Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Later in the day of ice skating, and Ka'el and Jnelle did not return. In fact, the watchful Kanekith, who stayed behind as instructed at the ice sliding area eventually left his post and was seen hanging about the meadow for a while before finally moving further off to hunt. A dragon's gotta eat, as do humans, and it's now that Ka'el is seen again, arriving in the caverns, bundled against the cold. It couldn't be that he's been with the green rider all this time, as the two of them both had weyr duties to tend to! Which, assumingly, they did. But Jnelle is nowhere to be seen now and Ka'el enters alone and heads straight to the hot drinks. Mmm. A warm mug of klah sounds excellent right about now!

…this is XW000, checking into the caverns. Caverns, do you read? Soriana pauses just outside the admin hallway, blinking blearily as she tries to get the ghost images of dials and colored lights to leave her eyes and let her see her actual surroundings. Caverns, loud and clea- oh wait, no, they're loud because they're not clear. There are people here. Actual people physically here, and that crackling sound is sleet being tracked in, not static on the radio as antennae bend in the wind. Right. She gives her head a shake, and heads for… yes… the klah. That'll wake her up. She hopes.

Idrissa is for once already in the caverns it seems, and sitting near the lovely warm fire place with a mug of her own hot klah. Yay for hot drinks that help one warm up, right? Sure! She sips at her drink while peering at the fire while it crackles away.

Apparently it's a klah sort of day! But then again, winter is a klah sort of season. Ka'el should learn how to make his own, now that he has his own stove. He should also learn how to cook. But…well. That's what the caverns are for, right? Upon reaching the nearly full klah pot (with it being devoured as quickly as it has been lately, the pots are nearly always fresh! .. or close enough to it), he snags a mug and pours the steamy liquid in. He leans over, letting the steam warm his cold face as he pours. "Shards.." he exhales pleasantly, replacing the pot just as he spies Soriana heading over. He pauses a moment, seemingly frozen again for the stretch of a second or so before a grin replaces his non-expression. "Back from the dead. Here." He offers her the mug he's just poured. "Welcome to the land of the living."

"Confi-" Waaait. No, that's not what you say to actual people you're seeing in real life. Soriana blinks, and nudges her brain to a different frequency. "…thanks." She reaches for the mug, curling her fingers around it and lifting it to her lips. A moment of inhalation - yep, smells like klah - and then she takes a sip. It is klah. Hot klah! So it's a small sip, but even that seems to help, because she figures out facial expressions like smiling. Here's one now. "Thanks." Yeah, she's repeating herself, but this one has actual affect to it. "Is that where we are?" She glances around these caverns of living, and her lips quirk as her gaze returns to Ka'el. "Tell me, what's it like here?"

Ka'el watches her investigation of her drink with a mildly amused look. And then, the taste test… Passed! It is, in fact, klah! Smirking, he claims another mug to pour himself a drink, holding it in both hands, which are oddly enough ungloved. Time to thaw out! "You're welcome." He nods in confirmation to her question, gesturing with his eyes to their surroundings. The land of the living. "It's … deathly cold, actually," he says, scrunching his face. "Sort've a.. an oxymoron, isn't it? But well, it is what it is. But other than cold, it isn't a bad place to be. See those things?" He uncups a hand to point to a man who is walking by. "That's a real life, in the flesh, living breathing human being. And there are hundreds, thousands of them! And they speak, and you can speak back to them. And when that happens, we call it a "conversation"…." He nods sagely. "Wild, isn't it? Want to sit near the fire? That's another real life thing we have. Keeps the cold away."

It's a good thing it's klah, really. Because if it wasn't… uh… then it wouldn't be. Okay, so maybe Soriana's brain is not entirely functioning on this wavelength yet. That's why she needs the klah, oooor, as it is also known, the Elixir of Life. It's especially useful against deathly cold, and that part gets a grin and a nod before she takes another sip. The mug lowers once again, and she looks to that human on display. "Mmh, no, we've got conversation too. But I've heard you're allowed to discuss things that aren't the weather out here. Is that true?" She looks back to Ka'el again, then out past him to this fi-re. "Now that sounds like a good idea. Wouldn't do to freeze to death, this living thing seems promising. Oh, hey, and I think there's even one of those hu-man be-ings over there." An Idrissa-shaped one!

Idrissa is indeed there at the couch being all human shaped like even. Imagen that.. She hears the voices, catching the movement and peers up curiously. "Hey guys.. So did she make her way out, or did you break her out Ka'el?" This questioned with a grin while she shifts to make room for them on the couch. Oh look, just like old times, or somethin.

"It's very true," confirms Ka'el. "Conversations can be about…anything. People don't talk much about the weather, 'less it's really bad. You should join us more often. You might learn something about … life." And all its joys! After giving the surface of his drink a lightly blow, he takes a sip. Mmmm…liquid warmth! And sweetness, to boot. Though it can use a bit more sweetner..and cinnamon. So he adds that just as Soriana points out Idrissa, the hu-man be-ing. It's hard for him to keep a straight face now as he sage-nods. "We should join her. The female human likes the company of other females so that they can commence with a thing they've mastered: Gossip. Mostly about males." Grinning, he heads over to Idrissa and her couch, though upon reaching and hearing her question, he pauses and that frozen-face look is seen again. "Huh?"

"Ohhhh." Imagine it, not talking about the weather! Though, to be fair, there are other topics on the radio too. The state of equipment. The occasional change of frequencies because of interference. So many fascinating topics. "Your ways intrigue me, and I wish to learn more." Soriana takes another sip of her klah. "Not so sure about that gossip thing, though." She makes a face, then drowns it with yet another sip of the klah, because, hey, it seems to be working. Her brain's coming back! "Maybe I'll just stick with the weather." Play it safe! And… flop onto the couch with a smile and nod to Idrissa. "Hey."

Idrissa smirks at the look from Ka'el. "Just wondering if she escaped the radio, or if you broke her out from the room." Tis said with an amused tone at the idea along with a shake of her head and faint grin seen. "Hey yourself. Nice to see your back in the landof the living and all." No she hasn't been listening in on there conversation as she has been sitting here, and they was allllll the way over thar.

"Oh!" Duh Ka'el. His grin is back in full force now, and he glances to the administrative hallway. "I broke her out. I've amazing skills in stealth, you know. Snuck past all guards unseen and unheard, found her, and rescued her. She was in dire need. Found her gnawin' her own arm. If I would've come a half hour later…she'd have one arm less than she does now." When Sori sits, Ka'el takes a seat beside her, though that's only after considering the space between the two girls. His former usual spot, which he's decided against claiming now. "Funny, I just said that," he says over to Idrissa with a smirk. "Who won the race between you an' Mur'dah? You did race again, didn't you?"

"…pretty sure there's no actual guards. And someone brought me a meatroll, so I wasn't that starving." Or desperate. Yet. At least with the klah - and conversations not mediated through the radio - Soriana is looking more and more with that 'living' thing, and she grins crookedly as Idrissa makes the same comment, then takes another sip of her klah. "I wasn't that bad," she protests… "Was I?" A glance back and forth between Idrissa and Ka'el, and then Soriana shifts, turning to lean back a little against Ka'el. The couch is comfy. He's comfier. She'll just settle here and listen to Ka'el and Idrissa discuss a day that seems… rather more interesting than hers. "Where were you racing?"

Idrissa does take note where Ka'el sits, not that she comments on it while her gaze settles back on the fire. "Oh total ninja skills and all yes?" She grins at that and shrugs. "Naw, wasn't bad. Just did the zombie walk rather well I might add." A soft ah escapes her. "Well, I think I did. If so it wasn't by much really." As for interesting, really other then sliding down a hill and running Jnelle over basicly it wasn't /that/ interesting.

"There are actual guards. They're just so very stealthy and professionally trained that few ever see them. I defeated them." Smug Ka'el! "You actually were that starving. YOu just don't remember because you passed out for a while after I rescued you. Your memory must've been effected." He gives her a long, slow look. Poor, poor thing! Then takes another drink. Yum! An edge of his lip curves up as he feels her lean, and he exhales a slow breath through the nose. Now this is comfort. Fire and friends. "Our bodies," he answers to Soriana. "On ice. Down the ridge. It was all iced over today .. was awesome." Even if his own participation was a bit .. truncated. "Might still be that way tomorrow. I need a rematch, Idrissa. You, me, Mur'dah. You're goin' down."

"Uh-huh," Soriana says to Ka'el in the tone she uses when she completely doesn't believe him, but she's amused. Besides, lies aside, he certainly gave her klah. The very klah she's sipping right now! Sip. Idrissa's comment about her zombie nature gets a wry twist of her lips, but… yeah, the best response is probably another sip of klah, so she takes one! Thus fortified, she listens to the explanation of their racing today. "Heh. Sounds fun." She stretches out her legs and wiggles her toes. Ooh, fire is warm. That's nice, even if she wasn't particularly frozen today… what with being indoors. "Ressac had a thaw coming in today, so we might melt soon too." She did say she might talk about the weather, right? She did? Good. "So you better get in your sliding while you can."

Idrissa chuckles softly. "So you defeated them all huh?" This questioned curiously to Ka'el as she ponders this. "It was nice though getting to go sliding, maybe next time Soriana can join in?" Well hey it is an idea. She finshesher drink and peers over at the two curiously. A grin is seen and then ther eis a pause and she clears her throat. "I'm actually going to need to slip off.. Something I need to deal with." There is a slight wave though as she is up and going, zoom zoom and all that jazz.

"Would've been more fun if you were there. I went lookin' for you," replies Ka'el to Soriana. "See if I could be a bad influence on you too and get you out've your duty. But … shardit, I couldn't make it past the morning guards. They're the most skilled of them all, y'know. Specialized training." Another sip of his mug is taken before he carefully sets it on an endtable, and that same arm is lifted to rest upon the back of the sofa. Around her, but not really. "A thaw?" Now that's good news! As much as ice is fun, it's still cold! "Heh, you better get your sliding in while you can. We've all done it already." Most of them anyway. His eyes track Idrissa as she speaks of leaving, and before he knows it, she's up and off! Zoom! "Hope Tahryth didn't go an' lick the wrong person.." A pause, then, "Even worse, the ice on the lake or something. Tongue might be stuck."

Oh, yeah. Soriana siiighs. "Juniorest Weyrwoman to radios in emergencies." A pause. "Not that this was one, really, but sooomeone thought it'd be good practice." She makes a face, and takes another sip of klah to wash it down before setting her mug to rest against her leg. "Maybe I can get there tomorrow. Before the thaw. If it even comes, the weather's… weird sometimes." Yes. Yes it is. Soriana glances up to Idrissa, and removes one hand from her mug to wave. "Seeya," she says, then settles back against Ka'el again. Comfy-like. "Surely she's got more sense than that?" And yet. Soriana can't entirely believe herself. This is Tahryth they're talking about. Licking things is like second- no, like first nature to her.

With Idrissa departed, Ka'el's arm slips off of the sofa and situates around Soriana's shoulders. Apparently, his lack of reciprocated touch was for Idrissa's sake. He still needs to .. hash all that out, at some point. Lips are brushed lightly against her hair before he snerks as thoughts turn to a particularly licky green dragon. "Uuh… hope so..?" He has no faith in poor Tahryth and is pretty sure Idrissa is off to try to pry a frozen stuck tongue off of something. "Are you just on break? I am," he says with a look to the spread of food that he hasn't touched. "Got time to eat with me before you have to go back in and, uh…keep Xanadu safe and informed via radio?"

Soriana likes this arm around her thing. She leans into it with a smile, her own fingers resting… around her klah. Hey, Ka'el gave it to her, so it sort of counts. "Poor Tahryth." Because, well, on second and third thoughts the 'stuck to the ice' theory is seeming like a better and better one. She tilts her head back to look at Ka'el at his question, then gives that head a shake. "Nah. I'm done for the night." With that, at least! Though… she groans. "I think I've got patrols." Night watch! Keeping an eye on this slippery weyr up close and personal. That must be why she's closing her eyes now, so as to rest them for her big night. She doesn't bother opening them again. Dinner. Huh. "Klah sort of counts." And, hey, with night patrols… that's a good reason for her to have a second mug! "Or I guess we could eat some actual food."

Done for the night, hooray! Patrols, boo! "I know how you feel," Ka'el remarks. "Dunno when they're expectin' us to .. y'know, sleep? Re-energize! Recover. Probably like .. now. In between duties would be the perfect time to catch a nap as oppsoed to hang out with one's girlfriend. But he also has to eat, so nyeah to that! "Dunno about you, but I am gonna eat some actual food. F'I don't, I'll be goin' home without a leg, cuz I'd have eaten it." Granted, sitting here and finishing his klah with Soriana at his side isn't sounding so bad, either. His eyes remain on her even with her eyes closed, and his smile wilts a little. It isn't necessarily a sad look that replaces it. More of a .. genuinely thoughtful one that lasts until when he speaks next. "In a little while. I can handle sittin' here with you a little while longer." A smirk follows, light and fond, and he does just that.

Relaxation is like resting, right? And Soriana's definitely more relaxed here then when she was sitting in that chair in the alcove. Why, her eyes are even closed! …not that she's actually asleep. When's that? "During lessons?" she suggests with a grin, then gives her head a little shake. "I dunno. Maybe I should talk to V'dim about that restday." The grin turns to a mere half-smile, but it lingers there as she leans, warm and comfy, against Ka'el. "I suppose maybe food's not such a bad idea. Just tell me when it's time to move, okay?" And then she'll go and pick out food with him and they'll eat before heading off to yet more duties. First, though… they'll enjoy this moment together.

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