K's in the Kitchen

Xanadu Weyr - Kitchens

It seems that with the fire that destroyed much of the kitchen, care has been taken to restore it to a condition well beyond what it was orignally. And thus state of the art equipment has been brought in from the various crafts to be used - stoves and large ovens replacing the hearths, while thin metal sheets have been installed over each countertop, for both ease of use and ease of cleanup. A large pantry remains generally open, containing a all the nonperishable goods, while a similarly large icechest contains the perishable goods.

It's past dinner, and the sun is setting over Xanadu. K'ael has waited for the kitchens to clear out, then he makes his way in! He unfurls a set of kitchen knifes and puts on an apron that reads 'My meat is a treat'. Then he gets to work! The bronzer locates a nice slab of herdbeast and then starts to carve it. He's only interested in certain sections, the rest will go back into the cold stores. The parts he is interested in he slices nice and thin, dips them in a sauce, then lays them out on a baking pan.

Keziah is feeling peckish, course, she usually is about this time of the Turn. She slips into the kitchens as quiet as she can be. Not that she doesn't go unnoticed by some, she's quiet, not invisible. Still, she looks around a moment or two. One bronzer playing with his meat and hmm, oh look there are still some sweet rolls and other treats available. The greenie passes by the bronzer. Mmm raw meat and reaches out to snag a piece from pan…

Karona has two brown firelizards flying close by. Occasionally the larger of the two lands on her shoulder, gently headbutting her, like an affectionate feline. 'I'm still here, I'm still hungry, I love you, feed me.' The woman giggles a little every time, ticklish? Perhaps. "Stop that." she mutters, pushing the brown away, face colouring. She did not just giggle. Ever. No. The scent of raw meat has the browns both perking up, landing on the woman's shoulders and leaning towards the cooking K'ael. /This/ way, there's food! Come on!

What brings Kiley to the kitchens? Who knows, the woman was on kitchen duty today and maybe she had forgotten something in the kitchen. She most certainly had forgotten something and that is exactly why she is stepping into the kitchens. But they are not empty and the woman's surprise comes upon her face at the three currently present. "Hello." Comes her greeting, attempting to avoid startling anyone by her sudden appearance and most certainly not the cooking bronzerider as he has a knife and those could be deadly (or painful) if the wielder faces a sudden shock of people suddenly appearing from nowhere. Keziah receives a nod as does Karona with her two firelizards. Then, she's quickly moving over somewhere to grab her bracelet from an area in where it would not be lost. This task is complete and then she's turning her gaze to observe, to see what it is that brings the others into the kitchen and more importantly: what K'ael is doing.

K'ael is busy slicing, so he doesn't notice Kezi. Or he doesn't seem to. It's not until she reaches towards the pan that he says, "I hope you're not planning on eating it like that. It's been soaked in brine for curing." Not to mention that it's raw. He points behind himself to the oven that's heating up. Karona's two are tossed some scraplings, hopefully that will keep them busy. K'ael isn't easily startled thankfully, and he looks up to grin at the approaching people. "Hello, ladies. Hungry? I'm making jerky, but I bet we could get the grill fired up for some steaks. What do you think?" There's a peer at Keziah. "Don't I know you? He motions to Karona. "You I definitely know." And then he winks to Kiley. "And you I don't know at all. I'm K'ael. Azaeth's rider."

Keziah pauses a moment "Oh, well. Brine. Yeah. That might make it a bit much. However, that little slice there looks good." She murmurs as she reaches for a sliced and unbrined bit. It is raw, isn't it lovely? "Steaks sound good. Walk mine past the grill and we'll call it good." She steps back and heads for teh sweets. "Know me? Yeah, I'm sure ya do. I'm sure I know ya too K'ael." she smiles ever so sweetly at the bronzer and then there's a glance for the others. "Maybe ya should get to knowin' her better." Keziah suggests and then jumps up onto a counter to sit. "Fact, I think we've done steaks before too." Hmm.

Karona let the firelizards lead her towards K'ael, at least, until the scraps are tossed that way, and both firelizards leave her shoulders to squabble over them like seagulls over a chip. "Boys!" she snaps at the firelizards. "Behave! It is not polite to beg or fight." she states sternly. The smaller - younger most likely - of the browns hangs his head, and relinquishes the food to the other. Karona continues on her way - or is about to, when K'ael speaks. "Ah… sir. Thanks for the, ah… scraps. For them." Right. She frowns slightly, and glances to the other 'ladies', taking in knots. "Good day, sir." to Keziah, "Ah, and hello." to Kiley. Another white knot, an equal, hurrah! Though Karona is such a quiet candidate, she barely knows the others, nor they her.

Zip came to the caverns for some food but going by the doorway to the kitchens it's a glance at the apron that makes her laugh, his meat is a treat all right. She cease in getting food and slips into the kitchen, "Need any help sir?" she asks in a voice not wholly her own, more soft, high pitched, grinning as she looks to the others with a little wave.

Kiley blinks at K'ael's declaration for making jerky, a process she knows next to nothing about and then his greeting allows an easy smile to settle on her lips. "Kiley, sir. I'm a candidate.. Ah and Journeyman Computer Crafter."She inclines her head in the end of her greeting and then moves over just a little bit more, curious of the process for making jerky. Keziah's comments of getting to know one of the girls better is met with a prompt shake of her head in refusal for that idea, straight up. Then her gaze is traveling over to the woman who gave the suggestion and she inclines her head in a greeting for her as well, one more follows for Karona and she smiles. "Hello." Knot is eyed before she speaks further. "I don't think I've caught your names." To the greenrider and fellow candidate as another joins them I n the kitchen. "Ma'am."

K'ael hands over a raw slice to Keziah. If she likes it raw… well, that's none of his business! He chuckles a bit at her. "Walk it past? Anyways, I suppose there's a good chance we have. It's not unusual to find me workin' my meat in the kitchens." The bronzer watches the flits squabble over the scraps. Once the larger has run away with his bit, K'ael sneaks a bit to the smaller and gives him a headrub. The bronzer takes a second to get the grill going. He assesses the carcass for a moment before picking out a section that he can cut some steaks from. He chuckles a bit at Keziah's comment. "Maybe. Or maybe you should get to know her better, and let me watch." There's a nod to Kiley. "Ah. Bleh. Computers. Them things hate me something fierce." There's a shake of the head from the bronzer to whoever that is behind him. "Nope, I think I've got it…" He pauses in his work to turn and see who it is behind him. "Zip! Tricksty brownie. C'mere and gimme a kiss." The bronzer has three big sheets of meat all prepared and tosses the pans into the oven, leaving it slightly ajar.

Keziah blinks "Sir?" She looks down at her chest "I know I ain't got much of 'em. But I've got breasts." she snorts and mutters something under her breath. Probably wasn't something very nice either. She sits and sulks a moment until Zip comes in and she waves back as she nibbles on a sweetroll, the meat already having been scarfed down as soon as she got it from K'ael. "Names Keziah, rider to Alosynth." Nice shiny green Alosynth. She eyes the Candis "I suppose I could get to know them better." Muhahaa?

Zip giggles some when K'ael gives her that sorta surprised look and she walks up close to kiss him soundly on the mouth, "Hello there love," and she turns to look at the others. "Brown Adereth's Zip," she says in introduction to those she doesn't know then she smiles at Karona, "Hi there, how ya doin?" she asks. "Nice to meet you, Keziah," and she smiles.

Karona tips her head slightly at Kiley, and nods. "Ah… Karona." she introduces, slightly sheepishly. "I'm a smith. Journeyman. /Still/." she mutters. Too young yet to be master, but not for senior journeyman rank. She continues on her way to get food for her firelizards, heading for where the old stuff is kept. She grabs a bunch of week old meatrolls - no wonder her firelizards went nuts for raw meat. "R-right, sir… female. Sir." she says, eyeing Keziah. "Right. Keziah. Sorry." she murmurs. Zip gets a nod of the head. "I… doing… okay. Been better. Feeding firelizards." That's more of a 'what' she's doing than a 'how'…

K'ael has Kiley blinking again in confusion for his words before she pipes up, "computesr lack the ability to hate, sir. They lack any sort of feeling or emotion whatsoever." Her brows furrow at this, "Weyrwoman Thea said the same thing." And it remains a source of confusion as she reflects on this statement once more. The jabs from bronzerider to greenrider have the computer crafter blushing and pointedly ignoring replies for that, not saying anything. "Well met, ma'am." She inclines her head but then quickly darts her attention away as the woman eyes them like she does. Right, moving slightly away from the greenrider. Karona, however, draws another smile and she nods. "Well met, Karona. Well.. Candidacy is a good reason for you to just be a journeyman." Zip does earn a smile as well, avoiding the nod this time. "Well met, ma'am."

K'ael peers at Keziah's chest. "I thought those were bug bites," he teases. He's going to earn himself a smack, he is. The bronzer thumbs towards Zip. "You know Zip, right Kezi? Maybe her pop." He pokes at the brownrider's ribs. "Actually you can help me a little. Find the vinegar? I'm going to marinate the steaks a little before I throw them on the grill." Meanwhile he looks for some oil and other ingredients for the marinade, then gets to slicing off the steaks. Everyone is getting one. No complaints. The bronzer peers a bit at Karona's choice of food for her flits. "I'll give you some jerky when it's all done. Good for a firelizard snack. Or a prize food when you're training them. Eventually they should hunt on their own, though." He laughs at Kiley. "Trust me, they hate me. And I kill them wherever I go. That's why Zip does all my 'paperwork'. I'm a disaster when it comes to computers. I got yelled at the other day for turning it -off-. I mean you ask me to turn it off and I press the off button! That's how everything else turns off. Not computers though. They have magical ways to turn them off and -rules-." Rant over. Moral: don't let K'ael touch computers.

Karona snorts slightly at Kiley, and shakes her head. "It would be a good reason, if I'd been a candidate more than twice. This is only the second time, it's hardly taken a lot of time out of the craft." So… she's just slow to progress? There's no shame in that. Except she seems to think there is. Karona shakes her head slightly at K'ael. "The blue already /does/ hunt on his own. This one's just a sook," she nods at the larger brown, "and this one's still young." The smaller brown is indicated. "But if you're /offering/ jerky…" she says, peering hungrily at the pan. She did have dinner today, right? Probably.

Zip nods to K'ael and starts rummaging for vinegar and whatever else he decides he needs. She smiles at Kiley then she looks at Karona and smiles but doesn't comment about her standing before, she doesn't know her that well. She looks to the flits and grins, "Mine hunt but they sure love K'ael's jerky," she says then mmmm's, glancing to the steaks. "You know I'm eating.." she affirms with a nod of her head.

Kiley perks and listens to the talk of training firelizards and the fact that jerky makes a good training treat. Such information is stored for later, should she ever feel the need to Impress one at some point or another. K'ael's laughter draws her attention and she gives the man a very serious look, her gaze angling at him to give him this look. "They are easy to 'kill', yes. But, again, they are not living and can't entirely die.. And nor can they feel emotion." You'd think she'd get bored arguing this point, but she does drop it for now as she looks to Karona and offers a smile. "Taking your time to be promoted isn't a bad thing though.. I hear Senior rank is a lot more work than Journeyman and Master is more than that." But, that really all depends on the craft you are in. Zip gains her attention and the woman smiles a little wider. "What color are your firelizards?" She may be the only one in the room without them.

K'ael nods to Karona. He headrubs the little brown. "He's got a good temperment though. That's always good. He'll be easy to train." K'ael grins and nods to Leona. "Sure. It won't be ready today though. I'll have to drop it off tomorrow." He pokes the steaks with a fork and drops them into the bowl of marinade. The bronzer is missing his own firelizards, though Pommel might be lurking about. He mixes the steaks around a bit, then puts them onto the grill. He can continue to baste them there. He grins to Kiley. "Generally it's just easier if I stay away from them."

Karona has to admit, "Computers are sounding better and better. If I was any good with fiddly little stuff, I'd almost be tempted to change crafts." Almost. She looks a bit sheepish, and shakes her head. "Sorry… I've just been hard at work on a commission all afternoon, only to hear that they probably won't promote a /candidate/." She likely hoped the commission would show her skill, earn that promotion. "It's… a little frustrating. But there's always after the hatching." she murmurs, as if to convince herself. "Mmm, the little one is …obedient." she agrees with K'ael. "He sometimes gets into trouble, but I only need to tell him why not to do that, and he stops." she seems bewildered. After the other two, this one is so strange.

Zip smiles, "I ended up with three little greens..go figure.." she says with a laugh. She starts getting things out for salad, greens and various things, "I don't mind paperwork, really, at least not for a while," she says with a little smile for the bronzer. "Mine all mind pretty well but.. I think Taire knows if she's not around, she doesn't have to obey so she wanders a lot."

Keziah hmmphs at K'ael "Bugbites. Honestly." She mutters and sticks her tongue out at the bronzer "Yeah, Zip. One of the big clan people." she frowns a bit. "From Ista too, wasn't it? Or was that someone else. I swear. Their are too many of you all to count." She won't even mention her daddy. She jumps down off the counter. "WHy I am even looking for the vinegar is beyond me. Hmm. Red wine vinegar work for you?" She asks as she brings it over to him. "Computers are a pain in the butt. You think they'd fix it so that if you type in the wrong command it doesn't crash on you."

"Perhaps, then. I won't argue that." The woman returns the grin easily, "if you have a hard time with them, I won't argue that." Kiley inclines her head in defeat on this. Karona earns her attention once more, "computer crafting isn't all about building them, there's also the programming which is based solely in the computer." The other crafter's apology is met with a shake of her head, dismissing it with a smile "Don't apologize. I imagine some commissions can be harder than rest.." As for talk about after the Hatching, she considers it with a tilt of her head but not questioning it as she looks to the firelizards. Keziah's comment about the computers has her laughing, "it is still being worked on, I'm sure."

K'ael peers at Karona. "You're just trying to be rid of me, aren't you? Actually I was thinking of sending Milo down to hang out with Eledri for a few days and learn about them. He doesn't have be handicapped like his old man, then." The bronzer nods to the smith about her firelizards. "Some of them seem more susceptible to training. Some of them are basically wild." K'ael grins to Kezi and chuckles. "Don't worry about the vinegar, Zip grabbed it for me." The bronzer nods to Kiley. "Yeah, I just can't get used to them. I'm not smart enough, I don't think." He pulls one of the steaks off the grill already and holds it up to Keziah. "Done?"

Karona kneels to start feeding her firelizards those week-old meatrolls. Right there on the floor? Evidently. The two browns practically pounce on the food though, it doesn't remain on the floor long. She crumbles the bits up, almost as fast as the firelizards inhale them. "Mm. I don't really do commissions, usually. I do boring things, like smelt ores into bars for other smiths, and sometimes I make runner shoes and saddle buckles." she shakes her head slowly. "This commission was my first." She seems about to say something else, but then K'ael mentions Milo and Eledri, and she fails to completely suppress a snicker. "Yeah… I'm sure they'll both find that fun." She knows the grumpy computer crafter, does she? Seems to.

Zip nods to Keziah, "Yeah, Ista.." she says though the frown makes her brows lift a little before she's working on the greens again. She smiles over at K'ael, "Well.. that'd be neat, if Milo learned that.." she says with a nod then she grins some at Karona's comment, she may not know Eledri terribly well but she imagines Milo will drive him nuts! Hahahaha! "Wonder if there's bread.." she says to herself, looking through the coolers.

Keziah shrugs a bit and puts the bottle back and jumps back up on the counter and goes back to nibbling. She then eyes the steak "Maybe a little too done, but it'll work I suppose." She stops a moment "Buckles? What size of buckles? Alo's straps need new ones and all. I'm so tired of straps sometimes. Just stick me on to her, it'll be good." she notes and then grins at Zip "Glad I remembered that. Don't always."

Kiley lifts her brow at the mention of Eledri but saying nothing as she listens to the conversations going on between everyone but only commenting on everything that is addressed towards her. "I think you're plenty smart," just from first meetings this is her assumption, things may change in the future or may not. "Oh, so you were trying your hand at a commission to see if would help you get to senior?" She questions of the other crafter, blinking her eyes. "I see, I see… I don't get commissions at all, I've built computers but no one has ever asked me to make one for them." And she doesn't seem too eager to get to that, either. Conversations continue between the riders and she listens with intent, curious and learning.

K'ael makes a bit of a face as Karona feeds her flits the week old meatrolls. They could probably stomach it, but it still seems gross to him. "How's that commission going for you, by the way? Did you ever talk to the commissioner?" He's nosey, apparently. He grins to her. "Heh. I'll probably owe Eledri hundreds of drinks after that. But it'll help Milo later on, I think." To not be a technophobe like his father. He plates Kezi's steak and hands it off to Zip for the fixin's. "Straps can be so -fun- though." He chuckles a bit, turning the rest of the steaks a bit. After a few more minutes he starts plating them as well. "Back when I was weyrleader I thought about having a computer built for me. My girlfriend at the time was going to make it for me."

Karona tilts her head slightly at Keziah. "Hmm, mainly sized for runner saddles, the buckles, but I could make them larger, that's no problem at all." Smaller might be, but larger isn't. "They won't be anything fancy, but they'll be solid." she promises. Regarding the commission, Karona shrugs slightly at Kiley, and tugs at something in her pocket. "Not quite. The rider just approached me with the commission, out of nowhere." she states, finally pulling that 'something' free - a fat blue marks pouch. "/This/ is why I accepted." she holds up the pouch, grinning. "The possible promotion was just a bonus, that didn't even occur to me until later." She grins. Nope, motivated by greed, pure and simple. "Ah, yeah, sir, caught up with him. He's… intrigued. I /think/ impressed." she answers K'ael. "Well… I /hope/." Feeding the firelizards week-old meatrolls doesn't seem to bother Karona — if they were /bad/, they'd be thrown out. They're just … extreme leftovers. The firelizards seem in fine health, at least.

Zip strikes gold! Well, she finds bread anyway, a loaf, and she gets it out then slices it up and starts buttering, kinda lost in her own little world for a few. She blinks up at the other and smiles, "Oh wait..what? Oh, salad!" she chirps then starts dishing that up, setting out some oil and vinegar, other spices. "Who was that?" she asks K'ael when he talks about a computer crafter girlfriend.

Keziah eyes K'ael "Oh, I'm sure straps can be fun. Just depending on the application." she notes with a sweet smile. Then there's a glance towards Zip. "Likes the strap does he?" she smirks a bit. Course she was watching her steak as well. Just waiting for it to come her way. "Marks are always a good reason for doing a commission. Well sometimes. I turned down marks when someone was wanting me to breed their mare with their stallion, but they wanted it done artificially and the stallion wasn't well handled and all and I was not putting my life at risk for someone who wouldn't train their critters right." she notes as she glances over towards Karona. A grin at Kiley "Hey, you can make me a computer that works and does what I need it too as long as I don't haveta touch it. Can't I talk to it or something?"

"See, you're smart. You were Weyrleader." Though the whole concept on how one becomes Weyrleader still goes over the hold-bred woman's head, that much she tended to avoid when learning of the Weyr. Silly woman. Kiley chuckles softly, "though I imagine if you get one custom made it could have an easier way to do things. But I always find help sheets help more people understand what they're doing.. Most of the time. If written properly." She tilts her head as she listens Karona, nodding even though she isn't exactly being spoken to at the moment. Hey eyes travel to the woman as she pulls at something in her pocket and then when it comes out her eyes widen. "Wow! That is.. A very large price to pay for a commission. They must /really/ want it." And she most certainly does not blame her for accepting that. Keziah's idea is met with a widening of eyes and the woman stares at her. "What a wonderful idea! To have a computer that you can talk to and it'll do what you want." The woman's eyes light up as she seems to run through how she could possibly do such a thing. "I'd certainly like to take part in that computer's construction."

K'ael laughs at Karona. "You're still carrying the marks with you?" Probably to remind herself to finish the commission, maybe? "I dunno. Some rider approaching you out of the blue asking for a commission about -looove-… seems like maybe he has a thing for you, Karona." The bronzer looks to Zip then. "Aryll." Maybe Zip remembered her? Since she was sort of an on-again off-again for the bronzer. He helps the brownie get everyone's plates ready, and then helps her hand them out. "Eat up ladies." There's a blink at Keziah, and then a shudder. "Runners. Breeding them." He laughs at Kiley. "Yeah. Maybe a long time ago. Now I'm just a brute and I let my girl take care of me."

Karona is ignoring talk of straps, and 'fun'. The woman smirks at Kiley. "Yeah, it doesn't take /smarts/ to become Weyrleader." though, she doesn't say any more, that might be /impolite/. Ahem. She hurriedly stuffs the marks back in her pocket, with a defensive, "So what if I am? It's a lot of marks, safest in my pocket." Her eyes go wide, and then she shoots a glare at K'ael, just briefly. "He is not! He's just a… a… a man who wants a sculpture. Probably for his weyrmate's weyr." she states, with a huff. "Besides… if he was, tough! He's not my type!" Hrmf.

Zip grins at the mention of straps and waggles her brows, "Oh.. well.. I'd not sma…err kiss and tell.." and she winks. She nods to her mate, "Oh right, her," she says, yes, she remembers. She mmm's and looks over her steak and then gets a piece of bread to nibble on as she looks to Karona, "What is your type?" she asks, her expression betraying her teasing tone. K'ael gets a smile, "That's right, I take care of my brute." Straps, blindfolds, whatever it takes.

Keziah snorts a little "Oh, yeah. It takes a head to become Weyrleader. Just not the one above the shoulders." she smirks a bit, she's a proddyish greenie, she ain't worried about offending. She's just stuck around the Weyr. She hmms a little "Well. Why don't you take part in it's construction? I mean. Think about it. There'd be so many good applications for is." A grin at Karona "Never let a mans love for you step in the way of makin' a good profit. Milk it and enjoy it, but never promise anything. Especially if he's not yer type. Sticky situation there, but a man in love will pay through the nose. Course, it can backfire and get kinda dangerous and all. So what kinda sculpture was it?" she asks as she dives into her food, savoring the lushy juiceness of the meat. She then grins at Zip "Good that ya do, someone needs to take care of him."

Kiley eyes K'ael as he gives the detail of the commission and her expression is purely skeptical, her gaze drifts to Karona for confirmation of this fact. Eyes blink at Karona even more, "wait? It doesn't?" Blink blink. The woman contemplates this but then drops it as there is no explanation and that is the safest route, apparently. The explanation of the rider and his reasoning for asking the crafter for a commission is met with a nod but she does not comment on it, after all, she knows nothing about these things. Blinking at Zip as she asks what Karona's type is and she drifts a little bit away, maybe trying to hide from such lines of questioning for herself. "Wait. What?" Keziah's statement has the prude woman staring at her with a bewildered look as she has /never/ heard this before. "That is true," the talk of computers calm her, "I think I will, after everything is settled with the Hatching. I'll see if something is going on in Landing if they're working for such a thing."

K'ael peers at Karona. It might be. And you don't want to anger the man that knows all your family secrets, right? Or who can burden your life with your siblings. He chuckles at her. "Hey, whatever. Just don't lose the bag, is all." The bronzer grins at Karona's defense of the rider who has commissioned her. He'll let Zip do any more prying, wraggling a brow at the brownie's last comment. There's a blink at Kezi. "Oi. Hey now, I -earned- my keep. And if you got a problem, you can talk to Sharix about it. Wherever she is." There's a chuckle at Kiley. "Might be delayed a bit further, if you impress."

Karona flushes, and focuses on feeding the little firelizards. "…I… uh… the marrying type is my type." And riders can't /get/ married. Though she doesn't sound too certain about her type - probably a good thing, because, if she were to impress, there'd be no marrying in her future. Keziah's advice has the smith raising her head, brow furrowing. "I don't… I mean, marks are good… but he's a person. With feelings. Ugh, feelings… but I don't… I couldn't /hurt/ him." A pause. "But he /doesn't/ feel that way. He doesn't!" Right. Denying the possibility, /that/ won't hurt any feelings? Silly woman. "I'm not going to lose the bag, sir." she assures K'ael. Very politely. She perhaps realises she's overstepped a bit, yes.

Zip looks at Keziah, "It might not be brains to become a Weyrleader but it takes more than flight sex to be a good one, and he was," she says, defending him, if in a sort of gentle manner. Yeah, she's pretty easy to read, adores her man. She smiles at Karona then shakes her head, "Well.. but you can have a weyrmate and have a family, just because it's not 'marriage' doesn't mean it has to be less meaningful," she comments then she grins at Kiley, "Yes, hatchings change everything.." she says, somewhat cryptically.

Keziah grins at Zip "Oh, I ain't sayin he wasn't a good one." she notes sweetly and then mms "This is some good meat. Your meat is a treat K'ael." she states as she slices into it some more and then nods along with Zip "Marriage is but a formality and all. Weyrmates can make commitments too. Just got extra options from time to time, and not always good ones, but hey." She spears another slice of cut meat and then gestures at Kiley "Iffen you Impress you will be busy, up to your ear hairs and more. But it be worth it and somethin ta keep in mind."

"Oh. Yes, right. Right." Kiley's cheeks flush at forgetting this fact, "but the fact that it is there is exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing if such a thing is being made yet. And if it is there, I want to see where it is and how I can help." Her gaze finds Karona for her answer and nods soundly in agreement for the type of men and then nodding even more as the woman goes on about feelings. "Computers don't have feelings." She repeats and this is something she has grown entirely grateful of recently what with all these emotions and feelings lately. Zip's cryptic comment of the Hatching does give her pause in her thoughts on computers and she nods somberly. "Of course.. It is rather frightening." Keziah also throws in her statement and the woman hmms softly, nodding thoughtfully. "No time for anything else but the dragon…"

K'ael doesn't get into how Karona might be out of luck come the hatching for getting married. However she might be able to find a like-minded rider. There were plenty of hold-breds who didn't much take to the weyr ways. "Well, it's good that you don't want to hurt his feelings. And if he likes your work maybe he'll come back for another commission." Or maybe it'll be just to see Karona? The bronzer pokes at Zip. "Well, my days as weyrleader are over anyways. Maybe wingleader though, that wouldn't be bad." The bronzer's inhaled his steak, and goes about cleaning up the mess he's made. "Anyways ladies, I should head back home for a bit. I'll be back in a couple of hours to pick up the jerky when it's dry. See you all later." The bronzer leans over to give Zip a kiss, then waves and excuses himself.

Karona furrows her brow slightly, and shakes her head. "My father's parents were married, together to the end. /My/ parents were weyrmated… and it ended… poorly." she says, suddenly not looking in K'ael's direction. "There's not, I… wait. Riders can be weyrmates, and have families, but riders are that busy? How can they have both?" she has to wonder, murmuring, "No wonder my mother fostered…" A moment of understanding, erased by a sharp shake of the head. "Bah." she mutters. "She didn't even /try/." she mutters. K'ael's departure is barely acknowledged, just a "Sir." of farewell as he passes.

Zip smiles at K'ael and then looks to the other ladies, "Well, everyone has to find their own way and their own happiness, I won't be fostering," she says then she starts putting things away that she got out, helping clean up. She kisses her weyrmate and nods, "I'll be right there, love," she says to him then watches him go before looking back to present company. "It's not always easy, no matter how you do it," and she looks down at her ring then smiles, "It's good to know what you want and what you don't," she says in general, trying not to step on toes then she heads out too, "See you guys later!"

Keziah head shakes a bit "No time for anything but dragon and learnin' and guttin and chopping up meat all nice and bloody and they just scarf it down, blood dripping down their gapping maws. Mmm." she bites into her steak "Take care K'ael, save some jerk fer me." she notes and then waves to Zip as well. She glances back at Karona "There's ways. Family can be a big help and all. Fostering's for some, but not for all. Mirai's with me. She was only with my famuily while I was a candidate and then a weyrling. "Fostering can be good too for learnin' new skills and the like."

Kiley nods a farewell to K'ael as he takes off, "sir." And that is her verbal one as well. She looks to Karona for her questions, thoughtful over them but not openly able to answer perhaps curious of the answers as well. Zip answer, however, does not really do much for the woman who seems more intent to know an exact answer but it appears there is none. So she does not press on, merely listening to what Keziah says and nods. "Weyrlings certainly are busy.. Feeding the dragons washing the dragons…" The list goes on but she leaves it there and listens to the talk of the greenrider's child with a thoughtful tilt of her head.

Karona frowns slightly, glancing down at her firelizards. "..it was my plan.." she murmurs quietly. "Make loads of marks, retire young, marry a nice older man, and raise a bunch of kids…" And yet, a hand raises to touch her white knot, almost stroking it. She sighs, and gets to her feet, firelizards fed to bursting just about. No reason to hang about on the floor. "I get that weyrlings are busy, of course they are, but… riders too? Splitting my time between a dragon and the forge, I'll never earn enough to retire." she realises, with a furrowed brow.

Kiley watches the other woman with a look of concern crossing her face, more so when she strokes the knot. She folds her arms and watches but says nothing for a moment as if considering the words. "Well, of course riders are.. But grown dragons can.. Mostly tend for themselves, I've heard." Her head tilts slightly, pressing together and she considers thoughtfully. "I didn't think that dragonriders could retire. But I really don't know too much about all this. I'll have to learn more." A deep breath is drawn, her gaze is cast upwards with a thoughtful furrow of her brow. "It'll work out, somehow. As long as you.. Enjoy yourself, right? As long as you enjoy what you do in life."

Karona raises an eyebrow at Kiley. "Of course they can retire. Having a dragon is not a job in itself, riders have actual work as well. My mother is a wingleader." There's a slight coldness on the word mother, but only brief. "Although… I don't know about the expenses incurred in riding… that might be a barrier to retirement. Having to keep up with dragon food costs, and the cost of leather, to make straps with." she has to admit, with a frown. "But… yes… everything will work out. The eggs will hatch, and… I'll be back in the forge, one way or another. The only difference will be how long it takes." So she's going the craftrider route if she impresses? Seems that way.

"Oh right, but…" She shakes her head, "never mind. I don't really understand everything yet… But I'll figure it out as I learn more." Her brow lifts for that tone that comes at the mention of mother but she doesn't bring it up at all. No stepping on toes from this woman and she certainly feels as if she has stepped on some already. Kiley fidgets just a tad as she comes to relax, casting a careful gaze towards the other woman. "I am sure it'll be enough in the end but why do you plan on retiring so soon? Unless you mean later?" Her head tilts back and she nods slightly. "It'll work out.." Her eyes find the other again and she smiles widely, "that is good that you'll keep up your craft. I will too, if I Impress."

Karona shrugs slightly. "I plan on retiring so I can raise a family. I plan on retiring /soon/, because I'm not getting any younger. I'm too old to stand again, after this clutch. If I don't impress, I won't impress. And if I don't start a family soon, I won't be able to start a family. I'll be too old." As for why she doesn't do that /and/ work, as so many seem to be able to do, she does have an answer: "My father had to move back to the Hall, not long before I went off to join the smiths. That… that was the beginning of the end. He went off to work, and never came back." she shakes her head slightly. "I don't want work to tear /my/ family apart." There was much more involved in that split than that, though, surely.

Kiley tilts her head as she listens to the woman's plans, shifting upon her feet and making to lean against something as she listens to the other. "That is true." This for the Impression but she lingers in her thoughts for a moment, before adding: "thirty is not too old to have children. You'll have ten or more turns until you'll be too old, depending. That's what the healers say, anyway." A breath is drawn and she listens to the woman's story and then nodding slowly as a frown works into her brow. "I see.. Some families are able to work through it. My parents are both crafters at Cove Hold and they have seven children including myself. I don't know what it takes, however." She offers an apologetic smile as she knows nothing more than that.

Karona tips her head slightly. "Exactly. Ten or more turns. To earn a stockpile of marks, /meet/ a guy, get married, and then have children. More than one child." When put that way, are ten turns even /enough/? Though really, it might be obvious that Karona has no idea what she's talking about, herself. "Anyway… that… that's the future. If I don't impress. Though I probably won't." she shrugs slightly. "I.. I like to have plans. Plans are good. Nothing should be left to chance, it makes me… uneasy." And yet, she accepted the white knot, which is all about chance.

Kiley mms softly, "then maybe you should see about visiting Holds, if you don't Impress and start meeting men who are wanting to get married. An interview of sorts so you can get to know whoever you meet and asses their.. Eligibility?" This is a soft, uneasy suggestion in which she is wary of offering up by the tone of her voice. She smiles finally and then nods her head, "we never know until it comes, right?" Brows lift before she considers the other woman and nods her agreement. "I like having plans.. It makes me feel more at ease. Having something to look forward to is great as well. But, we'll see, right? I hope you do."

Karona tips her head at Kiley. "Thanks… I wish you luck too, Weyr needs more riders with a bit of sense." Planning is good, yes. "I do plan to visit holds, eventually. Not yet. I need more marks first." she states, hand automatically going for the pocket with that marks pouch. "But, ah, I'm going on and on about me, how impolite…" And selfish! "Uh. How about you, what are your plans?" Plans? For what exactly? Anything? Possibly it's the only thing she could think to ask - she's not good at the 'social' thing.

"Thank you, I'm glad you think I've got sense." Kiley's smile grows wider and then she inclines her head in understanding. "Marks are what makes things flow." Sadly true, but she leaves it at that as the woman's hand lifts to the pocket, her gaze briefly drops there before quickly going up. "Oh, no. I really don't mind." Pause, "not that I mean that in an odd way or anything.. Not that I don't want to get to know you just nothing on a deeper level or anything. Friends is good." Foot in mouth syndrome and the woman takes a moment to clear her throat while her fingers twist at the bracelet on her wrist. "Ah.. Well. Computers, mostly. I want to see if they're working on a vocal computer, first. And to help with it. And if it hasn't? I want to start work on it, somehow."

Karona tilts her head at Kiley, brows knitting slightly. "Ah… right. Friends is good." she seconds, with a smile. "I suppose I really ought to try to get to know more candidates, some are going to be weyrlings together." A number which may or may not include herself. "Mm, vocal computers? Sounds interesting. Bit beyond me, but interesting. I'd like to take a look at computers, Eledri pops in the forge now and then to pick things up, it's got me intrigued." she admits. "If you need any smithing work done, I can suggest some folks. I'm not good with fiddly stuff, but I know smiths who are."

Kiley waves a hand once she frees it from the blanket, "sorry. I.. Just don't like talking about myself much at all.." Her smile grows a little awkward as she explains what, exactly, caused that foot in the mouth moment before she calms. "Yeah. I think it is good that we all get to know one another.. Just in case. We'll be stuck together for awhile longer if we end up Impressing together. It'll be good to have friends you know in such a situation." A smile curls upon her lips at the thought before it grows wider for the talk of the computer. "I think it would certainly be something that could help Pern as a whole, to progress forward in our electronics. AIVAS talked, after all.. We just need to figure out how." She quickly moves on and nods, "Eledri is good from what I've seen of him. Maybe if you want to learn a few things I can show you some? Only if you want, I wouldn't push." The offer for suggestions is met with a bright nod, "I'd love that. My brother is a smith but he never talks much about it, now." Her arm lifts to show the bracelet on her wrist, it is poorly made and obviously done by an apprentice. "He made this for me after he first left… He's my closest sibling."

Karona listens attentively to Kiley talking about the computer, nodding slightly. "Mmm, yes. It's been /done/, but to do it again? There's the challenge." she bobs her head. "I completely understand, there's so much I fear that's been lost on smithing over the turns, to regain even a fraction of what was once known…" she sighs, and shakes her head. "It would be nice to discover something brilliant, but I think that's for other people to do, not me. I could make runnershoes and buckles to my dying days, and be content with that." she admits. Not a very ambitious woman, when it comes to career - that doesn't fit her /plan/. She tilts her head at the bracelet, and smiles. "And all I made my brother were strap buckles. He's a rider, see. I don't think he even needed the buckles, it was an excuse to visit." she chuckles, fondly.

"Exactly.. To find out how to do it again would be /amazing/." And the thought leaves the computer crafter breathless, to be one of the ones to find how to work this technology again? Amazing. Cheeks flush in the excitement as Kiley slowly begins to refocus on the conversation. "Everything that we lost, if we could gain that back?" Her lips curl into a grin and she shakes her head, "anyone can strive for brilliant things.. Brilliant is all about who thinks of what they consider brilliant. But as long as you're happy?" The woman opens up, a lot more bright now that they're on a subject she relates better to: Crafts and computers. "I understand.. I wish I could make mine something. I really do miss him. It sounds like you two are close as well?"

Karona shrugs a little, and shakes her head. "Not really that close. He was just two when I moved to the craft hall. But we've kept in touch since he impressed, I suppose. I would like that, to be able to visit family whenever I pleased." she notes, with a nod. "That would be nice, my father gets so lonely." she says, shaking her head slightly. Poor old man. "Mmm, I suppose I am .. happy." she says, though she doesn't sound terribly certain. "Well, I'm not /un/happy…" That much she knows, at least. It's a start. "I don't… I don't really define myself by my craft. It's what I do, sure, but I don't plan to do it forever." And maybe /that's/ why she's so slow to progress? Lacks dedication? Quite probably. "It's just the first thing that struck my fancy, when I was twelve. I'd hate to think my entire life is driven by a choice I made as a kid. But, that's me. A lot of people seem to have deeper reasons for what they do. Like, you, with the voice computer." she says, tipping her head to Kiley.

"Ah.. Well, keeping in touch is good. It would be nice to just.. Go anywhere to see family whenever. I wonder why my sister doesn't visit me much." Pause. Kiley wrinkles her nose and murmurs a soft dismissal of that thought and then promptly continues onwards and promptly abandoning that thought. Her brow lifts at the woman's claim of being happy, questioning her with a single glance but then nodding when she amends that she is not unhappy. "Well.. Not being unhappy is good." Her nod is firm and sure for this fact and she smiles pleasantly as the woman continues on to describe her relation with her craft. "I see. Yes.. That makes sense." Her tone does not judge, she merely attempts to understand her fellow candidate and what she is feeling for the craft she works in. "I see, that is true that is unfair to trust your whole life for one decision you made when you were younger. But some just know. I was breaking a lot of our electronics in the Hold. I went willingly, however." The mention of the voice computer has her pondering the words before she nods in deeper understanding. "We all have some greater thing driving us, yes."

Karona frowns slightly. "Maybe my destiny is to impress?" she ventures, then shakes her head. "No, that's ridiculous." is her conclusion. "I've the same chance as any on those sands, maybe less, because I'm older. Dragons seem to prefer the young, if the contents of the barracks are any indication." The woman shrugs slightly. "Maybe crafting isn't for me, maybe I just need to find some nice holder man and settle down somewhere. I wish everything was so clearcut. My father often tells me he always wanted to be a harper. I smile and nod, and tell him I wanted to be a smith the same way, but that's just for his benefit." she frowns. "…yes. I think after the hatching, if I don't impress, I might take a break from the craft, visit some holds, see what comes of it."

Kiley wrinkles her nose, "I don't think I'd call it… Destiny. Definitely not destiny." She doesn't like that word, not at all, but she lacks a replacement. "We've all got a chance to do something,. And by greater thing driving us, I mean a greater goal in life. Something that makes us chose what we do in order to reach that goal. We both have a lot in front of us, though, because of the dragons… And then the craft we could to back to. And then with you how you want to marry and have children. That's what I meant, there's something we want to accomplish." Her head tilts with a smile, "I really want to work on that computer.." She sighs blissfully before quickly pulling back from those thoughts again and then considers the other woman. "That sounds interesting. Travel around Pern and seek a man that you would marry?" She pauses once more then questions, "did you not like the thought of being a harper as much a smith?"

Karona shrugs slightly. "Destiny isn't the right thing, I can't think of a better word though. That's really why I never became a harper - terrible way with words." she snorts. It's possibly meant to be a joke. "I just picked smith because it wasn't something my parents did. I want to be my own person, not just copy what they did because it's familiar." she shrugs slightly. "I don't even know if I /want/ to marry and have children. I just feel… family is missing in my life. My brother visits, but I barely know the man. My father and I write, but it's so hard to find the time to visit." And her mother doesn't even rate a mention, evidently. "I don't know, maybe I should hang out with Milo more. Half-brother is better than no brother."

"Right. Destiny is not the right word and I can't think of one either." They'd be terrible, terrible harpers, these two. A chuckle follows for the joke and the smile lingers on her lips. "I can understand that. Most of my siblings have picked something that our parents haven't done. I am the same, but all of us really followed a passion to want to learn something." Probably a trait from their harper mother, however. When the other woman confesses that she doesn't know if she truly wants that, she gives her a more examining look, pressing for more details before offering out. "You don't need to get married and to have children to fill your life with family.. You can connect with the members of your family that you want to associate with and keep up with them?" A smile comes in offering to this idea along with the shrug.

Karona frowns slightly. "Milo is the only family I've got in Xanadu, and he's just a kid. K'ael's boy. With my mother, obviously." she grimaces slightly, but doesn't seem to make a huge deal of it. "I'd like to see my father more, but he's all the way out at the Harper Hall. I used to keep a runner when I was posted at Fort Weyr, I'd visit him as often as I could. I suppose I could ask to be posted to Fort Hold, after the hatching, but Xanadu's forge is very nice. I am still a smith." It's a dilemma, but it seems like family has a larger pull, for the woman. Only a matter of time before the forge loses its lustre.

"Ah." There's a vague nod as she mentally connects pieces and places names and then possibly why the woman may not like her mother. Kiley doesn't press on that, simply listening to the woman as she explains what she wants and who she would visit more. "It doesn't mean you need to leave Xanadu. If you have rider friends, maybe they'd be willing to take you now and again to visit? The trip wouldn't take more than a day.. And they wouldn't have to stay the whole day. You could send a firelizard for when you're ready to go home or have a set time." The woman smiles just a little wider, "there's a lot of options if you consider them."

Karona tips her head slightly. "There are options, yes… A lot to think about." she agrees, furrowing her brow slightly. "I suppose now it's even more important I make friends with candidates." she realises. "I don't have any rider friends. Yet." There's her brother, but apparently he's not based at Xanadu, which makes things less than convenient. "Oh dear." she says, glancing to the door. "If you'll excuse me, there's a chatty candidate I think I ought to apologise to…" she says, though she doesn't make a move to leave just yet.

"That is the best solution to many things. To consider all options and what is available." Perhaps the computer crafter in her, finding ways to program things differently and to make things easier. Kiley considers the woman once more then nods, "friends are important at this time, most certainly." But she does not repeat what she said before, simply leaving at that and inclining her head in agreement. But her gaze is drawn to the door and then her own reasoning for coming having her remembering that she should take off for her free time if she wants to get anything done today. Her face does not reflect this, only lingering in that thoughtful expression. "Of course! I won't keep you here any longer."

Karona tips her head slightly at Kiley. "Good luck with the voice computer thing. And the white knot thing." she adds, with a grin. "And thanks, for listening. I can ramble on a bit. It's how I work through my thoughts." she admits, looking sheepish. "Right. Off I go." she states needlessly, as she's already walking towards the exit. "See you round!" she calls back, as she leaves.

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