Visiting Fort's Candidates

~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Lake Shore ~~*~~

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
For the Weyr Games opening ceremonies, the lake shore has been transformed and cleared of ice and snow. Large tents have been built, their thick coverings made of white fabric, enough to keep warmth in but also let light out so they will glow when the sun sets, lit from within by hundreds of lanterns. Each tent is its own little island, with food, and drink, and a Harper or two. Mingling between tents is welcome, but not necessary. The outside areas have small little fires built for those who prefer to have the sky above them, and more lanterns strung up on poles to light the area and glitter off the ice of the lake.
Guards are present and mingling, dressed in black but without masks, so everyone knows who they are.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

c-rus is walking along the shore of the lake. He seems to be a man deep in thought. What he is thinking about could be anyone's guess. Though he has continued his habit of talking to himself, "Eggs…." he mumbles as he goes. He lifts his head to glance out upon the frozen lake. The day is crisp and cool, though thankfully the snow that has been pounding Fort for the better part of the sevenday has apparently mellowed and been replaced by a wonderfully blue sky, with sunshine!

Sunshine there maybe, but there's still plenty of the white stuff on the ground to make it through, although plenty of tracks have been trampled muddy by all the foot traffic. The lake and sky might be lovely, but the ground in many places is quite the squishy mess. Ravyal doesn't seem to be enjoying making his way across the bowl in it, at least. He's heading away from the main congregation of games however, laden with a large and empty platter. Working in the kitchens during events means delivery duty at times!

Sairon is out and about in the afternoon, enjoying the break in the rain for however long it dare may last. He's got a longer coat on, a dark grey suede like a stormcloud and lined lightly with fleece, to ward off the damp spring chill. There's a meatroll in his hand that he's chewing on, his other hand shoves into a pocket. He mingles among the tents set up for the game, though he seems to have no real direction. Which makes sense, giving he seems to generally lack it at any other time of day.

Cyrus hears the crunch of snow under the feet of the others wandering around and that causes him to lift his head to glance to see who is there. Ravyal gets a wave, never having met him really, but he is a fellow candidate and so…yeah. He then spots the other snow cruncher and a frown crosses his face. It doesnt' take a genius to tell how he feels about Sairon right now. He begins to set his course in a new direction to avoid Sairon but apparently changes his mind as he turns on his heels and begins to march toward him. That determined look on his face that he gets when he is about to 'pass along useful information.'

Ravyal does pause in his trek at seeing Cyrus, a smile there. He even lets go of his hold on the platter with one hand to wave back, mouth say nothing at all. It's not like he doesn't recognize the other candidate, after all. Still, there is..silence from the former weaver, and he peeks in the direction that Cyrus is heading. Sairon? His head tilts just a little. Does he move, however? Not at all. If he has places he needs to be going, he doesn't seem too much in a hurry to be getting there.

Sairon doesn't miss the Walk of Intent that comes into his field of vision. Briefly is food chipmunked to one cheek so he can mutter, "Hey, what's up?" Sounding like he's got no idea that the healer appears to be in a tiff and is oblivious to it. He does however finish chewing and swallowing and declines to take another bite, flinging the last bit of the roll absently towards one of the dogs scooting around the tent while its owner is inside. Ravyal isn't noticed at the moment, at least that the young man indicates.

"The other day at that hunting event. You laughed at me. I want to know why." Cyrus says as he stares intently at Sairon. He stops moving when he gets a few feet from him and just stands there continuing his stare, "You think that feels good? I have a lot on my plate now that I'm trying to figure out and I don't need someone making me feel anymore insecure that I already do." He glances over to Rav and offers him a brief, polite, if slightly fake smile before Sairon once again claims his full attention.

Kera is most definitely 'not' avoiding any unpleasant duties at her home Weyr. Nope! Not at all. The Xanadu greenrider is helping work on interweyr relations in the form of Fort's Games. Not that she's done much more than play with snow around a winterstripped gnarly tree. Leaving behind n small little snow display that may amuse a few people, Kera tromps through the snow offering friendly smiles and murmured greetings. Readjusting her scarf, her several month old lizard, trills from her shoulder to a few Fortian lizards that are playing nearby. Her brown is up there to, learning how to cause more trouble probably. Pausing by the rail, she eyes the little course that has been set up, what she can see of it anyway. Voices calling out draw her attention and she spots a couple of faces she recognizes. Perking up a bit, she pushes off the rail and weaves towards the Sairin, Cyrus and the other she doesn't know, yet.

Get involved? With a potential argument? Not Ravyal? And yet…the former weaver wanders closer. Of course, he does clutch at that platter a bit. Maybe if he shrank down he could hide behind it. But he does manage to finally speak up, even if it is from a few feet back. " everything okay?" He, after all, wasn't at the hunting event! But he does look between the other two candidates a bit worriedly, before noticing Kera, blinking just a little in surprise. One hand comes up in an unsure wave at least.

Sairon looks utterly nonplussed as Cyrus brings that up, his face scrunching up as he appears to be trying to figure out the upset. "Figured it'd be obvious." He says, slowly as if it should be just that. "I figured that bit out awhile ago. Nothing wrong with being insecure. You gotta admit there's an irony, though." Briefly he pauses, his eyes look over towards Ravyal and his grin is totally calm, "All good, just got some miscommunication, seems like." Back to Cyrus then he says, "It was obvious when we were first talking you weren't too fond of the Weyr life, dragons, all that. I've seen it hundreds of times before in the candidates that came through Eastern. Scared, offended, angry; they had no clue why they were there, some didn't look like they even wanted to be there. But here you are. I was laughing because I remembered something I overheard one: the dragon knows even what the mirror doesn't. It was mostly the fact the rider in question was extraordinarily drunk after his graduation ceremony and half off his bench that mostly prompted the laughing."

Cyrus has not yet noticed Kera's approach, otherwise he would just have broken off his conversation with Sairon and wandered over, "I can't deny there is a certain irony." His penchant for telling the truth wouldn't allow it, "I am not offended, except by that one egg…but that's a different story." he says with a wave of his hand, "Nor I am I angry in any real sense toward anyone here. Exasperated yes…but angry not yet. And of course I'm scared. Not of dragons. Of my life here and everything that this could mean." When Rav speaks up he gives a shake of his head, "No. There is no problem." he says to clarify the situation, "I don't believe that dragons are half as infallible as everyone thinks they are. I don't think they are anymore perceptive than us beyond being telepathic."

Kera gets closer, head dipping towards Ravyal when she catches the hesitant wave. Gloved fingers wiggle towards the platter carrying candidate. Bits of the conversation she hears walking up don't make much sense, since she isn't aware of what prompted it to begin with. Waving to the others, narrowly avoiding stepping into a muddy rut in the path, with a one footed half hop. Polgara chitters scoldingly to Kera when she's nearly dislodged, and the bright tail slips around her neck and a clawed paw grasp onto her hair. Well sorry." is muttered to the young queen before turning her attention back to the gathered group "G'afternoon Cyrus, Sairon." Her gaze flickers to Ravyal with an apologetic smile "Hello. I'm Kera, Moncerath's rider and Apprentice in the Hall." 'The Hall' being the Healer Hall according to the knots on her shoulder Xanadu visitors shoulders.

Ravyal too…has no idea what is going on, and the poor boy looks like it, staring in utter confusion at the older candidates. He even still looks a bit concerned at the back and forth, despite them both saying that there's no problem at all. He does not believe! There's a little nod at Kera's approach though, offering a small smile for the rider at her introduction. " I'm Ravyal, Wea—erm.. Candidate?" The teen clears his throat just a little then, flicking a look back to his fellow candidates again. "A..are you here for the games?"

"Of course not." Sairon says with a wave of the hand not still in a pocket, with the wave turning into an actual purposeful wave towards Kera. He is, apparently, not done talking yet. Is he ever? "Dragons and people aren't so different - some are brighter and more perceptive, others aren't, but they do seem to have a knack for seeing what we don't care to admit about ourselves. Good and bad. If you're talking about the egg I think you are, too, yeeah… that seemed to be a pretty universal reaction from what I saw, but hey, they're all individuals. Same as us. Why scared though, hm? What is fear? A reaction to not knowing. It holds ya back. It's no different than standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to jump into the water. You don't know what's down there under the waves, you don't know if you're going to land wrong, land on something, get eaten, drown.. sure, there's a lot that can go bad. But just as much can go right. You're not going to know until you jump, so why be afraid of bad things that haven't happened yet? All that does is hold you back from something that might be good."

Cyrus nods in agreement with the first part of Sairon's rather lengthy speech. Then though he hears a voice that causes him to turn his head away from the other candidate and smile widely, "Thank goodness!" he says mostly to himself. He promptly wanders away from Sairon as he is talking and moves off toward where Kera and Pol are standing, "Hi Kera…" he says softly, a small smile on his face. Even in apparently dire circumstances she can still make the man smile, "Look at what has happened.." he says as he points to the knot on his shoulder. The white one not the other one. He raises his hand as if to say, 'I don't know….' Poor Rav gets ignored for the moment. Sairon's comments on fear go largely unheard.

Kera flashes a little grin to Ravyal, nodding at his slip up. "Well met Ravyal. Don't worry, took me a little while to get used to the white knot too. Yea, Moncerath and I are hoping to compete in a few of the events." A quick wink to the young man before looking to the others. She's standing right near the group, so Cyrus doesn't have to move off too far when he turns. Whatever bits of overheard debate that peeked her interest flies out of her head, eyebrows tries to slide up under her hairline and jaw dropping a bit when the before mentioned white knot is resting on the Journeyhealer's shoulder. Looking from his shoulder, to Cyrus, then flicking a glance to Sairon. A questioning look sent to each before a worried expression settles over her face. Scanning all three faces, focusing on Cyrus, or mainly his shoulder with a bewildered shake of her head "Of all the things I thought I may see today, this was not even on the list." A finger pokes out to the older healer's shoulder as if to she's hallucinating.

"It is sometimes hard to really remember.." Or think of himself as anything other than a weaver. Ravyal continues his shifting gaze, pausing on one face and then another for a time even as Cyrus turns to them. After a moment or two, however, the teen takes a few steps back, then hurries off once again down the slightly muddied trail back toward the caverns. He has a platter to deliver!

Sairon watches Cyrus meander off mid-talk and just rolls up his eyes in good-natured exasperation. "…and now I know how my mother felt. Try and give a guy advice, distracted by a girl. Figures." He mutters, probably just to himself. With Ravyal scampering off, it leaves him to lazily cross his arms and watch the interaction between the healers.

Cyrus just stands there in front of Kera and nods his head slowly, "It wasn't anything that I expected either. I was minding my own business helping roll bandages and Th'ero came into the infirmary and asked me to come outside. His dragon says that being honest is better than being a liar and that I'm a bit rough around the edges but have potential." he says repeating the words he has mulled over in his head endlessly since the event happened, "What should I do?" he asks softly. If he is going to listen to any advice it will be hers. Poor Sairon gets something of the cold shoulder but Rav gets a quick wave as he scampers off to wherever he is going.

Kera pokes at Cyrus's candidate knot, nope, not imagining it. Arching a brow at her friend's explanation, her gaze drifts to Ravyal and Sairon both while she listens. Waving to the silently departing platter bearer, it's obvious she's distracted, or hallucinating. As Cyrus finishes explaining about his rough edges and wants advice, Kera reaches one hand to pet her shoulder perching lizard, and the other to rub her own forehead as if it is starting to ache. "What do you mean what should you do? You've already done it." A quick flick of her fingers towards the white threads resting on Cyrus's shoulder. Looking at her friend quietly a moment she offers the only advice she can manage to put together right now. "I just hope it was for the 'right' reasons that prompted you to accept. And not as part of your…research." She's still trying to wrap her brain around the fact that a dragon saw Cyrus as a potential. Looking to Sairon "Is this what the bickering I heard a moment ago was about?"

Sairon gives a tilt of his head towards Kera and her question, brows scrunching in a bewildered look. "Eh, the knot bit. I laughed when I saw it. No clue what research you're talkin about though. You some kinda.. experimental dragonhealer or something?"

"I mean what should I do?" he asks again, "Th'ero said I could always give the knot back until I was on the sands. I genuinely want your advice." He isn't being coy or tricky, "You know how much I value your opinion." When she asks him about doing it for the 'right' reasons his face falls a bit, "My research never came into my mind." he says honestly, "But you know I'm trying to help everyone…" He then looks over to Sairon. Most of what irritated him has left his mind at this point since it had moved onto other things, "We bicker all the time." he says to explain that it isn't out of the ordinary and that neither of them is actually 'fighting' in any sense, "We get over it." he adds. When Sairon mentions his research too he settles on giving him the brief version, "I want to help riders and dragons avoid conflicts with each other and others. I want to make the world a better place, a more decent place."

Kera considers Sairon for a few seconds after he finishes explaining, finally nodding at his added piece of the puzzle Cyrus presents. Looking back to Cyrus, she is glad his research didn't enter his mind and slips on an encouraging smile "I think you still have time to think about everything. And we'll have time to talk. I confess I never imagined…" Trailing off, she shakes off the confusion over the last few minutes "Weyrleader Th'ero? Well, if his dragon thinks you should be presented to the clutch, then…dragons know about these things better than us. Just don't…act rashly..but, we can talk later, okay?" That's bout all the advice she can muster for now. Looking between the two Fortian candidates, Kera smiles "So, what events have I missed this morning?"

"Ah." Is Sairon's simple response to the explanation. "Shouldn't be hard between dragons and riders - that's kinda the point of impression. Others? World's come a long way since finding AVIAS. Riders weren't who they were before, others wouln't be either. Changing the world? Tall order, but, who am I to argue with it?" He seems to pick up on something between them, some detail he's missing, but he doesn't ask and lets the topic shift without protest. "This morning? Nothing exciting, least that I know of. Was busy with chores though. I did /not/ miss those."

Cyrus listens to what she is saying and nods. Ok. She seems to be ok with this, but yeah…more talk is needed, but not right now, "I also have been doing chores and I'm not really up on what happened this morning. I don't even know what is happening this afternoon." he says with a shrug, "Though I'm sure we can find out what is happening. I know I signed up to compete in a few of them. I'm looking forward to it." he says with a small smile. When Sairon decides not to argue about changing the world he sighs a sigh of relief. Good. Won't have to go there, "Thanks." he says. Then to Kera he adds, "We can wander and find where the events are today."

Kera can't keep the grin off her face when both speak of chores. "And they start wayyy too early in the morning, or even middle of the night right?" chuckling at the reminder of her own time as a candidate, she flicks a glance back to Cyrus. "As long as it isn't interfering with your new duties." Stepping along with the two Fortian candidates, she readjust her hood and scarf, Polgara churling contently as she burrows deeper under the warm scarf. "I heard they been having some hunting and trapping events. I'm not sure how those count as snow games though." A curious glance is passed among the other two, as if hoping they would enlighten her about the connection.

"Early in the morning and middle of the night are the same thing in my book," Sairon says with a soft laugh, "Both times shouldn't exist, at least for civilized folk. Eh, you figure not everywhere has a bounty of herds or other animals to eat, or run out in the winter. Hunting and trapping can be plain survival, especially for the out-of-the-way settlements."

Cyrus nods his head, "I'm used to having to do things at all hours. It's ok." he says to reassure her that it really isn't /that/ bad, "Though it certainly is different." He quickly shakes his head when she asks about interfering with his duties, "No. Not interfering at all. I'm done with everything that I need to do for the day." He nods as Sairon explains what the connection is. He had wondered too, but Sairon's explanation makes good sense, "What he said." he says with a grin.

Kera thinks about that as they walk along, nodding her head agreeably when it works out properly in her mind. "I suppose that makes sense. Guess I've always been a bit spoiled in that regard." Not having to go out and trap her own meals, a hunter she is not! Dragging her feet through the snow, she watches it gather on top of her booth and chuckles before scooping up some snow and starting to form it between gloved hands. "Have there been many injuries so far? From the various games that have been going on."

Cyrus sticks close by Kera's side as she walks, ready to catch her if she were to slip on the ice or snow, but thankfully nothing of the kind happens, "There are two hunters who are candidates." he throws out there just as a bit of trivia, "I couldn't really do anything like that either. I don't mind eating the spoils of the hunt, but I don't think I'd be any good at actually catching anything." he says with a small chuckle, "Not that I've seen. Though I've only been to one event. There probably are minor injuries and things. I helped with the rolling of bandages to get ready. It wouldn't surprise me if some folks had bruises, bumps and minor cuts though. Maybe even a few broken legs and arms."

"I did a bit of hunting, old man wanted me to know how." Sairon says with a shrug of his shoulders. "Not really my thing though. I much prefer the eating to the catching and preparing. Speaking of, I got kitchen duty and evening meal's getting ready. So, I will leave you to it. Cy', no stewing. If you got something on your chest, don't grump, just talk." He remarks with a lopsided grin to the other man before dipping his head to Kera. "Have a good one, suppose I'll see you at one of the events." And with that said, he's headed off towards the caverns.

Kera pats the clump of snow in her hands into a loose snowball, keeping her movements smooth so Polgara doesn't resort to scolding her again. Peering from Sairon to Cyrus and back again as the conversation goes on "A good skill to have. Maybe I should get Bowyn to give me a few pointers about traps and such." Sairon excuses himself to another task and a wave sent his way. "Probably. Maybe even compete against each other in a couple." Grinning to the young man's back, she tosses her snowball up in the air and it splats on the ground behind her. A few more steps are taken and she peers back to Cyrus, watching him curiously. "How about we get out of the cold and warm up a bit."

Cyrus gives a wave to Sairon as he wanders off to take care of kitchen duty, "Sairon is a very unique individual." he says to her after he goes, "Don't worry about us we are really fine." he says. He knows that Kera likes to see everyone get along. He watches her closely as she forms her snowball, wondering if she intends to throw it at him, though his curiosity soon comes to an end when she throws it over her back, "Yeah probably." he says with a wink to the young lady, "Which would you like to compete against me in?" he asks before he he moves to walk shoulder to shoulder with her, "Sure. I'd like that very much. It's nicer than it was but still more than a little bit chilly."

Kera cants her head a bit, nuzzling the young gold that's rubbing her head back and forth across Kera's jaw. Thinking about competing against Cyrus is considered and she grins with a shrug and half nod. "Sure, if we enter the same events." Thinking about which ones, she chuckles with an uncertain shake of her head as she walks along with her friend. "Maybe the snowball. I think I would probably have an unfair advantage. I mean, would you really throw a snowball at me?" Working to keep a wide-eyed innocent expression on her face, she cracks and slips giggles at her lame attempt to 'cheat' in a snowball fight against Cyrus. Rubbing her gloved hands together briskly, she ends up shoving them in her jacket pockets. As they head towards an entrance that promises warmth, Kera whistles sharply a few times and Minimur comes winging overhead with a chitter.

Her cheat might actually have some shot at working, he leans in even closer to really take in her 'innocent' look. If the look on his face says anything it does sort of melt his heart a little bit. Kera is getting good at this, "I don't think I could." he says a bit dreamily, "I'd have a hard time doing anything that might hurt you…even for a moment." He walks along toward the entrance to the hatching cavern. He's already been here multiple times now, "By the way…I love it when you do that. So amazingly cute." He take a deep breath of the warm air, "I touched the eggs last night."

Kera grins more than a little at Cyrus's comments, 'cept that last one, that brings her up a bit short. "Do what? Pretend to be innocent? Or maybe the 'creativity' I used in making sure no wild snowballs will be flying my way from you?" Another innocent, okie, not so innocent, look slips over her features when she grins. As they step into the cavern, her voice instinctively lowers to a whisper. Canting her head to Cyrus when he mentions an egg, "That must have caught you off guard. Well, for the first one. I suppose you were a bit more prepared after that?" A sympathetic smile offered at that.

Cyrus also keeps his voice low so that he doesn't disturb the dragons. He has been informed that he doesn't want to cause them any bother, and from a natural perspective it makes good sense, "Both." he says with a very light bump to her shoulder, "Very cute either way." Though he becomes more serious as the topic shifts once again, "It was a surprise. I was sort of just summoned and didn't have time to prepare, and the first egg I touched was very intense. It was a pushy sort of egg. It pressed into my mind but in the end it decided it liked me….though the second egg I touched I really liked. That's the Organic Ink egg. I also like the blue one." he adds.

Kera has to work to suppress the grin that threatens to stretch across her face. Nudging Cyrus back, she huddles deeper into her hood, turning against the sudden breeze that whips a few strands of hair across her face. Her feet move at a little quicker pace as Cyrus tells about one egg in particular that has kept his attention. She winces when her stomach suddenly growls loudly. "Oh, sorry bout that, think it was the talk of eggs. Guess I did sorta skip lunch." Looking around, "How about we get a bite to eat then admire the eggs?"

Cyrus gives a shake of his head as she speaks up, "I don't mind in the least. Lets get your tummy full so it isn't grumbling." he says softly to her. Poor Kera she looks a little cold as so he moves closer and makes an attempt at putting an arm around her shoulders. It would be simple to evade all one would have to do would be take a step or two forward, "Did you have anything particular in mind?" he asks.

// ~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Living Caverns ~~*~~//

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Kera grins as their steps veer towards the caverns instead. Glancing up as she feels the arm settle over her shoulder, she merely continues with a nod. Every bit of warmth against the chill breeze. Making sure Mini makes it in before the door closes, she breathes in the mouth watering aromas. "A bowl of whatever's steaming sounds like the best thing in the world right now." Tugging her gloves off and shoving them in her pockets, she nods and greets people that pass by or are passed by as they go on about their meals. Looking back to Cyrus "Unless you've sampled something you think I should try. With all the visitors for the games, I bet the kitchen staff has gone all out trying to out do each other."

Cyrus lets her go immediately once they step inside the warmth, not wanting her to think he was being overly familiar beyond just not wanting her to be uncomfortable, "I'm sure that they are going all out. Sairon seemed to say as much." he tries to think back over the last few days that have been an absolute blur, "The tea is nice and hot. I'm not one to go for tea usually but the tea is pretty good here. The cream soup is also nice and warm, though I must confess to being partial to the meat rolls myself." he says as he recounts some of the menu highlights for her, "If none of that appeals I'm sure you could make a special request. You are a visitor after all and they will want to roll out the red carpet for someone from Xanadu…speaking of…did everything go ok after I left? I mean Sori seemed ok with us but Ka'el seemed less than pleased. I was…" he pauses trying to find the right word, "…disappointed a number of times in his behavior over the turns."

Kera nods gently as Cyrus mentions a few dishes, pointing out a few as all the platters are surveyed. A few things he mentions triggers a combinations that sounds good "Oh, the soup and meatrolls both." Grinning a bit as she grabs a couple of bowls, passing one to Cyrus. "I like dipping my meatrolls sometimes, depending on the soup or stew." Looking to the rolls, she grabs some of those since she'll have two lizards suddenly hungry as soon as she sits down. Mention of the other evening brings a grin, only a hint of confusion over what Cyrus is getting at. Small shake of her head "I didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary. I don't think he's a big fan of changing diapers, but.." Another shrug lifts her shoulders "He had alot of duties to see to that evening, what with all the visitors for the Festival."

Cyrus figures that he might as well get some food in him since she passed a bowl to him. He too takes some of the meatrolls and loads the plate up with those. It seems that Cyrus is a carnivore through and through. He grabs a simple glass of water and that will be all for him for the time being, "Ok." he says, "I just wanted to make sure you weren't catching any sort of blowback on my account." But on to a more pleasant topic, "Thank you for making my first date so wonderful." he says. He just smiles as wide as he can. That first went off without a hitch, "And if you are amenable to it…I hope it was good enough to have a second."

Kera sidesteps along the buffet, not adding to her meal, simply taking note of all the different choices, particularly ones that she doesn't see back home very often. Grabbing a mug of tea, a little honey added, she follows Cyrus towards some seats. Her head dips with a cheery grin when eye contact is made, whether she recognizes faces or not. Quick head shake to Cyrus "Oh no." She gives a little snort and sighs "Any problems I find myself in are always on me." The greenrider forces a little smile out, not at all eager to speak of her latest disaster. Repressing a shutter, she sinks down at a seat and settles her meal and mug out. With free hands, she starts unbundling her flight jacket, and scarf, revealing a whole lizard underneath, and not just shiny scolding muzzle. Eager to not think about that, a more genuine smile replaces the forced one "I had a really nice evening. I wouldn't object to another, when both our schedules will allow it." A little reminder that he's no longer on his own schedule, but the Weyr's and maybe even one of the future dragons.

Cyrus once more puffs up with pride when she said that she had a nice evening and wouldn't object to another, "I get days off. There is a schedule posted all official like. I just have to be available is all incase they want to do an egg touching or something. So no problem there." he says with a certain amount of excitement, "It would give me something to look forward too at the end of a busy couple of days…and they also say our evenings are free to do as we choose." A man can have multiple priorities after all. He was honest with Th'ero about what is life looks like both professionally and personally and the weyrleader didn't object in the slightest, even offered positive advice, "Hi Pol." he says as he reaches over to try to pat the gold on the head. Though he can tell from her body language something isn't quite right, "You /sure/ you are ok?" He won't pry if she doesn't want to talk about it.

Kera glances at Cyrus while draping her jacket on the back of her chair, moving a little awkwardly til Polgara can be coaxed onto a spot on the table. Her still growing wings stretch and Kera reaches over to keep her from flapping them enthusiastically "Nownow, easy…" She murmurs and soothes with a few seconds of rubs and scritches. Turning her attention back to Cyrus "You'ld think she was used to sitting on a pillow or something and not a hard table." After an unsuccessful attempt at a straight face, she snaps her fingers "Oh wait, she is." Snickering a bit, as Polgara makes a few soft chitters and waddles a couple of paces closer to Cyrus since he's offering scritches. That's fine by Kera though, her gaze darts to the ceiling briefly and a quick bite from her meatroll. While the lizards are distracted, Kera gets to eat. Too soon though, a brown flaps over to settle on her shoulder. "I'm fine, just some stuff I'm not really looking forward too." Dreading really, but she won't say that.

Cyrus continues to pet the lizard just cause she seems to enjoy it, and blinks at her response. There is something wrong here. Kera never acts like this. She is always happy about everything. If there is something she doesn't want to do it must be bad. He nods his head slowly and pets the lizard with one hand and grabs a meat roll from his plate with the other, "What sort of stuff?" he asks, just a bit of Cyrus protective mode beginning to kick in.

Kera waves off the worry with a determined smile. "It's nothing serious, really. Just something unpleasant." Gesturing towards the food, which her fingers starts tearing the little meatroll into bites for her lizards. Doling a few out to both, "I'd much rather hear what brought on your change in status. Well, the current one that is." An amused wink as she gestures towards Cyrus's white knotted shoulder. "Considering your stance when it comes to dragons and their riders, well, it's just. You have to realize that is quite a surprise to someone who knows you."

Therynn is one of those later to arrive in the buffet line, taking up a spot and grabbing a tray as people shuffle in all around. She too is always impressed by the mouth watering array of food, even in the dead of winter. She's been thinking a lot about how people survive in weather like this, and decided she's grateful for the coverage from the nasty elements outside. The huntress is one huge glass of red fruit juice in, plus a mug of klah, drinking anything non-alcoholic that she can in an attempts to find them as enjoyable as a tasty adult libation or two. A few meat rolls, small bowl of herd beast stew and a side of veggies are grabbed, along with some water to wash it down. It has been a long day of chores and duties, bathing and studying and now she's gotta make decisions like what to eat and where to sit? Turning to face the tables and chairs behind her, steps are taken towards chow-time. Recognizing the Greenrider and fellow Candidate she heads that direction. "Evenin' there.." is said with a nod of the head to gauge their approachability and potentially join them at their table.

Cyrus watches her closely examining her face and eyes specifically as she speaks. He can see that he isn't going to get anymore out of her than he has gotten and it will worry him to no end, "Just know that if you ever need me…for anything…at any time. I will be there." He gently attempts to pat a hand on her shoulder before sitting back with a sigh. He just shrugs, "I honestly don't know. I felt compelled to do it. I realized that I've been stuck in a rut and this offered a chance to do something different. I know its crazy. But I thought about it…if that dragon can truly look at me and say that I'm a candidate. Then he was also taking into account everything that I believe…and maybe its possible to be both. I guess we'll know in the end if my theory on this is true." He takes a bite of one of the meat sticks as he ponders. He is brought out of this pondering by Therynn's arrival, "Hi Therynn…feel free to join us." he says.

Kera offers a smile and nods to Cyrus "I know." Dipping her meatroll into her creamy soup, she takes a bite then dips again, letting Polgara have a little taste, then Minimur when he complains he's missing out. Rolling her eyes in amusement at his antics, she grins and nods, her attention still on the newly dubbed candidate. "Well, you'll be able to get a lot of first hand knowledge. And quite a group of people to answer your questions, or give you their perspectives over some…issues you may question." Sipping her tea, she spots Therynn approaching, dipping her head politely to the huntress. "G'afternoon." flicking fingers to empty spots "Have a seat." She's just a visitor afterall. Noticing the lack of nasty looking scratches, compared to the last time they met "Were you able to find those bracers?"

Therynn catches only the last bit of Cyrus' heart to heart confession to Kera and is about to just greet and run as it looks as though they're in the middle of something pretty deep. She hasn't had a chance to catch up with her friend in the past few busy days, but it sounds like things are going smoothly and she definitely doesn't wanna rain on that lovely parade. Suddenly Kera's soup dipped meat roll is looking mighty fine and she's wishing she had grabbed a cup, excuses are so easy to come by! "Why thank ya!" head bows first to Kera then to Cyrus as she sits across from them. "Aye, sucha good idea!" is giggled while she settles in, tearing off a piece of meat roll before she notices. "Aww Cy! They got you too! Congrats buddy!" at least she thinks a congrats is in store. "How've you two been?" she's trying to press coyly for any details about the event and surprise.

Both of these ladies know of his reluctance over a few things, really there are only a few. Granted the few things are huge, but still. When Kera explains that he'll get a lot of first hand knowledge and perspective from others he nods, but he can't help but notice her lack of enthusiasm, "I guess for now I just have to believe that Velokraeth chose me for who I am…all of me and that all of me was acceptable. I'm sort of taking it on faith…and it is difficult for me. I confess that I've almost walked away more times than I can count." he tells Kera and Therynn. When Therynn offers him congratulations he nods, "Thank you." because it would be simply rude to decline a genuine statement of congrats. When Therynn asks her final question though he glances over to Kera, genuinely unsure what to say. So he does what guys do. He stuffs some food in his mouth and waits for the woman to answer.

Kera chuckles to Therynn pleased her idea was useful, dipping her head agreeably "Glad I could be of help. I'm sure your arms will appreciate it." As the other candidate congrats Cyrus on his new status, the Xanadu rider observes them both while sneaking a few bites in between her lizards'. "Yea, he was got alright, Think he may still be dazed and confused." Kera flashes an amused wink to Cyrus before peering back across to Therynn curiously. A quick look to Cyrus then back across the table " I've been fine, duties and such. Xanadu recently has Harvest Festival, and there was a rather…interesting evening." She snickers a bit "Never saw a dragon covered in skewers of kebobed meat before…had you?" That last bit directed to Cyrus since she invited him to the evening.

Therynn thinks this is a good time for listening, so listening she does, full attention on Cyrus' words, with and idle hand tearing off nibbles of meat roll as she nods in understanding. "S'not easy bein' a Candidate.." she finally says when it is a good time to add her own lil tidbit, and Rynn knows this feeling deeply as her second time around. Watching the very dude-like response from Cyrus, she giggles and turns her hazel gaze upon Kera. "N'my face!" she beams proudly as only a few hairline scars remain today. Another bite and a scoff at her dazed and confused comment "Y'said it right Kera.. always a.. perplexing moment in time this whole Candidacy thing. Seriously enjoy it, and hold on to your britches, s'gonna be a wild ride with the hatching here in the blink of an eye!" Rynn plays it cool, aloof-style under Kera's quizzical looks. "The Harvest Festival you say?! Must've been wonderful.." the visual of kebabs-dragon has her bursting out in laughter "A what?! N'here I thought Shiska-fish during the Winter Games was a sight.. I couldn't imagine!"

Kera isn't wrong that Cyrus is still more than a little dazed and confused, "It's lonely." he says simply, which is of course a persistent nagging feeling for Cyrus the vast majority of the time anyway. Unconsciously he reaches out on of his hands across the table and just sets it near hand, at least the one that isn't presently occupied by dinner, "It was a lovely evening." Cyrus responds to Kera's questioning looks, "Though for me that was only the second best part of the evening." he says with a wide smile. When Rynn echo's that it was a great night he smiles, "Very wonderful…and yes there was a shishka dragon there." He saw her only briefly but yeah…did happen.

Kera giggles at the visual Bowyn and Saeth both created that evening last sevenday. Nodding in amusement to the hunter "Seriously, I am not making it up. Bowyn and her blue both were covered in seasoned bits of meat on skewers. They even had to leave at one point in order to restock." Tilting her attention to Cyrus, a little smile for her friend and she reaches out as if to give his wrist a little squeeze "I had a few surprises that evening. Even if it wasn't my turnday yet." An amused look sent to Cyrus at that and she goes back to eating and feeding her lizards. Brow arches to Therynn with a grin "Must have been a huge fish."

Therynn sighs softly and bonds, finishing a meat roll and feeling a little wave of dismal tinted atmosphere settle over the table. "Ain't that the truth.." is mumbled after a drink of water. The spark between where Cyrus' hand lands near Kera's is almost palpable, she may not know much but she can read a little body language here and there. The space between them, and their interactions, elicits a small smirk from the huntress. A shake of the head chalks her grin up to the concept of meat wielding dragons "Sounds.. like quite the experience!" Before she knows it her plate is finished and hungry fire lizards and her cot are calling from the barracks. "It was lots of fish.." she mentions of the Games before adding "Well isn't that just wonderful! Surprises are always nice, especially when from wonderful people.." not that she knows whom or what it was that she may have been surprised with. "Annnnyyywayyy.." is said with a drawl as she pushes back in her chair. "Sorry t'eat n'run but I've a few things t'finish before curfew.. don't stay out too late now.." A wink is shot at the pair across the table. Smiles, waves, tray cleaning and she's departing almost as quickly as she arrived.

Cyrus is pleased to receive a squeeze on the wrist. If only to just know that she is there. He glances over to Therynn as she begins to get herself ready to go, "Bye Therynn. I'll see you around I'm sure. Have a good evening." He then turns his full attention back to the lady sitting across from him, "After we finish we can go looking at the eggs or even see if we can track down when the events are going to be." Since that is the reason she is here, though he hopes its not the only reason, "We can take our time…not need to hurry." he says as he settles down to finish the meat sticks.

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