Hissing and Bullying?

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

It's just after supper time at the wanderin' Wherry. Without being too late and people thereby retiring in preparation for their duties the next day, or being right at prime time and thereby incredibly busy. There are a few people, generally couples who are relaxing in some of the far tables but for the most part the place is generally quiet. The ambience has not been diminished though, and folk-ish music plays softly from Xanadu's high fallootin (Pernese Hi-Fi!) speakers. Idrissa is sitting at the bar eating stew and behind it talking to her sits an unassuming man of twenty five or so. A small nest box has been set up on the farthest side of the bar from patrons and a very pissy looking gold is brooding in it.

Catallian is smiling to her. Idrissa that is. But it's not a totally happy smile. Cheerful, yes, but there is a bit of a hint of something slightly in the negative that is explained when he speaks. "Couldn't do it. Been on my own for too long. S'what makes you and I different and all."

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments while she nods, looking at her bowl and ponders. "With Tahryth I'm not alone anymore though.." Without her well that is a different story really. She shifts a moment while chewing on her lip and glances to Catallian. "Thanks for the meal.. It was very good stew, and bread. The conversation was good too." There is a pause. "I should get going soon thought." She rather not get in trouble after all.

Not having worked up enough nerve to actually go back into the garden shop, Kera spent a few minutes wandering back and forth, her path taking her by the tavern on each little circuit she makes. The scents coming from the tavern reminds her how she hasn't had her dinner yet. Stopping just outside the door, the apprentice sticks her head in and peers about. Yep! this is where that delicious aroma is coming from. The apprentice checks her waist pouch, fumbling around inside it. Apparently, she does have enough for a meal. With that determined, Kera steps inside, pausing briefly to scan the room before finding a seat at the bar and peering around almost uncertainly. She nods to a few people who peer her way before turning her gaze back around.

"Indeed." Catallian says. "Good luck in your lecture to come. I'll be seeing you around, I'm sure." A calm, relaxed smile is given to Idrissa. "In a month or two, hopefully I might use you as a test subject yet. Do have a good evening." When Idrissa seems to be finished, he moves to clear the dishes away. It is the gold firelizard in the nest box on the end of the bar that notices Kera first, giving her a warning hiss of someone who has come too close despite her being well, all the way over there. Catallian's calm voice remonstrates her once again — not that Kera would know this is the second time in a half hour or so that he's ahd to comment to her. Either way, his eyes settle on the newcomer. "Hello." He offers, tilting his head slightly to the side. "Are you here to rob me, then?" The tone is gentle, with an edge of humor. "Or otherwise cause mischief? Because I'd swear there's something that you are afraid of." The tone ventures to a smile. "What'll it be?"

Idrissa smiles and nods while she pulls on her gloves, wrapping her scraf around her and is off after a few coins are left for the meal, and a tipit seems. She pasues as she catches sight of Kera, whom also gets a wave. "Night all." This said before she is slipping outside to head towards her Weyr.

Kera settles back onto the stool, fiddling with getting her coat and gloves off. As she glancea round, the sudden hissing has her pausing and freezing and peering to the occupied next. "Sory, didn't realize.." this murmured to the irritated little queen of coarse. With slow movements, she eases away from the seat, choosing instead one that is a couple of places away, hopefully calming the little queen. Seeing one of the Weyrlings leaving as she finds a new seat, Kera smiles and wiggles her fingers towards Idrissa's retreating form.. At the odd greeting, she takes a moment to realize the man is teasing her. With a smirk of her own she nods "Yes. I'm here to rob you. Of whatever is making my mouth water just walking by." As she settles onto the new seat, she eyes the little queen making sure the firelizard isn't gonna come after her. Peering back to the bartender, a nod is offered. "And do you have any juice?" Silly girl, it's a bar, why would they have juice.

"I've got juice, sure." Catallian responds to Kera; giving Idrissa a little wave himself. "Don't mind her, too much." He inclines his head towards the nesting gold. "She more or less hisses at anyone these days who occupies the same floor space as her. It'll fade with time. But she's more or less harmless at the moment. Just likes to posture and all that." Thoughtfully, Catallian places his hands on the bar while he smiles. "Stew and fresh bread it is, along with Iernian blackfruit juice, I'd reccomend. Anything else?"

Kera considers the question and gives her head a shake "No, that's bout all I need Thank you." More like she just doesn't wanna go spend crazy with her small stash of marks. The apprentice smiles cheerily as she looks around the keg filled place with a curious eye. Lots of little oddities in knooks and crannies. She slowly scans all around, herr gaze darting here and there as something new catches her attention. Having given the place a through looking over, Kera peers back towards the bar, every so often a hissing noise makes her look towards the little queen warily. Hmm, doesn't seem to be her this time. Unless she is just /that/ good. Eyeing the firelizard as if there will be slashing talons at her in any second. Nope, We don't wanna see it coming so Kera will look… over there in stead. She turns a bit on her stool, the apprentice fidgets with her braid as she waits.

In the intervening time, the place has begun to thin out again. Most of the couples that had been occupying the tavern have gone on to other places and it is only Kera, Catallian and two others in the back who have long since finished their meal. "I'll have it up for you in just a moment." The friendly bartender offers, then goes to visit the people who need their drinks refilled — that couple in the back. Then, he arrives with a bowl of stew for Kera, fresh bread as promised and the blackfruit juice. "You really don't need to worry about Sunrise too much." Catallian assumes that is what is making the other uncomfortable. "She's all talk." He leans on the bar. "So. Why so nervous? I know it's a blunt question and all that, but I'm a bartender, see, and it's my job to ask questions."

The door opens once more and another form making there way on into the Tavern. Abigail pauses to peer around, she wasn't really expecting on being here but, here she be. A slight breath esacpes her, hand lifting to push back some red curls and she is off heading towards the bar for a place to sit. Upon her flight jacket can clearly be seen a Fort Weyr knot, that is with a brown string but also shows her as being a Wingsecond from the looks of it.

Kera continues her study of the new place. New for her that is. Noticing that it's quieter now, or is the little queen getting louder. Another glance given to the little queen, yep, she's still way over there. Good place for an irritated queen. As the food slides under her nose quicker than she had thought possible, she smiles and leans just bit forward to breathe it in. "Mmm. Smells good." Another smile offered before she takes up her juice and sips. At the question she cants her head slightly "Nervous? Hmm, maybe a little" A quick glance towards the door and she continues after waving to the person who just came in and peers frward again. "I wouldn't say I'm nervous….just showing a healthy caution." Kera flashes a cheeky wink to the bartender. "I sorta ha an incident in the shop next door a couple of sevendays ago. But I still need a trough for gardening."

Sunrise doesn't dissapoint. When Abigail sits down, the gold rises, making a petulant hissing sound at the sight of all of that red hair. It's a long, drawn out expression of discordant nasty and whatever not-so-brightness the gold has in her head. Whatever mental image that she sends Catallian, it is enough to make him grin and he crosses to where she is; poking the young queen in the muzzle. "Now, then." He says, softly. "Now then. Relax." The poke turns into some light head scratching and soon enough, she calms down. "I'll be with you in a second." His voice says to Abigail. "Once she gets over your hair. Brooding and all." Finally, he can step away and back to Kera. "I don't know, I'd call it pretty nervous. Nobody in here's gonna bite you, Sunrise included. Back in a minute, you can tell me how the food is." He moves over to lean in front of Abigail. "Hi, there. All the way from Fort, huh? Anything exciting? What brings you to Xanadu, besides stressing out my lizard?" He's smiling, grinning widely even, showing he's just being friendly. "And, what'll it be?"

Hissing firelizard, oh boy! There is a brown settled upon Abigail's shoulder, his eyes swirl and a soft chittering croon escapes him while he watches the gold curiously. The rider blinks and looks at the gold watching her. "Wait.. Why does my hair give her a problem?" This is questioned while her pale blue gaze drifts to the bartender. "Aye, just for a quick trip. Had to bring over some paper work and had a few friends that wanted a trip so figured I would wander over." A smile is seen. "Ale if'nn ye please." There is a rather Irish like accent caught as she speaks. "Sorry for stressen her out.."

Kera watches the display as the irritable queen kicks it up yet another notch. "I think you better tell her that. She looks bout ready to bother everyone in here." The aprentice shakes her head with a chuckle, not sure if it's safe to trust the bartender's ability o keep anyone safe with all that hissing. Sniffing her stew Kera takes a few bites, enjoying it as she overhears the nearby conversation. Catching the woman's accent, the girl looks more closely at the woman's eye, staring a few seconds. Wow, the little hissy queen is right, that's very very red. Shaking her head and remembering it's rude to stare, the apprentice turns back to her meal and juice. After another bite, she tears bits of her roll off and tosses them in the bowl.

Catallian waves his finger in a circle around his head. "Red." He explains to Abigail, still grinning markedly. "Kind of like waving a blanket in front of a pissy herdbeast and all. Don't ask me why, she's out to lunch right now. Probably going to be that way until her eggs hatch. But you're safe, like I was yelling the young lady over there . . " He muses to himself. " . . did I just say young lady? I'm getting old — anyway, she's all talk. Really." A light wink, and passing his hand over his forehead to push his hair back he crosses to a cask and fills the mug in question, handing it off. "Everything stresses her out, don't feel bad. Food with that? And what do ya think about refills? We going for a quick nip, pleasantly tipsy or possibly falling over if your friends don't hurry their butts up and do their business? I reccomend option three, usually leads to the best results." Eyes sparkle faintly, a broad grin there, and he holds up his finger to indicate he'll be a minute and balancing conversations, goes back to Kera. "So." He says. "Everything to your satisfaction? Besides worrying about whatever you were worrying about, and Sunrise eating you?"

Abigail looks amused and chuckles after a few moments. "Well that be nice ta know." At the comment of what to well do drink wise she ponders. "Just to get tipsy at the moment. I rather like sleeping in me own bed after all." She is rather sure her dragon could get her home but still! "Drink for the moment is plenty for me."

Kera is not being nosey, she's not even trying o be. She's just sitting close enough to overhear the conversation. When the bartender goes into his business pitch, she can't help but chuckle, then begins to nearly choke on her stew. A few seconds later, she her throat is cleared. Now she's chuckling at the bartender's manner. She takes a sip of juice as he approaches, giving an ansering nod "Oh everything is just fine. Thank you." another glance cast around the tavern and she gives a little shrug. "I guess this is just a bit differant than dining in the Hall or Weyr caverns." She pauses briefly and sips more juice. "I'm Kera by the way. Recently sent from HealerHall. Nice to meet you." She gives a smiling nod to the othe woman at the bar, including the rider in her greeting as well.

Catallian glances at Abigail for a minute or two, even though he's still standing in front of Kera. He seems to be struggling with not saying something, judging by the twitching of the corner of his mouth and the eyes that are extra smiling. Eventually his inner devil wins out. " … that's kind of overrated. Own bed and all. I prefer to avoid that whenever possible." He's still grinning, leaning his elbow on the bar while he looks back at Kera. "Both of you can call me Cat. Catallian is my real name, but kind of a mouthful and all. An unnecessary lofty name for a simple man." He's still amused at his own sense of humor, he really is. "Healerhall, eh? Good to know, next time I cut myself on glass, be you sitching me up." He glances at his own hands, then shrugs, and grins back at Abigail. "So, you're sure? I think you're really missing out on the bread. Still warm from the oven and all."

Abigail grins a bit while she watches Catallian, that twitch is picked up and she shakes her head a moment. "So.. What don't like being in yer own bed?" This questioned with a curious tone and wiggle of her brows. "Well.. Some warm bread sound good at the moment, along with the ale if'n ye don't mind." There is a pause while she glancs to Kera, a slight nod seen and she looks back to Cat. "I'm Abigail. Nice to meet ye."

Kera gives her head a quick shake "Oh no. I couldn't tend to even a scratch. Not yet at least. I'm still an apprentice. But I hope to earn Sr. Apprentice soon." With an appologetic little shrug. "It's nice to meet you though Cat." Tearing off a bite of bread, she chews it thoughtfully as her gaze darts between the two bantering. Her eyes widen as she listens to them, every so often an amused giggle slips out, which she tries to cover with little coughs.

Catallian glances at Kera, then at Abigail. Then he leans forward, putting his elbow on the bar and cupping his chin with his hand. "So." He says. "I make a somewhat off color not-quite-a-joke, and, no offense, the young lady who can't be sixteen gets it, and the . . brownrider, I think you said, seems to not." He caught the brow wiggle though and furrows his brow back at her. "Anyway, what can I say? If you haven't invesigated beds other than your own, I suggest investigating the idea. It's a remarkably interesting passtime and thing to explore. I mean, some are comfortable, some are not, some are narrow, some are wide, some are plush and some are lumpy . . they're all different and all of that." He seems remarkably amused with his own wit. "Matresses, that is, of course." He just grins, and dissapears into the back; returning with a loaf of bread for Abigail and a knife with a dish of butter for it. "So, what do you do with your time for the most part then, Kera was it? If you can't tend a scratch. When you're not in a bar listening to us old bartender people say stuff we shouldn't."

Abigail leans forward just a bit and looks to Catallian, an innocent look offered and she smiles. "Deary.. I did understand it.. I just did not offer a show of it because of trying to be tackful." A wink is seen while she leans back upon her seat. "I know very well about how other beds feel like. Though a girl does like there own bed for many a thing." She points out with a sly grin seen before she looks to Kera. "Mostly for sleeping of course." There is a pause as her firelizard let's out a low warble and then there is a *poof* as a bronze firelizard appears and lands upon her head of all places droping a note within her hand. The note is read over and a slight breath escapes her. "So much for a quiet evening." As for the bread, well she does pick it up and sends a wink to Cat. "Was a pleasure ta speak with ye." The note is tucked under her flight jacket, and a few marks left on the counter while she stands turning to leave.

As the inuendo banter continues, Kera discovers her stew once more and begins to see what secrets it has. Bite by bite, she tries not to be too amused at their interactions. Scrape, scrape, well look at that, the bottom of her bowl. Or a little slip of it anyway. There's still a few more bites to go. When she is questions about her time, she considers briefly "I spend most of my time either in the infirmary, or in the crafters cavern studying. That or gardening, which is why I need a trough from next door." As the weyrvisitor starts to leave, Kera wiggles her fingers towards the woman. "Nice ta meet ya."

Kera is sitting at the bar, working her way through a half eaten bowl of hot stew and fresh baked bread. She washes it down with some blackberry juice. The tavern has a few patrons scattered around, but for the most part, business seems to be winding down. The apprentice looks somewhat out of place, and she's watching everything that goes on while she eats with a curious eye.

Nereis glides though the open doorway to the tavern and comes to a landing on one of the ceiling beams. The little brown cocking his head this way and and as if looking for something or someone. When his eyes land apon Kera, he chirps happilly and swoops suddenly down to land on the bar near to her.

Kera jumps at the large lizard that lands suddenly next to her on the bar. Great, she walks in and starts getting hissed at by that egg guarding queen over there, now she's being bullied by large brown ones. Tugging her bowl a little closer "Hey, this is my dinner big guy."

Nereis croons softly and tilts his head to the side at Kera draws back, seeming confunsed by the act and completely forgetting why he is here at the moment. He lets out a cute almost chirping sound.

Kera watches the brown for a few seconds before plucking a meaty bit from her bowl. She blows on it while glancing around to see if the lizards owner is around.

Nereis eyes track the meaty bit and creels pitifully. As he does so, he extends his forpaw onto the edge of the plate, a small letter can be seen bound there.

Kera starts to shoo the brown from her plate. "Nono, I shared, don't be.. What's that?"She eyes the lizard's forpaws and sees the little slip of paper. "Mind if I have a peek. See who you belong too at least." She nudges the little meaty bit closer to the firelizard while trying to gently snag the paper.

Nereis shoots his head out quick to snatch that little piece of meet and holds still for the note to be removed. On the front it is clearly addressed to Apprentice Healer Kera.

Kera grins at her sneaky success, though is it /really/ sneaking when the lizard is pretty much holding up his paw and waiting patiently. Noticing that it's for her, she blinks and eyes the lizard curiously. With a shrug, she smiles and fishes out another juicy morsel to off. Setting it down on the bar near the lizard, she licks her fingers mostly clean before flipping the note open.

Nereis steps back seeming very proud of himself for having acheived his mission watching Kera as she reads the note.

Kera quickly scans the note and grins "n-talya" Peering to the lizard, nudging the other meaty bit closer to him. "I didn't know she had you." Glancing around the tavern briefly she leans closer to the brown "You are a smart one aren't ya. Hope it didn't take you long to find me." Another scan of the note and she nods to serself before folding the note and slipping it in her waist pouch.

Nereis preens at the compliment and shifts fot pick up the offered treat. his eyes whirling a content bluegreen.

Kera takes a few more bites from her bowl before pushing it away. As if an afterthought, she slides it closer to the brown "Help yourself big guy."

Nereis is not one that needs to be told twice, once offered the food he digs right in, not appearing to be in a real hurry to get back to his pet.

Kera watches the lizard finish her stew and she drains off the rest of her blackberry juice. With her meal finished, the young girl fumbles through her waist pouch for the marks to pay for her meal.

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