Firelizards on the Beach

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Eirwyn is sitting poised over her eggs, watching them carefully as they start to move. She's humming, a little softly at first, but it begins to crescendo as the movements become more and more noticable. Keziah is there keeping watch and she's come prepared to pawn the little stomachs off on people. She'd gotten some meat scraps from the kitchen so their should be plenty

Morlanol watches intently, sparing a smile for Keziah, "This was quick, I thought people usually knew."

Little Master Egg starts to roll around a little, knocking up against another egg and then yet another. It's almost as if it's trying to tell them to do something and not do something itself.

Keziah smiles at Morl and shrugs "I've been busy and then Eirwyn quite pointedly let me know." She rubs her ear a little "She can be such a pain." Literally. "Sometimes. Take soem meat scraps. I ain't gettin' saddled with any of these."

Morlanol glances around, "Y' think anyone else'll come? I's pretty empty. An' I certainly don' wan' all o' 'em." Still, he grabs some meat, glad that Agate is recently asleep and shouldn't interfere with the hatching any.

Keziah laughs "You don't?" she asks with a smirk "Oh but think about it, all those mouths to feed?

Little Master Egg seems almost fed up with the others and starts to crack, or perhaps it's all the rocking against the others. Well whichever it is…

The Little Master Egg starts to crack, slowly, the lines seeming to seep around the surface until it all just falls apart, leaving the small little green in it's pieces.

Pituatary Green Hatchling
Though she's just a little bit of a thing, this petite firelizard puts on quite the show in her stance and demeanor. As if she's the master of all. Course, she's just as likely to be sweet and biddable as well. This personality seems almost to fit with her coloring as well. There is a decided split in colors, from a deep forest green on her anterior end to a pale, spring green on the posterior end. And almost bisecting her down the middle, the two colors merge briefly to form an almost olive color.

Unconcious Egg starts to move a little itself, seeing as it's sister sort of woke it up and all. So it wobbles some and shudders a little.

Morlanol startles as the green hatches, then quickly becomes fascinated with her unique coloring, not offering her food, simply staring.

Pituatary Green Hatchling gives herself a bit of a shake and then looks around as she sits up, one bit of shell still hanging off of her by a bit off goop. She gives a little yawn and stretches out her wings some and then lets out a startling creel of hunger. She's then staggering and looking around for food.

Late afternoon is a little breezy on the beach, as the sun starts on the long march down to sunset. Fluffy clouds are one of his favorite parts of weather, so down the beach comes Rhasmir, eyes narrowed, thoughtful. This seems to be the norm, these days, however, the Trader rarely stopping to speak as he goes about his day. On his shoulder is a young brown firelizard who watches their area with wary eyes, though he can't be more than a few sevendays old he looks like he's prepared to take on the world. Or maybe just keep Rhas from smashing into — "Whoops!" He skips to one side before he can bowl over Keziah, ending up on his rump, with the young firelizard flapping about in the air and screeching. "Shells." Blink. "Sorry, Keziah. Didn't — didn't see you at all." Oops.

Keziah lets out a yelp as the world comes crashing down around her. Oh wait, it's a Rhasmir. Not quite the world then "I know I'm little and all, but shards. I ain't that little." She watches the brown and then eyes Rhas "Lucky you didn't end up in the meat scraps." Course she had shoved it over Morl's way. "Least I don't have to ask you to take a seat." she notes with a snicker."

The eggs themselves are starting to get a little more mobile and the Unconcious Egg seems to be wobbling all the more while the Connective Tissue egg is also making some moves.

Pituatary Green Hatchling is making steady progress across the beach, though the wind coming in off the water makes her turn towards that way as she smells something interesting out there.

Morlanol absently takes the bowl from Keziah, spilling some meat on the sands as he does so.

Keziah may have had to run off, but the eggs are certainly still there and though the Pituatary Green hatchling may have wondered off towards the water, one splash sent her back towards the eggs and hopefully some food

Morlanol spills some meat unwittingly on the ground, as he re-locates the bowl

The Unconcious Egg shifts a little and then starts to crack straight down the middle, splitting the shell lengthwise into two hemispheres and causing the wet firelizard to fall gracefully to the ground.

Cerebellum Bronze Hatchling
Shades of white swirl around in ever folding lines, casting the bronze hide into a muted gray creating a distinctive pattern along his hide. For the lines seem almost to join and there's a subtle yet noticeable variation on one side of his body from the other, as if splitting him into two. There's a smoothness to his shape, from a gently rounded head and slim neck, down to gentle curving of his torso and a suppleness to his forked tail.

Cerebellum Bronze Hatchling is tired of this spot it seems and something seems to almost kick it from within…

Vivian is out running, one of the only reasons she comes down to the beach and it's as she's padding along near the waterline that she almost trips over the little green. "Shells what the shard are you doing down there." She jumps and lands further on, turning to look at the green. "You're too little to be out here." She murmurs looking round and spotting that dratted miner again with a grimace of distaste.

Pituatary Green Hatchling lets out a shriek as the giant comes at her and she actually takes flight, skimming along the sands and then suddenly she spots her the other hatchling and she lets out another shriek, at him now as Cerebellum Bronze sits there looking a little startled and then he spots the food in the sand. He's picking himself up, and without the awkwardness of most newly hatched he's making his way over. The green doesn't seem to like that and zips after the meat herself.

Morlanol grabs a handful of meat before pushing the bowl towards the spoiled snot. He didn't figure she'd ever impress a dragon with her attitude, so he thought he'd let her have a chance at flits. His own handful of meat he holds out before him, towards the bronze flit, making soft whistling noises as he does so.

Vivian sighs as the bowl is pushed towards her. "Just make sure they're fed and see what happens." She murmurs softly, a rare gentle tone coming from the spoiled brat. She walks softly across the sands towards the clutch, a larger golden form appearing in the sky above her head that circles round and lands on Vivians shoulders, her tail wrapping itself down across her chest as it curls round her neck to peer down at the clutch offering up a reassuring croon to the hatchlings.

Cerebellum Bronze Hatchling has paused a moment at the sound of the whistling and looks around. Pituatary Green hatchling takes advantage of the opening and snatches at the meat that's laying ont he sand, half swallowing a piece and flitting off with the other half hang lose, trying to get it down in one gulp, but it's not working.

Jessamin makes her way down to the beach, carrying her sewing basket and a small bag full of fabric scraps. Her expression is somewhat more somber than usual, though the trilling of her two firelizards appears to comfort her somewhat. It is the change in their song that alerts her. "Huh? Oh my… the clutch…" Her eyebrows go up, as she glances around, assessing the current situation. "Anybody need meat? I've got a little bit I keep with me for Turquoise, and he just ate a little while ago."

Rogawani is a half-step behind Jessamin, seeming thoughtfully distracted up until the point that the other candidate starts to talk. He blinks, pausing in his step to notice young firelizards around. "Oh, shards. I've got enough flying mouths." He says with amused fondness, and raises his hands as if making a show of not wanting any part of impressing any of the hatchlings. Instead, the boy heads over towards his favorite, flat-surfaced rock, a small distance away from the attention the eggs are creating. There, he plants his butt, and watches, curious.

Xhaine always seems to be in the thick of things no matter where that happens to be, but as a Harper, well… he gets around, in more ways than one. Having been sent to Xanadu to take a gander at the eggs on the sands for the purpose of record-taking, he decided to procrastinate his departure a bit. Therefore, he's taking his time with a nice stroll on the beach, although with the ruckus of a firelizard hatching to draw his attention, well, it's only natural for him to go see what's going on, no?

Vivian looks down at the bronze when it looks up at Aine, she nudges the bowl of meat towards it with her bare foot to get it out of her way before she kneels down on one knee. "Hey there handsome." She murmurs to the little guy. Aine remains wrapped round her shoulders offering up those encouraging croons to the pair of hatchlings.

Pituatary Green Hatchling manages to choke one of the pieces of meat down. Hacking a little and then she gives her head a shake. Oh, would you look at that. She looks around at the gathering people, not at all frightened, least not after the last tried to run her down inadvertantly. She surveys all as if she owned them and then opens her mouth and lets out a sharp creel. Feed me!

Vrizana is taking her time exercising her new racer's legs along the beach. He's a beautiful bay named Canis Major, and in fact Vrizana seems content to let the sea breeze flutter the strands of her long, black hair and his own. Upon spotting the group centered around some flits, she chuckles and makes her way towards them. She's not really looking for a new flit, but she doesn't mind watching the little spectacle either. Off in the surf, there's a pod of dolphins playing. One of those is her parnter, Icthyis, who is fully content to do his own thing. Once close to the little mob, she dismounts and drop-ties her runner a bit off. "Having a bit of a birthing-day party are we?" she asks with mild amusement.

Jessamin bursts out laughing at the green's imperious nature, her earlier somberness washed away. "Oh my… would you look at that. A green who thinks her hide is gold." She chuckles softly, finding a spot on the sand nearby and sitting down cross-legged; she sets down her sewing things to one side, pulling a small container of meat from the unoccupied pocket of her apron. "Good thing you just ate, Turquoise. Don't you worry…" She scritches the little blue's eyeridges gently. "…I'll get you some more meat shortly."

Cerebellum Bronze Hatchling eyes his clutch-sister and shakes his head a bit at her it seems. Course, he's still without food, but he's not going to kill himself getting some. He yawns a little and then moves off again, looking at the couple with food, in in hand and the other foot? No, bowl. Well. He again, walks smoothly off into that direction.

Vora looks hopefully about at the small firelizard eggs. As her first true experience out of her sheltering, sweltering parents' hold, she is anxious, fearful, and excited all at once. She spots the woman on a beautiful bay runner, a racer by the looks, and she is awed. So many people!

Long Tailor Egg starts to shift around even has its mother Eirwyn, continues with her humming. It sort of shifts here and there, not seeming to be quite sure what to do and then all of a sudden

The Long Tailor Egg cracks in an ever spiraling seam and then suddenly bursts out with a ribbon of a hatchling that's left sitting there looking slightly perplexed.

Sartorius Brown Hatchling
Long and lanky this slightly reddish brown firelizard seems almost more ropelike than a properly proportioned firelizard. Though he's not the largest of browns, his thin look makes him seem longer than he really his. His head, more a pointed wedge, has streaks of brownish white, that continues down the thin neck, across his torso and down to his forked tail, giving him a literal muscular look.

Morlanol whistles softly, holding out one gob of his handful of meat towards the hatchlings, speaking softly, "C'mere li'tle ones. Y'll be safe an' fed here."

Vivian shakes her head a touch as everyone starts to arrive. She takes a piece of meat from the bowl and dangles it towards the little bronze, "Idiot, I'm pushing an entire bowl towards you and you still want fed by hand." She holds it out to him with a sigh, her eyes though are wary she's well aware of how nippy these things can be if you're not paying attention and she has no intention of losing fingers or toes to him.

Vora fades out, mentally, for a moment, looking across the water. So much like her home… oh, will she ever escape that oppressive place? Back to the hatching; oh! A small egg has hatched. What a lovely brown, she thinks. She yearns for a moment, envious of those who already have these lifetime-little-friends of their own. Miniature dragons? Oh, perhaps not. Vora settles herself a few meters from the activity of the hatching - close enough to observe and (perhaps) to be seen, but far enough that she will not intrude.

L'ar begins to get curious, without realising it he has stepped further into the throng of things. Slowly he begins to rummage in his pockets, for anything edible he might be able to offer - as that seems to be what people are doing. With nothing found he looks around for something he might be able to offer. He soon forgets this as his eyes watch the different hatchings doing different things.

Leaning forward a bit, Rogawani pulls a small pad of paper out from the messenger bag at his shoulder. It's a bag that has been mostly empty these days, except the few times he's had to run errands as a candidate. He glances up just once to let out a low whistle, amazed by the number of people that a firelizard hatching such as this manages to bring out of the woodworks. "So very glad I finished my meal serving duty today, otherwise I might have had a very busy rest of the day." Taking the pencil to his pad of paper, he begins to write, or sketch, it's hard to tell which. "Anyone know who the clutch belongs to?" He asks, just curious, tapping the tip of the pencil against the page, as if not sure what to put there.

Vora stands, brushing her pants off hastily, and creeps over to Vivian. She taps her nervously on the shoulder. "Oh, dear, I do not mean to intrude, to be so bold, but may I -perhaps- grab a few pieces of that meat? You see, I'm so forgetful and… but…" She trails off and peers down at the hatchlings with a hopeful look in her large eyes. "Oh! You must let me have a few pieces. I would be ever so greatful and I'd love you for always." She gives Vivian a brilliant smile, so strange from one so meek and dark. "I'm Vora, by the by."

Pituatary Green Hatchling shifts her muzzle around and then reaches up with a hind claw as if she'd gotten something stuck in her maw. Which indeed she did, for out comes a stringy bit of meat that sticks to her toes. Now wait a minute here. She chitters at it and then eats it off her toes, sand and all.

Jessamin opens the container of meat in her hands; it's about half-full, and the chunks already nicely sized for tiny firelizard maws. She glances at the hatchlings, offering each one a little smile. Hmmmm… seems the bronze is already heading another way. The green? Who knows. She chuckles softly, espying the little brown. "Now aren't you just the little cutie." She plucks a piece of meat from the container, looking back to the green. "I suppose one could say you've got grit, little one." She chuckles softly to herself, waiting a minute or two longer, to see what will become of the other eggs yet present… and to see which way the hatchlings go.

Cerebellum Bronze Hatchling eyes the bowl disdainfully, to eat out of it like a common mongrel? Oh the shame of it all. He looks up at Vivian, of course, fed by his own personal… hmm pet? Well, that might be more suiting. And then there's the other and he back steps a couple. BUt there's the handful of meat.. oh what to do, what to do.

Xhaine realizes it's a firelizard hatching, and comes closer. Then he hears something about a birthday. "Ah, who's the lucky one having a birthday?" he asks, raising his eyebrows around at the group, reaching for his gitar that is slung over his back. "Maybe I can come up with something…. suitable." he glances at the firelizards hatching, raising an eyebrow. "Or maybe I'd better not, who knows what music might do to the hatchlings. They might all decide they love me and swarm me. Happens all the time with girls." he winks at several prime specimens nearby.

Sartorius Brown Hatchling twists his neck one way and then the other, working the kinks out of it. It was tight in the shell. He then stretches himself out nose to tail, and then wiggles his wings. And then he sits up and falls over backwards. Whoops. Not used to be able to actually move. He gives a little creel of dismay.

L'ar has a moment of feeling cheeky and as he looks around the group he asks lightly. "Would anyone have some chunks of meat I could use?!" He gives a light shrug then adding. "If someone has more to spare.. I didn't bring anything with me." its said loud enough for anyone to hear if they want to. He scans the group before his eyes slip back to the 3 hatchlings and the remaining eggs.

Vivian doesn't react to Vora's presence at all at first, but Aine, a large gold firelizards is curled across her shoulders where Vora taps and the gold hisses suddenly in warning. "The bowl is there, I'm not using it." She growls ever so sweetly so as not to frighten the little bronze. "Take it or lose it." She tells the bronze, "I'm not caring if you want to starve or stay, the choice is yours." Her words aren't so nice, but the tone is musical sweetness in itself.

Morlanol holds out the piece of meat, still trying to send calm, welcoming thoughts to the hatchlings, though it's hard to hide his excitement. He whistles softly, aiming his attentions more at the bronze and the brown than the green subconsciously. He absently points towards the bowl of meat, his focus on the fire lizards.

Cerebellum Bronze Hatchling is staring at Viv and then the bronze seems to almost shrug…

Cerebellum Bronze Hatchling looks into Vivian's eyes. Impression!

Vora backs away in confusion from the beautiful young woman, shaking her head pitifully. Were it another situation, she may have backed down and away instantly, but in this case, she shrugs outwardly - inwardly, cringing, of course. She gives Vivian a long, slow look, then leans over and picks out a few pieces of the meat. She pulls one of the pieces out and pushes it towards the little Brown. Seeing his distress, she automatically moves to right it, lightly, with two fingers. She pushes him upward with one hand and nudges the meat toward him with another.

Connective Tissue Egg is shifting and actually rolls into Eirywn who only nudges lovingly at the egg. She doesn't pause in her humming in the slightest. Though it does intensify some.

Rogawani sighs to himself, realizing that answers probably aren't going to be coming with everyone so concentrated on the hatchlings. He reaches down and unties a small pouch from his belt, tossing it once in his hands before rising, taking a step forward to stand closer to the foreign rider, L'ar. "Here. I keep these for mine when I'm doing training, should work well enough." He offers the pouch out, containing a few bits of fresh-ish meat. "Filled it just after the last meal." After that, the boy bows out, not seeming all that interested in adding another lizard to his collection. His eyes do stray towards the creeling brown for a moment, though, shaking his head.

Sartorius Brown Hatchling lets out a shrill creel as the fingers come at him and he goes as if to bite them and rolls and skitters away from the invasiveness before he's even actually touched and seems to run right into Jessamin with a startled creel.

Thea walks down the beach, drawn by the noise rather than repelled by it for once. She spots the group and smiles a little to herself. Not so hard to figure out what's going down. She edges closer, but not close enough to get caught by another flying stomach. She'll just watch. Xhaine's comment reaches her. "You could play mood music?" She waves a hand at the noisy crowd. "Something to cover this?" She steps round a few people to stand near Rogawani. "Are you going to try for another?"

Tiny cracks appear along the surface of the Connective Envelope Egg, and then the cracks broaden and split and then suddenly there's a brown sitting there with a shell sitting atop his head as the egg seems to practically dissolve with the exception of that one piece.

Faschia Bronze Hatchling
Shades of reddish-bronze are broken up what seems to be a layer of milky white that wraps around, thicker in some parts, thinner in other. All seemingly endless, just layers upon layers as it wraps around this wiry firelizard. From his knobby head down to his broad torso and all the way around his tail to the forked end, leaving that almost white.

Vrizana rolls her near-violet eyes at Xhaine's words. "Go on, then," she tells him drolly. "I meant that it was THEIR day," she tells the Harper, nodding towards the hatching flits. Moving towards the bowl of meat that's on the sands, she nods to both Vivian and Vora, crouches to take up some meat between her fingers, and then remains there. She moves gracefully, though. It seems as if the hatchlings are well distracted, and yet she merely dangles her strips of meat towards them with little wiggles. They'll come if they want. If not, then she's not too fussed by it.

Morlanol gasps aloud as he sees the gorgeous new bronze hatchling appear. That egg had caught his eye from the start and now it was revealing a bronze that seemed like a perfect match for his little blue. He inches towards the bronze, whistling and humming quietly as he holds the meat out towards the newest addition to the hatching circle.

Jessamin meeps, looking down at her knees. "Poor thing, got a bit of a scare, didn't you?" So did Turquoise, by the sound of it; the little blue chirrups indignantly at being bumped in its little quilted pocket nest, two wingtips and its little nose peeking out. "Turquoise, be nice. Really!" She is bumped enough where the container of meat falls from her hand to the sand, right near the little brown. "Oh shards, the little guy's going to choke on all that…" She immediately plucks a piece from the container, holding it near the brown hatchling's maw. "Come on, you… let's get you out of harm's way, hmmm?"

From somewhere L'ar managed to get some pieces of meat, which he is thankful for. As one hatchling impresses he gives a thumbs up to Vivian, before he finds that he is getting engrossed in the hatching around him. Soon he is holding a piece of meat in the palm of his hand. Wondering how best to go about this, he again looks about the group and eventually sits down in the sand. Crossing his legs he then leans forward (no mean feat considering his portly stomach) and rests the back of his hand on the sand, the meat sat in the centre of his palm. He then keeps perfectly still.

Vora sighs at the little brown, speaking with a soft, almost-hurt voice, "I was only trying to help, little one." She turns to the new bronze, giving it another go. With an even quieter voice, "Oh dear one, don't reject me." Vora nudges a piece of meat towards him, her fingers trembling ever-so-slightly. With an imperceptive shake of her head, she moves her heavy bangs away from her bright green eyes. Out of her peripheral vision comes Morlanol. A competition, is this? No. She gives Morlanol a smile, then directs it on the little one, toning the show of teeth down a bit.

Pituatary Green Hatchling watches as her brother finds someone to feed him. Well, that isn't right. She lets out another sharp creel and stomps the ground a little with her feet. and then there's a look around. Oh wait. What's that over there? She seems to have spied something and is starting to move that way…

Vivian lowers her hand down when the little guy takes the food from her, her other hand reaching for the bowl to grab up a fistful of meat. The bronze climbs up onto her hand as she dangles another piece in just the right place to tease him in so she can lift him up and cradle him closer to her. Aine for her part, stops glaring at Vora to instead pay attention to the little bronze, crooning at him as if he were her own. "Don't ever touch uninvited again." She tells Vora with a poisonous glare as she stands up and takes a few steps back away from the clutch.

Rogawani steps back from the group, shrugging as he re-attaches the pouch to his belt. He swings the pad of paper in one hand, glancing down at the few little words he'd managed to place on the page. He looks back towards the comfort of his rock, and then turns to head for it, only to end up distracted by Thea. "Oh, all the excitement brought you down, too?" He asks, and then shakes his head. "I was hoping it would be quiet for once." Admitting this much, Ro' just smirks, standing closer to the goldrider as he shrugs his shoulders. "Nah, I've got three. Not sure I need any -more- work than I already get. You people are slave drivers you know."

Faschia Bronze Hatchling sits there and she gives his head a shake. Something ain't right and he twists and turns and throws his head around, trying to dislodge the shell from atop his head. And then there's a sigh.

Sartorius Brown Hatchling sees the meat fall and is just about to pounce when there's a nother and hey, no sand on it either. Well now…

Sartorius Brown Hatchling looks into Jessamin's eyes. Impression!

Inferior Storage Egg moves only slightly, but the ruckess around it seems to invigorate life into it as something more starts to happen.

The Inferior Storage Egg bursts apart with an exposive splatter of greenish egg-goo, leaving a rather wet and slightly smelling hatchling in its wake.

Gallbladder Green Hatchling
A deep green permeates the hide of this rather large green, dripping down her broad head and narrow muzzle until it seems almost black, Along her sinewy neck it fades from the near black to more of a forest green. Her large chest is speckled with flecks of yellow green and become more streaked along her belly until her forked tail is yellowish green down at the end.

Xhaine always has some kind of meat on hand, it's required equipment when you've got firelizards that may or may not want to get their food from /you/ whenever they want it rather than going to hunt it themselves. Of course, Xhaine's only got dried meat, but that's ok. "I think I'll put a hold on the gitar for now." he remards, stepping forward and pulling the small bag with the jerky out of his pocket. "So, how's everyone this delightful day?" he asks conversationally.

Vora gives Vivian a look that is a mix of confusion and then, dismissal. Where can one get in life with such abrasiveness? Vora tilts her head at the little bronze, crooning. "Oh, what a beautiful lovely you are. Do you know? Perhaps you do. Oh, I hope you do. Oh, yes," all the while she gently removes the shell from the top of his head with thumb and forefinger. Her hair falls before her luminous eyes once again, but she does not bother to remove it, instead focusing on the young bronze flit. Her ears redden as she realizes she may be intruding on Morlanol's chance, but she continues on, hopeful that perhaps he will… just… let her… remove this egg shard.

Morlanol continues to whistle and humm to the Faschia bronze as he gently reaches out with one hand and ties to move the chunk of eggshell off of it's head

L'ar has decided to keep as still as he can, but some sand has landed on his knees when he sat down, and he cannnot just leave it there. L'ar is someone who has to have everything as neat and tidy as possible. For a moment he is distracted because he is removing the sand, before he suddenly realises why he was sat on the floor in the first place. As an impression is made and another hatching emerges he has to take a moment to catch up with all that is hapening. After a moment he manages to keep his hand stable once again, keeping it relaxed and flat on the sand.

Vora moves her face toward Morlanol in startled surprise as they both reach for the shell. Quietly, she murmurs, "May I? Oh please, may I?" But her thumb and forefinger already grasp the shell. She is quite determined, but she worries the inside of her cheek with her teeth. How bold she is being today!

Pituatary Green Hatchling continues to move carefully and then all of a sudden she's pouncing on the meat, one better hope she doesn't take any hand with it as well…

Pituatary Green Hatchling looks into L'ar's eyes. Impression!

Faschia Bronze Hatchling lets out a loud and piercing shrill as the hand comes over him and pulls at the shell. He hisses and scoots away and shakes his head and glares accusingly at the girl as if to say, that hurt. It was stuck after all. He then backs away and oh wait, what's the humming noise? Certainly doesn't sound like mother.

As it had taken L'ar a moment to sort the sand out, and to get himself back focused on the hatching, he is rather shocked to then have the meat snatched from his hands. A Wine in the distance notes the time when impression is made and L'ar grins broadly at the proud and rather bold green. "Well!" is all he comments as he makes best use of the meat he had been given and encourages the green to stay on his hand and then to get comfortable.

Oily Egg isn't about to be left all along with no one but mother for company. Not that she's hasn't been good company, but well, can't it get a bigger room?

The Oily egg begins to crack in many different places, the egg starts to ooze out a greasy looking substance just prior to shattering and sending fluids everywhere. Though much still remains on the brown hatchling that sprawls.

Sebaceous Brown Hatchling
While average in size, this light brown firelizard isn't quite average in looks. For he seems to have a slightly hirsute look to him although it's only an illusion caused by the thin streaks of dark browns and some reds that line the surface of his hide. The seem to flow back from his wedge shaped head and thicken along the back of his neck and chest, though the thin out again along the rest of his torso and his tail. His hide also seems to have a sheen to it. A glistening that gives him an oiled and slightly greasy look.

Jessamin is a-crawl with crooning, creeling firelizards; Madder dances back and forth atop her left shoulder, trumpeting triumphantly as the newest little brown finds a safe haven in the crook of her arm. Turquoise crawls out of his little quilted nest, nudging gently at the tiny brown—and chirruping indignantly as his snout becomes egg-wet. The little brown just creels loudly, eyes whirling red with hunger. Jess grins to herself, reaching for a piece of meat from the fallen container. "Okay, okay, breakfast. Come on, now, just eat sl… hey, that's my finger!"

"Slave drivers. We do our best." There's a smug tone to Thea's words as she answers Rogawani. She shakes her head to his question, though. "No, I was really hoping for a quiet walk myself." She notes Jessamin's new hatchling with a bit of a wink. "Make sure you take some meat to the Barracks tonight, Jessamin. You'll need it later." There's so much going on, it's hard to see what else is happening.

Morlanol takes his hand back quickly, not meaning to startle the little bronze. With his other hand he reaches forward a few gobs of meat, continuing to humm and whistle softly to the faschia bronze, while sending thoughts of safety and welcome.

Vivian has managed to get this far in life by dint of who her parents are. She does however continue to back away from the group who have gathered around the clutch like flies round She pads away quietly on bare feet, the bronze getting the best hug on the beach as she cradles it to her chest while she feeds it. Between the food, the cozy nest of Viv's chest and Aine chirping cheerfully at the little bronze it's not long before he's fast asleep and Viv is walking off to find some oil for him waking up.

Vora croons down at the little bronze with worry. She seems to have no luck with these small hatchinglings, afterall. "Oh, don't be like that, dear one." Her eyes crinkle up in the corners with worry, but the do not tear up as they may have at one point. She flicks her little piece of meat at the bronze hopefully, as a sort of peace offering. "Would you please forgive me?" Her voice is low and sing-song. Her hair falls further in front of her face as she leans forward ever so slightly.

Gallbladder Green Hatchling looks around a little. She's shaking one foot and then the other and oh look. It's feet. Wow. She chitters at her feet, but well they don't answer back at all. Well, what a shame. She then looks around and finds much of her clutch gone and then there's a soft trill. Ooo, did she do that?

Sebaceous Brown Hatchling stays sprawled on the sand and in fact seems to be looking at it a bit, his head tilting one way and then the other. How odd. So small. He gets up and then lets out a squeak as some of the sand comes with him. Hey now!

"I'm sure you do. You probably have conferences deciding what best way to torture us on any particular day." Rogawani continues his musings on the evils of the folks who run the weyr, only sometimes glancing towards the hatchlings. It takes him a while to relaize that the last of the eggs has hatched. "Maybe it will quiet down once they've all bonded out to someone. See, there's no eggs left, just hatchlings." He notes and then rubs at the back of his neck slightly, just waiting for the chaos to die down, it seems. "I'll grab a tray of meat from the kitchens and leave it in the barracks. I'm sure there's enough candidates with new lizards to need it."

Faschia Bronze Hatchling hisses again at the girl and then there's meat. Lovely, fresh meat. He skreeches and attacks the meat, trying to wrap himself around it before swallowing it.

Faschia Bronze Hatchling looks into Morlanol's eyes. Impression!

For a moment L'ar does not know what to do. He does not want to disturb the young green yet he does want to stand and get out the way. "Oh you Eejit, Sisketh ain't going to like that you realise.." the green does not seem to but the mumbled statment makes him chuckle. "Come on you lovely Eejit.." and finally he works out how to stand and slowly steps back looking now only at the beautiful olive green rather than anything else around him.

Vora is distracted by the antics of the small green, chuckling. What a cheerful little thing! The same color as her own eyes, what a coincidence! She uses her free hand to offer a small chunk of meat to the green as well. "What lovely little things you are! Such personality you have." She twitters at the two little hatchlings. As the Bronze is Impressed by Morlanol, a twinge of envy and disappointment clouds her bright eyes, but Vora moves on. This little green, perhaps? Oh, one of these MUST be meant for her. Or perhaps only more rejection awaits. In any case, "Congratulations," she says to Morlanol with a wry, but genuine, smile.

Jessamin looks over at Thea, a rueful smile upon her face as she nods. "Oh believe me, I know. Madder and Turquoise trained me pretty well." As she pops another piece of meat into the little brown's mouth, she turns her gaze towards Vora, smiling. She nods towards the little green, addressing Vora. "Go on, go for it. You can do it."

Morlanol smiles broadly as he slowly picks up the little bronze, continuing to feed it as he goes. He walks a few steps away, dropping a few gobs of meat as he does so.

"It's what I dream about at night," Thea grins at Rogawani before spying Morlanol's new task master. "Heya Morlanol, you've your work cut out for you now." Back to Rogawani, "Would you do that? I'd appreciate it. Won't have to be shooing Candidates out of the Caverns all night." There's a nod to Jessamin and a look of approval.

Sebaceous Brown Hatchling tries to knock the sand off himself and doesn't seem to have much like as it sticks to the the goo on him. He gives up and looks around. Well. Now what? He watches as some of his clutch mates get fed and then he creels. That's it! Food!

Gallbladder Green Hatchling is still fascinated by everything around her, that is until her clutch brothers creel gets her attention? What? Ooo look at everybody. She gives a delicate trill and then hops a couple of steps. Hey, where's he going. She watches the brown and cocks her head a little. Then her stomach awakens and it hits her and she cries out loudly for food herself.

Xhaine watches the firelizards hatch, and eyes the dried meat he's got, and then the fresh meat being handed out. "I wouldn't want to eat this either if I were a baby firelizard." he mutters, stuffing it back in his pocket. Actually, what he'll do now is sit down and start tuning his guitar quietly so as not to disturb them.

"Why does that not surprise me?" Rogawani chuckles, raising one eyebrow to look at the weyrwoman incredulously. He gives up on the pad of paper, placing it back into his messenger bag, folding his arms over his chest to look at the remaining firelizards and those who have already gone off with their new 'pets'. "Mmm. Not a problem. I'm sure the ladies in the kitchens would prefer not being barged in on, too. Saves them the trouble." He's been working in the kitchens a lot lately, and luckily most of them have learned to keep him away from the food after the whole cupcake incident. "Besides, I won't get any sleep if there's creeling lizards up all night. It's bad enough with the snoring."

Vora as the sun hits the small green, Vora's eyes widen. "Oh, you're not the color of my eyes at all! What a lovely dark green. Like… a forest." She hears Jessamin, "I hope you're right." She nudges the piece of meat a bit closer to the green. "You're a big, beautiful girl. How bold, how graceful, how… comical." Vora smiles to herself. Perhaps this humorous one would be more suited after all. Well, things always seem to find their way into a nice little niche of correctness. "Here here, food for you! Oh darling." She tries Morlanol's method and hums softly.

Sebaceous Brown Hatchling is distracted by some noise, no wait, that's not quite noise. Is it? He cocks his head a little, first one way and then the other and momentarily forgets about his stomach. What is that sound?

Gallbladder Green Hatchling is distracted by something shiny in the sand. Oh wait, it's the sand again. Wow. Sparkly. Then after a moment her attention is caught by something else. She hears something as well, but it must be something different than her brother since she's going in a different direction then him.

Vora looks down at the brown. He seems to be listening… to what? To her? If only she could be sure. She looks down at the brown. "What do you hear, youngling? Aren't you two hungry?" She hums a bit louder, to see which little flit goes toward what.

Vrizana chuckles softly and sets the meat back into the bowl. She takes out a small kerchief to dry off her bloodied hands, shaking her head softly at the antics of the flits. Rising to her feet, she turns and makes her way around the group with a patiently amused expression. She has one green flit. "Should've brought my daughter and son here," she admits to nobody in particular. "They need a good dose of responsibility."

"Because the Barracks have stolen Enkavir from me and I am now in the mood to torment?" Thea laughs back to Rogawani while watching the chaos upon the sand. she steps back a few paces as the action seems to spread out. "I think I'll continue my walk in a less hazardous area. See ya." And she heads off don the beach.

Xhaine notices a firelizard that may or may not be approaching him, and finishes tuning his gitar. Really, it wasn't that much out of tune. Raising an eyebrow, he starts playing his gitar a little louder, not any song in particular, just a recurring theme with a little tricky playing, in 5/4 time.

Keziah is heading up the beach herself, she's wet, but grinning in her one piece suit. Seems she's been off doing chores that involved water. Lots of it. There's a glance at the crowd and a look towards her gold. "You haven't got rid of them all yet?" she asks Eirwyn who just eyes Kezi balefully.

"Great, you lose a boyfriend, and I get tortured. How is that fair?" Rogawani replies with the faintest of a whine in his voice. He's still only a fifteen year old boy, you know, even if he often tries to be more grown up than his age. Rolling his eyes and managing a small smile, the boy watches the Weyrwoman head off down the beach and crouches slightly, his messenger bag hanging down into the sand slightly as he just looks at the two remaining hatchlings. Then, he's surprised when someone seems to be speaking to the golden lizard. "So, they're yours, huh?" He asks with amusement in his voice. "You should have seen the group this batch brought on."

Gallbladder Green Hatchling tilts her head and then she trills again, trying to match the sound, albeit she's a few octaves higher. She moves towards the sound again, seeming to be entranced by it. Almost better than food. Almost and with that thought she creels almost forlornly.

Sebaceous Brown Hatchling opens his maw and creels. He's hungry. He wants food. Where's the beef? Or whatever else there is for food. He wants something. That's for sure.

Jessamin chuckles, waving to Keziah before a demanding chirp from her newest little brown claims her attention. "Hey there. So this was your gold's clutch? I was wondering where it came from. Literally stumbled on them the day I was Searched." Another piece of meat vanishes from her fingertips, and she shakes her head. "I swear, little one, you'll wind up with my finger next. We're going to have to work on this a little bit." Though she tries to pace the little brown's meal, he wins out in the end. "Oh, alright. Just this time. I'm going to have to find a name for you now. But what to call you? The other two were easy… hmmmm…."

Vora moves over near Xhaine, bringing her hum to voice. She vocalizes along with his playing. Softly at first, then a bit louder. "What lovely playing." She places a piece of meat on her knee as she kneels down next to Xhaine. Well, this day has certainly brought her out of the proverbial shell a bit.

Xhaine notices the green heading his way and creeling musically, and raises an eyebrow. "Well then, little missy, how about this?" and he tries something a bit more complicated, then realizes she's probably starving, so he pulls out the jerky again, tossing her a piece. The arrival of a girl is noted, of course, and he smiles at Vora. "Well I should hope so." he tells her. "I wouldn't make much of a Harper if I couldn't play…" he moves right into one of the teaching ballads, since it's a song everyone knows, though his eyes are on the green to see if she'd like to sing along too.

Keziah snorts at Ro "Nah, there hers." she notes as she gestures towards Eirwyn "I wasn't havin' nothing doin' this time with findin' them homes." There's a pause and a smirk "Course, it was fun bribin' people before with him. Got that silly Arkoss to wear Amarante's skirt. And a colorful skirt it was too.

Gallbladder Green Hatchling tilts her head as she listens and then sends out lets out another trill, hitting it note for note and oh look, she's been singing for her supper and then pounces the meat.

Gallbladder Green Hatchling looks into Xhaine's eyes. Impression!

Vora smiles at Xhaine. "Well I suppose not!" Her voice is only a bit better than mediocre, but she sings the song anyway. "The big one seems to like it, in any case," she stops to say. She brushes her hair back, getting a little more comfortable with her oddling companions. "Oh look! Congratulations, Harper."

Sebaceous Brown Hatchling watches the meat himself. The music is nice and all, but it just doesn't feed the body. Even if it might satisfy the soul. But he likes his meat and that's what he's going for. Watch out for that knee!!

Sebaceous Brown Hatchling looks into Vora's eyes. Impression!

Xhaine smiles at the green, stopping his playing to get out more meat. "All right, little…." he pauses, frowning. "Ah… that's a very unusual, ah… color you have there." he squints at her as he reaches a hand. "You're pretty tiny, so…" at this point, the brown Impresses to Vora, and he furtively compares the sizes of the two, and comes to his own conclusion. "Yes, you're a lovely little green, that's for sure."

Keziah hmms a little and nods "Yeah, she did do a decent job of it. Eirwyn, after watching the last find a home she flies up and lands on Kezi's shoulder and preens. She did good. Real good. "Least it'll be a little while yet before I have to worry about more."

Vora blushes at the little brown, but happily so.

Vrizana sees that all the little ones have found homes, and nods just once in satisfaction for it. The Dolphin CraftSecond is never too far away, given the craft is housed in Rubicon River Hold these days. She whistles towards Canis Major and the bay's head lifts with pricked ears. He nickers, but stays right where he's supposed to be ground-tied - a smart racing runner, yes indeed. And as Vri pets him and scratches him here and there, it's quite obvious he's a favorite. "Congratulations to you all," she offers everyone who's still there who got a flit.

With all the lizards accounted for, Rogawani steps back a bit from the discarded egg shells, shoving his hands into his pockets. "So much for getting some quiet time." He says to himself, shrugging his bag up on his shoulder a little bit, glancing back the way he'd come down from the weyr. "Think I'm going to head back up, grab that meat from the kitchens for the barracks." He fidgets for a moment with the tie on the pouch at his belt, securing it tightly before starting to trudge off up the beach again. "I'll see you guys back there, I'm sure." With that, he raises a hand in farewell and goes to run this additional errand.

Xhaine feeds the green all the meat he has, but she's still hungry. After all, he mostly kept it to fend off his other two firelizards when they're bothering him when hey have the munchies, and there's no way that's enough for her. "Mind if I borrow some of this?" he asks no one in particular, helping himself to a bowl of meat to shove her way. In the process, he picks her up, which makes all of them happier.

Keziah tilts her head a little at Ro "Meat for the barracks? Whatever for?" she asks. Course, she missed the number of candi's that Impressed and all. There's a look at Xhaine "Ahh, there's the bowl I left out here with Morl, before I had to run. Figured, best to have meat around for the hatchlings. At the very least maybe the'yd eat and leave."

Jessamin sighs in relief as the little brown's feeding seems to slow somewhat. Turquoise crawls back into his quilted nest, whilst Madder settles down on her shoulder. She pushes herself to her feet, picking up the fallen container from the sands, closing the lid and plopping it back in her other apron pocket. "I guess we'd better get you back to the Barracks. Maybe a name will come to me." She smiles over to Xhaine and Vora, inclining her head. "Congratulations, both of you." Her smile turns to a grin, and her shoulders shake with laughter as she looks at Xhaine, before addressing Vora. "You'll have your hands full there. I'd consider keeping a container of meat with you for the next several days."

Vora runs a finger along the suddenly very friendly little flit's back. "Oh, you're slick, little one. For a moment there, I thought I was jinxed." She croons at her darling new friend, ecstatic. She certainly should have left home earlier. A wide grin is directed at Jessamin. "Oh thank you, brilliant advice. I would have forgotten." The little brown rams his head against Vora's chin demandingly, and she quickly offers him a bit of meat - which, of course, he devours voraciously. "I'm Vora, by the way." She smiles at the brown. "Now, what shall I name you…"

Vrizana mounts up on her bay runner and sets him off down the beach again. Time to get on her way, and Canis Major seems more than happy to be running again too.

"Thanks." Xhaine smiles brightly at Jessamin. "Ah, hello again! We met at that little party, didn't we?" he asks her. "I'm Xhaine." he adds to Vora when the girl introduces herself, even though she seems to be addressing the firelizard and not him. "Harper Journeyman." then his attention is back to Jessamin's words. "Oh, I know. I've got two other firelizards who are off doing who knows what, I've been through this twice already." he appears aggrieved, but around this time the green finishes eating and falls asleep. "Whew." he stands up carefully, shifting his gitar to his back again. "By the way, I'm having a little trouble…. this /is/ a green, right? The coloring is so unusual it's hard to tell."

Vora giggles with glee as the brown slips from one shoulder to the other underneath her chin, the slick surface of his skin sliding against her face. "Slip! Oh yes, Slip. It rolls of the tongue, just as you do." She scratches his chin and feeds him another chunk of meat as he eyes her nose maliciously.

Jessamin nods, smiling to Xhaine. "Pretty little green, and seems to have a good sense of pitch, at that. Or at least, she gave that impression." She blushes a little, remembering the party. "Yes, we did meet briefly there, but never did get to speak much. I still have those sheets of music you were kind enough to transcribe for me." Her attention is claimed for a moment by Vora; she inclines her head and smiles warmly to the young woman. "Jessamin. Weyr seamstress, and Candidate."

Vora looks up at Xhaine. "It's lovely to meet you…" She checks his knot, "Journeyman Harper Xhaine. Lovely indeed, under such lovely circumstances with our lovely firelizards and this lovely day and…" she blushes. "I ramble!" She has never spoken so in her life, and she is quite embarrassed at the outburst. Then, she beams suddenly at the lovely woman, Jessamin, was it? "A seamstress?" She looks down at her own clothings. "Oh, well…"

Keziah wanders over to the group after having lavished the love onto her gold. She's drying in the warmth of the beach, though it's still cool enough to not really make her too hot. She does love the temperate climate of the place. She peers at Jess and the little brown "Come up with a name for him?"

Xhaine nods. "Green, that's what I thought. She is a pretty little thing now, isn't she? Hmm. A pretty little thing needs a pretty little name. Maybe some pretty little girls can help me?" he bats his eyelashes at Jessamin and Vora. "How about it, any suggestions?"

Vora laughs at Xhaine. "You're silly." She looks over the "little" green. "Well, she's not really that little, is she?"

Jessamin meeps a little as the lanky brown hatchling picks at some of the stitching around the neckline of her blouse. "Why you little… stitch!" She pauses, and grins at the armful of sassy hatchling. "Fitting… yes, that's it. Stitch." Only then does she see Keziah. She smiles and nods. "Looks like he went and picked his own name. Stitch." The smile she offers to Vora is warm and welcoming. "You're more than the clothes you wear, don't worry." Turning to Xhaine, she nibbles on her lower lip thoughtfully for a moment. "Well… she was singing with you, so how about something like Melody?"

Keziah tugs on the opening edges of her vest "I dunno. Sometimes your clothes define who you are." She'd be lost without her many pocketed vest, which is why she had to get a replacement after her other was shredded by felines. "Stich huh? Sounds fitting for you." she notes with a grin.

"Melody, sounds good to me." Xhaine smiles at Jessamin, then nods at the really large and irritated firelizard on Keziah's shoulder. "Ah, so you're the owner of this clutch?" he asks with a smile her way as well. "Hmm. Wonder where Khaine's gotten himself to, he's got a gold too."

Jessamin smiles warmly to both Keziah and Xhaine. "I'd better get back to the Barracks. It was a pleasure seeing you both." With that, she waves and turns, heading off back to the Weyr.

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