Weyrling Snowplows

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond. At the far edge of the clearing, beside the trail leading to the forest sits a clocktower.

It snowed last night! Wet, heavy snow that blanketed the Weyr and piled up outside of doorways. Definitely enough to make travel on foot difficult. Does this mean that the weyrlings get a snow day? No. No it does not. It means the weyrlings get to be snowplows! So they were informed upon being awoken from their slumbers this morning. They've been assigned paths for their dragons to clear and/or stomp down, and told where the bags of sand are for once they've finished the stomping part. Soriana and Luraoth are currently working on the path from caverns to beach. At least, Soriana thinks they are. The cliff looks kinda… same-y when there's snow piled up over it and hiding the stairs.

Snow day! Snow day! Ka'el can stay home and lounge around in baggy clothes and drink ale and…wait….wait a second. No snow day? Imagine his disappointment when the message was received that the weyrlings had a job to do today that didn't require them to stay indoors and safe (and warm) in their weyrs. Sigh! So, with jacket, gloves, and a blue beanie on his head today, the weyrling rides atop Kanekith, a large bronze, who is slowly packing down a path leading from the forest to craft complex, and all those little tributaries between. And if this isn't the right path? Well … it's going to be the new path, and no one had better complain or they'll be dealing with a grumpy bronze and teen! Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. goes Kanekith's feet. Stomp. Stomp. CRUNCH. .. Oh, was that someone's wagon buried beneath the snow? "Ah, shards." That'll come out of his non-existant paycheck!

Kera is up early, having been taking advantage of the quiet crafters rooms to study for a couple candlemarks. Now, needing to stretch her legs, she wanders out to the clearing, stopping just at hte doors, peering out. Waving to the dragon pair that just finished clearing the path right by door. Straining her brain briefly for the young man's name she finally shaps her gloved fingers "G'morning Weyrling Ka'el. And to your dragonmate as well." Tugging her hood tighter around her head against a sudden gust, she squints her eyes some and winces at a not good sound coming from near the large just was a moment ago. She starts over that way to get a better look since the Weyrling is way up there on that huge dragon. She makes alot of noise crunching through the snow, letting the pair hear her coming.

Not even a little snow day. But it's not like people can really complain if the paths are different, right? So long as they get where they're supposed to go… eventually… after a few twists and turns… hey they can do it themselves if they're not happy. Ka'el would likely be happier if they did! …strangely enough, nobody seems to be volunteering. Not even to make Ka'el happy. Luraoth sweeps her tail over the path as she creates it, a shimmying motion that pushes the snow off to either side. Soriana turns against her straps at the sound of that crunch. Has one of the trees given way? But it sounded closer than that, like maybe it was from… uh… from just about where Kanekith is, actually. Oops? Maybe she'd rather not ask, but she does lift a (gloved) hand to wave to Ka'el. Kera… is kinda hidden by the snowy objects. Or maybe the dragonbulk. So Sori doesn't see her, just yet.

Kanekith stops, both on his own accord and due to Ka'el's words to do so, with a foreleg slightly lifted. The offending wagon-crunching foot! There's snow sticking to it. Also pieces of painted wood now smashed to smithereens! Are any of those shards stuck into his foot? That's Ka'el's worry, though he feels no pangs of pain himself to indicate any serious injury. Still… He clambers down from Kanekith's back, missing Soriana's wave in the process, but he hasn't gone deaf to a verbal greeting heard somewhere nearby. His eyes flit to and fro til they land upon a familiar face. That girl from the infirmary. .. What was her name again? "Hey," he offers, masking the fact that..nope, he doesn't remember. He quickly moves to Kanekith's front, hands lifting up to investigated that raised dragon foot. No stepping on him now! He brushes off snow carefully, peering for any blood.

Kera starts moving through the cleared path, slipping a couple of times with her arms flail around crazily a few times before she catches her balance and continues on. Stepping wide around the large bronze, she eyes the jagged edges peeking up from the snow. Moving out of the cleared path, she starts making tracks of her own as she circles the dragon "Is he hurt?" Seeing dragon's stance and how the Weyrling seems ti be inspecting, it's a logical conclusion. Something under the snow catches her foot and *PLOOF* face first in the snow. Grumbling, she works back up to her knees and her front is now compltely snow covered, til she gives her head a quick shake. As the snow dislodges, she snorts and starts smacking at her arms and jacket to get the snow off "That was graceful."

Okay, so, doooon't talk to Soriana. She and Luraoth will just continue on along the path. The one that definitely leads to the beach, at least once she's through with it, though for now… well, it kinda leads to the wrong spot of the cliff, so the gold turns and makes her way along the edge (sweeping snow off onto the beach as she goes) until they've actually located the steps. There. So now from here… back to the caverns again, this time with a more direct route. Stomp, sweep, stomp, sweep. She makes better progress once she's caught up with path she's already cleared, and so she cross in front of the caverns and starts working on the path from there to the craft complex, because hey. It's a useful path. Someone was bound to have to do it, sooner or later. Might as well be her and Luraoth, now.

Ka'el's attention is on Kanekith. Sorry Sori! While you normally rank rather high on his list of Pay Attention To's… Kanekith may be hurt! Which Kera seems aware of, considering her question. Though, as it turns out, the bronze is not, and when all snow and wooden shares are cleared from the sole of his clawed feet, no injury is apparent. Ka'el exhales a frosty breath and guides the big bronze to set his foot down away from the wagon trap. "Nah, he's alr-.." Erp. Down goes Kera! Must be an accident prone sort of day. Soriana had better watch out! A gloved hand is rubbed against the metallic hide of his dragon's leg before he crunches through the dragon-packed snow towards her. "Are you alright?" he asks, smirking as he offers a helping hand up. Luraoth is coming their way, and a gold dragon of any size is difficult to miss, and his eyes alight on her movement. "You too, Luraoth?" He smirks, waving his free hand to Soriana. "Hey!" See? That's how you do it. A wave with words!

Kera finishes smacking the snow off and peers up at the painted kindling sticking up from the snow. "I'm fine.Thank you." is offered to Ka'el after he helps her get the rst of the way to her feet. Frowning at the possible dangers that could bring, the bundled up apprentice drags her feet a bit through the snow as she makes sure nothing else will trip her up. Tilting her head up to the bronze "That could have been a nasty wound for you though huh big guy." Not remembering how to pronouce the dragon's name, she figures why butcher it. When the weyrling mentions Soriana, Kera flashes cheery smile and waves "G'morning Soriana, and you too Luraoth." Ha! A name she remembered, or was that simply because Ka'el just said it? Hmm.

It's okay. Soriana does have work to do. Snowplow work. It leaves little time for things like words! "Hey." Oh, look. (Listen.) There's a word for Ka'el, along with a wave for Kera. Soriana half-grins, and slides down from Luraoth's back before adding a few others for her fellow weyrling. "Snow-clearing, huh?" Obviously. Keeping these weyrlings busy! "I saw K'asin out on the road, and T'bor heading up along the ridge." What does the weyr do when they don't have weyrlings to clear paths? …well… fall down a lot, if Kera's any indication. At least Soriana hasn't fallen down. Yet.

Slowly does Kanekith swing his head to look at Kera, apparently aware that he is being spoken to. No words in return are forthcoming (no surprise there), but his look is long and slow, as if deliberating whether or not she is worth the time and effort. Apparently, she has been deemed worthy enough to be allowed to gaze at the wonder that is him, and thus he arcs his neck up a bit, head lifting proudly, handsomely, and his wide wings fan out and spread. All this earns an eye-roll from Ka'el. "Don't mind him. That's just his way've … sayin' hello," he says, a smirk quirking his lips. "He'd be singin' a different song if he had an injury." If not only to get out of working! "What're you doing out? You're not here to check our work, are you?" He wouldn't put it past V'dim to send out non-AWLM spies! Looking to Soriana, he nods. "Yup. Think the greens are in the forest. Smaller, you know." Jnelle and Idrissa working together? That ought to be .. fun. Poor Carolin! "I think V'dim has forgotten about 'rest days'. .. You wanna be the one to remind him?" Being in the infirmary totally didn't count!

Kera shuffles her feet, trying to keep as much contact with the ground as she can, and eases back from the large bronze, her gaze taking him in. Pausing, she smirks and looks back to Ka'el, lowering her voice as that would make a differance in the dragon hearing her or not. "Is he showing off? With the way he's holding his head and neck, it almost looks like it." The apprentice turns her attention back to Soriana with a shrug. "Had enough studying so wanted a bit of fresh air. Guess it's a matter of be careful what ya wish for huh?" She gestures to the snow that still clings to her in bits. Turning a bit, she crouches down and starts fiddling with her boot.

Luraoth pays no mind to Kanekith's posing, though she does greet him with a mental brush containing her usual warmth. Soriana nods about the greens and the forest. V'dim probably made sure to assign Jnelle and Idrissa to overlapping paths - to work out their differences, see. Doesn't Soriana feel lucky already? Maybe that's why the half-grin lingers. "It's not like V'dim needs spies." Because he sees all and knows all? Well, maybe, but also… "He just has to take Isobeth up and look down." At the crazy webwork of paths that the weyrlings have created. Maybe everyone should just hope for sunny days and melting snow… or for a blizzard and someone else to clear it after. She glances to Kera, and nods. "Well, you've got the fresh air part, at least…" It just came with fresh snow! Back to Ka'el. "Forgotten? Noooo." She grins. "Probably just decided against them for our own good."

Kanekith? Show off? Pffft….yes. Always, when there is an available opportunity to do so. Even with that crushed wagon as a visual reminder that he isn't as perfect as he may think, he still finds reason enough to strut his stuff. His wings are given a little flutter, just enough so that the translucent membrane can glisten with flecks of snow before he folds them against his back again, nudging Luraoth mentally in greeting. "..Yeah… S'pretty much what he does," says Ka'el who has long ago come to terms with this. "He's rather good at it too, when given the chance." He grins at the younger girl. "Studying the quickest way to get rid of an infirmary full of weyrlings maybe?" Oh yeah he can joke about it now that it's all over, done with, and securely in their past. He makes a face at Soriana, then cautiously glances up. Phew! No Isobeth to be seen. "You'll make me paranoid," is said to the goldling, a grin coming soon after. "And with no rest day, how am I going to have my weyr party? Everyone will be too busy working, or too tired from working, to come!"

Kera looks up over her shoulder, smiling at the Weyrlings she chuckles, nodding agreeably with Ka'el "Does he spend time practicing his stances?" She's joking of coarse, but there is a hint of curiousity to the question. Bending her head back down to her task, shifting knees to adjust her other boot. Casting glances to the others, Kera grins "Oh, I think you lot did a good enough job of clearing recently, if what I've heard around is true. The Aunties say the lot of you should not be allowed around fire unattended." That in response to Soriana, but she flashes both an amused grin. After a few moments, she adds to Ka'el. "Maybe you could have a party in the meadow or something?"

"It's not paranoia if it's true," Soriana says to Ka'el with a half-grin. Only half, because… yeah V'dim probably is watching them. Especially after the incident. She looks back to Kera, and lifts an eyebrow. "I find rumors tend to be as much story as fact," she says mildly. "And the aunties have very little say in what goes on around here, not that you'd know it from listening to them." She smiles slightly, then returns her attention to Ka'el and his poor doomed party. "That'd be the 'for our own good' part." Parties mean chaos! Also trouble. "You can invite V'dim, so he can keep an eye on things?"

"Then there'll be plenty of frozen dead bodies to deal with this winter, if that's the case," remarks Ka'el who snorts a little. "Because I'm willing to wager anything that this winter'll be much like the last one, and the one before, and the one before," he ticks them off on his fingers, "where we lose power. When that happens, I'll be ready. I've already a stash've coals for the occasion." That little stove of his will be getting some use! Not for cooking. Both Kera's suggestion of a meadow party and Soriana's of inviting V'dim along earns a wrinkle of his nose. "Then no one will see my weyr. Not to mention the good stuff that I'll provide." Aka the booze! What a deliquent bunch these weyrlings are, aren't they? "I'll figure something. Maybe a rest day is coming. And there's no shardin' way I'm inviting V'dim to chaperone! He'll probably give us a test. 'When do you think this weyr was made?' 'What is the purpose of the arced couch?'" he mimics in his best V'dim voice … which isn't very good.

Kera gives a knowing nod of her head over the aunties "Oh I know, but they can be so entertaining to listen to, even knowing on a fraction they say may be true." The apprentice shrugs and bends her head back down as the two riders try to work out the problem of a party. Will it or won't it happen. It sounds like that bronzling is stressing a bit, that just shouldn't be with all this much fluffy snow laying around. With a smirk, she seems to huddle a bit as she stands, having gathered up the small cache of snowballs she crouched down to make while 'adjusting her boots'. Turning back to the weyrlings, they may notice the small pile of snowballs she has stacked up and the two in her hand. "I think you two are ignoring the very obvious. IT's a perfect morning for snowball war. I would say duck, but I can't aim anyway, sooo." With that, Kera hurls her two snowballs towards the young riders with a giggle.

Yeah, Soriana is… not going to bet against Ka'el about the possibility of losing power this winter. History is kinda on his side. She just makes a rueful face and gives her head a shake before grinning at the idea of V'dim and weyrwarming tests. "Hah, that'd be fabulous. Like a barracks inspection and an exam rolled into one." Soooo… not fabulous at all. Kind of the opposite, in fact. Like the exact inverse of fun and games. Speaking of which… Soriana looks back to Kera and her snowballs in time to see one flying, and she lifts an arm enough to intercept it. Not neatly, mind - the snow spatters onto her sleeve and back against her jacket - but at least it doesn't hit her in the face. "I've got more clearing to do," she says, and turns away to catch at Luraoth's straps and pull herself back up onto her dragon.

Totally not fabulous, Soriana. Ka'el gives her a loooong look … which is then ruined by a snicker, because really the thought of V'dim going to any sort of party with the youth of Xanadu is funny. V'dim. Relaxing and kicking back with a pint…and a clipboard in his hand. But that thought bubble is soon busted, for unlike Soriana, he wasn't paying attention. Splat! Her aim may not be the best, but she did successfully hit him in the arm. "Wha-.. hey!" He spins, zeroing in on Kera and her snowballs. The fiend! The look on his face isn't angry though. In fact, he appears nearly challenging as he begins to crouch. But oh .. there is work to do, isn't there? Eyes shift to Soriana as she remounts, and quickly he scrapes up a handful of snow to toss the young healer's way. "Til next time. Consider yourself lucky!" said as he straightens, moving back to Kanekith, though not first without tracking Soriana with his eyes.

Kera chuckles and blinks when one of her snowballs actually manages a decent hit. Thought when the weyrlings have to get back to work, the apprentice nods and dodges Ka'el's toss, though only barely as she stumbled a bit in the snow. Steadying her footing, she smiles and offers a wave to the Weyrlings. "I should be getting back to my books anyway." She turns to head back towards the complex, pausing to look back "Watch out for those pesky wagons." With a last chuckle, she trudges off back to study.

Soriana settles onto Luraoth's back, looking away out at the paths yet to be cleared. As Ka'el speaks, though, she glances to him with mild surprise. Her mouth moves, but doesn't get as far as actually saying anything to her fellow weyrling - just looking at him before glancing back to Kera. "Good luck studying," she says, and gives the healer apprentice a wave before Luraoth starts into path-clearing motion. …okay, so. She does have something to say to Ka'el. She glances over to him, and smiles slightly. "I wouldn't've told V'dim." A tilt of her head, back toward the craft complex and, presumably, the one who just vanished inside it.

Ka'el waves a hand to Kera as she moves off to her studies, and he continues to Kanekith. Almost. He does end up hesitating after giving Soriana another look, and his steps slow as she speaks. Brows raise, and he snorts. "Yes you would've. You would've told'm, smugly. And you'd've stood back and watched me sweat when he showed up in the middle've everything. And then you'd've laughed when I got busted for havin' a party too amazing and fun and .. epic for Xanadu. But, joke's on you. I'll be condemned to my weyr with no visitors allowed and you'll miss me." He pauses, both in talking and walking now, and after a moment, he heads to the stationary Luraoth. "You know you can't leave yet."

Okay so Soriana meant about the snowball fight. Just because she's being all serious and… responsible about doing her work doesn't mean she's going to demand Ka'el do the same instead of having snowball fights and goofing around. But… heh. The smile tugs up her lips further as Ka'el goes on about all the awful things she'd do. "You can't tell me it wouldn't be hilarious to see him drunk and doing the limbo." Will it happen? Ever? …no. No it will not. But it would be So. Very. Funny. Soriana pauses to tilt her head to Ka'el. "Oh can't I?" She could leave right now. Just nudge Luraoth into motion. Buuut… she doesn't. Yet.

Score one for miscommunication! But hey, it still works at least, and Ka'el continues on without nkowing his flub. "It'd be scary to see him drunk and doin' the limbo .. And why would I have limbo at my party anyway?" Other than the fact that limboing could be fun? A bunch of drunk teens trying to keep their balance while going under a lowering stick! What could go wrong? "I've got a feeling V'dim's the type of drunk that'd curse at everything and spill every stupid thing weyrlings have done in the past that's pissed'm off" Snerk. But, back to business! Sori can't leave yet. "Nope, you can't," he says matter of factly. "You haven't done a single thing correctly down here." He points to the snowy ground in front of him.

And Soriana doesn't go back and correct Ka'el's misapprehension, either, just keeps moving forward. Scary, funny… same thing. At least when it comes to V'dim… and limbo. "I dunno, it's a party thing." She shrugs. It's not like she's the one planning this party! That will maybe manage to happen on some restday that may or may not exist. "Babbling V'dim. Shards, that's a scary thought." Imagine all the weyrlings he's trained. Imagine all the things he might say about them! Soriana shakes her head and shivers, then pauses to tilt her head to Ka'el. "Haven't I?"

Ka'el shakes his head. "You haven't," he confirms as he moves around Luraoth's near-Kanekith-sized but still bigger body, pausing near her front. It's a Ka'el roadblock! … Not that the dragon couldn't easily step over him and laugh about his pitiful attempt at stopping her. But still! A Ka'el roadblock! He crosses his arms over his chest while looking up, up, at her rider. "You think you're gonna just leave without givin' me something? Anything? No hug. No kiss. Not even a hi-five? That's shardin' criminal, Soriana. You're not so cold-hearted, are you?"

It's the thought that counts? Ka'el's bold defiance to her departure makes Soriana smile… but then she sighs. He is sort of right. She… well. She got distracted, and then she wasn't thinking. If it's the thought that counts, Soriana failed. So… let's go with the options where it's actions that count and they can be made up for after the fact, kay? Luraoth lowers her head, and Soriana swings a leg over so they're both on the same side. "What about a snowball?" she asks, and slides down to the snow again. Okay here she is, ready for some Ka'el action.

Down she comes, and Ka'el watches her with his defiant look still in place til her feet touch the snowy ground. A snowball? "Not unless you want to leave here lookin' like a snow woman," he warns, lips twitching up, and he fails to fight them back down. There goes his defiant look! But that's alright. It's Ka'el action time! (as opposed to clobberin' time) He moves to where her dismount landed her and grins, arms moving as if to engulf her in an embrace… but… "Wait a minute.." He pauses, arms frozen in the air before falling back down to his sides. "You're supposed to hug me," he points out since he's making the rules up as they go along. He straightens, preparing himself for his due hug.

A snow woman, huh? Or… maybe an abominable snow beast? Soriana's smile broadens. "Maybe I do." But she doesn't, apparently, because she doesn't actually reach for the snow. What she does do is take another step toward Ka'el, starting to reach her own arms up to return a hug - but wait. "And what if I don't?" Here are her arms. Being here. Waiting. What if they just stay like that forever, huh? Huh? What then? …is a thing they'll never find out, because after about 4.2 seconds of meaningful pause, Sori hugs Ka'el.

If they stay like that forever, then Soriana wouldn't be a snow woman or an abominable snow beast. She'd be an ice sculpture! At least until spring, which definitely isn't forever. Ka'el remains poised, arms down and ready to receive even after a second of nothing. Two. Three. Would he have stayed for five? or, dare I say it…ten?? Luckily, they shall never know, for not a half second later does he receive what he so adamantly claims he deserves. A Sori hug! Grinning, his arms wrap around her, and he brigns himself close. "Good thing y'didn't put up a fight about it. Would've had to suffer consequences." He doesn't bring up the unreciprocated play, or the apprentice's quip about fire, but does he need to? He doesn't think so.

Nope, spring isn't forever. It just feels that way sometimes! Soriana leans into the hug. "Consequences, huh?" She gives her head a little shake. "Better avoid those. They're all… consequencey." Just for extra bonus, she brushes her lips to Ka'el's cheek while she's here. "S'why you're here to remind me of things." That's right. It's practically his official job! And it makes her smile, apparently… as opposed to the times when reminders of things make Soriana frown. Life is complicated.
The bad thing about winter is that you must wear a lot of clothing to keep warm. The bad thing about wearing lots of clothing is that when you hug somewhere, there isn't much to feel besides the squeeze of pressure against your jacket. Sigh. Skin to skin contact, you are sorely missed. But then there's a kiss to his cheek and Ka'el smiles, happy to be close. "Reminding. It's what I do." He grins after and steals a soft kiss to her lips. "You should come by my weyr sometime. I got somethin' new I want to show you." A table, woo! "I could warm up some food if it's near dinner. Study together…maybe stay the night…" offered in a lowered volume than the rest. "..You know?"

Lips? Yeah, those can be kissed too. Soriana returns the kiss, and smiles. Her arms stay around Ka'el, even if he's got to partly take the hug on faith, because, well, jacket. Spring will come! Things will warm up and they'll be running around in as little clothing as they can get away with once again… but not for a while yet, if the chilly wind has anything to say about it. "Yeah?" she says, and nods. "I think I do know." Another touch of her lips to his. "I mean, it's not a party," especially not one with V'dim, "but that sounds pretty nice to me."

She knows. He knows. Good. Both parties are informed! Ka'el smirks at the rest of her answer. "There'll still be a party," WITHOUT V'dim, "..we'll just have a party by ourselves first. Or after. A private party." VIP only, don't you know? A gloved hand is lifted and touched to her cheek before shifting to draw a strand of hair from her face. Not as short as before. He can remember the initial cut (or was that, hack job?) so long ago. His expression shifts to something a little more devious as his thoughts begin to wander, and for a moment there's a hiccup in his look. A momentary freeze as if remembering something not so pleasant which causes some of that smile to slip, though it passses after a second or so and his grin returns to its former strength. "Kanekith's on the verge've leavin' me to eat cuz he says he's bored, so I'd better get back to this 'make a path' thing." A smirk, but even though he says it, it's a few moments before his arms finally do slip away from her.

Of course there will be a party. And… well, Soriana might have meant about the snowballs, but it holds true about V'dim and the party too. Joke about telling him, yes. Actually tell him? Oh Faranth no. "After all, why stop at just one?" Parties go better in groups… well. Some parties do. Other parties will go fine with just two people there. Her head tilts slightly, leaning into the touch on her cheek, and she smiles as her hair falls against his fingers. Her own hand trails down along his back, and she tilts her head in a moment's question at the change in his expression. It's brief enough that part of her question is just 'was there anything to actually see there', though… and then, at the report of Kanekith's hunger, she laughs. "Better get on the path to the feeding grounds." It's an important paths! Dragons gotta eat. But first, Soriana's got to give Ka'el a squeeze though jacket before she lets him loose so they can get back to their being productive and dutiful and not boring their dragons.

Kanekith surely doesn't mind not working, but he'd rather be not working at home, while being oiled. Or sleeping. Or .. anything other than standing here waiting for Ka'el to come back so they can be on their way. But there is that random thought that passes through Ka'el's mind, and in turn Kanekith's as well. That same thought that caused that change in expression that may or may not have been there. There's no denying it from Kanekith. It happened, but the thought that is received in murky colors is not one that he understands well. He'll question later. Right now, Ka'el is busy squeezing Soriana and stealing one more heavy kiss to her lips before letting her go. Too busy for dragon questions. "Good idea. I"ll make sure he leaves enough for everyone else to eat." Kanekith, the bottomless pit! Ka'el turns, moves, and climbs upon the bronze's back, patting his neck three times and turning him in the direction of the feeding grounds. "I'll see you soon, Soriana," he says in departure as Kanekith begins to take him away.

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