Family Day at Xanadu? (CP - Pyriel)

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

It's lunchtime. Pyriel is sitting at a table, by himself. Leaning over his plate, he pokes at his meager rations irritatedly, glaring down at the limited foodstuffs. There wasn't much there. A couple roasted tubers, a few scraps of meat, and a single bread roll. Beside this, off to one side upon the table, a tall glass of iced water. Two other candidates, girls, spot him and giggle between themselves as they turn, seeking out a place to eat. They nudge with elbows at each other, and more giggling ensues. Eventually, the redhead of the two, leads the way over to the harper, quickly followed by her counterpart. "Um, Py? Can we sit with you?" she asks, blushing at the boy. Pyriel drags his fork against the bare spots of his plate making a sound that can be compared to nails on a chalk board. Both girls wince and take a step back, eyeing him. When they don't leave, the blond lifts his head, and eyes them both back and forth with the full extent of a glare, his lips turned down into the faintest of frowns. The girls squeak and hurry away, muttering and chatting between themselves with more than a few frightened looks over their shoulders before finding a seat elsewhere. Py hmpfs after them, and goes back to pushing the contents of his plate around.

"Just full of rainbows today, man," comes a quietly amused voice from somewhere behind the harper, Iessrien having wandered over with his own plate of food and glass of water. Lashes lower in silent appraisal of his friend, pondwater-blue eyes flicking from candidate to uneaten food and back, Iess' lips pressing very briefly into a line. Without bothering to ask, he pulls out a chair and drops down to sit beside the other boy, giving Py a deliberate elbow-nudge in the process, "Don't think this stuff's worth eating, but whatever. I could probably eat my boots and not notice by now," head tilting to indicate his plate as he sets it down in front of him. As if in response, his stomach gives a low, rumble, the holder boy making something of a face, nose wrinkling, "..Wouldn't be surprised if they snuck a few shoes into breakfast, really." He says this seriously, but there's totally a flicker of mirth in his half-lidded gaze.

Kiley is not among those eating for lunch, yet, at least. It is her day off and when she does enter she is is followed by a Smith Journeyman that is rather older than the woman. There is no physical contact between the pair, but it is obvious by looks alone that they are related. They are talking, both rather animated in their hand movements until they get further into the caverns. The computer crafter gives a quick run down of the whole area, visible by the way she moves her hands about the caverns before they go and gather a rather meager lunch. As for where they sit? Well, Kiley makes her way over towards the harper and the older with the smith following behind her. Without waiting for approval, the pair sit and Kiley smiles at the two other candidates. "Pyriel, Iessrien This is my brother, Jeriel." The smith nods in greeting, though does not speak much other than for the soft 'hullo' that follows the woman's introduction.

It seems as though it is becoming something of a habit for Flandynn to enter into the cavern ass-first. Slow, tentative steps has the teen backing into the room, calling out clearing-wards with hands cupped about his mouth, "I said I'll be right back!… Right back. I said I'll…" His voice drops into a muttered aside which really isn't all that quiet, "Sun-addled son of a wh-" He leaves the rest unsaid considering his current environment, a boyish, yet shifty glance flicked about. In a breath, the pounces through the gauntlet of tables and inelegantly collapses into a seat right across from fellow candidates, Pyriel and Iess, and now Kiley and brother. The chair rattles under the onslaught, he may even bump the table as well. "Hey." He just catches the end of Iessrien's comment, "Do you think they'll pay for good shoe leather?"

Karona catches sight of those frightened looking girls, and furrows her brow, following their path backwards with her eyes. "Oh. Of course. /Boys/." she snorts. "Silly girls." she decides, and continues on her way. There's an odd noise as she overhears a comment about rainbows - struggling not to laugh again? Perhaps. But her back is to Pyriel and Iessrien at that moment, and the growing group around them is not yet noticed.

Pyriel scowls at his plate suddenly as Iessrien says what he does firstly, but the expression doesn't linger long, just a few seconds and thankfully before the holder peers down at him in that appraising way. He does straighten all of a sudden as the older boy helps himself to a seat beside him, slowing turning his head to regard him and giving a blank stare. However what is said next brings the boy's attention back to his own plate, and the harper's shoulders sag. "It's depressing." he admits after a time, shaking his head down at the sad portion. "Ya think they're low on spices and stuff too?" he asks, stabbing a tiny tuber with his fork and using it to point at Iessrien. "Ya might get fuller eating yer shoes." He tosses the forked tuber to the plate and grumps back in his chair, slumping and crossing his arms over his chest. "Maybe if I start passing out they'll feed me more." he comments idly. Though to Iess he chuckles, smiling over at him. "Certainly felt like I was chewing on my boot this morning." Then Kiley arrives, which draws the harper candidate's attention away from his buddy, brows sinking, lower and lower as the woman and the guy with her also take a seat at the table. "No please. Join us." he gestures as if they had asked and the chairs were still empty, which combined with the dripping sarcasm he throws in, speaks for itself. He eyes the guy Kiley says is Jeriel, jerking his chin upwards in return greeting. There isn't much else to be said, for Flandynn is soon yelling and Py is distracted. There is the slightest tilt of his head, and an ever so tiny shake of his head, which increases until Flan drops into a seat as well. This gets a palm to face slapping motion from the youngest of the boys present. So much for eating by himself. Karona's presence is noted, a glance given to her as soon as his hand slides down to lifelessly rest upon his lap. There is a flicker of approval across his features, as she sits not at his table but elsewhere.

"Probably getting low, from the way this crap tastes," Iessrien lifting a fork of tuber bits and sticking it into his mouth, tucking it away against one cheek as he reaches for his water. Gulp, and with minimal chewings, it's all swallowed down. "Hmh, probably would," he agrees about getting full from eating his shoes, kips twitching up at the corners. Kiley's approach with relative in tow at least earns a smile, Iess nodding to the girl with a, "Hey," to her and a, "Well met," to Jeriel, head tilting slightly to the side, a bit of a blink and a sideways look for the way Pyriel greets the other too. But he says nothing of it, taking another bite of leathery tuber-bits and swallowing it down with more water. Iessrien totally hears that odd noise, attention flicking away from Py and the less than thrilling food to eye Karona over there, having caught part of what she'd said. "Is there /any/thing you don't look down on? Shells, woman," shaking his head and slouching back in his chair. The sight of Flandynn backing into the caverns and calling someone gets a raised brow, lips tilting as he watches the other candidate. "Hi," he jerks his head to nod a greeting, expression slipping into just the slightest smirky, "Hope so. I plan to sell my boots for a ride out of here when there's nothing left in the stores," said jokingly, though he might flick a glance back toward the food tables, as if just to check if they're still there.

Kiley is glancing up as Flanders enters the caverns, brows lifting for the way he enters but she says nothing as she leans over to murmur something to her brother. A smile comes to her lips and she nods a greeting to Flandynn. "I don't think—" Jeriel stops Kiley with a lift of his hand, "joke." Comes the comment from the smith and Kiley makes a face at her brother despite the coloring of her cheeks and she nods taking her attention to pick at the food on her plate while her brother takes a far more generous helping from his own. Karona's entrance is noted as her gaze finds the other candidate and her hand lifts. "Karona." Never mind the fact that Iessrien and Karona don't get along. "This is my smith brother I mentioned." The man colors a light color of red and he chuckles softly before adding in another 'hullo' towards the other smith. Pyriel's sarcasm is lost on the siblings they merely smile at the harper candidate Jeriel nods a greeting towards said harper candidate, jerking his chin in the same sort of manner before he looks to Iessrien. "Well met." He doesn't speak much, the smith, but he does smile. Kiley's attention is drawn to Iessrien as he speaks to Karona and she looks between the two and lifts her brow just a little more. As for the boot jokes for the food? Kiley remains silent on this, the humor of it clearly going over her head.

Flandynn looks at the sparse fare upon Pyriel's plate with a skeptical, yet curious eyeballing. Murky dark eyes don't seem that impressed, but the pads of fingers pinch together as if he might just be tempted to reach over and steal one of those tubers to pop into his mouth. He'll think better of it though, and he'll just keep his fingers to himself. Dark eyebrows lift at Iess' comment, "Good idea. I wonder if there might be a black market here in leather…" Deliberate shifty-eye is deliberate. He rakes his fingers back through his hair clearly not 'being right back' to whoever he hollered at without. He offers up a smart salute towards Kiley and brother, having clearly practiced it a time or three in the days since arrival here. His head twists around, looking towards Karona, "What? Boys? Where?"

Karona grabs a plate of food, and turns back, eyeing the caverns. There's those /boys/, a frown settles on them a moment, then she furrows her brow at the little crowd there. With Pyriel and Iessrien outnumbered, she evidently feels that's as good a place as any to sit, curiosity at the fore, as she heads over. "Ah, nice to meet you." Karona says, tipping her head at Kiley and her brother. If Jeriel is posted to Xanadu, he might recognise Karona - the journeyman that runs errands when the apprentices are busy. Lowest of the journeymen, despite her turns in the craft. Though, since her search, she's gained a brief respite from that treatment. Iessrien's words elicit a snort. "Yes, /obviously/. I have respect for rank, the chain of command, my elders. Children are not any one of those things." Her tone makes it clear she considers Iessrien in the 'children' group. "Respect for your elders, ought to try it." she huffs at the teen. Perhaps out of pure stubbornness, she then seats herself at that table, with the /boys/. Karona eyes Flandynn, smirking. "Right there, where you're sitting." she points out, though her tone is not quite as harsh as it was to Iessrien - the nagging candidate has no quarrel with Flandynn. So far.

For the sideways glance to him, Pyriel's golden eyes slide over to the corners closest to Iessrien and he shrugs. No apologies for his rudeness. Instead he picks up his fork again, starting to shovel food into his mouth, and for the small amount there, it certainly doesn't last long. If Flandynn had tried to reach in at that particular time, he might of retracted less a finger or three. Fork is tossed back to his plate with a clatter once he's finished, irritation as he grabs up his glass of water and starts to drink it down. Not quite in gulps, but nonetheless the ice cubes clink as he sets the glass back down, drained of liquid. He slumps again, is head drifting to rest against the back of his chair. "This is sooooo messed uuuuuup." he whines with a groan, banging his head lightly against it's resting place. His stomach seems to agree, as it growls in demand for more. "Ugh." he frowns, closing his eyes as he plants his hands over his midsection. About then, three very tall men enter in from the direction of the clearing. The oldest of the three, perhaps in his mid to late thirties is dressed head to toe in the finest leathers, a shock of fiery red hair spiked up with bits of grey already peppering the color to match his full yet shortly maintained beard. He has eyes as dark as sapphires. Upon his shoulder, a knot showing his position at High Reaches Weyr as a Master Tanner. The second oldest from the looks of him is somewhere in his mid thirties, blond hair so dark it might be mistaken for a light brunette were it not for the sheen of gold beneath the lights shining down from above. It's stuck up everywhere upon his head, giving him the impression he just rolled out of bed. Eyes are a warm klah brown. He's dressed in comfortable worn slacks and a thick heavy sweater. The v-neck of it showing another layer beneath. On his shoulder is a knot depicting him as a Master Seacrafter at Eastern. The last fellow, shorter than the other two by about an inch, could be anywhere from late twenties to early thirties. Possessed of long red-gold hair just past his shoulders and tied off with an elastic at the base of his skull. He's also dressed in fine leathers, and upon his shoulder is a knot, showing him to be a Sr. Journeyman of the Beastcraft stationed at Fort Weyr. He had a wry grin planted on his face as he talks excitedly to a passing candidate on their way out. The boy eventually points over to the full table, where Pyriel, Kiley, her brother, Flan and Iess are all sitting. All three instantly turn to look that way before the kid is thanked and the men start over in the direction indicated. As they get closer, the relation between them can't be mistaken. Neither can their resemblance to a certain grumpy candidate. "Well well well…" says the youngest of them as they come to stand beside the table. The tension in Pyriel's body goes from next to nothing, to complete. "Oh crap." he says, eyes widening to the size of saucers.

With lunch preperation as well as the eating of it, there are many dishes for Briana to wash which has kept her out of the caverns for the most part during the 'excitement'. Now the dark skinned candidate emerges from the kitchens, still with an apron on as she moves around the tables with a large trolley to collect any more platters and empty dishes. It is job she looks contented to, even as she scrapes leftovers into waste bins. As she notes the gathering of candidates, Briana moves with her trolley in that general direction, picking up dishes as she goes and scraping them clean.

"Must be nice to have family visiting," turning back from the food tables, Iessrien tilts his fork absently to indicate Kiley's brother, though his gaze drops to his plate, eyeing those tubers beneath lowered eyelids. Flandynn's wondering about a leather black market has Iess smiling slightly again, tapping utensil to tuber in an almost thoughtful manner, "Suppose there might be. I can see it now, weyrbrats smuggling all the old boots out of the storage caverns to sell to the cooks who make secret shoe-drop soup. And of course no one wants the wherhide because it's too tough to chew.." Possibly, Iess was having entirely too much fun at those beachside storytelling gathers. "Good thing there are no children here," Iessrien counters smoothly, thin smile sent Karona's way when the other candidate heads over, lashes lowering as he gives the woman a brief moment of attention, "I only respect people who are /worth/ respecting." Smirk. He settles back in his chair, Py's whining growl earning a longer look, though the smirk doesn't disappear, instead twitching up a little more on one side before he's then nodding a, "Hey," to the trolley-rolling Briana. His gaze is drawn back to Py, though, the other boy's reaction receiving something of a puzzled look, Iess' eyebrows furrowing together for the other's sudden saucer-eyeing, following the harper's gaze over to the three who've just entered. "…Whoa," taking their appearances and their knots, Iessrien's eyebrows arch up towards his hairline, "You know those guys?" He sounds kind of impressed, despite his friend's reaction.

Karona glances from Kiley's brother, to the three approaching Pyriel's way, and furrows her brow. "If it's family day, and I missed the memo…" she mutters, face paling a little. "I-I just remembered a thing!" she says, scooting back her chair so fast she almost starts a fire. Her plate of food is abandoned, as she heads off. Anywhere. So long as it isn't here.

Kiley lifts a brow at Flandynn as he salutes at her and Jeriel merely nods, eying the candidate just a little longer before his gaze drops and he mutters something under his breath. "You can go if you have someone waiting for you, Jer. I'm glad we got to talk." Jeriel nods and pats his younger sister on the head before he gives the boy candidates the evil eye. This continues even as he makes his way out with his meager meal left behind The man takes off behind Karona, but not following the smith as he gets his ride back home. The computer crafter's smile lingers as she remains utterly cheerful even after his departure. But it is the arrival of all the other crafters that has her smile fading and her attention dropping down to her plate to pick at the food there with disinterest in the lackluster meal. It's Pyriel's reaction to the three that draws her attention up and she's staring at him just a little longer before she answers Iessrien. "I asked him to come see me. I missed him so I sent him a letter. It worked out because today ended up being my day off as well." Pause. Her eyes drift back to Pyriel and then lifts her brows. "How do you know them?" A breathy whisper is sent his way before she quickly throws her attention elsewhere, not wanting to draw their attention to her.

Pyriel's head comes up and his first order of business is to glare for whatever reason at Iessrien, looking the holder boy up and down with a seriously deep frown. Before he can answer though, the one with the red-gold hair pipes in with a deep purring laughter. "Oh he knows us alright, don't you Py?" he chortles, reaching over and ruffling the seated boy's blond hair. Pyriel startles and deflects soon there after with his forearm coming up to push the others away. Unfortunately the harper had missed Karona's departure in all the chaos of sudden family visiting. "Cut it out Lee." Py scowls at the beastcrafter, he then sighs in a huff. "They're my brothers." he admits with some sound or another that clearly displays his displeasure in response to Kiley and Iessrien's matched question. "That's Liyen, he's thirty two. Sr. Journeyman of the Beastcraft at Fort." he points at the red-gold haired guy. Liyen's already present grin widens, and he lifts a hand in greeting to those gathered at his brother's table. "Nice to meetcha." Pyriel eyes him vaugely, but moves on. "That's Naelyn, he's thirty four. Master Seacrafter like our mom, posted at Eastern." Naelyn offers them all a neat bow, though he soon after that checking out Kiley like she was the tastiest bubbly on the planet with the way he was licking his lips hungerly. Py just ignores him and then points towards the red haired fellow with the beard. "That's Rainer, he's thirty….seven?" he says, with an upturn in his tone towards the end, turning the introduction into a sort of question. His brows lift in regards to the oldest, who nods in reply with a soft smile to all, bobbing his head. "A pleasure I'm sure." The harper candidate proceeds after things are comfirmed. "He's a Master Tanner at High Reaches." Introductions made, he slumps back in his chair and glares at them even if they all in turn don't even seem to notice as if accustomed to their little brother's irritability. "Still grumpy I see." Liyen chuckles, leaning his backside against the table behind him, hands to his leather clad thighs. "Shove it." Py snaps, "What the shells ya doing here anyway?" Pyriel might not of noticed Briana, but Naelyn certainly has, giving her the same 'I want to yum you right up' that he'd done to Kiley.

There is no family here for Briana either, neither does she seem to talk about any save for an Uncle and occasionally her brothers. She continues along the table gathering dishes and tidying them up as she goes until finally she is beside the candidate group. There is a little wave for Iessrien as he greets her, before she catches the odd look on Pyriel's face and she turns to catch site of the arriving trio then back to Pyriel, once more between them before realization touches her features as she notes the resemblence. She pauses behind Iessrien and Pyriel to look back to the Brothers as they are introduced eyes widening a little at their ranks. "You got a large family Pyriel.." She murmurs in a loud whisper to the other candidates. As she notices the look from Naelyn she stands a little taller and does not look particularly happy to be on the receiving end of such a selacious look and quickly looks away to push her trolley past Pyriel. "Definately a family resemblence." She murmurs as she reaches over his shoulder for any abandoned plates.

Iessrien is distracted by Karona's sudden departure, the holder peering after her somewhat blankly, as if doubting he heard her right, "She has a ..thing?" Blink blink. What, no scathing comeback to his words? He looks.. almost disappointed. Thus, he totally misses Pyriel frowning at him. He /does/ notice the evil eye Jeriel is giving him, and there's a sudden, sunshine-soft chuckle for the man, Iess' hands coming up sheepishly in a gesture of innocence, wry grin twitching his lips upward at the corners. Kiley's answer to his question, though, has his own cheer fading somewhat, lashes lowering with a soft, "I see," and a nod in the direction the smith went, slight smile flickering briefly, "It's good that he came to visit you." Speaking of family, Iess tilts his head to watch Py and brothers, brows arching slightly before eyelids lower, quietly appraising looks given to all four in turn, the last for the harper before Iess is nodding a, "Well met," to the boy's brothers, wryly agreeing with Briana, "Yeah, definitely."

Flandynn glances towards the family gathering, sort of bobbing his head as each name and age and position is added, but after the second one, it just sorta gets lost. His head bobs as if following along, but they dark eyes are gone -blame it on too many new names to learn and a lack of good food, or something. As talk continues, the teen ducks his head and slides out of his chair, edging around the trio, "Well met." Another bow is sketched, of sorts, and not-so-elegant, considering he is moving away as he does it. Instead, he'll fetch up near to Briana, "Need some help? Getting a bit crowded over there."

Kiley looks up for the introductions, nodding to the three men with a polite nod of her head and a smile for each.. At least until Naelyn eyes her like he does and the woman quickly flusters and drops her gaze entirely. "Well met." Comes out softly and her plate is far more interesting than the three men. It takes her a moment to work up the nerve to look to Briana and nod her agreement. "Nothing wrong with a big family, though. They're usually nice… Sometimes." Her gaze finally drifts to Pyriel's brothers once more but does not stay upon each one of them for longer than a second at the least, before she comes to fixate her gaze upon Iessrien. "Everyone has a thing." It all depends on your definition of it. "I'm really glad he came," the computer crafter notes, "he's my favorite brother.. And sibling in general. My other ones don't really write or anything. Ever." Her gaze considers Flandynn again but it is brief as she turns attention to those gathered more closely.

Naelyn is still looking at Briana, seeming to find something worth his time as he looks her over good and hard. He gets an elbow shortly in the ribs from Rainer, who's arms had at some point crossed over his chest. The oldest of the brothers doesn't bother saying or looking at him, just makes the gesture even as he continues to follow along the conversation. Naelyn jumps and chuckles, rubbing at his side. "'Aight, 'aight. Got it." he muses and instead pushes himself back to sit on the table beside Liyen, leaning elbows to his thighs and draping his arms in the space between, leaning forward. Liyen though, he's got his undivided attention on Pyriel. "Dad told us that you're a candidate. Must of missed the letter you sent to me, or any of us really. Though you know him." Pyriel stares at Liyen, ignoring his other two brothers for the moment. He's distracted, leaning away as Briana reaches in and takes his plate, saying something about resemblances. He frowns at her. "I dun look nothin' like these jerks." he grumps, golden eyes flicker over to Flandynn as he gets up and moves to help the dark-skinned girl. All three brothers are laughing at Py's denial of resemblances, though Rainer appears to be the quietest of the three and his shoulders just bouncing up and down. Liyen clears his throat, brows lifting high upon his forehead. He looks expectantly at the youngest of the brood. "What?" Py asks, sounding annoyed. "Letters?" Liyen reminds with a roll of his eyes. "Yer lucky the old man got one. I don't got time to write to everyone." A shrug from the harper candidate before he narrows his eyes at Iessrien. "Ya, thanks fer that, Iess." he scowls. Kiley is eyed but he says nothing for her comment. Liyen sighs over-dramatically, placing a hand on his chest and looking terribly wounded. "Ah, the love of my little brother, how it pains me so." Pyriel's attention whips over to the red and gold haired of the brothers. "Shut it, Lee. Faranth yer annoying." Naelyn shakes his head, "Yeah he hasn't grown out of that anymore than you have being such a downer all the time." he muses with a crooked smile on his face before yet another rather pretty girl passes by and he's once more distracted. Rainer eyes Naelyn, but nods sagely with closed eyes. "HmmHmmm." Pyriel growls and shoves himself out of his seat, looking quite beyond annoyed. "Screw this." he says and turns to stalk away. Liyen watches with a calm lift of brows and bemused grin. Naelyn is chatting up the pretty girl. Rainer picks Py up by the back of of his shirt silently, which makes the harper apprentice resemble closely a scruffed puppy, hanging limp. He carefully places the boy back in his chair and points. He doesn't say it but the implication is clear. You. Stay. There. Py just grumbles and slumps again, crossing his arms over his chest and propping a foot up on the edge of the table, leaning back so that his chair is balanced on just the back legs. He doesn't appear particularly interested in arguing the case with his eldest brother, instead choosing a brooding silence.

As Flandynn steps up to help her Briana looks to the young man for a moment, still a bit discomffited by the appraisal from Pyriel's brother. Finally she does nod to him, relaxing a touch as she does her best to ignore the looks she is getting from the man. Yes she is pretty and perhaps a little exotic with her skin tones, but it is clear she does not appreciate being looked at in such ways. That it really and truely bothers her perhaps more than it should. There is a look down at Pyriel, "I think I remembered a similar look in your eye when we first met. Don't act like em and the resemblence wouldn't stand out quite as much." She says with an edge in her voice as she grabs his plate and moves on down the line. Briana takes a breath and looks back to Flandynn, "Just scrape the excess food into this bucket here. Cuttlery here and plates and bowls here." She says before pushing the trolley further along with an almost agitated air to her.

Yes, Flandynn is doing dishes as opposed to listening in to family matters. It is a rough world the candidates live in. Sometimes, one has to consider the opportunities available, and pick the best one. He gathers up a couple of plates, mostly the more clean ones, and trails after Briana, "Scrape the cuttlery into the bucket and the food gets put into the bowl. No problem." He flashes a wink from beyond the fringe of his dark hair to Briana, and does exactly the opposite of what he actually said. That's how he rolls. He hesitates a breath, glancing back at the family reunion, then trails along after Briana again, just because. "So… do you come here often?"

Kiley is looking between the three brothers with rather a blank look on her face, mouth opening and then closing promptly. She digs her fork into her food and puts some into her mouth and chews while watching the interaction between the four of them, thoughtful and watching but utterly silent. She lifts a brow at Pyriel as he eyes her and then offers a shrug. 'Brothers, what can you do?' is what that shrug reads before she offers a sympathetic smile over towards the harper turned candidate. She wallows her food before looking towards Iessrien with a nod. Another nod follows before he asks about her writing a letter. "I've written everyone. Mother and father responded with a 'congratulations', Jeriel did as well, but then the rest didn't say anything. But that's how they've always been. I don't really want them to visit." She eyes Pyriel's siblings and then shakes her head. But it is Flandynn's flirting to Briana that has her brows lifting once more along with her staring at the young man with a blank expression.

The first to get the uncoiled lash of his barely concealed wrath, is poor Briana. As she snips her comment back at him, the boy's chair drops down loudly and he's half out of it. "Shut the shardin' up you stupid bitc…" he snarls, cut off by the well placed and timed smack to the back of his head by Rainer, which drops the harper candidate back into his seat, stunned for a second before he snaps at the eldest of them. "What the…" Rainer actually frowns, and shakes his head. "That's not the way you speak to a lady, no matter how much she may or may not bother you. You know better. I suggest you stop, or I'll have a less than stellar report for our mother when I check in with her later." Py begins to argue, palms planted on the table to get up again, one hand already poised to point at the dark-skinned Briana. "But she…" Rainer merely arches a brow, which quickly settles the harper candidate back into his chair, he flops over, folding his arms over the table and sets his chin atop. Growling. "Whatever." he kicks one of the legs beneath the table, which makes it tremble slightly despite it's heaviness. Iessrien's laughter though? He is so not impressed with the slow sliding of his eyes towards the holder, and his etchingly deep frown. "Laugh it up chuckles, it'll be yer turn soon enough." Liyen is roaring in laughter, slapping his own thigh at it all, nudging Naelyn from his flirtations with that pretty girl. She was blushing darkly, and as he turns away from her to peek over at Py, she fans herself with her hand. Liyen gets glared at, as well at Naelyn when he joins in with own deep rumbling chuckle. Pyriel scowls at the both of them, sulking. "Faranth I hate you." Liyan's grin is still going strong. "No you don't, and you know it." Py just shrugs, then shifting his attention to Kiley. "Kill em and bury the bodies in a secluded spot?" he asks, sending all three of his brothers into a fit of laughter. "Ugh." he says before his forehead thunks against the table between arms and the edge of the table. As for Flandynn's 'flirting'? He rolls his head to the side, peering at the sixteen turn old past the thickness of his lashes. "Yer barking up the wrong tree man, been there, tried that, almost got a elbow to the face for it." A pause and he startles head coming up and murmuring something low to Iessrien.

Briana looks up with a start to Flandynn as he repeats the instructions but in reverse. Her mouth opens to correct him when she notices him doing it correctly, well she actually does crack a smile. "Yeah, just like that." She shakes her head and reaches over Kiley's shoulder to grab up any empty plates near the other female candidate, pointedly ignoring Pyriel and his family. "As often as I can get. I am in bakercraft, love the kitchens. If I have to clean a few dishes in order to make some…well its worth it." Ok, so she missed it was a pick up line without the leering look to accompany it. There is a glance to Kiley as she speaks of her own family sending their grats and her smile fades a touch and she just moves down the table. Pyriel's response to her comments though seem to have the most impact and she looks back to him sharply before there is a shaky breath taken and she drops her last plate into the pile and she runs off out of the caverns without a look back.

Iessrien is too busy chuckling, or at least trying unsuccessfully not to, to notice Flandynn and Briana over there, though he does make a monumental effort to nod sympathetically to Kiley. His eyes drop back to his plate, and despite the smile, there might be a sudden distinct lack of cheer in those pondwater eyes. He's not really seeing the tubers suddenly, even Py's threat of him being next getting ignored in favor of whatever thoughts have tugged his attention away. It's only the words said to Briana, and the subsequent murmuring to himself, that have his head jerking up again, just in time to see said girl fleeing the caverns. A narrow look is sent to Pyriel, Iess' lips pressing tight into a light, before he shoves himself to his feet with muttered, "Smooth, man. Real smooth," abruptly turning to leave as well, though out toward the clearing intead of the way Briana went.

Flandynn isn't flirting, he's just striking up a pleasant conversation. And he'll say it, "That isn't flirting, bloke. Flirting leads to sex, and we'll be having none of that here. None of that at all." He sighs loud and long, the air deflating his shoulders with full dramatic intent. In the next breath (because it is necessary), he is straightening once more, and double-taking after Briana as she runs off. His lips twist into something between a scowl and perplexity. The plates can clean themselves, or some other hapless candidate can be drug into it. "BOY!" calls a voice from beyond the cavern. "Screw me.." -that'd be Flandynn. "BOY - GET OUT HERE." Yeah, there went his 'right back'. He gives eyes to all and sundry, knocks over a chair in his haste to head the opposite way of that voice. "I wasn't here." Escape.

Kiley doesn't quite gape at Pyriel for his language, merely casting him a look but then turning her gaze away and carefully placing more food into her mouth until plate is empty. She chews her food to keep silent and to keep from making herself look any sort of attractive towards the brother's of Pyriel. Chew, chew, chew and then swallow before she takes a breath and casts Pyriel another look for his comment. "They're your brothers." As if that is the answer to everything she smiles pleasantly and then watches as Briana takes her plate. "Thank you, Briana." Her head nods and a smile comes to her lips for the other, but then she's dropping the plate into the pile and runs out of the caverns. Brows lift higher and she casts a look in the direction of where the other candidate went and she chews her bottom lip for a moment before Iessrien, too, is taking off. She turns to call something out, but falls short and the woman looks rather… Awkward. Then Flandynn is off and she waves a farewell. But rather than staying with Pyriel and his family, she murmurs a soft 'excuse me' and takes off after Briana. But whether she manages to talk to the girl or not is another story.

All four of the brothers turn as Briana dashes off so suddenly. Liyen looks curious, Naelyn hops off the table as if about to pursue the girl, but is stopped by Rainer via the eldest's arm with a quiet shake of his head. Naelyn deflates and sits back down, apparently having forgotten about the girl he had already started hitting on. She notes the man's eagerness to go off after Briana, and she stomps off in a huff. Not that he notices. Liyen does, peeking over his shoulder with a blink and an arched brow. It's Iessrien's reaction that brings the red-gold haired beastcrafter back into focus. Seeming surprised, but only mildly. They all watch, Pyriel included as the holder storms out, the harper candidate rising from his chair, palms on table again. "Iessrien!" he calls after, but the older boy is gone and Py looks absolutely horrified. He mutters harshly under his breath, but none of it is loud enough to carry past his chair. He doesn't even excuse himself as he pushes past his brothers and dashes off after the fleeing male candidate. None of his brothers make a move to intercept, or chase after their youngest brother split in their attention as to who they were watching leave in such a hurry. Liyen chuckles, shaking his head back and forth. "That went well." Rainer nods, "Hmmhmm, he didn't punch you in the face and knock you on your arse this time." Liyen laughs and shrugs, "I know right? First time for everything I suppose." Naelyn frowns after Flandynn flies off after Briana, "Flirting doesn't always lead to sex." Liyen grins over at Naelyn at that, "You'd know that better than anyone Nae." Naelyn sighs, nods, and looks crestfallen. Rairner nods in agreement, "Hmmhmm." Liyen pushes himself upright and stretches with his arms thrust out forward before they are looped up above his head. "Okay, we've annoyed Pyriel enough. Always fun but I got craft buisness to tend to and somehow manage to see mom before I head out. You Naelyn?" Naelyn spots a lovely young woman in her mid-twenties and is already moving to intercept as Linyen speaks. Liyen rolls his eyes Looking to Rainer, "How about you? Going to see the parental unit?" Rainer nods, "Hmmhmm." Liyen nods and clamps the eldest on the back, getting a grunt and a very low chuckle. "I really do like you Rain, a man of few words." Rainer grins now, sparkling sapphires trained in on Liyen, "You say plenty enough for all four of us." Liyen laughs, throwing his head back merrily. "True, true. Anyway, I'll see you later before I head back to Fort." Rainer nods, "Hmmhmm." With that the brothers disperse, headed off to seek their own individual necessities.

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