SnowBattle on the Beach

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

It is cool. It is chilly. But at least the sky is drawn with a delightful blue to offset the white of the ground. Water meets beach-head meets the whispy swirls of snow. Well away from the waters is a Fl'ynn. Sure, he may carry a fancy knot, but dammit… sometimes a guy just has to have fun -creating something with snow. He has lost his dragon, but there are footprints that give clue to the fact that he may have been here. But Fl'ynn is abandonded, surrounded by snow, on his knees, bare-headed with dark hair a wind-tussed chaos, gloved hands pushing and creating a wall in the snow.

It's a nice day, isn't it? Of course it is, nice and peaceful on the beach in the chilly winter air. Well, it was nice and peaceful until along came the beast, pouncing along like an 11 meter long green feline, her petite rider strapped to her back. "Aisu, Love, I don't quite think this was what they ment by saying I could ride you." The green? Yeah, she's having too much fun to stop now as she rushes along the shore just beyond the water line.

A large and rather scruffy steel-blue colord overgrown puppy is making his way along the snow covered beach, even though he most likely has plenty of fur there is a small runner type blanket wrapped around the dog, over concerned owner perhaps. Idrissa is following a few steps behind the dog, her coat pulled tightly around her and a knit type hat pulled down just enough to cover her ears. Her bright gaze drifts towards the water watching the waves crash into the beach and mix with the snow and sand, it is a strange sight to her. Oh sure she grew up on a beach but she doesn't recall there ever being snow. The movement from the green dragon and rider is soon caught and she blinks while pausing to watch, a slight grin seen at the sight.

Clear blue wintery days are definitely better than the sleety frozen rain kind. Soriana's found herself without any pressing chores, and so she's wandered down to the beach with Idrissa, coming along it to where young dragonkind can often be found. Today is no exception - Fl'ynn, hidden in the snow, is difficult to notice at first, but the Aisuohkoth is in her 'pounce all the things!' stage instead of her 'sneakysneak!' stage, and she's a very obvious green. Sori laughs outright, and waves up to poor Jessi being carried along!

Fl'ynn is frosted, or near enough. His head comes up, peeks up over his makeshift wall of ICE (or just a bunch of clumped together snow that managed to make a kind of wall. Mostly though, that reaction is all about the slight impact-tremor of the slight dragon pouncing on the ground. "Oh." Beat. "Oh hey. Hey." But his voice falls off, consider shows in his eyes, and throwing caution to the winds, the wingleader slings a snowball Aisu-wards -of course, it may come a touch close to Idrissa and canine. Maybe. Possibly. Totally wasn't him.

Snowball? Ooh, snowball! As the ball of snow flies towards her, the green skids to a stop, hunkering down so she can bepounce that flying snowball. "Whoa, Aisu..Okay, if you're going to pounce on things, please let me down." Jessi's voice is heard, of course, this makes her young green pause and consider. Keep rider on her or do her favourite pasttime of pouncing things. She chooses the pouncing and lowers just long enough for her rider to slide to the ground. Then the feline takes up the stalking prey actions, hunkering down and slinking towards the person who threw that fun snowball at her. Stalk stalk stalk, pause, stalk stalk stalk.. "Fl'ynn, watch out, she'll pounce you!" Jessi shoots off a warning to the bluerider before she turns to give a greeting wave to Idrissa and Soriana. "Hey Sori, hey Idrissa."

Idrissa glances over to Soriana and grins. "An't she cute?" Yes she totally called the giant pouncing green dragon cute.. But this is Rissa and she tends to think just about anything with four legs is cute. Asher, her dog shifts on his paws at the sudden snowball smacks into the ground and he actually sniffs out at it. His long tail wagging about as he wiggles and soon the large dog is bound towards where he figures the snowball came from, the ice wall is a good place to check in his mind! Rissa glances after Asher and catches sight of the snowfort looking bit but hearing her name she looks back to Jessi and smiles while waving to her. "Hello Jessi, how are you?"

"Yep!" agrees Soriana with Idrissa. Aisuohkoth is /totally/ cute. And- Whoa, hey, there's a snowball! Soriana laughs. Asher's got that part under control, and she just shakes her head and drifts over toward Jessi with a grin, watching as green dragon and grey dog converge on poor Fl'ynn. Better hope those ice fortifications are up to the job!

Fl'ynn's Wall of Ice will clearly protect him from stalking critters! Even those that are far larger than him. Clearly! Wishes and hope will keep it sentinel strong. He also… well, flings another ball of snow at the stalking thing. Fling! He's a regular Hawkeye! "Hey, don't just look at me. Help me out here, girls!" Or, you know, he may fling a snowball their way. WHOOPS. Fling. Yep, that just happened.

Jessi gives the girls an apologetic look. "Guess I shouldn't let her squish him, huh?" And, wuickly, she's after her green. "Oh Aisuohkoth…doncha wanna go fishin'?" Green pauses in her stalking, fishy fish fish fish? But the canine is heading for the snow fort, she can't let him have the prey, so the fishing can wait until later. Green turns back towards Fl'ynn and his fort only to get a snowball in her face, hey! Tail lashes and she gets the dragon version of a grin on her face. Stalk stalk stalk, pause…

Idrissa eyes widen slightly as she watches Asher and Aisuohkoth heading in the same direction. "Asher.." Though its too late as the overgrown puppy actualy attempts to leap over the fort wall with a great bark escaping him in the process. Rissa pales at the sight, her mouth opened unsure what to say. She didn't think he would do that. "…oh dear." Is murmured out that most likely only Soriana can hear and Rissa hopes her dogs doesn't try to tackle whom ever is on the other side of the ice wall as she doesn't know.

"Squish him? Naaaah," says Soriana with a laugh. "She'll just maul him a /little/. He'll be mostly fine." Beat. "Unless she licks him. Then he'll freeze to the beach and won't thaw until spring." She grins, watching the chaos unfolding, and reaches over to pat Idrissa on the shoulder. "Asher'll be fine." Anyone who builds snow-walls clearly can't be all /that/ formality rules and regulations. It's probably just a kid!

Beware of grinning dragons?… Mental calls for Kagenaith go out. Bat signal!… alas, no response, the dragon probably licked another piece of metal and is stuck, or is lost in a snowdrift, or is lost in space. All very possible. A few more snowballs are slung over the edge of his wall, one narrowly missing the puppy. Wait. Puppy? "Hey! *mufflescruffleglump*" Young man and canine fall back into the packed snow, a tangle of limbs. "Shardin'licksandcanine… we're gonna get dragon-trampled!"

Aisuohkoth reaches the snowfort's wall and with an amused warble she leaps! To land beside the bluerider and canine, and down comes her maw, and a big wet lick is given to the pair, poor boys. "Oh dear..Aisu!" The green? Yeah, she's just really smug as she prances around the man and canine. Jessi shakes her head. "Well, at least she didn't squish them." She calls to the girls. And then, well, the girl moves quickly to push her green away and check on the poor licked males. "Umm, sorry Sir." Wait, she realizes who the man is and she giggles. "Fl'ynny!" And, well, the dragon may not have pounced him, but the young petite woman does, throwing her arms round him and hugging. "Hi." She giggles. "Haven't seen you in..forever." Or something like that anyway.

Idrissa glances to Soriana and ehs osftly. "Hopfully the guy is alright too." She murmurs out while she quickly hurries over to the snow wall to see what has happened. Asher wiggles about large forepaws rest against Fl'ynn while he wruffs out and goes about slobbering the poor man. An then comes the dragon which makes Asher yip and bounce away from the fallen human before the dragon is now licking the dog? Rissa peers over, clearly looking worried. "I'm so sorry! His just a puppy, really.." Is offered quickly while Asher barks up at Aisuohkoth and the dog even drops into a playbow, rump and tail wiggling about in the air. Rissa peers curiously at Jessi and Fl'ynn well at least they know each other.

Soriana starts on toward the snow-fort, just to see what's going on. Asher! And Aisuohkoth! And… huh. That's no kid. Apparently Jessi knows him, though? Sori looks questioningly over them, then turns away a bit. She'll just watch Asher and Aisuohkoth instead. "Go on, Asher! Show that dragon!" she calls. "Lick 'im, Aisuohkoth! Lick 'em good!" Aww yeah, she's stirring up trouble.

Fl'ynn is clobbered by canine, licked by dragonkind, and arm-ringed by womankind. Yep, and he manages this all, in the snow. Like. A. Boss. He can't help it, he bursts into laughter. "Okay! Okayokayokayokay! Sorka's britches. I give! I give!" Alas, Idrissa, Fl'ynn is a hot mess. Hair a chaos (more than usual), hardy outer clothing all askew, a glove missing, and now his face is glossy with slobber… and yeah, he has a greenrider weyrling clinging to him. "No. It's alright. I was asking for it. Really. I was. Sorry. I couldn't help it. Give me a snow fort and some snowballs… and a bunch of females, I have to /throw/ something, and one of you all." Grin.

Jessi giggles quietly and clings, ayup, well, she clinga until the girls arrive, then she coughs a little, and retracts arms from around poor dishevelled bluerider's neck. Well, at least her green's attention is on something other than the rider now as she stares at the canine, lowering her own large body in almost a mirror of the canine's stance. Only Aisuohkoth is quite a bit larger than Asher and her tongue is quite a bit bigger than him, so he gets one nice long dragonlick. Hey, hi there, will you be my friend? Jessi grins and offers a hand to Fl'ynn to offer to help him up.

Idrissa gaze flicks over to Soriana and she smirks. "So not helping.." She points out to her friend. So much for trying to get Asher to behave! Though he is a puppy, there's suppose to have fun right? Asher wiggles about on his paws while watching the rather large dragon there before him. At the lick Asher just blinks and makes a face while his tongue hangs from his maw and gives himself a good shake and offers up a bark to the dragon, seems that he is alright with bring friends with the dragon! "Are you sure your alright?" Rissa questions to Fl'ynn, not paying much attention to what anyone looks like as she is more worried about her dog trampling someone.. Because her dog could totally do more damange then the green dragon he is trying to play with.

That's right. Aisuohkoth sure got Asher. Soriana grins. "Totally helping! Encouraging!" she retorts to Idrissa. Encouragement is important! Positive reinforcement! She leans down to scoop up some snow and pack it into a ball. Because, clearly, not enough trouble has been caused by throwing snowballs yet. She tosses it from hand to hand, then lobs it aimed right between the two four-leggers. Her attention is being kept solidly on those two, instead of the green and blue /riders/… whether as a nice gesture, or because it sort of makes her feel awkward, well… it's a mystery. Cold does make ears go pink, yes.

Fl'ynn chuckles as he comes to his feet, taking that offered hand with great enthusiasm to get that way. In a blink, he is cringing and shiver, "Oh, snow down the pants. Shells, that's cold." He chuckles, head ducking before coming back up to look at the others, winking at Idrissa. "Right as rain. Or, I mean snow. Snow. Right as snow. That your canine?" The bluerider's eyes light up though as Soriana starts sh*t up again. He sorta-kinda tilts his head towards his smushed snow-fort, kinda-sorta gesturing to the ammo dump of already made snowballs there. Yup, Fl'ynn was planning on doing /something/ with those. Be proud of your wingleader, Xanadu. Proud!

Jessi helps Fl'ynn to his feet and then blushes, or maybe it's just the cold, yeah, must be the cold air on her cheeks as she realizes the girls saw her clinging to the wingleader. As Fl'ynn glances to the ammo store, Jessi giggles. "Were you going to launch an assault on us weyrlings with those, Fl'ynny?" Yeah, she's completely forgotton the whole weyrlings are supposed to salute dragonriders, especially wingleaders, thing. Oops! "Let's get em!" And she snags some of the snowballs to toss at Aisuohkoth. The green warbles in amusement and licks the dog once more before getting smacked with snowballs and then she turns on her rider with that same draconic grin. Yesh, beware the grinning dragon.

Idrissa can't help is and grins as she looks over to Soriana, she pauses long enough to grab a handfull of snow and once it is in a somewhat ballish form tosses it at Soriana. Though her attention turns back to Fl'ynn an she smiles before nodding. "Yes.. His mine. His name is Asher." She offers softly. At the part about Jessi clinging to Fl'ynn she wasn't paying attention to it, really! Her gaze flicks back over to Aisuohkoth once Jessi goes about tossing a snowball towards her, oh dear the dragon is grinning again.

Such planning ahead! Definitely a reason to be proud. Soriana turns back to the others just in time to get smacked in the face by the loose-packed snowball from Idrissa. Splat! "Heeeey!" She shakes her head vigorously, wiping off the snow to see Idrissa with snow clinging to her fingers, Jessi with a snowball in hand… and the cache of them. A-ha! "No betrayin' the human side!" she calls. Dern cylons! She trots back toward the snow-fort to snag a snowball for herself… poor Fl'ynn, all his careful planning being stolen away by wimmenfolk. Sori lobs that snowball at Asher, because the dog? Totally the bigger threat than the eleven-meter green dragon. They have to defend this fort! …what's left of this fort. The crushed remnants of this fort. Lucky Aisu didn't trample the snow-ammo, or they'd be utterly defenseless!

"Absolutely," is Fl'ynn's quick response to Jessi. "Only the fastest can be in my wing. If you can dodge a 'ball, you can be in Comet." He just came up with that. Pretty good, eh? He looks pretty proud of himself. Yup. He looks back over to Idrissa, winking once more. "Well, Asher has a mean bound, let me tell you. I suppose that is how you claim all the guys?" He is about to continue with some more snappy wording, when… well, suddenly his entire cache is being looted. Waitaminute. "Oh, hey, save some for me!"

Poor poor Fl'ynny, having his ammo stolenz by the womenz, Jessi will make it up to him later maybe. But right now her attention is on Aisuohloth, who is advancing again with that draconic grin on her face. "Umm, I think we're in trouble now." The weyrling giggles when suddenly Aisuohkoth has her tail lashing and it sends snow flying towards the humans. Take cover! Jessi scatters, trying to duck behind one of the partial fort walls.

Idrissa grins at Soriana and giggles a moment while she gets another snowball and tosses it towards Asher. Her dog blinks once he is hit not once but twice, Asher barks out while he bounces forward sending a spray of snow towards Soriana in the process. Rissa hears Fl'ynn and blinks while looking towards him, wait what did he just say? She did hear it and is clearly blushing, an not its not from the cold weather! "What..?" Is questioned with a clear unsure tone at what he just said. At the comment from Jessi about being in trouble she glances back in time to get smacked with the snow an she acks out as she gets covered in it.. So not fair..
Only the fastest get to use Fl'ynn's snowballs! If the wingleader isn't in that group, well… too bad! Soriana laughs, grabbing another of those snowballs and throwing it just as Aisuohkoth launches super mega snowy tail technique! She has no chance to dodge. She doesn't even see where her snowball goes, because that wave of snow takes her solidly across… oh, the face, the chest, various other parts. Blink. Blinkblink. Stagger. Soriana falls back dramatically to the snow. Ker-thump. She's even got her hand to her chest. So very snow-dead.

Fl'ynn is a jerk. Yep, he's a jerk. He went and made the snow fort and rounded up all of those snow balls and possibly showed some people where those snow balls are. And now? Well. Now he is a jerk because in the midst of the ball-throwing the young man slinks off. Slither. Slink-slink. Slither. Mischief managed. You may hear his snickering later.

Jessi doesn't think Fl'ynn is a jerk, he's a cute lil bluerider, ahem! At Aisuohkoth's onslaught, she dives behind the fort's wall and peers. Hey, wait, where's the wingleader getting off to. "Aww Fl'ynny, not even gonna help us defend your fort?" She calls after him, with a grin. The girls are spotted taking the full force of her gren's snow-attack. "Oh yeah, by the way, she kinda cheats." She calls after the fact,.

Idrissa coughs a moment and goes about brushing snow and ice bits off of her face and clothing. She doesn't think Fl'ynn is a jerk either. Not that she would say that out loud because this is just something she wouldn't dare think of. Though with him creeping off Rissa smirks slightl and is quick to grab a snowball and sends it flying after him. Sure he can escape the mischief he started but not reason to make sure he gets out of it without covered in more snow! Asher runs around Aisuohkoth before he moves over to Soriana and sniffs out at the girl a moment, a large paw batting out at the fallen girl a moment.

So ded. …snow is cooooold. And wet, once it gets in around the edges of her clothing and starts melting. Also, there's a dog here! So much for her peaceful rest. Sori sits up, shaking herself off. "No, silly, I'm defeated," she tells Asher. "Utterly. You and your compatriot conquered me. S'true."

Jessi giggles quietly as Fl'ynn makes his escape, smart man, she'll catch him later. She turns back towards Aisuohkoth, raising her arms in defeat. "Alright, alright, you got me, you win Aisu." She smiles, moving to her green to throw her arms around the dragon's head. "You're the best predator on this beach, I surrender." And, well, what does the petite woman get for her effort? A big wet dragonlick. "Oof."

Idrissa looks over to jessi and Aisuohkoth and giggles a moment at the sight while she moves over to Soriana and peers down at her. A curious look seen. "So.. the snow killed ya huh?" Is questioned with a soft laugh escaping her. Asher bats out at Soriana once more with a bark escaping him as he puffs up, yes they won!
Soriana laughs, and ruffles at Asher's sides cheerfully. "That's right," she tells him, then pushes herself up to her feet, grinning over to Idrissa. "Snow's vicious like that." She looks around, seeing Jessi giving Aisu her due, and… no Fl'ynn. Hurm. She peers back down at Asher. "See, you defeated /him/ so hard he disappeared!"

Jessi wipes at her face and giggles softly. "Good girl." And, well, green is attacked with scritches, the petite woman running her hand over her green's smooth hide, fingeers travelling upwards until they find that silver moon shape upon the dragon's forehead. "Well girls, it looks like we got beat fair and square. It was a good fight, you were brave and strong." She tries to make her voice seem like some sort of captain speaking to his soldiers after a battle loss.

Idrissa grins at she hears Soriana and then looks over to Jessi with a nod. "Indeed.. It was a good battle but.. Very much out numbered or at least out sized." This said with a soft laugh escaping her in the process. Asher moves over to Rissa and settles down to his haunches there, still looking rather proud of himself, tongue hanging from his maw while snow clings to his form.

Soriana stands up tall and gives Jessi a proper salute! "Win some, lose some, get licked some." She grins wide, and dusts off a bit more snow, for all the good that does. It's melting into her underpants. o.o

Jessi grins and gets her green calmed by scratching that magic spot between her eyes. "I think we should maybe go get ourselves warmed up after that brutal battle, hmm? Go hit the caverns for some klah, maybe a bite to eat." She says as her stomach grumbles. Someone's a hungry little weyrling.

Idrissa laughs as she hears Soriana. "Licked indeed. More like slobbered into freezing." She murmurs and ruffles Asher's fur a but that is sticking up in some places seeming a bit frozen. The dog tilts his head and barks out a moment. At the talk of food Rissa's stomach also grumbles and she hums at the thought. "Food sounds good at the moment.." Though with as many meals as she tends to miss its not a surprize that if someone mentions food she would be interested.

Ooh. Food? Soriana perks. "Yes. I like that plan. Food!" She nods firmly, and gives herself another futile brushing-off before starting off bravely in that direction. Onward to battle the mighty food! The wild klah-beast! The deadly and dangerous cookies? She'd love to battle one of those. She'd battle it so fiercely. So very fiercely.

Jessi smiles softly. "You two head that way, I've got to get Aisu settled in the barracks first." The weyrling says as she continues to lavish attentions on her green. "I'll catch up." Aisuohkoth croons quietly, playtime is over? Aww.

"Come on Asher, lets go get something warm to eat." Idrissa offered with another pat to her dog before she starts to head back towards dry land as it where, more like warm dry land! Asher follows along with a few barks escaping him in the process. "See you there!" Is offered to Jessi before they go.

"Okay, seeya!" says Soriana to Jessi, and waves to green and rider as she heads off with Idrissa and Asher. "He gonna be okay in the caverns?" she asks the other girl as they go, with a glance for the dog. There are, after all, many fine distractions for a half-trained pup around there.

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

"I.. think he'll be alright." Idrissa offeres to Soriana while Asher follows along. She pauses once at the cavern and goes about brushes and stomping the snow off of herself. A glance is offered to Asher whom pauses and peers inside the cavern and she goes about brushing and knocking the snow off of him as well. "His, normally well behaved after all."

Soriana nods to Rissa, heading over to the caverns with her and the dog. Fortunately, it's between meals, and so the place is far less crowded than it could be. Unfortunately, it's between meals, so the food options are running a little sparse. At least there's still hot klah! Sori pauses in the entrance to shake herself off, getting much of the snow that hasn't already crept inside her clothes. At least it's warm in here!

Idrissa peers at Asher and leans down slightly to look at his face, eye to eye. "You behave now.." Is murmured out softly to him an she turns to follow Soriana on into the cave and towards the fireplace. She gives the dog's head a good scratching. "Go on an lay down." An the dog indeed lay down.

Good dog! Soriana lets out a little sigh of relief as she sees Asher behaving as promised. She stands in front of the fire for a moment, warming her hands, then starts over toward the kitchens. Halfway there, she pauses. "Y'want klah or cider?"

"Whatever your having." Idrissa offers while she takes over a spot next to the fire near Asher. She pauses and undoes the blanket so it can dry off.

Soriana laughs, and nods. She deliberates a moment, but… the cider would involve convincing one of the people busily preparing dinner to take a moment and prepare it, or doing it herself. The klah just involves grabbing a couple mugs and filling them from the kettle kept ready for sleepy dragonriders all day long. Copious amounts of sweetener later, she's carrying them back. "Here you are!"

Idrissa grins and takes hold of the mug. "Thanks." Is offered while she goes about sipping at it. A half cough escapes her at first but she at least swallows it doesn. She doesn't often drink klah but at the moment she doesn't care as its warm!

Warm is good! Sori nods, and turns around to stand with her back to the fire. Ahhhh. Warm! She lifts her own mug to take a sip. Hardly the best of klah, either - not after sitting in a kettle most of the day. That's why she added so much sweetener! "That was fun," she says, and grins. "Aisu definitely cheats, though."

Idrissa chuckles and nods with a grin to Sori. "Ya, she does. But then I get the feeling that she doesn't have much in the way of problem when it comes to cheating. After all it was rather amusing to watch." She leans against Asher whom has settled on the floor and is relaxing at the moment it would seem.
Such cheating! Yeah, okay, like Sori's got any place to talk about that sort of thing. She grins. "Yeah. Of all the weyrling dragons… she's prob'ly my favorite to watch. She's fun. I mean… Izzuth's kinda sweet, and Sonyxaeth's lovely, but… yeah. Aisuohkoth's _fun_."

Idrissa smiles and nods, she grins slightly while tilting her head. "I haven't gotten to meet the others." She offers softly at the thought and scratches at her neck a moment. "Maybe I'll get a chance to meet 'em at some point." Her eyes lingers on the fire a moment. No she isn't thinking about dragons in the least.. nope.. An she would be SO lying if someone asked her that question an she said no at the moment.

"Oh," says Soriana. Imagine it, someone who hasn't been hanging around the weyrling beach and met at least half the dragons! Why, Idrissa probably can't even rattle off the names. She… she might not even know what color those other dragons are. How… strange. Sori's quiet for a long moment as she comes to grip with the fact that not everyone is as dragon-focused as she is. It's okay. Idrisa's holdbred. She just doesn't understand. "Yeah. Next time you're free when they've got exercises, maybe."

Idrissa does sorta have things to do so she can't really go wandering the weyrling beachs all the time, she sips at her mug and smiles a moment. "Wouldn't it be something if we got picked for the next clutch?.." Rissa may be holdbred but the idea of bring around dragons is becoming more interesting to her all the time.
For all Soriana's dragonthoughts, that particular one somehow doesn't end up with much prominence. "Might happen," she says. "That'll probably be ages, though. Seryth just rose, so it'd likely be Yumeth… or Sonyxaeth once she's gone and grown all the way up." Which is foreeeeever, despite the speed with which young dragons grow. "Hmm." She glances over to Idrissa, then grins. "Why, you thinkin' you'd like a pretty golden lifemate?"

Idrissa blinks at the gold comment and peers over to Soriana. "Just a nice thought." She offers softly while looking into her mug. "I just like watching them, moving, hunting, playing…" She stops herself and leans more against Asher and sets her mug on the edge of the frie. A glance is sent towards Soriana. "Me?.. I don't think that'll ever happen in my lifetime.." Rissa murmurs out softly. Its not like she's Sori after all who's mother is all important. Its just Rissa and well Asher now.

The caverns are fairly quiet, as it's between mealtimes. Soriana and Idrissa are near the fire, sipping mugs of oversweetened klah and talking. About dragons, as it happens! Funny how that ends up being a topic of conversation around youngsters. Sori laughs, a friendly sort of sound, and reaches to ruffle at Idrissa's hair. "Hey, you never know. It's the dragons that decide that, not anyone else."

Jessi enters the caverns after getting her young green settled in the barracks for a catnap. She's changed out of wet clothes and currently wears fresh clothes with a soft coat over the top. She spots the two girls easily enough and makes her way over, pausing to get herself a mug of klah, sweetening it to taste, before she moves towards the girls again. "Hey, miss me?" She grins a little.

Idrissa half squeaks as her hair is ruffled and she gives her head a shake, as if that would help her mess of curls that her hair has turned into now that it is somewhat dry. "I suppose so." She smiles at Sori and then looks over to Jessi and waves to her. "Hey.. Course!" Is offered with a friendly tone. Asher opens a eye to look over at Jessi, his tail thumping against the ground a few times but he stays put as Rissa is sorta leaning against him too.

Soriana grins at Idrissa's squeak, then looks up and over. Ah! Jessi! She gives those dry clothes a considering look. Hey, that might be a good idea, except for how it involves going out in the cold again. Maybe she'll put it off a bit longer. "Now you're the one cheating," she says with a laugh. "Dry clothes! Has Aisu been rubbing off on you?"

Jessi grins, "Well, you know, I figured the weyrlingmasters wouldn't be too happy if I suddenly came down with a cold and had to miss lessons." She leans down to give Asher a scritch to his ears, then she curls her fingers around her mug and slides into a seat at the girls' table. "So, what'd I miss?" She giggles.

Idrissa giggles softly as she hears Jessi. "I suppose that's a good reason too." She ohs a moment an isn't too sure what to say. A glance is offered over to Soriana and she takes a large sip from her mug. HA she'll make Sori answer that. Asher leans into the scritching, tail thumping a few times. At the moment Soriana, Jessi and Idrissa are near the fire, drinking khla and talking.

Oh, well, if Jessi's gonna go and be /sensible/ like that… Soriana laughs. "Yeah, okay." She takes another sip of her klah, but not nearly so long as Idrissa's, so she's stuck with the question-answering. "Mmh, not much. Talking about dragons." She grins. "So what comes next in those lessons? I see you've got the riding part down!"

Jessi considers and giggles, "More exercise and workouts I'm sure. I think we start our daily weyr chores soon, like learning to guard the weyr and night patrols, Aisuohkoth will love those I'm sure." She's not sure what eles, really. "We're starting to work the dragons' wings, they have to get stronger before the dragons can fly. And then there's the constant oiling and bathing, but at least we don't have to feed them as much anymore, and she's pretty good about not relieving herself in the barracks anymore." Yeah, nice huh?

Soriana listens with interest, nodding from time to time. She grins at the mention of Aisu and the night patrols - the only hard part for the green will probably be the sitting and waiting while on guard! The wing-working makes her head tilt to the side for a moment, then another nod. There wasn't any of that for her firelizard, but then… dragons are how many hundreds of time bigger? The oiling and such, however… that gets a laugh, because (on a critter hundreds of time smaller) she's done that. At least the oil for dragon-hides smells good! "They sure have grown a lot, haven't they? Before you know it, you'll be soaring through the sky!" She grins, because that's not terrifying at all.

Idrissa listens to the two as they talk about the dragons, and well firelizards. She doesn't have much expierence with either and does seem rather curious over the conversation. Her gaze turns from one to another and she soon smiles. "I hope I can be around to see when they do get to the flying bit." Oh sure she's seen some dragons around the weyr but not that much with her kept busy with the runners.

Jessi nods, "They have, indeed, I think they're half their full grown size, maybe a little over, and still growing steadily. The weyrlingmasters say that when they have their final growth spurt it will be even worse and they'll need even more oil." She sighs. "Can you imagine, I already use so much, but we'll have to double or maybe even triple the applications when they hit their growth spurts." The petite young woman seems..overwhelmed a bit by the thought.

Soriana grins, and nods to Idrissa. Those runners always do seem to pick the worst times to need her friend's attention. Or maybe it's just that Rissa enjoys giving them attention so much she can always find something… well, either way. "Maybe you can even convince someone to give you a ride," she suggests to Idrissa, and grins before looking back to Jessi. Eyes widen. "How will you have the time to do anything else, with that much oiling? Maybe you can get a giant tub of it for them to bathe in?" And Aisu's the /smallest/ of the young dragons! Just imagine the gold!

Idrissa glances to Soriana at the thought of convincing someone to give her a ride?.. Oh sure she can bearly even speak to anyone older then her as it is so that should be SO easy. "I'm sure your figure it out.. Maybe you can get her to roll around in it if you promise to take her hunting?" She questions while grinning a moment.

Jessi grins, "I know, right? It's crazy to think of it. And then we'll be flying and having to watch out for injuries. And I thought the first part of weyrlinghood was gonna be exhausting." She giggles, though, and sips from her mug of klah. "I know, maybe I'll just have my two friends come and help me oil her. You two'd do that for me, wouldn't you?" She grins, batting her eyelashes a little.

So easy! Of course, Soriana, who's ridden along with her mother more times than she can remember, doesn't see a problem there. She doesn't even notice that look from Idrissa, instead laughing to Jessi. "Well… it was!" All those zombie looks and surprise naps. "Just, the second part'll be even /more/ exhausting." At the weyrling's suggestion, she grins. "Sure!" Her? Pass up a chance to interact with dragons? Nahhh. After a moment, she adds, "Well, if the weyrlingmasters'll let us."

Idrissa peers at Jessi, seeming to try and figure out if she is joking or not, because when it comes to work of sometype that is animal or dragon related she doesn't tend to say no! She leans forward slightly at the sugestion. "Ya.. If.. we're allowed to. Sure." Rissa seems perhaps just a wee bit eager at the idea actually. An its not the thought of flying that bothers her, its the thought of actually /asking/ someone for the possibility.

Soriana peers into her mug, and finds it empty. She frowns, and stands up. "Anyone want anything?" she asks, before heading off to the kitchens.

Jessi grins, "Good, Aisu will be the best oiled dragon in the group then. I don't think they'll have a problem with it. It's not like other riders don't tend to drag candidates into the task of bathing and oiling their dragons, right?"
Idrissa glances to her mug and gives it to Soriana before the otehr takes off so she can get something else to drink. She looks back to Jessi and grins. "Great!" Is said with a rather happy tone at the thought of getting to help oil Aisu. "We're make her the best looking dragon out of the bunch of sure."
Jessi nods to Idrissa. "And Aisu and I'll take you for a ride when we're clear for passengers, how's that?" She smiles to the girl. "As repayment." Yeah, something like that anyway.

Idrissa peers at Jessi curiously a moment. "Really?.." She questions with a soft, yet very happy sounding tone. She grins. "That would be so nice, of you both." Everyone here is so much nicer then what her mother kept commenting about Weyr's when she brought the idea up on leaving home to follow Soriana. "Well.. I'll have to really make sure Aisuohkoth is the best oiled dragon around."

Jessi nods, "Certainly, why not? I mean, we'll be playing elevator anyways, might as well start with letting a friend ride with us. Course, that's awhile from now since we're just starting to rid on the ground, won't be able to fly together for awhile yet."

Idrissa smiles and nods. "I understand." She offers softly. "I suppose I'm still getting use to living here." Heck she can't recall how long she's been at the Weyr now but she still finds herself surprized over some of the most simplest things.
Jessi smiles, "Well, it took me awhile to adjust to weyr life too, when the hall transferred me to Eastern, weyrfolk are mostly kind and gentle, just avoid the maleriders after a flight, or sometimes even during one if you can help it, they seem to lose their minds at that time." She knows, she's been captured by them before.

"Everyone has been so nice to me. An I've had Soriana to help explain some stuff." Idrissa offers, always nice to question Sori on things! She's quiet for a moment an a soft oh soon escapes her and she nods. "Right, I do remember being told that."

Soriana returns with a pair of mugs once more! Tea, this time. She also has a small plate of cookies, balanced only somewhat precariously on top of her mug.

Cookies? Oh yeah, Jessi was hungry wasn't she? She had completely forgotton about her stomachs need as she started chatting about her dragon and oil and everything else. The weyrling excuses herself briefly so she can go retrieve a plate of meatrolls for the nibbling.

Idrissa grins at the cookies. "Thanks Soriana!" This said while she takes hold of her mug once more and sips at it before snagging a cookie. Which she'll be more then happy to eat!

Why have real food when you can have cookies? Ah, the power of teenaged thinking. Soriana hands the one mug to Idrissa, sets the plate of cookies down between them, and takes a seat. Siiip. She looks over to the meatroll-getting Jessi, then back to Rissa. "So what'd I miss?"

Jessi needs real food because, if she gets hyped up on sugar now the crash from tiredness will be worse when she finally collapses from it. She eats every last meatroll on that plate, and then she'll reach for one of the cookies, now she'll have one of them. "Mmm, delicious. I feel like I should be taking advantage of Aisu's catnapping though." Hmm, she ponders this.

"Talking about oiling up Aisuohkoth more, an a few other things about the Weyr." Idrissa offers while she munches on another cookie. With Jessi back she offers her a smile an slight nod.

Soriana nods to Idrissa. She alternates nibbles of cookie with sips of tea. "You mean, even more than having a conversation with absolutely nobody getting pounced?" she says to Jessi, and grins. "Could get a hot bath. Or… other conversations." Yeah, Sori did notice that thing with Jessi and Fl'ynn, much as she ignored it at the time.

Was it that obvious back there? Jessi giggles softly, blushing softly as she considers the other conversations. "Naw, I bet he's busy right now, being a wingleader and all, and losing that poor blue of his all the time. It's a wonder they've made it this far." She speaks softly, it's pretty clear that she probably has a thing for Fl'ynn, but she shakes it off a little. "A hot bath could be nice..or a nap. I do find that I'm quite enjoying my naps as of late. That green of mine tires me out."

Idrissa grins at Soriana. "Hey.. I have Asher, he is rather good at it." Though at the moment Asher looks like a lazy cat, half stretched out near the fireplace sleeping and even snoring at times. As for everything with Jessi and Fl'ynn it was hard not to notice. Not that she is going to say anything about it mind you. She peers at Jessi a moment. "His a wingleader?…An my dog pounced him.." Yes Rissa worried about things like these.

Boys are weird, but… Sori's been noticing them more lately. With that also comes noticing when other people are noticing boys. Even when it's not entirely obvious, she's just sort of… paying attention to that these days. Soriana nods to Jessi's explanation, then hehs at Idrissa's worry. "He threw the first snowball." Anyone, wingleader or not, that starts throwing snowballs deserves what they get!

Jessi smiles softly, "Oh, I don't think you have too much to worry about, Fl'ynn's sweet, and he was kinda asking for it, son't you think?" She blushes further. "Okay, so maybe I might have a little teensie bit of a crush on him." Or, well, probably more than a little teensie crush but anyways. "How can I not, I mean, have you see his cute little face? And when he smiles, he's got those dimples that make me melt like ice cream on a hot day." Oh, wait, umm, is she gushing? Okay, note to self, weyrling don't gush about wingleaders in the middle of the living caverns. "I mean..erm.." Okay, now her klah is quite interesting as she stares into the mug before taking a long drink from it.

Idrissa has noticed that Sori has been acting down right strange lately, not that she knows why mind you. She eyes her mug a few moments. "Oh sure.. not like Inkfoot can tackle someone." Well he could but someone would wind up saying how cute it was. Though Fl'ynn did throw the snowball. "Well ya.. He seemed alright with it, seems nice.." She pauses, her bright gree gaze settles on Jessi. "How.. do you know you have a crush on him?" She has to ask /someone/ here about this stuff doesn't she? An with Jessi bring it up might as well ask her.

Soriana smirks to Idrissa. "I'll have you know Inkfoot has pounced and slain a wild feline!" she says, and grins. So far as Jessi's gushing… she looks, if anything, a trifle perplexed. "I guess," she says noncommitally, and snags another cookie. After all, he's OLD! He must be like… twenty or something. Practically ancient.

well, if he's old then Jessi is ancient because she's older than him by nearly two turns. At the question from Idrissa, the wpetite weyrling's cheeks darken further. "I dunno, because he makes me feel funny inside when I see him, I guess. And it's been awhile since we both had our schedules work out so we could see eachother…and now I'll be thinking about him all night long." Lesigh, the torture. "He's the one who searched me, you know? He brought me here from Eastern and listened to me when I felt needy..and kissed the loneliness away." The last part is whispered, and when she realzies she said it out loud ebough for even these two friends of her to hear, she tries to hide behind her klah again.

Idrissa just watches Jessi a few moments, the girl thinks she has /totally/ missed something here and sends a glance to Soriana to see if her friend is understanding it better then her. She looks back to Jessi, a soft ah escapes her while she just nods. Alright, sure that totally makes sense.. Then why can't she seems to figure out something to say? Instead she sips at her mug of tea that will be her excuse for not saying anything!

Yeah, Jessi's pretty ancient, but she's still nice. It's entirely possible to be friends with old people, they just don't make Sori feel like /that/. When Idrissa glances to her for confirmation, her expression does seem to have a semblance of partial comprehension. Even a slight nod! …okay, kissing she's still on the fence about. It might be good, but the instincts of a childhood declaring it icky cannot so easily be cast aside! Nevertheless. "He does seem nice," she offers judiciously. "And he's on blue, so maybe Aisuohkoth will like Kagenaith when she rises."

Jessi nods, "Well, she's definitely green, and last I saw, Kaga's definitely blue. But even if she does, that doesn't guarantee anything, mating flights are…tricky from what I've discovered. Truthfully I'm not looking forward to that part of Aisu growing up." Jessi doesn't like not having any control over what she does, nope. "But I suppose I just have to accept it. Cause it's too late to run away now."

Idrissa wishes she had some idea of what all this was like, or about for that matter. She feels utterly confused to the say the least. A glance is sent to the plate and there is a cookie left which she snatches up and munches on. Though she does listen in on the conversation on the mating flights. She hums softly. "Well maybe things will work out in your favor though. Just have to think postitvly on it."

"Well, yeah," admits Soriana. "But this's Aisu we're talking about. If any green can dodge and spin and have /her/ choice of the males, it'll be her." The girl grins confidently in her friend's green, though of course in a real flight things seldom turn out as expected. Control? Hah, not so much! "Way too late to run away. Not unless you can figure out a way to fit a whole green dragon into a suitcase."

Jessi giggles at the thought of shoving Aisuohkoth in a suitcase. She fnishes her cookie, and her klah, and gets to her feet. "Well, Im either gonna go see if I can find Fl'ynny or catch my own catnap." She even offers a smile and a wave. "See you girls later." And she's hurrying off to go hunt for the wingleader.

Idrissa grins and glances to Soriana. "I think that would be a rather tight fit in a suitcase!" This said with an amused tone before she waves after Jessi. "I like her." Is offered as she nods a moment before taking another sip of tea.

Soriana makes hand-gestures like she's folding something up very, very small, then grins and waves. "Seeya!" she says to Jessi, then turns back to Idrissa and grins. "Yeah, she's nice. Beastcrafter, too. Works with felines."

Idrissa ohs at this and peers after Jessi once more an nods. "Well.. That just makes her even better then." This said with an amused tone at the thought. She'll have to talk with Jessi more for sure now!

Yeah, Sori figured that'd get Idrissa's attention. She grins, then notices that the plate of cookies is empty (Gasp!) and gives it a sad look before taking another sip of tea. "So what should we do now? I think I'm mostly dry…"

Well of course it would get her attention! Idrissa hums and peers at the plate that is very empty. "Ya.. I think I'm rather dry too." She glances around and then over to Sori. "Did you hear anything more about the dance thing?"

Soriana shrugs. "Not really. We should ask Kale if he's talked to the woodcraft boy yet." A glance around, as if he'll magically appear at the mention of his name. …nope, not this time. "I guess we should start figuring out what to wear, right? And all… that."

Idrissa glances around herself and is quiet for a moment before she looks back to Soriana. "You know.. If you don't want me to go I won't." Oh heck she still remember the conversation from the other night, and the fact that Soriana did /frown/ when Kale said she should come along as well.

"What?" says Soriana, a surprised expression on her face. "Why wouldn't I want you to go?" Her tone has every evidence of earnestness, as if she honestly can't understand what would give her friend /that/ idea! There's going and going, see, and together versus together, and… gosh life is complicated sometimes.

"Cause.. When Kale said I should come the other night you frowned." Idrissa offers softly. She may not talk much but she sure does take in what is around her rather well. An it seems she is good at watching people.

"Huh?" goes Soriana, because she doesn't much remember that. When Kale said… what is Idrissa talking about? Sori looks confused, for a good long while. Was it… "Oh!" She blinks. That's right, Kale was trying to make it all just a friend thing instead of a - a going together thing. "No, it's just, uh… I want you to come, I do. But I want to be the one who goes /with/ Kale. Not like I don't want to hang out with you there, but… well…"

Idrissa watches Soriana, oh she is so not getting off from this in any way. She finshes the tea in her mug and lets her arms folds before her upon the table. A soft ah escapes her at this and she glances off a moment pondering this. "So.. Do you like Kale or somethin'?" Rissa is all full of them matter-oh-fact sorta questions tonight. She isn't about to let Soriana squirm outa nothing if she gets the chance!

"Maybe." Sori glances away, then back again. "I guess. He's fun, y'know? I like doin' stuff with him. I figure… maybe it'd be nice to do other stuff with him, too." A shrug, and she toys with her empty mug.

Idrissa is quiet now while looking at her mug, she chews on her lip a moment and nods. "Ya I know.. His nice an stuff. We always managed to have fun. Maybe.. you should tell him or somethin'?" Arn't you suppose to tell someone that if you well, like them? Isn't that how it works. An if that's the fact she doesn't have a lot of room to talk. "An I don't have to go to the dance. You guys should go and do stuff an all…" You know without Rissa hanging around like the third wheel she sorta feels like at the moment.

Is that how it works? Sori shrugs. "Yeah, so maybe I will…" she says. As Idrissa goes on to insist on how she doesn't have to go and all, Soriana's expression starts to grow exasperated. "Shells, I'm just takin' him to a dance! I'm not askin' him to be my weyrmate or anything!" Seriously!

Idrissa smirks at her. "I never say nothing about you asking him to be all that." She points out with a soft huff escaping her. "I'm just saying.." A shrug is seen. "Anyway I bet that kid he knows won't wana go anyhow so. Have to dance at a dance an I can't well dance."

Soriana gives Idrissa a long stare. "Y'know, if you wanted to… you could make Kale do somethin' with you, first. Like go out under the stars alone." That's classically romantic, right? "Or even kiss you or somethin' like that. You got two demands t'make. You could get anythin' you wanted from him, before I even got the chance." She doesn't seem particularly upset by this prospect. If anything, she sounds vaguely… encouraging? Another moment of that stare, and then she shrugs. "I dunno how to dance either, really. I figure we'll just pretend."

Idrissa is trying to picture the things in her head she just heard Soriana say and she blushes right hotly.. Though is it becasue of what was said, or because she might want to do that? Who knows what goes on in that mind of Rissa's, filled with runners, and now dragons and stuff about boys and girls? She sends a faint glance towards Soriana curiously. "I dono what I want him to do yet." Though she had to admit a night under the stars sounds sorta nice. A soft sigh escapes her. "I'll figure something out." Maybe.. Or she will just hold those two debts over Kale's head forever an ever! "Suppose we cound pretend. Shouldn't be that hard I imagen."

Ah-hah! Yes, that is definitely a blush from Idrissa. Soriana looks briefly smug. She knew it! Having thereby satisfied her curiosity (and maybe planted a seed or three inside that head of Rissa's), she moves on. Dancing! "Yeah, I mean… we'll have everyone else to watch. Or… we could even see about finding a harper-'pprentice who wouldn't mind helping us practice. Harper's bound to know all that sort of thing, and the music to go with, too!"

Idrissa has it when Soriana does that! An yes Soriana always seems to figure out some way to best her. She clears her throat and ohs. "Well.. That's a good idea." Though she ponders. "I haven't ran into any harper's since we've been here.. Do you know any?" Hey, its Soriana, she is bound to know one or two.

"M'trin's a harper, and so's Esiae," says Soriana, "-but they're both weyrlings so they're prob'ly too busy for that. There's Reosin, but I am so not asking him anything if I can help it." Shudder. "Anyway, I can go by there and look around."

Idrissa hasn't met either of those two weyrlings either. A slight nod is soon seen. "Maybe we can work on finding someone later about it?" Well it is an idea! Asher seems to have woken up finally and is moves over to nose and whine out at Rissa. A soft oh escapes her and she gives the dog's head a scratch while smiling. "I should get him on outside." This said while she stands up, picking up the dog's blanket in the process and wraps and ties it back in place upon the large overgrown puppy. "I'll see you later ya?" This questioned as Asher is already moving towards the door.

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