Discouraged (Egg Touching 5)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Once again the Candidates are ushered in to spend time with the eggs and once again Seryth is curled close to Inimeth. This seems to work best at keeping her quiet, although Thea is not far off. This evening she sits on the platform, sipping something icy and trying to remain somewhat cool in this baking heat. She's not far from where the eggs are, and gives a beckoning wave, including them all and giving permission to have at those eggs.

Kiley is ushered in among the rest and looking a little more at ease at touching the eggs once again. She looks about, and then looks to Seryth and takes a few steps forward to bow to both clutchmother and sire, even if they may not be paying attention to the little candidates. And then, she presses forward towards the Mysteries In The Dark Egg. Her hands lift to brush her fingertips along the shell of the egg while her eyes close in anticipation for what is to come forth from the mind within.

Landers appears decidedly weary as he trudges in behind the rest of the group, stifling a yawn with the back of his hand. A quick shake of his head is given as if to draw himself alert. The former sailor does have a mind to glance toward the clutch mom and Weyrwoman, noting the position each has. It causes him to stop and squint in their direction, hesitation waning when Kiley is the first to head on out there like nothing was to come to harm. Lan purses his lips, determined. Two left. He diverts paths from Kiley, saying a firm hello with a swipe of his hand across the Dusty Old Parchment egg.

Karona enters with the other candidates, frowning slightly. "Can never quite decide which is hotter, the sands or the forge." she says, tone politely quiet, at least. The smith bows to both dragons, shooting a wobbly smile towards her fellow candidates, before casting eyes over the eggs. "Hm." she murmurs, eyes flicking between Stele Translations Egg and Islands of Strange Stone Egg. There's not really much hesitation when she chooses, and chooses the latter.

Kiley tilts her head slightly, brows drawing into a slight frown as she opens her mouth slightly and flicks her tongue out briefly to trail along her upper lip before popping back in. Her mouth closes and her lips press into a thin line while fingers shift so her hands may rest upon the shell of the egg more fully.

Landers drags his fingers from the shell, lips showing an unimpressed and unsatisfied twist. There's his systematic recalculation once more, as he circles around the egg, convinced to inspect every inch as his nose draws near the shell at several points. Cranning his head this way and that, like a curious canine, the palm of his hand gently smooths over the surface of the shell a second time.

Karona is yanked this way, and pushed that way, it's all very discombobulating. It would be much more interesting to watch, if it wasn't all just in her head. Her hands, both, fly up from the shell, cutting contact, to clutch at her head. She massages her temples a minute, then frowns down at the egg. "No." she states, sternly, reaching trembling hands back out to touch the shell. Who's the candidate here? She is! Who's the one that's free to leave any time? She is! Who has the power? …uh… she does? Maybe.

Kiley shivers suddenly, one hand pulling away from the egg to wipe at her leg, a subtle to reminder and the woman shifts to roll her shoulders. She tilts her head once more, nose wrinkling before she straightens and shakes her head in response. "I can't imagine." She breathes out in a soft response.

Landers withdraws his hand from the shell. There looks to be no further elaboration needed about the egg. Instead, his eye vaguely roves toward a couple other eggs. "Ya be finding someone," clearly, by the statement and tone of, the sailor didn't believe that would be him. He shuffles away from the dusty egg, lingering in proximity to the one Kiley is currently at, instead turning to another: the avenue of the dead.

Karona blinks slightly, as she steps away from the egg. She looks utterly bewildered. "Right… right." she murmurs, brow furrowing. "You seemed so pleasantly boring the last time…" she says, glancing over the eggs. "I… hunh." she murmurs, shaking her head. "Fine… I'll touch that one again." she decides quietly, moving over to the Stele Translations Egg.

Kiley pulls back, withdrawing her hand and considering the egg. A pleasant smile settles upon her lips but she does not linger at this egg once she pulls away. A glance is given towards the others, brief and fleeting before she continues onwards and moves to settle where Landers was previously. Her hand lifts, curious, to settle upon the shell of the Dusty Old Parchment Egg with a gentle touch.

Lan is jolted by something unseen, as if some current of electricity was ripping through his body. His shoulders tense and his back arches back, as he rises up onto his tip toes. Of course his eyes are closed. This was some primal experience going on here. Some intense reaction caused by the connection to the Avenue egg. What it was is unknown to anyone but the man. People could only watch as a shudder shook him and he nearly crashes back onto his rear, saved only by those good old sea legs that keep him a wobble, until he gains some upper control. "Shells…" his brow was profusely sweating, his eyes widened, something a kin to fear behind them. "No… I be not so certain…" That is his answer and he doesn't go back for more. It seems whatever crawled into his brain from inside that egg would not be allowed a third opportunity. He detaches from it and hopes to find something better in the Mysteries in the dark egg.

Karona grimaces, enduring… something. Her shoulders move about as though attempting to scratch some itch with her shoulder blades, but she forces herself to still. "Oof, easy on the mind, egg." she murmurs, one hand raising to again rub at her temple. There's an exhalation of relief not long after though, something's improved markedly. "Ooh. That looks interesting." she notes quietly, temple-rubbing hand returning to join her other hand on the egg's surface.

Kiley hmms softly, tilting her head back before she chuckles softly. "I enjoy books." Comes an idle musing towards the egg before her gaze is brought down to the shell and where her hand touches it. Eyes close as deep breath is drawn and slowly comes to release after a moment while fingers begin to trace along the shell in an idle pattern.
The jolting experience from the Avenue egg dwindles as he connects with the Mysteries egg, taking a breath to settle the abrupt panting the other egg caused. Still, the fact that Landers looks distracted is apparent as he switches hands to touch the egg he was near in an absent-minded way.

Seryth watches, eyes fixed upon the Candidates narrowly, tailtip twitching. But she's got both the comfort of her mate and Thea's mindtouch to keep her calm. Thea herself watches the candidates as well, her face reflects her perplexity at a few of them, concern for others, but other than a lowly-called, "You alright Landers?" She doesn't seek to interfere.

Kiley shivers, brows drawing into a deep frown that shows confusion. Fingers stop their tracing along the shell, pausing if only to try and mimic something but then stopping after a second. Her nose wrinkles and then she gives a slight shake of her head before she speaks. "I suppose that.. Is very true."

Karona's eyes open wide, perceiving something apparently fascinating, or perhaps more stunning, judging by the slackening of her face muscles, her mouth starting to hang open. She closes it sheepishly as soon as she realises, face going slightly pink. The heat, it's the heat doing that, of course. Ahem. "I'm no harper, but that… looks… awesome, to use the word in a context my father would approve of." Filled with awe. Yeah, that seems to cover it. But, the mind must have withdrawn, as she's getting to her feet and moving off to one side, to contemplate this image. "Well… guess I misjudged that one." she murmurs, though a hand keeps snaking up her back, trying to scratch some imagined itch.

Lan peels himself away from the egg after a time, likely a few instances after his name being called out rings through the sands. Unable to focus on the Mysteries egg, he shakes his head as if truly unsettled and answering the question at the same time. A beseeching look finds Thea, as the man maneuvers between the eggs carefully as to not touch any other. He has left the eggs an stands a fair distance away from the clutch, a fleeting look on them as he asks over toward Thea, "Dun know…that thar one…did somethin funny ta me…Narh sure I be feeling good…" A hand lifts to his head, fingers rubbing along the temples to indicate just where his problems occurred.

Thea murmurs her concern, offering over her mug, the ice tinkling musically against the sides. "It's just juice and a little wine, but the coolness might help?" Her pale eyes search his face, obviously looking for signs of illness. "One of them made Pyriel feel sick too." Her other hand points to the Love's Timeless Temple egg. "I thought he was going to faint, honestly." She tilts the seacrafter a close look. "Do you want to tell me about it?"

Kiley chuckles softly, "if you say so.. But yes, is waiting." She smiles and pulls away completely for the egg, her eyes looking to it once they open again. She considers it for a moment longer before she steps away. To Thea she turns and offers a polite bow. "May I be excused, ma'am?"

Thea tilts Kiley a bit of a half-smile, flicking a glance at Landers and back to Kiley, "You aren't feeling odd are you? But of course you may, certainly." There's some growing concern as she adds, "I'm beginning to wonder if there's something going around with all this dizziness and head…" She searches for the right word and comes up with, "feelings." As if that sums it all up nicely and makes sense? But she's watching Kiley quite closely.

Kiley shakes her head, "not today, ma'am. The other eggs did before. Thank you." She bows once more and gives a careful look towards the other candidates with a lingering gaze focusing on the eggs. A last shake of her head is given before she makes her way out, steady on her feet, at least.

"Jus felt… like I did on the Azov…" Landers frowns at the memory, while he hesitates at the offer of the juice but takes it nonetheless. Gripping the mug, eyes dip down into it, the ice pieces swished to clink further against the sides. Only after the thoughtful examination does he take a drink, passing it back to the Weyrwoman if she wants it back. A free hand lifts up to rub his sweaty brow, then the other hooks on his side, head dropping as he takes in a deep breath. "Tis not right for 'em ta bring that back up, over and over. Jus… overwhelming. Yah." There's a beat, "Did ya feel pretty low after touchin' eggs?" A glance off toward Kiley as the young woman decides to depart as well.

Karona glances to Thea, furrowing her brow slightly. "I feel fine, sir!" she protests, a bit too readily. Continuing her odd habit of calling /all/ riders sir, even female ones. As if to prove it, she heads for the egg Kiley had just left, the Dusty Old Parchment Egg, laying a hand on the shell carefully.

Karona smiles faintly at the egg, tilting her head at it thoughtfully. "I like you." she decides, simply remaining where she is, hands flat on the shell. Apparently this egg isn't as boisterous as some of the others, as Karona only looks relieved.

Karona cranes her neck slightly, so as to get a better look at … something. But there's nothing there. "What was that?" she wonders, curiosity taking hold. "…oh, I really like you." she tells the egg, perhaps in a vain attempt to make it show that 'something' again.

Thea tilts Landers a long look, "Drink it all," she urges as that beaded moisture on his brow catches her attention. "I'm used to the heat." Karona's 'Sir' draws a blank stare, then a headshake. "On the Azov… really?" The eggs are considered with a renewed interest before the question from Landers pulls her back. "Seryth's egg made me… wish for home in an almost… achingly longing way, yet left me questioning if home was really home. It was… disquieting," she admits lowly. "I ran out crying, yeah."

Karona lets out a sigh of contentment, then furrows her brow. Did that sigh really come from her? /Contentment/? She backs away from the egg, eyeing it warily. Oh, Karona, so distrustful of anything remotely pleasant. Or perhaps it's that the feelings come from an outside source. "R…right. Yes. Good. I think I left the forge on." the smith murmurs, excusing herself. She bows to Seryth and Inimeth, then walks out as fast as is polite.

The young man listens to the words, peering back into the mug, letting the cool liquid fix parched lips. It really disappears quite quickly. He had been thirsty it would seem. "Be a few that make me feel good, jus some seem ta attack the weak spots…" a tone spoken softly so as not to interrupt the rest of the candidates still touching the eggs, keeping the conversation between Thea and himself. "Be I jus need some sleep…" his hand goes to his face again, scrubbing down his face as if beyond weary. A sound of relief follows the admission of the Weyrwoman, a grateful look spared in her direction for her story sharing, eyes drawing toward a few of the clutch, "Thar be some I want nothin ta do with. Others," gaze taking in three or four eggs in the process, "I be comforted. Tis like Jonas is thar again fer me." A hand lifts to that brass ring that has been a constant companion to him, strung around his neck. "But that one-" a finger point to Avenue of the Dead, "-none to fond of it. Made me feel like I be getting hit with lightning."

Left the…. "Yes, please don't burn down my Weyr, even if Iessrien would delight in such an event, okay Karona?" Thea's all kinds of amused as the calls after the smithcrafter. Her attention returns to Landers and her customary earnestness returns. "They do that, you know, those eggs. There's a reason. It's… not all so bad in the end I've seen." Her expression remains thoughtful, "Some pairings are jarringly juxtaposed while others are like oil on a wound. Seryth was that way for me. My comfort. My peace. But either way, in the end… it seems that the bond works to strengthen the weaknesses and calm the… excesses, if that makes sense. If you don't fight it." The last words of the sailorman have her tilting her head to give him an appraising look. "Go sleep. We should talk sometime, you and I, about… Jonas and-" Her fingers flutter towards the eggs, "All this." And her radiant smile tries to convey what she's lacking in words - the assurance that it will be alright.

Karona is nearly at the exit at that call, but she halts at the name in it. Iessrien. Her shoulders set, but she doesn't say a word, she just stalks out.

"Aye," is the initial response that he gives, a generalized sweeping answer, since there is a reflective silence afterward. Fingers roll the brass ring in his hand once before he drops it, shifting his feet on the hot sand, while eyes observe the eggs with a deeply focused concentration. "T'wouldn't mind that, yah," shoulders give a roll as head swings side to side, causing a 'pop' to release. A look trails behind Karona, flicking his attention back to Thea, "I best be goin. Dun want ta get locked out again." Sleep was always a healthy thing too, gave a man time to think. The sailor gives a head bob to Thea, "Thank ya for this. Good night. Till the dawn rises." And with that, he's wandering on out.

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