Coming To Terms

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Having come to terms with what the next few months of his life were going to be, Aqueepoli found himself a decent cot close enough to some females. Even if he can't touch 'em, at least he can stare at them and breath heavily in their direction. Girls like that, right? For now though, he just stares at the ceiling, his body already starting to go into no-sex deprivation. That earlier 'coming to terms' thing is a LIE. "This… kiiiinda sucks." He speaks, suddenly, the first few words in a while. Rolling over, Pol spies Pyriel. "Oh shit, you play a guitar as well? Is there ANY aspect about you that isn't a woman-magnet?" Jealousy, thy name is Aqueepoli.

That's right, Iessrien is as awesome as /boobs/. He trails along after Shellie and the others, shoulders slanting back into that easy, walking slouch, thumbs hooked into his belt loops. He'd merely stood back, leaning against a wall, and watched poor Aqueepoli's reaction to the rules. And totally started laughing at the other holder boy's melodramatic reaction. Eventually, though, he'd wandered over to whap Pol upside the head (or try) and probably offered to help him move in. His own cot-moving might have happened at some point, because he's totally on a bed closer to the other two boys, though definitely not stuck in a far corner. He, too, is doing the ceiling-staring thing, boots discarded, just lying on his back on his cot, arms crossed behidn his head. Pol's words draw his attention over, and brows arch slightly, following along to peer at Pyriel and then snorting softly, "It's not so bad. A few months of work to piss off our fathers, and then we can hop a ship to someplace interesting, come back here, lure soem girls with tales of adventure.." grinning slightly as he says this. Aquee's jealousy of Py, though, earns a laugh, Iess' gaze returning to the ceiling with a definitely amused grin.

Kiley comes quietly into the barracks, perhaps not at all surprised to hear the guitar playing as Pyriel did avoid his kitchen chores. But, the woman wasn't here to ride him about that, or at all, really. Instead, she only greets Pyriel with the briefest of glance before her eyes are settling upon Aqueepoli as he is a new face in the barracks. Iessrien is included in this look but it is only brief as her gaze drifts back towards her intended target which is her cot. Once again, she is digging through her press, but not for a book this time, at least. She remains out of any sort of conversations as her attention is focused on finding whatever it is in her press.

It was nice to know that Pyriel wasn't the only one with no clue what women liked or disliked, having appraised the spot that Aqueepoli had picked out for himself with a measure of eye rolling. He probably had said something along the lines of 'why do ya insist on torturing yerself?', letting it go whatever the response. The soft playing goes on though as the boys settle in, attempting some more difficult cord changes with mixed results. He glances over towards Pol when the lad whines about his situation. "Could be worse, could be marrying Bela." There was that too. A bob of his head is awarded to Iessrien's slightly sunnier outlook, but he says nothing about ships. The harper had had enough of those and wouldn't go near the sharding things even if you paid him. As for his playing, he was good, he was really really good. "I sing to." he notes to Pol, just to rub the salt in the wound for some playful manly banter. Pyriel had a nice tone just conversationally when he wasn't pissing and moaning about one thing or another, with the slightest hit of a smokiness to it. It added a purr to his singing voice. Kiley's entrance is noted, with a chin up gesture back to her gaze, even as brief as it was.

Aqueepoli pops his head up to look over at Iessrien. "You gotta good point. Girls love guys who can spin a good tale. Let's do some adventuring crap, get a bunch of wicked looking scars, than come back here. Maybe by then, that dragonrider who" TRICKED ME! "searched me will let me show her what the Pol can do." He attempts to gyrate his hips, though it just looks awkward from how he's laying on his cot. "Y'know, neither of you mentioned there being 'rules'." Though to topic really never came up. "Ya both could've warned me. A quick 'Say no to no sex!' would've been good. Anything. Really. At all." His arms go up to cradle his own head. "Eh, at least this'll get my pa and ma off my back. They'll be all 'we're so proud of our son! Trying to be a dragonrider! Not able to knock up any more girls for a few months!'. Damnit!" Legs are thrashed around a fair amount, before Aqueepoli gets comfortable once more. His eyes search out the room and fall upon a new face entering. A /female/ face. The smile appears on his lips once more and he leans in the woman's direction. "Heeeeello there, pretty thing." He arches an eyebrow and tries to flex his arms. "How 'bout you take a cot next to me, eh? I'll keep you safe at night." Eyes are rolled for a brief moment, his head turning towards Pyriel. "Of /course/ you do." Pol does perk up though, rather fast. "You'd make a /great/ wingman! We are so going out once this dragon thing is over. The girls will flock to you and Sessy and I can just pick 'em off." Back to Kiley, he leans further off of hit cot towards the girl. "Wanna be my Number One?" Eyebrow waggle.

Iessrien stetches languidly on his cot, possibly avoiding chores as well, or perhaps having been let out early from whatever he was supposed to be doing. Kiley's arrival is noted from the corner of his eye, and the holder boy turns his head briefly with a, "Hi." He lets out a quiet snort at Pol's suggestion, but nods vaguely nonetheless, for the adventuring bit. He's just going to ignore whatever weirdness Aquee is doing with his hips over there, Iess rolling his eyes and returning to studying the ceiling. "Wouldn't have been nearly as entertaining," is the wry response, for their lack of warning, and yes, that's totally quiet amusement flickering across his face, "Your father might be happier about it than mine. Don't suppose you want to trade family?" There's a /snerk/ at Py's mention of Bela, Iess just barely suppressing a shudder, "Shells, there's always that." He can't help but agree; it had /almost/ been his own sorry fate. "Oh yeah?" a brow is raised at the mention of singing, Iessrien propping himself up on an arm and sending the harper a curious look, "Let's hear some then. Might lure a few beautiful girls over," lips twitching in half-joking manner. "Hmph. He'd probably take them all home," teasing Pol, though the idea of going out gets an approving nod, "Wouldn't hurt to try it, though."

Kiley blinks at Pyriel's gesture with his chin, startled but the woman calms after a minute and doesn't make to meet his gaze again for the time being. Or simply because Aqueepoli is speaking to her, though it is his words that have the woman pausing just a little longer before a brow finally lifts just a fraction. Silence continues as she attempts to gauge the seriousness of the holder before she's ohso carefully turning attention away once he looks to Pyriel. It takes her a moment longer to pick out what she wants from her press before closing it. The clothing is given a careful look over before she folds it neatly in her arms and settles it upon the cot before she turns attention to Pol with the same look crossing her face. "From the way you are talking," she did hear the parts about multiple women, "I don't think there is simply one.. So, no thank you." Her tone remains polite and then she nods to Iessrien and offers a smile towards him, not forgetting the deeds from the other night but such a remembrance does cause her gaze to linger just a little longer before her attention drifts carefully away to consider other things.

"Oopse." Pyriel tosses over to Aqueepoli, for the whole rant about not being told about rules. It's also done playfully, considering the harper's grin in the taller boy's direction. He schools his expression though as Pol goes on and try and put the moves on Kiley, for again it was one of those things that the holder boy was gunna have to try on his own. Not that he doubted that he would try, it was obvious he was trying already. That gets a shake of the blond's head. Good luck with that buddy. Chuckles soon bubble out of Py though, for the continuation of Aqueepoli's antics, and it was becoming rapidly clear that the guy had one thing and one thing alone on his mind. "Sounds good. Ya'll can have my leftovers." Heh heh heh. Not serious at all, at least about being so generous with the stragglers. He arches a brow at Iessrien though, fingers still on the guitar only so long as he needs to consider the other holder's suggestion. A shrug as he comes to a decision, and his fingers start working over the strings. "I held onto you for as long as I could but today, you fell away. Now what I hold are the memories we barely made. I stood on the edge of your bridge until I felt the rain. Wash me away. My confusion left me as fast as the vertigo came…" Harper training had certainly worked the kinks out of Pyriel's already natural talent, and had given it a clarity and pureness to his singing that really did attract some attention. Several heads pop into the barracks, all of them female, and all of them lovely. You could practically see the hearts in their eyes. Kiley's reaction to Aqueepoli's come on causing a smile to flourish over the harper's face, grinning again over at the poor dissed and dismissed lad. The smile, gets a flushed and swooning reaction from the girls at the door, but their shooed off by a passing assistant to the headwoman, who eyes the contents of the barracks with displeasure. This brings an end to the harper's singing and guitar playing, even as his smile drops into a frown. What?

"Pffft, I assure you, there is always room for one more with the Pol." Aqueepoli states before scooting back onto his cot. Ensuring he doesn't fall off of it and end up looking like a tool. All the same, he takes the rejection (two in one day) in stride. "If'n you change your mind, I'll be riiiiight here, baby. Just case we can't do the deed, doesn't mean we can't still have fun." RAWR. Then, in a vain attempt to play hard to get, Pol turns on his side with his back to Kiley. Yeah. See? He don't mind being rejected. All good. "Bela was /all/ you, Sess. My own 'rents knew better than to even try. Your dad and ma probably realize that your older brother ain't got the balls to make an heir, so it'll all be on you. Your bro wouldn't know what to do with a girl, even if she laying on a bed, all ready to go." Though he could say the same thing about his own stick-in-the-mud brother. "Yer welcome to 'em. My sister has a crush on ya, anyway. She's assured she can convince your dad and mine to have ya two get married." Over to Pyriel, Aqueepoli only shrugs his shoulders. "Hey dude, sloppy seconds are still a good time! I'll take what I can get." He's not exactly desperate, he just likes a good time! Then there is singing and girls just coming out of the woodwork. Aqueepoli's eyes go wide and he's up on his knees, watching with fascination as women swoon all over the place. "Shiiiiiiiit." He whistles, head shaking slowly. "That's… that's /awesome/!" Pyriel gets a nod. "Oh yeah. You can totally be my friend." Best. Friends. Forever. "That's /skill/, dude. If I knew girls were so big on singing and shit… /man/!" Pol gives a few stout claps of his hands for Pyriel's Magical Skills. "You /see/ that, Iessrien? /DAMN/!"

Iessrien quietly returns Kiley's smile, a flicker of amusement in his eyes for her rejection of Aquee, just a headshake given for the other holder boy. "I think he's afraid to try," is said wryly, in response to the words about his older brother, brow arching upward at news of Pol's sister, "Huh." He doesn't sound particularly thrilled about this, either. "She might have better luck than mine will," his own sister being a year older, dark lashes lower with an oh so innocent, "She thinks she's pregnant, you know," unspoken implication left hanging in the air. Not accusing at all, merely turning then to listen to the song, considering Pyriel and then the gaggle of fangirls with raised brows. There's some staring at the harper before Iess just flops back on his cot, throwing his hands up in mock-defeat, "/Shells/. That's it. We're never going to get any with that guy around." He's grinning anyway, semi-groaning an, "I saw," to Pol.

Even Kiley's attention is drawn over towards Pyriel as he sings, even though it isn't her first time hearing him sing. But it is the smile that has the woman going a fair shade of red and her gaze is carefully drawn away as she begins to refold the clothing she's already folded, entirely distracted from her thoughts. She even missed the mention of leftovers, which likely would have drawn a completely different reaction from his singing. But her gaze is drawn over towards Pol as he speaks again and the woman's brows lift but that blush doesn't fade from her cheeks. A shake of her head follows his first statement as her brows draw into a frown, "I don't think you can even handle one." This is spoken softly with her eyes not meeting the other holder for a long moment. "N-Not now, not ever." Is added, louder than the first statement and that is when her eyes flicker upwards for a brief glance. The clothing in her hands are considered again all too quickly and the rest of her skin suddenly flushes a deep shade of red as Aqueepoli goes on about sloppy seconds and the woman quickly rises from her cot without any further hesitation. Iessrien earns a polite nod of her head in farewell and Pyriel gets one last flicker of a glance before she nods what could be considered a farewell before she's making her way out without the verbal announcement of her intentions.

Pyriel settles the guitar down very gently under the assistant headwoman's evil eye, holding his hands up defensively, even as he tries to keep himself from laughing. Iessrien and Aqueepoli were doing wonders for the harper in such a very short time with him and had accomplished much more than other had in months. He's done, see. The woman forks two fingers at her own eyes, and then just one at the harper before she stares him even as she disappears out of sight. He shakes his head for the reaction from the holder boys, wisely leaving his hands off the guitar and keeping the singing switch off in fear of a second appearance from the killjoy. One settles in his lap, the other against his cot. "Dun think ya guys need to worry too much about me getting in yer way." he offers, chin coming up as he lets his head come to rest against the wall behind him. He liked his spot in the corner. It was about as far away from everyone else as possible, that is until the barracks filled up in the coming sevendays. Then he would have to deal with having people sleeping near him. "All the emotional stuff is getting kinda annoying." He looks to Aqueepoli then, "How do ya deal with it?" he asks, brows lifting. Kiley's reaction to his singing? Completely missed. Poor dense Py.

Aqueepoli tilts his head to the side with that snipplet of news. "Ooooh iiiss ssshhheee…" He draws the words out, mulling over them. "Thaaaat's good to know." His eyes narrow and shift side to side. "Don't suppose she is announcing who the father is, y'know… just for curiosity's sake." Pol is more or less choking on his own tongue, trying to talk with a nonchalant air. Kiley simply rejects him more, which does cause a frown to finally adorn the lips of Aqueepoli. He watches as the woman departs and crosses his arms. "Man, so far, I'm /not/ impressed with Weyr-chics. Sure, they're hotter than most holders, but I've been told no /twice/ in only a few candlemarks of time! Usually I'm on my third woman by that time, back home." It's a conundrum, to be sure. Eyebrows are furrowed as this issue is contemplated. "Meh, ignore it." Is his answer to Pyriel. "Women are damned crazy. What with the crying and loving you one moment, hating you the next. So when they start blahblahblah'ing about feelings and crap, I just stare at their boobs or think about gambling. Or just walk away. What are they gonna do, anyway? Other than cry harder, which I won't give a damn about, cause I'll be in the other room!" He's such a gentleman. "Ya know, you give off that 'not interested' vibe, which makes 'em all want'cha more. Like a feline in heat, acting all coy, than rubbing her bum in your face." Wait, what?

Iessrien just re-settles on his back, short hair spilling over his arms as he crosses them beneath his head. He's paying less attention to the ceiling than the conversation around the barracks, though Kiley's departure doesn't go unnoticed, the lad at least offering her a vague tilt of the chin for her nod. He watches the assistant headoman too, eyebrows disappearing behind feathered bangs at her 'warning' to Pyriel, the holder lifting his head briefly to glance at the harper once the woman is gone, brow arched, "What was that all about?" As for empotional stuff, there's a soft snort, shaking his head at both the other boys, though he offers no commentary of his own. Emotions? Bah. There is, admittedly, more than a little amusement flickering over his face at poor Pol's reaction about his sister, though, lips twitching with a wry, "She is." As for who the father is, there's an all too-bland, "I'm sure you can guess," in answer, Iess not looking at Pol at all, instead reurning his attention to the ceiling, though a quiet laugh is for poor Aquee getting so rejected. "Girls here aren't like the ones back in your father's hold," he tells his friend, smirking slightly, "They're not impressed by your father's title, or trying to bed you in case they can pop out a child and make some claim to dad's marks." Is there.. a hint of bitterness somewhere in there? If it is, it's surely well-hidden. "… What?" there is, however, an utterly blank look for that bit about felines, dubious look sent his friend's way after a second, "…Nevermind, I don't think I want to know."

"That was Kiley dude." Pyriel says, choosing now to clue the tallest of the holder boys in as to the mystery woman's identity. He'd noted some time ago that the computer crafter had departed, with only a mild interest, and it passed quickly. Been there, done that. Seems of the three of them, Iessrien was likely the most gentlemanly without Ryeokie being around. Now that guy had mad girl wooing skills. He does nod his head in complete and utter agreement with Pol as he says women are crazy. Well at least one of them in his book was, and she'd left recently. Py is most amused by Aqueepoli's tactics in dealing with overly emotional females, though whether or not he takes the other boy's suggestions to heart remains to be seen. Another wide grin stretches the harper's lips, lashes lowering as he's flattered apparently and a bit embarressed by Pol's assessment. Luckily the expression fades as Iessrien asks about the headwoman. "Non-candidates aren't allowed in here, and I guess she don't appreciate the pied-pipering." he says, shrugging. Yeah, he didn't know what the dealio was either. He falls quiet as the sister's plight is covered, taking in all the information, just on the off chance it might come in handy someday. You never know. He too is looking dubiously at Aqueepoli for the comment about the girl cat. "Wait…what?" he blinks, brows lifting.

"Oh, that was Kiley? The chic you made cry like a baby?" Aqueepoli is looking off towards where the woman exited, before turning back to his bros. His attention to her is gone already, since she already told him 'no'. More than no, but 'not ever'. Not that he won't forget that conversation in the next few hours and try again. But it's still fresh in his mind right now. "Well shit, I hope my da doesn't get word of your sister's… problem. Otherwise he'll be dragging my ass back to the hold and demanding I 'do the right thing'." Cue Aqueepoli mock-gagging and strangling himself. It'd all be preferred over marrying. Even if Iessrien's sister is totally hot. "Though we'd be /real/ bros, Sess. That'd be sweet! A shame I'd need to cheat on your sister all the time though." It's a sorrow-filled sigh that he lets out, followed with a snarky snicker. Pol settles back down on his cot, though not before stealing a pillow from one of the other cots near him. "I've spent my /whole/ life, guys, my /whole damned life/ hearing about how skanky and slutty the girls are at Weyrs. How they throw caution to the wind and sleep with everyone and it's supposed to be this /happy/ place where bloody damned /magic/ happens! No girls trying to get you to marry 'em or saying they wanna have yer baby. Just free love /all/ over the place. I feel /lied/ too." Hrumph. "And now, even if I find a girl who ain't got her knickers riding her asscrack, I can't even do anything 'bout it." A desperate look is sent to each lad. "You've all done this gig longer than I," The whole candidate-thing. "Please tell me it'll be worth a few months of celibacy?"

Imagine what Iessrien might have been like had he never met Pol; that guy is such a bad influence on him, really, tsktsk. However, unlike a properly polite and /gentlemanly/ holder boy, he /had/ noticed Kiley's reaction, and as Py attempts to clue Aquee in, Iess does some clueing of his own and ponders, "Think she wants to do you again, man," simply matter-of-factly, thoughtful almost. There's a slight nod at the explanation about the headwoman, though Iess can't help the bit of a snicker, "It isn't your fault if they flock in here after you." Yes, he totally finds that situation funny. "Might want to be careful, though," he continues, tone almost teasing, "If you play something liek that outside the barracks, the girls might just abduct you, and carry you off somewhere." And his brows quirk up and down in a faintly suggestive manner before he returns to watching the ceiling, chuckling to himself. "I think it depends on whether my father thinks there's marks in it," is said absently to Pol, Iess being utterly unconcerned about the situation. Such a responsible and caring brother he is, heh. "Would be," is agreed at least, about them then being real bros, though an eyeroll follows, the holder boy just shaking his head, clearly finding Pol's inability to grasp the reasoning behind his girl-catching-failures terribly amusing. "I hope so," is laughed lightly, totally not reassuring there.

Pyriel nods to Pol. Yep, that was Kiley. He too was doubting that it would be the last time that the guy tried to convince the computer crafter to come over to the dark side, it just seemed like something the lad would pursue until the end of time. Maybe in some small way he'd feel bad for Kiley, then again, maybe not. He hadn't exactly squared his own feelings for the woman, even so far as like and dislike. It was a long contemplative process. Py watches the conversation of Iessrien's sister again in self induced silence, as he didn't know the girl of which they spoke at all. Though he can likely guess from the way things were tossed back and forth, that she was good looking and a complete and total slut. Which neither were necessarily a bad thing from a fifteen turn old's perspective. "Maybe ya jus' ain't met the right ones yet?" he inquires of Aqueepoli, rolling his head against the wall in order to look over at the pillow swipping lad. "How long ya'll been here?" Curious he glances between them both. He gives a apologetic and sympathetic pursing of lips for the sheer level of betrayal that Pol was feeling. However, he can only shrug as to the question posed to himself and Iessrien. "Only been a candidate for less than a sevenday, but they keep ya busy enough that yer gunna be way too tired to miss out on that hot wet tight…." And his voice trails off, sighing as his head drifts back and he winces at the ceiling. "Sorry, that ain't helpin'." As for what Iessrien says, Py's head snaps up and he blinks several times in succession. "What?" he asks, sounding as if he didn't believe a word of that. He was pretty thick though, so unless ya bashed him over the head with the evidence and then sat down to explain it to him for a couple candlemarks, he probably wouldn't get it. "Dude, seriously, she's got it bad for Ryeo." Again that weird twinge, much more notable now that the harper was relaxed and goofing off with the boys. He's quick to grin, which dismisses the previous reaction, for the flocking of fangirls. "I dunno man. Not like it's intentional. They just sorta show up." he shrugs helplessly. "That brownhaired girl from the other day threw me up against a wall a month or so back. All she got was a kiss though." Maybe he was in a hurry to get somewhere?

Aqueepoli has enriched the lives of many! And will continue to do so until someone poisons him dead or tosses him off a cliff. "So wait, lemme get this right. So that girl, Kiley or whatever. Slept with you," He points at Pyriel, "Though totally wants your friend? Except… she still slept with you. But, she wants your friend." He needs to repeat it twice, just to try to make it all make sense. "So she slept with you… to get /to/ your friend?" There seems to be nothing wrong with this assessment in the eyes of Pol. "Does your friend even /like/ her? Or is she barking up the wrong tree? Girls can be so dumb. If'n the guy don't like ya, why keep trying?" Though the same could be said for himself. A glance to Iessrien, accompanied with a raised eyebrow. "Weyrchics, man. /For real/." Riiiight. "Mmm? Oh. Been here only bout a sevenday. And most that time I was holed up in those damned stables, learning the ropes or whatever. They wouldn't let me outta their sight." His teeth are clenched and he starts to grind them for a moment, but the tension in his mouth is relieved. "Aye, words like that, Py, don't help much at all. And it's only been a day." Not even a day, only a few hours! Sigh. "Shards and shells, man! Are there any females ya haven't gotten with 'round here?" Iessrien gets a look as well. "What about you? Already putting notches in your bed post?"

"About a sevenday," Iessrien answers idly, all but echoing Pol. Two guesses who was the guy he followed to Xanadu. Toes tapping on the blanket, Iess as he bends a knee and stretches a little more, turning pondwater-drab eyes on the other boys, "I was searched almost as soon as I got here, but I don't think.." pause at Pyriel's words there and then a wryly flat, "Not helping, man." Eyeroll to follow, he shakes his head and returns to pondering the ceiling. So very fascinating it must be. He doesn't repeat himself about Kiley, though shoulders lift in a vaguely amused shrug, "Don't know, nothing says a girl can't have it on for two guys at once." Or maybe he just likes to believe that. Any weird twinges go unnoticed, the holder boy instead raising a brow with a, "Shells, if I had girls throwing me against walls, I'd be damned sure to find a bed afterwards." There's a short laugh too, though the amusement fades as he gets asked about his own notches, expression shifting into a definite smirk. "Mm, one or two," though probably he took a more subtle approach than his holder friend, "I told you, just have to know how to charm them, Pol."

"Naw, man. This is how it was." Pyriel starts, sitting up then and crossing his legs before him. "I wandered into the tavern, and Kiley was there and all smiles and shit. Right?" He pauses to make sure that what he is saying is being followed. "She had this stuff, it looked like frozen fruit cream or something, so I sat with her so I could have some. What she didn't tell me, and what she claims she didn't know, was that the stuff was like alcoholic. So we both got hammered, and we ended up naked and doing the deed. She was all upset cause it was her first time." Yeah, Py didn't really see what the big deal with that was. "But she's been all blushin' and touchin' on Ryeo since…I dunno…." he grumbles and apparently just doesn't want to talk about it. His mood was getting more and more foul the more he talked about Kiley and Ryeokie. There's that twinge again, and he flops back against the wall to glare at the ceiling. Stupid ceiling. Grrrr. He does glance back over at Aqueepoli as the harper's question is answered, nodding and frowning deeply for the poor lad's situation. "That's messed up, dude." Who wanted to shovel runner crap, when there was pretty girls to be chasing. He looks sheepish for his accidental reminder of what the three boys were missing being candidates. Though his smile, bright and wide returns for an encore as he shrugs a shoulder. "I'm sure there is yet untapped conquests to be had, but honestly I need to get me some of the Weyrwoman. But that ain't gunna happen. Like, ever." EVER. "She's smokin' hot. Dun care if she's like a decade older than me and then some. Woman has it going on." And he was flushing terribly to prove it. The boy was certainly smitten.

"Charming takes entirely too much time. I'd much rather toss marks at 'em or flash my title and let that be that." Aqueepoli sighs, eyes closing for a briefest moment. "I'll just need to sit back and watch how you two do it, I guess. Or at least get a better feeling for Weyr-girls. It's like a whole different /world/ here. Everything I've ever known is all wrong and up is down and, damn, I've just gotta go back to the basics." He rubs his hands together, an almost too gleeful motion for the seriousness of the situation. His head tilts to the side, all ears at Pyriel tells the tale and soon, he's just shaking his head. "How can a girl not know it was alcoholic? That's dumb. S'not your fault, dude." His eyes close again. "Girls get all wiggy about their first time as it is. S'big deal and all that noise. I dun get it." Aqueepoli lets out a jaw-cracking yawn, arms stretching up over his head. "'kay, guys, I'm gonna close my eyes some. Get some sleep 'fore they make me start workin' 'gain. If'n some girl starts undressing in here, yer both allowed t' wake me up." The words start to stutter, just a little, from his sleepiness. And before you know it, loud, obnoxious snores are coming from his cot.

Iessrien turns his head to listen to Pyriel, brows lifting very slowly higher and higher toward his hairline. "Wait, wait, hold on," Iessrien sitting up a little and staring at Pyriel, mild disbelief in his face, "She /drugged/ you?" Arched eyebrows have now completely disappeared beneth feathered bangs, "Man.." He looks as if he doesn't know whether to be sympathetic for the poor harper or admiring of Kiley, though the latter might be winning out just slightly. "Shells, not that I'd argue with some fun in the bedsheets, sloshed or no, but pulling that kind of shit just isn't cool, man," shaking his head, and then grinning, "Sounds like she's trying to make you jealous or something, then." Iess is totally spouting guesses, though, smirking just slightly at the other boy, "Weyrwoman, huh?" He'll be skeptical till he meets yet, apparently. Another, more amused roll of his eyes is for Pol, "Less time than trying for a sevenday and failing," pointed pout with a sunshine-soft laugh, "But if you want, flash your title, see how far it gets you," because Iess has totally been doing that too. There's a snort in acknowlegement when Aquee dozes off, Iess giving the other holder boy a considering look, possibly contemplating doing prankish and terriblyh things to his sleeping friend, but in the end, laziness wins out, and he flops back down, arms once again curled beneath his head.

Pyriel snaps his fingers and points at Aqueepoli, "See now that's a dude who gets it." Approval once more given to the taller of the two holder lads. He was a-okay in the harper's mind. All the wooing was awfully time consuming and exhausting. But Py didn't have marks or a title to wave around to get him some extra notches on the ol' bedpost, he had to completely reply on his looks and talent. What a disappointment! For real. He shrugs for Kiley. Then again, how did Py not know it was alcoholic? Maybe the blond didn't drink himself silly every chance he got? Likely not considering he was an apprentice harper. "At least someone think so." About it not being his fault. Ryeokie, Kiley and even Iessrien had made a fuss about it. Py sighs heavily, lamenting his lot in life. Twas horribly terrible you see. He does bobble his head at Iessrien however, "More or less. Yeah. I woudn't of minded so much if she wasn't packing a couple extra pounds. Got reamed out for telling her that too." There was no winning it seems. Another shrug for girls and their weirdness with virginity. He'd probably never get it himself. He watches Aqueepoli get all sleepy and start slurring before he just plain begins to snore. Tired boy. A few blinks for that, before the harper redirects his full attention to Iessrien. He was still awake right? Indeed he was. Excellent. Er, or would be if Iess wasn't looking like he was gunna fall asleep too. Shard it. Then what would he do? He eyes his guitar again and then the doorway. Was it safe to play again?

It likely doesn't help that Iessrien closes his eyes, having possibly grown bored with the ceiling-examination he'd been doing. He's still awake, though, the holder lad letting out a soft snort, "He might get it, but he won't /get/ any if he keeps on like that," apparently less impressed with his friend, even if Pol's antics /were/ terribly amusing. Though who knows what Iess is thinking, with the flicker of amusement remaining in his expression. "Shells man," he has to laugh, "You /never/ bring up a girl's weight. Fastest way to get a frying pan sailing at your head. Trust me - I know." From personal experience, apparently. "And don't make girls cry," he's on about that /again/? "Makes the rest of us look bad," though he doesn't really sound as if he's interested in defending the reputation of guys in general, especially with that lingering trace of a smirk. "So how many have you done?" asked idly, eyes slitting open briefly to glance Pyriel's way.

Pyriel seems to think he was safe for now, and picks up his guitar, with more than one flick of his golden hued eyes towards the doorway. Just in case. He settles the instrument in his lap, sitting up straight save for the way he kept his legs crossed before himself. He starts playing again, the acoustic to the song he'd sung for the holders earlier, but doesn't bother singing this time around. He also keeps the volume of his fingering down, as to attract as little attention as possible. No need for a repeat of that woman and her glarey pointing. He frowns somewhat as Iessrien changes his tune now that Aqueepoli was passed out and unable to hear his buddy's real thoughts. "That's way too much work. There has got to be girls around somewhere that dun need all that coddling." he sighs, changing the key in which he was playing by shifting the position of his hand on the neck of his guitar. He didn't have the marks to afford the kinda girls that required no maintenance, unfortunately, as mentioned before. "Huh?" he asks intelligently, then he shrugs. "I dunno, a few. I ain't exactly keeping track anymore." No one to brag to.

As the music begins, blue eyes drift closed, Iessrien either listening or actually falling asleep now. One might wonder how Iess would have turned out if he hadn't been friends with Pol, but such speculations might be pointless, though clearly the holder boy isn't quite the follower he might appear to be. "Suppose so," he agrees, shoulders lifting in a slight shrug, "I'd always hears girls were like that in a weyr. Your father's a rider, so you're weyrbred, right? All those stories just a load of crap?" There's a soft 'hmh' at Pyriel's answer there, though with eyes still closed, the thoughtful expression might be difficult to discern, Iessrien merely commenting idly, "Hard to notch the bedposts when you don't know."

Pyriel keeps the song repeating the first couple of bars of the song, as the second tends to get a little heavier and he just didn't want unnecessary attention right now. It tended to get him in trouble anyway. He continues like this, even after he suspects that Iessrien might be passed out, still avoiding his kitchen duties. Though as the holder boy speaks up again, it's made clear that he was just chillaxing over there, and not quite asleep yet. "My father ain't the greatest example. Got on me for the way I look and for singing. Said I was girly and gay." he growls, "Beat the crap outta me a couple times." Now we know where the violent streak came from. "Found some letters and a journal, he'd been cheatin' on my mom with this dude greenrider for turns. Dunno where he got off gettin' on me about stuff he thought I was into. When I weren't. And here he was gettin' it from a guy." He huffs and the playing tapers off to an end, pumping his fingers in and out to work out the cramps he was starting to get. He does shrug though for the notches that may or may not be in his bedpost, "Meh. Does it really matter how many?"

Iessrien continues to listen, voice quieter when he does speak, though apparently he doesn't have Pol's talent for just dozing off on the spot. "Sounds like a real asshole," is his response to the explanation of Py's father, though the mention of abuse has the holder boy's eyes opening again, silently watching the ceiling for a long while. "That's messed up, man," is his only response, nose wrinkling slightly, his own personal woes he and Pol spent the morning whining about possibly seeming just slightly trivial. Once the music ends, pondwater-blue eyes flick toward Pyriel, a curious glance before Iess turns back to regard the stone overhead, having gone still and contemplative, before he quite bluntly, though without feeling, simply murmurs, "Guess it depends on how like your father you want to be." If there's an accusation buried in there somewhere, it's well-hidden, the holder's eyes closing again, though likely he hasn't fallen asleep.

"Pretty much." Pyriel says, now working the fingers of his other hand in similar fashion as the first. Cramping muscles hurt. His dad was an asshole though, and he wouldn't deny it. Anyone who had met the man could see it with the way he treated his youngest son. The harper shrugs, "I guess it is, but I got nothing to compare it to. Given the reaction to the three people who know about aside from my mom, it's probably true." It was messed up, yo. Though for now, Py was done talking about his family life, or lack there of. Or would of been, if Iessrien hadn't gone on to murmur as he did. Py was dense, so the accusation there doesn't really hit home as it might of on someone else. "I ain't having kids, and if I did I wouldn't beat the crap out of them. Sure as shell wouldn't cheat on no one I claimed to love either. So I guess I ain't like him at all." So very, very dense. There was a measure of irritation though, so perhaps somewhere in the blond's muddle foggy mind some part of his subconscious gets what Iessrien really meant by all that.

"Trust me, it's messed up," Iessrien assures, voice quiet still, even without the music. Likely, it's not consideration for anyone who may or may not still be snoring over on one of the other nearby cots, but it's not a subject one generally yells across the barracks about. He doesn't persue the topic of Pyriel's family life, even if a vaguely thoughtful frown has settled over angular features, brows drawing together faintly with eyes still closed. They open again, however, at Py's denial about being like his dad, gaze sliding to the harper. Iessrien merely /looks/ at him, without comment. There's no explanation, nor any indication of what he might think of the other boy's apparent denseness.

There wasn't anyone on Pern that was denser than our young harper apprentice. He leaves the topic of his father alone then, especially about his family crap being messed up. He was glad that Iessrien also had decided to drop the topic. Idly, Pyriel looks to the guitar nestled beside him, and the brown firelizard chilling out at the foot-bar of his cot. A blink for him. Already passed out and roosting, but when the shells he get back? Distractedly, he sees Iess out of the corner of his eye, and turns his attention that way, both brows lifting upwards in unison. "What?" he asks, completely clueless as to why the holder lad was giving him that look. Those brows sink down to furrow, a complex expression of thought crossing his countenance, quite obviously trying to dig through the sandpit that was his brain on whatever he could of said or done that would of caused the other to look at him like that. A deep frown shows shortly there after that he has come to no conclusion. Frustrated, the harper drops his head to the wall behind him and glares up at the ceiling.

No answer is forthcoming from Iess, the holder boy merely eyeing the other candidate without a word, even when Pyriel notices the look he's giving him. The only response is just a slow headshake, totally judging and making no pretense to hide it, before Iess' own gaze drifts ceilingwards as well, with much less indication of emotion. What is evident on his face is a sort of half-frowned thoughtfulness, though he could look that way because of anything, really. He doesn't seem inclined to repeat himself, or explain his earlier comments either, simply letting Pyriel glare at the ceiling and allowing the silence to stretch; if it bothers him, he certainly fails to show it.

The ceiling really must be interesting with the way both male candidates were looking at it, even as the silence stretches on further and further. Still, Pyriel isn't making any motion or sound to indicate that he had figured out anything, though his face still had that look of searching. Who knows how long it is before the harper grabs his guitar by the neck and slips from his coat, getting no response from his firelizard other then a single eye opening and closing again for the movement generated by Py getting up. Slinging the instrument against his back with the black and white checkered strap, he spares a glance to Iessrien before he makes a soft grunt of frustration, and heads out the door.

Iessrien continues to study the ceiling, the thoughts in his mind apparently taking more of his attention than the view overhead, but he does notice when Pyriel makes to leave. There's a faintly raised brow for the other boy's frustration, Iess managing only to look curiously amused, watching the harper in that same mildly thoughtful way. Perhaps he just likes messing with people. And he'll meet the other boy's glance wth a small smile. "Later, man," is offered vaguely, Iess then settling back on his cot and closing his eyes. See, this is likely why Iess hangs around Pol so much, aside from the terribly entertaining antics.

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