Disturbed (Egg Touching 2)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Shep has done the Weyrwoman's bidding, chittering to one of the AWLMs firelizards and is back within seconds. It isn't long before several other Candidates are led in, meeting Thea, Pyriel and Kiley just as they're about to enter the sands. Seryth gets that 'not again' look to her - it's written all over her as she rises, half-furling her wings and peering suspiciously at the Candidates behind her. She moan-growls while the Weyrwoman heads over reaching for her muzzle, shushing her. She's got her hands full keeping the queen calm and leaves it to the AWLM to give the candidates the low-down.

M'nol quirks a brow at the candidates already there before ushering in the rest of the takers, "Okay, folks. Most of you know how to do this, but just to be clear. One candidate per egg. No running, no rough housing and show your proper respect to Seryth or you'll be removed from the sands. And if Seryth seems to dislike something you're doing. Stop doing it. We don't want any incidents."

Pyriel is lingering behind Kiley, peaking past her to the queen dragon who was looking as if she would like to chase them all away rather than be bothered with all these people touching her eggs. To Thea those golden orbs move to next, appreciating the woman's efforts in soothing the beast. The kid actually gets a flicker of sympathy for her plight. Can't be easy being saddled with that particular job. Then M'nol speaks up, earning a surprised blink that this was the AWLM that had been summoned. Py listens closely, and he does wait until the rider stops instructing before glancing to the computer crafter candidate's back. Then he quietly takes one half-step forward and murmurs to Kiley, quietly as not to disturb anyone. "That's the brownrider I was tellin' ya guys searched me." Like she cares, but there it is. He still didn't know the guy's name. Ah well.

Bubbling with excitement at the prospect of being allowed to spend some quality time with the eggs, Lorelai bounces a little on the balls of her feet as she files onto the sands with the others. Her own firelizards are safely left back in the barracks to keep from annoying Seryth more than absolutely nessisary. She gives the clutch-mother a respectful bow, nodding at the instructions M'nol gives them and wandering among the eggs for a moment before coming to a stop before the Love's Timeless Temple egg. For a moment she hesitates, suddenly nervious, before finally reaching out with one faintly trembling hand and brushing her fingers over the smooth shell.

Kiley remains waiting while the others arrive. M'nol is given a very thoughtful look as she casts a gaze towards the man in response for that brow quirk before she smiles as she recognizes the man from their meeting awhile back. But she doesn't greet him, instead looking behind her to Pyriel and nodding once. "We met before." Comes her soft response to the harper candidate, another smile forms before she's taking a slow step forward and into place. Oops, she forgot to give his name. A bow follows, as instructed, before she's looking to Lorelai as she goes on her way to an egg. She hesitates, considering the eggs before she takes a breath and makes her way over to one. Her fingers timidly come to rest upon The Halls of Crumbling Stone Egg, bracing for whatever is to come as her breath is held tight in her chest.

As Kiley says she met him, the Pyriel blinks and might of asked her his name, but she steps away from him soon there after to pay her respects to the queen. The boy fidgets a second before he too takes onto the sands, already thankful for the thick soles of his boots. He couldn't imagine it with nothing but thin sandals. Wide eyes go to the dame of the clutch, bowing with a measure of awkwardness, it wasn't something he was used to. He manages though, somewhat, and then carefully makes his way over to the Stele Translations Egg. It had been the one he'd admired since they were laid. Eyes quickly dart to M'nol, then Thea, and lastly Seryth. He hesitates but a moment, before long slender fingers settle on the shell.

A bright smile blooms on Lorelai's face and she blushes faintly, pressing her hand a little more firmly against the shell, "I'm Lorelai." She giggles at the questions posed, keeping her voice low so as not to disturb anyone else, "I was born here, same as you." The baker candidate's blush deepens and she wrinkles her nose a little, biting her lip for a moment before she speaks again in a low murmer, "I just like to help people…" She shifts a little, moving slightly around the egg in an almost dance.

Kiley's fingers that rest upon the egg twitch, her hand pulling back suddenly as she stares at the egg. Her brows draw into a frown as she processes these new thoughts, different feelings that are not her own. Her bottom lip quivers, but not with an onslaught of tears ; determination soon grips her and her hand comes forward once more to rest more certainly upon the shell of the egg while her eyes focus entirely upon the shell. She says nothing at first, her determination to see this through taking the forefront of her thoughts. "I'm ready." Slips from her lips, just barely spoken above a whisper.

To say that Pyriel is surprised when creature residing within the shell creeps into his mind like it does, is an understatement. There is an startled blink, followed by a fluttering of lashes before they lower, the boy's jaw settling in a determined and unyielding way. It was definitely nothing he expected, even with the warnings he had gotten before hand. He was not lacking in the qualities the mind was seeking, and so his chin lifts ever so slightly in silent challenge, even as he lifts his free hand and glides just the tips of them beside his others. He wasn't going anywhere, not at present anyway. "Bring it." he mutters under his breath to the egg below his touch, not at a volume that it would carry past the area he currently resided.

Lorelai giggles softly in response to whatever impression she's getting from the creature within, "I never left…" She squats on her heels, not quite sitting on the hot sands, but getting comfortable and resting her other hand lightly on the beautiful shell, "I know… Your mama wouldn't like it if I stayed here too long." She wrinkles her nose a little, "And somebody else might want to spend some time with you, too." She falls silent for a moment, her brows drawing together as she thinks, "Well, I like cooking." She smiles, "I like making other people happy." She licks her lips lightly, her expression thoughtful, "And I don't like to see other people hurting…" The girl's eyes widen a little and she leans in, resting her cheek against the shell, though careful not to actually push the egg over, "Oh, don't go!" Her hands caress the warm shell, "Please?"

Kiley closes her eyes, the hand resting upon the egg completely relaxed as the woman remains in this state as well. A moment passes and the hand begins to tremble in the wake of the images shown to her by the egg. Her whole form follows suite of the hand and she breathes out a soft spoken reply, "I don't know." This repeats a few times as the woman keeps her hand, barely, upon the egg with determination being one of the few things holding her there in place.

Pyriel does not move as if every muscle in his body had been bidden to still, though there is the faintest twitch at his brows. Eyes eventually slide off the shell where they had been utterly focused, soon closing and a frown drifts the corners of his lips downwards. Lashes part soon there after, tracking back to the egg beneath his fingers, finally settling down the entirety of his palms against the hardened warmth. He expels a breath, as if he had been holding it for a time, but had enough sense to do this slowly and not all at once. Py visibly relaxes, muscles he didn't even know know he had losing their tension. His eyes dart back and forth, as if the vision provided him were being inspected down to the last detail. "All right. Inside then." And so he dares to venture forth with whatever was going down over there. His hands never leave the egg.

Lorelai nods, "Yeah…" She pulls back from the egg a little, squaring her shoulders and looking more determined, "Yeah. I'm sure!" Those words carry a little farther than the rest of her conversation with the egg. She suddenly blushes, pulling away from the egg completely and lifting her hand to press her fingertips to her lips, blinking quickly a couple of times and just staring at the egg for a moment. A single tear rolls down her cheek at the sudden departure and she gives a longing sigh.

Kiley's trembling soon comes to a stop, settling into a more comfortable ease as a deep breath is drawn and her eyes open to consider the shell and where her hand rests upon it. Her hand slowly begins to lift while she considers it, a frown lingering upon her brows and she gives a slow nod. Despite the fact that their connection has been severed, she smiles at the egg. "I will." She promises, her tone far more sure than it was moments ago. She lingers beside the egg even though her hand is no longer upon the shell and then she considers the next one. She nods once she settles on one and takes a more determined stride over to the egg. She doesn't greet it with a verbal greeting, only the soft grazing of her fingers along the surface of the shell before coming to settle more certainly upon the Ethereal Cairn Egg.

Tilting his head somewhat, Pyriel's eyes once more slowly close, and he stands firm even now. Brows twitch again, but upwards this time, even if they soon drift back to a neutral position. He bobs his head once towards the egg, not saying or doing anything other then that for a spell. However, soon enough his lips are upturning, even as his hands slide free of the shell, apparently moved by this last lingering touch of the being inside the egg. Satisfied, and perhaps the slightest bit glassy eyed, he clears his throat as quietly as he can before stepping away from Stele Translations egg. From the looks of it, the boy would return if at all possible, to this one that had seemed to move him so greatly. He weaves around the eggs and finds himself before Claimed by the Sea Egg, and a hand carefully is placed upon it.

Lorelai frowns faintly, resting her hand a little more firmly against the shell, giving a small, near silent, exclamation of surprise. She leans in closer for a moment, humming a soft, childish tune and lifting her other hand to rest against the shell as well, "What would you want?" She smiles faintly and kneels, "There's lots of stuff that I can tell you if you really want to hear it."

Kiley gives a slight jump, nothing that would send her off the ground or falling back. It happens once more before she wrinkles her nose and slowly settles once this ends. Eyes close and she tilts her head to the side, considering. "Yes." She breathes a soft response, her voice shaking and losing the confidence in those short few moments. A sigh follows this, her fingers slightly tensing upon the shell before bitter laughter slips from her lips. "Right.. It will be." Her tone, however, lingers in the doubt of this fact.

From his expression, Pyriel is certainly caught off guard, though by what is difficult to pinpoint. "Okay." he says softly enough, staring down at his own hands for whatever reason, closely inspecting the state of the shell beneath and around them. Huh. He winces for whatever reason, though this soon turns into the shrug of one shoulder. "Lots of stuff. Air, and trees and sand…really hot sand." Py was by this time sweating, his face and neck have taken on a particular sheen that comes with that.

Lorelai sways a little, once more dancing in place as she communes with the creature within the egg. Then she suddenly stops and frowns a little, "Everyone matters." She pauses for a moment, "I haven't done much outside of spending every spare moment in the kitchens since I was little, but everyone matters." Everyone matters to her, anyway.

Various emotions cross the woman's face, flickering between the sad and the happy in a see-saw of emotions. Kiley eventually lingers on one that reflects a bitter taste in her mouth, nose wrinkling with disgust as cheeks color a dark shade of red. Shame lingers on that face before a deep breath is drawn and slowly released. And then, it is gone as if it was never there and the woman remains as such; breathing in and out as she reaches a place of understanding.

And that was enough of that. Pyriel was steadily growing uneasy, even paling to a degree, and then at some point his eyes widen and he yanks his hands off the egg all together. What was to be found there, he apparently did not like, and he takes several steps backwards before he realizes he'd been dislodged. He glares accusingly at the poor egg as if the tears in his eyes that spill over his cheeks were entirely it's fault. He shakes his head, even as the heel of his palm is quick to wipe away the moisture from his face. Unmanly as it is, and certainly not acceptable with people around. He was done with this egg. Never again, ever. He tries to distract himself by looking over those that remain, settling on Islands of Strange Stone Egg. Maybe that one was safer.

Kiley takes another deep breath, eyes opening as she pulls away. She doesn't linger this time, nor does she look to her hand as she steps away. Her gaze finds the other candidates, seeking their reactions before she gives a slight shake of her head to clear her thoughts. "Okay.." Finally comes her response, despite the fact she has now taken a few steps away and to the next egg. This one is met with more caution this time, her fingertips settling upon the shell of the Lost in Fathoms Below Egg. There are no expectations this time as she braces herself for what is to come.

Pyriel hesitantly reaches out and puts a single finger upon the Islands of Strange Stone Egg, clamping his eyes shut, though one is quick to pop open again as the harper candidate visibly relaxes. Okay, this was apparently better than the last. That is when Py lets both his hands glide over the smooth surface of the shell, finding a place upon it that felt comfortable, his other eye now open to match the other. This time around, his expression appears to be blank, almost as if bored. One might expect Py's foot to be tapping in annoyance. Then all at once the boy jumps and he peers at the egg, confusion intruding on his neutrality. "Wait…What?" he asks, brows jetting downwards. Once again, the boy pales, fear and and terror reflecting upon his features. "Dude…come back…" He's quick to frown. "Seriously…"

The gentle touch of fingertips slowly becomes her whole hand resting upon the shell, eyes closing at the first contact of their minds. Kiley draws in a deep breath, taking in the scent the egg offers in her mind despite the surroundings smell considerably different and smiling. She leans in, showing interest in what the egg has to offer before a wavering breath is drawn for a moment and released. "Kiley." Comes with that breath and a pause follows, allowing the lingering of silence before she speaks again. "I will try."

Lorelai flushes a little at the abruptness and wrinkles her nose. Then she blushes deep scarlet and bites her lower lip, "Well… There's kind of this guy…" She trails off and glances back over her shoulder almost nerviously, checking to make sure she's not being snuck up on. She wrinkles her nose and suddenly gives the egg a startled look, "What?" She wrinkles her brow thoughtfully, "I'm here because I was asked… Because it's an honor." She falls into thoughtful silence, "I want to be able to help as many people as possible…"

Pyriel blinks at the egg, "Well that's rude." he grumps a bit, jaw twitching where it meets the rest of his skull. So say the king of rude. Riiiight. Another wince from the boy, and a twitch of the fingers of one hand before it lifts from the shell and he rubs at one temple as if his head had started to hurt. Then the fear is back, the pale faced complete and utter terror as if his blood had been replaced with icy water. A shudder, and it might appear as if the harper candidate was about to give up on this one as well. Though for some reason, whether it be courage or stubbornness, Py does not lift that other hand despite it looking like every nerve in his body was screaming at him to run. Run far far away. No, his hand at his temple is set with firm determination back upon that egg. Though strangely, he starts to sniff. "What the…gravy?" He fixates on that, even while his stomach growls in response. Hmmm, gravy.

Kiley laughs softly suddenly, "that isn't fair.." The woman's stomach growling in a sudden response, laughter growing a little louder in response to the sound of her rumbling stomach. But she sobers all too quickly, silence quickly taking reign as her fingers linger on the shell while her brows furrow in consideration. A tilt of her head, the subtle frown soon tugging at the corner of her lips in response. "I.. I don't think…" She shakes her head, "I don't think any of those. But, it doesn't mean I can't be later." She insists, her tone taking a firmer turn with a sudden determination.

"I- I think I could be worthy." Lorelai straightens a little, "I'm brave!" She nods once, "I can handle adventure." Beat, "As long as it doesn't put any one in trouble, anyway…" She doesn't like people to be hurt or upset, after all. Then the presence is gone and she stands, offering a softly murmered challenge of her own, "Do you think you can work to help the rest of the Weyr?" She steps back and moves on, just wandering among the eggs for several minutes before coming to the Halls of Crumbling Stone Egg and facing it determindedly. It's a long minute before she kneels and presses both hands to the surface of the shell, "Are you going to talk to me, too?"

As distracting as the scent of gravy, wherever that came from, was…Pyriel is glad when the smell fades off. It was just making him all the more hungry for the meal that was candlemarks off yet. Sigh. His preoccupation with food though is soon forgotten as the presence within his head draws his attention back once more. A great flood of perplexity clouds his expression. Wincing, wheeling, wavering, and turning the boy a bit green for it. "Okay. Okay, enough." he whines, yes whines. He's really all set with what he was being transmitted. Then he lets out a sigh, and just looks exhausted. He shakes his head and retracts his hands from the Islands of Strange Stone egg. He peers at it fleetingly, even as he takes measured steps to walk away, ceasing both as he comes to stand before the Avenue of the Dead egg. He got lucky that first time, would the third be the charm? A hand comes up and is rested upon the shell.

Determination fades into something softer, gentler as the smile upon Kiley's lips changes to reflect this and there's a slow nod of her head. "Perhaps. Perhaps.. That would depend on you." She insists, her fingers lingering just a moment longer and her head shakes as she begins to pull away. "It all depends on you." The woman smiles and opens her eyes to cast a look to the next egg. With her goal set, she moves easily to the Monument of Time and Space Egg. Fingertips come to rest upon the shell while eyes close to accept what this egg has to offer.

Lorelai jerks her hands back for a moment as though burned and just stares at the egg in awe. After just a second, she clenches her jaw and once more presses her hands to the shell, closing her eyes and breathing slowly as she just listens.
Slowly, a very faint smile blooms on her face and she nods, "I'm ready." Her voice, however, doesn't sound entirely certain.

Pyriel blinks, looking around as if someone had just turned out all the lights. "Hey!" he protests in a hush, frowning deeply. "So not cool." This grumbled, though the boy's shoulders are soon bobbing as if plagued suddenly by a metronome being thrust into his brain. Gold eyes flick here and there, seeing but not seeing, as if tossed forcibly into the blackest of nights. He jumps, and peers downwards. "Uh…Pyriel?" he replies, as if he wasn't sure? Or not sure if that is what is asked of him. "Um…" Intelligent this one, no? "This short brownriding guy…said his dragon insisted and well…" And he goes on the explain the story. When he's done he quirks a single brow, the pierced one. "So…." And he waits.

Kiley's brows furrow in response, fingers twitching slightly as they draw back slightly and only the tips of her fingers come to rest upon the shell once more. Her lips press into a line, thoughtful before she rolls her shoulders in an off response. "Whatever you want to see, I suppose." She offers no more than that to the egg while eyes flutter in an attempt to remain closed.

Lorelai gasps, her eyes flying open. She trembles faintly, making a small distressed sound and cringing away from whatever the young dragon within the shell, "No!" It's almost a shout, a protest for people being in trouble, "I will save them! There's nothing I wouldn't do to keep them safe." She fights back a sob, "Yes, even if it means giving up my life, I'll keep everyone safe!" Though her voice shakes, she sounds as though she really means what she says.

Again, Py jumps, and then a most uneasy and uncomfortable intensity bares down upon his countenance. For a split second, it appears he can see again, and then he hisses low and clamps down hard on his bottom lip with his teeth. This was him catching himself from making something closer to a yelp, which might of disturbed Seryth with sheer volume alone. Properly quelling the outburst, an ounce of annoyance now remains, eyes narrowed to slits. "What the shells is that?" he asks, sounding less than pleased at what was now shown to him. Then he blinks and rolls his eyes upwards. "That was a really long time ago, where the heck didja get that fro….ooookay." Hands come off the shell. "Gunna take some time to get that outta my head." Shudder, and he shakes it off on his path to a new egg to try. He walks over to Ethereal Cairn Egg, and his hands drift to rest upon it's surface.

Kiley's lips twist in discomfort and she gives a shake of her head. "That isn't… They aren't that important." She insists, brows drawing into a deeper frown while her eyes flutter open for the moment to remind herself where she is. A breath is drawn and she remains with this egg a moment longer, though her body is poised to leave quite soon.

Lorelai's breath catches a little and a sense of wonder and understanding crosses her face, "Oh!" She smiles suddenly and nods, "I understand…" Her hands move over the surface, a tender caress, "Maybe we could write it together?" She blushes lightly, "I know I'll need someone strong to help me…" She gives the shell a final caress and moves away, taking a few minutes to just digest the impressions she's gotten from the eggs so far before moving on to trail her fingers over the surface of the Islands of Strange Stone Egg.

A soft chuckle can be heard in the direction of Pyriel, that couldn't be anyone but him. His voice was rather distinctive. A twitch, once, twice, three times and the chuckle goes on after each. He turns his body so that his back is to everyone who could possibly see his face, so he can smile down at the ovoid. Private time. "Yeah, I do." he says, sighing with a kind of heaviness. "Ugh, that ain't…" he starts and then his shoulders just slump. "Appreciate that. Ya know it ain't easy forgetting that crap." he murmurs, but then nods. "It's cool…but it ain't gunna be forever kay?" Unseen, he colors, and lifts but one hand to scratch at the back of his head with some embarrassment.

Kiley shakes her head firmly and removes her hand from the egg, giving it a look and a frown as her lips press firmly together and she refuses to answer the question or even to make a peep at this point. Whatever thoughts the egg has given her certainly shut the woman up and with a stubborn determination she moves towards the next egg. She comes to rest at the Love's Timeless Temple Egg, calming as her fingers make contact with the hardened shell of the egg.

A bright giggle bubbles up from Lorelai and she presses her hand a little more firmly to the shell. She shifts her feet in the sands, waiting under the curiosity of the presence within the egg and ignoring the heat of the sands as best she can. The she jumps, almost falling backwards, but just manages to keep her feet, and cries out in fear, "What is that?" She trembles in momentary panic, staring sightlessly at the shell for just a moment. Just as suddenly as the terror hits her, it's gone and she's left standing there with both hands on the shell, shaking and breathing heavily, "What has you so afraid? Won't you let me help you..?"

Pyriel nods, chewing now on his lip again. His head comes down, as if something heavy at dropped down before him, cheeks flushed. Though whether this is because of the sands (highly possible) or something else, is just not determined. "That is…" A pause, that does not continue the thought at all because the harper candidate is soon leaning over towards the shell upon which he hands rest and he whispers conspiratorially to it. Whatever he had to say, was not to be overheard. Not even accidentally. He straightens once the secrets have been passed, and there is another nod. "Yeah, I agree with you on that one. Ain't as easy as all that though."

Kiley colors suddenly a whole new shade of red, her mouth opening in a mute response and suddenly stuttering out words that are only not even words. "W-W-What?" Comes the first response that actually makes sense and the woman shakes her head. "Nononono." Fingers tremble upon the egg shell and her head shakes as she attempts to regain some semblance of calm for her world that is suddenly thrown into an entirely different direction than all the other eggs. She hasn't fled yet, at least.

Yelps and outcries stir Seryth, who trumpets despite Thea's attempts to soothe her. Though the queen doesn't move, the Weyrwoman is trembling with the effort to keep her from doing so. She sends M'nol a look that clearly says, "Comfort them!" As yet she doesn't call a halt to the touching session.

Briana has not been near the sands for a couple days, not since the last time she touched the eggs. Now she finally returns, courage perhaps renewed once more. The dark skinned girl looks like she has not had much sleep at all over the intervening days. The bow is given to the queen as she sets her first sandled foot upon the sands before she moves in a circuit around the eggs, trying to get up the courage to touch them once more. Finally she takes a deep breath and approaches the Eternity at Attention Egg. Her slender fingertips slowly reaching out to touch the shell.

There's a startled little cry at the sudden reappearance of the consciousness and Lorelai steals herself against the terror, her voice trembling faintly, "Because you're scared." She might be scared, too, but she's not going to leave a baby that's terrified to fend for itself! She murmers softly to the egg, "It's alright." Even though it might not really be, "We'll be alright…" She gives a tiny whimper of fear, "I'm not going to leave you as long as you need me. I promise!"

Pyriel settles into an aura of calm as the occupant of the ovum, agreeable sounds murmured and said in quiet tones. This was between him and the egg, and no one else. Just as it's mind fades from his, Seryth is trumpeting and it sends the boy staggering back a few steps. Alarmed gold eyes dart in a worried fashion from goldrider to queen and then to M'nol. Was it still okay to be here? What happened? He'd missed all the chaos of yelping and disquiet when he was connected, but now that he was free…he was clueless as to the reason Seryth was upset. Another unsteady step backwards, and his hand comes out to touch upon Halls of Crumbling Stone Egg. Completely not on purpose.

Briana's eyes close as she takes in the sensations from the eggs, her fingers still ever so light upon the shell. A myriad of emotions touch her features as she stands there. "But I…" She starts before she lowers her head almost shamefully at whatever thoughts press into her mind. "I tried to protect myself.." She starts before shaking her head, fingers tensing against the egg, "I promise I tried." She says again in a smaller voice, that sounds uncertain of herself.

Kiley is startled away from the egg not by the response, but Seryth as she responds. Eyes blink owlishly as she slowly regains her sense of self and stares back at that egg she was touching. She certainly doesn't look as if she's going to touch it again. Ever. Ever again. She's carefully moving away, oh so carefully away to the next egg without a look back. Even the thought of looking back makes the woman shudder. But relief is found in the next egg she stops by, fingers coming to gingerly rest upon the shell of the Stele Translations Egg.

Briana looks up slowly as there seems to be a transition in thought, her face a visage of concetration. There is finally a brief smile, "That is a friend…he protects me…" She starts before the expression once again changes upon her features, confusion and again a shame, a look of not understanding all that is going through her mind. Her shoulders scrunch up as the hair on the back of her neck prickles at the thoughts going through her mind. Her fingertips ever so light as if she might draw away at any moment.

Lorelai murmurs calmingly to the egg, crouching beside it and gently stroking the shell. Her breathing is slightly ragged as she tries to offer the baby dragon within whatever it might ask of her, whatever it needs; be it knowledge, comfort, or just the presence of another living mind to fend of terrors, "Everything is going to be fine. Soon you'll hatch and you'll have someone to keep the terrors away." Then it's gone and she stands with a shuddering sigh, moving away and wrapping her arms around herself in an attempt to just calm herself and process the impressions she got from the latest egg.

The mind now temporarily melded with his own distracts Pyriel from the alarm of the queen, and he soon forgets that there was any kind discordance. His body turns of it's own accord, twisting to face the egg he had not intended to touch with his backward scrambling. He looks down upon it now as he draws him away from reality into another world. Something tickles at the back of his neck, and he suddenly straightens. A quiet rumbling sound of approval emerges from him then, nodding with agreement. "Oh yeah, bring it on." He was ready.

Kiley tenses, determination and the last egg fueling her need and desire to remain touching this egg. Her face goes expressionless, eyes focusing upon the shell before eyes close and she faces what the egg has to throw at her. She continues to tense at the feelings, lips pressing into a think line as she attempts to draw herself into a more relaxed state. She breathes, deep breaths and waits for what is to come.

Pyriel blinks and moves his hands about gently against the surface of this egg, "Hey, wait a…" he starts and then sighs. "At least there's that." Seconds tick past, and the boy's pierced brow shoot up to disappear under the short curtain of his bangs. "For real?" That sounded almost exasperated. Even with this, he shudders from head to toe, a hand coming off the egg to the back of his neck again. Not to scratch, but as if to wipe away moisture. It's there of course, in way of the sweat collected there that had made the fine short hair there wet. "Oh that's messed up." He shakes his head, and then his chin is thrust upwards. "Pfft. I ain't scared." And he really sounds as if he isn't.

Briana's breath seems to quicken as the thoughts race through her mind, her fingers tensing against the surface of the egg. The muscles of her arms tight as if she wishes to pull away and can't. There is a gasp as her body almost seems to go rigid, then a faint choking sound as if holding back tears. "I will get better I promise…I.." Then the mind is gone and she stumbles back from the egg, her golden gaze blinking in confusion and hurt. She casts her gaze over the remaining eggs then towards to exit as if she would run from the sands once more.

Kiley steels herself against the egg, against the mental onslaught of the egg with her brows fixed in a determined state while fingers stroke gently at the shell as if to remind herself where she is. This continues as her breathing picks up, drawn in deeply, and then slowly released as she tries to remain calm and tries to push forward in whatever mental test that the egg may place before her. No words are needed to convey this determination.

Since M'nol seems busy with other Candidates and Seryth has settled once more, Thea manages to call out to Briana soothingly, her voice augmented with the peace drawn from her usually serene queen, "It's alright… It's okay. They don't mean to hurt you…" The phrases are sincerely meant, and she nods with a soft smile of encouragement to both the remaining eggs and the exit, giving the girl tacit permission to stay or go as she wishes.

Well then. "Oh good." Pyriel breathes, sounding relieved. He leans in a little closer to the egg nestled in the sands before him, hand going from neck back to the shell. There is little more reaction from the boy, save for a few bobs of his head. "What the…" Comes later, squinting as if to make out something unclear set before him, but he can't seem to make it out. Then he's standing normally, and his hands are extracted at the same time. Even as his attention seems to waver to his hand, as if expecting to see something in it. "Weird." And that is his departing impression from this egg, golden hues wandering over towards An Eternity at Attention Egg. Had there been a problem with that one? He vaguely remembered, and it was clawing at the back of his mind. Hmm, suppose he'll have to see for himself. So Py heads over and rolls his palm over it's apex.

Briana looks up to the Weyrwoman as she gives her encouragement. "I wasn't expecting it to be like this…I was told it would be wonderful…but…" She looks to the eggs with a odd look in her gaze and to the other candidates. She shakes her head a bit, remaining where she is a bit longer as she gets up her courage to finally approach another egg. This time she moves to Love's timeless Temple egg. The fingers of one hand reach out to tentatively touch its surface, ready to draw away should this one also challenge her sense of self.

Having taken a moment to recover, Lorelai squares her shoulders and moves on to the Avenue of the Dead Egg, giving the shell just the lightest caress with the tips of her fingers. She's hestant, maybe not quite prepared for the experience of communing with the forming minds within the shells, but not about to back down now that she has the oportunity to actually be on the sands with a clutch and not get in trouble for it.

Kiley draws in a deep breath, holding it for as long as she can before it is released in a soft hiss and her eyes open suddenly. Her lips curl into a smile of suddnen understanding and pleasure before the woman nods once. The smile soon turns smug and her hand is slowly drawn back from the egg, considering it for a long moment giving this one the second look that so few have earned so far. And she nods once, careful as she turns on her way to find the next egg to explore. Her eyes are drawn to the Claimed by the Sea Egg and her path takes her that way. A curious look is given and then her hand follows her eyes, resting gingerly upon the shell.

Briana's face shows a wariness for a moment as if waiting for another 'attack', but after a moment she starts to relax and her features cautiously settle once more. Relief starts to show in her eyes and she does slowly bring a smile to her lips, "I am Briana…" She starts as her eyes close, settling into that place where only they exist, "I can't say, but I can …show you if you don't tell anyone.." She murmurs in a lower voice as her face takes on a look of concentration, but no longer holding that edge of shame, just a hopeful anticipation. Finally she settles her other hand upon the egg as well, the muscles in her shoulders finally starting to relax.

By this point, the impact that the minds were having wasn't having such a strong effect, not that Pyriel would ever attempt to touch that second egg again. Or was it the third? He remembered what it looked like, and how it felt, and the combination of the two was enough to keep the boy away forever. This egg here, is met with a quizzical lifting of brows. "Oh really?" he scowls, a measure of distain edged about his features. "Ya ain't got a clue." Challenging, and firm, his eyes fix and calculate. "What about you eh? Whatcha got to say?" With all seriousness, the boy almost seemed to be daring the helpless egg's contents to do just that. There goes his chin, up significantly, and his face takes on a haughty quality.

Briana almost seems to forget the challenge of the last few eggs as her fingers slide over the surface of this egg. Yes this is how it was described. Wonderful, inticing. Her fingertips trace the lines upon the egg and she gives a light laugh, "I haven't left.." She says with a lighter tone to her voice, "Oh cooking…making something people like out of a stack of ingredients…" There is a slight frown then, "Fear that I might have to go back and I don't want to go back…I don't want to become.." She starts before her voice trails off. There is a gasp then and she reaches out slightly, "Come back…"

Kiley's fingers play along the egg, curious, seeking as her eyes focus on the egg as if to trying to determine what it is that she touches. Her nose wrinkles just so, not pleased with the texture she feels as her eyes close again and she becomes lost in the scene of the egg. A breath is drawn, breathing in the scents and the scene and she chuckles suddenly. "So much is out there, I promise. You'll see it soon enough."

A blink and then Pyriel clamps a hand over his own mouth. Why for? So he can stifle a laugh. It's not one of amusement so much as one of echoing distain. Whatever was to be found there within the embryo's thoughts do not disturb or offend him. The hand wanders back to where it had been pulled away, and he shifts his weight from one foot to the other. "Yeah yeah, well…" he begins, but his voice trails off as apparently new things are brought to light and the boy sighs, "Yer asking for an awful lot there guy…girl…whichever." Ahem. Moving along. He twitches in the way he rolls his shoulders and scrunches them up against his neck, as if something were prickling at the back of his neck. "Ugh…"

Lorelai gasps softly and jumps, blinking and looking around blindly and obviously not seeing the sands, "I-I'm Lorelai." She swallows, "I just wanted to get to know you a little." She licks her lips, her mouth suddenly gone dry, "I- The Weyrwoman said we could." Well… M'nol had gathered them up to march onto the sands, but ultimately it was Thea that said they could come. She puts her other hand to the shell, just resting the tips of her fingers against the surface, ready to jerk her hands back if the experience gets too scary.

"Yes yes, I am sure…I don't think the others liked me…" Briana says quickly to the unheard question and she continues to move around the egg. There is a sense of wonder to her features, a relief washing through her that at least one would not challenge her past, who she was. The fingers of one hand come to touch upon her lips briefly, her dark skin seeming to darken a little for a moment. "Don't leave yet…"

Kiley hmms softly, considering the question of the egg out loud before she shrugs. "I really don't know." She admits, "I don't think I'd go home, certainly…" The woman trails off as she returns to her thoughts. "Maybe as far as I could go, just to see where we end up. I want to do something like that at least once." This comes as a more quiet confession, her lips curling into a secretive smile.

Lorelai cringes a little at the demand and nods, "Of course I am." Her breath comes a little hard, "I-" She blinks, looking startled and frowning, "I'm just a simple kit- well… I'm a baker now, I guess. I never said I was anything different." Her voice trembles faintly, brows furrowing, "I can offer love." She presses her hands a little more firmly against the egg, "And I can be there for you no matter what, if you really want me to."

Kiley breathes deep, smiling to herself though it comes to an abrupt halt at the sudden change and the woman frowns with her eyes opening and her hand pulling away from the egg. She considers her hand, giving it a light shake and then taking a few steps back. "No." Comes her resounding answer and the seems entirely content to leave it at that. Blinking once, then twice she considers her surroundings before bowing to Seryth and Thea. "Thank you, ma'am." And then, she turns to leave the sands if only to reflect on her thoughts. But she doesn't go far, only up to the observation level so not to abandon her duty.

Briana lowers her cheek to rest against the egg, her hands sliding around almost as if she were embracing the egg. Her eyes close and something akin to peace touches upon her features. No words spoken between for the space of a time and the girl seems reluctant to leave the egg but after a time she takes a slow breath and rises once more, "Thank you.." She whispers before moving away from the egg, with far more reluctance then she did the others. For a moment she looks around at the other eggs, but shakes her head. No she does not want to ruin this moment or feeling. She looks up to the Weyrwoman and queen and gives a little smile, "Thank you…"

"Whoa, slow down I…" Pyriel says, cutting himself off as he's all at once dizzy. He has to steady himself on the balls of his feet to keep himself from falling over. This was not a good place to be doing such things. No. Shaking off the vertigo, Py takes a deep breath and then lets it out just as slowly as it was taken. Then this is quickly followed by a wince that knocks one of his hands free completely, the other stubbornly remaining to absorb as much of the infant consciousness he can before being forced from the shell. "What the heck did I do?" he asks, confounded by what comes next. And then he shakes his head and steps away, not looking as if he had exactly made up his mind about that one. Hands are applied to his pockets even as his mind tingles with the contact with all these foreign minds had engraved upon him. He offers respect to the queen and her rider with a bow admittedly less awkward than the first, his expression thoughtful as he offers his thanks. It's then that he turns and heads for the exit, pointing at it with a look towards M'nol. As if to say, it cool to just…go?

Tears shine in Lorelai's eyes and she reaches for something that's just out of reach, "Oh… It's so beautiful…" She smiles faintly, joy shining in her face, but the joy doesn't last long before she's protesting wordlessly. She presses both palms to the shell and leans in close, "But…" But whatever it was is gone and out of her reach, "I hope you find someone that's good enough for you…" Her voice is the faintest of whispers as she reluctantly moves away from the egg, shaking her head at whatever she experienced.

From her perch on Seryth, who is becoming restless once again, Thea calls to the Candidates, perhaps breaking their concentration with her clear but firm, "Okay people, she's had enough for now. We'll do this again…" Her attention is caught by the sweet sight of Briana cheek-resting against that egg and smiles at the baker. It's an unusual enough response that her eyes remain there while the girl rises and steps away. "You're welcome, Briana." The others get a keen look then, a few in particular as she waves them, shooing them off to contemplate the experience.

M'nol, Thea, at this point it didn't matter as long as someone said it was okay to take off. Briana is noted, as is the Weyrwoman's attention to her, but he pays no mind. Just something else to clutter up his densely packed brain. His head hurt a little, perhaps a bath would help. Yes, a bath. He'd must of sweated a gallon or two. So a bath and a drink. His thoughts continue to wander aimlessly as he heads out, soon past the golden doors and around the corner out of sight.

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