Hunting Boots and Burgers

Xanadu Weyr - Store Room
This large storeroom is lit with a series of electric lights, illuminating the smooth cut walls. Rows of shelving contain all sorts of items, while large trunks contain all sorts of clothing, and a mix-matched variety of furniture is stacked up in one corner.

Kera is in dire need of a bigger pair of boots to save her squished toes. So when she presented herself to the headwoman and requested a pair of boots, a nod and quick gesture over the woman's shoulder towards the storeroom was all the go ahead the young apprentice needed. Pausing inside the the huge cavern, she eyes the mountainous shelving units with a critical eye. Scanning the clipboards at the end of each row, Kera finally turns down the proper row for shoes and boots. Bout half way down she pauses eyes the labels on the boxes. Frowning, she steps back a couple of paces before shaking her head and moving forward again. She begins to grumble, not seeing the sizes she needs, that is until her gaze drifts up, and up. OH, there you are, way up there. Kera looks up and down the row, not seeing or hearing anyone that could assist. So, with a tiny shrug, she tugs up her shirtsleeves and begins climbing up to the third row up. She weaves in and out of the metal supports til she is seated up on the third shelf between boxes.

With six kids to care for, buying things out of pocket in markets like Ierne was out of the question, even on his Wingleader salary. Ers'lan's finding out in short what it means to be a working father, what it costs to be settled in, and how often he has to make visits to the stores to exchange clothes that no longer fit a kid for a larger size. That's what he's doing today, thankfully, without the troupe of children tagging along. Their mothers have sent him with a list and sizes, which, he should be able to follow without too much trouble. He's just come from the clothing aisle, carrying now an arm full of smaller clothes, jackets and pants, shirts and skirts, and shorts. He's meandering down the shoe aisle when he notices in the corner of his eye the last motions that it takes the apprentice to get up to the third shelf, scruffy eyebrows perching high as he approaches, instinctually keeping alert of Kera's positioning. He's a little more bush worn than normal, as some would say, with a grown in beard, curly hair that's tied back in a short pony tail, and rugged clothes that suggests he's been camping in the forest for the last nine months, well, that'd be an exaggeration, but it definitely seems as if he brings the smell of wood smoke and earthen soil over. He peers long and hard at the girl, pausing near the base of the shelving unit, free arm positioned on a hip, "Reckon ya might 'ave been askin fer a ladder, eh lassy?" The man's accent is a churring sort of sea-farring sort, regardless of his Turns spent inland and as a dragonrider, the sea never quite taken out of his speech.

Kera settles in-between two boxes, her too tightly booted feet dangling over the edge. She leans slightly, eyeing the labels on the boxes around her before prying the top off a box. Shuffling around as much as the boxes will allow, Kera eyes the contents within before tugging out the pair on top. Giving them a good looking over, she sets them aside and pulls out a couple more pairs, inspecting each before pulling a foot up and holding the boot sole to sole gainst the one on her foot. Shaking her head, she sets them back and gets anothe rpair, sizing them in much the same way. She does this a few times before getting a pair that looks to be the size she needs. Yay, non-squished toes are happy little toes. The sudden voice startles the apprentice out of her thoughts, but she doesn't squeak a peep. Reaching up to grab the shelving above her, the apprentice peers out from the upper shelf curiously. With a slight cant of her head, Kera eyes the clothe laden man briefly, her gaze drifting towards either end of the row before peering back down with a hint of a shrug and grins. "I didn't think I could move that big thing by myself, and there didn't seem to be anyone about when I arrived." A few seconds pass before she adds "Do you need boots while I'm up here Sir?"

Amusement colors his tone as he is quick to respond, "Aye aye, iffin ya can toss down a pair of fours, 'n I reckon-" now here's where he consults the paper that he had been given, having to scrounge it out from his pocket with one hand and try to uncrumple it with the other, while not losing the clothes in his arms. "Ah, aye, reckon need four pairs of fives." Hopefully on Pern, they sized them better, but typically, these would be small sizes anyway, much too small for the man whose standing below. And wouldn't you know it, with the wrong movement, a bunch of those smaller clothes in his arms tumbles to the ground, which he tries to catch, overcompensating and thereby losing another half the other way, sliding right off his arms. Sigh. "Ugh, so much fer gettin them home neatly…" he stoops to pick up the rogue clothes, giving in and piling them in a heap on one of the near by benches. With arms free, he's able to consider the shoes and boots again, and the squirrel of a girl up in the shelves. He takes a few steps closer to the shelving unit, waiting expectantly, for shoes to start raining down on him, looking up with his blue eyes, "Call me Lan."

Kera is still holding onto the shelf above her as she leans out to peer down. Nodding to the man's request, her gaze drifts along the boxes on either side of her. Seeing the box in question, she quickly puts the boots that didn't meet her approval back in the box. Draping the tied laces so they wedge between her waist pouch and belt, the young girl starts working her way over towards the boxes marked '5'. As she weasels her way between boxes and wedges herself in place, Kera chuckles and starts opening boxes "Wellmet Lan. I'm Kera. Recently arrived to study with the Weyrhealer." She pulls out a few pairs of boots, eyeing them critically before either setting them aside of adding them to the pile requested. When four pairs are pulled aside, she puts the box back together before peering back aver the edge. "Alright, watch out below." Trying /not/ to hit the man, she drops the lace-tied pairs of boots one at a time.

Attentive eyes follow her motions, anticipating at any time that he's going to have to prevent her from breaking her neck. While he won't lecture her on it, having spent the last eight Turns in Galaxy has prepared him to expect the unexpected, or in this case, see danger where it is and be ready to react to it. His feet shift with her movements, inching one way when she goes to work her way over to the boxes, squirming to get over toward the boxes he requested. Now if she falls, it is his fault. "I reckon ye must be new, as I be knowin most of 'em 'round here tha be climbin themselves inta risky situations," as in, he knows the trouble makers, "Reckon yer the first tha be knowin how to heal 'emselves though." No faith. It might be the shelves he has no faith in, not the girl and her climbing abilities. As she starts to drop the boots, he means to reach out and catch the pairs, catching and tossing them in a neat pile at his feet. "Good choices," he notes as each pair comes down, catching them, dropping them, moving to catch the next.

Kera chuckles at Lan's comment as she starts dropping the boots. "Eventually, perhaps, if I do well in my studies. Right now though, I might be able to sooth a bruise I get." Laughing at herself, she looks for the handholds she'll need to climb down, then pauses and peers back down. "Need anything else while I'm up here?" The young girl gestures towards the shelves above and below her. She smiles when it seems she made good boot choices. "Well, I figured no point in getting pairs that were two days from being completely worn out." Nodding at her own logic. "I was posted here about.." She thinks for a few seconds "A little over three sevendays ago. So, yea, still probably have that 'new resident smell'." Kera snickers a little at her bad joke.

The man is good natured enough to give a quiet chuckle at her mention of barely being able to soothe a bruise, "Numb weed, learn ta use that 'n I reckon you'll pass fer a healer." Numb weed, Pern's solution for pain. Once the last pair has been tossed down and collected, Ers'lan goes to start kicking them toward the clothing pile he made on the bench, looking back up toward the climber, "Nay, reckon that be it fer now." It's likely he'll have to get new boots in a few months time, given the way kids grow. But for now, he's made good in roads on gathering what's needed to get the family through for the meantime. "Reckon I owe ya a measure of thanks, fer finding the better ones," his tone is friendly, while he measures the goods he's collected before pivoting back around, to watch if the girl can nagivate her climb down as she did up. Her last remark does earn a grin and another rumble, a chuckle that doesn't entirely bubble up into a laugh, "Aye, fresh off the boat they say."

Kera nods when it seems she's done. Looking towards the boxes once more, checking to make sure she left it as she found it, Kera starts working her way back down. She is careful and mindful of footing and handholds as she quickly scrambles down as easily as she went up. Once she's back on the floor, she quickly plops down and starts tugging off her own boots. Kera's toes wiggle beneath her socks and she rugs her feet briefly before slipping on the bigger ones she just went through so much effort to get. "Oh, that feels soo much better." Ya can't see it, but she's wiggling her toes in her new boots. Getting back to her feet with a grin, she gently stomps her feet to settle the boots before tying the laces of her old ones together and draping them over her shoulder, to be cleaned before turned in. Shaking her head at Lan "Nah, no thanks needed." Gesturing to the pile of clothes "Need a hand refolding this lot?" Kera steps closer to the bench the rider dumped all the clothes on when he couldn't hold another thing. With another smirk "Wagon actually, but I won't make a claim at how 'fresh' I smelled after a few days traveling and camping out under the wagons from Rubicon River."

Seeing the girl amble on down the shelving unit, Lan becomes confident enough to turn his attention aside, looking down the aisle for anyone else coming. Surely -he- would get the lecture for allowing someone to climb up the shelves at risk of endangering themselves before she would. Headwomen were like that, giving the biggest grief to the more senior ranked in the room first before berating the juniors. He should know, he does it all the time himself during drills. He considers Kera for a moment as she's changing boots, one last inspection to see her feet safe on the ground and getting in those new used boots, before it's his turn. He starts to set the pairs of boots over his shoulder, laces keeping them tied, one boot on either side of a shoulder, swinging on back and chest. As for the clothing pile and the sudden gesture made to help him refold it, he shrugs, "Reckon iffin ya want to," since carrying folded clothes seems to be easier than trying to carry them piled up in a heap. He's still working on setting the boots to hang just right over his broad shoulder. "Aye, reckon I know the smell," as he takes a sniff of his own shirt, to make a point, a humourous grin cast over toward her, "Up from the Rubi?" He tilts his head, "Whar do ya think of the Weyr?"

Kera smiles and starts grabbing up one item at a time and folding it neatly before making several little stacks. Peering to the rider as she works, the apprentice chuckles with a playful wrinkle of her nose then nods "Yes, I was allowed a brief visit home to visit my parents at the Hold before coming on to the Weyr." Considering his question a moment, the apprentice nods "Very big." Is her short answer, though she continues. "I am still getting lost, but not as much as last sevenday." She's working quickly through the pile of clothes and soon several stacks get a bit higher. "Though it does seem to be easy to get in trouble here. I've already had the pleasure of meeting the Weyrsteward and the Weyrwoman as well." Kera sighs a bit with a shrug "I'll get used to things soon though." Hopefully.

Once he's got the hanging boots on his shoulder, he settles on the other side of the pile of clothes and starts to fold, not as neatly or as skillfully as Kera, but women seem to have the touch that he doesn't, no matter what age, to fold little clothes. His fingers are too big and thick or something, used to working with tools, not fabric. His chin lifts after folding a pair of pants that look about the size of a four or five Turn old, gaze flicking over toward the apprentice as she gives her description of the Weyr. "Tis common, gettin lost," a grin starts to appear on his lips, "Reckon I should know, fer I be in charge of findin 'em all the time." Missing persons? Call Ers'lan. Indeed. He pats his hand down on the pile, grabbing the next item to quickly fold, "Iffin ye need a tour guide, lemme know, reckon one of our lot can manage to do that. Narh much ta do these days, pretty quiet." Which is a good thing, considering the past with felines and hard nosed Weyrleaders. Her other remark makes him laugh, "Aye aye, it tis, it tis. I be findin that out just by kissin a lass once, fell to my knees in right pain, writhin on the ground." A beat, "Nother time, I be gettin hit with a frying pan in the face." Does that explain the crook in his nose or the bump in the bridge, maybe. Though he does shrug, "Now I get people out of trouble fer a living." The remark of the Weyrwoman and the Weyrsteward makes him snort, "Aye, don't make it a habit." A wink tossed in there for good measure as he nods at the pile that seems to be all folded, "Ye will. Took me a few Turns, yet, reckon I was used to the sea, t'was my trouble that." A beat, another considering look, "Yer young yet. Plenty of time to get used ta how it works 'round here."

When the pile of clothes dwindles to nothing, she looks around the nearest shelves and spots a stack of baskets. Moving a little down the row, she retreives one and returns "This should make things easier to carry sir." She sets it by the bundles of clothes, letting him arrange them inside however he sees fit. "Need another for the boots?" Her fingers flick towards the pairs draped across his shoulders. After a few long seconds, she speaks up again. "I've been getting around by using a map the Weyrhealer made me. That helped alot. But it still didn't stop from getting lost completely." Kera grins over that and nods "You're right though, I'll figure my way around, all things in general, eventually."

Ers'lan plunks his hand on the top of the pile of clothes, eyes tracking the girl's motions, fully anticipating she's going to take her leave, when instead she slips off to grab a basket and offer it toward him. He nods at the thoughtfulness of that, "Thank you," he pulls the basket over and smirks, "Reckon the 'mates will be happy ta see they don't have ta refold everything fer once." Ahh, baskets, why didn't he think of that? A shake of his head to chide himself as he begins to settle the folded clothes into the basket in a couple neat piles. "Nawh, reckon tis managable like this, thanks though Kera," commiting the name to his memory now that she's spent a few moments with him. A brow lifted as for the matter of the map, appreciating that, settling on the bench now beside the basket of clothes, boots clunking against one another as he rests, "So tell me, whar ya get in trouble for?"

Kera chuckles at the man's comment about his mates and nods agreeably. Her brow lifts when he questions her penalty, and her gaze seems to start darting about the rows. Looking everywhere but the man himself, the apprentice shrugs and starts fiddling with the end of her braid. "That depends on who you ask really. It seems the WeyrSteward and Weyrwoman are of the mind that I, um, well sorta assaulted a Weyrling." Chewing on her bottom lip a little, Kera rather reluctantly turns her attention back towards the rider and shrugs "But really I just doused him with some perfume." She starts edging towards the end of the row, hoping her previous assistance will get her out of this without serving yet another punishment. Two seperate punishments, one each from the Weyrhealer and the Steward, plus a warning about being packed up back to the Hall by the Weyrwoman is enough for one incident.

His eyes, they are kind, and while they might seem as if they could be intense, cold, and calculated, at the moment they are compassionate and gentle. There are no threats in his gaze that should set her to squirming, so the guilt for what she's done makes his lips twitch and his body leaning forward with some interest. It must be big, if she's getting nervous just speaking about it. Assaulting a weyrling has both brows jut up in unison, surprising evident on his features for a couple moments, until he schools himself, lowering brows to make him appear less stunned by the news. The weyrlings were another wingleader's responsbility, V'dim, so while he tried to keep up with the everyday news, he shouldn't be so surprised that he hadn't heard of this ordeal. Still, as the girl is willing to share her story, he makes sure to keep everything calm, until the exact details spill out, or enough of the exact details that splits his face into a grin and has him laughing. You think he'd be rip roaring mad like everyone else around here, but he's not. He's got a thing called a funny bone in his body! So he laughs, the image itself enough not to have to know the details. Suddenly the girl is in his good books, "Aye, 'n they be giving ye grief over making a weyrling smell pruddy?" He snorts a little, "Who was it? Which one? I may have to go sniffing."

Kera blinks in surprise and narrows her eyes on the man, trying to gage if he's making fun of her. After a few seconds, she seems to determine that he isn't. He infact, seems very amused by what she did. Peering back and forth along the row as he laughs, the apprentice merely fidgets with the end of her braid and shrugs. Trying to keep the grin off her face, but the man's laughter isn't helping. Finally, she cracks a grin and nods. She's a little hesitant when he ask whop, but it's all over the Weyr, not like he couldn't find out easily enough. "Yea, that's the thing. Turns out he's a brownling that's the Weyrwoman's son. Weyrling Mur'dah." Thus mostly why the Weyrwoman gave her a stern warning in person.

Harmless pranks in his mind, are just part of growing up. Even if it was a fight, it was still part of growing up. So the smug grin still remains on his features, letting his arm fold over the basket so he leans into it, the other resting on his knee, grinning impishly toward her. That grin should diffuse the fear that he's laughing at her, or that he's going to immediately change into some stern form of authority. Who it was, makes him snort a little, "Aye, tha makes sense. She seems ta treat her 'brats better than the rest. Not tha I could blame her," such would be the case if anyone ever tried to harm his kids, especially the girls. But still, he smirks, "So whar did he do ta get perfumed? 'N is he that much of a weakling that he went running to his mom's skirts, or did ya, do it in front of 'em all?" Clearly, what's the fun of getting the news from the rest of the Weyr, when he can get it from the horses mouth, as it were. "He had ta do something. Did he make a move on ya?" Cause, that's usually why boys get in trouble.

Kera shifts her feet a little, toes having room to move a little as she starts getting used to the new 'for her' boots. "It's a long story. But basicaly, He made comments about smelling like his grandmother, I ended up dousing him with minty perfume, and the shopkeeper shooed me out with a broom. After I paid for the perfume of coarse." She smirks "I think I got some of his flight jacket, it may or may not still have a hint o mint." Kera giggles over that "But it was the shopkeeper that reported me to the WeyrSteward. Since no damage was done, other than a strong scent in the air, I was simply warned over that. But it seems that dousing someone with perfume is assault, so I was punished for that a couple of times." She shrugs it off though. "But I served my punishments now so.." She shrugs once more a if it's a done deal.

Ers'lan lets his head fall with what might be shame, shame for the race of men, when he hears that Kera was compared to smelling like Mur'dah's grandmother, and then he shakes his head, slowly, as if suffering from the humiliation of it for the kid's sake. All the same, the man lifts his chin up, peers up, and grins as the story comes out. "Every time he takes a whiff of his flight jacket, he'll remember you, for what it's worth, leather is hard to get smell out of." He chuckles along with her giggles, listening to the rest of it, where she got into trouble, "Dun take it to literally. If dousing someone has become an assault, reckon I wonder why being kneed in the groin hasn't been outlawed." A head bob to acknowledge her deeds have been attoned for, though that doesn't mean his smirk falls off his face.

Kera nods her head quickly as if agreeing with Ers'lan thoughts though she's not going to voice a few things. She already got scolded once before. Never know who's lurking about through the cavernous rows. The last of Lan's words cause her to cringe and she gives a tiny shake of her head "Thankfully, there haven't been any of those types of injuries in the infirmary." Though, it would probably have to be near paralyzing before a man would drag himself to a healer to be tended to anyway. "I dread to think what punishments I would have received had I done something so bad as that." Most likely she would have been on the very next wagon heading anywhere but the Weyr. Eyeing the basket of clothes "I'm not keeping you from anything am I?"

Maybe the man senses her wandering thoughts, since his own eyes consider the immediate vacinity, listening for approaching steps and the like as he glances back to Kera. What's said is never known, instead, he smirks, "Reckon they still happen," he smirks, shrugging a bit as he considers the wall of boots yet again. His own boots are hand designed specifically for his wear and tear, wider feet require a better fit after all and he can't worry about the ache in his sole when trying to save another soul! He does seem to drift off in thought, memories likely, or being stuck in communication with a dragon. One or the other, her last words snap him out of it and he gives a soft shake of his head, "Nay, be on me own time. You?" Considering she is an apprentice and might have to report to someone, while he on the other hand, only has to show up for wingleader meetings when they're called, otherwise people report to him. "Now that ye got yerself some good boots…" he takes the hint and stands up, "might want ta get use out of 'em and go for a walk."

Kera nods good naturedly, chuckling as she glances down to her boots. They have a few scuffs, but her feet aren't scrunched up and that's all that counts really. "I've a restday, so was just getting myself some better boots before heading over to that pub." The apprentice grins "The smells coming from there every time I pass make me wanna try the food." A hint of a shrug follows her statement and she adds "Thought I would go for something a bit differant than cavern fare." With an agreeable nod she starts shuffling her feet towards the end of the row, pausing to wait for the rider and give him room to wield the basket.

The pub. A weakness. Ouch, how quickly they find it! The man gives a smirk at the mention of going over to the pub, juggling the items he came for, "Yer not going thar alone, are ya?" Because that is scandalous, right? Of course the wingleader gives a hitch to his shoulder, looking about, "Be using a good pint myself. It's been a while." Did he just invite himself along? Yes he did. He just needed an excuse to go wet his gullet with some bubbly. "Foods good," he considers the items he's got, debating something, before he moves to follow along behind Kera. "Ye want some company fer a bit?"

Kera cants her head slightly when questioned about going alone. She nods in partial reply "I don't see why not. I had no problems when I went the time before. And the stew and juice were good. So I thought I would try something differant this time." Grinning at the basket and flicking her fingers towards it "Ya might wanna go drop those off somewhere first." Then she gestures to the boots she carries "I need to drop these off and get my jacket as well. So where shall we meet back up?"

"Reckon at the tavern, iffin you get thar first, then find a table. Iffin I get thar first, I'll get a table," he gives her a look then gestures with the basket, "Aye aye, must get these dropped off first." The Wingleader starts to shuffle toward the exit, "See ye in a bit." And it should be as simple as that, if he's not waylaid in the route back, he should be able to make it for some grub and at the least, a good pint of ale is calling out his name. He smirks back at her and then trudges out, pausing once to look back, "Thanks fer the boots 'n basket." Hoisting it up to make a toast to her, before he nods, satisified that if she doesn't show up, he was at least polite enough to appreciate her help. Onwards!


Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

The Wherry, the faithful wherry, where adventures begin - sometimes. At any rate, the tavern promises an atmosphere that can range from loud and rowdy, to calm and subtle. Men and women come on all occasions, seeking a pint or a bite of food, to let loose, to play cards, to laugh as loudly as they please, to drink alone, to sulk, to pick up some company, to think, to do everything and anything in between, including the occasional brawl. Thankfully, today, the brawl is out of the question, as of now. There's no telling what spark could set off the flames when it comes to heavy drinkers. At this moment, the atmosphere is what you'd expect, the din of people chatting, the clunk of ale glasses on the bar, the odd smack of flesh as either a hand is swatted away from an waitress. There's not a lot of people in yet, but enough to make it cosy and not completely abandoned, nor over crowded. The afternoon crowd. Ers'lan knows them as he knows the evening crowd and the morning crowd. A cold brew is a cold brew no matter what time of day. He's the first to arrive, maybe a little over eager. Whatever the case is, he snags a table with a few chairs, but along his way he makes sure to stop and mingle with the regulars, grinning and making small talk, jokes too, by the looks of it. Once at the table, he orders up a cold pint of stout lager, adjusts his jacket, spreads out his legs underneath the table and reclines with a sigh. If the apprentice shows up or not, is of no consequence now, not when he's surrounded by the familiar, though that doesn't keep him from spot checking the entryway now and again.

Kera managed to slip into and out of her dorm room relatively quickly, thus the bundled up apprentice's arrival to the pub is announced by the chilled breeze that blows in when Kera opens the door. Stepping in, she pauses and blinks a few times, the girl practically blind as she adjust from squinting against the glare on the snow, to trying to see into the dim interior of the pub itself. Sidestepping to allow the tray baring waitress to get by, Kera's gaze drifts around the room. It doesn't take her very long to spot Ers'lan , wiggling fingers in a wave and she starts weaving her way among the tables til she arrives where the rider is staked out. Having sniffed a few dishes that drifted her way as she moved through the rooms, the girl's stomach is already grumbling as she plops down in a seat across from the man. "Thought for a bit there that the WeyrHealer was gonna find some task that needed doing."

The first cold lager settles before him as Kera let's in the chill of the afternoon, which not only turns him to consider the new face, as most of the nearest patrons who felt the wind do, but he stalls the waitress, managing to weasel out a few menus and likely a second drink. The waitress gives him a playful look before he shoos her off with a gesture that slides a tip toward the palm of her hand. Being a regular means better service, but he's had to earn that priviledge, countless marks sliding away to do the trick. As quickly as the transaction is completed, his eyes pivot toward Kera, making note of her wave by lifting up a hand of his own. As she seats herself, the waitress returns with the menus, right on cue, putting one in front of Kera first and then Lan second. She also puts a drink in front of Kera's seat, a safe sure bet, regardless of the company, something a kin to a screwdriver on earth. It's not too strong, it's not too sweet, it's just about the middle range, with the best part that it looks like juice. "Reckon I took the liberty ta order ye a drink," a smirk on his lips, "As it wouldn't seem right for me to have one 'n fer you to go without." And that's his reasoning for it. "Glad the Weyrhealer didn't," Ers'lan says honestly enough, "Otherwise I'd be left to the mercies of one of the lads at the bar, listening to the same old stories I've heard darn near a dozen times." New people had new stories, yes.

Kera shrugs out of her jacket and lets it fall open over the back of her chair. Giving the waitress a smile and nod, she gives a curious squint to the drink the woman sets in front of her. Leaning forward, she sniffs it before taking a small sip. Looks like juice and doesn't taste bad, so she takes another less hesitant drink before setting the glass aside and taking up the menu. Chuckling a bit, she gives a hint of and "True, but listening to the 'same ole' stories is a good way for a new face to learn?" Leaning slightly, she tugs at her waist pouch to free it from where it was caught in the spindles before settling back comfortably. "And you've pretty much heard my story already." Her gaze starts looking around for that waitress as her stomach rumbles once more. Kera is just setting down at Ers'lan's table, the tavern is not overly crowded right now, but still doing a good business.

Seeing that the drink was indeed, the safe bet, Ers'lan relaxes into his own drinking, eyes wandering the pages of menu between long relief filled gulps. There's a faint trace of a smirk for the retort he earns, "Aye, believe ye me, ye go sit with 'em thar lads and you be making a good pocket full of friends mighty quick." And that's likely the truth, considering some regulars just want people to listen and new ears are always good for that. He really doesn't need to consider the menu, he's seen it a thousand times, so he promptly folds it and lies it beside him on the table, snorting a little, "Be tha yer round 'bout way of asking me my story? Ahh, ye'd be here all night listening to that same old grog," he seems to note her searching gaze, lifting his hand to signal to the waitress, who is up beat and quick to march over to their table, no doubt hoping more tips are in order! She waits patiently as she asks, "What will it be? The regular for you I assume," this to Lan, who bobs his head, before the waitress waits on Kera, "And you miss?"

Yay for cold wintery weather, well no perhaps not, but no one has a choice in the matter at the moment. Sleet one day, snow the next for any that might have free time it most likely is fun time indeed. Idrissa pauses once she's gotten the door closed, working on brushing off snow that is clinging to her flight jacket with a soft grumble escaping her. A slender green firelizard slips out from her jacket and hops up onto her shoulder; Willow had the smart idea of staying someplace warm until they got to wherever they could be going. Once Rissa is sure that she is free from snow she moves off to find a place to sit and hopefully find something warm to drink as a result.

Kera chuckles to Ers'lan and gives her head a fraction of a shake "No thanks, don't think I want to be in the center of that crowd much." She wrinkles her nose a bit and gestures towards the gathering of old 'uncles' and riders ranging around the other side of the pub. During one of her glances around, she spots one of the Weyrlings she met previously. Her hand shoots up and starts waving to get Idrissa's attention, figuring that option is preferable to shouting across the room. Lan's comments pull a grin and nod from the apprentice. "Well, maybe at least a fraction of your story. An outline, you could say." Ahh! there's that waitress. Kera waits patiently, well, as patiently as her grumbling stomach will allow, to give her order. She pointing to the menu as she speaks "I want that big herd-beast burger plate. With crispy tubor slices please."

It's daunting to think one day he'll be in that crowd of old uncles and riders, remembering the good old days and his youth. Someone just turned 30 and isn't too happy about it! Struggling with the whole idea that he too can age. But, he does admire most of the more experienced riders, having given several evenings over to their stories and their daring stories of adventure caused by misguided youth. Though it is Kera's arm that shoots in the air which recalls his attention back to her, only to fling his gaze across the distance to see whom she was waving at. Once seen, he pulls his drink up to his lips and allows Kera to do the inviting over, knowing that his table is always open to the damsel in distress. Though, for Kera's admission of wanting to know the slight outline of his life, he concedes with a promising bob of his head, interrupted though, saved perhaps, by the ordering of food. As the waitress gets what she needs, she darts off with the hopes of a quick delivery in the kitchens. "Ye've a big appetite," Lan casually grins, "Like a lass who can eat hearty, none of this dainty salad stuff."

Idrissa didn't actually expect to run into anyone she knew here, as if they wouldn't come here or something. The quick waving is caught sight of and a glance is sent towards Kera to watch her a moment, pondering before she moves on towards the table. "Hello Kera." There is a pause as she sees Ers'lan, whom does get a smile. "Hello lan." She hasn't seen him for some time now. "How are you both doing?" She doesn't go sitting down though, not wanting to interrupt their conversation, even though yes she was waved on over.

Kera looks back to Lan once the waitress moves off. Not taking offense at his comment, she simply chuckles. "Sometimes I don't eat as much during duties in the infirmary." She leaves out the why of it, not wanting to spoil her coming meal. "But I make up for missed meals on my restdays." Grabbing her glass, she takes a small sip and smiles when Idrissa decides to come over. Gesturing towards a free chair "Would you like to join us?" The always cheery apprentice thinks nothing of inviting Idrissa to the table. She needs a seat, and there is a seat. Tis a good match. At the Weyrling's questions Kera grins "I'll be doing much better once I stuff myself silly." She peers up towards Idrissa's shoulder and wiggles fingers at the little green. See, she's not scared of them, as long as they aren't hissing at her like that lizard did the last time she was here.

Ers'lan lifts his chin to draw his eyes up at Idrissa once she's over at their table, motioning to a chair that's empty, since Kera is sitting across from him, that makes two chairs empty out of a possible four. "Afternoon Rissa," the Wingleader bobs his head, looking more rugged than ever, curly hair tied up behind him in a short pony tail, beard grown, and an odd wood smoke scent about him. There is a reason he hasn't been seen around the weyrlings though, there must be a hundred, considering his station in the Weyr. Important guys are no where to be found, or something like that. "Reckon I be well, met a new lass here, telling me funny stories 'n the lot," filling him in on what he's been missing out on, indeed. A look back to Kera for her retort on the matter of a big appetite, "Aye. Dun let yerself work too much that ye don't eat," that coming from experience. And suddenly, if Idrissa takes a seat, all is right with the world again as he has two ladies at his table, as it always ought to be, sigh! "Rissa, can I get ye something? A drink 'n a menu, since we just ordered?"

Idrissa supposes if they both offer her a place to sit that she'll take the seat. She does settle down on the seat, her gloves are pulled off and tucked into the pockets of her jacket. "Does she now?" A glance is sent to Kera pondering if any of those stories involve a few weyrlings that had to spend a night at the infiramry. "His right about that, I did that too much when I was at the stables." She glances to Lanand shakes her head. "Sok, I'll just wait for her to come back and order something, not in a hurry or nothing." Willow warbles out to Kera, no hissing here at the moment.

Kera looks between the two riders, though her attention comes to rest on Idrissa and seems to nod at some point she makes. "Then I'm sure you can imagine that cleaning stables, and the constant odors, may tend to cause you to eat a bit less for a time. Tis much the same in the infirmary. She takes another sip from her glass, attention peering around as if that will make her food appear out of thin air. Catching a hint of something from the Weyrling's tone, she nods uncertainly and peers to Ers'lan to see if she has done something without realizing it before nodding to Idrissa again "Yea. I told him about my incedent with the Brownling a few sevendays back."

Lan won't give up Kera for what she's told him, so he just nods knowingly at Idrissa's initial response, "Aye, keep a man laughing with 'em, she would." Though there might be suspicion on what sort of stories the healer could come up with in such a short time. A suspicion he'll leave Kera to answer, if she cares to. Despite the fact that Idrissa may be patient, he didn't tip well for nothing and within a searchful look that spots the waitress, she's back within a few moments, asking Idrissa all the appropriate questions of what she would like to drink and if she'd care for a menu, which the waitress has in hand. Lan otherwise remains quiet, observing, drinking, welcoming the conversation at the table, waiting for the waitress to take Idrissa's order and be off again. Kera's confession has him smirking, eyes on Idrissa, "Reckon tha narh the only tale she can be tellin. Somethin about smoking mushrooms, eh?" Okay, that one he heard on his own accord.

Idrissa smiles a bit and shakes her head to Kera. "I didn't mind cleaning, part of the job. It was mostly because I was busy with my Beastcraft studies." Well that and when she first got to Xanadu the stables seemed safer as she knew them at least. She glances to the waitress, a soft oh escaping her. "Cider and strw with some bread, thank you." Nice and simple order. A grin is heard about the dealing with Mur'dah and she chuckles. "I figure that would be one to tell." A glance is sent towards Ers'lan and she blinks a moment. A slight smirk seen back. "It was all an accident.. None of us knew they would do that.." It's the truth, her do something like that? Not likely. She makes a face at the thought of that night. "Won't be having any bonfires for a while to say the least."

Kera sighs a bit at the reminder of /that/ night. Weyrlings hallucinating, ranting and raving. Not a good night, nopenope. Listening to the riders, she gives a sympathetic nod at the mention of not wanting any more bonfires anytime soon. With a hint of a shrug, she smiles "Well, it was the only story I had really, that was mine to tell. But I think the infirmary incedent wouldn't fall under amusing story so much as tale of warning from our teachers, right?" The apprentice is asking both riders really. But she's starving, she may be sounding crazy for all she knows. Where is that food? Kera takes another drink from her glass, still unsure what it is, but it's tasty.

"Accident or not, reckon ye realize I have ta be on watch now for mushroom sniffing?" That might be a joke, but from the sudden intensity in his eyes, it could very well be the truth, "Trying ta keep it from folks who can't sneak the fellis is a hard thing. Some out thar, like ta be all loopy in the head." He grins though, pondering the details, but that's one story he may have to let the weyrlings keep for their own grandchildren one day. He makes no comment on it being a tale for teaching, instead, he shrugs, "Every weyrlinghood has ta have it's stories, though," eyes on Idrissa, "Yers has had quite an awful lot." Suspicion. What are those kids up to? Something like that.

Idrissa would really not like to remember that night, accident or not it brought back more memories then she'll ever admit. A curious glance is sent towards Lan pondering if it is a joke or not it seems. "Sorry Lan.." Not like she ment for any of it to happen, well none of them did. "Most likely a story not to bring up unless there is a really good reason to Kera." At least that is how Rissa sees it. At the bit on the weyrlings being quiet a slight shrug is seen. "I suppose so.. When we was allowed to move into our Weyrs I left the barracks. Before that I wouldn't be the best one to ask." She kept to herself mostly.

Kera attention drifts between the two, following the conversation a moment before pipping in again "I was trying to get Lan to tell be a bit about himself when you arrived." She flashes a grin to Idrissa "Perhaps you can encourage him to start spilling if ya tell us a funny story of your own? I'm willing to bet marks that whatever it is, I've not heard it." A grumbling erupts from somewhere in the vicinity of Kera's waist, prompting the near starving apprentice to resume her visual search. Where did that woman vanish off to.

Lan gives a snorting laugh for Idrissa's apology, "Reckon I didn't say t'was looking too hard," because there's nothing he can do from keeping foolish people from doing stupid things. The food does arrive, all three dishes. The waited for Idrissa's to be prepared before bringing out the rest. Thankfully, all are still hot and ready to consume. The waitress and fellow waiters deliver the food and ask if there's anything else they can do before leaving the table. Lan peers down at his usual, which is basically a hot roast beast sandwich with crispy sweet patotoe wedges on the side. Though he looks troubled, eyes flickering outside, lips thinning as if he can't believe his dumb luck. Though what ever is causing him the trouble, he seems to momentarily focus in on the food, peering up between the two, then over to Idrissa, "Aye yes, ye got one Rissa?" Delaying the inevitable story of his own life is always a good thing. It's so long! 30 Turns!

Idrissa chuckles as she hears Lan. "Well no, you didn't say that." This said with an amused tone at the thought, a slight shake of her head is seen. "Hopfully no one will try it." If so, well dumb them. At the question of her own funny story from the pair she is quiet for a few moments. What to tell, she isn't fully sure it seems and her gaze lowers to eye her bowl of stew as it would certainly give her a hint, perhaps. "Well the was the time that Tahryth licked numbweed." Well it was amusing at the time, not that Tahryth would agree to that then or now.

Unfortunately, even if Lan has heard the story, his heck cocks toward the entry way. And before he can say anything or make a movement, one of his riders, it could be a wingsecond by the look of the knot, has the door swung open and is looking around in a frantic manner. Lan swears under his breath and lifts up, "Excuse me ladies…" and that's really all he says, leaving his poor meal behind. In the day and the life of a Wingleader, most meals end up wasted.

Kera looks at the waitress like she's the best thing on Pern as the plate is settled in front of her "Thank you." Eyeing the huge burger construction, she takes a few seconds figuring out how to pick it up and have it remain intact. With a little effort, she manages to grab it up and take a big bite. Eyes roll briefly as she enjoys the beastburger As she chews, she notices Lan peering oddly at his food. Once she can, she ask "IS everything okay?" Her attention slips to Idrissa, smiling cheerily "OH! Do tell. I can't imagine anything tasting right for a while afterwards." When Lan suddenly has to rush off, Kera waves to the deparrting rider "Nice meeting you Lan." The young girl takes a huge bite from herr burger and peers back to Idrissa expectantly as if to say.. /well, I'm waiting, spill it!/

Idrissa glances after Lan, about to ask but his off, a soft smile seen but that is about it. She glances over to Kera and chuckles. "Well, we was teaching the young dragons about it and Tahryth has this thing where she likes to lick everything." A slight shake of her head is seen. Willow hops down and moves over to her person's bowl and sniffs at it wanting some too it seems. "She was drooling like a leaky bowl for a while."

Kera chews her food and grins at the imagery. "I can picture how the herdbeast drool all the time and some of the animals my dad tends. So it couldn't have been a real pleasant experiance on either end." She crinkles her nose and plops one of the fried tubor slices in her mouth. When we boiled it up at the Hall, everything smelled and tasted like numbweed for days afterwards. I don't recall hearing of anyone licking it before though." Following up the tubor bite with more of her burger, she chews then swallows the bite, eyeing the rider curiously. "Have you always been at Xanadu?" She starts questioning the girl, trying to learn more about her.

Idrissa chuckles and nods. "Runners don't tend to drool like most animals mich. If they do it is a real problem." This said with an amused tone at the idea. "She said that she had to taste it so.. It's not like she even ment to I think." A shake of her head is seen. "No I'm from a colthold near Irene actually. Grew up raising runners with my uncle and family there."

Kera smiles even as she chews her meal, occassionally plucking up one of the fried tubor slices and plopping it in her mouth. She washes it down with her drink before making the dent in her burger bigger. After a moment she speaks up again "Did you like working with the runners before you came here?" A few seconds later, she seems to frown before adding "If I'm being nosey just tell me o mind my own business. I used to get scolded at the Hall for asking everyone questions all the time." Kera shrugs it off though and smiles.

"It's alright." Idrissa offers softly while fishing out a bit of meat that she gives Willow. The little green eats it happly and is content to settle there and listen as long she gets food it seems. "Oh yes, I did, and still do like working with them. I'd like to continue working with them if I can actually."

Kera watches the little lizard a moment, as she chews before turning her gaze back up to Idrissa. With a little grin and snort "I guess I like runners well enough for getting around. But for the most part, they seem like silly animals that is more likely to hurt itself than to be hurt by an outside force." Kera's shoulder's lift briefly before falling again. "But I could have just a general dislike of animals." Some kids end up following the family trades, while others, like Kera, run away from it kicking and screaming. Gesturing towards the little green, "What's her name?"

Idrissa picks up a piece of bread and breaks some off into the strew. "I think there great.." There is a pause at the 'silly' and she smirks before shrugging a bit. "Some people do and some people don't I suppose." This said after a moment at the thought before she looks to Willow. "Her name is Willow. She's cute huh?" Willow croons out as she hears this, thinking that she is indeed cute.

Kera nods herself and smiles "There was always some animal around the house that da was tending. I'm just glad my bed in the dorms isn't doubling for a canine litter nest." The apprentice snorts at herself over that one. Eyeing the pretty lizard with a grin "I bet she doesn't drool all over you like da's ole canine used to."

Idrissa ahs softly as she looks to her lizard and shakes her head. "No, not really. None of my lizards do though. Asher sometimes drools but he is a canine so I sorta expect it from him." Rissa does have a lot of pets it seems.

Kera cants her head a bit as she finishes off her burger, watching Idrissa with her little green friend. Trying to commit the names to memeory, she silently repeats them a few times to herself. Willow and Asher, Willow and Asher. "Well, at least the lizards seem much smarter than the canines. Natalya sent her lizard all the way from Istan to here a few days after she as searched. It found me all this way, and I didn't even know she had a firelizard."

Idrissa watches Kera a few moments. "Actually.. Asher works with the search and rescue team when they go into the forest. His rather smart for a canine." This said with a soft tone. "RedFeather's my runner is too. He protected me from a feline twice now."

Kera considers what the Weyrling tells her as she leans back in her chair and rubs her stuffed belly "Your experiances with animals have been better than my own, thankfully." Giving it a few more seconds thought, she glances briefly around the pub before turning her attention back to the Weyrling. "I've heard bits about felines attacking. When the Weyrhealers, both at the Hall and here, mentioned the matter, I thought they were just tryin to frighten the little apprentice. But one attacked you?"

Idrissa frowns at that while shaking her head. "There not tales, or stories.. It's very true." This said quietly and she turns her head slightly to look off at the though, her hand moving to touch her elbow where at the moment clothing hides the scars there. "Yes.. twice.."

Kera doesn't miss the change in Idrissa's tone, or sudden mood shift. Nor the near protective covering of a hinted at unseen injury. Frowning a bit she shake sher head "I didn't mean to imply the stories weren't true Idrissa. Only that from my perspective at the time still being at the Hall, I thought it was the older students messing with me." Glancing down to her empty plate, she she starts nudging away. "I'm sorry you were attacked."

Idrissa nods slightly at what is said, quiet for a few moments. "It is alright.." She soon offers, Willow hops back up onto her shoulder and curls up there. "I am too. It changed a lot of things after it was all said and done."

Kera sighs a little as the conversation takes a bit of a darker turn. Observing the Weyrling and lizard briefly and finally offers another smile "IT wasn't my intention to bring up something that upset you Idrissa. Let me make it up to you buy buying dinner this evening." She gestures towards the Weyrling's plate "And we still have dessert that needs ordering too." The apprentice flashes a wink but eyes her plate "Though I'm not sure I've room for anything more after that huge burger plate."

Idrissa shakes her head a moment. "No.. No it's alright, truely. You didn't know so it's not like you ment it after all." She points out with a soft tone before shifting up so she is standing. "I.. Really should get back though. Have a few things to deal with before it gets too late." She'll set a few coins on the table for her meal, a soft smile offered to Kera. "We're grab desert another night, how's that?"

Kera smiles to the Weyrling and nods agreeably. "Alright then, if you're sure. I appologize again if I upset you." Man, she just isn't having good luck when it comes to getting on with the Weyrlings. As the rider rises, Kera wiggles her fingers to the departing rider "Nice seeing you again Idrissa. And we'll make it a double shot of dessert at that." The apprentice gives a cheeky wink to the other girl before she starts shrugging into her own jacket and gets ready to leave herself.

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