Oh Brother!

Xanadu Weyr - Forest's Edge

While the forest is thick for a long while, in time it begins to thin, as the ground becomes rockier to the south western stretches of the Weyr's land. The trees are further apart, and the rocks become larger, before rocky outcroppings seem to be more prevalent than the trees around them. As the hills begin to gain in height, the shrubbery upon them become more stunted.

What's this, though! It seems with all the recent earthshakes from the south, the ground has begun to realign itself, and one hillside has shifted, revealing an opening into a small cave. At least, that's what it appears, as the whole is just large enough for an average sized man to sneak through.

Early evening in Xanadu often brings with it cooling breezes and clear air. And so it is tonight as the Weyr prepares for tomorrow's work, different areas are still a-stir with people and noise. It is at these times that Thea will often slip away for a bit of solitude from the hustle and bustle to refresh her sprit and renew her ties with Seryth, just the two of them enjoying a little peace. And so it is this evening, they walk together out at the edge of the forest as dusk nears, away from the press and turmoil that such sort of living brings. Thea moves, her head down with one hand resting lightly on Seryth's foreleg, the queen's great head is held just above her on an arched neck as she keeps pace with her.

If its routine, that's good for one person. And so it is that Tharen has been directed towards the forest in search of just such a young weyrwoman and her lifemate. So much for that quiet serenity she's so enjoying, its soon interrupted. "So.. you missing those cold quiet hills with nothing but the camilids to keep you company or is that big gold shiny thing taking good care of you?" It should be a reasonably familiar voice that breaks the silence as he strides up behind Thea, hands tucked into pockets.

Thea pivots on one foot at that voice with a quick-indrawn breath at the same time. For a moment she is frozen in place, both her mouth and eyes open wide with stunned surprise. Then she is running the few steps to him with her arms open and a crow of delight, "Tharen!" She's laughing and crying at the same time as she greets him in the way most younger brothers usually hate - she hugs him. Then holds him at arm's length just laughing and shaking her head. "What are you doing here?" Well, it's a pretty silly question, but she has to ask! Then a tumble of questions pour forth, "How did you-" "Did Ma and Da come-" Finally a headshake and she takes a slow breath, "Spill it, Tharen." She backs a few steps, does a little push-hop to sit on a boulder.

She's running and he's standing there with that 'aww crap' look just before he's being pounced. "You couldn't just say hi like a sane person could you," Tharen replies, but in the end his wrapping an arm around her shoulders for a short squeeze before he's trying to pry the woman off him. Now if only he could get that to happen with a girl who wasn't his sister… "I walked, you gonna rub my feet for me now?" Its only a second he manages before he breaks a smile. "Nah, caught a ride. They're back home being themselves," he explains, falling to a seat beside her. "Nice to see you though. Everything's going good?"

Thea can't stop laughing, not only is it the look on Theren's face, but it is Tharen's face! And she hasn't seen it in a long time. She makes a face at him, that's all the attention his feet are going to get. She nods wordlessly, finally getting herself under control enough to breathe and answer him, "Yeah, yeah I am fine." Seryth is curious apparently, for her head swings in to whuff at Tharen. Thea's pausing to communicate silently with her for a moment and the queen settles to the ground with her eyes upon the pair. "Why didn't you write you were coming?" Her attention is back on her brother, a brow raises, "And how on Pern did you talk Da into letting you come?"

Tharen just stares. "What's so funny?" he questions, peering towards her. Apparently he's missing something. Then there's a large golden muzzle in his face and he's trying to back up without falling over backwards off that bolder. "I," he starts, ducking to the side Thea's not on. "What fun would it have been if you knew I was coming?" he points out, "And I didn't… exactly."

Thea shakes her head, "Nothin' I'm just happy." She slips easily into the hillspeak from home. But then he is ducking away from Seryth and she speaks aloud for his benefit, "Seryth, he's not used to dragons." The muzzle draws back with what could only be a whine of disappointment were it coming from a smaller creature. Thea's turning to give Tharen her best
'You're In Trouble' look, "You didn't." It's flatly said. "You mean you just…run off?"

"You should be happy," Tharen replies, leaning back toward her to bump shoulders once Seryth has backed off. "Umm.. yeah, sorry?" he awkwardly apologizes to the gold. "I did." And he seems far too pleased with himself for that fact. "Figured if you got off I deserved some time too." And he likely didn't think too far ahead of what might happen should he return later.

Thea bumps Tharen right back before lifting a hand to rub her face as she mutters with a tinge of dismay in her words, "Da will never forgive you, Tharen." She drops it with a sigh, but she can't be too upset. Tharen is here! There's a shake of her head, "I came south on business for him and asked his permission to Stand for Search." A thought occurs and she is scrutinizing his face with slightly narrowed eyes, as if he's not going to give her all the details she needs (being a male, he might not). "Did you at least leave a note so Ma won't worry?"

This is Tharen. Has he ever been known to think anything through? "Doubt he's going to disown me for visiting my favorite sister." Yeah, there wasn't any planing in this at all. "Forgive me for being tired of letting my old man whip me for flirting with the kitchen help?" And then there's that question and the look on his face is that blank 'oops'. "Well.. should be a few days yet before I'm suppose to be back from delivering stock. I can send one in the morning."

"You know Da. Wasn't his idea and," Thea eyes him significantly, "Where's his stock?" She doesn't comment about the beatings. Sore subject that. Instead, "So…" she eyes him curiously, "Where did you cross with a Rider? Never saw them at Cold Stone. You know how Da is about them." His blank look is telling and she's rolling her eyes in that disgust only a sister can show, "Shells, Tharen." She pokes at one of his shoulders, "What're we gonna do with ya?" Her lips are smiling, though.

Tharen nods, "Well he's still gotta give the place someone and it sure ain't gonna be you now, is it?" he teases. "He was breeding some over at Blackstone," he notes as to the stock. "Was sent with that group. Ran into a sweep rider from the Reaches there and figured it was my lucky day." There's a tinge of amusement in his voice still. Practicality was always Thea's thing, not his. "Aww, you ain't gonna kick me out here, are you sis."

Thea snorts at that, "Da didn't believe in Lady Holders runnin' a place. But he's stubborn. Could always let it back to High Reaches Hold." She listens to Tharen's recital, nodding. When he is finished she offers, "Beats a long ship crossing." As if a ride on a dragon needs an upside! She looks at him curiously, "How did you like the ride?" To her knowledge it was his first one. His question has her snickering, "Not until I've shown you off to all the Weyr gals first."

Tharen laughs, "Yeah he's stubborn, too stubborn to give that land up too. He'll live forever just to spite them. You know that as well as me," he taunts. "It was… well it ain't nothing like a runner," he says with a shake of his head in reply to the dragon ride. "Well good, girls are good. Not that I don't like you, but you know, sister and you ain't that pretty anyhow." Only the mocking teasing of a sibling could hope to get away with such a comment.

Thea laughs, "Tharen, you're getting smarter by the day. Nothing like a runner indeed!" She's giggling right up until he says she's not pretty. "Hey!" With a laugh she shoves him hard, trying to unseat him from the boulder. She hops down before he can follow suit. Seryth perks, lifting her head. A game? Thea casually steps closer to that head. All's fair.

"Always was the brains of the bunch," Tharen retorts, a finger tapping the side of his head and leaving him open for that shove. A shove that does indeed unseat him and send to the ground in an undignified fall. "Hey yourself!" he shouts back, picking himself up to start after her. "And no fair hiding behind dragons!" he points out. Lets be childish just this once. He's good at that.

Seryth decides to even the odds with a trill, she unexpectedly leaps into the air and with a few mighty flaps she is airborne, leaving Thea open-mouthed upon the ground and fair game. One look at Tharen and she's off at a run towards the woods and the meadows beyond. Must go that way anyway to get him settled in the Resident Dorms. There's the faintest sound of a smug croon that floats down from overhead where Seryth glides.

"Hah!" Tharen laughs, though he's just as surprised by the Seyrth's abandonment of his sister not so much though that he's going to give up the chance. She's not out of the woods yet (no pun intended). "I'm so going to get you Thea!"

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