Liya is Searched

Xanadu Weyr - DragonHealer's Annex

An entrance way which would allow admittance to even the greatest of Queen Dragons leads into a chamber which would house half-a-dozen of the same size. To one side is a shallow pool which constantly clears itself of grime and is used is washing wounds. Nearby is a shelf with a generous supply of clean bandages and clean sheets upon stone shelves. The other side of the chamber is taken up by an alcove with multiple banks of computers to house medical records and help to diagnose illness and injury in the Dragons who come for aid. Within this alcove is a small medical laboratory where medicines and herbs can be prepared and experiments can take place. The far wall houses two dozen Dragon couches, each separated above by a rail which supports a thick curtain allowing the patients an option of privacy as they rest and recover.

F'yr and Zaruath are patially hidden behind a curtain around one of the dragon couches available there in the Annex. The curtain was open enough for them to be seen, what with the visitors she apparently had. The brown dragon is, thankfully, asleep and not even twitching. F'yr's seated against him on some cushions with a black and white cat on her lap and the Istan Weyrleader at her side. And the short brownrider is squinting her eyes up at him now, forehead wrinkled up deeply as she frowns. "You know, I always figured you /were/ visiting her at the end, but… Faranth, maybe we were both imagining it. I think I got a headache again." She lifts one hand to her foreheadwith a sigh. "'Course he is," she says, glancing around. It was a busy time of day anyway.

Brushing sleep from her eyes, an obviously tired Liya come stepping in from the outer foyer with a big yawn, the green firelizard on her shoulder chirping happily, apparently much more awake than Liya, while a disgruntled brown firelizard pokes a head out from a pocket. Liya doesn't really seem to notice much as she gets straight to work, checking counts of bandages, medicines, and other supplies in just her daily check-over routine.

K'ael blinks down at F'yr. He's got a little bit of strawberry filling on his face still, from that last pastry. "Me? Visiting her? No… Faranth knows I wanted to. But it didn't seem right, you know? To keep leading her on. Or myself. I wouldn't have been able to keep it together." Meaning he'd end up with two girlfriends. Or a comare. "It was best we just ended it cleanly. Less hurt that way." His eyes lift to Liya as she moves past them. Healers.

Thea enters the Annex quietly, carrying a glass bowl filled with freshly cut blooms in a mass of pinks and yellows. She pauses inside the door, her head tuning this way and that. After a short whispered conversation with one of the dragonhealers, she makes her way to the curtained area. Liya is spotted first and given a brief nod, "Can you get me some water for these?" She dips her chin at the bowl she has in her arms, then makes her way closer to the curtain, calling uncertainly, "F'yr?"

F'yr makes a face and then lifts one of her shoulders at K'ael. "I guess so? I mean… I thought maybe still to say hi, not… /that/." There's actually some concern on her face as she watches him, but she's distracted a moment by the cat on her lap trying to get away and the brownie quickly scoops her up and makes sure she /stays/ in her lap. The poor cat. It might end up scratching Fy soon. She tenses at her name, but immediately realizes it's female and she lifts a hand to attract Thea's attention. "Uh, over here?" she calls as well, confusion on her face as she passes K'ael a glance. Leaning to the Istan Weyrleader she says in a not-quite whisper, "I just allow visitors and see what happens? Bunch of random curious weyrfolk."

At the sound Thea's voice, Liya quickly blinks, seeming to wake up a bit more as she takes the bowl of flowers from the weyrwoman, "Yes ma'm," she says softly. She quickly turns about, moving aside to a nearby sink where drains the bowl, then refills it, carefully tending to the flowers as she sets them all back into their proper position. Carefully balancing the full bowl of flowers in her hands, she steps back towards Thea, waiting silently beside her until she's ready to retake the bouqet.

K'ael shrugs to F'yr. "It wouldn't be that simple, just going to say hi. She wasn't just some girl I was sleeping with, F'yr. It was hard enough on me saying goodbye once." Shadow the cat is resigned to her fate. Not that she doesn't look grumpy about it. K'ael blinks now when there's another voice coming in. He raises a brow to F'yr. He does whipser, "This could be good." Then he turns to Thea with a smile. "Oh, hey now. A weyrwoman. Ista's duties to you, Thea. Are yours on the sands or in the barracks?" He snickers a bit when Thea sets the healer to work though.

"Ah, thanks." Thea gives Liya a faint smile and reaches her arms around that huge bowl, stepping closer to the couch. Pale eyes flicker from F'yr to K'ael, taking in their knots, although she doesn't look surprised they are from Ista - word does travel swiftly in a Weyr. Her mouth twitches with humor, "Neither." Then including the both of them, "You have -my- welcome, Ista." It is said softly, but warmly, before her attention returns to F'yr and it's an impish gleam in her eye, "Gardener said these are from some male, but wouldn't say which."

F'yr nods her head slowly to K'ael. "I guess I understand that." Well, now she might actually understand that. She worries her lower lip, staring at the cat on her lap instead of looking back up to K'ael for the moment, leaving the conversation like that. Better not to bring up any bad memories. "Not one of the crazy ones, right?" mumbles F'yr a bit more like a whisper to K'ael, and then immediately turns to stare at Thea in surprise. "Thanks, weyrwoman, ma'am," she replies, blue eyes on the flowers. "You sure they're for me?" she asks, completely surprised, and trading a look towards K'ael before waving uncertainly towards a stool.

Liya hands the flowers off to the weyrwoman, dipping her head in a nod as she remains silent following. She turns back around, obviously not wanting to interrupt the sleeping brown or his rider and the others near. She moves into the alcove of the annex, reaching up to gather a few large containers of some sort of medicines and also an empty bowl. Liya begins mixing something together, taking a large amount of paste from one container, as well as drawing up a rather large amount of injectable medication and adding it into the mix. She works quietly, stirring the large bowl of paste, thickening. After the ointment has thickened substantively, Liya makes her way back towards the bandage area, freeing a few clean bandages before applying a healthy coating of the ointment to them.

K'ael blinks at Thea. "You impressed… Oh, yours is a product of Ram and Ysa's. She hasn't given you a clutch yet, or did I lose track of one?" He smiles to her. "/Your/ welcome, hm? Well we'll take that for sure. Xanadu isn't always a safe place for us here." He snickers a bit at the flowers. Thankfully the conversation with F'yr about… that was over. For now. He raises a brow at F'yr. "Come on. How many males you know at Xanadu, Fy?" He watches Liya work for now, wondering if Zaru was going to wake up on her. THen he gets up. "I should get back. You want me to leave the cat, Fy?"

Thea simply nods in response to F'yr, her green eyes crinkling with humor, "Mmhm. She was quite adamant who they were to go to." She hooks a toe around the stool, attempting to draw it closer to F'yr while sliding a few curious glances towards Liya as she's fumbling with that stool. The stool finally slides, she nudges it close to where the brownrider sits and she lowers that bowl onto it. "She has given me one clutch, Weyrleader. They're already flying." His words about a safe welcome have her eyes darting towards the nearest Healers and back. "Be that as it may, the welcome is mine to give." She says it quietly, but firmly. She peeks towards Liya again, before asking F'yr, "How fares Zaruath?"

"They're… nice," F'yr says, sounding like she had no idea what to say about receiving flowers, confused. Probably never had gotten flowers before, especially considering her bare little area. "Maybe it ain't a male from Xanadu," she answers K'ael, shrugging her shoulder gently. Liya working catches her attention as she gives Shadow a good long hug that probably gets the cat all fussy and close to biting. "He just got to sleep. Not gonna wake him up for something, are they?" she asks louder to the Healer, looking worried as she shoots a glance to her lifemate. And then her pale eyes land on K'ael again and she holds the cat out. "Thanks, Mike but it's better if she goes home." Zaruath doesn't so much as shift with all the movement around him, exhaustion claiming him awhile ago. "He's alive, ma'am," she answers Thea, pursing her lips.

Liya looks towards the couch, then, when F'yr questions. Liya's brows knit with worry as she glances down to the bandages she's preparing. "I needed to rebandage a few places…I can wait a little bit, though, if you'd prefer," she says, sympathetically as she looks towards the sleeping brown. Her eyes looking between the weyrwoman and the brown rider, Liya frowns, her gaze again shooting back towards the bandages. "The burns just need to be rebandaged pretty often…I can hold off, though," she adds, not wanting to upset rider or interrupt the conversation at hand.

Thea winces in sympathy for the brown and his lifemate both, her eyes tracing the sleeping form of the brown for a moment. At F'yr's question to the Healer, she is also turning that way, but with undisguised curiosity in her expression and she beckons the girl over, "You're… Liya?" Her eyes flicker towards her knot then the young woman's hair. "You must be." It's said with the same twinkle of humor she showed the Istan pair. "I've heard you have a gentle touch with the injured ones." She headtilts at F'yr, "Might be a clue to those-" a hand gestures to the flowers, "-was a note from one of the office staff that ordered them from the Gardener for you." She shrugs her ignorance as to which office.

F'yr watches the Istan Weyrleader go with the cat, giving her clothes a little sweep to get rid of the dark hairs before turning her full attention back at Liya. Her eyes squint at her a moment, and while recognition dawns on her face it doesn't clear the worry away. "Well… Shells, if it's got to be done, it's got to. I… do want him better. If it doesn't hurt him, he'll not wake" A hand touches at her own bandaged head, though. If her own Healers wanted to find her, they knew where to look. Though it's likely she's avoiding the infirmary. She carefully gets up from her cushions, leaning a hand gently on the brown's side before stepping away closer to the flowers to poke curiously at them. "A note?"

Liya gathers the bandages she prepared with a light nod to F'yr, stepping softly towards the couch and past the curtain. She stops near Thea as she dips her head in another nod, her face remaining somewhat stoic, though a hint of a smile shines through for the briefest of moments. "Yes, ma'am, I'm Liya." Her gaze shifts continuously, looking between weyrwoman, rider, and dragon alike, but the majority of her attention seems set for the sleeping brown.

Thea shakes her head at F'yr. "A requisition for the flowers. Garndener still has it. I peeked but didn't see the signature." Liya is there then, so she comes right out with it, "Bluerider by the name of E'gin is outside with his Mazunth. He-" She coughs, "-he's a bit sensitive around creatures in pain, so he didn't come in. Asked me to give you this if you're willing to take it on." She reaches out a hand and upon the palm is a pristine white Candidate's knot. Her lips quirk in a grin as she waits for Liya’s answer.

F'yr looks just a bit disappointed at the lack of note, poking still at the flowers as if they still might hide /something/. "Thanks for trying, ma'am," she says instead, looking up to the goldrider. She opens her mouth to ask something else, but shuts it almost immediately. Her eyes follow Liya, ready to hover right behind her to watch. "The dragon or the rider is?" she asks curiously, her brows shooting up as the knot comes out instead. "You're just bringing in a bunch of surprises in here, ma'am." Pause. "Can she still take care of Zaru as a candidate?"

Liya stands, seemingly dumbfounded for a moment after Thea speaks. A hand lifts to her mouth when F'yr questions, as well. Almost in shock, she looks between the two riders, "I…are you serious? Me?" She stammers in disbelief. Her gaze focuses on Thea again as she steps forward, gently setting the bandages down on a stool nearby. "It..would be by honor, ma'am." She says, before looking back to Zaruath, "Can I still take care of him?" she asks, her cheeks reddening slightly as her mind whirls, pale eyes continusouly checking between dragon and riders.

Thea's eyes dance at the disappointment in F'yr's words, "Might see if I can get the gardener to come check on them tomorrow. Make sure they're staying fresh." Then she can be grilled at will. Her soft laugh follows F'yr's statement, "Seem to find myself in that position frequently of late." She quirks a brow at Liya, answering the brownrider and explaining to the girl at the same time, "Mazunth is pushing E'gin to ask. I guess he's been seeing you as you back and forth between here and the Caverns." She merely nods in reply to both questions about caring for Zaruath as she nudges the knot closer, "In addition to a few other chores, yes. Your main work will be here."

Somehow Thea's suggestion seems to make F'yr wilt a little bit, shoulders slumping. "Well, guess the Gardener's better than nothing. Might as well… ask." She fingers a petal carefully before she steps away, glancing between weyrwoman to the latest candidate. "Congrats, Liya," she says with a little quirk to her lips, though it disappears shortly as her eyes slide from the other teen towards her lifemate. She crosses the distance back to the dark brown's side, laying a hand against it and turning to the other two. "Cause if it's true she's got a gentle hand, it'll be nice to have her 'round here. Bet she won't wake up Zaru."

Liya reaches out a hand to collect the white knot in Thea's hand, her lips curving upwards into a bright smile as it finally seems to set in. "Thank you so much…I.." she seems to be having trouble finding the right words, blinking rapidly as she's obviously containing some overexcitement, "Will you tell Mazunth thank you? Or..E'gin?" She looks back to F'yr, a smile still brightening her face, "Thank you, F'yr…and I'll do my best with's just the burns I need to rebandage, not his wing," she says, a little more talkative than before, her "work-face" seeming to dissipate with the white knot in her hand.

"You may step outside and tell him, Liya, when you take your next break. Mazunth'll be waiting out there until you do." It's said with a wry smile for the dragon's quirks as she hands over the knot, but her ice green eyes sparkle. "Congratulations Candidate. You'll need to move your things to the Weyr." She nods to F'yr, "She will be available to you. And if there's anything I can bring you to make your stay more comfortable? Let me know." She turns and heads off, but only steps two paces away before turning back, "Candidate rules, I almost forgot. No getting drunk, no leaving the Weyr without a Rider and," her eyes roll at the last one, "No sex." Then she strides off to other tasks.

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