Harvest Festival

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

The sky is bright and clear, and Rukbat's had all morning to heat things, which is why - with winter approaching - the meadow's warmed all the way to pleasantly cool. People are wearing sweaters or light jackets for the most part - or deciding that they'll be fine once the crowd gathers, as it has begun to do. There's mulled cider and wine being served, and the bakers are arriving from the kitchens with hot pastries of many varieties, sweet and savory, as well as smoked sausages either in a bun or on a stick.

Soriana arrives with one of the trays of pastries. She's not the one carrying it, just… walking alongside the cook who is. Somehow - mysteriously - one of the pastries has disappeared from the tray along the way and ended up in her hand. "- and lemon, you say?" A nibble. "Can't really taste it, but I suppose that's the point, isn't it?" She laughs, and the cook smiles and nods. Then, the cook's off to get the pastries settled and served, and Soriana's left standing there with a pastry in hand. She's in fall colors, a soft red shirt with a tailored brown jacket and trousers that evoke riding gear despite being far more fashionable than protective. The Weyrwoman's knot on her shoulder is newly made, blue and an orange that continues the autumnal theme.

Those pastries will be a big hit in a few moments, as two younger guests make their appearance and despite having given their word of being 'on their best behaviour' the twins Eliana and Ezsrisa rush to the table where the cook has gone to serve those sweet treats. Kiena almost chases after them but in the end the Weyrsecond relaxes, as the girls at least remain in sight. There could also be the troublesome fact that a visiting bronzerider has lightly touched his hand to her elbow to keep her steady. "…guess they'll be fine," Kiena mumbles, glancing sidelong to her brother. Th'ero is dressed in his regular flight gear, while Kiena has dressed up in more formal attire. She's even gone through the painstaking task of braiding parts of her hair and twisting it all back into a bun. "You didn't have to stay, you know." Kiena goes on to mutter to the Fortian Weyrleader who only chuckles. "I'd be rude of me to not say hello, at least…" And there's the Weyrwoman now! Giving Kiena's shoulder a firm clasp, Th'ero will move away from her and leave the bluerider free to corral her girls before they stuff their faces full in a span of seconds. "Good day to you, Weyrwoman." Th'ero calls out as he approaches Soriana and offers a respectful half-bow in greeting.

Everyone's all decked out today, even the dragons dotting the outer fringes of the meadow sparkle and glint as the sun reflects from oiled hides or glinting off strap buckles. Moncerath is no exception, adorned in new padded straps dyed in complimething shades to her hide, her name even burned precisely into the thick strap. Kera spends a moment with her dragonmate, before seperating and meandering closer to the vendor tents. A brown lizard wings ahead, chittering to other weyr lizards as a game of aerial chase begins. Kera doesn't even attempt to call her lizard back, he's having fun like everyone else today. Reaching down as Polgara, the newest to her winged family, half climbs from the inner jacket and perches on Kera's shoulder with a little help. Detouring away from trader's tents for now, she nods with a cheery smile to exciteable visitors, but it's the smells coming from the food tables that lead her steps.

The girls are getting pastries, so their behavior must be pretty good… right? Okay, maybe not, but it's a festival day, so surely a bit of excitement can be forgiven - whether it's in the form of sky-dancing firelizards or brightly-polished whatevers. Soriana has a nibble of her own pastry with far more decorum than the children are showing, looking about in the gathering crowd to note various faces and smile or wave to them before she notices one of them head toward her. It's not one she particularly expected to see today, and her eyebrows lift a moment before the corners of her mouth join them in a smile. "Good day, Weyrleader," she says, with a casual sort of nod despite the polite words. "Fort's doing well, I hope? And Kayeth and her clutch?"

Excitement can be forgiven, but Kiena knows her daughters well enough and that leaving them unsupervised around so many sweets and pastries will end in unfortunate consequences. So the Weyrsecond will let the twins have some pastries (but not the whole tray) before ushering them off and making sure they're still presentable after their little 'feast'. It's true, Th'ero was not expected to be here and only learned of the festival by chance. He's here as a favour to his sister and is supposed to take her twin daughters home with him later for some time away in Fort Weyr with their cousins. Straightening, he returns Soriana's smile with a small one of his own. It's a touch reserved but not unfriendly. "Fort is well, thank you and so is Kayeth and her clutch. We've had an interesting winter." Putting it mildly! "And how fares Xanadu, Luraoth and her clutch?"

Kera shuffles to a stop, sidling around a few visitors having a discussion. Ah ha! Food comes into sight as she rounds the last tall obsticle. Taking a moment to admire the massive display of dishes and platters arranged by the small army of kitchen workers. Plucking a flakey sweet she nibbles and edges closer to where some steaming mugs of cider are being poured. Mug in hand, Kera backs away from the tables, stopping quickly shen she nearly squishes one of the kids darting behind her. "Oops. Sorry." Is called out, but it's to the giggling back of the little one vanishing between legs in the crowd. Shaking her head in amusement, she spots Soriana and other big shoulder knots. They are by food she hasn't investigated yet, so a pleasant nod is offered to each as she steps closer, but she doesn't interupt their conversation. Her little flakey treat didn't last long at all, so looks over the choices for something else to try. "Certainly out done themselves haven't they Polgara." A curious little trill is the young lizard's response.

Soriana nods to Th'ero, followed by a light laugh. "Interesting… I hope that's good?" Her lips curve wryly. "Or at least, that it will turn out for the best." If it were actually good to start with, then Th'ero would likely have said good. But, hey, she can hope. "We're doing well here." The smile warms. "Luraoth and Kanekith have finally gotten the sands arranged to their satisfaction," for this sevenday, at least, "and things are going smoothly." Did Soriana just jinx it by saying that? Maybe, but a quick glance into the crowd doesn't reveal anything exploding… yet. All's still well. It does reveal Kera, and so Soriana smiles to greenrider, with a small wave of 'I seee yooou' before looking back to Th'ero.

There's cider and wine and food! It's a party! Or rather, an autumn-like fest. Who wouldn't be here? Well … the Weyrleader. Apparently. He's missing! The party's started and neither hide nor hair of the fearless leader of the Weyr's riders has been seen. Maybe he's been kidnapped! Maybe he's fighting some bloody battle! Maybe he's … right over there, arriving from the clearing. Well isn't that anti-climactic? Or not, for lo! Ka'el has arrived! And he arrives with a small (emphasis on small) entourage that consisits of a well-dressed half-turn old, carried, and a nanny, walking (duh) just a half-step behind the Weyrleader, who is the one carrying the small child. And she's looking vaguely anxious. "You're sure? I can hold 'im. Promise you e'll be alright. You should be minglin' with folk without a babe on your side.." All of which are being dismissed with a handwave by Ka'el whose grin broadens as he sees the crowd of Weyrfolk and friends. He greets those on the outskirts, as they're the ones he runs into first. Skyler is vocal, perhaps picking up the vibe of the festive atmosphere. He isn't crying, but still makes noise just because he can. "Happy Harvest, everyone!"

"It's good," For the most part. Th'ero's smile remains the same, though his eyes flicker with something else entirely. The Fortian Weyrleader sticks to the 'good' news. The other news is best behind office doors or not spoken at all. "We've been hosting the winter portion of the Weyr Games, so times have been busy." Interesting! And if Soriana jinxed Xanadu, then Th'ero's done a good job at jinxing Fort too. Perhaps they cancelled each other out? "Good to hear. Oh? Particular on the sands? Both of them?" Kera's spotted as well and Th'ero dips his head politely to the greenrider and there's a smile there too. "Hope you don't mind that I linger for a bit during your festival, either? I'll be leaving before the night is out and with those two trouble makers…" He'll point for Soriana's benefit where the twins are now excitedly skipping about Kiena as the Weyrsecond tries to have a civil conversation with another rider. "… in tow. Part of a bargain. Kyzenviro may visit in turn. I apologize in advance." For what? Spying Ka'el approaching, Th'ero will respectfully greet the Xanadian Weyrleader with the same half-bow he gave Soriana earlier. "And to you as well, Weyrleader." Formal for now, but give him time, he'll mellow out.

Kera grins, head rearing to the side and canting so that's she's not looking crossed eye to her shoulder passenger. "What? Not finding you morsels to eat fast enough?" A slightly oily trace smears her cheek at the gentle bumb of the small queen's knubby head. "You won't starve." is murmured while a warm sliver of meat is 'yoinked' from a passing tray that tries to float by untouched at shoulder level. It was Kera that snatched it though, not the lizard she feeds the morsel to. Licking her fingers clean then sipping from her warm mug, Soriana's wave is spotted and 'I seee youu tooo' returned. A polite dip of her head and quiet lift of her mug in quiet greeting to Soriana and to Th'ero as well before deciding to just grab a little plate and make a small mountain on it.

"Good," Soriana agrees. She likes good news! Much better than the other kind. She nods for those Weyr Games, though she already knew about them. In fact… "We've sent some competitors." She laughs. "Perhaps they'll even bring us back some prizes." But Soriana doesn't seem terribly concerned about that. It's all good fun! She smiles fondly for her and Ka'el's dragons, and nods. "I'm never sure if they're seeing things about the layout I don't or they're just fussing." She shrugs. "Hardly matters, I suppose. It turns out well in the end." But inquiring dragonhealer minds still want to know! Soriana inclines her head to Th'ero request to stick around with a smile. "Oh, please do. I'm hoping I'll be able to drop by your Weyr Games, at least for a little." If Luraoth settles down enough to permit it, at least… but Soriana seems to consider that a possibility, particularities notwithstanding. "Keep track of the damages they-" a tilt of her head to the twin girls "-cause, and you can count it against Kyzenviro?" She grins, then looks to Ka'el - oh hey weyrmate - and also, Skyler! "You made it!" she says. Was it in doubt? Maybe that's why the nanny looks so anxious.

The call has been answered! Ka'el grins at those who give their well well-wishings for the festival, spotting some faces that he's keen to get to. And thus, he weaves his way through the crowd, closwer towards Soriana and The'ro, and likely others who he calls friends, with that nanny still playing the part of his shadow, her eyes on Skyler, who seems to be having a good time. He's bigger now and has a bit more hair than he did months prior. He's still prone to observing, though now is voicing his own version of a song to contribute to festivities. Babble, babble! He has much to say today. Ka'el grins, spying Kera who earns a grin and wave. The'ro, who gets a respectful dip of his head, including a grin. "Weyrleader!" he greets, approaching him and Soriana. "Good to see you on Xanadu's ground. It feels like it's been too long since we've last met. Has it?" He grins broadly to Soriana now, giving her a little salute with his free hand. "Your son gave me a difficult time, else I would've been here sooner." To which the nanny insists, "I could've 'elped with the dressin'! A little vomit 'ere and there's nothing but natural. Could've wiped right off instead've changin' him entirely, I believe!"

Th'ero chuckles, "I saw some Xanadian names on the lists! And we'll see, won't we? No archery this time for Kiena to outstrip everyone. Which is perhaps a blessing, as Kimmila still hasn't let it go…" Which is promptly answered by Kiena's droll call from behind them. "…not my fault your weyrmate is a sore loser. Afternoon Soriana, Ka'el, Kera… NO, Ezzie get out of that!" With an exasperated sound, the Weyrsecond is off again to go yank one erring daughter aside, while Ellie weaves her way around the Fortian Weyrleader and a quick voice "Hi!" to all in passing. Bye! Th'ero just clears his throat and his smile a bit crooked when flashed to Soriana. "Could be a bit of both? At least all is well now. To healthy clutches!" It's a toast but not a toast, for lack of drink. "We'd be happy to have you visit sometime, either with the Games or after. As for those damages, well… I suppose we'll call it even. May save us both the headache." To Ka'el, Th'ero's smile curves a little broader and he may try to reach out to clasp the other man's arm in a friendly and classic gesture of greeting. "It has been too long. I was just catching up a little with Soriana here." As for Skyler making the Xandian Weyrleader late, Th'ero can only chuckle again and likely sympathize.

Kera makes a little circuit along the table, topping the little plate with a variety of tasties. Trapping her mug in the crook am arm, she samples the little portions, offering her firelizard tastes of a few differant choices. Alternating between taking nibbles and sips of her warm cider, Kera works her way back to where she began in time to hear Kiena's greeting, then see her rush off after one of her daughters. Waving to the Weyrsecond with a chuckle "Afternoon!" Ka'el arrival to the group, as well as Skyler and his nannyperch, is met with a flamboyant gesture with something from her plate that promptly disappears in her mouth. Wiggling her fingers to the baby and making a funny face to hopefully keep him burbling as happily as he has been. Finally making her way to the gathered area leaders, she once more offers respectful head dips and a general greeting of "G'day everyone."

"We will indeed," Soriana agrees, and smiles for the report on archery contests past. She looks up to see the expert archer in question, "Hi Kiena!" …bye, Kiena! Soriana's gaze drifts sideways to Ka'el, with an arch of her brows and a slow sigh as she looks to Skyler. Still too small to go running around, though… heh, he's starting to get into things. As he does now, making a noise that's nothing like mama as he flails a hand in that direction. A person he recognizes amidst the crowd! Well, a second one. Soriana! She nods to Th'ero, smiling. "I'll be sure to visit." When she gets the chance… whenever that is. Life has a way of getting busy, doesn't it? From big things all the way down to little things that cause delays on the way to festivals. Soriana hehs to Ka'el's complaints, and takes another look at Skyler. "So that's why he's in the blue." Not that it's a bad color for him, but it's not what he started the day in. She laughs to the nanny. "There's only one harvest festival a year… unless you between to another." A shrug, and a smile as she looks up to Kera - who apparently finds it more important to greet babies than adults! …such is the way of the world. "Hello, Kera." Soriana smiles. "Enjoying yourself so far?"

Ka'el indeed clasps his free hand with Th'ero's. Handshake! And was that Kiena he saw, maybe? Maybe not. She's lost in the crowd if it was though he'll see her again, either here or in the office. Though here is definitely a far more festive atmosphere! "Xanadu's duties," and all that formal jazz. "Catching up is exactly what I need to do myself. How's Fort? Did you bring your weyrmate with you?" he asks, doing a brief scan of the immediate area in search of the woman, who he doesn't see. Skyler's excitement to see his mother has him smirking down at the boy before that same smirk is given to Soriana. "Blue's his favorite color, besides. I thought it appropriate." Ka'el, the baby whisperer. "And what are we sure to visit?" he asks, nosily (because, you know 'I' definitely means 'we' in any relationship.) "Fort, I hope? I still have to try …eh, what was it Kiena called it? Black Death?" A questioning look is given to The'ro, as if he'd have a clue. "Some sort of infamous drink?" He nods to Kera, who he indeed spies approaching. That nanny still lingers, eyeing Skyler as if afraid he'll suddenly be dropped, but her eyes have snapped quickly to Soriana as she's addressed, and a series of rapid nods follow. "Yes'm. Of course'm!" Please don't fire her!

Hark! A /smell/! Skipping in with the cold breeze is the smell of freshly cooked meat: smoked, hot, spiced, sweet, a confusion! A blasted confusion!! It seems to be coming from the clearing. Soon, two bulky figures emerge and as they near the crowd it's clear to those who know them that they are none other than Bowyn the Meatbringer, and her blue lifemate Saeth, Bringer of Meats. The rider carries a variety of wild game on skewers or all tied together, some smoked, some grilled, some roasted, a little bit of everything, really. Saeth, following his rider just far enough into the crowd to not disturb much of anything, carries the larger hunks of spiced, delicious meats slung over his shoulders. Mmmm. The hunter calls "I heard there was a party!" and starts taking orders and passing around extra noms. If she's able to make eye contact, she snaps a salute to the Weyrleaders with a smile.

Kiena will be back eventually! She has to foist her daughters off at some point and then the Weyrsecond will be able to breathe. "Excellent," Th'ero will murmur to Soriana, though the Fortian Weyrleader knows full well how life can be. Doesn't help that the two areas are literally half a world apart, making the timezone gap even more of a pain. "Fort's duties," And all that jazz! Th'ero will chuckle to Ka'el and shake his head, "Fort is doing well. Kayeth has settled with her clutch and the Weyr Games are in full swing. No, Kimmila is not with me today. I'm here purely by chance and mostly to hold up my end of a bargain with my sister. Figured I'd come and say hello at least before I took the twins to Fort Weyr." As for the visiting? Th'ero will glance to Soriana, but he'll let her answer that. Instead he will laugh when Ka'el brings up drinks. "Black Damnation," he corrects. "And if you'll be drinking that, best you stay the night." Now he's seen it all, when Saeth arrives with Bowyn and bearing… meat! "Afternoon," he greets, but his eyes are still fixated on the blue… or is it the food?

Kera looks back around to Skyler, half sidestepping behind the Fortian weyrleader then peeking around the man as if playing peek*a*boo with the baby a few seconds. Soriana's inquiry brings her attention back to the 'grown ups' in the group and a little chuckle slips out. Moving back around so that she's not half hiding anymore, a nod dips her head including Ka'el in her greeting "Hi, yea. Probably enjoying it too much." She half lifts her snack-filled plate, which she decides she needs to make more room on, so clear a small morsel away. "Gonna have to double my excercises for the next two sevenday, but, tis a part right?" Kera shrugs and chews on the lastest treat. Arriving dragons draw her attention upwards, she watches them til they land and deliver their passengers, before peering back to those gathered nearby. Suddenly drifting on the breeze, the most delicious aromas proceed a blue dragon with a mohawk. Nope, just an illusion through the crowd that turns into Bowyn bearing all sorts of skewered tasties. Polgara's nose lifts, her happy chitters turning a bit more demanding, suddenly the morsels on Kera's plate not being good enough.

Soriana laughs, and nods. "He looks good," she says of the baby. As for Ka'el? She gives him a look over before adding, "So do you." As well he should, given he picked both of those outfits! She nods to him about Fort. "And those Weyr Games, if we can." If Luraoth and Kanekith will let them! Soriana hehs about the drink, whatever it's actually called, then glances to Kera again. "It is, yeah. Food and drink of all sorts!" She just smiles to the nanny. Fire? Nooo. If she fired her, who would watch Skyler during those long meetings? …actually, wait. Would that give Soriana an excuse to skip out on long meetings? So tempting! Other tempting things include that smell that's drifting toward her nose. All sorts of food? Well… there are now. Apparently something was missing, but fortunately, Bowyn and Saeth and here to provide it, and Soriana grins as she wave-salutes at them through the crowd.

"Damnation! Right, that was it," says Ka'el in remembrance of the drink's name. "And I heard of Fort's new clutch. Congratulations. Your assistant weyrlingmasters excited for a new crop of Weyrlings, I'm sure?" he assumes good-naturedly. "Busy reinforcing the Weyr for the controlled calamity Weyrlinghood brings?" He laughs a little, as does Skyler, amused by the antics of those around him. Meaning: Kera. She's right there. No, over there. Oops, no, she's right there again! People are oh so amusing to him. It's as if they do these things just to please him! Fancy the thought of that. In any case, gleeful sounds are being made from a content child, and Ka'el gives Kera a smile. And that smile turns to a look of surprise at the sight of a little gold firelizard. "When did you get a new friend there, Kera? What's her name?" The arrival of Saeth is originally missed, as dragons have been landing and leaving often, but his arrival is marked with the eventual noticing of a tasty smell. Did someone bring in more food? .. Hey, it's Bowyn! The elusive huntress and her blue are greeted with a grin and wave from the Weyrleader. "What've you got for me over there, rider?!" he calls, still holding his grin. To Soriana, he leans to bump his shoulder against. "Weyr Games? Why is it that Games are hosted during times when there's large possibilities that we can't make it? Ista's Games, now Fort's.." He looks to The'ro with mock suspicion. "Seems like a conspiracy."

Bowyn unfastens a couple larger pieces of meat from Saeth's burden and slings them around her neck so they dangle over her torso as she moves toward the Weyrleaders once shouted at by Ka'el and waved at by Soriana. She stops short of running into Kera, a few pieces of food plucked away from her on the journey, and flashes a lopsided grin. "Hullo," she greets, holding up her contribution to the festivities so people can look, smell, and decide if they want any. "Oh you know, Ka'el sir, just delicious, tender meats caught and cooked by yours truly. Figured a party isn't a party without proper feasting material. What would you like? Smoked, roasted, spiced, grilled, sweet, tangy, dried," ramble ramble ramble. At the end of the list, she puffs out her chest with pride and sniffs. To Kera, "Who's that then?" in reference to the gold lizard.

Th'ero dips his head to Ka'els congratulations, his smile crooked and a touch amused. "Thank you and they are. Weyrlingmaster M'icha has his assistants already working on a few new exercises. And hopefully no calamity! We've enough on our plate." he murmurs, only to chuckle as Kera uses him for her game of peekaboo with Skyler, not minding in the least bit. He'll hold his hands up in a mock defensive manner to Ka'el's suspicions. "Not at all! Another Turn starts soon, nothing says Xanadu cannot take claim for the next Summer… or Winter Games! Or perhaps a Spring?" Cover ALL the seasons! Bowyn is given a curious look and Th'ero may be seriously considering sampling some of the food she's brought. Only it won't come to be! Alas, the twins return then, babbling their excited greetings to all, with hasty curtsies to Ka'el and Soriana before they're tugging impatiently at Th'ero's jacket sleeves. After telling them to settle, the Fortian Weyrleader will flash a quick smile to the Xanadian Weyrleaders and Kera and Bowyn as well. "Enjoy the rest of your festival and clear skies. I've best be getting these two off to Fort. High time I return myself." Velokraeth is likely getting antsy from being away too! Murmuring a few more farewells, Th'ero will patiently user Eliana and Ezsrisa away, pausing only to have a few words with Kiena before disappearing in the crowds.

c-rus makes his way into the meadow area where he was told that he could find the gathering. He is running far later than he would want, but the weather held up his ride and so he had to make due with what he could. He is carrying with him a flower that he intends to give to Kera. He is also carrying with him three boxes. Not massively large boxes, but boxes none the less. He quickly looks around seeing who he can spot and most importantly, where Kera is.

Kera is quick to try quieting the lizard down with an offered some of a meaty puff. It doesn't seem worthy enough any longer to the greenhealer eats it herself, still eyeing the oddly decorated Saeth. She's probably not the only one drooling at the sudden delicious aromas wafting from the racks and skewers attached to the blue dragon. Voices drag her attention back to the group, focusing on Ka'el and others, inquiries about her newest winged friend. Grinning and canting her head to try peering better at her own shoulder, but giving it up quickly "A few months ago, found myself rather fortunate to get a new friend." So what if she's taken to spoiling her lizards to a whole new level. "I named her Polgara…learned my lesson about lizard naming, never fear.." A quick glance around the group before her attention goes to Bowyn, eyeing her attire and leaning her head towards the bluerider "Um, you managed to figure out how the stove works then?" No sorcery involved right? The young lizard stretches her muzzle towards the walking buffet, crooning softly as Kera gently pulls the almost over-extended gold back to where she is balanced. As twins arrive and cause the Fortian Weyrleader to have to go, she gives the man a quick slate "Fair skies sir." Is murmured to the man as he departs, but her attention is quickly distracted at a messege from her dragonmate.

Soriana smirks. "And that-" Th'ero's suggestion for how they could arrange to actually go to a Games "-seems like the reason for a conspiracy!" She grins, though, and perhaps the idea's percolating in her head now despite the joke. Then again, she too has a great many things to go on her plate. Her metaphorical plate, that is. Her actual plate is… sadly rather sparse. Also it doesn't actually exist, she's just been nibbling a pastry from her hand, but as Bowyn comes closer, she's not about to let that stop her. "Spiced, you say?" She grins, leaning toward the bluerider. "Tell me more. Also, hi!" But, important things first! Like feasting on nibbly meats, the fruits (er… metaphorically) of Xanadu's forests. Oh, and saying farewell to Th'ero, that's important enough to bring her gaze back that way, a smile and a nod. "Clear skies and safe travels!" she says, and waves to him and the girls he'll be carrying off to Fortian adventures.

So many meats to choose from! How can Ka'el decide! Not that Bowyn is making that decision any easier, meat slung around herself as it is. She's a walking concession stand! Of meat. (yum). "Smoked…sweet, you said?" he rubs his chin. "Why must you make things difficult! … Ha!" He grins suddenly. Here's a challenge for you then. Do you have a spicy sweet sort? The best of bost worlds, why should I choose one?" Hedoesn't! If Bowyn has the combination slung around her or Saeth somewhere, that is. Th'ero's suggestion of yet another games has him smirking and glancing to Soriana. Xanadu games? .. The X-Games! Totally wicked stuff! "It does sound tempting, doesn't it? I haven't had a chance to show anyone my athletic ability. I play a mean game of kickball, don't I Kera?" A devious grin is given to the greenrider, which stays devious at the annoucement of her naming-ability's growth. "That's good to hear. I'll admit I was worried after asking what her name might've been.." he says with a small smirk. The twins steal his and Skyler's attention. The baby flails, not really because he recognizes them, but because he recognizes movement (double movement!) and he's interested in it. Sit me up, dad! I can't see! "You're off? Clear skies to you, Th'ero! Our thoughts go to your Queen and her clutch. Good luck," he says, dipping his head to him as he goes.

A confused expression passes slowly over Bowyn's face at Kera's inquiry about the contraption known as a "stove" before something (almost audibly) clicks in her head. "Wha-OH! Yeah, no, I've just been usin' it to keep things in." Demoted to a cupboard. "Put my fireplace to good use, and the firepit /outside/ to good use, too! And I built a smokin' box!" The bluester's excitement turns her speech all sing-songy before she's focused on the goldrider asking about spiced meats. "That's right, /spiced/. Why not try this furbeast treated with a rub of various warm spices and cooked over an open fire with a touch of nice, mulled wine poured over?" she suggests, jerking her chin toward a bunch of legs tied together. Ka'el's request earns him a smirk and a twinkling eye. "I accept this challenge." The hunter takes a moment to examine the game in both of her hands before a light goes on somewhere in the attic and she nods toward one of the selections slung round her neck, which appears to be a small wherry on a skewer. "A slow roasted, tender hunk of wild wherry marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce of my own invention." Eyebrow waggle. Eh? Eh? But wait, there's more! "Kera, I've got scraps in the big pouch on my belt there, for 'lizards." She nudges her hip forward for her friend to see.

Cyrus huffs and puffs as he makes his way toward where the group is gathered. He has noticed Moncerath out on the fringes and given her a wave before he had started moving toward the group. It seems that there is all kinds of food set up and everything! How wonderful! He hangs onto the boxes and gives a tenative glance at all the people. The last time he was here, it was considerably more tense than it is at present. He takes in a deep breath and readies himself for some interesting interactions. Geronimo!

Kera peers around the clearing a moment before turning back to the conversation, and Bowyn's tasty smelling offering to the harvest. Stepping out of Saeth's way, sniffing deeply she hurriedly pops another sweet puff from her plate in her mouth, Polgara didn't want them anyway. Her plate empty, she sets it aside, and glances around the clearing again. Bowyn's remarks about lizard portions gets her attention and she nods, reaching for the extended hip satchel Bowyn shifts out, she snorts in amusement to Ka'el "Ya cheat." Slips out before Kera realizes the huge knots she's surrounded by and backpeddles some "I mean you have creative ways of winning, sir." A kebob salute added as she tries not to grin.

"We'd better send scouts to the winter ones, see what we'd be getting in for…" Soriana says to Ka'el. Or maybe they'll actually be able to go themselves! …maybe. Maybe not. She laughs at Kera's accusations about Ka'el and kickball. "…and tell them to check the rules before they start playing." Those pesky, pesky rules. "Are you going to go up to Fort and win us some contests?" she asks Kera with a smile, then turns her attention back to Bowyn the Marvelous Bringer of Meat. Mmmmm. Real smoke flavor from real smoke! These are sounding better all the time. Stoves? Yeah, those are for caverns food. Tame food! This food is wild. And, oh! Lookit those legs! They're the best part, crunchy skin on the outside and tender flesh to suck right off the bone. "…yes. Yes I will." Give Soriana the meat now. "…please." See! She has manners, even. Which Skyler will learn… eventually. Soriana glances to Ka'el, then… ooh. "I'm trying some of that," she says as Bowyn makes her suggestion to him. Because she assumes he'll have it, and also that he'll let her have some. So many assumptions.

Ooo. Color Ka'el surprised as Bowyn actually is able to secure a meat flavoring that he has requested, odd as it seems to be. Odd, but wonderful! "I can't say no to wherry," he says, giving in without a fight at all! He reaches out to take the meat on a stick to examine. "You made the marinade, you said?" he asks, eyes flitting to Bowyn. "If so, I've to say that's impressive. I can barely make a presentable looking sandwich, and here you are making flavorings." But the real test will be … how does it taste? He lifts the wherry stick close to his eyes, as if to examine the food that he'll be ingesting soon. But just at the point that the food is brought clse enough his eyes feel like they're going to cross, he lowers it down and turns his eyes to Soriana. "Who says you can have some of my wherry?" he says, turning his body from her a little, as if to protect his food from her hungry teeth. Mine! He stifles a grin. Skyler reaches out a hand, as he's prone to reaching out for everything now, but the stick is too far away for him to make it into a toy or weapon. "And I do not cheat, Kera. .. I prefer to call it … eh, Altering Rules To Fit My Immediate Needs."

Bowyn snerks at Soriana's intense demand, uh, /request/ for the furbeast. She nods toward it again and says, "Take it, take all you want. There's a little more back at the weyr but Saeth's got the bulk of it there." The blue croons on cue, a slab of some creature dangling like a juicy, dead temptress against his shoulder. A small group of people come up behind the hunter to start picking her clean and she says, "Act fast before it's gone!" through a smile. Ka'el's reaction is snorted at. "You underestimate my creativity. I'd thought I'd run out of ways to surprise anyone by now. Ya get bored out in the wild with the same old dried out meat or the same old roasted meat or whatever…you start experimenting." She's got at least a /few/ recipes completely mastered, and in her head the sweet and spicy marinade is one of them. "Hey, aren't you two supposed to be like…a team of sorts? You know, bein' nice, workin' together, /sharin'/ and the like?" She gives Ka'el the stink eye.

Ok. So Cyrus sees Soriana, Ka'el, Bowyn, and there is Kera. Fortunately there does not appear to be a Kiena or a Mur'dah present. Luck would seem to be on his side this fine evening. Everyone can benefit from a bit of luck now and again, "This is going to be a great night." he says softly to himself, just trying to reinforce for himself the pep talk that he had been given back at the hall. Yes. He can totally do this! He strides closer to the group, "Good evening everyone." he says. He would normally give something of a quick wave, but alas…boxes.

Kera adds the most innocent expression she can muster after pretty much announcing the Xanadu Weyrleader cheats at kickball while fumbling with little pouch at Bowyn's waist. Freeing the meaty prize, she holds it for Polgara's inspection, the young lizard almost growling for Kera to hurry up. She does start giving small samples though quickly though, even tasting one of the designated 'lizard' meat strips for herself. Watching Bluehawk produce all sorts of tasty combinations, she's quick to grab one or two of the skewers for herself. "These do smell really good Bowyn." Soriana's question is nodded to "I'm gonna try and slip over between duties yea. Maybe Moncerath and I can give a good showing for Xanadu." Tearing into one of the tasty bits, the greeting makes her turns to spot Cyrus. Grinning, she eyes his bundle curiously while waving with one of the kebobs she has. "Hi Cyrus, Mon said she thought she saw you a moment ago." Glancing to the burden he carries, she looks around "You can set those down somewhere if ya like."

Definitely a request. A polite one! (She said please.) Which means now that Soriana's requested and gotten permission, she can snag one… two… maybe three? Nah, let's not get excessive… yet. Besides, she's only got two hands! Chomp. …mmmm. She does the chewing and swallowing thing (see? Manners!) before she says, "You know, there are times when I really, truly understand why Luraoth enjoys hunting." Even if this is more just meat hunted by someone else. Still, the thrill of the chase is… somewhere in the taste. Maybe behind that bit of peppery flavor? She's not sure. She'll have to keep looking. Maybe compare and contrast a bit with the other meat that Ka'el is going to share with her. Who says so? "…I do." Who else? Bowyn! Soriana grins, nodding along with the huntress as she explains. "See?" she tells Ka'el. "That's why we've got the office together." She has another nibble, then shakes her head to Skyler as he reaches for the meat. "Not yet you don't." Even if he does have a tooth now. One is not enough to eat meat! And babies of under one turn (er… human ones, at least) don't get to have any. Firelizard babies of under a turn, well, they can have as much as their little stomachs can hold… or at least as much as their humans are willing to feed them, and Soriana watches as Kera feeds Polgara those tasty treats. "…is that what you do with the experiments that don't work?" she asks Bowyn curiously, then looks over to Cyrus with a somewhat puzzled expression, though she nods a greeting before glancing back to Kera. "If you need a particular time free, it can probably be arranged," she says, then glances to Ka'el for confirmation. The wings are, after all, his part of this weyrleading team.

Ka'el takes a bite out of the spicy, sweet meat on a stick, chewing slowly to get a feel of the taste. It's … good! His brows lift in surprise. Yup. Totally something he'd order again. In bulk. For the house. "I like this… it's a dififerent sort of taste, but a good sort've different," he compliments to Bowyn, mouth curving into a grin after swallowing. "And .. ha. Sharing? A team? Tell that to the one who hogs bedcovers and always takes the last bigt of dessert." Granted, that's aftger he's offered it to her but, eh..details. He points a finger to Soriana, not trying to hide his grin. But it's a grin that slightly slips as Cyrus arrives with his packages, the look replaced momentarily by a puzzled look. "…Hello," he says after righting his face, trying to catch up on what Soriana's said. What can be arranged? He glances between goldrider and green. "Scheduling concerns? That can be taken up with your Wingleader." Ah, delegation! Gotta love it. He offers Soriana that meatstick, keeping it well away from Skyler's reaching hands.

Bowyn settles into a smug expression as the food is tasted and apparently enjoyed. "Yeah, there's nothin' quite like a good hunt." Little Skyler is chuckled at and the bluerider says, "Hey, when the babe's got /all/ his teeth and has the stomach…I'll hook him up." She glances at the food in her hands. "Uh…not like this. I mean I'll just…he'll get…I'll send you food." When questioned about the lizard treats she guffaws, loudly, and says, "HA! What experiments that don't work? My experiments /always/ work!" But there's a bit of a shifty eye that she tries to mask by turning to address someone tapping on her shoulder for a good look at the selection. Cyrus earns a nod and a "Hullo" before she's back to business. /Ka'el/ business. "Glad to hear it! Took a while to get that just right. Maybe, if you're /really/ lucky, I'll let you in on the secret of it's creation. /Maybe/." Though he did admit to struggling with sandwiches, hope may not be entirely lost. "Or at least I can send you a jar of it or something." She hangs about for a bit longer, peddling her wares, and then turns to walk back toward Saeth after saying, "Alright, let me see if I can pass of the last of this stuff so I can go back for more. Lemme know if you need anything else." At that, the hunter disappears back into the crowd.

The smell of food, even if it's overcooked food, has drawn Kezi from out of her forest hideaway. "Is there anything good here to be add?" she asks as she comes closer? Maybe something that's only been given a glimpse at the fire?" she asks, almost a little grumpily. Course she's seeming a little fidgety too as glances around at the people that are there and frowning a little after a moment and letting out a bit of a huff. "Figures he ain't here." she mutters, more to herself than anything. A glance lands on the newest pairing of leaders. Another frown, but she's not always good with change. Still. Least they ain't completely new.

Ahh. More mild looks than he anticipated. He can see the questioning in their eyes and decides to just pre-empt any wondering that might go on, "Kera invited me." he says with a wide smile. All things considered he looks to be a man that is very relaxed, though a certain amount of nervous energy might show underneath. When Kera speaks up he moves over toward her and just smiles for a moment, "I'm sorry I'm so late. Weather was horrible. Took forever to arrange a ride. I hope you didn't think I stood you up." He a convient place nearby to set down the packages and holds up the flower. Its a nice pink one, something akin to a rose though not exactly, "For you." he says. When he spots Bowyn leaving he gives her a quick wave, "Good night."

Kera eyes the bundles Cyrus holds before looking to Soriana, taking a moment to get her brain caught back up with the conversation, she nods quickly. Eyes shift between weyrwoman and leader as they confer, and bicker goodnaturedly, among themselves. "Hopefully I won't have to trade too many duty shifts, it'll work out either way." Decisive nod dips her head before shooting a worried look to Bowyn's departing back "Don't forget us poor starving people on your next circuit Bluehawk!" Chuckling as she tears into the spiced meat, keeping an eye on Polgara so that the young lizard doesn't eat too quickly. Good thing she saved some for Mini to have later. Looking back to Cyrus "There's still plenty of food to sample, and I've yet to go visit the trader's displays. So hardly late." Still plenty of the day to enjoy." Shuffling her things and freeing a hand, taking the pretty flower with a grin "Thanks Cyrus." Giving it a quick sniff, so sue her she 'is' still a girl afterall, a little nervous glance is passed among the group "I did invite him, a chance for everyone to get together and party some, right?" A nervous little laugh bubbles as she shifts her weight, Polgara swaying gently.

"Yeah, but how big is that bite by the time it's left?" Soriana retorts to Ka'el with a teasing grin, then nods to Bowyn. "Once he's ready for more than mashed peas." A moment, and then, "But I mean, don't feel like you have to wait for that. Anytime you want to send us something, it'll definitely be enjoyed." As sandwiches? …maybe. Soriana nods to Ka'el's delegation. "But you can tell the wingleaders to give people time for the Weyr Games. If they can." Given all the other scheduling constraints, that is! Which are many and complicated and also not (strictly speaking) part of Soriana's business. Then again, strictly speaking, this meat stick she's having a nibble of isn't hers either, and that's not stopping her. "…nice," she deems it, with a grin to go with. "It's got… mmh." She can almost identify small parts of the flavor! Almost. So close. And yet. So what she settles for is, "Good." Which is accurate, but not very detailed. She waves to Bowyn, then goes back to nibbling at the one she claimed for herself (and offers some of it to Ka'el too, fair's fair (except in kickball)). Keziah, when she arrives, gets a small frown. "Oh, you probably want…" Bowyn! The maker of bountiful meats! "…only she's gone now." So close, and yet, so far. "She'll be back. You want the one with the streak of blue hair." Easily identified in a crowd, as if the smell of those varied meats wouldn't be enough. Soriana's gaze is drawn back to Cyrus and Kera, and she nods. "It's a nice day for a visit." Her eyes linger on Cyrus for a moment.

Ka'el bids Bowyn farewell as she departs, Keziah a nod as she arrives, noticing her out of the corner of his eye among the crowd of festival folk that drift in and out of the meadow. His attention returns to Soriana and the others, listening to her andgetting a gist of the topic that he formerly missed. Weyr Games and time off for riders. "If the games run as long as they previous ones, a rest day or two will probably fall within it without altering schedules too much. But yes," he agrees with a nod, "I can tell the wingleaders to give people time for the Games." He tries a bit of Soriana's snack form the blue-riding meat vendor, thoughtfully swallowing. "It's good .. but mine is better," he boasts with a crooked grin. He glances towards Cyrus and Kera, a portion of his jovial look slipping at their exchange, though he says nothing to either of them. Perhaps it's becuase he's distracted my Skyler, who had gone quiet for a moment, and the pungent aromas that drift from him now are a good indication as to why. Time for a change! That nanny is around here somewhere, but… "If you'll excuse me," spoken mildly in the direction of Kera and her guest before he turns to Soriana fully. "Duty calls," Heh … duty … He smirks and presses a soft kiss to her cheek. "We'll be back."

Keziah huffs a little as she looks off into the crowd and then shrugs a little "Meh, I shouldn't have anymore to eat anyways I suppose." she remarks a little and then starts to meander her way through the crowd, much like a feline with it's tail all atwitch. Then she spies Kera and there's a smile on her face as she heads for the greenrider "Kera!" she calls out "How are you, hows the sewing and all? Is it coming along well? The brats didn't give you any problems at all, now, did they?

Kera seems a bit nervous, at least Cyrus thinks so, so he takes a step closer to her to offer support by just sort of being there. Soriana's reaction gives him a little bit of hope that this wasn't a horrible idea. He had warned her that people would talk, and the last thing he wants is to get her into any sort of trouble. Ka'el's reaction is..well..just about what he expected. When Kera describes all the things yet to do he dips his head and smiles, "I look forward to a wonderful evening then." he says and leans in a bit to speak more softly, "You are welcome." he says. He then lifts his head and spies Keziah as she makes her way toward them. He offers her a wave, "Hello."

Kera's gaze drifts between Ka'el and Soriana, grinning at their interactions. When it seems Keziah didn't get a sample of Bowyn's skewered treats, the untouched she has is considered about a second before it's offered to the AWLM Keziah. "You can have this one. V'not started on it. And I can always hunt her down for more." A grin flashes across the greenhealer's face, she still has a half eaten one clutched between some fingers. "It's coming along well. Almost finished and an idea for another after observing the triplets for a bit." Waving off the concern "Not at all, a couple of times, they were sleeping, other times, watched them playing on the beach." When Ka'el excuses himself, taking Skyler with him, Kera will nod and wiggle fingers to the baby and make a face before he can get away. Grinning, she cast a glances up to Cyrus, murmuring after the Weyrleader escapes with his aromatic package "I'ld wager marks on diaper duty." Winkwink. Geasturing towards the nearby food "Step up to the platters and see if anything looks tasty. Least til Bluehawk and Saeth make it back this way."

Soriana nods to Ka'el about those games, then laughs at his comment about her meat. "Well then, I'll just have the rest of it myself." Twist her arm, why don't you? She might say more, but Skyler's gone and proven that - for all he's only half a turn - he does have the ability to concentrate on… some… things. Admittedly, Soriana's happier when it's on sitting up or staring with intent blue eyes as she reads to him (well… as she says words while he hits the book and babbles…), but… "You do that," she says to Ka'el, and leans to kiss him back. "Thanks." Skyler gets a kiss too, one on the top of his head, and then she peels his fingers away from her knot so Ka'el can actually carry him off for that freshening up. She watches for a moment as weyrmate and son depart, then turns her attention back to those nearby. Sewing? She tilts her head curiously to Kera, listening to the conversation a bit. "I remember you doing some embroidery, is this more of that?" No comment on what Ka'el's off to do, though! Or on Cyrus and Kera's plans for the afternoon and evening, though she does keep an eye on them.

Cyrus had heard something about that though he looks to Kera to fill in more of the details. He just offers a kind smile to Keziah, he thinks he might have met her before if only very briefly, and of course he knows that she is the source of Aegnor's egg. In fact Aegnor is with him right now, if asleep in the sling about his neck. That so far is his favorite spot, though he has taken to flying sometimes, "I'd guess the same thing." he replies to Kera. Ahh duty to duty. What can a parent do?

Kera scans around the meadow, no longer seeing the Bluehawk pair so can't point them out to the Keziah. "Hmms, last I saw her, she was heading that way to relaod her racks. She should be back soon…" Oh well, maybe later. Nodding to Soriana's question "Uh huh. I got to talkin with Keziah in the cavern one day, and up making an arrangement for a lizard egg for Cyrus, in exchange for a stitched design of her triplets." A fond smile towards the aged AWLM then she continues on "Next time I saw her she gave me two eggs rather than one so.. thus how I ended up with Polgara." A hint of a frown "I had thought I would get it done quicker though, but I need more candlemarks in the day." Kera smirks around the group and focuses on Cyrus with an amsued grin "Maybe I should work on that, creating more candlemarks out of thin air and herbs, instead of the tastings I've been doing."

Soriana listens to Kera's explanation, glancing to Cyrus at the point when he's mentioned in the greenrider's story, then back to Kera. "Good trade," she says, then laughs a bit. "Both sides, really. Once the eggs get close enough to hatching…" She grins, shaking her head. "Well, you'll find out when Polgara has clutches." As for finding more hours in the day? "If you do manage it, I'm sure you'll have plenty of business. Especially if you can figure out a way to keep those hours from being filled up with meetings and paperwork."

The day could always use just that much more time to get done all the things that you wanted to get done, "You haven't been doing too much of that herb tasting since the last time have you?" he asks Kera. He can't deny the necessity of her project, but wow is is something that is unpleasant. He gives Pol a glance and smiles. That would be something if she had eggs of her own, Kera would have to find people for all of them. That would be a huge project, "I'm sure she has a bit of time before she has to worry about that." He gives a smile to Sori, "Hopefully motherhood has been treating you well?"

Kera nods quickly, head tilting to nuzzle the young gold briefly "Oh, a very good trade. But I'm gonna make another threadwork for her as a surprise. Something with the three of them sleeping peacefully all piled up in front of the hearth.. or something like that. Fire's sorta hard to do…" with thread that is. It takes her a moment to consider Soriana's statement from Keziah's perspective, nodding slowly "Well, I'll certainly be passing on her generosity when Polgara is old enough." A gently chest rub to the shimmery lizard's chest, her neck stretching upwards at the attention. A quick shake of her head to Cyrus "Not since last sevenday, haven't had time to hide away in the pharmacy for a couple of candlemarks." A little smirk given, "Another reason why I should probably consider starting a 'time-making' project." Glancing to Soriana when she mentions a business "If it happens, don't tell my parents, they'll expect me to pay back the marks they gave the Hall then."

Soriana nods to Kera, watching her with her gold. "Do kids actually sleep?" It's a joke. Mostly. See, here's the smile, along with a curious arch of her brows as she glances to Cyrus for the mention of herb tasting, then back again to Kera. "Looking for something to make medicine taste good besides just adding sugar until it's drowned out everything else?" she asks, then laughs. "Your parents would probably accept payment in mind, you know. Everyone can use more hours in the day." Especially parents? At the very least, including parents, and Soriana looks back to Cyrus. "Don't much know that the concept's doing much of anything to me," she says. "But Skyler and I are both doing well."

Cyrus smiles as he hears that Sori and the baby are doing well, "I'm glad to hear it." he says. After all mother and a child doing well is certainly something to celebrate. He gives a smile over to Kera, "Can I get you anything?" he asks, "Food…drinks?" He gives a glance over to Sori as well, no sense in being rude, "If you want someone to be there when you when you do all you have to do is let me know…I'll be happy to hold your hand as you taste all the yuck. And from a practical perspective if something were to go wrong it would be good to have help nearby."

Kera shifts her feet, shuffling closer to the table since Bowyn hasn't made the circuit back around yet. Poor Bluehawk probably got swamped by starving riders before she even made it half way back. When Cyrus offers to get her something instead, a nod tips her head after a second and she offers up the empty mug dangling between her fingers by the handle "More of that hot cider would be good wouldn't be turned down" Flashing a grin, she sorta blinks at Soriana then peers back and forth between the two a moment before nodding to the Weyrwoman, who has pinpointed exactly what she's working on at the Hall. "Yes." Is her simple answer, at first. "I'm trying to find workable combinations that will, at best, neutralize some of the more acrid tasting herbs we use. If I can't neutralize it completely, then I hope to find mixtures that will overpower, without using sweets." A grin slips over her face at Cyrus's offer when he returns. "I'll keep it in mind, but hopefully I'll have no more sneezing fits." A quick glance around the meadow "Have you had a chance to look through the trader's stalls yet Sori?"

Soriana nods to Cyrus, though while he's smiling to Kera, she's watching him. When his gaze goes back to her, she waves a hand to forestall. "I'm good, thanks." She smiles, then returns her gaze to Kera as the healer explains more details of just what it is she's doing. "Seems worthwhile! Though I suspect there's some herbs you don't much want to be testing with unless you need them." She considers than a moment, then adds, "But I suppose the ones it's more important to make taste good are the ones that you don't need quite so badly… and you can always try testing it on people that do need the medicine." Which means… a reason for Kera to celebrate every time someone near her gets the sniffles! Not that people don't already suspect healers of taking excessive joy in the ailments of others. Soriana smiles, and shakes her head to Kera about those traders. "Not really. I glanced at some while they were setting up, though."

Cyrus nods to Kera, and quickly darts off to get her the drink that she requested. It feels good to be useful and its nice to do something, anything, for her. After he picks up the hot cider he scurries back over to her side and hands it in her direction, "One hot cider as you requested." he says with a wink. He comes back just in time to hear Sori suggest that she test them on people that actually need them. He'd suggested caution as well and he gives her shoulder a very gentle bump with his own, "See…I told you."

Kera look's towards the area sectioned off for the traders to sell their wares. Chuckling a little "Maybe if I drag myself away from all this delicious food long enough, I'll meander that way shortly and bring back a report of the more interesting things I see." Then Cyrus has a hot mug, which she accepts with a near greedy sniff of the steaming cider "Thanks Cyrus." A cautious, almost slurping sip is taken after a second of cooling. Soriana's suggestions about testing on actual sick people is seconded by the Journeyman. "Yea, but if they are already sick, they won't thank us for adding to their misery with a bad taste that will not go away." Looking to Cyrus "I still think I should put a little notice up in the crafter's caverns about it, or at the Hall. Offer some marks in exchange for a little time some opinions. But I need to come up with some a few combinations first." Shaking her head "But it's a festival, no one wants to talk about work at a festival, right?" She cants her head encouragingly towards all the things waiting to be looked at over by the stalls, trying to coax her friends to wander around a bit "Let's go have a peek? Work off some of those spiced meats Bowyn made us stuff ourselves with." Yes, if Kera gets fat, everyone blame Bowyn.

Soriana laughs a little. "I thought the point was to make them thank you for making them feel better by giving them the right medicine… whether or not it actually tastes good. Not making them wrinkle their noses at it is just a bonus." Not that it's not a nice one, but… Soriana shrugs. "Nobody's going to be taking medicine for the taste, no matter how nice you make it." She smiles, then glances in the direction Ka'el went off in - but he's not back yet, and after a moment's thought as she considers Luraoth's opinion on this turn of events, she looks back to Kera. "I should see what the traders from Hannista area have, I heard they've some carvings…" and that one of them is… some relation or other… to the Lord there, which makes it also a matter of politics. Some work can't be escaped even at festivals.

"Welcome." he says in response, "You could…" he affirms. Though she's right, who really wants to talk about work during a party, "I'm game if you are." he says as he readies himself to move off toward the traders. Before they get going though he picks up his packages, not willing to leave them just sitting where anyone could just pick them up and take off with them, "I'm ready whenever ladies are." he says. Ahh politics and 'stuff' a nice combination. Though he can't say he is an avid collector of things. The most Marks he has ever spent at once have all occured in the last two sevendays or so. Maybe it was good he had some saved up? He looks back toward Sori and then toward Kera.

Kera grins but gives a small shake of her head to Soriana "Not quite, while that would be a plus, I'm hoping to remove one of the reasons stubborn people avoid getting themselves treated in a timely manner. Horrible tasting remedies has always been a major complaint." She looks to Cyrus so he can confirm her what she says. Eyeing the packages Cyrus takes back in hand, the greenhealer bites her tongue to stifle her curiosity over the Journeyman's bundles. Soriana mentions wood carvings though, she that diverts her attention for now. "Oh, maybe we should hide some of our marks before we look, that way we'll not spend out last ones." She winks to her friends and steps along with the others. Sips are taken from her mug, she even lets Polgara sample it when it cools enough. Cyrus carrying those packages finally snaps her curiosity "What kinda cargo do you have their Cyrus? Delivery for the infirmary?"

Soriana just shakes her head to Kera. "People will come up with a new excuse." Anyone who's there to know that the medicines are awful is already listening to the healers more than some! But this is a festival, not a medical symposium, and so they head along to the traders. Soriana glances at Cyrus's boxes, but she doesn't comment on them, though she does pause here and there along the way to the traders to greet people. Nobody she says much to, but there's people and they (apparently) need greetings. She glances to Cyrus again as Kera actually asks the question, then looks over and smiles back to a leatherworker behind a stall who probably just wants to sell her something, but is doing it by smiling and waving in friendly fashion. Some old aphorism about catching flies might come to mind…

Cyrus nods his head when the apprentice glances his way, "It's true. It's one of the many things that patients complain about…the list is very long." He does commend Kera though on her caring attitude and wanting them to have the best experience. If she does well it might even earn her that knot that she wants so badly, that would be something to celebrate. When she asks about the packages he glances over to Sori and back to her, "Well…I've not really done this before. You know…" he says in reference to a past conversation, "These are for you…" Yep. Cyrus brought gifts to the date. Anything worth doing right is worth overdoing. He picks out the largest box and hands it in her direction. The box itself isn't overly large, nor is it heavy at all. Cyrus wrapped all the boxes in a colorful red tissue paper, "I hope you like it."

Kera can't argue with Soriana's statement. "You're probably right about that. Correct that, there would be no probably about it. But it's still a worthwhile project." Slowing her steps as the several people cross from one stall to another, she paaues by the leather stall that's hawking his goods. But it's not what's on his counter that's got her attention this time, it's Cyrus, then the packages he says are for her. "Me? I di..it's not.." She sorta sputters to a stop, her cheeks starting to color a bit before a grin takes over. Nodding as she accepts the pretty package, sorta shuffling it under her arm for the moment. She fumbles with the side of the box, but doesn't open it yet. "I'm sure I'll like whatever it is. You didn't really need to get me anything though. I'll open them in a bit." When she gets somewhere to sit down a moment that is, the greenhealer tries to play it cool. But it may be obvious she doesn't get unexpected gifts every day. Looking back to Soriana with an almost giddy grin, Kera shifts from foot to foot in an almost bouncey way. "I'll catch up in a moment Soriana." She's got a present that's begging to be opened. Gesturing with her mug to the stalls "Look around a few minutes Cyrus, I just have to take a peek."

Soriana's eyes are looking at the leatherworker's counter - at least at first. Then they're glancing to the box, observing it only briefly before lifting to look at Kera's expression - complete with pink cheeks - and then over to take a look at Cyrus. There's a little mmm of breath, mostly to herself, and then she looks back to Kera and smiles. "I should go say hello to a few people anyhow," she says, and reaches out with a light pat meant for Kera's upper arm. "You enjoy yourself, I'll see you later." Whether that means later today or sometime in the future… well, that depends how the day goes for both of them, now doesn't it? Maybe Soriana will be kept busy. Maybe Kera will. Soriana looks to Cyrus again, considering him a moment, then tips her head in a nod. "I hope your visit is pleasant." With that, she turns and heads off through the crowd, doing more meeting, greeting, and so on with all sorts of people who want to talk to their Senior Weyrwoman about whatever it is that's on their mind while they enjoy the rest of the festival and celebrate the good harvest that's prepared them for the coming winter.

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