Twenty Questions With A Greenie

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceilinged room opens off the entrance hall to the arena. One wall is slightly curved, set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set in two rows along the length of the room, each with its own small press at the foot for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours. It's always warm here when there are eggs on the sands, and candidates seldom need more than a light blanket.

Coming into the barracks looking a little frazzled and holding a wriggling bundle of frosted green firelizard in her hands, one who is being extra vocal about her voaracious hunger at the moment, Zaria rushes to her cot. Juggling the little critter to one hand, she goes digging in her pocket and removes a much squished meat roll. Plopping down on the cot, she starts stuffing the little green's face. "Slow down Folly, you are going to choke." she ssays, a worried tone in her voice.

While his companion sleeps, Canthus, Brynnjan's firelizard, figures he'll creep. He launches himself from the cot where Brynn presently sleeps, the latter having spent the past while squaring up his section of the barracks. Smelling the scent of an unfamiliar firelizard, the burly bronze flits over and pokes his nose into not-his-business. The bronze is simply curious, not aggressive.

Kera steps into the barracks, working to shrug out of her jacket while juggling Rabbit from one arm to the other. Finally, she tosses her Jacket on a nearby hook and ruffles the canine's head as she tries to gnaw on Kera's fingers. She's without a winged escort today, surprising considering how many flitters call her weyr home. The starving creel is hard to miss as she begins walking between the rows. Her gaze sweeps over a pair of muddy boots someone left in the middle of the walkway, "If these are still here when I leave, I'll drop them off at Weyr stores." That'll teach someone to keep their stuff more organized. Pausing near Zaria's cot, the awlm cast her gaze around the barracks, head shaking in amusement that some are able to sleep through the creeling. Her attention goes back to Zaria's feeding, and the bronzer that creeps over. "For someone who isn't confortable around animals, you seem to be getting over your fear quickly Zaria." Leaning a little closer, grip secure on Rabbit so she can't squirm away, "Aww, so tiny, can't be more than a few days old…?" She smirks suddenly "Ya better give that bronzer a little taste before he steals her whole meal."

Folly is focused on the feeding, narrowly missing Zaria's fingers a few times, she breaks off pieces of the meaty center and popping them in the waiting maw of the little firelizard. When Canthus gets his curious self close to the feeding green, he is greeted with whirling eyes that are streaked with orange and a low hiss of warning. Zaria squaks a little bit and tosses a small morsel in his direction, "That's all though." she warns him. As Kera comes in, she grins, "Yes ma'am, just hatched 3 days ago. She sure does put up a racket if I don't stuff her face quick enough. She mostly sleeps the rest of the time though, not a hassle at all really." She looks down at her charge who is chewing with such ferocity that her whole body is part of the action. She's still eyeing the bronze though, keeping a sharp eye on the interloper.

The interloper, once given his bite at the proverbial apple, promptly exits, stage left, returning to Brynnjan's side. The bronze lands with a *thump* on the candidate's chest, causing him to jolt awake and glance around. "Wha-who-huh-what?" He blinks. The bronze gives a self-satisfied smirk, and curls up for a good snooze now himself.

Kera nods with a knowing little smirk. "She's a cutey. Thankfully she'll grow out of the noisey stag, eventually." Brynnjan's startled awakening earns a snicker from the greenrider. "I think that's his way of asking how you can sleep through all that creeling." Flashing an amused wink to the groggy candidate, she lets Rabbit loose on the floor, the canine begins scampering all about, investigating all little spaces to see what treasures she can sniff out. Another scan around the room, those muddy boots still in the middle of the walkway "Are those your boots Brynnjan?"

Brynnjan shakes his head. "My stuff's accounted for." He gestures to his bedside, where his extra gear and other amenities have been stacked, folded, or otherwise tucked away with military precision. "Those must be someone else's.." He streeetches luxuriously, and nudges his bronze firelizard out of his lap, where the bronze had to that point made himself quite comfy, like the cat that got the canary.

Zaria smiles up at Kera, and nods, "I sure hope so." she looks down at the green who is having a hard time keeping her eyes open now that her belly is bulging with lumps of meatroll. With a quiet burp, the little green finally gives up the ghost and falls limply to her forearm, her head resting on the back of Zaria's hand. Zaria noticeably relaxes and grins, "I don't know how I'm gonna manage if I Impress with this little glutton in tow." she giggles and then loks concerned, "What will I do with her during the hatching? She hasn't really left me at all yet."

CUE RISALI! Risali who is returning to the barracks from the ~unknown~ (read: outside) with snow in her less-than-cooperative curls and a flush on her cheeks that is probably just from the cold. Probably. Potato is on her shoulders, scrambling from one to the other beneath all that hair and making a ruckus all her own - though less agitated new hatchling keening for meatrolls and more curious new hatchling commanding an audience with life. "Zaria, I found a-" Grey eyes shift up from booted feet to Kera, and the very dead thing in Risali's hands is clutched a little tighter before Risali shoots a glance towards Brynnjan and his state of just-awake. "-tunnelsnake for Folly. Ah… hello." That last word is hesitant, directed to the greenrider as grey eyes sweep back to her and the harper's steps slow. "Brynnjan, are you just waking up?" She might sound incredulous, but that's because she is (and by incredulous, I mean envious).

Kera simply nods to the candidate when he doesn't claim the muddy boots blocking the walkway. Shrugging it off. "Oh well, when someone's got frozen feet, they'll wish they had kept up with their boots better." Zaria's concern about the hatching gets a sympathetic smile. "I'm certain that someone will be able to keep an eye on her when the time comes." nodding confidently "I'm sure C'rus wouldn't mind, or perhaps T'lon. Either would take good care of her while you are on the sands." It's then that Risali come trudging in, snow encrusted hair and all. Her brow arches curiously at the tunnelsnake being carried around. A quick frown at the intention and her head is shaking "Oh no, I don't think a dead tunnelsnake would be very appealing…" To anything, much less a baby flitter. "Probably best to keep to the freshly prepared meat." Scanning the rows, and the candidates that are loitering about she raises her voice to carry throughout the long hall. "Anyone that's on rest time, scooch closer and find a seat over here." She gestures to the nearest empty cots. Each could easily sit three people. She smiles and gestures the young candidates closer, and waiting til they are mostly settled. While they move, Kera drops onto a trunk, she doesn't knows who it belong too, but she's only using it for a short time as a seat. "You've all been quite busy over the last few weeks. Meeting new people, getting used to Weyrlife in some cases, working hard to learn what it takes to take care of a dragon." Just to name a few of the accomplished tasks. "Today I thought we'd have a discussion. Ask any questions that are on your minds and I'll try to give you some answers."

"Oh thanks Risali! She'll love it!" Zaria exclaims as she takes the dead thing from Risali with very little squeamishness, and drops it in a sack next to the cot. Smiling at Kera, she explains, "Folly hatched right after we got rid of some tunnelsnake nests here in the barracks. Her first meal was of 'snake hatchlings and she actually really likes them now." She wrinkles her nose, but shrugs her shoulders, "No worse that gutting a fish really." When Kera announces what is going on, Zaria looks eager and moves closer, gingerly though as she balances the green on her forearm, and makes her way to sit across from Kera. When she settles, she fusses briefly over her charge, adjusting her limp body so it nestles comfortably in the crook of her arm, one finger trailing over her soft hide absently.

Risali's brows furrow, grey eyes going from the tunnelsnake to Potato who seems to preen at her 'catch'. The gold firelizard takes a nip at it, only to have Risali wave her off with one hand, and hug the very dead thing closer with her other. She doesn't argue with Kera, instead shooting an apologetic look to Zaria as she takes careful steps around abandoned boots and the other candidate takes the tunnelsnake away from her. "I-" Risali is spared explanation by Zaria jumping in, and there's a (quiet, tired, thankful) smile for the woman as Risa finds her way to her cot and sits - snow and all. "You're welcome. I got lost in the forest and Potato found it." PROBABLY THOUGHT SHE WAS FEEDING HER STUPID HUMAN OR SOMETHING. Grey eyes move expectantly to Kera now, hands brushing some of the snow from her own hair as she peels off her snow-sprinkled jacket and allows the perpetual heat from the sands to warm her. "Any questions? About dragons or just… life in general?" Because she certainly does have questions - and probably not all of them are appropriate.

Kera doesn't hide the fact that she thinks feeding tunnelsnake to anything is a bad idea. "When we're done here, then everyone who has been feeding their flitters tunnelsnake meat will report to the dragonhealers to have their lizards checked out. Just to be on the safe side." Hopefully no little ones will get too very sick in the meantime. When growling catches her attention, she snaps her fingers and "Rabbit, get away from that sack." A couple more growls and the canine scampers underneath a cot to appear near the greenrider, who bends down to scoop the furball up before she gets in trouble. Settling Rabbit on her lap, she nods to the inquiry. "I doubt I can answer all life questions, not with much accuracy anyway. I was meaning more along the lines of your candidancy, concerning dragons, potentially being a weyrling…"

Zaria nods her head silently at Kera and then looks worriedly at the little green. "They chase them down all the time, I guess I assumed. But I will definitely get her checked out." She nods emphatically. As Kera goes over the scope of the questions, she puts her hand up meekly and asks, "Can we invite our family to the Hatching? and if so, how many? I have a lot of siblings. Also, how will they know when to come?" Ok Zaria, that was like 3 questions, give others a chance, sheesh.

Yep, that is concern. Risali's brows furrow as she looks at Potato, applying the tip of a finger gently to a tiny snout as the gold twitters soft little nothings into Risa's ear. "I never realized, thank you," she echoes, though she doesn't pursue the topic further. Instead, grey eyes go to Rabbit, watching the interaction between tiny-adorable-beastie and her person as Zaria inquires after family members and the hatching. "And if they come, are we allowed to see them after - regardless of the outcome?" She'll just tag that on to the end there.

Kera keeps Rabbit distracted by gently tugging on her paws and avoiding the playful muzzle trying to grab her fingers. A little game the two play alot by the looks of it. Zaria's questions earn a smile as Kera nods, her answer for everyone even though it was Zaria's question "Certainly you can invite family, and friends even. All of you write down your guestlist for the hatching, and where to find then obviously. When the dragons begin humming, riders will be sent to bring your guests." Focusing on Zaris then "How many siblings?" Risali's concern gets an understanding nod "Certainly you'll be able to see them. Hatchings are followed by a huge feast. And drinking. For those that do impress, you'll be allowed to join the feast once the young dragons are fed, taken care of and sound asleep."

Zaria relaxes slightly and nods, "Thanks. That's a relief." At Kera's query she replies with a big grin, "I'm the middle of 7. They are all going to be well pleased, I don't think any of them have ridden a dragonback before." Fawning over her little green, she makes minute adjustments to a leg here, a wing there, gently pushing her tiny wedge shaped head so it's supported and not just hanging in space. She gets a cute little sleepy burp for her troubles.

"Dad's at Telgar, Mom's at Lemos. I was an only child, though I hear Mom's pregnant again. Haven't found out whether I've got a little brother or sister yet." Brynnjan grins. His bronze firelizard reappears from wherever it's been this whole time, doing its own thing, and decides it likes the idea of perching on Zaria's head. Or at least attempting as much.

There's a nod for Kera's explanation of family and when they can be seen, a silent question formed on lips that's breathlessly and wordlessly dismissed without being truly formed; Risali's surprise comes from Zaria's amount of siblings, mouth curling around the word, "Seven?" before she can be bothered to censor her alarm. "From the same parents?" Whether or not the answer to that question is 'no', Risali is breathing out, "Faranth, Zari. You are amazing." And then the harper's attention is momentarily snagged by Brynnjan, a genuine smile on her lips when she offers, "Congratulations. Are you hoping for one in particular?" Give her a moment, and then Risali's focus is back on Kera, watching her game with Rabbit as she thinks of another question to ask and hesitates. There's a soft noise in her throat, punctuated by a huff of air when Potato decides to leap from her shoulders onto the bed, and then Risali's clearing her throats. "What about… well. I mean, what if we are in relationships? You know… before. I ah-I have heard that you can sneak away for a time when the dragons are asleep, but is that true? And how long?" Risali probably has an idea of the answer to some of these questions, having been weyrbred and claiming a bronzerider and a goldrider for parents, but it's very different to hear about things than it is to be the one experiencing things. "And… not… you know…" She can't say it; she's flustered and blushing and making MOTIONS WITH HER HANDS, but she can't say it. "Not that kind of… sneaking away. Just." Silence, and Risali motions in a sweeping gesture at Kera, as if to say, 'Please save me from myself, and stop me from trying to explain.' "Things." A squeak of sound. Now would be a fantastic time for the ground to just OPEN UP AND SWALLOW HER WHOLE.

"I'm fine with either, though I may not have to choose.. she could have twins, from what I've heard." Brynnjan shrugs, musing softly to himself. "I'd love to see the looks on my parents' faces when they hear I've been named a candidate. I'd also like to see their faces when I return home with a dragon." He grins. "I mean, I'm being optimistic. I know a dragon hatching for me isn't an absolute given."

Kera shifts on the trunk a bit, these things are not for sitting on obviously, else they'd be padded. Settling with one leg under her, Rabbit watches the bronze flitterand tries scrambling away from Kera so she can play too. But the greenhealer has a secure grasp of the furball and keeps her in place. "Wow, busybusybusy." is all she says about how many siblings her parents gave her. "They'll probably send out two dragons to bring them in." Hopefully not little greens her blues. Nodding to Brynnjan. "Be sure to write all the information the riders will need and they will make sure your guests are in the stands.. Canting her head to Risali, a little grin at her awkwardness in asking. "Well, if you can't say it, you probably shouldn't be doing it." And amused wink before she waves off any argument. "I understand what you mean, I think. The first thing you have to understand, is that any relationship you have take second place to a dragonmate. If you are lucky enough to have a free moment during weyrlinghood, you'ld be smart to grab sleep. You're going to be sooo busy with caring for your dragons, training..And I mean lots of training. Alot of running, with weighted packs. Lessons, lectures, and just so many things that you'll be busy with. After all that, if you can find a few minutes to spend with someone else, more power to ya. Just remember that your first priority, if you impress, is to your dragonmate. They feel what you feel, an dmay not understand. If you impress, you'll soon understand what I'm talking about."

"Yes, my parents've been together for almost thirty Turns now, they were teenage sweethearts. I can only wish I have a relationship with as much love in it as theirs." Zaria gushes a little bit, until she feels the weight of a pudgy bronze 'lizard on her hair. As she tries to reach up and swat away the bronze, she inadvertantly jostles the sleeping green in her arm, who gives a startled sqwak and then since she's already up, demands another meal most noisely. Zaria sighs and looks aplogetically at the others here. "I better go get some fresh meat from the kitchens." she says as she gets up briskly, dislodging the hitchhiking bronze from her head in one motion and heads to the Caverns entrance

The 'hitchhiking' bronze quickly flies free of Zaria, and returns to land on Brynnjan. He gives the bronze a good scritching, chuckling to himself. "You're not the jealous type, are you?" He glances upward, looking into his firelizard's eyes. The firelizard makes a noise of indifference.

You know what is for sitting? These cots. It's almost as if in sympathy: Kera shifts on her trunk perch, and Risali shifts on her cot, finding a much more comfortable position as her hair starts to drip melted snow. "Very busy," Risali echoes, though there's no appreciation lost in grey eyes for romance, not when Zaria gushes about the relationship between her parents - maybe a clipped hint of sadness in the way her lips curl, curbed by hope; it's the silent physical manifestation of a child who stopped believing in love only to find it for herself - the unspoken need for her own happy ending that's buried beneath careful neutrality and a smile in the face of much more important things. "That's wonderful," she tells Zaria, and she means it; thankfully Risali is spared further observation of her own very complicated emotions by an abrupt departure to tend a very hungry flit. Grey eyes track Zari's progress through the barracks until the woman's gone out the door, and then Risali's turning sheepish attention onto Kera again. She listens - attentive, despite the deepening flush of her cheeks (IT'S TOTALLY JUST THE HEAT, SHE SWEARS) - and then lets out a little exhale once Kera's reached the end of her explanation. "It sounds… terrifying, and gratifying at the same time. I think I understand." And maybe she does, if the way her brows furrow in thought is any indication. "But doesn't that get lonely?" Because she doesn't understand the bond between a rider and their lifemate. WAIT FOR IT. WAIT FOR IT… That horrifying sound you hear is Risali's flits (one of them, she can't really tell which since they've all FORMED A LITTLE CLUB UNDER THE BED, WHERE HUMANS ARE NOT ALLOWED) throwing up. Risali's scrambling before she even bothers to wait for an answer, the blood draining from her face as she scrambles to push her cot up and - "Oh, Whisper." It's breathed as she reaches out to gather the little retching green (who is really probably fine, just being gross, but KERA PUT THE FEAR OF TUNNELSNAKE POISON IN HERE SO, HERE WE GO: OVERREACTIONS GALORE). "Can we maybe continue this at the dragonhealers?" A pause, as she cuddles the green to her chest and then looks sheepish. "If… you were headed that way, I mean. Not to take you away from everybody else." But she's not really waiting for an answer again, is she? She's forgetting her coat and already backing towards the door because WHAT IF WHISPER DIES? "And Brynn? I hope you get both." Because twins, right? THERE SHE GOES.

Kera frowns at the sounds coming from under the cot and is quick to get to her feet when it seems there is a cause for concern. Snapping her fingers at Risali, "You're not gonna be very useful to her if you freeze to death candidate. Use your head, don't panic." Casting a glance around the barracks "Now it's an order, anyone who fed their flitters tunnelsnake, come along." She hurriedly bundles herself up and rescoops up Rabbit before quick stepping out of the barracks.

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