Repair Job

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Into the Third Trimester, well even Kereth won't let her fly now, so what does a rider with a lot of time on her hands to do. Well focus on her other job, healering. So the heavily pregnant Laera is in the infirmary sitting at a desk, looking over her texts. Taking to study while she waits for any patients that may need tending to. Occasionally she leans back to rub at her stomach, soothing out those little aches pregnant women oft get.

The doors are pulled open, and who appears in the space between? None other than Pyriel. While the infirmary was his least favor place, he'd come with a mission. Though he does pause long enough to check to see if Shellie was around. That woman had the mannerisms of a disgruntled tunnelsnake. He looks relieved when it's Laera there and not the other option, breathing a sigh, and taking the steps necessary to carry him over to the counter. She might be weyrmated to the creepiest greenrider on Pern, D'len, but the bluerider was okay by his standards otherwise. Golden eyes dart down to her very pregnant belly over the counter's edge, and he frowns. Still, he puts his hands on the smooth surface between them and lightly clears his throat. "Ahem."

Laera seems well engrossed in her book. One that most would consider dry reading. The pathology of Disease processes. Few who have met her would believe of her this focused healer, intent on study when she can. Another reason for her intense focus no doubt the strains brought on by the candidacy of Landers and whatever strain it might have set to her relationship with the greenrider for searching him. At the throat clearing the woman looks up to the young man and manages to bring a smile to her lips, "Oh hey, sorry didn't hear ya come in. Can I help ya? Reporting for your physical?"

Pyriel opens his mouth, distracted with the way his head tilts and he tries to read the title of the book she had her nose stuck into. Yeah, that looked really boring. Then again, Py wasn't a healer, he was a harper. Well, a candidate first and foremost these days. He snaps out of it though, flushing in embarrassment for something or another. Could be his lack of focus, or the fact that he still needed his physical done. Did he want Shellie poking at him? No, no, and a big resounding no. "We could do that too…I guess." Lucky for him Laera was cute, or on second thought, maybe not so good. Eyes dart off, tongue moistening his lips absently. "I kinda just wanted to get my ears fixed." He points to the black rims that keep a not huge, but certainly noticeable hole in each of his earlobes. Gaze returns to the woman, "Ya think ya can help me out?" Lips are pressed into a thin line.

Yes despite her pregnancy, Laera still looks hot. One of those evil women who only seem to carry no extra fat safe a bit of bosum enhancement and that 'swallowed a basketball' look during her pregnancy. Her camisole top and sarrong skirt, gives a peek of belly between them as she rises from her seet. "Well lets have a seet and see what we can do about them." She says motioning him to an exam table. "How have you been feeling of late? Any aches and pains from the accident?" She asks as she gets a little clipboard and sets it on the end of the exam table. Her tone has a more conversational than healerly lilt to it, as if asking about the weather.

Pyriel follows after Laera, moving over towards the exam table and jumps up onto it to sit all in one motion. He's quick to take the black rims out of the stretched holes, leaving a gap that when not sagging was a touch smaller than a terran ten cent piece. He pockets the rims and lifts his eyes to meet hers, brows lifting at her question. "Okay I guess. I was always sensitive to the cold, maybe it's 'cause I grew up in Eastern." It was tropical after all, and kid had so little body fat it was a wondering that he wasn't among the losses of the Windy Waters. He falls quiet for a time, then shakes his head despite the haunted look that settles in upon his face. "Nothing like that." Physically he appeared at this time, perfectly healthy. The mental scars were taking longer to heal.

As he takes out the rims, Laera sets to examining the ears, looking over each one in turn. "Always visit the hatching sands, hotter than high summer at Ista there. Been to eastern a couple times, but mostly just for delivaries when I was in that wing when I was younger." She says before nodding at the ears, "Yeah, should be able to fix these, might be a bit of pain for a few days and gonna have to take special care of them while they are healing." She says before looking over the young man's face at his answer, "Ain't no easy thing what y'all went through, if you ever need to talk…well I am here. Holding it in can cause it to hurt more." She says as if she knows well the pains of such.

Pyriel bobs his head in an affirmative. "Just got out of there earlier. It was almost too warm, even for me." he frowns, grumbling. He had taken his bath, and drank enough water to drown a runner, perhaps feeling a bit bloated as a result. There is no comment made on Eastern, though judging from his expression there was a pang of homesickness. Even if the reason for him leaving dwelled there to this day. He lets Laera examine his ears though, holding his head perfectly still. When she finally makes her assessment, he looks both pleased and apprehensive. No one should be excited about being in pain. "Good." he finally releases with a whoosh of air. "I dun mind tendin' to 'em, so if ya can rightly fix them I'm all for it." He looks at Laera long and hard for her offer of a friendly ear. The event might not be so recent, but that didn't mean that Py didn't want to talk about it. "Kay. Maybe." he says noncommittally. He wasn't going to promise he was going to, but he wasn't clearly refusing either.

"Well I can tell you are the gory details or I can just do it. Up to you. Just come in when you are ready or we can do it now with a local numbing." Laera says as she lifts the chart and makes a couple of notations on it, "Why you want to close em? Second thoughts on the fashion statement?" She asks with a light lilt of a smile to her lips. She then sets do doing part of the phsyical. Picking up his hand to check his pulse and looking into his eyes and giving a general look over of the young man. "Ok, well no pressure on that, I don't mind the company. Kereth won't let me fly right now.."

"Yeah um, I dun need to know the details, just do it. Now is good. Gutta give 'em the proper time to heal before those eggs start rockin'." Being removed from candidacy because of a wound like that would not be okay. "I'm just tired of the whining. I get plenty for the other stuff I keep on my face, but being told they're gunna get ripped out by my firelizard jus' ain't want I need right now. So close 'em up." That and the thought of floppy lobes on the sands, wasn't appealing at all. There really wasn't any other solution. "Will they look weird after they're healed?" he quires, watching as she lifts his wrist and blinks a few times when she stares into his eyes. There is a flush for that, his pulse picking up before he glances off to the side. Jaw setting. Dang it. Even though he's not looking at the woman, he still responds to her words. "Yer really sticking out there. That…greenrider the dad or Landers?" Oh he knew about all that stuff, even if there wasn't talk about it in the candidate barracks.

"Ok then, Lay down and will get on this." Laera says as she goes to get some supplies and goes to scrub her hands. After a few minutes she comes back to sit on a stool beside the bed, her supplies on a little stand beside her. "Well just gonna start off with some numbweed, let me know when your earlobes are all tingly." She says as she smooths the goob over the lobse and looks down at the young man at his question. She grins and looks down to the stomach, "The Greenrider is the father. I was pregnant before I met Landers." She answers him truthfully to the question, not seeming distressed by such a private question.

At this point Laera had to head out to work. She did say that Pyriel's ears were repaired, and he would have stitches for about a sevenday. His physical followed since Py was numbed up anyway for the previous procedure. He got a clean bill of health.

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