientated to that." she notes as she makes her way over towards the lift. Alosynth has found a spot under the lamps to lay, gripping onto the deck with a claw to one of the various little loops that have been placed on the deck. It's not that she minds floating, it's just that she loves the heat and doesn't want to float out of it. "Clinging to someone who is spinning out of control will have you doing the same thing. If you're careful you can. Hold on to something and take it easy. Learn to use the least amount of energy to achieve your goal." Keziah instructs. "It's a lesson in finesse." Course, finesse is not something she posesses in space or on earth. At least she's holding onto the contents of her stomach. Though the pale look on her face is quite pale. She nears the lift. "As for movement, the ship is moving, much like Pern is. It's in a stable orbit with Pern."

The little brat Candidate, now released floats over towards the grips beside the Lift. Oh, lookie here! Grabbing them, he cranes his neck to watch the others flounder. Flandynn's voiced wish to cling draws a smirked, "When do you wanna not?" As the pale-faced Keziah floats nearer, he pleads half seriously-half cheekily, "Don't puke on me, okay Lady?" Then he dimples.

Pyriel is clinging, yes. However, this does not last long. Instead he's pushing himself down, carefully maneuvering himself one rung at a time before he is safely at the bottom. A look is cast over his shoulder at Karona, a frown for her, even if she isn't looking at him right now. Ocelara's warning gets a glance as well, but is free of any gestures or expression. He doesn't go out of his way to reply even. Just a blank look and then he's turning himself around and pointed out towards the cargo bay. Golden eyes land briefly on Iessrien as a careful scan is made of where people and dragons are, before they move on to others such as Flandynn, Kiley, and Briana. Even Keziah, M'nol are eyed before the blond finds interest in the flooring. Idly he taps a foot against the panelling, inclining his head at the sound that resonates from it. "Heh. This is fricken' awesome." he comments to himself, and slowly lets go of the later rung he was fixed to with one hand, and then pushes off with one foot in what is more or less straight trajectory towards Keziah and the lift, though his head moves about to apparently keep track of people and their positions along the way.

Kiley beams a smile at Pyriel despite her previous response, still in her happy place as they float along in space. "I know." Comes her cheerful response to his grumpy one and another smile for his scowl. Fingers wiggle cheerfully at the harper candidate before attention is drawn towards Iessrien as he speaks to her. She blinks once before she shrugs, "I don't believe the Yokohama is moving, at the moment it appears to be settled in one spot. Not that there is much of an issue with that, mind you..Not that I would really know, I am more interested in seeing the computers." And then she lets go to let herself float away, entirely blissful from the look upon the woman's face. She does watch everyone else as she floats along, minding where they all are.

Karona defends her strong grip on the railing with "It's metal, it can take it! It's…" blink blink. "Actually… what sort of metal /is/ it?" Huh. Suddenly this turned from terrifying and nauseating to fascinating… and nauseating. But the smith candidate is now furrowing her brow at the bulkhead, trying to figure the alloy. "A-are there records anywhere? Of the construction?" she asks, tentatively removing one hand from the railing to poke - cautiously, any solid poke would push her away - at the bulkhead. Keziah's words tear her attention back to the situation, and she frowns. "Keep oriented to that, got it. But /how/?" she asks, tone pained. The slightest motion causes a huge reaction, spinning out of control, and she'll have no part of it.

Ocelara smiles a little, "Obviously, the technicians who work here have figured it out. Like anything, it takes practice. And perhaps a willingness not to panic if you don't succeed on your first try. Now…as M'nol's said…let's make our way over there." She does gesture…but it also means she herself is going to have to let go of the safety of the dragon and float about with the Candidates. "If there are records, I'm sure they're stored somewhere in AIVAS."

Once their passengers are off and floated away a safe distance, dragons begin to wink out one by one, leaving the cargo bay quite empty and cavernous. One or two remain to keep Alosynth company, or provide rides planet-side, should it be needed.

Flandynn offers up a thumbs-up to the 'little Candidate' which from his current orientation which is rather upside down, ends up looking quite the opposite way. "Computers… where can I see our home? Is there a window, so I can see the planet?" He pulls on the wall-grip once again, bringing his body in close and somewhat righting himself once again, but it is a precarious position at that -a breath, and he'll probably be wobbling off.

Iessrien pauses as he nears Pyriel and that ladder, eyes flicking to Briana in faint alarm, "..I don't think they're that mean." A huge room large enough for multiple dragons? Yeah, a fall from /that/ would probably be fatal. A grin twitches again at the corners of his mouth for the girl's spinning, though, and then he has to laugh a, "Hey man, so long as you're not clinging to me," called to Flandynn. Karona's stare over there is not returned, Iess only sparing her a mere flicker of a glance, though he does shrug, "Well, it stands to reason.. if us hitting the walls doesn't make it shake? I mean, how.. big could this place /be/? It has to be.. floating?" Keziah's explanation only earns a more confused look, "But.. why aren't we making it move if it's floating?" This physics stuff.. he does not get. Kiley's lack of answers either has the holder boy then shrugging it off and shaking his head, though he quickly stops /that/, the movment sending his hair in strange directions to float around his head. Vainly, he tries to smooth it down with one hand, but that doesn't quite work. Oh well. He remains where he is for a minute to watch the dragons winking out with low-lidded curiosity before Iess makes his way towards where Ocelare gestures.

"Keep your feet pointed towards the floor and your head to the top." Keziah notes and then eyes the candidate blandly. "You keep up your good behavior and I won't lose my lunch all over you. You act up and go careening again. I make no promises." she notes softly. She hmms a little more at Karona "I don't know, you'll have to asks someone. Metal is not my forte." She then glances at Iessrian "If I remember right, the gravity of PErn helps keep it in place and it's large. If you Impress and do well as a WEyrling, V'dim may let you all do a space walk with your dragons and you'll see the sheer size of it. Otherwise, get yourself posted to the Yokohama, or the Easterns Weather station, the Deluge." she notes.

R'iahn has been white-lipped and more than a little pale as he assissts his charges and directs them quietly, though he keeps to the straps for as long as possible, himself. The dragon, at least, is perfectly content in the place he once spent a reasonable amount of time in — if he doesn't remember, R'iahn does, though that memory doesn't seem to help the man. When the other dragons begin to leave, Riah unbuckles himself and slowly floats away, eyes closing tightly for a few seconds before opening again to *glare* at the Candidates. Faranth forbid any of them step out of line! The remaining riders get what may be a nod and either a smile or a look of extreme constipation, as the blueriding AWLM slowly floats with resignation for the lift. Jaesriuth, meanwhile, playfully pokes at somebody passing — and doesn't even have the grace to look shamed at his rider's harsh scowl. *He's* having fun!

Karona closes her eyes, and nods slightly, face pale. Right. Move over to there… She opens her eyes, and sighs. Nothing for it. She pulls herself along the railing, hand over fist, towards the lift. "I'll have to get out to see AIVAS records after the hatching…" she murmurs. Thinking of the craft seems to help, at least with the nausea - it's a distraction from the weightlessness. Iessrien's futile vanity gets a slight snort, but no comment. The lift is far more important. "…there might be gravity there, right?" she asks, nay, pleads, as though the AWLMs possess the power to turn the gravity on or off - for all she knows, they might.

At the instructions given, Briana points her feet towards to the floor with a jerk of her legs which only make her spin the more towards the coming floor which she bounces off of on her back with a grunt. As she goes careening off sideways she tries to twist herself to face the oncoming wall which sets her to spinning towards it. This is not going too well. Finally she gets close to the wall and she reaches out almost frantically for a handhold. She places her head against the cold plating, closing her eyes as she takes some deep breaths to get any nausea under control. Her feet floating out behind her. After a few moments the teen looks around towards the headwoman and WLM to see where they are pointing. There there is an intense scrutiny of the wall along the way. Plotting her course hand hold to hand hold.

Ocelara pushes off from the dragon where she'd been hanging on, and drifts with slightly more ease than the Candidates, but that's a 'slightly'…at least she doesn't look spacesick like some? "Onto the lift, and we'll see if they have the gravity turned on on the levels." Mind you, she has NO Idea if they do, but she's willing to give it a go! "Else, you can float around in here forever…it's a wonder we didn't find a fair of flits up here or something, as it was.* Shoo shoo, everyone towards the lift, quickly as you can… "It's not so bad in the smaller areas, like the corridors. Less room to free float in."

"This is sweeeeeeeeeeet!" The exclamation promptly followed by a cackling Aqueepoli, the lad floating about and being very, very excited about it. Not so great with listening at the moment, the candidate is more entertained with just floating and flailing his arms around like a crazy person. "Shells, I dun know 'bout you guys," Pol shouts to the other candidates, "But after being here, I dun think I ever wanna go back to walking. It's floating or nothing." He does twist and contort his body so his feet are in the right direction, downwards, while his head is where it should be.

Pyriel is about half way through the cargo bay when the dragons start winking out, a glance up towards Kiley for her gleeful reply. "Ugh, this is gunna be a long two days." he comments under his breath, pushing off against something on the floor that propels him forward with more speed. He continues to be mindful of the others around and above him, but also to where he is going. He seems to have adapted quickly to the zero-g environment, once of course he had gotten over the initial shock. With his satchel fluttering behind him, he does make it over to the lift in time, grabbing onto something to slow him down rather then go careening into doors, walls, or control panels. "I am so coming back here!" he grins, looking around with eyes that were wide but certainly free of any fear. Perhaps he missed the part when someone said that the gravity units were under maintenance. It certainly seemed so. Aqueepoli gets a bit of a smirk, "Yer just sharding lazy, Pol!" he calls back, a little bit of ribbing for the holder lad.

Kiley looks to Ocelara at the mention of AIVAS, nodding her head thoughtfully in response but nothing more as attention shifts to Karona, briefly. Her gaze is quickly drifting oof elsewhere as Kexiah gives instructions. It takes another moment for her to right herself and move off towards the lift as instructed, The smile still lingers upon her lips as well as the happiness that is in her eyes. Off she goes towards the lift before finally settling there, waiting to see whatever is next. Wheeee. Squeals begin again anew.

Iessrien nods slightly to Keziah's explanation, the boy looking somewhat thoughtful as he shoves his hair back away from his face again. He does pause to tilt his head at R'iahn's glare, brow lifting for the look on the man's face. But he's wise enough not ot ask, simply moving along carefully, and slowly getting the hang of this zero-gravity thing. Karona's snorty has Iessrien glancing over with a, "You do that a lot. You should probably get it checked by a healer, in case something's stuck up in there," said oh so casually from beneath lowered lashes. Pol's exclamation earns a laugh, Iess grinning over at his bud and commenting, "Didn't think we'd be doing /this/ when he left home!" He eventually does get to the lift, though, and grabs ahold of the rail in there, planting his feet as firmly as possible on the floor while he waits for the others.

Flandynn eventually makes his way down towards the lift, a hand and a foot, and maybe a little bit of clinging to this candidate or that, just because. Hey, it wasn't outright banned, was it? Feet sort of find the ground, more bouncing upon it with tenuous attempts at grounding and friction as he finds the lift. Well, at least he is somewhat pulled to rights, even if his hair refuses to fall as it should, still mad-scientist chic.

Since the little brat Candidate is already At the lift door, gripping the handle beside it aaaaaand since the doors are closed he doesn't hesitate or give any thought whatsoever before pushing the button beside it. Thankfully they simply open with a near-silent 'whoosh!' and the zero grav doesn't suddenly disappear. Yay! They can float on in rather than limp after crashing to the floor? He heads on in.

"Yeah, 'til it starts dissolving yer bones." That's R'iahn's contribution to Aqueepoli's excitement, offered with a grumpy look towards the Candidate. "Walkin' like a crotchety old man at thirty, eh?" And okay, maybe that's a little bit mocking, but belatedly he's shooting Keziah a wary look. Blessedly, he says nothing on the subject of having to lead space walks — nope, he's very busy, and quite content to let her say whatever she pleases. He's busy trying valiantly to get to the lift but making little headway; there are *people* everywhere, and it might be rude to give any of them a concussion bolting for the lift. Jae? He's so fine here.

Talks of AIVIS and computers mostly drift over Briana's head. She is in outspace and floating. Will anyone back home believe this? Wild tales that the riders filled in her head? Or knowledge they withheld from the littles? Despite being a little queasy there is still a look of awe on the girl's face. She pushes off towards the next handrail and ends up floating past it to the one on the far side of the door. Nope, not as easy as it looks. As she listens to the conversations around her she looks back to them and smiles, "This is amazing…how many people can say they flew without dragons?" She says to the other candidates at large.

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