Fire + Lizard

Xanadu Weyr - The Firelizard Theatre

There are many different things to look at here. In the northern part of this field lies a massive fort made out of wood. About 10 feet to the right of the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved in the likeness of dragons and even painted as such. In the middle of the field are two sets of swings suspended from a wooden beam, held up by two wooden beams on either side. To the left of the swings is a 5 by 6 rectangular box filled not quite to the top with sand from Xanadu Weyr's Beach. To the right of the swings are monkey bars, completely crafted out of wood. In front of you are two seesaws, both made out of wood. Finally, to your near left are two benches underneath a large Lemosian Ironwood tree. You find yourself standing in the Courtyard of The Firelizard.

Firelizard theatre, right? So it makes a good place for firelizards. Soriana's climbed up to the top of the monkeybars, sitting there and dangling her legs as Toral cavorts through the overcast sky. The brown is being aerobatic today, twisting and diving, and Soriana alternately watches him and closes her eyes as she pays attention in a different sort of way.

Winter is still found throughout the land, and the snow is linger, and evengrowing with each snowfall. Idrissa is settled on a swing while Asher is busy digging up a mountain of snow behind him. Rissa smirks as she watches, the swing slowly drifting back an forth while a slight yawn soon escapes her. Her gaze slowly lifts upwards and she peers over at Soriana and grins once she catches sight of Toral up in the air. "At least he doesn't mind the snow."

Soriana takes a moment to answer Idrissa, as Toral swoops and pulls up again. Then she laughs, and nods. "He gets cold after a while, but… flyin' keeps him warm, I guess." And if he does get cold, well, the firelizard will just pop between to somewhere warm!

"The only types've dogs that mind the snow are small ones with barely fur to speak of," pipes in ka-el, who is busy hanging upsidedown from the monkey bars. His arm are folded across his chest, and he's swinging back and forth just slightly. He looks up at Soriana, who is above him, and then over to Idrissa, who he gets an upsidedown view of on the swings. What a trio they make! "Can't firelizards blow fire?"

Idrissa chuckles and nods as she hears Soriana. "I suppose that's true." She offers with a grin before glancing over to Asher whom has made himself a little 'den' in the snow so to speak and is settles down there, little runner blanket on him an all! Rissa looks over to Kale and grins at him. "Your gona get a headache.." Is said with a teasing tone before a soft oh escapes her and she peers at Soriana. "Do they eat firestone?.." SEE! She has picked up somethings about dragons..

Soriana laughs. "Yeah, but what're those doin' out in the snow?" she asks Kale. "They should stick to the kitchens turning spits." She grins, then nods at his question and Idrissa's answer. "They can, sure. They're just like dragons, that way… they can chew firestone and breathe fire and everything!" She peers up at her little brown again, and smiles. "I'd hafta get some firestone to teach him how, though… and… I haven't."

"Oh," remarks Kale thoughtfully. It makes sense that firelizards can breathe fire, else…why would they be called firelizards? Idrissa's concern has him snickering, and he looks over at her with a smug look. "I wager I won't," he replies, brows lifting up as he continues his impression of a bat. "It's a good way to keep warm. Gets the blood rushin', you know?" He tightens his arms around himself, keeping his cloak closed around him. Soriana's remark has him looking curiously up at her. "Why not? Afraid he'll burn something down an' you'll be to blame?"

Idrissa chuckles and shakes her head as she hears Kale. "Right.. sure.. An when you fall I'm gona laugh my arse off." She offers with an amused tone while giving ths swing a push. She hums and glances towards Toral and tilts her head. "Well.. I bet that would be interesting to try and teach him."

"Noooo," goes Soriana, though she does give Toral a brief look as he flits about. He wouldn't, would he? Hurm. "Just, I'd have to get some. I mean, the weyr has it for the dragons, but… they don't zactly go giving it out to every kid with a firelizard."

Kale sticks out his tongue Idrissa's way in a great show of maturity. He's going to ignore the fact that, yes, the longer that he hangs there, the more there's an ebbing feeling in his brain. But he can't dismount /now/. That'd just prove her right, and he can't allow that to happen! "So what's it take to get firestones?" he asks, genuinely curious. Apparently, his life on the hold didn't revolve much around firelizards or dragons, and thus having been thrust on a weyr where things are so common, he has a lot to learn! "Do you purchase'm? Can you trade somethin' for them?"

Idrissa grins at Soriana. "Maybe.. But.. Your mother has a gold. I bet you could get some firestone without a problem." She curiously peers at Kale though, perhaps waiting to see if he does indeed give in and stop hanging there, of if he falls into a snowpile.

Could she? Maybe. Soriana just shrugs at Idrissa's suggestion, and goes on to answer Kale. "It's a rock," she says. "Like, they mine it out of the ground. Sorta this… blackish kinda rock. Bit like coal, I guess. The dragons or firelizards chew it, and it goes into their second stomach and lets 'em make fire."

Kale is not .. gonna … fall. Nevermind the fact that he's sort of squinting now. Blood rushing ot his head! But no, he's still not going to dismount. He will…when he's good and ready to. -.-; Instead, he focuses on the description of what firerock is. "Oh. So what y'need to do is make a friend in the mine craft. The'll probably give it to ya easy." Meh. Ok, he can't stay this way anymore. He reaches up and grasps at a monkeybar above him, holds onto it, and untangles his legs so that he can get down.

Idrissa hums softly and nods as she hears Soriana. "I've never seen it, just read some stuff on it before." She's been reading about firestone, an dragons for sure then huh? Asher is up on his paws and moves over to peer up at Kale, the dog lets out a half bark and wiggles about on his paws while Rissa grins a moment. "Told you.." Is said to Kale.

Soriana hehs, and nods to Kale. "Sure, that'd work." If she's got sufficient urge for the stuff, at least! Somehow, it doesn't seem like it's much of a priority for her. As he finally gives up the hanging, she grins. "Y'ever seen a dragon flaming?"

"Told me nothin'," says Kale who runs his fingers through his hair a few times, trying to mask he fact that he's rubbing his head. "I got down because…I wanted to, is all," he says simply before he lowers his hands down. The mentioning of flaming has him shaking his head. "No, not once. Don't see many dragons where I'm from. Every once in a they usualy jus' fly over with their riders. Deliveries or whatever else. I bet it's awesome. Could melt all this snow," he snaps his fingers, "like that!"

Idrissa ahs softly at the talk of a dragon flaming. "I saw on far off.. Was sorta like a blast of fire but that's all I could tell." She glances to Kale and just grins. "Sure." Is offered with an amused tone and chuckles. "But I suppose you've seen more of it then we have Sori."

Soriana nods. "There'll prob'ly be training exercises here soon. I used t'see 'em at Ierne…" She grins. "And they could melt the snow, sure. The snow, the swingset, half the trees…" She trails off, shaking her head.

Kale laughs as he imagines the chaos of a fireball, or fire stream, or fire-whatever that streams from dragons mouths melting everything in sight on the playground. "Ah, it'd be nice to have a dragon as a blacksmith, eh? Like a walkin' forge! No matter where I was, I'd have my fire." He nods at the thought, imagining a melted swingset and a dripping junglegym.

Idrissa peers around slightly at everything that would have been melted, she snickers softly and shakes her head. "Ya.. You have your fire that is well contained and isn't gona go go and melt down anything like the monkeybars an so forth."

Soriana grins. "If you can train a dragon to give you /that/ reliable of a flame…" she says, and shakes her head. Toral veers back to her, and when he lands on her shoulder Sori reaches up to scritch him for a bit.

"Pff. I could definitely train a dragon to do that," says Kale as he leans against the side of the monkeybars now. "Yeah, they're gigantic… /ginormous/ some've them. Buuuut, I bet I could still do it." Maybe. Cough. "But y'can't say that wouldn't be cool, eh?" He grins, looking up at Toral as he glides back to Soriana. "We've to get /you/ some firestones."

Idrissa just peers at Kale curiously at the thought. "Oh really..?" She questions with a grin. Perhaps all the talk of dragons is starting to affect him too? Its like a sickness among these three! One had it and the rest have caught it. "we're figure out a way to get you and Toral some firesone." Rissa finally nods.

Soriana just laughs to Kale's draconic-based boasting. Big? Yeah, just follow her back to her mother's weyr sometime when she's going home, and you'll see the gold there. Now that's big! She grins, then looks back and forth between the two at the further talk of firestone. "Well, I mean, I don't need it really… Toral doesn't /hafta/ breathe fire or anything…"

"Sure, he doesn't /have/ to, but it'd be so much cooler if he did," replies Kale. "Besides, it'd be a help to me if your firelizard did breathe fire. I mean, we're friends aren't we? Sooo…as I become more skilled in my craft 'n .. decide what I want to do with it, it'd be …" Hmm, what's a good word? "..convenient to have a fire breathin' firelizard around. Who knows when I.. er, /we/ all might need a bit of light or a warm fire?"

Idrissa has seen Soriana's mother's dragon more then a few times, an the gold is HUGE. An amused look is sent towards Kale and she just grins. "So you just want to use our pets huh?.. You want Toral to light your fire and Asher to hault your stuff around. I see how this friendship relationship is working out in your favor." This said with a teasing tone.

Soriana looks over at Kale. "…convenient. Right. So if we just happen to have firestone with us, when we just happen to need a fire, well, yes, that's most certainly convenient." On her shoulder, Toral chirps.

"/Use/ you?" replies Kale, blue eyes going wide and innocent. "Who, me? Of course not, no. It just happens that the two've you have wonderful pets that are very useful, is all! It's just .. ah, coincidence that the both've them would benefit me." He grins cheesily. "It isn't my fault I've nothing that'll help you… Ah, I mean, besides my wonderful presence an', grand personality."

Idrissa laughs as she hears Kale. "Please.." She offers back to him and leans against the swing's chain as she eyes him playful like. "You should make a pot.. That way when it gets spring we can go camping an stuffs at night off in the forest." A slight nod seen. "Have Asher to carry stuffs, and Toral to help with a fight, and then a pot in order to make stew in." Which as Sori and her talked about Rissa does tend to carry carrots and jerky bits in her coat pockets! The starts of a stew.

Soriana laughs, and she turns to Idrissa, pretending to ignore Kale. "So, Rissa. You figured out what those two things a certain boy is going to have to do to help you are, yet?" She grins, and then it gets sharper. "Or does he really just have nothing at all useful?"

A pot? Hmm. In comparison to a strong dog and a fire breathing lizard, a pot doesn't sound nearly as impressive. "/Or/," he chimes n, "I could make weapons because who knows what we'll meet out in the woods? It'll be a good idea to be armed, eh? I can take care've that." Yes. See, now /that's/ impressive. Kale, the weapons maker! But, what's this? He eyes Soriana. Oooh yeah. The wager. He gives her a glarish look.

"But we have a dog and a firelizard that can take care of stuffs." Idrissa point out at the stuff on weapons. Hearing Soriana her eyes widen and she blushes while looking down at the ground, kicking at it a few times with a boot. "Um.." Is about all she can say!

Now, so far as weapons go, Kale maybe has a little bit of a point, because swashbuckling adventure? Is in fact awesome. Sori does grin a bit as she hears that suggestion, but she's rather busy pretending she doesn't see him and so she can't answer. Kale must be teased! Idrissa is, however, terrible at this, and Soriana just shakes her head and laughs after a moment.

Um? He glances to Idriss. Um isn't an answer! "Um, what? What, have you already figured out what you want me to do?" he asks with lifted brows. "It's not another dance, is it?" A teenage guy can only handle one dance a year! "Or .. is it? Is it a dance?" He glances back and forth between two girls, but Soriana is a clam! He huffs out a frozen breath and moves over to half climb up the jungle gym to prod at her. "Do you know? Did she tell you?" Because it's so likely that she's going to spill the beans if she does know!

Idrissa is indeed terrible at this, and she is even still blushing to boot! She swallows as she hears Kale and eyes the ground.. That snow looks /so/ interesting/ She kicks at it again and fiddles with the chain of the swing. "No.. I didn't tell Soriana anything about it!" She offers quickly and eyes the pair with a unsure glance. They are really going to drive her crazy! "Cause.. I.. dono what to get you to do.." Is offered softly and she frowns a moment before shrugging.

It's true! Idrissa hasn't told her anything. And it's not like Sori didn't try to help, either! She gave the other girl suggestions and /everything/. Her head gets a little shake, and she sighs again. "I dunno nothin'," she reiterates, and halfway grins before sliding forward and swinging down off the monkey bars to the snow.

Are they tricking him? Kale has a suspicion that these two are in cahoots! It wouldn't be too farfetched of an idea, would it? Two girls ganging up on one poor defenseless innocent boy to drive him insane? He looks suspiciously at Idrissa. "Huh. Anything about /it/ huh?" he says as he climbs down from the jungle gym. "That means that /it/ is your idea, an' that means you have an idea, an' that means you should tell me," he says as he saunters on towards the swings where she is. "C'mon. Not even a clue? A wee bit've a hint?" he asks as he grasps one of the chain links.

Idrissa blinks as Kale is moving towards her? Hey.. when did that happen. She peers up at him wide eyed a moment. "Why does that mean I have an idea?" This questioned while she grips hold of the chain that he has grasped hold of. She chews on her lip a moment and shrugs. "I'll.. Figure something out.. I'm sure.." Or maybe she does have an idea, an just isn't being forth coming with it. A faint glance is shot towards Soriana before she peers back at Kale. She is so innocent here!

Soriana laughs, leaning back against the side of the monkeybars and petting Toral. She's not going to help either side, nope!

"Ah, the both've you are impossible!" says Kale who throws both hands up in defeat. He's sure that Idrissa already knows her dastardly deed and is just making him wait in suspense! What will she have him do? Make him wear a dress to the dance? GASP! Hopefully his mind works in more twisted ways than theirs! He moves behind her and grasps both of the chain links of the swings, pulls and steps back as far as he can go, then pushes her foward. Swing! Grinning, he points at Sori. "You jus' /wait/ til it's my turn to give out tasks. I'll have had all this time to think've them!"

Idrissa giggles softly as she hears Kale. "We are not impossible." She points out with an amused tone. "Don't worry it won't be nothing serious, like shaving yer head or getting you to do me chores at the stables." She isn't mean! At the chain links of the swing she is on is grabbed a faint meep escapes her as the swing is pulled back. She bites her lip and grips hard at the chain as the swing flies forward. A laugh escapes her as it goes. "Please.. You act like your gona win something against /us/.."

Soriana laughs. "Me? What'd I do?" she asks Kale with her innocent face. "Just 'cause she didn't tell me what terrible, awful, fiendish task she has for you…" She grins, despite having no idea, and it widens at Kale's threat. "Oh yeah? Like what, huh?"

"Oh, I will. You jus' wait, my time for winnin' will come," Kale says over to the swinging Idrissa. He finds a spot to plop down on one of the seesaws, gripping at the supercold handle and leaning back a little. "Stable chores can't be /too/ difficult, can they? I'll take that over whatever it is that your mind has conjured up. An' I know ya have sometin' in mind.." He grins at her, and as Soriana speaks he "Ha's!" and swivels to eye her. "Oh, wouldn't you like to know, eh? But no. I'll keep my secrets to myself, much like some people I know are doing.."

Idrissa smirks while just peers at Kale as she leans back and goes about keeping the swing going. "They can indeed be difficult. Specially with a stallion runner doesn't want to let you take him outa the stall." Its a good thing Rissa is quick as she is at times. She smirks while eyeing Kale and huffs while she hops off the swing and lands rather easily upon the snowy ground. Brushing her hands off she moves over to the seesaw and tilts her head. "Really.. You think I'd rather come up with something evil?"

Soriana grins, listening to Idrissa and Kale. "Boys're dumb, girls're evil," she intones sagely. What? It's true! Just try and find a boy or girl who says otherwise about the opposite sex! "But don't you worry 'bout /my/ secrets. You have half of it already, and you know when the other half goes away!"

Kale bobs his head once. "I think you already /have/ come up with somethin' evil," Kale corrects before sliding his gaze on over to Soriana. Boys are dumb, girls are evil? Well .. he'll surely agree with the girls are evil part! "I happen to think boys are /very/ smart," he says as he stands up, pulling up on the seesaw's handle to lift it up as well, holding it level. The opposite seat swings down in invitation of either (or both!) girls to climb on board. At the reminder of his debt to Soriana, he can only exaggeratedly roll his eyes. "Yes, yes, I know. Oh, and speakin' of, have you already found yourself a /dress?/" he emphasizes the word. "Because it's only proper that ya come in a /dress/ to such a thing." Boys can be evil, too!

Idrissa smirks at this and moves over to the other seat for the seesaw and settles upon it while gripping the handle as she peers at Kale. "Alright then.." She states and lifts her head while eyeing Kale. "How about this, you have to come out with me one night to watch the stars. Out near the beach up on a cliff." Alright so Soriana did give her that idea but she /really/ liked it. "Is that evil?" She questions while leaning forward slightly. There is a pause as she sends a glance towards Soriana. "Did you find one..?" Cause Rissa has NOT..

Pff, yeah sure boys're smart. Soriana just eyerolls, then grins as Idrissa finally comes out with something! Saying it: an important step. Then, of course, there's the question of dresses, and she shrugs. "Nah. Haven't had a chance t'look." Because of course she can't skimp on thing like hanging out here or having snowball fights in order to look for a …dress. That'd just be wrong!

Yes! Finally, revelation time! As Idrissa sits on the seesaw, he sits down, causing her to rise up. He's obviously heavier, which is going to make this little ride pretty one-sided! He pushes up, trying to make his end go up and hers down, but his weight plus gravity doing its thing doesn't make the task easy. He's all ears when she finally reveals what the task will be. Wait…wait, what? "Watch..stars? On the .. beach?" That sounds /quite/ like a romantic little adventure, and he glances from Idrissa, to Sori, then back to Idrissa. "I accept. No it's not evil. An' the two've you are awful at thinking up these things," he concludes. He shouldn't even worry about them! "Soriana, if you don't wear a dress, I'm not going. That's my one 'n only term."

Idrissa huffs out softly at this and rolls her eyes slightly as the seesaw she is sitting upon is well shoved up into the air. Yes he is heavy compard to the thinner Rissa and she smirks while 'dangling' there. "Yes, the beach to watch stars." This said with a nod. "Please.. We still have one more each an if you keep calling us evil we're just have to come up with something well.. evil." An amused glance is sent towards Sori at the dress term that Kale just set down.

Soriana sticks out her tongue at Kale. "Hey, since when do you get to make /terms/? I didn't /ask/ you to this thing. I ordered!" So maybe that's why she did it that way, and none of this 'shyness' stuff either. Maybe.

"Oh, I bet neither've you have an evil bone in your body," retorts Kale as he stands up again so that Idrissa isn't stuck up in the air. The seesaw is kept level. Though really, he shouldn't be complaining! Taking a girl to a dance, and then watching the stars with another girl. What boy could ask for more? Heh. Boys really /are/ dumb. He snickers Soriana's way, looking smug. "Yeah, an' I'm /ordering/ you to wear a dress," he answers back simply. "And after this term, no more terms can be declared," he tacks on quickly.

Idrissa half squeaks once Kale stands up and she is sent back down, this is SO one sided here! She just laughs out as Kale goes on with the dress. "Come on Soriana.. I bet we can find a dress for both of us." A glance is sent towards Kale on the 'term' declared once again which just makes her grin. "Your gona have to do it now Sori.."

Soriana gives Kale a long stare, because he lost that bet fair and (mostly) square. Arms are crossed across what there is of her chest, and on her shoulder, Toral lifts a long neck and spreads his wings slightly. "And if I don't?" she asks, eyebrow raised. She's not giving up so easily, Idrissa's attempts at peacemaking aside!

See? Idrissa has the right idea! Soriana is just being hardheaded, and Kale can be just as much. And so even though she and Toral make for a rather defiant looking pair, he crosses his arms too, the seat of the seesaw not needing his hands on the handlebards to stay steady. He doesn't have a firelizard for that cool effect but…if it's any consolation, his crossed arms and the black hood of his cloak makes him look like a wizard that's up to no good! *cough* "If you don't?" he repeats, brow arching. "If you don't, then…" Crap. What's a good threat? "Then I'll go in my worst rags. Better yet, I'll come straight from the forges, sooty an' everything, smellin' of ash and steel. An' I won't wash my hair or anything." SO THERE.

Idrissa grins and tilts her head while glancing to Toral and chuckles as she looks back to Soriana at the threat and then looks back to Kale. A laugh escapes her at this and she just grins. "See.. Now your have to wear a dress or he'll come looking like a mess." She nods at this as if she can really make a difference in what is said or done!

Oh, yes, because that? Would make even Soriana's hands-off mother take notice of Kale. Actually, probably regardless of how he shows up, Sorrin is going to notice. Won't that be fun? Sori glares at the boy for a moment, then grins suddenly. "Nah, you won't do that." She relaxes her arms, still grinning, and leans back as she explains smugly, "Darsce'll be there."

"Oh yes I would," Kale answers. Pft, he hardly knows anyone here. So what if he shows up at some dance looking like a thing that just crawled out of who knows where? No one's gonig to know him, but he has a feeling that quite a few know who Soriana is! Mwuaha, it's the perfect plan! Even Idrissa sees it. And it /would/ be perfect if…*cough* Darsce will be there? Oh that changes everything. His mouth makes a little 'o' of surprise. She'll look exquisite, of course. And if he shows up raggedy, then she'll never talk to him, much less dance with him! Soriana's got him backed up into a corner, but he does his best to play it smooth. "What does it matter that she's there?" He carefully gets off of the seesaw, using his hands to gradually release pressure from the seat so that poor Idrissa doesn't go crashing down. "You don't think I will? Show up with no dress an' we'll /see/ what happens," he says in a voice of challenge. Grinning afterward, he lifts his hand in a wave. "Think long 'n hard on it, Soriana. An' Idriss, I'll look for you on a starry night," said as he meanders away from them both. "G'bye!"

Idrissa smirks at Darsce's name is brought up, a unsure glance is sent towards Soriana and she smirks before peering at Kale. "Yes.. does it matter if she is there or not?" At least she doesn't go crashing down and jumps up before the seesaw smacks into the ground. She didn't see a reason to get all crazy just because the older girl would be there, perhaps she is missing something? She blushes a moment at Kale talks about the starry night and she waves after him. "See you later." Is called out after a moment.

"We certainly will," retorts Soriana, still with a somewhat smug expression. Oh, she thinks she's won this one, she does. …maybe she even has. Then again, maybe not, but only time will tell! Kale may act all cool now, but she saw that surprise. She saw it! For now, she grins and returns the wave. "Yeah, yeah. Bye!"

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