Just, Because, Gifts.

The day is bright and clear, and Rukbat's had all morning to heat things, which is why - with winter approaching - the meadow's warmed all the way to pleasantly cool. People are wearing sweaters or light jackets for the most part - or deciding that they'll be fine once the crowd gathers, as it has begun to do. There's mulled cider and wine being served, and the bakers are arriving from the kitchens with hot pastries of many varieties, sweet and savory, as well as smoked sausages either in a bun or on a stick.

c-rus nods his head when the apprentice glances his way, "It's true. It's one of the many things that patients complain about the list is very long." He does commend Kera though on her caring attitude and wanting them to have the best experience. If she does well it might even earn her that knot that she wants so badly, that would be something to celebrate. When she asks about the packages he glances over to Sori and back to her, "Well I've not really done this before. You know" he says in reference to a past conversation, "These are for you" Yep. Cyrus brought gifts to the date. Anything worth doing right is worth overdoing. He picks out the largest box and hands it in her direction. The box itself isn't overly large, nor is it heavy at all. Cyrus wrapped all the boxes in a colorful red tissue paper, "I hope you like it."

Kera can't argue with Soriana's statement. "You're probably right about that. Correct that, there would be no probably about it. But it's still a worthwhile project." Slowing her steps as the several people cross from one stall to another, she pauses by the leather stall that's hawking his goods. But it's not what's on his counter that's got her attention this time, it's Cyrus, then the packages he says are for her. "Me? I di..it's not.." She sorta sputters to a stop, her cheeks starting to color a bit before a grin takes over. Nodding as she accepts the pretty package, shuffling it under her arm for the moment. She fumbles with the side of the box, but doesn't open it yet. "I'm sure I'll like whatever it is. You didn't really need to get me anything though. I'll open them in a bit." When she gets somewhere to sit down a moment that is, the greenhealer tries to play it cool. But it may be obvious she doesn't get unexpected gifts every day. Looking back to Soriana with an almost giddy grin, Kera shifts from foot to foot in an almost bouncy way. "I'll catch up in a moment Soriana." She's got a present that's begging to be opened. Gesturing with her mug to the stalls "Look around a few minutes Cyrus, I just have to take a peek."

Soriana's eyes are looking at the leatherworker's counter - at least at first. Then they're glancing to the box, observing it only briefly before lifting to look at Kera's expression - complete with pink cheeks - and then over to take a look at Cyrus. There's a little mmm of breath, mostly to herself, and then she looks back to Kera and smiles. "I should go say hello to a few people anyhow," she says, and reaches out with a light pat meant for Kera's upper arm. "You enjoy yourself, I'll see you later." Whether that means later today or sometime in the future well, that depends how the day goes for both of them, now doesn't it? Maybe Soriana will be kept busy. Maybe Kera will. Soriana looks to Cyrus again, considering him a moment, then tips her head in a nod. "I hope your visit is pleasant." With that, she turns and heads off through the crowd, doing more meeting, greeting, and so on with all sorts of people who want to talk to their Senior Weyrwoman about whatever it is that's on their mind while they enjoy the rest of the festival and celebrate the good harvest that's prepared them for the coming winter.

Cyrus can't help but smile widely as she takes the package. Clearly she is pleased and when she is pleased so is he. He doesn't move off however to look at things, there is really only one thing he is presently interested in, "If its alright with you I'll stay." he says as he sits down beside her, still hanging onto the other packages. His attention, divided as it is, does give Soriana some recognition. He looks her way and smiles, he appreciates her being so nice about all this. He knows full well his reputation around here, undeserved as he thinks it is, and she is being kind. It will not be forgotten. He then turns his attention back to Kera and just goofy grins.

Kera looks up from the visual inspection, and guessing as to what may be in the box, to flash a grin to Soriana when she excuses herself "I will, enjoy the rest of the evening Sori." Losing sight of the Weyrwoman through the crowd, Kera takes couple of steps to be well out of the footpath then sinks down sit on the ground, even if it is a bit on the chilly side. Managing to not drop anything, her head tilts a bit and nuzzles the young lizard that's observing everything and everyone quietly. Attention goes quickly to Cyrus as he drops down next to her. Eyeing her hands briefly, she passes the skewer of meat to Cyrus to free a hand. There are still a few chunks of spiced meat for sampling. "Um, here.." Flashing a grin "Try the rest if you want. Bowyn, as it turns out, can't boil water on a stove, but she can burn meat with a fire really well."

Cyrus gladly takes the skewer of meat from her, he was a bit hungry and Bowyn had really left by the time he arrived so he never got a chance. Cyrus does love a good cooked meat, "Thanks." he says with a grin as he takes a bite. The rest of the world and all the people around him just sort of fade away. For the moment its just himself, Kera, Aegnor, and Polgara. The package itself is wrapped fairly nicely, and relatively light. If she were to shake it a bit she would find that something would move inside but wouldn't make any hard knocking sounds. It could be surmised that something soft was inside. When she does open the package inside she will find a long red scarf, finely woven, with silver threads scattered amongst the red so that they will sparkle if they catch the light just right.

Kera chuckles at her own observations about Bluehawk's cooking skills. With both hands now free, a grins slips over her face as Polgara's muzzle stretches downward towards the prettily wrapped package, trilling and crooning softly and inquisitively. Fingers reach to rub along the dainty neck of the young queen. Enough admiring the pretty box though, time to see what's inside. Turning it a time or two, she's /not/ shaking the box, but it does get a quick little jiggle near her ear. No audible clues can be deciphered so… It MUST be opened now. Kera shows great restraint in not sending shredded paper flying, instead, opening the package calmly. When she can finally see inside, she grins at the pretty scarf, holding it up and wiggling a little so the light catches the silvery threads. "Thank you Cyrus." Sending a grin to her friend, the greenhealer holds the scarf up and loosely wraps it around her neck, and Polgara. The well oiled gold seems to burrow down a bit crooning softy, content to let the scarf keep her cozy for the moment. Chuckling and peer back to Cyrus "Well ya can't get much better approval that that huh? Thank you Cyrus, this is really pretty."

Cyrus puffs up a little bit at the compliments. That is exactly the message that he wanted to send, "You are welcome. I wanted you to have something from me that could keep you warm when it was cold…sort of like a long distance hug." a little sappy maybe, but a person has to let out their inner sap every now and again. He can't help but chuckle when Polgara decides to get herself warm, "No. I dont' think you can get much higher praise than that indeed." Ok. One down. He takes the other package from his side. This one is considerably smaller and if she were to shake it there would be distinct rustling inside. It's wrapped in the same sort of paper and when she opens it inside she will find an amethyst pendant cut into the shape of a heart with two diamonds set on either side. Also in the package is a matching amethyst bracelet.

Kera distracts herself momentarily by loosely settling the scarf and tucking the ends into her jacket. Polgara is as content as can be, nearly purring even. Kera's brow arches when Cyrus holds out another present. "Another?" A tiny shake of her head "You really didn't need to get me a present Cyrus, much less two." Her words don't keep her from taking the present and grinning brightly though. Eyeing the present, and turning it over in her hand a couple of times, she can't resist giving it a little jiggle. Perplexed expression at what the contents may be, "Hmm, paperclips to help me keep files organized?" Curious brow lifts to Cyrus to see if she guessed right. "What? Not paperclips?" Chuckling, she gives in and does rip the paper this time. "Oops." Can't reuse this sheet it seems. Opening the box, she stares at the contents a few seconds, then blinks and looks up to Cyrus "Wow, this is, are those…" Lifting the amethyst shaped pendant with diamonds on the side, it sparkles and catches light easily as it turns. She hasn't even noticed there was something else in the box.

"I know I didn't have too…but I wanted too. I've never really had anyone I wanted to give gifts too before." he says softly. He can't help but smile as she goes to open the second box. The lure of the mystery box is too much for anyone to resist, "No…not paperclips. You don't need them. You do fine as is." She is the most organized person he knows. No one else could keep up with his disorganization. When she opens the box and has her reaction, "Yeah…they are. I found a jeweler up at Fort who helped me pick it out." he says to explain, "So a part of my heart can always be near yours." he says of the heart shaped pendant. The woman that he bought it from had assured him it was both tasteful and simple, which he knows Kera appreciates. He leans over and takes the smaller bracelet out of the box and hands it up to her as well so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Kera lifts the pendant up a bit, watching it spin gently. Pulling her gaze away from the present and staring at Cyrus, she flounders for what to say and drops her gaze to the bracelet he lifts out of the little box. More color shades her cheeks and her smiles gets even bigger, if that's even possible. "Cyrus, you shou..oh my." Leaning to peer more closely at the matching bracelet, she shakes her head very slightly, in awe at the craftsmanship. "I'll have to go meet the jeweler one day. Is it a Journeyman or a craftmaster…Hm, probably a master by the looks of these." Kera fidgets a bit, Polgara's golden muzzle peeks out of 'her' new scarf to chitter softly. Cyrus heartfelt words cause her to reach towards his wrist and offer a gentle squeeze before holding her own wrist out and wiggling it to get his attention "Would you put it on for me?" She still her the pendant chain grasped between the fingers of her other hand.

Cyrus can't help but be oh so pleased with himself. He apparently did a good job, "I'm sure you would be most welcome too. She's one of the candidates at Fort. I don't think she actually made them or had a hand in their crafting, I think her master did that, but yeah. She assured me that it would be good. Especially since we are both purple…" he says with a slight chuckle, "Well…purple and a touch of green for one of us." As she squeezes his wrist he just smiles at her and really can't do anything else. Making her happy makes him happy. He lifts his hand as she wiggles her wrist and slides the bracelet over her wrist, "I'd be happy too…" he says.

Kera looks from Cyrus to the little pendant as Polgara nudges it with a chirpy little sound. A few long seconds are spent cooing to her winged friend before pulling it from the lizard's reach and looking back to her wrist. Tilting her wrist this way and that she admires her present with a grin. Working open the scarf a bit, Polgara not disturbed very much, her fingers fiddle with the pendant chain clasp and soon she fastens it around her neck, adjusting to get the purple piece centered. "There we go." Nodding to herself as she tries to peer down at the necklace, but will have to wait and admire it more later. Still sorta stunned at the gifts from Cyrus, she cants her head to observe him quietly before speaking up with a soft smile. "I would have been completely thrill with the scarf alone Cyrus, but.. I certainly didn't expect such.." Eyeing the bracelet again with a pleased grin before clearing her throat "The months it probably took to make the marks for.." She shakes her head and just finishes with a smile "Thank you. I like my presents very much. Even if they are a little early to be turnday presents."

Cyrus just keeps on smiling. It just makes him feel so good. He gives a little wave of his hand to the little gold lizard and then looks back to Kera, his eyes lingering on the pendant, "I think it looks very pretty on you." he says, "Of course I think anything looks pretty on you. I'm a bit biased." he adds. She knows this of course and so won't come as a shock. Her comment about Marks does draw his attention though, "Don't you worry about that. When a person lives simply the Marks just add up." Cyrus seldom shops, for himself or anyone else and over the turns has added up quite a pile for himself, "We will celebrate your turn day more simply. These are just…because…gifts." he explains.

Kera gives a slightly self conscious shrug and can't seem to keep her cheeks from blushing at all this evening, nor her hands from fiddling with her presents. Nodding gently, the chill from the ground make her shift around a bit. "I'll give you your biased position, I still say it's the necklace." Chuckling at the weak argument, she carefully readjust the scarf "Well since my turnday is still a few sevendays off, we'll just have to entertain ourselves with investigating what the traders have to sell this Turn." She gestures around towards the various stalls that have yet to be explored "Oh, and another mug of cider my treat. Maybe we can find Bowyn and get a couple of her skewers."

Cyrus can't help but laugh a little when she considers him biased, "You are quite right to consider me so, but we will agree to disagree." When she starts talking about visiting the stalls he is certainly game for that. He stands and holds out his hand to help her up should she wish, "Maybe we can. I'm certain she is wandering around here somewhere. And the stalls do look interesting.." he says, though he keeps his eyes fixed on her. Since /she/ is the most interesting thing here to him.

Kera grins shifting her feet around and accepting Cyrus's help in getting the rest of the way up. "Thanks" is murmured before she brushes off the back of her pants. Peering up and around towards likely lizard perches, they seem sparse as she gets an idea. "I bet where ever all the lizards are is where Bowyn is. Minimur is probably leading them in little raids." Snickering at the mental image she gives herself, Polgara's little chest thrumming as she picks up on Kera's amusement. Lowering her gaze towards the nearest stalls, a leatherworker being the closest, she scans as best she can from where she stands. Almost shyly, the greenhealer slips her hand to Cyrus and points towards the stall with the other. "Wanna see what they have?"

Cyrus readily takes her hand and gives it a squeeze. For Cyrus this is the height of happiness, right here and now. He tenderly squeezes her hand and glances in the direction that she points, "I'd love to take a look at what they have." he says dreamily. Her comment about the lizards didn't go unnoticed either, "I think you are most likely correct. Mini seems to enjoy getting into things and seeing what he can get out of things." Not that he is implying her little friend is greedy or anything.

Kera can't argue with the assessment of Minimur, he /is/ always into something or another. The leatherworker behind the counter is nodded to as they step closer to the stall. All sorts of things are displayed. Bracelets of thin or thick bands, dyed, braided and even scorched with designs. Little pouches from small to large. Various sized and dyed harness and collars for lizards. But it's something towards the back that catches her eyes "Oh, that young hunter from the Hall. The one with all the scratches. How is she doing? Do you know if she ever got those bracers?"

Cyrus walks along with her toward the stall hand in hand with Kera and admires the craftsmanship of the work, "It's very lovely work." he says to the craftsman behind the stall as he glances over to Kera to answer her question, "Therynn….to be honest I'm not sure. I haven't really seen all that much of her. I saw her the other evening briefly, but she was going somewhere with a friend. I'm guessing that the two of them are something of an item, but I could be wrong."

Kera nods with a little grin "Good for her. Hope wears aq jacket next time she's running blindly though forests. Maybe even get some sort of face shield fixed to a helmet." A little giggle slips out as she looks from rack to rack or little bin to bin. Eyeing a mass of thing straps sewn together, she takes it in hand and spreads it out. "Ah, clever, little message case harness for lizards…I think." Eyeing it another moment she sets it back on the rack. Too bad the brown is off trying to steal food that would just be given top him anyway.

"She is a really nice lady I think. She certainly means well…understanding and all that." he says about her personality, "But a bit green. I think she'll figure it out. We were all that way once before the world decided to teach us something." he says with a wide grin, ahh the things the world teaches, "Thinking of getting something for Mini or Pol?" he asks, still clasping her hand for dear life.

Kera nods thoughtfully, but doesn't know the lady well enough to make any such guesses. Glancing back to the tiny harnesses a small shrug lifts one shoulder the other weighted down by a scarf wrapped lizard weight. "I'ld pick up one for Minimur, but I'm not sure what size. Polgara's no where near grown yet." Not to mention she's not been message trained yet. Nope, she's been too spoiled for that yet. Eyes looks the items over again and she shakes her head. "I'll wait til I've him with me." Taking the crafter's information and tucking it in her little waist pouch, she brightens at things from the next stall, laughing as she tries to tug Cyrus towards blindingly colorful display of stuffies.

Cyrus nods his head, he'll have to be getting one for Aegnor when he is grown and well trained, but that day is still far off. Cyrus is perfectly content to let himself be dragged. It's a source of great fun for him. He ambles along with her to the next stall filled with…stuffies, brightly colored ones at that…he looks from the stall to Kera and back to the stall, "See anything that you like?" he asks, apparently genuinely curious.

Blue, yellow, polka dots and stripes in every sorta of color create a dizzying display that does a good job of distracting Kera for a few long seconds. Flashing a little grin and half nod "Perhaps. The infirmary can always use a couple new ones for younger patients." And it never hurts to have a few as presents. Canting her attention to Cyrus, she grins slyly, reaching to fumble around her little waist pouch. "And I think…" she peers back around to point out a specific kickball sized mini-dragon, light purple with pale green under wings. "…that one has your name on it Cyrus." Why not, if he can surprise her with presents, why can't she do the same. Eager to make an easy sell, the stall vender is already tugging said stuffy from the upper shelf and holding it out to the lucky recipient. "And I'd like these as well." Kera reaches over and chooses about a half dozen more in various colors.

Cyrus gives up all pretense at manliness as he accepts the gift from Kera willingly, "I like it very much." he says as he gives it a squeeze with his free hand. Kera's hand also gets a very gentle squeeze. He leans closer to her and speaks more softly, "Do you have any stuffies at your weyr that you keep?" he asks with a grin. He could see her having a few little stuffy friends about her place.

Kera chuckles and finishes choosing the ones she wants, and hands over the marks. As the extras are bagged up on a pillowcase sized sack, she casts a little grin and nods "I've a …few. Mainly old ragged ones from when I was a kid. Turns out, my mom kept them." A quick eye roll that pretty much says 'Moms'. But much could be said about the fact Kera has a couple of boxes worth scattered about the upstairs of her cottage. Working the sack straps to knot about a belt loop, she turns back to Cyrus with a grin that he's not trying to hide the little fluffy purple dragon. "How bout you? Have an entire wall dedicated to all sorts of stuffies?" She's joking obviously, offering her hand again as her feet start shuffling to the next stall.

Cyrus readily takes her hand again as they both wander off toward the next stall, "I have one…" he says with a quick smile, making sure that he keeps his voice low, "He is a little canine…I've had him from the time that I was little." Cyrus is a man of relatively few possessions, but kept in the bottom of the crate that he travels with is that little plush. He wouldn't be parted from it for the world, "Now I have one that can remind me of you." he says just as softly as he gives the little dragon plushy a hug, nope…no manliness here right now.

Kera smiles to the nearly whispered confession about a canine stuffy. Lowering her voice in a loud whisper, "I won't tell anyone your deep dark secret." An exaggerated wink added as she chuckles. Cyrus hugging the little stuffy as a 'reminder of her' pulls a fond smile at the Journeyman's 'unmanly' antics. "Good, tis only fair considering the reminders you've given me this evening." Her hand half reaches for the pendant under her scarf, the bracelet reflecting purple glints as she moves. Reaching up with a free hand to drag fingers tips lightly over Polgara's knobby head, he gestures her head towards the next stall. "Let's go see what else we can spend all our marks on." The candlemarks stretch by as the evening progresses, people of every knotted rank enjoy the Festival til the last person falls into their pillows.

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