Avaeth's Clutch: Egg Touching #1

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands


The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

It's mid-evening and the sands are full of eggs. While Avaeth is curled about her egg, Zevida is prodding at her lifemates side. "Come on, move. They're coming soon." And then, reluctantly, the gold uncurls herself and settles right near the eggs and watching the entrance. With a shake of her head, Zevida turns towards the entrance for the arriving candidates.

Keziah stands on the edge of the sands. Sure, she's done this many a time before, but sometimes it just never seems to be any easier. There's a glance to the two gold dragons, and a closer one for Avaeth who's staying right there by the eggs. Best to tread carefully. As they're urged on out she finally follows some of the others out onto the hot sands. Where last night the close proximity was wonderful after the rainfall, now she can already feel the sweat dripping down her face. She hesitates a moment. Who to bow to first? The Senior or the very protective? She swallows and goes with survival and bows deeply to Avaeth and then to Kilaueth. May Faranth help her if… Making her way through the eggs she pauses by one that catches her eyes and places her hands on THE MISSING EGG.

Rogawani isn't the first, nor the last to step out on to the red and white sands, following somewhere in the middle of the pack. With no experience to guide him, the boy glances first towards the stands and then out over the sands once more, as if comparing the differences in his mind. Then, biting at his lower lip, the boy bows quickly to both queens in such a quick motion it seems nearly impossible to tell which bow is for which. Keeping his mouth shut, Ro's eyes sweep over the eggs before settling on one in particular. Crouching slightly, the boy reaches out and touches his fingertips experimentally against the ANCIENT FORGOTTEN TEMPLE EGG.

Keziah gets a pleased look to her face and there's a slight "Oh!" as she seems to lean into the egg, almost as if pulled inwards. She gives a little giggle and then rubs her hands across the surface much like she would over one of her critters, seeking to calm and ease. "Shh, easy now."

Riyontali has had a busy day, and is looking not a little tense as she marches into the sands. Her strides are short and she's staring around the group of candidates nervously. "Shells." Murmured for nobody in particular, as she slowly marches along, almost seeming reluctant. Still, curiosity drives her — and she follows Keziah's lead. Her bows for first Avaeth, then Kilaueth, are almost comical, and her sheepish little smile for Zevida certainly is. "Thank you. M'am…s." She almost looks like she might continue, but straightens instead, moving slowly, carefully towards the eggs. Ro and Keziah in particular are smiled at, and a little thumbs-up offered to Ro as she passes, and a semi-excited smile. But then she pauses next to the CLIFF AERIE EGG, hand pausing a moment above the surface, before slowly brushing it.

Keziah purses her lips together as she steadies herself some. She cocks her head a bit to one side and there is an absent smile for Tali as she seems jsut a little preoccupied as if trying to decipher a puzzle that has her quite interested.

Not knowing what to expect, there is a momentary look of surprise on Rogawani's face, his eyes squinting slightly as if he were trying to focus on something. Blinking a time or two, he raises his free hand up to rub at the eye not sporting a particularly nasty looking bruise on it, but it seems to come to no avail. Then, his head shakes slightly, and he sticks one finger into his ear, wiggling it around and then looking at the finger curiously. That's when Tali comes by, and he manages to get distracted from the egg for a moment, offering her a small smile even as his hand lingers behind.

Riyontali's eyes widen — first egg touched for her, and she can't help but gape. The odd sensations being put into her head don't horrify her as she might have expected — amazement is plain. "Shells." Breathed in a whoosh of air, with a sharp glance back towards the others. Did /they/ see that coming? She lifts her chin with a smile, once more brushing her fingers across the shell, less halting this time.

Keziah frowns just a little as moves her hands across the surface again and nibbles one her upper lip just a little. Then all of a sudden she lets out a sharp gasp and she seems to curl up just a little, wincing as well as she closes her eyes tight. "Oh." is murmured ever so softly.

Just as suddenly as they clear, Rogawani's eyes seem to become fogged again, twitching slightly as if he were seeing something that isn't directly infront of him. The edge of his mouth curves up for a split second, and then a wince tells him better of it. His eyes nearly cross, leaving a quite strange look on the boy's face as he seems to finally shake himself free of the daze. "W..weird." He whispers, eyebrows drawing down in an expression that doesn't bring a flash of pain, luckily. A quick glance at the others seems to tell that his experience isn't unique, so his hand settles back on the egg again, looking focused, intent.

Keziah eases back up some, though there seems to be a touch of pain to her face and then suddenly she's reaching for something across the surface and then suddenly she's still. Now her lower lip is grabbed and theres a frown upon her face as she stands up just a little straighter.

Riyontali's shoulders straighten as she carefully lets her hand drift down the rounded shell, eyes distant. She says nothing, and doesn't move much, focused entirely on the egg before her. It seems to inspire a lifted chin and briefly steely expression, quickly softened bt a smily. Her face clears briefly, but she seems to be quite reluctant not to linger, and doesn't move yet.

Morlanol stumbles into the cavern, looking thoroughly harried. The two young firelizard heads hanging limply in sleep from the pocket of his coveralls seem to speak as to why. He catches himself, taking a deep breath, before bowing to Avaeth and then to Kilaueth, "Greetings, clutch-mothers. With your permission I woul' like t' meet yer children."

Keziah carefully steps back from the egg when all is said and done. There's a bemused look on her face and then she gives her head a shake. Smiling, almost tenderly she turns away and looks across the sands at the others. The tender smile turns to one of camaderie as she sees Morlanol also coming out and then focuses back on the eggs. Though there's a little peek over towards Kilaueth at her crooning as she heads over to THE OCEAN'S DECEPTION EGG and places her hands upon it.

Zevida looks towards Morlanol, lifting her brows slightly. Avaeth snorts softly in Morlanol's direction, curling her tail slightly around the eggs and candidates with it. "And, candidate. Why should we let you touch when you're late?" She asks softly, lips pressing into a line before she gestures towards a few of the eggs. "Go ahead. Only because you need to. Avaeth doesn't want you to." And the goldrider moves to stroke her lifemate's eyeridges.

Rogawani lifts his hand away from the egg slowly, reaching up and scratching at his head, as if trying to get to something off in the corner of his mind. He lingers there for a moment, watching the egg with confusion playing on his face. He mumbles something too low to hear, eyes sweeping to other unoccupied eggs. Finally, with a motion, he gets to his feet, only shooting one backwards look at the egg before searching out another one. This time, he lets himself settle onto his knees, expecting to be there a while after his first experience. Shooting a half-glance at Morlanol's arrival, Ro' reaches out and touches the ELEVEN WORLDLY WONDERS EGG.

Riyontali's expression completely clouds, face freezing in a startled expression. Her hand seems to seize on the egg, as her expression darkens considerably. As her hand slips a bit — she completely misses Morlanol's arrival, Kilaueth's protectiveness, and Zevida's rebuff of the tardy candidate. Determined and hopeful, apparently, that whatever she's feeling with this egg won't be the last of it, she moves the hand back, almost tentatively. Anybody home?

Keziah had started to look back towards Morl and Zevida but her attention is then caught and she's looking back at the egg again, being pulled in and everything around her is forgotten for the moment. There's a little twitch of her nose and brushing of her face. She stops mid-brush and her hand drops as her face takes on a intriqued look and an arching of her brows and just the faintest of quirks to her lips. The game is afoot it seems.

Morlanol nods, "I apologize, I put th' care of my hatchlings first, as I woul' think woul' be 'spected to if I were t' impress." He bows again, "Thank you fer your unnerstandin', clutch-mothers." He then begins to pick his way slowly across the sands, glancing this way and that until his eyes settle and he slowly extends his hand out to THE MISSING EGG.

Rogawani's eyes widen just slightly, and then close as he seems to try to take in whatever it is that flows through his mind's eye. It seems enough that his mouth curves into a smile, tilting this-way and that subtlely as if he were moving with some rising motion. When his eyes open again, there is a sympathetic look there on his bruised face, "Yeah, I know the feeling." He mutters under his breath, trying to keep quiet and not distract the others too much. His mouth quirks though, letting his fingertips trace the shapes on the shell's surface, perhaps trying to make sense of what they might mean.

Morlanol's eyes seem to unfocus, staring deep within the egg as opposed to at it. His entire body relaxes, almost as if it's no longer occupied as he touches the egg. A slight twitch of his lips and the shifting of his feet the only indication that he is, infact, still awake.

Riyontali's expression grows amazed once more, this time lost in some area that is neither here nor there. Her face relaxes and a small smile spans, making her cheeks dimple. "Oh, wow." Murmured appreciatively, as she glances around at the others with a 'do you see this?' look. One last lingering brush for the Aerie egg, and she slowly moves on, certainly reluctant. Then she slowly approaches the FORGOTTEN YELLOW EGG, more confidence in her bearing as she carefully brushes the shell with a hand.

While Kilaueth is curled around her clutch of 9, Niva is only now returning to the Sands, having taken a bit of time to catch up on the going ons in the office. And, in her wake, are a few candidates that she gathered on her return, excusing them from chores to bring them to a touching, including Liya.

Keziah gasps, almost yelping before she digs her heels in so to speak as as she just lets it all be pulled at though there's still a look of tension at the intensity of it. THen suddenly she seems to relax, letting out a breath that she had held in. There's a slight shake if her head and a tender caress for the egg.

Riyontali almost tenses, as if expecting something fierce or forceful. Instead, she is left smiling faintly, slowly letting callused fingers scritch at the shell. "Well, hello." She murmurs with amusement, then apparently attempts to follow what it's doing with her mind, eyes going distant, with a thoughtful "Hmm."

Morlanol's hand slips for a moment, moving to a different part of the egg, a slightly confused look spreading across his face for a moment. One of his feet begins to slip, but catches itself before he falls, his consciousness still lost in the dark orb before him

Liya follows Niva at a cautious pace, her eyes lifting for the golds on the sands, and the eggs as well. She seems a bit unsure, but steps forward closer to the eggs, offering a deep nod to Zevida as she approaches her, "I..I'm sorry I'm late," she says softly, her gaze drifting downwards for a moment then towards Niva. "Do I have permission to…touch?"

Zevida glances at Liya, then towards Avaeth who lets out a dismissive snort. With a shake of her head, she turns back towards Liya and nods. "You can." Go ahead.

Rogawani's free hand moves out towards the ground, as if trying to steady himself from the onslaught that seems to be taking over his eyes and mind. His lips tighten together, as if he were feeling slightly motion sick. Then, his head tilts, as if considering something he's being shown. "Easy there." He whispers, having to shift himself slightly and draw his hand away for a second to let the odd feeling in his stomach die down. Then, once the butterflies settle, he reaches out again, this time letting his hand just rest atop the egg, his eyes closing as if hoping that might ease whatever is making him feel so sea-sick.

Riyontali nods in unconscious agreement with the sensation of the egg, smiling faintly. "Mmm." Murmured, still in agreement. Still, curiosity keeps her with the odd sensation of the brightly-topped egg, fingers tracing the brilliant designs of red. "Why?"

Keziah smiles softly and gives a little nod of acknowledgement. She sighs just a little as she caresses her hands across the surface as one might a baby. Then there's a look of shock and bit of a frown which disappears to one of pain as she's suddenly grabbing the back of her head as she cries out, staggering back from the egg. She stands there for a moment, just taking in her breath and letting it out. Finally she takes on last deep breath and settles back to normal breathing. As she looks around there's another latecomer, one whom looks vaquely familiar but she can't seem to place at the moment. Giving herself a bit of a shake, she moves on settles before ODDITIES OF THEFT EGG.

Liya drops her chin in a slow nod, her gaze shifting from Zevida to Avaeth. Her gaze lingers on the gold for a long moment, "Thank you," she says softly, before turning back around. She steps towards the eggs, glancing from side to side as she looks over them. She finally steps towards BEST LAID PLANS EGG, lowering a slow hand to its surface.

Morlanol yelps, pulling his hand back from the egg, seemingly in pain for the moment. He takes a couple of deep, ragged breaths before straightening and taking a couple more. He looks at the egg for another moment, lost in his own thoughts, before the sounds of the other candidates brings him back to reality. He slowly glances around, then approaches the OF COLORED CLAY EGG, perhaps seeking solace in something more visually familiar.

Riyontali stays mostly still, not alarmed this time, but thoughtful, waiting. The careful stillness lasts for a moment, before she starts a bit, eyes widening just a touch. "Oh." Murmured intelligently, as her hand continues to absently trace the bright lines of color. "Well."

Keziah scratches at the back of her head a little an odd look on her face as she eyes the egg some. "Ummm." she murmurs seems to be a touch uncomfortable, course she's never been one to take easily to comforting of whatnot.

Liya wrinkles her nose for a moment as she gently caresses the egg, her head tilts slightly as she gazes down, squinting slightly as her face contorts, possibly something that doesn't agree with her, "Yes…" she says somewhat cautiously.

If Rogawani wasn't overwhelmed before, he certainly is now. He rocks back until his butt touches the sand, reeling from the sudden onslaught. His breath catches momentarily in his throat, and his eyes shut tight as if some bright flash had just blinded him. In the same moment, his hand draws away sharply and draws up to his forehead. He holds it there for a moment until the wobbly feeling ebbs away, and then tries to get to his feet. It takes him a step or two to get back to normal, moving around others carefully before taking a seat, cross-legged this time infront of the BRASS BOUND EGG, touching it tentetively.

Morlanol smiles again, his face becoming more calm, almost serene. His knees bend in a faint crouch, bringing him closer to the egg as he strokes it, bringing his second hand up to do so as well.

Keziah gasps and reaches across the surface as if to grab something. "HEY!" She gives herself another shake and then she's frowning deeply, seeming none too pleased. She eases herself back to an upright position just in time to stiffen up in surprise, shock and bit of pain.

Liya wets her lips as she inhales deeply, her fingers spreading over the egg as she appears somewhat uncomfortable, "They're…I don't have many." She speaks softly, cautiously…and somewhat with an intimidated voice.

Morlanol lets out a small 'gah!', but his expression remains surprisingly calm. He begins to humm softly, if anyone who was at one of his firelizard impressions is paying attention, it is in a similar way, trying to soothe the angry soul within, stroking the shell of the egg gently

Riyontali's lips curl into a faint smile for the egg, and an affectionate rub is given. "Yes." She murmurs thoughtfully, before glancing around curiously now. Eggs, eggs everywhere…one is picked with curiosity, the OCEAN'S DECEPTION EGG caught in the crosshairs as she carefully makes her way over to it, smiling briefly up at Avaeth before slowly reaching out to brush it with a tentative hand.

As if bracing for something, Rogawani seems to relax all of a sudden, his eyes seeming clear instead of clouded or overwhelmed. He manages a half-laugh, so quiet it barely carries to the nearby candidates, and then lingers there for a time, as if trying to think over an answer to a particularly difficult question. "I'm… Rogawani. I'm from Xanadu, just like you." Is he talking to himself? Well, it seems more than likely that he's talking to the egg, his eyes focused on it, eyebrows drawn together in thought.

Keziah winces a little and then there's a rolling of her eyes. She can't help herself, for the touch of the dramatic as always tended to feel a bit absurd to her. Though there's a thoughful look on her face. Would be a perfect egg for some that she knows. She steps away, shaking her head just a little. She slips away and after glaning at the others lost in their own little worlds she steps up to BEST LAID PLANS EGG "I do hope this ones not quite so melodramatic. Get enough of that already." she murmurs before placing her hands upon the surface.

Liya lifts her hand as her brows knit, her head shaking slightly. Stepping back, her eyes seem to refocus, exhaling heavily as she regains her composure. She gives the egg one final glance before turning around. She moves then to ELEVEN WORLDLY WONDERS EGG, pausing before it…before finally touching her hand down.

Morlanol straightens up much more calmly this time, a light sigh on his breath and a gentle smile on his face. Though he's removed his hands from the egg, he continues to stare at it for a second before he turns to survey another choice. After some wandering he stops next to the FORGOTTEN YELLOW EGG. He contemplates it for a minute, before reaching out with one hand to gently survey it's odd surface.

Riyontali quickly seems to disappear in thought, a faint smirk curling on her lips. Her chin lifts once more after a moment, eyes flashing. "Hmph." Murmured with wry amusement, but her hand does not leave the shell. "Well." She chuckles faintly.

After escorting Liya and the other candidates past Kilaueth and her protected clutch of nine, Niva is turning back to her own lifemate, and its there that she's lingering, leaning against the golden side as the dragon's tail twitches, daring the candidates to come close, or attempt to touch *these* eggs.

This time, Rogawani doesn't answer outloud, although it's clear that his focus doesn't leave the egg, eyes shifting upward as if he were drawing something out of his deep memory, or perhaps that the being inside is doing so. When his eyes refocus, mouth moving as if answering something without spoken words. His other hand draws to his chest for a moment, then falls again onto the sand in a motion as if he were explaining something dearly important.

Morlanol seems to fade, his chin going slack, his eyes losing focus, but still he absently strokes the little yellow egg, tracing patterns that seem to exist only in his own mind. His other hand raises slightly, hesitates, then falls back to his side, as if even scratching an itch is too much effort.

Riyontali is startled, at first, by the egg she's gently stroking — but it quickly fades to eagerness. She shares as well as she can, not holding back, absently moving the other hand to the egg as well. Then she blinks, almost resisting the second tide for a moment, but relenting within a breath's space. The girl doesn't speak, now, apparently attempting, much like Ro, to communicate without sounding silly — and it's possibly a good thing that she doesn't notice Kilaueth. Definitely. Definitely a good thing.

Liya gives a sharp inhale as her eyes flutter closed, staggering backwards slightly, though her hand doesn't leave the egg's surface. She lowers down to a knee just before the egg, her other hand raising to the eggs surface without even a moment's pause. She leans forward slightly, breathing deeply as she opens her eyes again, staring into the egg.

Vivian makes her way onto the sands, kicking off her sandals at the entrance and picking them up in her left hand before she starts to walk out across the cavern straight towards Kilaueth and I suppose Niva as well.

Rogawani's face falls a little bit, seeming almost disappointed as he looks down at the egg. He doesn't quite manage a frown, but it's clear that he isn't quite satisfied with it either. This time, he draws his hand away and simply sits there with a sigh on his lips, debating. His eyes sweep over the other candidates now, finally spotting one egg free amongst the others. With a grunt, he's on his feet again, much more stable this time. "Wonder what that was about…" He manages to mutter to himself as he walks around one occupied egg, and goes down onto one knee next to the QUITE A LARGE MESS EGG. This time, he's not as hesitant, letting his hand press there and taking a deep breath in the process.

Kilaueth lifts her head at the appearance of yet another person on the sands, yet the gold is soon relaxing as its a very familiar young woman indeed. Niva, still busy watching the candidates and their behavior around the other clutch, is rather unaware, though Kilaueth offers a snort in greeting, sending sand whirling outwards.

Morlanol's eyes brighten again, his posture straightens somewhat and his lips return to that famous cheeky grin of his. His touching hand continues to trace those odd, known-only-to-him patterns, his other hand finally decides to scratch behind his ears before falling back to his side.

Liya continues to stare into the egg for a bit longer before rising to her feet, reluctantly pulling one hand away, and then the other. She gives the egg one final stroke, gazing longingly over the surface before she turns away. Her steps now take her to THE HAND OF GREEN EGG where she touches a hand down, less cautious than before, but still with slight anticipation.

Riyontali stumbles back from the Ocean's Deception egg, then flashes it a quick glare. "Be that way, then." She mutters softly, then smiles at those around her briefly. "This is amazing!" The girl enthuses quietly, as if she doesn't want to wake anything. But, quickly enough, she is searching for a new egg to…talk?…to. OF COLORED CLAY gets her attention and she moves that way with a thoughtful tilt of her head, once more tentative as she brushes it with hesitant fingertips.

Keziah blinks a moment as she eyes the egg somewhat. She wrinkles her nose somewhat at some smell and she rubs her nose as well. She hrms at the egg and then just shrugs a little. Tossing off the questions.

Morlanol stands back up, slightly disappointed. He sighs, giving the egg one last look before finding another. In his usual clumsy manner, he trips into the next one, not damaging any of the other eggs, but laying himself out on the sands (how does someone trip on sand?), both of his outstretched arms landing gently on the ELEVEN WORLDLY WONDERS EGG.

There doesn't seem to be much of a reaction at all from Rogawani this time. He simply lets the built up breath out slowly. Unlike some of the previous eggs, this one seems calm enough to relax him, lull him a bit. However, there is a subtle movement of his head, as if he were pondering something, his teeth taking hold of his lower lip in thought.

Liya snatches her hand back as she jumps back from her initial touch. Her hand hovers for a moment as she seems to consider for a long moment before she simply turns about, moving on to another egg. She scans the sands before setting her gaze to ANCIENT FORGOTTEN TEMPLE EGG, where this time she cautiously presses her hand down.

Vivian doesn't appear to be heading towards the other eggs at all, instead she heads up to Kilaueth with the little bundle she's carrying. Reaching a hand out to scratch at the golds head. "Hiya darling." She croons affectionately to the dragon, offering up a more simple wave to Niva by way of greeting to her mother. "Look what I found." She shifts to show the little bronze firelizard cradled in her arm.

Riyontali lifts an eyebrow at this egg, amusement clear as she wriggles fingers more boldly. "Never." She chuckles. "If you return the favor." Fair's fair, after all! A quick glance over at Kilaueth to make sure she's not going to come over and remove them for being too close to her eggs, and then Avaeth to assure she won't do the same, and her attention refocuses on the egg before her, with a cant of her head.

Kilaueth croons softly, eyes lidding as she starts to relax despite her best attempts otherwise, still rather anxious about the candidates that are meandering here and there on the Sands. Niva straightens a little, leaning and spotting Vivian, a little smile and a nod. Until, that is, she sees the firelizard. "You had best keep it out of trouble." She murmurs.

Riyontali blinks, startled by the sudden change of mood. Her lips twitch into a brief frown, before she resorts to stroking the shell warily. "Sorry?" She doesn't seem to know why, but she's sorry all the same! "What's eating you, little egg?" Er. Perhaps not the best choice of words. Cue wary glance at the golds.

Morlanol grins hugely, stroking the soft outlines of the egg's patterns. He seems to stand up even straighter than before, as if he thinks he can do anything. The little bronze in his pocket hmmms softly in his sleep before settling again.

Liya drags her fingers across the egg as her head tilts, her brows knitting for a moment. Her other hand reaching up to scratch her ear, Liya steps back with a slight frown, staring at the egg with a slight look of concern. She turns around again with an exhale, her hand lifting from the egg. She moves now to THE MISSING EGG.

Rogawani's mouth opens just a bit, his eyes squinting again as if he is envisioning something that lingers in the air infront of him. His free hand sweeps through the red and white sand next to him, as if sweeping it into an unconsious pile. Then, the little mound is flattened out again in the same motion, even as the boy stares onward, forward, without even seeming to pay attention to it. He blinks now and again, his hand shifting as it moves more from the weight of gravity than by any sort of intention.

Keziah gets kind of a greenish look to her face. "Eww, that's just eww." she murmurs and then steps away "That was nasty." She remarks as she steps back, her nose still wrinkled she looks around at the eggs and the others. She then heads on for the CLIFF AERIE EGG.

"Don't worry Mom." Replies Vivian with an easy charming smile. "He'll be a little gem, just like Aine." She explains. "Just wanted to show off the little guy to Kilaueth." She goes back to scratching at the golds head, helping to keep the older gold calm. "Been any bother?" She asks with a bob of her head towards the other candidates on the sands.

Liya gasps softly as her hand reaches the egg, her brows lifting as she stares down onto the surface..or beyond. She leans closer to the egg, seemingly enthralled with the contents.

Riyontali blinks. And blinks again. "Well." She shakes her head, amused and startled at the same time. "If you say so." Mutter mutter weary mutter. Babies. She doesn't understand them! Definitely not of the draconic sort. As Liya leaves the ANCIENT FORGOTTEN TEMPLE egg, Tali moves slowly for it, curious and once more somewhere between wary and amused. Carefully, she tickles the shell in a soft caress, smiling. "Hello."

"I hope so. There are enough of them around, stealing things and everything else as it is." Niva murmurs to Vivian, far less interested in the little bronze than Kilaueth is, the gold lifting her head to snort at one young, over-confident boy who dares come to close to *her* clutch, before she's turning a large faceted eye to peer at the miniature bronze. Niva shakes her head, flicking her gaze across the sands. "No problems.." Though an unspoken 'yet' lingers.

Liya glances from side to side, not really seeing the sands…but something else. She strokes the egg before her gently, before she lifts her other hand to the shell, her breath coming in quiet gulps. "I'm not leaving…show me more.." she says in a whisper.

Riyontali doesn't relax, but a slow grin that is almost a smirk spreads across her face. "W-e-ll." She drawls, face intent as she leans closer, almost seeming like she's listening. "No, go on." Amusement flashes in a firm brush of some of the sand off of the shell so she can see it better, admiring it. "Please."

Keziah breaths in deep and there's a soft little sigh. Her face turns upwards and theres a thoughful look as if she's never pondered the question before. Then there's a smirk "Can you?" she answers. At the lingering question there's a little a shake of her head and a bit of a shrug and a sad sigh. It's somethign she tries to not think about sometimes.

Morlanol slowly drags himself away from the egg, seeming to want to stay with it forever. It takes him a few moments to focus again and wander towards the other eggs. He sighs again, then his eyes alight on the HAND OF GREED EGG, and he reaches tentatively for it, whispering "Wha' will y' tell me, li'tle one?"

A grimace spreads across Morlanol's face. Though his hand continues contact with the odd egg, his body language screams wanting to get away from it. His unfocused eyes shift restlessly and his non-touching hand twitches against his hip, as if just itching to separate from the body and run on its own.

Liya yelps in pain, as she falls back away from the egg, her hands unintentionally pulling away. Sitting back in the sands, she breathes heavily, a hand lifting to brush back sweat from her forehead as she remains sitting for a few minutes. She slowly pushes to her feet, looking over the egg with an expression of curiousity, and also an anxious fear. She turns about moving for OF COLORED CLAY EGG.

Riyontali follows, follows, keeping up with whatever it is, eyes darting too and fro. "It gets better…" She murmurs defiantly at the egg, not removing fingers quite yet. "And who is to say the future does not hold more?" A challenge in her tone as she lifts her chin and huffs.

Keziah shifts a little uneasily and then there's a snort. Call the lightning indeed. Are ye daft? She grins however, shaking off the weight some. Still, twould be interesting, and what kind of lightning indeed. So many type, and not all from the sky. Then there's a pause and another thoughful frown. Now there's a question indeed.

That same look of disappointment sparks on to Rogawani's features again, letting his hands draw away with a sigh. "Okay…" His voice trails off, placing one hand on the ground to help in the effort of getting to his feet again. Dusting sand off of his trousers, the boy doesn't even bother scanning around really, knowing by know what he might see when catching sight of the other candidates. So, he just moves strait towards another unoccupied egg, crouching this time before THE OCEAN'S DECEPTION egg, reaching out towards it calmly.

Vivian smiles and holds the little bronze up for Kilaueth's inspection. "Don't worry, I'll bring him up properly." She replies to Niva, but in Viv's deluded little world what that actually means could be just about anything. She cradles the little guy back into her arm as she looks round at the others. "I hope it stays that way." She murmurs, because that mean she was standing in front of a big angry gold dragon. "Though why on earth do the search dragons insist on bringing some of them in?" She shakes her head as she watches.

Liya visibly relaxes as her hand touches the egg, her other rising to slowly caress the shell as well. She crouches down before the egg, "I won't…" she says with a soft, gentle voice.

"You had better, or I'll make sure mine handle him." And, that's got to be a rather frightening prospect. Niva eyes the little bronze for another moment, shaking her head with a sigh, and then looks back over the candidates. "Not our place to judge." Niva says simply, gaze lingering on a few of them, before she's glancing at Kilaueth, the gold snorting softly and shifting, nudging a rich blue egg to a slightly different angle.

Keziah yelps out and then there's that of so tantalizing smell.. Mmmm… "Foooood." she licks her lips some then then there's a blink "Huh?" She wipes at her mouth somewhat and makes a few odd looks as if trying to clean a taste out of her mouth. She tilts her head and shakes her head a little "No one is without power, jsut perhaps the knowledge of it." she murmurs and then hmms just a little and just shifts a little anxiously. Time of trouble. She frowns and looks quiet uncomfortable.

Riyontali's eyes flash and triumph spreads briefly across her face. She takes a step back from the egg without stumbling or looking bemused this time, simply accepting. It gets a final dust-off as she turns, then smiling at the pair next to Kilaueth before turning to flash Zevida a half-dazzled smile. "M'am." She murmurs as she passes, moving down the line of eggs curiously, before stopping next to the BRASS BOUND EGG and scritching at the shell companionably. "Evening."

Amusement replaces any other expression on Rogawani's face, and even the slight twinge of pain from the bruise over his eye doesn't seem to diminish that much. Even crouched as he is, the boy seems comfortable, as if he weren't there at all. Instead, his eyes move as if he were dreaming with them wide open. His eyebrows twitch with a sign of dermination, and his fingers flex slightly along the egg's surface as he chuckles, head lifting a little.

Liya inhales sharply, but doesn't stray from the egg before her. She continues stroking her hands over the surface, though her head shakes slightly, "I didn't…I won't. Don't be sad.." she says, almost pleadingly.

Keziah whimpers somewhat as thoughts flicker across her mind. She leans her head back as she cries out almost mutely as a single tear drifts down her cheek. She shakes her head, again and again at each of the questions, each one seeming to be with more and more regret. She drops her head, her chin hitting her chest at the last and saddly shakes her head. "I don't know." she admits, to the egg or herself not even she is sure.

Morlanol sighs contentedly as he slowly pulls his hand back from the egg, a soft smile alighting on his lips. He stands motionless for a moment, contemplating it's deep surface before continuing his quest amongst its brethren. His eyes stop on the BEST LAID PLANS EGG, and he maneuvers towards it, gently setting his hand upon it, wondering what windows this one will open.

Vivian just smiles at her mother, she even manages to not do the 'Yes mother' eyeroll for once. "Do you think some of the dragons ever have a sense of humour about who they search?" She asks Niva, curiosity evident on her face. "Some people have been searched and stood for loads of clutches but have never managed to impress."

Riyontali gives answers freely without speaking — perhaps she doesn't mean to offer memories, but she does, mind wandering into the past and out again absently. "You're a lively one…" The girl chuckles, smiling faintly at the subtly-colored egg.

Liya seems to relax again, though the pushes up from her crouch before the egg, moving her hands away as she rises. She exhales then, almost a content sigh before turning to look over the other eggs sitting in the sands. She stands then, almost reluctant to move again, but does…Moving for ODDITIES OF THEFT EGG.

Riyontali is curious, though amusement is replaced by — yes, more curiosity! It almost consumes her in a rush of thought as she, apparently having a feel for it by this, the newest egg she touches. "It just does." Answered simply aloud for the shell, with a gentle brush of fingertips down the designs. "Not much to it. Past's in the past."

There is a slight widening of Rogawani's eyes, and then the smallest of a wince as if he were reacting to some pain that turns out to be something else entirely. Those eyes close then, as if he were trying to grasp on to something that was getting away from him. A few lines find their way onto his brow, mouth moving again in silent answer to questions that no one else seems able to hear. Then, he shifts a bit, his knee coming down to support his weight, as if thrown off-guard by something he's being shown. His eyes open and soften, looking momentarily both sad and happy in a bittersweet sort of way.

"Maybe they simply should have accepted somewhere else, too. I've seen plenty of them go all the way through, never Impressing.." Niva shrugs a little bit, shaking her head at Vivian. "I do think some of them just.. give in, though. Or, their riders do, and say its their lifemate." A sidelong glance at Vivian, and the Weyrwoman shrugs. "After all, they can stop standing any time they want, but what if the next time *was* the time?"

Morlanol's eyes and nose crinkle and draw together as if he'd just smelt something quite horrible. After a moment, that passes and his features take on a stance of mistrust. He continues to touch the egg, but there is no stroking or tracing as on many of the others, just a touch.

Keziah lingers but a moment, her mind on all the questions and then she steps back. She's silent and she doesn't even glance around at the others this time. She gives herself a bit of a shake and meanders through the eggs a little, getting herself composed once more and then she looks towards the others and then soon finds herself standing before an egg. QUITE A LARGE MESS EGG seems to be the one she comes to and this is the one she now touches. Gently.

Liya gives a soft sigh as her hand touches down onto the egg. She strokes the shell softly, gently, caressing it as she kneels down again, her leggings now mottled with sand. "It'll be better?" she whispers, uncertainly.

Keziah gasps a little and can't help blurting out "Sweet Faranth. It's Vivian." She then brings a hand up to her mouth in shock at her slip of the tongue. She looks around a little, quiet sheepishly and then there's a blink as something draws her back in. Huh?

Liya cants her head slightly as her lips thin, her focus for the egg now a slightly concerned one. "Why?" she askes, her tone hushed, cautious, and slightly nervous as her hands continue to stroke, fingertips feeling groves and curves of the shell.

Riyontali steps away thoughtfully, feet scuffing in the sand. "It's warm in here." The girl breathes to nobody in particular. She frowns a little, but lifts her chin as she moves out of the way, glancing about the eggs for one not kept company. Kilaueth's aren't even noted; no way, no how, mate! She's not going to try that. THE HAND OF GREED egg is, instead, approached warily, hands both brushing its' shell.

A smile settles on Rogawani's face, as if he were happy about something. His eyes seem about to drift closed when something snaps him abruptly back into reality. His hands draw off the egg as if he were struck, and his hand comes up to the bruise on his face. Could that be what pained him? In that stunned moment, the boy looks around, confused to see more candidates than he thought were here before. "Ow." He mutters, rubbing at his cheek as he scootches back away from the egg. "Fine then." He mutters, and gets to his feet, still looking a bit pained. He's at a bit of a loss then, glancing around at the remaining eggs, trying to remember which ones he visited and which he hasn't. Ah. Recognition shows, and he moves over towards the CLIFF AERIE EGG, setting a hand to it as he starts to lower himself into a crouch there.

Morlanol grins, lost in the moment as thoughts of the trick he played on Donakan and the many he'd love to play on Vivian run through his head like so many seeds falling from a scoop. But even through his grin there is a sense of something more, an indication that though this egg is touching him in a whoe ne way, he's not certain it's a good thing.

Vivian shrugs her shoulders a little by way of response. "Interesting options, you think any of the dragons would ever own up to it if they were asked though?" She says with a wicked little grin showing through. She's still staying out of the way mind you though Keziah does earn herself a glare for her outburst. "Either way Mom, I've got some papers in the office that need your attention." She says perhaps a little louder than was actually necessary. "That's why I came over."

Liya draws her brows together as she shakes her head, "It's ok, it's ok…I don't hate you. I forgive." she says, almost in a mechanical way, though her expression is soft, longing…and completely entranced by the egg before her.

The slightly raised voice of Vivian gets a snort from Kilaueth - lifemate's daughter or not - the gold reminding the young woman to please, if you will, keep your voice down. "I'll be back there once everyone's off the Sands." Niva says a bit dismissively, glancing at Vivian with a glance. "Is that all, though?"

Keziah seems to hold herself back a little though she also lets herself be pulled right along. She's thoughful as she watches the by-play of images, but she's thoughtful as well at the little oddities. She can't help but compare things and that in turn as her frowning all the more. Perceptions aren't always what they seem.

Liya rises again with a slow frown, her hands drawing away as she seems to finally break from her dreamy haze. She turns around, moving to the next closest egg, THE OCEAN'S DECEPTION EGG.

Riyontali glances briefly towards raised voices, frowning faintly. But then, like they were drawn back by some invisible force, she blinks back down at the egg. "No, no! Don't wory…" A silent 'I won't tell' should follow, as she carefully, meticulously brushes off grains of sand from the tiny nooks and crannies on the shell of the egg. "Really."

Morlanol pulls his hand back from the egg, examining it for a moment to be certain it hasn't been altered before giving the egg a curious, mistrustful look. He shakes his head to clear his mind before glancing about again. He tip-toes towards the ANCIENT FORGOTTEN TEMPLE EGG as if hoping it won't notice and will let something slip.

At least at first, there doesn't seem to be any pain to add to the already lingering feeling in Rogawani's face, even though he does lift it upwards as if he were scanning skyward. It's likely that all he can see is the tall roof of the cavern, but it seems almost as if he's seeing more than that, taking in a deep breath and letting it out again with evident pleasure. His mouth curves up in response to this feeling, his body relaxing a little and settling into a more comfortable position.

Keziah groans just a little, and then again. Maybe perceptions are. She frowns a little and shakes her head saddly. There's just no pleasing some, since some are never pleased with what they have.

Vivian turns her attention back to Kilaueth, raising a hand for an apologetic scratch, "Sorry darling." She croons at the gold before she turns back to Niva. "For the moment yeah, though I should probably get myself out for the next touching." She ponders. "I'll leave it till later though, I have a couple of reports to finish off for D'son, whenever he pulls himself away from the infirmary."

Liya exhales a long breath as her hand touches down, a light smile tugging at her lips. She cants her head slightly as a look of curiousity crosses her features, her eyes watching, waiting. "What do you want to show me?" she asks, her voice not cautious, but anxious.

"There is always hope." Tali says stoutly, apparently a firm believer in her words. "You'll figure it out…" She murmurs quietly, patting the egg in an almost sympathetic fashion. Her eyes shift back into nowhere once more, curious, almost probing — not quite. That would probably be bad.

Morlanol's head shakes violently, as if trying to dislodge a trundle-bug from his hair. His non-touching hand comes up and rubs his ear absently as a mutters a quiet, 'huhn'. His other hand continues to touch the egg, moving here and there across its surface as if searching for something.

"Shardin' Istans, getting themselves hurt." Niva shakes her head with a soft sigh, flicking her fingers. "Next time, you should be out here. Best to get to know them, lest they take a piece of you come hatching time." Niva comments, glancing back at the candidates amongst the other clutch with a soft sigh. "Are things better, there?" She asks, implying the situation with D'son. "No.. more crying?"

Liya murmurs softly before she crouches down, her head bowing forward slightly as if allowing whatever is being pulled from her mind to take place. Emotions fill her face, and pass, with each flitting thought…"You'll have your own, soon.." she says softly, understandingly.

Keziah steps away from the egg and shakes her head "You and Vivian would be perfect for each other." she murmurs to the egg and then looks thoughful and grins "Maybe I should put some marks down on it." she notes more to herself. Course, as she looks around she sees Vivian standing over their by her mother. Shards, she hopes she didn't hear anything. Still there's a clearing of her throat and she looks back at the eggs, but not without a worried glance towards Niva and her gold before stepping up to BRASS BOUND EGG.

The almost peaceful look on Rogawani's face tightens a little, his eyes remaining closed as his head comes down as if bracing for something. His free hand hovers in the air, as if grasping on to something, holding it in his hand and then moving it subtlely along with some motion that he can't quite see. His eyebrows draw together in that same focus, that same concentration he's shown with some of the other eggs, as if digging deeply inside himself for something. When his eyes flash open again, to look with focus on the egg's shell, there is almost a steeled fire behind them.

Keziah settles herself in, always so eager to know, so many of them. Not that she blames them really. She relaxes and just lets the answers come, least these ones have simple answers and don't make her think too deeply into herself about things she's scared to know.

Morlanol straightens up, releasing his touch on the egg with a soft 'hmph.' He stands for a moment, contemplating again, before moving on. Nearby lays an egg of bright, changing color. He reaches for QUITE A LARGE MESS EGG before he even realizes he's moved, both hands following the lines along its surface.

Vivian smiles a little at her mother and shakes her head. "I've been making sure he's still eating and drinking, despite his moping around like a kicked puppy. But he'll be fine, I've been keeping him working every other spare moment to help keep him focused on his work for the weyr." She explains, "Though he's been allowed into the infirmary now, so I may need to send someone in to drag him out again." Compassion? Not likely.

After a soft sigh and few long moments, Liya rises with a start, blinking as she comes back suddenly to her surroundings. She steps back, pulling her hand away from the egg with a light exhale. She seems a little wearied…but continues on, moving towards FORGOTTEN YELLOW EGG.

Morlanol strokes the egg, his unfocused eyes examining it closely even as he whispers softly to it, "You won' be 'lone fer long, li'tle one." He shifts down to one knee, eyeing the egg almost reverently.

"Teenagers." Niva comments with a sigh - a statement that is particularly ironic given the make up of the majority of those on the Sands. "All of your.. drama, and pining, and.." Her voice remains soft, even as she waves her hand with a soft sigh. "I certainly can't wait for you and your sister to outgrow it." Just in time for Cavin to go through it.

Riyontali's expression grows wondering, then excited, eyes distant and moving slowly. "Yes!" She breathes. "Good, good!" Nod-nod she goes enthusiastically, then takes a step back with a fond pat for the egg. "Excellent." Muttered cheerfully. But as soon as she's a few steps away, the girl pauses, kind of leaning a little bit. No egg is approached for the moment, though she does consider them slowly. "Wow. Shells."

Keziah tilts her head a little at the probing. She smiles a little at a certain memory. The day she found Mirai. Her own ideas on how it's shaped her are myriad indeed, but all in all it's taught her many things indeed. Not that least that hard work and determination can cause most anything to happen.

Something causes Rogawani's face to twist, and the motion of his muscles causes a shot of pain from the bruise still lingering there. However, it seems that most of what he's feeling is coming from somewhere external to himself. His mouth opens, and the boy's breathing seems to come quicker, as if he were trying to catch his breath after having it knocked roughly out of his chest. His eye twitches, but he doesn't draw back, as if he were testing himself against something frightening or horrifying that lingers in his eyes. The boy's tongue moves in his mouth, as if tasting something raw, disgusting. His free hand tightens, taking a few deliberate breaths, but he pushes through it.

Liya swallows as she sets her hand onto the egg, her eyes closing as her breathing softens. She seems to relax the longer the stays near the egg, waiting, and listening.

Morlanol sighs wistfully for the moment, continuing to nearly hug the egg in a comforting, friendly manner. He hmmms softly to the poor egg, whispering, "It'll all be okay one day."

Liya exhales deeply as her other hand rises to touch the egg. She shifts her feet in the sand below her, but seems to not notice the heat in the area, or anything else around her. Liya seems to sink deeper into the thoughts forming in her mind.

Keziah holds onto the the lingering light for but a moment and then steps away, gently, quietly and moves amongst the eggs once more and brings herself to the OF COLORED CLAY EGG. She eyes the egg a moment and then gently lays her hands down on top of it.

Morlanol continues stroking the egg, tears streaming down his face now, even as he continues to mutter, "It'll be okay, li'tle one, y'll have someone t' share yer burden wit' soon."

Rogawani's hand twitches, and then his eyes close and it almost seems as if he is moving to some unspoken beat. A heartbeat perhaps? A shiver runs through his form, down to the very soles of his feet. His mouth opens, and a a bit of moisture builds up at the corners of his eyes. Only once the feeling begins to draw away does he quickly wipe at his eyes, still breathing a bit faster than normal. "I don't know, but I'll find out." He says in a hushed undertone, and then has to sit back for a moment, catching his breath and trying to make sense of the myriad emotions flowing through his sytem.

Liya strokes the egg, seemingly subconsciously as she blinks a few times, seeming to wake up again. She stands near the egg for a few lingering moments before turning away. She squints as she glances upwards, light seeming to bother her eyes as she readjusts. She just stands for a few minutes, gazing about herself and the wonder of the eggs on the sands. Eventually, she moves to CLIFF AERIE EGG as Rogawani steps away.

Keziah hmms a little and looks thoughtful and then she smiles softly "Shh, it's okay." she murmurs tenderly as she strokes the shell. She gives a little bit of a sneeze at the lingering scent, but it's not too had.

"Just because you won't *be* a teenager doesn't mean you won't have teenage drama." Niva says, rolling her eyes right back at her eldest, Kilaueth settling back down, this time curled around a particularly peachy-goldn egg settled near her head. "Who, your sister?" Niva asks, looking surprised. "What are you going to make her do?"

Morlanol stands slowly, wiping the tears from his eyes as he does so. One last sniffle and the crying is over. he gives the egg one last, sorrowful look and a soft pat as he steps away from it. He stands for a moment, alone with his thoughts, until Keziah's similar murmuring breaks him from his revere. Remembering where he is and why he's there. He glances around, finally deciding that he's ready for the next influx of emotion, he steps up to the BRASS BOUND EGG, touching it lightly, waiting for the next jolt.

Keziah yelps as her hands suddenly go up to the sides of her head and she gives herself a violent shake before reaching back out to touch it again. SHe's confused, what had she done? And it' not like she even compared it to Vivian. She reaches across the surface, confued and attempting to set things to right.

Liya inhales a long breath as the slight touch of her hand sends her whirling back out of focus with the world around her. Liya leans forward with a slight tilt, her fingers spreading against the egg before she balances herself again. "Hopefully…here." she says.

Riyontali keeps away from the eggs for a moment, looking more than a little dazzled by all of the sensory input. The girl shuffles over to Rogawani, smiling a faint, wan smile. "Shells'n'shards." She mutters intelligently. "I don't know if I can finish talkin' to 'em, they're all so…" Hands spread with a faintly stunned look. "Yeah?" But she straightens her shoulders, all the same, eyeing the eggs once more.

Morlanol chuckles softly, stroking the egg's surface, murmuring softly, "Settle, settle, one at a time."

Rogawani watches as Liya steps up to the egg he'd been touching, still seeming a bit winded from the experience. He rubs a bit at his uninjured eye, and then gets to his feet, looking momentarily lost. That is, until Tali comes over. "Yeah, no kidding." He says with a soft laugh, trying to keep his voice down. "Feel like I've run the gammot of emotions today." His eyes sweep over the remaining eggs he hasn't visited, but for now the boy seems as if a break to talk to a sensibile (sort of) human being, might be the best bet.

Liya inhales a deep breath, her jaw setting firmly as her eyes stare deeply down into the egg. "It comes from within..Me. Us." she says, confident in her tone.

Vivian shakes her head, on the defensive from the start of this one. "I'm not going to make her do anything, I'm being nice!" She explains to Niva. "She was saying how she doesn't know what she wants to do with herself, K'vin had given me an idea when I was chatting to him, so he says he'll take her on as an apprentice, but only if she wants to." See no forcing.

Keziah stands there looking just a bit bemused by it all. She shakes her head. And then again. Then there's a little heh and off-centered smile, though it's not quite one as she still seems more bewildered. She then takes a breath. Tali's words reach her and she nods "They are, aren't they?" she murmurs in response and then heads for ELEVEN WORLDY WONDERS EGG.

Morlanol continues to stroke the egg, absently finding himself contemplating the same questions the entity was putting to him. Why *was* it so important.

Liya squints slightly as she leans back, her head ducking some unseen force. She swallows, then licks her lips with a shake of her head. "I can help…with -your- help."

"That's hardly a job. That's more.. an apprenticeship." Niva comments, before she nods slowly, lifting a hand to point at Liya where she's lingering, intent on one particular egg. "That one there, she's one of the apprentices too, if you want to see if she'll help explain it to Nicca." Its something that apparently doesn't find that bad of an idea, for she's letting it go.

Morlanol stands slowly, lost in his own thoughts for the moment, until a neighboring egg catches his eye and he reaches for the OCEAN'S DECEPTION EGG, unaware of why as he's never been on a boat.

"You'll get sand in that," Tali chides faintly, smacking absently at Ro's hand with a faint grin. "And then neither'd be good." She teases with a smile, then nodding vehemently. "Exactly. That's exactly it. It's…tiring. Shells. I was warned that'd it'd be like that, but — shells! Nobody said anything about tiring." She might not be /too/ sensible, but she seems to know when she might pass out on the next egg, so she stands quietly to the side, smiling at nearby-Liya. "It's…wow, though. They're — shells! Some are definitely babies, and some…" Here she glances at the egg Liya's touching with a nod. "I'd not believe it."

Keziah is entranced and just seems to be viewing whatever she's seeing. She's silent, her hands are still. She too seems to be in a bit of a trance and then there's a blink. She tilts her head, craning it just a tas as well as if trying to look at something just a little closer and then there's a soft chuckle "Soon." she murmurs "Indeed, soon."

Morlanol mutters a quick 'hmph' again, some of these eggs were more like Vivian than others. Still, his hand remains poised lightly on the surface of the egg, hoping for something deeper to be revealed

"Bah." Rogawani lets his hand drop, his own eyes moving towards that nearest egg with a thoughtful look on his face. "Hadn't any idea what to expect." He admits, but his breathing seems to be getting closer and closer to normal. "Have you tried that one." He motions his chin towards the 'Worldly Wonders' egg, looking at the girl curiously. "I'd imagine that's what it's like to go tripping on the mushrooms that grow out in the forests." His hand raises, as if about to rub at his eyes again, but he pauses. "Should probably go touch another before we irritate one of the dragons." He says quietly.

Keziah seems to sway a little, so much to see, so many changing things, she seems to try to concentrate on seeing somethings and then gives up a little as her eyes start to go cross-wise. "Woah." is murmured more than once and then she's still as she tilts her head and seems to listen. There's an eyebrow raising at a couple of things and a shaking of her head in a faint disapproval.

Vivian nods her head thoughtfully. "It'd be good for her if she enjoys it." She explains. "But he said he'd take her on, see if she's competent enough and if she is and is interested, she could have a proper go at it." She looks over where her mother is pointing at Liya. "I'll set up a meeting then." For that is what she truly excels at, organising other people.

Liya closes her eyes as the egg seems to draw her even further inward, her mind shifting, reeling with each breath. "I.." she seems less convincing now, less confident as she speaks. "We can find it, together."

Morlanol startles, nearly jumping, "Whoah…" then he's back at the egg, more intrigued than before, muttering to himself, "Y'll know it all… someday."

Liya jumps back slightly with a soft laugh, shaking her head. Her eyes flutter back open as she retracts her hand. She then rubs her hand over her eyes with an exhale, looking back towards the gathered people and eggs.

Keziah's eyes widen more and more at each scheme that seems all the more glorious then the last. Just the sheer audacity of some and the cleverness of others leaces her standing there stunned that she doesn't catch the explosion until it's too late and she staggers back from the egg and finds herself sitting on the ground, one hand still upon the surface. Gingerly she takes said hand back and sits there a bit before actually getting up. In her dazed distraction she doesn't even think to wipe herself off and just wonders off towards the ANCIENT FORGOTTEN TEMPLE EGG.

Liya purses her lips as her amusement from the previous egg fades. She walks towards QUITE A LARGE MESS EGG and stands before it. She takes a long inhale, and set her hand down, her body tense as she prepares herself.

"Perhaps that will at last keep her out of a bit of trouble." Niva's rather not think about all the things a sixteen turn old girl can get into without a watchful eye on her. "I'll leave that to you, but promise you won't pick any fights…" Niva says after a moment, shaking her head, and glancing up at Kilaueth, then back at her daughter, shaking her head, and sighing softly. "Shards, Cavin.." She mutters, eying those at the other clutch as she ponders.

Riyontali smiles ruefully. "I just found out last night, was gonna talk to you about it this morning…" A snort and sigh, before, more cheerfully, she's peering out at the eggs. "I haven't. Really?" Amusement flashes, then curiosity lingers. "I guess you're right. We wouldn't want them to eat us…" She half-teases with a wink, straightening her shoulders and marching for the ELEVEN WORLDLY WONDERS EGG, almost hesitant at this point with one last grin for Ro before she gently pokes the shell. Nudge?

Liya emits a soft sigh as her hand touching down, obviously not the first impression she was afraid of. She seems to relax slightly, and a moment of sympathy crosses her features, "What do you long for, little one?"

Morlanol lets out a cry as he falls back on he haunches, disconnecting from the egg. "Fine, whatever…" He stands, dusting himself off and giving the egg an equally unhappy glare in return. He nearly storms away from the egg, finding himself at the edge of the grouping, staring down at CLIFF AERIE EGG. He reaches out to touch it, absently muttering, "Y'd better be nicer than th' las' one."

When Tali makes her way off to another egg, Ro' is left alone to ponder the possibilities. His eyes sweep first over the eggs he has visited, and then those he hasn't. "Right." He takes a few steps, drawing closer to the BEST LAID PLANS EGG. Casting one look over his shoulder, he goes down onto one knee again, taking in another big breath before steeling himself to touch the egg's surface.

Vivian giggles quietly, her hand rising demurely to cover her mouth, disturbing the snoozing bronze a little. "Not a chance." She murmurs. "I'm not likely to pick a fight with anyone, you should know me better than that." She'd wait until they've forgotten about it then sink the knife in their back or poison their klah. "Want me to stay with Kilaueth?" She offers, because she's not willingly going to offer to look after that little brat.

Liya nods her head slowly, her hand brushing the surface of the egg in a slow motion. "It's beautiful," she says gently, encouragingly.

Keziah is still for the moment as she inhales deeply and then there's a bit of a sneeze. At the careless searching, she frowns a little and then there's a slightly deeper frowning as she tries to concentrate on something and then all of a sudden she jumps jsut a little and is pulling at her ear and rubbing at the canal.

Rogawani's face remains impassive at first, and then his nose and mouth twitch upward as if he had smelled something particularly nasty. His free hand comes up towards his mouth, and the boy looks around briefly, trying to see if there's anyone else nearby. Had someone farted on the sands? Ugh gross. Only after he's sure there's no one nearby making noxious emissions onto the sands, does Ro' look back at the egg, eyebrows knitting down in a faint scowl. "There's girl's present you know. That's pretty impolite." He says under his breath.

Its a rumble from Kilaueth that reassures Niva, and the weyrwoman is shaking her head. "She says its not necessary." But, the gold has yet to bother the secretary, so its unlikely she'll mind one way or the other. "I'll be in the office after that, so have whatever you need me to do ready." Niva comments, another glance at the candidates, before she's giving Kilaueth and Vivian both a passing pat, and she's off at the quickest pace she dares to deal with her toddler.

"Try — the — blue…" Tali is murmuring over her shoulder as she's pulled in by the egg, and stares blankly at it. She kind of wobbles and then flops onto her rump uncerimoniously, not seeming to mind the ever-present scorch of the sands. She makes a happy little noise and slowly scritches the shell like she would a feline. Scritchy-scritchy scritch. "No, don't go…" As it fades, she scritches with both hands. "Come back!"

Avaeth turns her head towards Tali, huffing softly in the girl's direction with whirling red eyes.

"They're sitting in the middle of your desk Mom." Vivian tells Niva before turning back to Kilaueth, to lean herself against the big gold while she watches the other candidates.

Liya continues stroking the egg, almost comforting it. "You're marvelous, little one…" she says, coaxingly, comfortingly. Liya crouches down slightly, lifting her other hand to the egg's surface, her head tilting as she murmurs to it, complimenting, doting over it.

Morlanol straightens up, setting both hands firmly upon the egg. His chest swells in a deep breath, his focus still entirely on the consciousness within.

Kilaueth croons as Niva departs, tilting to look at Vivian with one large eye, before she settles back down guarding her clutch from touch.

Liya exhales a sigh as she straightens, drawing her hands away from the egg. She closes her eyes as she again rubs her eyes with her fingertips, seeming to recollect herself.

Rogawani's near scowl at the egg softens into a smirk. The hand that was covering his nose rubs underneath it for a moment, sniffing as if the smell of the sands had changed somehow. He mouths one word, 'Me?' and seems surprised, as if he wasn't expecting to be asked whatever question it is that's before him. His eyebrows draw inward, and the response comes outloud instead of in that silent mouthing way. "I'm not sure."

Keziah gets a little shiver and twitches some. Such an odd feeling really. She follows along, this way, that way. Good thing she doesn't get dizzy real easily. As things start to settle some she takes a breath. Perhaps of relief or perhaps because she found herself holding it again.

Her steps soft against the sand, Liya moves towards BRASS BOUND EGG nearby. She examines the surface of the egg, taking it all in before she takes a deep breath, almost like she's about to jump into water, before touching a hand down to the egg.

What /is/ that noise? Tali's fingers briefly leave the shell as she blinks vaguely up at Avaeth. Brief pause. Widened eyes. "Eep!" Abort, abort! She kneels instead of sits, ducking her head respectfully. "Sorry, m'am, sorry…" And yet she can't seem to stop the hand from creeping back towards the egg. Thankfully, she deigns not to scritch this time, tossing a hopful glance at the dragon. See? Nice candidate.

Morlanol coughs, nearly gagging on an unseen substance. He takes a few deep breaths, his face no longer serene, but not overly troubled either. In an oddly triumphant voice he says, "I c'n do anything!"

One of Rogawani's eyebrows twitches upward, as if he were completely puzzled by whatever happened. His hand does draw away though, and all he can manage is a small shrug. When he stands, feeling a bit silly for all the ups and downs, the boy runs a hand through his hair. He spies the few candidates who are talking, and seems to avoid them a bit, letting them have their private moments before crouching slight infront of the ODDITIES OF THEFT EGG. His hand reaches out just the fingertips this time, like the first time, ready for anything.

Morlanol continues to stand straight, starting to stroke the egg with a light touch, "I may b' young, bu' I c'n do or fin' anythin' in my life. I'll know everythin'!" The last sentence is quieter, as if a secret whispered to a close friend.

Liya exhales her held breath after her hand touches down. Liya cants her head, her eyes closing as she sends answers to questions, again and again. She murmurs softly, whispering to the egg in front of her.

Keziah seems to be pleased by the quiet reading of things, it certainly makes a pleasant change, but she too grows a bit bored with and seems not to mind the withdrawal and gives a nice little tip of her head to the egg as she steps back and looks around noting that Niva has departed and Vivian is left with the gold. She hmms a little and then shrugs and then looks back at the eggs.

Morlanol stands, a look of sadness crossing his face as he feels the presence ebb away. He takes a deep breath, then looks around. He is surprised to discover that there is only one egg left that he hasn't touched. Unfortunately, Rogawani is currently giving it attention. He contemplates the others and what they've told him, patiently waiting his turn.

Whatever comes of the egg, it doesn't seem to be what Rogawani expects at all. His head moves slightly closer, as if he were trying to listen closer. "Practice?" He asks in a hushed tone, as if confused on what the impression in his mind might mean. That same single eyebrow lifts upward, and it's clear that he's trying to make sense of the strange feelings the egg has pushed on him. He's seemingly oblivious to Morlanol waiting nearby, eyes staring strait through him.

Liya attention seems to flit back and forth, following the questions and memories and thoughts that pass through her eyes. She whispers soft answer to the egg, explaining, hoping to bring understanding.

Keziah twitches her nose a little and then she stills again. So quiet, but oh so sparkly. She's enjoying this it seems. At least for the moment, who knows what might happen.

Riyontali follows the sensations with a faint smile, eyes clouded faintly. She chuckles as she withdraws her hand, with one last pat. "Well." With another glance for Avaeth, the girl backs away, then moving slowly for the MISSING EGG. It's peered at curiously, before she brushes a hand over the shell slowly. What will this one be like?

Keziah twitches her nose again and seems to be at a loss all of a sudden. Wait a minute here. She shakes head, as if trying to dislodge things a bit and frowns as the light begins to fade.

Rogawani's hand jolts away as if he'd been burned, his curious expression replaced by one of scowling distrust. "I don't think so." He mutters and rubs at his hand, drawing back without even a second thought. "All yours." He mutters to Morlanol, obviously having no interest whatsoever in continuing to try and reason with whatever being happened to be in that egg. Drawing up onto his feet again, Ro' doesn't seem to be able to shake the image in his mind, and that's troublesome. So, he just stands there, not sure of what to do next and certainly not wanting to share what he'd seen with any of the other egg-minds.

Keziah starts to shift and seems almost ready to pull away when all of a sudden she relaxes and lets out sigh of relief and seems to be more at ease. She runs her hands along the surface. It's amazing how they can take you by surprise.

Riyontali blinks, quickly drawn into this new egg as well. "Lead on…" She murmurs faintly, looking a little dazzled still, but game all the same. The colors get a little smile, as she peers off blankly into the shell, hand not moving. She's coming!

Keziah steps back from the egg and hmms a little and then heads on for THE HAND OF GREED EGG. She pauses before touching it, a look around and then she nods a little to herself and places her heands upon it.

Riyontali seems to steel herself, straightening shoulders and flashing a quick smile. "Don't worry." She murmurs confidently to nobody, then frowns as, as always, it seems to fade. Patiently, though, she strokes the shell, absently pruning it of the excess sand they all seem to have.

Liya steps slowly away from the eggs, her eyes lifting for both Zevida and Avaeth. Dropping her head in a low, respectiful nod, "Thank you.." she says softly.

Keziah gives a faint squeak, one she doesn't even realize she's ushered. She swallows some and seems to crouch just a little even as her eyes widen in what seems to be fear.

Morlanol nods to Ro as he gets up, the cautiously leans down to the ODDITIES OF THEFT egg, hoping he doesn't get burned like Ro seemed to.

Taking a deep breath, Rogawani just glances towards Avaeth. He bites at his lower lip again, glancing at the eggs, but then has to accept that his mind is full at the moment. So, politely, Ro' bobs his head in a bow. "Thank you for letting us visit." After that, he walks around the other candidates, still looking a bit overwhelmed, heading off the sands for the mental quiet of the weyr beyond.

After showing her respect to gold and rider alike, Liya turns about, wearily rubbing her eyes with a hand as she trudges out of the sand, looking back towards the eggs with a somewhat longing expression before making her way out completely.

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