Sour Note?

Xanadu Weyr – Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Not too far from the front desk, Kera is sitting at little table tucked against the wall. The table is bare of everything but the clipped together pages the young healer is currently working on filling in. Several of the booths are occupied, the closed curtain signaling someone is in their. It seems the Weyrhealer is putting his apprentice through the wringer, testing her constantly to see what she recalls and what she needs to relearn. She has her head bent to the page, most questions she is scribbling out an answer before she even finsihes reading the whole question. A few she pauses to give some thought to the one she is woprking on before finally filling in the blank. When she finishes, Kera takes a few minutes to scan her answers before easing the chair back and peering around for the Weyrhealer.

Midmorning usually brings a break of some sort for the Weyrwoman. Usually it's to wander from the administration wing in search of the breakfast she forgot to eat when she'd arrived half asleep, taken the klah pot to her office and become immersed in something until her stomach wakes up and stabs her for neglecting it. Today she bypasses the serving tables, passes the nursery and continues on down the hall to the infirmary. There's a wary glance-round the wall shelves and curtain rods and then a visible relaxing of her posture when the area is lacking the presence of a certain bronze firelizard. Then she heads, not for the Weyrhealer for routine report but to the waiting area where she takes a seat.

Kera doesn't see the Weyrhealer right now, he must be in with one of the patients. She turns her test face down on the table then starts towards the apprentice duty roster to see what chore she is scheduled for next. Cheering considerably she grins at what's listed "First lunch. Well then, don't wanna keep my lunch waiting, that's would just plain be rude." This mostly to herself, even though a nearby apprentice filing reports hears what she says and chuckles. Wiggling her fingers to the other young healer, she turns and starts towards the side exit, though when her gaze slips all the way around, she spots the Weyrwoman and frowns a bit. A Weyrwoman sitting in any waiting area is not a good thing on any day. Another look around and she still doesn't see the Weyrhealer. So with a little sigh, she appraoches the woman and offers a pleasant smile and respectful dip of her hed "G'day Weyrwoman."

Let it never be said that the Weyrwoman wastes time. She has, while waiting to be seen, pulled a small pad and pen out of her pocket and is jotting down notes. What might it be? Well, anything from something she sees in here, to things that she's recalled needing prioritizing. She's heard the remark, even though her mind was busy while writing, and so she looks up, smiles and says easily, "Good morning, ah…Kera isn't it?" She's seen the young apprentice during the recent mushroom fiasco, and has also heard… things. "If you need to go to lunch, I can wait for the Weyrhealer to finish." Pleasant and yet, there's a gleam of…curiosity in her ice-green eyes as her smile turns a touch… mischievous.

Well this can't be good. The woman knows her name. This will probably be the shortest posting in HealerHall history. She looks dumbfounded for a couple of seconds before giving herself a little shake and nodding agreeably. "Yes ma'am. That' me." A tiny shrugs is offered and she does indeed too glance towards the side escape/exit to the caverns but remains in place. Looking back to the Weyrwoman, she offers a quick shake of her head and a cheery smile "I can wait ma'am. Unless you would like me to bring you something back. It would only take a couple of minutes." The Apprentice tries not to shift her weight from foot to foot. This is it, she's getting kicked out cause of that arrogant rude boy. She just knows it.

Thea should state her reason for being here, but she doesn't. Instead, without taking her eyes from the apprentice, she clicks her pen closed, pockets both it and her notepad then settles back into her seat as if getting comfortable for awhile. "Thank you, no, I'll get lunch later." She patpats the seat next to her, an invitation for her to sit. "Well-met Kera." She pauses, "I thought you did well with the weyrlings the other day," she continues casually. Another pause and then she notes idly, an almost playful smirk plays upon her mouth, "I've never seen the cavern floors looking so shiny, you've a knack for waxing."

Kera 's eyes go right to the notebook the Weyrwoman holds, following it as if it hs some answer she really needs. The girl isn't rude enough to try leaning in to see though. When Thea pats the seat next to her, the apprentice's gaze slips back towards the curtained off bays. Not seeing any rescue in the form of the WeyrHealer approaching, Kera merely swallows and nods, before dragging her feet towards the designated seat. At the approving words of her past work, she blushes a gives an uncertain shrug. "I wouldn't go that far ma'am. I think my presence did more harm than good tha evening." Another shrug given before she finally cracks a grin and forgets herself briefly by giving a cheeky wink to the Weyrwoman. "I put twelve coats on, but no one went for a slide. At least not that I have heard at least."

"Oh? Now why do you say that?" Ever curious, this Weyrwoman. She was there, did she miss something? It certainly was a ruckus. She grins outright about the cavern floors. "Sock sliding they usually save for the candidate barracks. Otherwise, one might slide right down the incline into the baths and fall in, clothes and all." Unless… they're sliding nekkid. Then it's socks and all.

Kera looks curiously to the Weyrwoman to see if the woman is making fun of her. "Because of the way he was ranting and raving about me hurting people." She frowns and sniffs irritably. "As if I would ever." Canting her head a little, "But maybe that was before you arrived." Tiny shake of her head then "It's difficult to recall exact events, things were rather chaotic. Which wasn't helped much when that brownling boy tried running through a few people to make a run for it. That's why the WeyrHealer ordered them strapped down. He was gonna hurt himself or someone else with his raving." Slipping into quiet a few seconds, she starts chuckling "If ya got a running start, that could be quite fun. As long as ya are careful not to break you neck in the process."

Thea was teasing her about the floors. This time she's genuinely curious why a healer thinks her presence did more harm than good. Since she was among the AWLMs who brought the weyrlings to the infirmary - she being the one who hauled Mur'dah there, she nods, unsurprised to hear about the ranting he did again. She doesn’t believe that, "Hurt someone? Mur'dah? He just wanted to be with Kalsuoth. I already spoke to the Weyrhealer about that." And revisions in the policy will be made - not that there will be a next time for mushroom-smoke high weyrlings! As for the ranting about her hurting people, she levels a look at the healer, "It might be the perfume incident he was recalling."

Kera nods "That may have been his intention, getting to his dragonmate I mean. But he really didn't seem to know what was going on or what was that I think about it." She gives a little shrug and sighs with a near pout "It was only a few dribbles of perfume. I thought ri.." She snaps her mouth shut briefly as if relazing who she's speaking with and rethinking her statement. "Bah, it's over now, I appologized and waxxed all that flooring." Shrugging it off before rolling her eyes at some far off speck on the wall. "Unfortunately, I seem to just give him more reason to rant at me. Even when I try to be extra agreeable."

Thea tilts her head, listening with a neutral expression. She mmms noncommittally about whether it was a few drops or nearly the entire bottle. "Perfumers use alcohol in extracting oils from plants. I'm glad it didn't get in his eyes." She gives the apprentice a small smile, "I know you won't do something like again, will you." And she goes serious as another look is leveled at her. She'll leave it there, over and done with as long as the teen doesn't make any excuses for her past actions. "Hmmn. It's unfortunate tat first impressions are hard to overcome. It's too bad you both struck a sour note with each other." She's casual about that, just noting in general the sentiment that folks might get on better. Sort of like saying something about the weather.

"As long as he doesn't compare me to his grandmother again." Is muttered as low as she can, but most can probably still be heard from someone sitting right beside her. She couldn't help it. REALLY! It just jumped right out there before she could engage her brain to mouth filter. tryin to look straight ahead, her gaze slides around towards Thea. Better say something quick! "Maybe I'm the sour note. He didn't seem to appreciate much of what I had to say on our last encounter either. Even though there is evidance that what I said was all true." Kera gives a hint of a shrug.

Funny Kera should mention that. Something clicks for the Weyrwoman. "His grandmother wears lavender scent; it's pretty pungent. I wear jasmine," she notes. The girl might catch the subtle floral scent since they're not over near where the antiseptic and medicinal things are used. And what teenage boy wants to try to flirt with someone who reminds him of his mother and grandmother? Nevertheless, she levels yet another look at the apprentice, this one icy. "Let me rephrase: You don't have to like my son. You do need to refrain from upending irritating chemicals on people's heads when they say something you don't like if you want to keep that resident's knot." The last apprentice sent back to the hall to answer for actions did not return. There's no wiggle room in this and her eyes remain locked upon the teen as she waits for the apprentice to promise. As for Kera being the sour note, she cannot say, for she wasn't there. So it's with a casual shrug and a neutral, "Being pleasant is often more important than being right."

Kera sighs with a nod, and manages to keep her eyes from doing any sorta rolling. That would not be good right now. "Yes'm. I wasn't gonna dump anything on him anyway." Doesn't mean she can't picture it though. Peering back to the woman, she reaches to start fiddling with the end of her braid. "But I was very pleasant in our last conversation. I think maybe it was he just didn't like thinking about a couple of things.." Chewing on her bottom lip a few seconds she goes on as she finds her braid rather interesting. This rider probably doesn't like the reminders of mortality of their dragons either.

Indeed, it wouldn't be! "Good girl!" the Weyrwoman says firmly, a smile beaming for her. "He might not have," she says equably with another lift and drop of slim shoulders. "The signs might be worth noting and steering to more pleasant topics might help things to go better next time?" It's a gentle suggestion meant to be applied to people in general, not just Mur'dah. This rider, nothing! None of them do. Who would like that sort of reminder? But since neither of them bring that subject up, enlightenment for Kera will likely have to come the hard way. Seeing the Weyrhealer headed their way, the weyrwoman rises and says, "I have an appointment now, so I'll excuse myself. Enjoy your lunch, Kera. It was nice chatting with you." And in short time she is drawn into a murmured conversation with the Weyrhealer as the pair drift out of earshot.

Kera looks back to the woman like she is being unfair before peering back to her very fascinating braid. Rather than defend herself and the fact she was doing studying that skull long before Mur'dah showed up, she simply nods and gets to her feet when the Weyrwoman stands. "Yes'm. Thank you. Nice chatting with you as well, G'day ma'am." She gives a respectful dip of her head and waits for the Weyrwoman to start off before she turns and darts out the entrance. Let the Weyrhealer stumble across her finished quiz, or else it will wait til she gets back. She escapes before something else bad happens.

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