Morning (After) Mayhem

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Yesterday was a blur of a lot of activty. How a simple adventure in the forest turned out so … topsy turvy is beyond ka-el! A strange little girl in the forest with an odd story. Meetings with weyrleaders (that he gladly wasn't a part of), and losing their friend for hours upon end only to see her whisked off with guards and surly looking folk! It's all very troubling, which is why Kale has had trouble keeping his mind still enough to relax. What's going on? It's breakfast time and he's currently sitting at a table with Idrissa, ignoring the morning babble of other occupants, and ignoring the food that's been set before him too. His hands are busy, twisting and bending two thin strips of steel wire into random shapes and figures, though his eyes aren't focused on what his hands are doing. "Have you heard anything've what's happened?" he asks Idrissa who sits opposite of him. "Jus' gettin' here from the forge I passed seven guards!"

Idrissa isn't sure what to say, so she is back to playing the mouse it seems. Her bright gaze flicks about the large room taking everything in while looking for someone, well she is looking for Soriana of course! So far no friend to been seen. "I dono.." Soon escapes her and she frowns while looking over to Kale, her hands are busy slowly unraveling a cloth napkin that she has, a bit of threat she had been playing with it getting pulled at slowly. She leans forward towards Kale. "You think it has something to do with the girl we found in the forest.. I mean.. That was why Sori went to the Weyrleader anyway.." What was the girls name.. She can't remember. "I wonder why though. The girl was so nervous." More then Rissa which is /such/ a surprize. Makes sense to her! "An there's more down near the stables. More area to cover I guess."

The wire in Kale's hands ends up looking like a stick figure of a person, then moments later, its morphed to a chair. Now he's working on something that looks a little more animalistic, though his frowned gaze still lingers on Idrissa. "Really though, how could one wee girl like that be so important that the whole place is up in guards as it is? It must be more than that.." he reasons. No one person is /that/ important, right? Unless they're a leader of some sort, and that girl was just a child! "Anyway, even if it was, why would Soriana be taken off by guards?" Bend, bend, twist, bend. The more his mind whirls, the more manhandled the wires get. "I think we should go see her," he says, sounding resolved. "She can't be locked away forever. She hasn't done anything."

Idrissa shakes her head slightly and eyes the napkin that is turning into a pile of string before her, which she quickly sweeps under another napkin. Nothing to see here! She lets her arms fold upon the table, and her bright gaze eyes the food on her plate that she hasn't touched, her stomach grumbling but she makes no move to stop it. "I don't know.. An who knows, maybe she is some important person?" She frowns at the talk of Sori getting locked away forever, her gaze flicks around nervous like. "I..I don't think they would do that.." Would they?.. Hell if she knows, she is still trying to get use to living in a Weyr to start with. "Well we have to find out. maybe we can do something to help?" Or well make it worse..

"If she was, then there'd've been notices all over the place about her havin' gone missing, wouldn't there?" says Kale, wondering aloud. "With sesarch parties flyin' over an' all that?" His wire is soon squished into a dense little ball, abandoning whatever efforts were being made to shape it into something. "An' all these guards everywhere. They're lookin' out for somethin', I know it. An' if Sori was in that meeting the whole time, I bet /she/ knows exactly what's up." Sori! The answer to all their questions. "We'll go to her place. If it's guarded…then we'll sneak in. I bet there's a way."

Idrissa shrugs slightly while she pickpickpokepickpicks at a meatroll on her plate which has been sitting there long enough that it is rather ickylooking. "Its sora, he knows everything as it is already so that wouldn't surprize me." she pauses and peers over at Kale and blinks. " just ?" The thought of going somewherre, where the guards are there looking for peopl? I dono.. I mean dono how they would take that." THOUGH she is pondering it anyway..

"They wouldn' take it /well/ if we were caught," replies Kale who sets his metal ball of wire down on the tabletop. "/If/ we were caught," he repeats with emphasis. "I've never been to her weyr before. Have you? Are there any backways or gardens or somethin' that we could get in through?" He drops his voice a little as he slightly leans forward towards her, brows vaguely raised. "We /could/ jus' asks the guards if we could go in, but… I'm figurin', the guards are there to keep us out, else why have'm at all?"

With breakfast nearly over, and a plot to rescue her from an unknown fate in the works, the subject of anxious conversation appears in the doorway! Not even flanked by guards or anythng. Soriana looks somewhat tired, but otherwise none the worse for wear as she comes down the steps from outside, stepping out of the way of various people headed out to start the rest of their day. She looks around, but sadly, there's a big burly fellow standing right between her and her two friends, so she sees… not very much.

Idrissa ums softly."Why do you keep saying that? Knowing my luck.." Idrisa murmurs out softly before blinking. "Ya I have went by a few times, didn't really stick around long enough and draw a map of the place though." She points out and finally picks up a piece of fruit from her plate and munches on it. "I think asking would be a better idea. Maybe we could take her somethin'.. Like food, for her or maybe Inkfoot an Toral?" As if Sori didn't already have that taken care of. Well this is Rissa, she doesn't go around making such plans normally after all.

Kale actually snickers a little, though the sound is brief. "I don' need /blueprints/ or anything. Jus' like…it'd be good if ya knew were stuff was, so we wern't just goin' in blind lookin' for doors an' entrance places that aren't there, y'know?" But going in blind looks to be their plan, and Kale has his mind made up. There's no backing out now. At Idrissa's mentioning of bringing food, he "ahs" and nods, pointing at her. "Excellent! If we came with somethin, they'd be more likely to let us in, eh? Cuz then we'd have a reason for bein' there. We'll tell'm it'll only be a moment. An' we don't need a lot've time to see that she's alright an' to have her let us know what's happened. That's genius, Idrissa!" He grins at her, oblivious that Soriana is already /here/ and all these grand plans of theirs are in vain! Thanks burly dude..

Admittedly, if Soriana was actually in terrible desperate trouble, she could send a desperate Toral to squeak desperately for something like help! But, the lack of a worrying thing is not the same as a reassuring thing, particularly not when you're already worried and wondering just what in the world went on. The plan to bring food is definitely a good one, though. Soriana is, in fact, hungry! Which is why, being here in the caverns, she doesn't take too long looking around but instead heads over to near the kitchen to grab herself something from the remnants of breakfast.

Idrissa ehs softly and shrugs. "Well, next time I'll draw you a map, better?" She offers softly while picking at another bite of food, seems she is a bit hungrey an once you start to eat when hungrey it is a lost battle! "Wait. what..?" Is questioned while she peers at Kale curiously. "Oh.. Well of course it's a good idea." She nods a moment as if agreeing with it and glances to her plate and then hits. "Why don't we grab a new plate of food stuffs then?" A glance is sent towards the burly dude's area once he is gone but by then Soriana has left that area. An sure Sori could send Toral, but they will think about that /later/. This is the plan now!

Kale eyes his untouched plate. Cold eggs. Cold breakfast meat. Many biscuits (cuz he loves biscuits) .. just as cold, which isn't as bad as cold eggs. Granted, whatever food they take out of here is going to end up cold due to the season, but if they cover it well enough and /hurry/ they might salvage remnants of warmth. "Agreed," he says as he scoots his chair back, the legs making a scraping sound against the stone, before standing. "C'mon, lets pile up some stuff an' get outta here before anything else happens." He waits for her a moment before heading back to the kitchen area for a plate. But, ahead of them there's..a head of familiar looking hair. And a boyish gait on a boyish form that looks…girlishly familiar. "Hey…ahead there. Is that…Soriana?" he says the name louder than the rest in hopes that it's heard by either Soriana herself…or by the Sori impersonator.

Food, food, tasty food… Tasty food goes on Soriana's plate. A slice of bread with drippings, an orange-glazed bun that was looking lonely, some- huh? Her name is spoken! There's the pause of recognition. There's the turn, and the girlish face that also matches. Sori sees the boyish Kale and girlish Idrissa, and she grins! She waves, or at least vaguely wobbles her plate, and stops gathering food in order to head toward them. "Heya!"

Idrissa nods as she grabs another piece of fruit from her plate and pops it into her mouth as she follows along after the boyish Kale towards the kitchen. "I bet if we was nice to the cooks and told them we was gona bring Soriana something they would make her something fresh." Cause talking nice to the cooks, all of them is a good thing. Fl'ynn got a cookie for it! An well smacked someplace but still, he got a cookie! With a new plate in hand she waits to see about talking to one of the cooks before humming and glances over to Kale and then towards the to her /girlish/ Soriana. "Sori!" Is said in a rather happy tone and leans over to give her dear friend a slight one armed hug. "Are you alright..?" There is a pause as she really wants to ask /WHAT HAPPENED/?

It /is/ Soriana afterall! Relief floods through Kale's veins at the sight of her, and worry wooshes out of his system with a mighty exhale. He heads towards her at a slightly slower pace, half smirking as he nears. "Here we were planning the break in of the ages, an' you've been here all along too busy pilin' your plate to even let us know!" There's no hug from him, just that amiable grin and the thieving of her orange-glazed bun. Cuz now with planning out of the way and worrying blown out of his system… he's hungry. Chomp! Oh, did she by chance /want/ this delicious bun? Idrissa has one question out of the way, and thus after a swallow, he gets on with the obvious. "What /happened/ the other night?"

Careful of the plate now, but Sori manages something like a hug back for Idrissa. "I'm fine. Listen, I know I said we'd do more exploring, but we'd better hold off on that for a while…" Because that's what comes to her mind, being the one who actually knows what's going on and is therefore not consumed with a burning curiosity about it. Nope, what she's going to say is the part where the three of them aren't going to go tromping around the woods for a while. What with not being in any of the dorms, she kind of missed the announcements to that effect. Kale gets a grin, followed by a blink. "Break-in…" she goes. Waitwhat? The guards of course totally didn't mean that, not that /they'd/ know it! She just- "Hey!" she says. Her bun! She steals (half of) it back, and chomps down herself. Just for that, he'll have to wait to get his answer! Also because it's a rather complicated answer. She makes a little waving-them-along gesture and starts for a table to sit herself down.

Idrissa lets go of Soriana after a moment of the hug. She grins at Kale before looking back to Sori. "Well.. No of us is really allowed to go near the forest anyway. All off limits an stuff." Though she never got a full answer as to /why/. With plate still in hand, and Sori back with the group she takes a moment to get some fruit that is still left over along with a mug of klah and then follows after Sori and Kale. "We.. we trying to figure out a way to come see if you was alright. Finally figured we would just bring you some food but you beat us too it." This said with a slight grin. Ah so possible answers? She is so there! An once seated she just eyes Sori waiting for answers..

Kale snickers as Soriana succeeds in snagging back half of her prize from him, and he polishes off the rest of his half in the blink of an eye. Does he even chew? He follows his friends, eyeing Soriana expectantly. Now isn't she taking her own sweet time in spilling the beans! He nods in confirmation of what Idrissa says about the weyr being pretty much on lockdown. "Guards are everywhere now. I was nearly afraid to take a piss thinkin' one've them was watchin' from somewhere." He plucks up his forgotten plate as they pass it and resets it down on their new table, sliding in to a seat. Cold or not, food is food! He plucks up a biscuit, but before biting into it, he fixes Soriana with another expectant look. "…Well?" Impatient!

Ah, okay then. Soriana nods as Idrissa explains about the woods, then grins slightly at the part about coming to check if she was okay. Ahh, it's good to have friends! Friends who are, at present, looking expectantly at her for answers. "Okay, so…" Now, where to begin? Kale's mention of guards makes her nod. Okay, there's a starting point! "Well, they're not lookin' for you, that's for sure. See… there's a murderer on the loose." A dramatic pause, while she polishes off that roll. "He killed a bunch of people, up by Fort… then he came /here/ in disguise. I saw him, too. Ate dinner with him, at that table right there." She points.

Idrissa sips at her drink and sends a glance towards Kale whom she just eyes curiously a moment. "Why…would a guard do that?" An yes she asks that with a completely stright face. Her gaze flicks back to Soriana as she starts to talk. Well of course they care about her, friends do such things! Like bale each other outa trouble, and it seems make plans of breaking into there Weyr to see if there alright.. Ah kids. "Wait…killed…people?…" She just peers at Soriana wide-eyed. Oh dear.

"I don' know what goes through the mind've a guard," Kale retorts to Idrissa. "Maybe they were told to keep an eye on every single little thing. Pissin' included." Because where one pees surely is a clue on whether or not they are a criminal! But Soriana soon sheds some light on the situation, and…wow, what a shocker! A murderer? Blue eyes widen at the word, likely one that's not heard very often. "There's a murderer…hidin' here?" Yes, the guards definitely make sense now! And, double shocker, Soriana actually dined with a killer! How cool is that? He looks over to the table that she points to. Is it just him or does it look a little more sinister than the other tables? "Yeah?" he sounds more intrigued than concerned. "What did he look like? What was he /like?/"

Soriana nods to Idrissa, her expression entirely honest. Real honesty, not the fake sort trying far too hard to prove itself as honest. "Yeah, killed people, and is gonna kill more if he isn't stopped." The prospect was frightening, last night and with a sobbing Laurali; now, in the light of morning and talking to her friends, Soriana's teenager's invulnerability has set in. The murdered people are distant and unknown, and having been near a killer is totally cool in that spine-tingling touch of fright sort of way. "He kept /staring/ at me," she informs Kale. "He was sorta square and squat, like… half hunched over. He's got black hair, an'.. blue eyes." H-uh. "Sorta looked like you, if you were, like, as old as your parents and a total creep. You ain't got any brothers named Laris, right?"

Idrissa gaze flicks back towards Kale, whom she just eyes. " funny.. When they come back by I'll point them out to your new spot." She looks back to Soriana as she does on about the killer. "He may kill more people?" Oh well that's a NICE thought.. Thank goodness its morning or she would never get to sleep. "He was staring at you?" Her gaze flicks around as she goes about making sure no one is staring at them at the moment. "Do.. you think his still in the area Soriana?" At the question on Kale's brother she is given a strange look.

A murderer /staring/ at his friend? Meh. Kale doesn't like the image that makes its way into his mind at that. When things start getting personal, then they start getting a bit discomforting. Still though… that's just a memory. Plus, the murderer didn't murder Soriana, and now with the whole weyr on high alert, it's not likely that he'll ever get near her again. Right? A square, squat, hunched over fellow with black hair and blue eyes. That looks like him. "Hey!" he says, brows raising up. "Don't link my kin with murder .. 'less you count murderin' corn," he tacks on with a half snicker. "Laris? Nope. Not one've us! We're all K's. But, I don' get it. What did that little girl have to do with it all?"

"If he is, they'll find him," says Soriana decisively to Idrissa. "They got the guards on the ground, and the dragonriders doin' sweeps. But he's probably gone." Kale's comment about murdered corn gets a grin, and then - oh, right. "Laurali. That's her real name, not Ilarua." That's where this all started, but before Sori explains, she steals Idrissa's mug of klah to take a sip. "When Laris ran from Fort, he made her come with him. 'Cause… he knew her dad, and…" This part is not entirely clear even to Sori - what /were/ the man's motivations in capturing the little girl and dragging her with him? Well, moving right along. "…so after her dad got sent away, Laris took her."

Idrissa grins at Kale slightly. "Don't worry.. We won't really compare you all to him." This said with a faint murmur. Her gaze turns back to Soriana and she nods slightly before peering at her mug a few moments. "I feel sorry for Laurali, to be put through all that." A slight frown can be seen upon her face. "You think she'll be alright?" This questioned with a glance to Sori. "What did her dad get sent away for… An where too?"

What a crazy story. A kidnapped kid that's been kidnapped….for whatever reason by a murderer who is murdering people…for whatever reason. Kale processes all this quietly, a hand moving up to rub at the nape of his neck as he thinks. "Yeah, he's probably long gone by now. If he's got any sense, he'd be long gone once he saw the guards. If he's still around, then he'll be caught." He leans back in his chair a little, rocking it back on its back two legs. "Where is the girl now?"

"I hope so," says Soriana to Idrissa. "When I took her to harper lessons this morning, Marella was bein' friendly with her, so that's good." Which, incidentally, kind of answers Kale's question. "She's staying here. They're gonna find someone to foster her." The part about how Laurali's dad got sent away makes Sori frown. "Her dad… was with Laris. Doin' some of the same stuff. I dunno where he got sent, exactly, but… not anywhere good." The bad place. Brr!
Idrissa ponders this quietly, a slight nod seen at times while she ponders. A curious glance offered to Kale and then over to Soriana. "That's.. really sad that it happened to her." But then bad thing does tend to happen when people least expect it. "Maybe we can try being friend with her. You know help her out?"

Woah. Her dad was a murderer too? Kale's brows raise at this bit of information. "Poor kid," he muses with a shake of his head. "So now she's here…alone. Er, I s'pose not /alone/ since she's with others, but with no real family. But bein' with a foster family's gonna be better for her than bein' with a murderin' dad, right?" he says, glancing from Soriana to Idrissa, then back. "I mean, if she stayed with'm, then probably she'd end up jus' like him in the end." He plops his chair back on all fours after that and leans his elbows upon the table top, lightly nodding in answer to Idrissa. "She was sort've…young though, eh? Think she'd want us hangin' around her? I dn't know any other little kids, though."

"Yeah, she'll be better off here, with kids her own age, but… until she makes those friends… I guess I'm sort of… big sistering at her." Yeah, that's it. Or, as Mikal would put it, mother-henning at her. Fortunately, Mikal isn't here, so Sori can admit to maybe doing something like being nurturing. "I think Marella's gonna be one… but yeah."

Idrissa hums softly and shrugs a moment. "Well.. I'd say we should at least try to be friendly with her. Its not fun being somewhere an not having any friends." Gee wonder how she would know hat? A slight nod is seen as she hears Soriana. "Well, I'm willing to try and make her feel more welcome, an be fiends if she'll let me an all."

"Big sistering, eh?" says Kale with a grin. "An' what experience do you have with that, huh? I could give ya some advice. I've five elder brothers. I could tell you all what /not/ to do to keep her happy 'n sane in the head," he advises with a bit of a laugh. A lighter topic! But Kale's mind is still processing all this. A murderer. Two of them, really, and a murderer's daughter. The beefed up security. A lack of knowledge of the killer is still here or not! It's a lot, and most would keep anyone up at night with wory.

Soriana grins at Kale. "Not a single thing. If you told me she hadta be watered twice daily and turned toward the sun, I might believe you." But, hey, just Sori being here is bound to be better for Laurali than being all alone, right? Not that she'd be alone alone, with the whole weyr, but… y'know. Soriana couldn't just leave her there looking sad! Even if she's since run out of her repertoire of what to do with sad children, and has in fact already started repeating herself. Getting Laurali fostered is a fine idea! She'll still totally visit the girl and everything. Just… not constantly.

Idrissa smirks as she hears the two and takes in a soft breath while she lifts a hand to brush some hair from her face. "You could give us advice on being 'brotherly' not 'sisterly'." She poins out with a faint grin. "Who do you think might foster her Soriana?"

Kale laughs as he shakes his head. "If she weren't in such a poor state, I might've said somethin' like that," he admits with a playful grin, for what's more fun than playfully poking fun at a girl? Playfully, mind you! "Hey, I suppose bein' a big sister is much like bein' a big brother. Just…ah, more…girlisher." Girlisher? "Like, my brothers 'n I do things together. We go to the lake, catch things or have fights in the mud. Sometimes go fishin' an' bring fish back to ma. I suppose girls would…uh…bake cakes and…paint fingernails together."

"I dunno," says Soriana to Idrissa. "That's Thea and Ocelara's problem." And she is perfectly happy to let them have it! Now, about that advice, the version that isn't suitable for plants. Sounds pretty good, at first. Going to the lake? Catching things? Having fights in the mud? Fishing? Well, okay! Soriana grins, but then it turns to dubious. Bake… cakes? Paint… fingernails? "I'm not in bakercraft," she points out, and the other doesn't even get dignified with a response. Instead, she says, "I let'r play with Inkfoot." That's… like doing girl things, right? Should be close enough. Maybe Sori's being more of a big brother than a big sister. Kale's advice may, therefore, be perfectly suitable.

Idrissa sends a glance over to Soriana and then peers at Kale while smirking. "Kale.. Does it look like went spend time baking cakes and painting nails?" She questions with a curious tone and sly grin. "We can teach her how to ride runners.. AN I can let her play with Asher.." See.. Totally not baking cakes and dealing with nail paint!

"How'm I to know if you like to bake cakes an' paint nails?" shrugs Kale innocently, though even as the words come out of his mouth, he knows they're ridiculous. Idrissa and Soriana … paint fingernails? Ha! Bake a cake? More like burn a cake. But…he's not going to say that aloud either. "Y'might, deep down inside ya, really want to do that sort've thing. I don't know how you girls think. Playin' with Inkfoot is good, though. Your tunnelcat is funny to watch."

"Eatin' cake," says Soriana. That's the proper thing to do with it, yes. If only there were a similar inversion she could make that involved nailing! Ohh, well. It'll come. She smiles at Idrissa's enthusiasm, but- "She's really shy. Like… shyer'n you, Rissa." Which is really saying something, not that Sori can blame the girl. "So… uh. I'm glad you wanna help, but don't come on too strong, okay? Let her sort of… settle in slowly. She's real skittish."

"Why don't you let us paint your nails then Kale?" Idrissa questions while reaching over to take hold of his hand and peer at his nails curious like. Is she joking?.. Maybe, maybe not! She glances to Soriana and nods slightly. "Ya I rememeber an I won't. I'll just let her do what she wants to so speak. An Asher is always a good ice breaker." Sorta like a giant Inkfoot. Especially when the two play with one another. "I dono how anyone could be shyer then me, but I can understand why she might be."

"Shyer than Idrissa?" retorts Kale with a raised brow and a "no way!" look on his face. "Idrissa claims to be shy, but I've said before that I don't believe it. Ya weren't shy with me. But I've seen ya with others an'…aye, you /are/ shy. I can't imagine someone more than you." Kale may have to keep his distance until she grows a backbone. Being gentle and tender and soft is something he has to work at being! And then..yank! His hand is grabbed and the threat is made. Paint his nails? He makes a face, pulling his hand away. "Paint your /own/ nails. How about a nice shade of lavendar? Or pink? Or both?"

Soriana nods, because it's true! Laurali is so very shy. Perhaps 'traumatized' would be more accurate, but… no, let's stick with shy. It has fewer reminders of unpleasant things. Much better to look toward the future! Perhaps even a future wherein a smithcraft boy has brightly painted nails! She grins. "Oh, you like pink, huh?" she teases Kale. "Maybe we'll get you some. With little silver sparkles!"

"You and Soriana is different then everyone else." Idrissa points out while she lets him have his hand back, a faint grin seen. "What about blue, or green for you Kale? Blue would go with your eyes. What do you think Sori?" This questions while letting her arms fold back upon the table as she looks utterly amused at the thought of painting his nails. She oooos as Sori talks about sparkles and nods! "Yes, good idea!"

Pink with…sparkles? "Wait a moment.." Kale protests, waving his hands. "Nail painting is for /girls/. /Girls/ like you two. These hands," he flexes and unflexes his fingers, balling and unballings fists, "are made for hammering! Not..polish and sparkle?" A pause and he looks at the two with a confused look on his face. "…Can sparkles really be put onto fingerails?" It's an interesting thought! For GIRLS, mind you. GIRLS with sparkly fingers. Not boys. Not him!

Sure, going with his eyes sounds good! That's a nice reasonable matching thing. Assuming, of course, the idea is to be attractive. "Pink'd be good contrast," Soriana notes to Idrissa, then grins. "Nuh-uh. It's for girls like Darsce." As opposed to girls like these two. As far as sparkles… "Well, yeah. Weren't you paying attention? Darsce had those last week. Sorta silvery, like little flecks of metal on her nails."

Idrissa grins at Kale, amusement clearly seen across across her face. "Course you can put sparkles in polish." Pause. "You can, can't you Soriana?" Is murmured over to her friend. Sori must know, because Sori knows all! A grin is seen and she soon nods to what Sori says. "See.." This said over to Kale with a beaming look. TOLD YA!

Girls like Darsce? Kale can feel his ears growing warm as they tend to do whenever he's in close proximity to Darsce…which has been once in his entire life. But even the mere /mentioning/ of her seems to be enough to get him to blush just a little, and he glances around just..maybe thinking (or hoping?) that by saying her name, she'll suddenly show up. Much like Candyman…sans the mirror. And the horror. But, alas, no beauty queen has shown up. "She had sparkling nails?" And he missed it?? Flecks of metal on her nails…Of course she'd wear metal on her nails. That probably was like…a sign for him. He works with metal. She wore metal flecks. They must be destined! And now his friends have lost him to his own daydreamish … daydream.

"Yeah, she -" begins Soriana, then pauses as she notes Kale has sunk into a blissful trance. Seriously? She waves a hand in front of his face. Is this how it's gonna be, huh? She turns to Idrissa, sharing a Look with her friend. Kale's certainly setting himself up to be destined for /something/ if this keeps up.
Idrissa shrugs slightly. "Ya I guess, I don't pay much attention too it really.." There is a pause while she eyes Kale a few moments and grins slightly. A marker is pulled out from her pocket that she uses to write on the white board and so forth at teh stables. A wink is sent to Sori while she pulls the cap off and starts to 'paint' Kale's nails a interesting neon orange color! She'll show him to get lost in a day dream about some older girl when there are two sitting there in front of him an they are having a /conversation/.

Kale wonders what flecks were in that polish. Something shiny. Silver is a good candidate, but really so is aluminum. Rhodium's a nice choice too. Tiny flecks within a polish, when caught in light, would reflect rather well. And platinum…but it's so rare! But maybe her family is well off, and she could afford something of the like. But he personally would waste such a substance in polish.. Oh yes, his mind is gone, but at least it's not not on Darsce /exactly/ but more on the metals in her polish? Not that either Soriana or Idrissa would know this, but still! It's at some point in his thoughts regarding platinum that he notices that his hand has been taken, and Idrissa has colored almost all of the nails on that hand before he yanks himself out of his thoughts. "HEY!" He pulls his hand away, looking in horror at his neon bright fingers!

Soriana muffles a giggle, watching Idrissa paint Kale's fingers! Such a vivid color, too. He deserves it, for being so distracted - whatever it is he's being distracted about. The marker will smudge off easily enough - well, okay, there might be traces for a day or two, but a good scouring or three (or five) of the hand and it'll be hard to notice if you don't already know it's there. "Shoulda said what color you wanted," she informs him. Because clearly that's his problem, not the mere fact of painted nails.

Idrissa just grins while she works, amusement clearly see across her face! An then Kale 'wakes' up and pull his hand back. She smirks and 'wiggles' the pen towards him. "That's what you deserve! An yes.. What color you want the rest?" This quesioned while there is a neon green and blue one pulled from her pocket.

Oh nuuu! His oh so manly nails have been girlified! Kale continues to stare at his blazingly orange nails on his left hand. They scream "look at me! I'm orange!!" He wrinkles his nose as he lowers his hand down, glaring at the both of these. "This better come off easy, or everyone'll be starin' at /you/ wonderin' why your date to the dance has painted nails," he says to Soriana. Mwuaha! His right hand is then jerked out and placed on the table. "Blue," he says decisively. Well, he can't go around with just one hand painted, can he?

Oh, do they. Those nails scream like a thread-struck dragon or a fighting queen. Soriana has never heard either of those sounds, but that's okay. She can imagine them now, because she's seen those nails. Oh, those nails. She grins at Kale's threat. "I'll tell 'em it's 'cause you can't tell right from left, and were afraid you'd mess up the dances." Ohhh! Burn. As he actually goes and presents his other hand, she grins even wider!

Idrissa grins more so and giggles while setting the other two down and uses the blue marker upon Kale's right hand. "I knew you'd use it our way." She points out with a teasing tone. A soft oooh escapes her as she hars Sori and she grins with amusement at the thought. "Oh geezs.. You can get it off easily Kale." But Rissa doesn't offer /how/…

"Har har, Soriana," replies Kale with an exagerated roll of his eyes, though the look is a bit ruined because of the grin. "I'll have you know I know how to dance. An' I know how to dance /well/. If anyone needs to color code their hands it'll be you. I can see ya now, trompin' away like a runner, skippin' left when everyone else is turnin' right." He jests of course, and peers as his other nails are colored by Idrissa. Ugh. We did he do this again? "If it doesn't come of easy, I'll be bangin' down your door Idrissa."

Soriana grins back to Kale. "And you'll be dosidon'ting and… oh! Bet'cha'll be good at the hays, farm boy!" Her tone is teasing, her grin is wide, and she's enjoying the banter… though poor Idrissa's probably hopelessly lost as she marks up Kale's other hand in blue. It does seem to be more his color… neon not being anyone's color aside.

Blue is definitely his color, and those blue eyes of his get to rolling in response to her dosidon'ts and hay comments! "Keep it up an' I'll be sure to stomp on every last one've your toes every time we dance," Kale threatens, pulling his now blue tipped hand away once Idriss is done. Lovely. He's ready for a night out on the town! "C'mon. I'm tired've bein' stuck in this cave. Guards or not, we can still be outside. Let's go to the Firelizard Theater an' kick around a bit before any've us has to get to work. Or be a big sister." A blue hand grasps at Soriana, and a orange hand reaches for Idrissa and he pulls both girls onto their feet (just in case they had any mind to say something silly like…no). And, with his wonderfully painted hands still grasping theirs, he drags them out. Out to the sunshine and the grim faced guards that patrol everywhere.

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