The Slippery Slope

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow Ridge
The meadow continues its gentle rolls and dips, grass tall and short waving in the slightest of breezes. Each hill seems to grow a bit higher, a bit steeper, as eventually, the meadow works up to a large ridge, the top flattening out at its new elevation.
From the top of the ridge, the view is certainly something to be admired - higher than the majority of the trees, one can look out over the rest of Xanadu Weyr proper. The houses in the lower meadow - each roof a different color - and the clock tower peeking upwards from the its forest surroundings are all visible, as is the cliff that houses the Weyr Caverns themselves. And yet, the ridge also holds an amazing view of the night sky - horizon to horizon - unaffected by the light pollution of the more heavily traveled regions.
Settled upon the ridge is a rather distinctive looking building - nearing three stories tall, circular grey walls have carefully been erected, and a large dome is settled upon this solid foundation. Large panels make up the roof, aside from one section which remains open, and from which the telescope the struction houses peeks out. Sitting adjacent to the tower is a long, low building, meant to serve as offices, record rooms and dorms for those who man the observatory, as well as providing a handy platform for those who seek to use smaller, hand-held 'scopes.

It has been sleeting on Xanadu. Cold, freezing rain has left films of unmelting ice on things left outside, and the already snowy ground has become slick and, in some places, treacherous. It's freezing cold and the sky remains overcast, though the icy rain has stopped falling for the time being. Business is beginning to go on as usual. Crafters do their thing. The smoke from the busy smithy is curling up into the grey sky. Children are being sent out to play to get out of their parents or fosters' hairs. It's the same for the weyrlings, who have been instructed to go out to tend to their weyr duties before meeting for class later this afternoon. V'dim himself? Well .. he IS the Weyrlingmaster. He has assistants to keep an eye on things when weather like this aches the joints and paperwork behind a desk in a warm office is better than tailing weyrlings in the cold. adn you know what they say, when the cat's away.. Ka'el has found a perfect spot to play! The incline of the ridge has iced over, as has the top, making a perfect icy slide and makeshift skaterink. Thus, he's been trying to round up the weyrlings for a bit of off-task fun.

Idrissa caught word there was some fun to be had somewhere near the ridge. So here she is, along with Tahryth whom is not really enjoying the cold weather at the moment. The green has a slightly sour mood about her and hunkers down a ways off intending to just watch from there it seems. Rissa wanders along the rest of the way, a glance sent back towards the grumpy green before she shakes her head. She catches sight of Ka'el a few moments after that. "Hey Ka'el." Is heard along with a wave seen.

Oh, yes, freezing rain can be dangerous. And guess what? Procedures say that during an emergency, the most junior weyrwoman staffs the radio! …okay, admittedly, it's not much of an emergency, but Soriana is a very, very junior weyrwoman (what with still being a weyrling), so… yeah. She's been (and still is) tucked back in the alcove with the radio. At least it's warm? It's also very, very, very boring. Sigh. So, yeah, she's not here right now, not unless you count her voice occasionally drifting over the radio waves.

Kanekith has been posted at the bottom of the ridge as lookout and bouncer. Hello, welcome to Ridge Slide! The weyrlings /could/ have been assembled by dragon thoughts, but why risk Isobeth accidentally getting word and ruining the fun before it even began? Ka'el has already gathered K'asin, who has dragged Reina with him. Carolin has been alerted, but is stuck in her duty for the time being. Jnelle is already here, easily able to charm her way out of most things, as long as any supervisors are of the male gender, and then there's Ka'el, also here already, who is grinning and waving to the incoming. A handful of empty burlap feed sacks are near. "Hey!" he calls to all of them, zeroing in on Idrissa. "Heey, glad you made it." He glances past her expectantly, eyeing around, then. "You seen Sori?"

Idrissa glances over whom all has joined up, a few waves given, Jnelle.. Well she isn't even given a look, other then the other that she saw the girl was here. "I think she's on radio duty cause of the weather." A glance is offered back towards the way she came and she ponders. "I don't think she'll be able to get out of it to come or she would have been here already."

Reina is, as usual, being quiet. She probably wouldn't have come if K'asin hadn't dragged her, but it's not like she put up much of a protest, either. At the moment, K'asin is strutting for Jnelle, which leaves Reina to stand there and watch. Watch what? Well, whatever happens to pass in front of her eyes, that's what. Idrissa passes there, and so Reina's gaze settles on her fellow greenling, following her to where she and Ka'el begin to converse and… watching.

She's on the radio? Aw. Ka'el's expression falls a little, knowing that there's no way anyone is going to be able to sneak into Nova territory and save her from her work. "Mm. Maybe there's soemthing going on over at Fort or Ista or somewhere. I bet she's hearing all kinds of top secret stuff." Yeah, that's the spirit! Radio talk is fun! Not that he'd know one way or the other. He's never done it before, and (thankfully) never will! "Hey guys!" he calls to them all, causing a smirking, giggling Jnelle to peel her eyes off of K'asin, who she allows to strut for her. She likes strutting! "Look, I snagged this stuff.." He grabs those burlap sacks and begins passing them out, tossing them. "Unless y'dont mind having a cold an' wet ass. Trust me …" he pats his own damp bottom, eliciting a wide grin from Jnelle, "It's not a good look." He's learned by trail and error! He hands Idrissa a sack instead of throwing it. "Race ya to the bottom."

Idrissa smirks a bit, a slight shrug seen. "Maybe so? I bet she'll have some great stories to tell for sure." There is a pause as she takes hold of the sack and eyes it a moment before a chuckle escapes her. "I don't see how this is going to keep someone's rear very dry."

Along with watching, Reina listens. She nods to Ka'el, and reaches up to catch the sack he throws her. Oh, look. It's… yes, it's burlap. Not something she used to see much in the computercraft… along with most other organic materials. Life with Narjath has taught her a great deal about the soft and squishy world. Also the cold and wet world, sometimes. "Oh." She looks up again, glancing over to K'asin - who's got a sack of his own now - before returning her gaze to Ka'el and Idrissa. Hmm. She looks considering for a moment, then starts up the ridge to the top without another word. So they're ice-sliding now? Okay. She will ice slide. As is intended.

Ka'el shrugs. "Best I could do. Next time I'll be sure to find us proper rubber mats and sleds when we're supposed to be working, eh?" His voici s a tease, as is the look that he gives her. But enough of that! He has a race to win … one that others seem keen on joining in too. "Alright Reina!" he cheers as the techie heads up the ridge with her sack in hand. He waves Idrissa, gesturing for her to get a move on. "Just double fold it or something!" he suggests before starting up himself to get situated at the top! K'asin isn't far behind. This is a PERFECT opportunity for him to show off more for the blonde bombshell of a greenrider! And speaking of Jnelle, she sidles on up with Idrissa, grinning a perfect-toothed smile to her. "You must show me your weyr sometime. I'm sure it's quaint!"

Idrissa chuckles and grins to Ka'el, a shrug seen. "Sure sure.. You say that /now/." She doesn't have a real problem with getting wet thank you very much. With the sack in hand she is off to get going on this sliding thing.. An then she hits a blonde wall so to speak. She glances to Jnelle at the question. "It is quaint, an lovely.. I love it." As for the question of Jnelle visting she is quiet for a moment. "I.. I don't think so.." She isn't friends with Jnelle, she'd rather not be friends with Jnelle so inviting her over to her weyr is not high on her list of things to do. With this said she is following after the others towards the ridge.

Reina blinks to Ka'el. What? Oh. Yes. She smiles slightly to him, a flash on of the expression followed by a flash off again as she returns her attention to what she's doing. Ice-sliding, yes… so she sits on the burlap, is that it? And she slides do-ooooown! Wheeeeeee! …whooooa. That's kinda fast. K'asin hesitates, because what if she slides off the edge? More importantly, what if he does when it's his turn? Maybe this isn't such a hot idea… but Jnelle is watching, and if he wants to impress her (he does!) he mustn't run away. From this, or… from anything! But… he'll just wait until she's done with her conversation, so he can be sure she's actually watching. Wouldn't want to waste his showing-off. So… go on, Ka'el. You can go first. K'asin makes a little gesture to offer the other bronzerider the next slide.

Mur'dah is here now, at least, trekking out in his heaviest winter gear, hood up and gloves on, boots laced tight around the bottom of his pants. All bundled up and cozy. "What's going on?" he asks through his scarf, glancing around with bright eyes. "Something fun I hope."

"Oh? You won't?" echoes Jnelle, doe-eyed and innocent. Whatever has she done to deserve such treatment? "That's too bad. I was only trying to be kind, you know. And you really should take the offer," she says, voice dropped in volume now, though the grin on her face would suggest to any watching person that the girl is merely sharing a light-hearted secret with a good friend, "as it's probably the only time you'll have anyone willingly invite themselves over to your place." Her grin broadens, and with a wiggle of fingers, she moves off, up to the boys and the sliding Reina. Ka'el is already sitting up top, his burlap sack beneath him. Sure, K'asin, he'll go before you! Yes, this hill is kinda steep .. but the faster, the more fun, right? "I need a challenger! Idrissa!" he points a finger at her. "I challenge you!" His pointing finger now points to the empty spot next to him.

"No.. I won't." Idrissa offers back to Jnelle, pausing as the rest is said. "Kind.. Maybe you should look up the meaning of the word Jnelle, your a bit far from it." As the rest is said she frowns at the thought. "Perhaps.." Is said softly, her thoughts linger on that now. Jnelle was always good at getting under someone skin with her words after all. Hearing Mur'dah a wave is sent towards him, along with a smile. "Hey, ice-sliding. Other then a wet rear it should be fun. Grab a sack and come on." She points towrads where a few more sacks are found before she moves on over to where abouts Ka'el is and a soft chuckle escapes her. "Right, this is going to be so one sided." This said as she sits down on that sack upon the slipper cold ice.. Burrrr

Oh, hey! Here comes Jnelle. K'asin re-puffs, and gives her a grin. What's this Ka'el's saying? …sounds good! "Hey, after they go, maybe we should race?" Huh, huh? How about it? With his eyes on Jnelle, the bronzeling misses it as Reina reaches the bottom and tumbles into the snow and slush. She doesn't fall off the edge, but… yeah, she's kinda wet now, though she picks herself up without complaint and holds the burlap sack in both hands as she moves out of the way. She starts around to the top again, except she pauses along the way. "Hello, Mur'dah." Flick, the smile turns on. "It's ice-sliding." Flick, the smile is gone again, and she turns to trudge uphill once more. It's a good view of her (wet) rear, though.

Oh, Mur'dah is here too! Double challenge time. "And you!" Ka'el points to Mur'dah and the spot on the ice on the other side of him. The animosity between Jnelle and Idrissa is, as it usually is, left between the two fo them. He doesn't notice. Jnelle is good at putting on masks, besides, and Ka'el himself is busy with the fun factor of this. Jnelle slyly grins to K'asin and pokes a finger against the front of his jacket. "You're on!" K'asin beam, but the look falters a little as Jnelle doesn't wait her turn and instead sits down and … "123 Go!" Whoooo! Down she goes, her hair flying out behind her. "W-wait! Poor K'asin, left behind in the dust Reina, meanwhile, has had her full of sliding and instead makes her way back up the ridge to try ice skating.

Mur'dah scoops up a sack and grins. "You guys are going down. I'm awesome at this," he boasts, flashing Ka'el a grin as he tugs down his scarf. "Because I'm so spoiled and all. Spent my entire childhood lazing about, ditching Harper lessons, and sliding around on my ass. "Hey, Reina," he replies with another smile. Looking at Ka'el, he laughs. "Me what? You're challenging me? Bring it on, Smith Boy."

Idrissa is use to dealing with Jnelle, and well not telling people her problems so hey it works out.. Or something. A soft chuckle escapes her as she hears Mur'dah and she shakes her head while waiting for him to get ready and then she inches forward a bit as she gets a bit closer to the edge. "So.. On the count of three.. An no cheating Ka'el!" This called out along with a look towards him. He can be sneaky!

Ka'el? Sneaky? Never! He makes an innocent face at Idrissa. "Why would you think /that/? I'm the most honest, non-cheating, rule following person you'll ever meet!" .. >.> Yes. Sure he is! He snickers over to Mur'dah. "Figured that's about how your left went. C'mon." He waits til they're all situated at the makeshift starting line. K'asin is still…debating. That's a steep hill! "On the cuont of three. One … two …. three!" GO! He pushes himself off and doooown he geos! Sliding on the ice, which is pretty slick and fast. "Woooaah!" Insert broad grin .. here! Jnelle is giggling near the bottom and scrambles to get out of the way of the new racers.

Mur'dah snorts as he settles down on the sack, adjusting himself until he's perfectly situated. At the count of three he pushes off, bending down to streamline his body to get as much speed as possible. They /did/ put hay bales at the bottom of the hill, right?

Idrissa grins and shakes her head, a soft laugh escaping her and soon she is off! She leans forward, hands gripping at her sack ad she goes her best to get down the hill before the boys.. One of them will most likely beat her at this rate, even more so as she hits a bit of ice and gets spun around a few times and then goes sliding down at a different angle. A half yelp and laugh escaping her before she is turned back around and sees where she is headed.. Problem ahead as there is Jnelle still giggling and thinking she is out of the way. Oh dear.. there is a possibility that Rissa will smack right into her at this rate..

Haybales? This is an impromptu 'hey let's blow off duties for a bit to slide down this hill!' sort of unplanned..plan. Safety measures? Who needs'm? Fast, fast, fast! Snow whips up around him as he slides down so speedily. He's not even sure if he's in first, second, or third place…but that doesn't matter. He'll claim he was first no matter what! "Woah!" Floomph! It's a snow pile that stops Ka'el, and he laughs as he goes crashing into it. Luckily, he was already starting to slow, so no harm done. Just snow in the face! Jnelle and Idrissa, on the other hand, don't bode so well. There's a "Hey, watch it!" heard from Jnelle before a yelp. Smack! They collide. She totally did that on purpose!! Eventually, a snowy Ka'el is headed their way. "You guys ok?" Which Jnelle is not. Or at least, she's making a show of not being ok as she's helped up, favoring a foot. Infirmay? No way, and blow their cover? They're all supposed to be working! It's fine. She has gauze in her weyr. She can wrap it and it'll be good as new! If only someone would help her there. Oh, Ka'el will? What a gentleman! "I'll be back," he promises his friends while the greenling uses him as a crutch, leaning against him with a vague, smug little smile.

K'asin totally would have helped Jnelle, but nooo. Ka'el got there first. …shardit.

Mur'dah tumbles free at the last second, rolling into a snow bank to cushion his stop. "You guys alright?" he asks. And since Jnelle has latched onto Ka'el, Mur'dah will go to Idrissa and see if she's alright. Though he does glance after Jnelle with a little eye roll.

Idrissa didn't plan on any of this thank you, especially the part where she gets covered in snow and getting glared at from Jnelle. "Yeah.. Just cold now." She works on brushing some snow off, which is clinging to her hair. As for Jnelle and Ka'el she does her best not to look after them, she really doesn't like that girl. She glances up to Mur'dah, a slight smile seen. "You alright?"

Mur'dah brushes himself off as he offers her a hand. "Oh yeah, I'm fine. Haven't done that in a while. So fun." Catching her trying not to look, he snorts. "She's such a bitc- brat," he hastily amends with a frown. "I'dve just left her in the snow…" So, in this scenario, Ka'el is the nice guy?

Idrissa takes hold of the hand and stands herself up, careful not to go sliding or who knows what else. "Yeah.. She is.." She clearly agrees with Mur'dah on that, a slight chuckle escaping her at the thought of leaving Jnelle in the snow. "I don't know what everyone sees in her.. She's a thorn in my side anymore."

Mur'dah frowns, "What's she done to you?" he asks, offering to help steady her before he pulls back, adjusting his clothing and motioning towards the top of the hill. Shall they go back up?

Idrissa shakes her head slightly after the help, which she thanks him for it. She glances around for the sack she had used. "Don't worry about it.. I just ignore her, better off for everyone." Well she ignores her to a degree, Jnelle's words always linger. "Come on, race you to the top?" A slight grin is seen before she picks up the sack and is off heading back up.

Mur'dah laughs, "No fair!" he hollers, "I haven't found my…wait…oh there it is." Grabbing the piece of burlap, he bolts after her. "What punishment do you think we'll get?" he hollers. Trying to slow her down with thinking? Or guilt?

Idrissa does indeed slow down at that and sends a glance towards him. "Hey! Who said anyone was going to find out?" She questions with a soft laugh. Well it gives him time to catch up.

Mur'dah does catch up, and then he playfully tries to trip her up or nudge her over, attempting to push ahead. "They'll find out. They /always/ find out."
Toral> Idrissa does get half tripped up and goes sliding backwards a few steps before she is following after him once more. "Yeah well.. Maybe they won't this once!"

Mur'dah snorts as he reaches the top and then turns to see if she needs help. "I'll bet you a mark V'dim already knows about this, and he's just waiting to see how long we'll goof off."

Idrissa doesn't need any help, but he does make it to the top before she does. At the thought she makes a face, a glance is sent around the place and a soft eh escaping her at the thought. "I'd hate to think about him sneaking around just watching us." Though really.. V'dim wouldn't need to sneak anywhere.

Mur'dah laughs. "He doesn't need to. He's got spies everywhere. Our dragons could be telling on us for all we know. He's got super Weyrlingmaster powers. Want to go again?" Apparently super WLM Powers are no deterrent to a good slide.

"True.. So very true." Idrissa says and then sends a glance towards Tahryth, the green is still a bit on the grumpy side for being out here in the cold weather it seems. "Tahryth isn't telling on us." Though there are others that could! "Of course!" This said to the bit on going again while she drops the sack back to the ground and sits upon it. "Count of three?.."

Mur'dah nods as he sits down again and wiggles to settle into place, looking at the hill with obvious anticipation. "You count."

Idrissa gets to count, well sure! She inches just a bit forward griping hold of that sack and grins. "One….two…three!" Then there off again sliding down the hill much like before. Here's hoping Rissa doesn't take someone else out at the bottom.

Mur'dah pushes off to speed along after her, though this time he sits up a bit more to slow his descent, wanting to look around and watch the scenery fly by.

It doesn't take long to reach the bottom even if one goes about sight-seeing thanks to how slick that ice is. Idrissa is near the bottom before she glances over to see where about Mur'dah just happens to be.

Mur'dah came in just a hair behind her this time. Thankfully there's no one here to collide with as he skids to a stop, grinning widely and getting to his feet again. "This is so fun. But I think we should probably stop before we get in any big trouble…if they catch us here it'll be worse than if we're just behind on our other duties…"

Idrissa laughs a bit as she stands up, brushing some snow and slush off in the process. "True." She picks up the sack and gives it a shake to send some slush flying bout. "It was fun though. Haven't had the chance to do it anything like this in a while." Tahryth is up and wandering over towards the pair at the talk of them leaving, a low warble escaping the green as she is ok with this plan.

Mur'dah grins, shaking out his sack and then tossing it over a rock for someone else to use. Leave the evidence behind. "It was fun," he admits with a wide grin. "Been busy with your weyr? When's everyone going to throw their parties? I want to see where you all live now."

Idrissa sets the sack upon the same rock before she rubs at her hands to work on getting them warmed up. "Yeah, had some stuff to fix up. Working on actually getting stuff in it so I'm not sleeping on the floor, or the couch." She smirks a bit while saying that. The bit on parties making her pause. "Well.. I hadn't really thought about one actually.." The words from Jnelle are remembered rather quickly and she glances over to Mur'dah. "Mine is over on the coastal road, your welcome over whenever you like."

Mur'dah snorts, "You should! I thought we were all going to host a party to break in the weyrs. Mine was already broken, so I went first." Ha ha ha? "I'm going to ask Sori if I can crash in her barn. You think she'd be okay with that? She did offer, but you think she was serious? Or just being nice?"

"I just didn't think about it I guess." Idrissa offers with a slight shrug at the thought. "I mean.. Never gave a party before." She ponders this a few moments before glancing over to him. "I'm sure she was being serious about it. I don't see why there would be a problem with it, she did offer."

Mur'dah nods, "Alright. I'll ask her then." Maybe. We'll see. The barracks are nice and empty these days, and there's plenty of room for him and Kalsuoth to stretch out in. And people are usually around too. "I'm going to head off to my duty. I'll see you later?"

Idrissa smiles and nods. "Only way to find out is to ask after all. No harm in that anyway." Tahryth leans down to bump her head into the back of her rider, a slight oof escaping Rissa and she eyes her dragon a moment. "Alright, I'll see you later Mur'dah." A wave is offered after the other before she turns to wander off with her dragon back to what she really should be doing.

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