Soup's Up, Stew's Down

Xanadu Weyr - Kitchens
As you enter this room from outside, good smells assail you from everywhere. State of the art equipment has been brought in from the various crafts to be used - stoves and large ovens replacing the 2 hearths that used to be in here. Three baking ovens are usually going full bore 12 hours of the day, while the nighttime hours bring the smaller stove beside the door to the main hall into use. This is where you find late night meals of stew and soup simmering in pots, and pitchers of klah and tea in their electric units to be kept warm. Large windows take up the entire of the western wall, generally open wide to the mountainous landscape beyond allowing the cool breezes in to keep the kitchen's temperature to a desirable level. Tables, cabinets, and counters take up the remaining spaces and walls. It is here the majority of the work is done, and spices, herbs, and other foodstuffs found.
Beside the night hearth in the southern wall is the door that leads out into the living cavern.

(Warning: contains crude humor and mild mature themes.)

After a certain incident involving the misuse of Xanadu's local flora, classes in botany became a mandatory part of the Weyrling curriculum. This is not one of those. It's not even actually mandatory - or, strictly speaking, a weyrling thing, though the weyrlingmasters mentioned it in that ever so subtle way they have. And gave a reminder after lessons today. So subtle. No, this is a class on cooking, set off to the side in the kitchen in the mid-afternoon lull. Not that the kitchen's empty, of course - there's some cooks doing dinner prep, and others washing the dishes from lunch - but there's enough breathing room for student setups with wooden cutting boards, mixing bowls, and an assortment of… mushrooms and leafy herbs. Are we sure this isn't a botany class? At the front of the impromptu classroom area stands Lydia, a cook with short blonde hair who's smiling cheerfully as she awaits her students.

Idrissa is the last one anyone truly wants as a cooking class, why.. Well cooking and her don't see eye-to-eye all the time. The last time she was here she got sick after all to the point of needing to get taken to see a healer. Though here she is after some impromptu poking it seems. Rissa peers into the room and slowly moves along heading towards a place for her to take up that happens to have mushrooms and herbs all across it? At the thought of mushrooms she makes a face before clearing her throat and nods to Lydia. "Afternoon.." One here, anymore takers?.. Hopefully..

Cooking, huh? That seems… a reasonable thing to know. Soriana's weyr does have a kitchen - one that's nice enough it seems a shame to never use it for anything more than making klah and spreading jam on toast. So, sure! She'll come to this cooking class. It's not like she's got anything better to- hah, okay, yes, she could be taking a nap, but still. Those hints were so very subtle. She can practically feel subtle eyes watching her as she slips into the kitchen and heads over to the class area. Soriana waves to Lydia, then picks a spot near Idrissa, smiling to the other weyrling. "Heya." Then she looks down. Mushrooms and herbs. Oh boy? "…huh."

"Good afternoon!" Lydia says brightly to Idrissa. "Just pick wherever." Soriana gets a wave in return, and a gesture to pick her spot… which she does. "We'll get started in a moment." Lydia's eyes glance to the door, checking for more arrivals. Maybe they're late? "I suppose it is a ways across the weyr…" she murmurs, and… well, waits. Her patience is eventually rewarded by a couple more students trickling in and being directed to their stations.

Idrissa glances to Soriana and smiles back. "Hey.. Starting to wonder if no one else was coming." This said with an amused tone before she looks back to the items there on the table. "Sort of hoping to.. never see a mushroom again." A soft murmur sent to Soriana on the idea. Though yes, she should learn how to cook as there is a kitchen in her weyr, an well.. cooking is important to know, right? She glances over to the few others that trickle on in, a wave sent to them as well.

"You just got here early, that's all," Soriana says to Idrissa, and grins. Everyone else being late is like being early, right? She gives a few waves and greetings to the other arrivals, then returns her attention to her cutting board and hehs. Soriana picks up one of the mushrooms, turning it around in her fingers. "It's not the mushroom's fault, is it?" She grins. "I mean, we're the ones who tore it away from its home and burnt it. No wonder it took revenge."

Lydia smiles at the newly arrived students - they'd be the on-time ones? Perhaps. Regardless, this looks like enough of a class to start with, so she claps her hands to get their attention. "Okay, everyone! Let's start by getting our hands washed. Cleanliness is important for food prep!" Who knows where those weyrling hands have been? So she points them toward the heavy-duty sinks. "Hand-towels are on the left."

Idrissa chuckles softly and nods as she hears Soriana. "Well that is true." She offers to her friend with a soft tone at the idea. "I suppose they did have a right to make us all high as kites then huh?" This questioned now while eyeing the mushroom the other is holding. A bit of amusement is seen and then there off to get clean, or at least there hands are. She roll her sleeves up and waits her turn to ger her hands all nice and clean, no dirty hands or nails here folks. With a hand-towel picked up she moves to the side so someone else can do the deed. "Guess the others arn't coming to this one." Well one can just imgen Ka'el and Mur'dah at a 'cooking' class, it might be amusing.

"Something like," Soriana agrees. "Though, they're the ones who invaded Mur'dah's weyr, so…" These things are complex! She could go further, but class is beginning. First step, cleanliness… whoops. Soriana's already having trouble with cooking, apparently, and she glances up to Lydia with a sheepish look. Here she is, handling the food with her filthy unwashed hands! The 'contaminated' mushroom is set back down with the others, and Sori goes over with the rest to clean her hands, moving through scrub and rinse and then glancing over to Idrissa with a laugh. "I don't think this needs eggshells in it." And she says that without even knowing what 'it' is, yet! Or if there are eggs to have shells. Somehow, she's nevertheless certain the eggshells are unnecessary. Back to her workstation she goes, and glances down to the mushrooms to make sure the one she touched before has no visible aura. Nope, she can't even tell which one it was. All good!

Lydia waits for her students to get washed up, going to one of the other sinks to do the same and set a good example. Not that her hands have left the kitchen today, but even so. Cleanliness. It's important. Maybe she didn't notice Soriana's unauthorized mushroom-handling. "Okay! Today we're going to make some soup. Soups can be one of the easiest foods to make, and they're certainly nice for winter!" She smiles. "You can make a soup with just about anything, but we're going to use mushrooms." She lifts one up. Doesn't it look so very fungal?

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments and soon chuckles as she eyes Soriana. "No eggshells huh?" This questioned with a soft amused tone at the idea. Ha she reembered that it seems. With hands done cleaned up and follows the others back to the tables and is back to being a good listern or something along those lines. At the talk of soup, and the mushrooms being what they are to use she makes a slight fact at the idea. "Mushrooms.." Is murmured out to Soriana.

"Maybe Mur'dah should be here," Soriana mutters. "He knows how to make mushroom soup." Over a fire, even! Or maybe that's exactly why the brownling isn't here. He's gone and tested out of the class! That, or he just decided not to come. Either way. Sori glances to Idrissa, and half-grins. "Think of it as getting revenge for their revenge." An endless cycle of vengeance! When will it ever end?

Maybe not the best of listeners, this class, but it's good enough for Lydia. "Mushrooms tend to grow in dark, wet places, but you should never eat mushrooms you're unfamiliar with. Some of them are poisonous or have other bad effects." The cook says it in a perfectly normal tone, like it's a part of her usual lesson. She barely even glances at the weyrlings as she says it!

Idrissa grins as she hears Soriana and nods a moment before she ponders. "Revenge huh.. Like.. Mushroom soup, mushroom bread, mushroom and eggs.." Oh she could think of a few more things for sure bit there suppose to be paying attention. Le gasp.. She looks back to Lydiga and nods slowly as the explantion is given, the look she gets from the cook makes her squirm just a bit..

Entire meals - entire days of meals - composed entirely of mushrooms! Soriana grins at the prospect so long as it remains a fictional one, and nods to Idrissa before turning more of her own attention back to the cook. Mushrooms, yes, some of them are not so much for eating. Her hand lifts in about a quarter's worth of a salute accompanied by about a half smile. "I'll stick with the ones from the stores."

"That will certainly do," Lydia says with a bright smile to Soriana. "It's where these are from after all." No, not the dark corners that have to get scrubbed to keep the mold from growing. The proper food stores! "Let's start by slicing these mushrooms. You'll want to snap off the stalks first," she lifts up a mushroom and demonstrates, "then chop the caps into slices." She sets her mushroom down on the cutting board, and picks up a knife. "Thin as you can, but it's more important to have them even." Chop-chop-chop, and Lydia's mushroom drifts sideways into a neat pile of thin slices. "Now, you try!"

Idrissa grins a bit and nods to Soriana before she lets her attention rest on the demonstration of the shrooms. She blinks a few times, a soft ah escapes her while she ponders this and eyes a knife and then the mushrooms in question. Oh sure there should be /no/ problem with this at all. They all forget this is Rissa, accidents /happen/ With a nod seen she picks up a knife and a mushroom and goes to work starting to slllooowwwwly cut the cap into slices one the stalk is snapped off. Hopfully no one will lose a finger!

Soriana watches the mushroom-slicing demonstration as well. Doesn't look so hard! Besides, she's sliced dragon-toenails and gobs of meat, it can't be that different, can it? …yes. Yes it can. For one thing, the texture's different. For another, the mushroom wants to slide around. For another… her slices seem to end up lopsided, thin on one edge and thick on the other. Her brisk start soon turns to a slow and careful version as she tries to get it right.

Lydia circulates around her students, giving bits of advice. She pauses when she gets to Idrissa, watching for a moment. "Try moving your hand up a little on the handle," she offers. "And you might find it's a more natural motion if you turn your wrist out more."

Idrissa continues on her slicing, or cutting, or whatever it is she is doing.. She is careful though attemping tomake it stright and even, and still manages to fail at that. A glance is sent to Lyid and she ohs, a soft smile seen before she nods. "Alright.." Sure that should work fine.. She movesher hand and turns her wrist a bit as she works at slicing up the shrooms once more. "It's not too hard really.."

Isn't it always easier to get things to fall apart than to come back together again? But Soriana keeps working on her slices. Hah, there's a thin one! …but the next one is a thick wedge. Oops. Well, there's always next mushroom to get it right!

Lydia nods to Idrissa as she makes those adjustments. "That's the spirit," she says, and smiles. "Just keep practicing, and you'll get it!" So she lets Idrissa practice and moves on to Soriana. "Evenly, remember. If they're not even, they'll cook at different rates."

Idrissa nods as she hears Lydia and is back to eyeing what she is doing. She has to pay attention to it.. A glance is sent over to Soriana as she hears the part on making sure it is even and she eyes her cut up mushrooms to see if there even. Well, some are, some are no where near even. She goes to work trying to well.. make them more even!

Oh yeah, that's right. Not just thin, but even. Soriana looks at her sliced mushrooms for a moment, then nods to Lydia. "I'll see what I can do." And so she does! They do get a little better, at least. Not as many super thin ones, but… not as many thick ones, either. Much closer to being all the same (or at least similar) thickness.

Lydia smiles and nods, moving on to give more advice on knife technique and the like before finally returning to her own cutting board, where she blazes through chopping the rest of her mushrooms into neat slices. It's like she does this every day or something. "Okay everyone! Next up, you're going to want to add some flavor. I've picked out some herbs for you - go ahead and taste the leaves and decide how much you want of each, and mince them finely." Or as finely as they can manage, anyhow. "Once you've got the mushrooms and herbs ready, bring them over to the stove here and I'll show you what comes next!"

Idrissa works on a few more mushrooms before she has a little pile there on the board, she eyes it pondering before looking at the herbs. Hey, herbs are good! She picks up some that are leafy and sniffs at it a few times. "They smell really good.. Wonder if we should toss some mint in with the mushrooms soup.." This said with an amused tone to Soriana while she pulls off a few leaves and goes about cutting them up, mince them well that's another story.

What? But she's not done with her mushrooms! Soriana pauses the knife and listens to to Lydia, then nods. She glances back down to the pile… hmm… well, she can chop a few more, she supposes. It's not like Lydia said to come over now, just… when the ingredients are ready! Which hers aren't. Yet. She goes through another couple of mushroom caps, and glances over to Idrissa. "Mint?" Blink. "I don't think… uh…" Now she looks to the herbs. "…if… you like that taste? I guess?" Another mushroom, sliced. "I think parsley's more traditional. And, like… rosemary." Also sage and thyme? Maybe. Soriana will get to those in a moment, just as soon as she finishes these mushrooms.

Lydia waits by the stove patiently. While she's there, she pours out some measuring cups of liquid - a neat row of them, one for each student in her class. She glances back to the others occasionally, but makes no attempt to hurry them along.

Idrissa glances to Soriana and grins a bit. "Well.. I meant mint for Mur'dah.." After his minting encounter.. "Though parsley is better, maybe basil too." This said while she finds a bit of both and scrapes it into the mess with the mushrooms and then into a bowl. Though she'll wait for Soriana to be ready as well it seems.

"Oh." Soriana laughs, and shakes her head. "If he dumps it on your head, I told you so." Not that she's saying don't do it, oh no. She's just saying told you so. Also, she's finishing chopping her mushrooms, and then tasting a few leaves of things so she can pick the ones she likes. Hmm, yes, some of this… and some of that… and yeah, a bit of the other one, chop 'em all up (and then chop 'em again, to try for 'fine') before adding them and mushrooms to her own bowl. "Okay." Done! Well. With stage one. Soriana glances to Idrissa, who looks… very much with the ready-already… and gives a half-grin. "C'mon, then. Let's add fire." Because the last time they had mushrooms, herbs, and fire, it went soooo well, right? Soriana leads the way to the stove.

Lydia smiles! "Ready?" she asks, and gestures to the stove. "First you're going to saute those. It sounds fancy, but it's really simple. Take a pan and put in on a burner, add a little oil and your mushrooms, and just keep stirring them until they're cooked!" So easy. What could possibly go wrong?

"Hey.. He was the one that got stuff dumped on him, not the other way around." Idrissa points out at the topic of dumping stuff. Whatever that could possibly be. "Sure fire seems to make everything better.. Not.." Rissa grumbles at the thought of fire and mushrooms in the same room, she would rather keep them far apart truthfully. With her bowl in hand she follows after her friend over to where Lydia is standing next to the cooking area. At the talk of 'saut' Rissa glances to Soriana and then smirks a bit. Yeah these are lessons she didn't pick up before. Her bowl is set down and she picks up a pan placing it on the stove, and then looks for the oil which is somewhere. Seems today there is a cooking lesson in the kitchens. There is a teacher (Lydia) and then some students which a few happen to be weyrlings. It's afternoonish a short time after lunch, and the weather is ever so cold and snowy.

Cold, snowy weather… a perfect incentive to be indoors in the warm kitchens! Soriana grins to Idrissa, and shrugs. "Yeah, well. Revenge and all that." Not that Idrissa was actually involved, or anything like that, but… hey what don't go trying to bring facts into this. She's got more than enough of those with trying to grasp this 'cooking' concept. So. Pan. Heat. Oil. Shrooms. "Okay." Doesn't seem so hard. She's done things with fancier terms. Pan, goes on the stove. Oil, goes in the pan. Mushrooms and herbs… dumped in on top of them. Stirring… uh… right. She needs a spoon for that. Now where would she find one of those? Uh… aha! There it is. Before anything burned, even! Though the oil's starting to sizzle.

Lydia watches carefully, because, hey. Just because her students have survived the 'knives' stage of the lesson doesn't mean they're out of danger yet! She adjusts the heat of the burner with a few comments about what to look for - sizzle good, scorch bad, and careful of flying droplets of hot oil. Also, the spoon's right there, set out and ready. "It's good to make sure of things before you start cooking." As a general rule. Running around while things are on the stove is a good way to burn the things!

All the sudden there is yelling from the caverns. Yelling. It's not lady screams, like the time that tunnelsnake ran through, or the shocked screams of someone around you choking on their food. No. These are disgusted screams. Manly ones. Then suddenly, the door to the kitchen is swung open hard and there stands Zi'on, holding a bowl of stew. "What. Is. THIS!?" 'Tis stew, good sir. That Lydia woman looks like she's in charge. Telling people what to do and all. Perhaps she is one of the cooks. "You there. Cook-lady. Look at this! How can I eat this! What goes on in these kitchens?" Zi'on shoves the bowl of stew at her. Rude. What is Zi'on doing here? Who knows. Judging the stew, apparently.

"True.." Idrissa offers while she eyes the pan a few moments once she's found the oil and dumps it into said pan. Little sizzle heard while the cup that held the oil is set to the side. A wooden spoon is picked up and she uses it to spread out the mushroom and herb mixture across the pan once it is added as well. Herbs have water in them so there is a good bit of crackling and popping for sure once the oil starts to heat up. "No mint then just to be on the safe side.." She pauses at the sudden yelling and looks up and oh dear, away from her pan in order to see what all is going on. Once Zi'on is there and ranting about the strew Rissa just eyes him curiously. "Isn't that.." Well really does she need to finish the sentence to Soriana? She was there after all.

The manliest of screams. Maybe there's impromptu herdbeast wrestling going on? Soriana looks away from her cooking (which you're not really supposed to do, but hey) at the sound of those yells. "What the-" Zi'on. What the Zi'on is going on here? Or maybe Zi'on is what's going on here? She continues to neglect her mushrooms to watch him approach; fortunately, they've got some cooking-time before they'll start to burn. Soriana nods to Idrissa's comment, even with the name incomplete, and tries for a peek at the stew. It… looks like stew?

Lydia frowns at the sounds out there - have the 'brats started another food fight? - but remains intent on her lesson-giving until the bit where the door slams open and a rude and manly weyrleader marches in to complain. She turns, drawing herself up to her full not-very-much height. "Is there a problem, sir?"

Don't worry ladies, cooking isn't like driving. It's not like the oil is going to suddenly burst into flames if you get distracted a few seconds. Well, at least not for most people. Some people can manage to burn ice cream. Yes yes, it's Zi'on. He's going on for sure. Maybe he has it going on, or maybe there's nothing going on. Especially upstairs. "Yesthereisaproblem. THIS." He points to the stew. Then drops it down to Lydia's viewing height and points again. And there it is. The source of the yelling. Right there, winking Lydia in the face. It is… a hair. And not just any hair. A hair from… down there. "I can't eat this! You'll have to dump the whole pot."

Idrissa would have took bets it was something to do with herdbeasts if she had to guess, well there was a lot of yelling after all. As for the pan with the mushrooms and herbs in it a glance is sent towards it as there is more crackling and popping. She gives it a slight stir so everything is moveable and not sticking. Her attention goes back to Zi'on and the stew, or well what is in the bowl and making the stew being uneatable. She lets her bright gaze flick from the bowl, which she can't really see within, then up to Zi'on curiously. "Did you find a hair, or is it a piece of bone maybe?.." Or gristle, maybe hair from the animal that was used for the stew? Oh ideas..

Oh, sure, looking away for a few seconds is fine. It's when you start by looking away for seconds, and end up looking away for minutes or hours that you get into trouble. But, for now, Soriana's mushrooms are cooking away without her. Happily so, unlike Zi'on… which is why she continues to ignore her mushrooms. "Zi'on." Yes, that's right. She remembers his name! Not only that, she's willing to use it. "Calm down." Because, hey. Maybe it's just gristle, like Idrissa suggests. And even if it isn't, people are staring.

Lydia observes the (alleged) hair in the stew, and does two things. First, she looks to the young women she's been teaching. "This is why it's important to wash your hands before cooking." Second, she looks back to Zi'on. "Are you sure it didn't come from you?" After all, the cooks all wash their hands! For just this very reason. Well. Among others.

Zi'on looks to the younger ladies who are busy trying to learn to cook. "Oh. It's a hair. It is… such a hair. The worst kind of hair. I mean… there are some places where that should just not be." He peers between the two of them. "Oh yes. Gristle. No. It is not. Trust me. I can deal with that. Here. You eat it if you think it's gristle." The bowl is shoved towards Sori and Rissa. He peers at Lydia. "No. It did not. It's not like I'm sitting in the caverns with those just… hanging out! And a breeze came by and knocked one into the stew! Also this one was -buried-. I found it on my -spoon-."

Idrissa ers softly as the bowl is shoved towards her and Sori. A smirk is seen while she takes hold of the bowl and eyes the contents a moment. "Just.. How do you know what sort of hair it is?" This questioned with a curious and also innocent tone. "What if it was on the spoon and not the food?" There's an idea! She sets the bowl of stew with added hair off to the side so it doesn't get added to anything, or picked up again.

Soriana glances at the bowl, but lets Idrissa handle (ha!) it… though she does smirk slightly and propose an answer to one of Idrissa's questions. "He's got kids." So he's had an up-close study of what those sorts of hairs look like! Presumably. Sori spares a moment's attention to stir her mushrooms when a particularly loud crackle brings her attention to them, then looks back to Zi'on. "Nobody's doing that in the kitchens, either." See? All of them are working (staring) fully clothed. And with recently washed hands!

"I'm not saying you are, sir." Of course Lydia isn't. She's just saying that maybe a hair got stuck somewhere and then fell off… into the stew. The bowl gets another glance (and so does Zi'on). Well. It's plausibly a hair, and he's definitely a weyrleader. Not Xanadu's weyrleader, but… a weyrleader nonetheless. So. "I'll get that taken care of." Lydia valiantly holds back the sigh until she's most of the way across the kitchen, collecting a former dishwasher and going out into the caverns to fetch the stewpot. When the door opens, there are people peering inside and staring. It's not every day the caverns are treated to manly screams like that.

Zi'on blinks at Idrissa. "What? How old are you? Haven't you gone through puberty yet?" Zi'on didn't need lady experience to tell him what those hairs were. "I dunno. It could been…" There's a few blinks, and then Zi'on's face closely resembles D: for a while. He turns a pale-greenish color. "THAT MEANS I HAD IT IN MY MOUTH THEN!" He gives Soriana a strange look. "My kids aren't old enough for that kind of hair." Zi'on watches Lydia head off to retrieve the stew. Though he doesn't look completely happy about that. Instead he just whimpers and smacks his lips. "I hope the pastries aren't affected by the uh… hairy kitchen person. So what are you girls doing in here? I didn't think cooking was on the roster for weyrlings."

Idrissa smirks as she hears Zi'on and eyes him a moment. "Old enough." Is her only answer as she turns back to her pan to push the mushrooms around a few times. "I bet you didn't have it in your mouth.. I bet it isn't really one of /them/ hairs that you're so worried about." Just looks like it, or something. If it's in a bowl of stew how does one even know what is looks like anymore? "Just a lesson in cooking." Though nothing is said about why, she isn't going there thank you.

Soriana gives Zi'on a strange look right back. "Uh. No." Ick. "But you had to make the kids." Which she supposes doesn't have to involve looki- okay can we just not go into this? New topic. Pastries. Yes. "They're probably fine." As is most of the stew. Except for Zi'on's bowl. Lucky him? "You can always slice them thin and check." Another glance at her mushrooms, another stir - hey, they're getting kinda… smaller, and changing colors. They look soupier already. If Idrissa won't explain, she will. More or less. "It's not required, but… might's well be able to put the kitchens in our weyrs to use, right?"

Out in the caverns, Lydia is fielding questions about what's wrong with the weyrleader, the soup, and various combinations of the two. This may take a while.

Zi'on grins to Idrissa and wraggles his eyebrows at her. "Is that a fact? Why don't you let me take a peek?" He says. "Well, if you think I didn't have it in my mouth then give me a kiss. Come on. If you think it wasn't like that, then you shouldn't have any trouble giving me a kiss." He grins to Soriana then. "I sure did." He says about making the kids. Lucky him, yes! Of course most people would just get a new bowl, not make a federal case out of it. But not everyone is a weyrleader, either. "Oh right, I always forget you guys don't have stone weyrs here. They probably don't want you burning them down." He chuckles a bit. "Though knowing how to cook is good." He finds a fork and spears one of Soriana's mushrooms, blowing on it a bit to cool it, then eating it.

Idrissa isn't the best at explaining things, Soriana should know this. Well unless it deals with runners then all bets are off, she could most likely talk someone's ear off about runners. "Well.. Yeah there is that idea anyway. Knowing my luck I'll burn it down attempting to cook something." There is a pause as she hears Zi'on and she blinks a few times, blushing as well before she can even think about answering that. "Why would I kiss you? I don't know you well enough even if I don't think it was /that/." Is offered up after a few moments. As for the 'peeking' bit, yeah no answer for that either!

Most people… are not Zi'on. Nor is he most people. Soriana glances to Idrissa, and half-smiles at the blush. To Zi'on, she says, "You'd have better luck getting a kiss from the cook." Y'know, the one who's sighing about the flailing and weyrleader-kerfluffle? Yeah. That one. The part about burning down their weyrs makes Soriana… suddenly get a frog in her throat. Aherm-ahem, cough. It's followed by an innocent expression. What, no, nothing going on here. "Probably not." She's just agreeing with Zi'on, yep. "Home cooking and all that." Yeah. So instead of caverns stew… they'll be able to have homemade soup! Can't you see how different that is? But at least Soriana's mushrooms seem to be cooking decently. They've got herbs and stuff. And still aren't burnt. She smirks. "Well? How is it?" she asks him.

What was Rissa trying to explain? Zi'on knows where babies come from already. He learned after the first two. He gives Rissa and incredulous look. "Psh. Sure. Excuses. You just know what was IN my MOUTH earlier." The bronzer wasn't much expecting a response to the peeking comment. If there were a lot of Zi'on's running around Pern would be overpopulated in just a couple of generations. He laughs. "I don't want to kiss the cook. But I'll take one from you instead." Wragglewraggle. Zi'on himself isn't much of a cook, he prefers to just get his meals from the caverns. Even if they have to be delivered. "Mm. Good. You know. Mushroomy." Soriana should take that as a compliment. Zi'on is extremely picky.

Idrissa sends a glance back to Soriana and smirks. "Think so huh?" She offers back after the comment on cook and kissing. Eh well maybe Sori is right, Rissa doesn't tend to be very outgoing. Though it is so on her mind at the moment. "Naw I don't think it was that at all." This said to Zi'on after his comment about what may or may not have been in his mouth. She glances to Soriana and wonders if she'll do the kissing then. "I think your just out looking for a kiss." Another stir is given her pan and she sets her spoon down, letting the mushrooms do whatever it is there doing now without her help.

Soriana smirks to Zi'on. "Mm, sorry." She doesn't much sound it. More like teasing. "Don't think my boyfriend'd like that, so you might be out of luck." For the moment. This is Zi'on we're talking about, so… he'll probably find another way to work on overpopulating Pern by the end of the day. Soriana gives her mushrooms another stir, then grins. Hey, she'd take 'edible' as a compliment. Good and mushroomy? That's high praise!

Lydia finally makes her way back in, carrying the stewpot along with the dishwasher she conscripted. She glances to the cooking class as she passes. Oh right they're kind of… still cooking. So she calls over some quick instructions. "Add one of the cups of broth once the mushrooms are done!" Whenever that is. "And let them simmer!" That's all she has time for, because she's got to go and set the pot down near (but not actually in) the dish-washing zone. Maybe because it's so big? Or maybe because they're planning to sneak it out again once Zi'on's gone. Either way, Lydia's still busy, because there's a quiet kitchen-consultation to be had over there.

Zi'on peers at Rissa. "What, are you saying you wouldn't kiss me even if I had minty breath and just ate a cupcake. Ouch. That hurts, Idrissa." He holds his heart in fake heartbreak. Then he motions to her mushrooms. "You might want to take those off the heat. Before they turn to mush. Get it? Mush-rooms. Ha!" Ugh. He grins to Soriana instead. "What your boyfriend doesn't know… also my girlfriend. Sort of. Thing. I dunno." Ex-weyrmate and now friend-with-benefit? Zi'on won't be eating the stew at Xanadu for a long time, so they're free to do as they'd like with it. "So who is your boyfriend?" Perhaps it's a question to see if she really has one or not?

Idrissa glances to Soriana at the talk of Ka'el, oh yeah that. She eyes her pan a bit and goes about the motions of added in what Lydia says as she comes wandering through and out again. "Naw, I'm not saying that either.." Is commented to Zi'on before she smirks and eyes him curiously. "Do you really want one of us to kiss you that badly?"

What Sori's boyfriend doesn't know… hah. "Doesn't matter if he knows or not, I'd know." And she told him she wouldn't! So. There you have it. Not that Soriana won't still grin at Zi'on, because she does. Also raises an eyebrow at him. "Sort of thing?" Now that sounds like an interesting relationship… sort of thing. She gives her mushrooms another stir, then glances to Lydia and follows directions. Broth, yes. Simmer… uh… that means turn down the heat, yes? Ok, done. Back to conversation. And an inquisition about her boyfriend. "His name's Ka'el." She came up with the name fast. Probably not a lie. "Bronzer and a smith." Bronzer weyrling and smith apprentice, if you want to get technical, but… yeah, she doesn't.

Zi'on grins to Idrissa. "Maybe." Now he's playing hard to get? Well, that is Zi'on's way. Poor Rissa. She shouldn't have to put up with this! "True, you would know. Otherwise… well, that would be creepy." Drugging someone to make out with them… weird. "What? It's complicated." He crosses his arms over his chest. Perhaps something to pick on Zi'on about? Well, he is rather terrible with women. Kids not withstanding. Most of them were accidents. "Oh, I've heard of him. He's got some sort of contest lined up with my girlfriend… thing. She's a smith, too. And a bluerider." A real bluerider. Not a weyrling. "She lives here, in the playground weyr. Actually I was thinking Rissa could help with the contest. They're going to make daggers, and I figure she could hand them off to someone and the first dagger to stab me, wins." He laughs. Okay, it's a poor joke.

"An now you're going to play hard to get then? Well so much for giving you a kiss." Idrissa offers with a slight shrug at the idea while she goes about lowering the fire and getting the mixture sort of turning into something that looks more like a soup then just things in a pan. She eyes that pot rather hard for a few moments as she hears Soriana talk about Ka'el and relationship things. Eh who needs them, nothing but trouble. Zi'on comments pull her out of her little world and she glances to him, a frown seen. "Really?.. Gee how nice.." She doesn't seem to amused over it.

"Oh, Kiena's your It's Complicated?" Soriana grins. She's heard of her! The mushroom soup gets a glance - yep, still seems to be simmering away, all good as far as she can tell - then back to the others. Idrissa's expression makes her own lips tug in a not-exactly smile, and then she returns her gaze to Zi'on and shakes her head. "Nope, no good. You've got to have an unbiased person." And Idrissa is biased when it comes to Zi'on? Or at least when it comes to Ka'el. Soriana may not know in which direction, but… "Now, me, I might recommend someone at Western. That way, neither of your smiths has an undue chance to influence the dagger-wielder."

Zi'on gives Rissa a sly smirk. "Maybe. Now you seem more interested. Before it was 'eww I'm not kissing him, he's ugly and has pubebreath' and now it's 'oh he's sort of a jerk, I'm a girl and I like that'." This is Zi'on's perceptions of women. "Yes. Kiena is my it's complicated. She's also very dangerous." Mostly just to Zi'on, though if he goes smooching on other girls she might be dangerous to them as well. "Heh, someone at Western? But a lot of people knew Kiena at Western. Maybe someone from Fort." Would Kiena be mad at him for seducing someone to win her a contest? Probably. Even if she did enjoy winning the contest, it would just make her work all the harder so that SHE could do the Zi'on-stabbing. Zi'on nudges Idrissa and smiles to her. "Still feeling sore about that?"

Idrissa has slipped quiet, because..because that is what she does when she doesn't want to be in the conversation anymore. She can just wish they continue between them both while she eyes the bubbling broth and mushroom mixture. The comments from Zi'on and the nuding get her attention back to the hear-and-now. "Maybe I just changed my mind about the kiss?" A glance is offered to him at the being sore bit, her bright gaze watching him a few moments. "I'm not sore about it, suppose I'm not really going to go joking about it though. I never saw anyone get stabbed before, especially with something I brought to a party. I felt horrible about it for a long time, but you seem alright so guess I should stop thinking about it like I do."

"Fort might work for stabbings," Sori acknowledges. Wasn't there already a weyrleader that got stabbed there? So it's practically a tradition. And… Idrissa goes quiet. Sometimes, when that happens, Soriana drags her back into the conversation. Now… is not so much one of those times, though Sori does brandish her spoon slightly as Zi'on expresses his opinions of women. Don't you go and- oh. But Idrissa weighs in there, and so Soriana's expression turns to a smirk. "Idrissa's a good trainer. Skilled at breaking bad habits." She glances to the other girl and offers a grin. "I think you'll get further with Asher, though." As for the matter of the Zi'on stabbing that's already happened… nope, she's not going to get involved on that one. Her soup needs stirring, see.

Zi'on smiles a bit to Idrissa. "I think that's the most I've heard you talk ever. Well alright. How about you meet me halfway and we settle on a hug? That's not as scary, you don't have to taste anything that's been in my mouth, and surely my It's-complicated-Kiena won't come looking to castrate me about it later. Eh? Eh?" Zi'on holds out his arms to Rissa expectantly. Th'ero actually got stabbed fighting. Not dressed as Ila'den getting his drink on. Zi'on pokes Soriana's nose. "Oh? Well I'll have to come back for training later. I should get something else to eat and then go to visit my it's-complicated."

Idrissa smirks some as she hears Soriana. "Sure.. I'm great at training certain things." Though what things she doesn't comment on as Zi'on is talking about hugs? Well, hugs are better, and she doesn't have to worry about this Kiena person chasing her down or something either. "Alright.. hugs work." With the wooden spoon left in her soup she takes a few steps closer to Zi'on in order to give him that hug. "I talk plenty.. Just when I feel like it by the way." Yeah she is a strange one at times, Tahryth is suppose to even that out not that a green dragon can fit in here mind you. "There's some stuff for sandwiches over there.. I think they're rather hair free too." She'll point towards where such things are after the hug.

Does it make a difference to the contest how Zi'on gets stabbed? Maybe there should be different categories. Battle stabbings. Drunken stabbings. Mistaken stabbings. Zi'on could be getting stabbed for entire turns before this is settled! Soriana grins at the poke to her nose and pokes Zi'on back. On his side. "See that you do. I'll make sure there's some pastries to reward any good behavior." The hug to Idrissa makes her smile, though. Aww.

So Zi'on gets a sammich - after carefully inspecting all parts of it for hair - and leaves the weyr kitchens. Peace reigns once more, and Lydia comes back over to resume her class, post-simmer, to give the final instructions for soup-making. It's even tasty! Especially when it's served with some warm rolls. The stew… well. There's certainly stew at dinner, but who can say if it's the same or not? Lydia's certainly not talking, and the students of cookery were ushered out long before dinnertime. It's a mystery for the ages, just like the origin of The Hair from Down There.

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