Candidate Picnic

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow Ridge

The meadow continues its gentle rolls and dips, grass tall and short waving in the slightest of breezes. Each hill seems to grow a bit higher, a bit steeper, as eventually, the meadow works up to a large ridge, the top flattening out at its new elevation.
From the top of the ridge, the view is certainly something to be admired - higher than the majority of the trees, one can look out over the rest of Xanadu Weyr proper. The houses in the lower meadow - each roof a different color - and the clock tower peeking upwards from the its forest surroundings are all visible, as is the cliff that houses the Weyr Caverns themselves. And yet, the ridge also holds an amazing view of the night sky - horizon to horizon - unaffected by the light pollution of the more heavily traveled regions.

Settled upon the ridge is a rather distinctive looking building - nearing three stories tall, circular grey walls have carefully been erected, and a large dome is settled upon this solid foundation. Large panels make up the roof, aside from one section which remains open, and from which the telescope the struction houses peeks out. Sitting adjacent to the tower is a long, low building, meant to serve as offices, record rooms and dorms for those who man the observatory, as well as providing a handy platform for those who seek to use smaller, hand-held 'scopes.

Morning chores are complete! Now it was time for food, and the yum has only just begun. A blanket has been spread out over the ground, to keep backsides somewhat protected from the rapidly freezing ground. Fall was full upon the weyr, and jackets were getting heavier as winter seemed to be just around the corner. Sitting upon the spread, is Pyriel, with a picnic basket laden with as much food as he dared considering the shortages. He'd offered out an invitation to the barracks, even if it was done in his usual grumpy awkwardness, and so he's pulled his legs up to his chest and glares out over the weyr down below the ridge. Who would come? Would anyone come? Ugh, this was too stupid. He flicks his golden hued eyes to the basket and his frown deepens. A growl soon graces the air, but not so much from the harper, but his stomach. Soooo hunnnngggrrryyyy…

"KISTAAANE!" is the call following a dark brown firelizard, who is playfully flitting about. "KISTANE! FOOOD! COME ON KISTANE!" the sing-song call continues, the sound of a firelizard-owner desperately trying to coax a wayward firelizard back. The little brown flies right up to the top of the ridge, though he never gets far from the one chasing him, staying /just/ out of reach. It's a game to him, isn't it? Up follows the damp Karona, small basket on one arm. "GET BACK DOWN HERE!" she calls, huffing and puffing. She's not used to running uphill, and the hill gets rather steep towards the top. A distraction stops the firelizard, as he notices Pyriel's basket of food. "AHA!" Karona cries triumphant, as she snags the firelizard by the tail, then by the scruff of the neck. Then she notices Pyriel. "Oh, hiii. I hope this wasn't being a bother." she says, jerking her head at the firelizard, suddenly redfaced and sheepish. " Right. The picnic. That was today?" she says, feigning confusion. She obviously saw the invite, but she's not especially social - she probably never intended to come.

Iessrien, practically zooming toward the stables, the lean silvery-gray runner he's astride kicking up clods of dirt as it careens in a wide arc around a weyrbarn, barely missing a couple of wandering 'brats and a rather startled gardener. Bent low over the animal's neck, the holder boy looks perhaps slightly manic, one arm waving frantically, but for what purpose, who knows. What is evident is that he lacks both saddle and bridle, and how he's keeping his seat on the speeding creature is anyone's guess. There are shouts and exclamations from down below, and maybe one daring stablehand makes a show of arm-waving, but the runner suddenly changes course, pounding the /opposite/ way and up the hill, a whoop escaping from the holder before he calls a, "Look out!" and /zooms/ past Karona, and then the picnic blanket, Iessrien making a futile attempt to slow or stop the animal, and succeeding only in getting bucked off, eyes wide as he flails airborne for a second. And then hits the ground practically in front of the other candidates with a spectacular OOPH! Well, that's one way to make an entrance. The runner? It doubles back and speeds down the hill again.

It's the shouting that first and foremost gets the attention of Pyriel, dropping out of his defensive posture and twisting around to watch firelizard, and then owner come up over the hill. He watches the banter for as long as it lasts, starting to shake his head at the inference of intrusion and then his shoulders slump a bit. In rare moment of denseless clarity, the harper probably in that moment realizes that the basket carrying Karona likely had not intended to come at all. That this serendipitous meeting was purely accidental. He might of said something not so pleasent were it not for the thunderous approach of hoof beats. Distracted, Py's brows sink down low and his eyes jerk over to where the sound was coming from. Climbing to his feet, Karona for now an after thought, peers down the hill, and watches Iessrien on the runner. He winces a couple of times whenever the beast nearly hits that or careens into that. A few "Ahhhh! Oh….yowch….oooohhh. Ow…" for them. Then the animal and rider change direction, and the harper's eyes widen. "Oh crap…" He scrambles backwards, if only to fall back on his rump hard when the runner flies past them and deposits Iessrien as well, before dashing off and out of sight. Several dumbfounded blinks and a blank stare of shock, and very slowly his head turns towards the fallen holder lad. "You okay man?" he asks, even as he checks to make sure all his limbs are in tact.

Karona's eyes go wide at the shout from Iessrien, leaping out of the way, though likely she was never /in/ the way. You can never be too far out of the way! "What… how… good /shards/, man, what holder doesn't know how to ride?" she rounds on the poor candidate, purely out of shock. Pyriel's question on the boy's wellbeing has her flushing, then moving over to offer Iessrien a guilty hand up. "Er… sorry. You startled me…" she mumbles. Startled her? Startled /her/?! Honestly, woman. Pyriel's slumping shoulders had been noted, Iessrien's entrance had just been terribly distracting before she could react. There's a sigh now, and she glances to the harper candidate. "Er… sorry. I did /think/ about coming. Really. I just… I prefer to eat alone. It's nothing personal!" she says, holding her hands out, in a gesture probably meant to mean 'no offense intended'. "…but I'm here now… and hungry…" she eyes the basket greedily a moment, then shakes her head, and attempts to meet eyes with Pyriel. "May I please join your picnic?" she requests, tone every bit as polite as her request.

Iessrien just kind of lies there for a while, face scrunched in a barely-contained grimace, the air totally knocked out of him. Eventually, he groans, squinting toward Pyriel, a kind of humorless grin spread briefly across his face, utterly sheepish, "..Hi," in greeting. Slowly, he sits up, muttering, "Yeah.. fine. I've had worse." The guy's lucky he didn't break his /neck/, or his back, pulling that stunt, but manages to move, if somewhat stiffly, wincing with a low, "Ugh.. ow," and making a face, "Shells, remind me never to try that again." Karona only receives a sidelong look and then an eyeroll, "I know how to /ride/," totally ignoring the offered hand up in favor of absently rubbing his shoulder. He's already on the ground; he might as well stay there, instead scooting toward the blanket despite the probably grass bits already clinging to his back. Asking to join? Pfft, he probably got the invitation, he's here!

Pyriel slides his eyes towards Karona only after she seems to addressing him, until then, much more interested in Iessrien's well being. Karona may of been avoiding social obligations, but Iess had been thrown from a runner and deposited without cushion to the hardening ground. Frown still in place, the harper shrugs a shoulder as if to dismiss any awkwardness, but really only goes to show that despite his being such a grouch all the time, he was terribly disappointed that the invitation he had extended had been ignored. By everyone. This would probably be the last time that the blond boy ever tried to take that first step to be…friendly. "Didn't ya have a basket?" he asks, chin lifting upwards. Maybe the woman had dropped it? Iessrien regains his attention as the holder rights himself, concern briefly flickering across his features at every wince and twitch the other has. Sympathy perhaps? Naw. Couldn't be. There was something apologetic as well to the way the harper candidate was looking at the younger boy, perhaps for the not so pleasant conversation they had had the other day. As soon as Iessrien is settled, rubbing and grimaces aside, he silently moves to flip open the basket and start pulling things out. There was a little bit of everything the kitchen was providing for the mid-day meal, and from a stack of plates, the boy extracts three. Though there was enough of them for the contents of the candidate barracks at this time. He'd actually gone through the trouble of counting bodies.

Karona's offered hand of assistance just sort of falls limply to her side, and she frowns at it a moment, then shrugs. If he wants to scoot around in the dirt… "Right. Course you do." Know how to ride. "That's why /that/ was such a resounding success." she waves a hand at the spot Iessrien had landed, with a snort. Pyriel gets a slight nod, and she raises her other hand - still carrying the basket. "Sure, if you like week-old meatrolls. This is to feed my firelizard with, I was planning to head to the caverns. I could still do that…" she says, sending a weary look back down the steep hill. At the three plates set out, though, the damp candidate smiles slightly, nodding in thanks to Pyriel, before very daintily taking a cross-legged seat on the blanket. "Lot of food there… I'm sure the others will be along soon. Held back with chores or something." she offers, though her eyes are fixed hungrily on the food.

There might be some more shouts from the meadow as the stablehands try to catch the riderless runner, but after getting dumped on the grass, Iessrien is looking less than thrilled with the idea of going after the animal, instead just eyeing the scene down the hill and making himself comfortable on the picnic blanket. Hopefully nobody will think to come up and check on the creature's rider. "I dare /you/ to try that, then," Iess mutters at Karona, brief scowl flickering across his face as he waves in the direction of the stables, though his cheeks are starting to color. The holder boy irritably rubs the back of his neck, likely as much from embarrassment as from the sudden collision with the ground, pausing to flick a bit of grass out of his hair. Iess turns his attention instead to Pyriel, possibly having caught the look the other boy had given him, watching his fellow candidate take out plates, and giving that food with an admittedly dubious expression. "Where'd you get all this stuff?" is asked even as he reaches for something to drink, "Didn't think they'd let us alone up here," though maybe this hasn't been Iess' first runner incident this sevenday. Cough.

It wasn't an epic amount of food, but there was enough to satisfy rumbling tummies. Utensils are taken out, and the containers holding the food are popped open one at a time. Pyriel's attention flip flops between the three, preparation, and the two other candidates. He looks doubtful that there would be late arrivals, trying not to show how much that bothered him. He casts a glance over his shoulder as he hears the stable staff having issue with Iessrien's run away runner. Ugh, trying say that three times fast. He does remain quiet however, back to handing out plates and things. "I asked for it." he says to the question asked of him, and it was true. That basket was certainly way too neat and proportionate to have been packed by the harper. Not with the state of his bunk and press. The kid was messy as all get out. After everything has been put out, he scoots back and jerks his chin out towards the stuff. "Knock yerself out." he says, apparently going to wait until the others have helped themselves and then he's just pick at what was left over.

Karona snorts obviously at Iessrien, though she does shoot a very brief concerned glance his way at the neck-rubbing. "Runners aren't for mucking about, they're for getting places. Safely and at sensible speeds. And with proper gear." she points out, though her tone and expression don't seem to quite match her berating words. Worry? Really? Being one of the oldest candidates in the barracks has gotten to her, perhaps, made her come over all mother hen. In a very Karona sort of way, that is. The woman glances to Pyriel at his invitation to help themselves. "You sure?" she asks, plate already in hand, however. She eyes the harper candidate a moment, then shrugs, picking out a small amount from each container, creating a meal as balanced as the picnic basket, with obviously plenty of everything left for the others. "…is there water?" she asks, peering at the basket.

The runaway runner is rounded up, (try saying /that/ three times fast) finally. Iessrien continues to ignore Karona, merely rolling his eyes at her, any former tolerance for the woman completely gone by now, apparently. If it weren't for Py, Iess casting glance at the harper, lips pressing together, briefly considering, the holder would probably have left to find better company. There's a nod for the other boy's answer, Iess suppressing a wince and then leaning to nab something from one of the containers, popping it in his mouth to munch, without bothering with utensils. He pauses, though, halfway to reaching for a plate, eyes landing on one of the stablehands, who might just be sending Epic Glare Of Death up the hill. Puffing out a sigh, Iessrien mutters, "Save me some," and gets stiffly to his feet, making another face as he heads back down the hill, abandoning his drink and the delicious picnic noms before somebody starts yelling for him.

Pyriel bobs his head at Karona, as yes he was sure. After all the day could of been a complete wash, by both other candidates just moving on and leaving the harper to the solitude of his blanket and picnic. The blanket is thick and large, enough for the current count of candidates in the barracks with plenty of room for personal space. Food has been spread out in the space between Karona, Iessrien and Pyriel as no one else seemed to have taken the invitation the harper had extended via a notice stuck to the bulletin board. His hand writing is rather lacking, so perhaps that is the reason no one really showed. A darting of eyes is spared to Iessrien every once in a while, as if checking on his bro there to make sure he wasn't more badly hurt, but he attempts to conceal this fact by looking away every time the holder boy happens to catch him peeking. Water? What? Pyriel's head snaps in Karona's direction at her inquiry, and he nods, distracted. "Ya sorry…" he flushes somewhat, pale cheeks pinking considerably before he scrambles forward to yank out a skin of water and a thermos of klah. The two are put within reach, just as Iessrien's not so happy stable buddy shows up. A look to the both of them, and then a bobble of blond head. Yeah sure, save some, got it.

Karona eyes Iessrien as he leaves, frowning. Should she say something? Or not? It takes her a while to decide, but finally she shouts to Iessrien: "Go to the infirmary!" as he's just leaving earshot. If nothing else, it's an excuse to avoid stablehands, right? But once he's away, she turns back to the food without a second thought. Well, she tries to, but the firelizard she'd chased up here is busy attempting to snatch a bit of meat for her plate. "No, Kis, /no/. This is your food." she puts the little basket on the ground, where the firelizard can reach. "Eat /this/." she says, plucking the firelizard up and plopping him at the basket. It seems to work, distracting and feeding the firelizard, allowing Karona to pick daintily at her food. "Right. Thanks." she says, reaching for the water, and a glass. "…so. Kitchen chores today, I'm guessing?" Small talk, yay. At least she's trying, she likely hasn't said two words to anyone in the barracks.

Do you know what Silion loves? Cooking. It's probably why he'd been so very delighted when he'd looked at the chore board this morning and realized that he was stationed to do just /that/. You know what Silion loves even /more/ than cooking? A break. Yes, breaks. They are probably the one thing he loves more than /anything/, second only to getting to stuff his face full of the noms. He'd seen the little bulletin invitation, and when the cooks had told him to go off and take a breather, he'd headed straight for the designated place as fast as he could without breaking out into an actual /run/. He's coming onto the scene just as Iessrien is abandoning the blankets, jade hues following the retreating form with an owlish blink before he arrives himself. Pyriel is given the once over, Karona as well, and then very shyly the candidate is inquiring, "May I join you?" He stands just at the edge of said picnic, eyes on the food like some poor, neglected pauper. Fingers twist around some kind of white fabric in his hands, and he waits, oh so patiently, to get the okay. Though, the flit does earn a chuckle or two.

WHOOSH. While breezes are probably commonplace along the ridge, this is of a most definitely different sort. Wingbeats rush air through the grass, with one lone blue dragon as the instigator. Wings flap, hovering the beast to /peer/ down at the picnicing going on below. There's a loud noise bordering on a shriek from the dragon, even if it does sound rather..upbeat and certainly not angry. He's just..loud. Though it may be the sight of certain little candidates that has the blue finally wheeling down, feet prancing and crushing the grass in his unrestrained excitement. BURBLEsquee! ..Honk. Yeah…he makes some odd noises.

Pyriel shakes his head at Iessrien as the boy heads off to deal with the consequences of badly running runners, eyes coming to rest upon Karona as she feeds her firelizard. Or rather shoves the lizard in a basket and lets him stuff himself. A twitch at his brows for that, before he starts to help himself to the food. He takes significantly less than he would normally, usually eating two or three times a person his size would. He'd finally shot up two inches in the past turn or so, and at least could safely say he was taller than the majority of the girls now in the candidate barracks. As if that helped at all. "Kinda." he replies to Karona cryptically. Not going into any further detail on his own. The arrival of Silion gives the harper a glimmer of hope. Perhaps the oldest of the candidates had been right. Maybe they were just running late after all. He nods faintly for the newcomer, a single shot of golden hues to the older kid's knot. Candidate. Permission granted to enter upon awkward social situation. A plate is pulled from the stack and idly thrust in the guy's direction, wordlessly, save for a grunt. Then the blue dragon arrives on the scene making all those weird sounds and landing nearby. He is eyed, and Py's lips form a thin line as he presses them together.

Karona tips her head at Silion slightly, though she looks to Pyriel for the answer to that question, regarding joining the picnic. "I don't mind." she adds, afterwards, patting the blanket invitingly. "See, I knew more people would show." she says, with perhaps a slight hint of smugness in her tone. Lucky guess. The arrival of Ecoatleth has the girl ducking for cover, because of the wind more than anything else, and perhaps shivering slightly. Poor damp candidate. "Kinda." she repeats, then shrugs. "Sounds exciting." is stated flatly. "I washed a dragon." she states her chore, though it wasn't asked. That's all she says, soon devoting attention to that blue dragon. He does kind of steal the show a bit. "Are dragons… those noises… is that /normal/?" she wonders aloud, with almost quizzical fascination.

Nevermind picnics! The obnoxious 'burblesqueeing' of an overly familiar, honking blue pull Silion's eyes straight from the promise of food to the greenery destroying Ecoatleth. Silion's eyes squint to crows feet, searching for the offending blue's rider, before one hand is coming over his mouth and he's stifling laughter behind the appendage. Jade hues come back to Pyriel and Karona in just enough time to gracefully lean down and accept the plate pushed towards him. "Thank you," he murmurs, hushed around a smile. Eyes go to Karona, and when she pats the blanket, he places his stuff in the designated spot with another murmured thanks before he's pointing a finger towards the blue. "That dragon is anything /except/ for normal. Excuse me for just a moment." There's laughter trailing his words as he turns his back towards the two candies. "Eco," he calls softly, sure to steer clear of the lovely picnic just in case the dragon decides to prance all over the delectable set of food. Arms come out wide, a sure show and promise of scritches, before he continues with, "What are you doing all the way out here? And where is Ryski, hmm?"

Thankfully, the dragon does calm down enough to sink right into the grass. Low..low..down low. Though that head of his extends toward the picnic ever so slightly, nostrils flaring. There's…stuff..oh! There's a rumbling that ends in a squeak from the dragon as Silion comes over, promptly presenting his head for scritchings. His rider? Pft. Ecoatleth's frame gives a shrug, that simply rolls down along his spine slowly, ending with a fwump of his tail in the grass.

Pyriel lifts his shoulders in a shrug at Karona's question, dropping his hand as Silion takes the plate he offered. "My father's dragon doesn't make those sounds. Then again he's nothing more than a brown lump most of the time. Maybe that there blue just has way too much energy." It is a blue after all. He lets Silion go off and do his thing, whatever. At least the guy showed up, that's all that counts as far as Py was concerned. He briefly glances over to candidate and blue, and then just goes back to setting up. Fork and knife are set on Silion's plate, and a small cup for whatever liquid the boy wanted to drink. They had water and klah. Folding his legs beneath him, he stabs at the contents of his own plate, even while greedily eyeing the leftovers. There was no way what he had in front of him was going to fill his belly. No way, at all. This was a matter of some disappointment, moderation. Moderation and self-control. As if remembering these two things that the harper had been forced into thanks to that annoying simple white knot he was to wear at all times, he grumbles and slumps down a bit where he sits.

Karona tilts her head slightly, with a slightly confused smile for Silion's answer. "Anything but normal, huh? Right." She murmurs, semi-distracted, between the blue dragon and her food. "That's… cute. I guess." she says, for the dragon's shrug, a soft 'aww' escaping her lips at the tail fwump, despite her best efforts. Her face flushes, and she shakes her head firmly, and turns away from Ecoatleth. There's food. Yes. "Mmm… my mother's brown only makes grumpy sounds, but he's not really normal either, I guess." she shrugs. "That's the only dragon I know." she has to admit.

"You can't have that," Silion laughs, instantly bringing his hands down to lavish affection along the ridges of eyes, along the blue's maw, down his neck. He wasn't /really/ expecting an answer as to where Y'ki may be, but the answer does earn Ecoatleth an appreciative pat on the side of his neck. He catches hold of the bottom of that snout, offering a final round of scritches and pats to the top of his muzzle, and then Silion is wiggling fingers as he whispers, "Gotta go make friends," under his breath. This time when Silion arrives at the blankets again, he wastes no time in sitting down with leg's crossed, eyes looking over the set up that Pyriel has done. The /smallest/ of gestures have him lighting up as if this really just may have been a surprise present. "Thank you," he breathes again, all smiles as he reaches out to load up his own plate. Don't worry, Py. You're not the /only/ one struggling with portions. He's mindful though, to not be as greedy as he would like. And yes, he /did/ catch the tail end of their conversation. "My Dad's bronze is terrified of my other Dad's green. I don't exactly think /that/ is normal, but it's hilarious to watch."

Pyriel cranes his neck a bit, drawing his attention away from the picnic of candidates and watches with a clouded expression as the blue dragon departs as quickly as he arrived. Brows lift beneath the jagged fringe of his hair for a heartbeat and then sink down to furrow. Eyes dart then to Karona, but the harper says nothing, back to quietly eating. He wasn't particularly social by nature, and rapidly this attempt at being friendly was failing miserably. Not for the lack of attendance, but rather Py's own apparent shyness. Who knew? He nods to Silion for the thank you, not returning the friendly blue lover's smile at all. Even as he recants the tale of bronzes and greens, and the amusement to be had when the larger is afraid of the smaller. But food…food was good! Yes. Py will focus on food and the eating of it. He only shifts uncomfortably now and then, an occasional wandering of his single minded attempt to just eat and let others be social around him in the hopes of it rubbing off on him, over his shoulder where Iessrien had disappeared to. Come back bro. Come back.

Karona seems to skip a beat at the words 'my other dad', but it's only a brief hesitation. "You know that blue?" she asks of Silion, tilting her head to watch Ecoatleth depart. "Mm. My father isn't a rider, I suppose that's… something to be thankful for. Not sure my mother's dragon gets on with anyone except my mother. And maybe not even her." she rolls her eyes. There's a little /something/ in her tone when she mentions her mother, a slight chill, but she doesn't seem to dwell on it. "Food's… as good as usual." she attempts to compliment the picnic, but the food around the Weyr has tended to the monotonous of late. "So…" she begins awkwardly, pausing to pick at her plate a moment. "…what were you guys searched from?" she asks, the question every candidate has an answer for. Whether they want to share is another matter.

The harper must have magic summoning powers! Okay, maybe not. But, trudging stiffly and slowly back up the hill, Iessrien returns! With a look fit to curdle cream, really. The scowl begins to dissipate as he nears the other candidates, though there's an irritated flick of a glance at Karona, for no other reason perhaps than he's still embarrassed. The color in his face has, at least, died down back to normal. With only a vaguely muttered, "Shells, that was a bloody pain in the ass," (literally maybe) he drops down to the blanket beside Pyriel. Iess reaches for the plate and drink he'd formerly abandoned, having missed entirely the arrivals and departures in the meanwhile. It's only with a blink that he seems to realize there's been an addition, and Silion gets a brief nod and, "Hi," before eyes are flicking to Karona and answering her question while conveniently introducing himself, without missing a beat, "Iessrien, third son of the lord and lady of Breakwater Hold. And family disgrace. What about you?" it's pointedly asked at the newest of the picnic bunch, but a glance takes in the others too before gesturing to the picnic, "Don't suppose there's anything chilled in all this?"

Really? Pyriel is /hoping/ to catch 'the social'? Silion would really be in a fit of laughter if he were enabled to read the thoughts of others. Alas, this is obviously not something that is even /remotely/ feasible, and lucky for them, while Silion himself may be shy, he's certainly anything but an introvert. "He's my weyrmate's blue," he laughs, though his body language might suggest that admitting so has him feeling a little awkward if the way he suddenly shovels some food into his mouth does not. He nods once, twice, swallows, and pipes in with, "My Dad's bronze is friendly as can be. My Dad's green is pretty vain and a bully, though she's sweet to you if you're sweet to my Dad. I haven't seen my Mother's gold much, though. I don't know that much about her, really." A pause, a dip of his head to acknowledge Karona's quip about food as eyes catch Iessrien's return. He returns the greeting with a smile and silent wag of his fingers. "Ah, I'm sorry. I'm Silion. Just Silion. I don't think I caught either of your names, though," eyes jump from Pyriel, to Karona. "And I was searched here, in Xanadu. Where were you searched?"

Pyriel has powers? Awesome. The harper perks up as a familiar face crests the the ridge to signal the return of the holder boy. Really, it does brighten his grumpiness to a degree. At least he wasn't scowling anymore. Golden eyes slide from Karona to Silion and back again as Iessrien settles once more with the gathering of candidates on this chilly fall afternoon. As for Karona's assessment of the food quality, the harper assesses his plate to a degree and then crinkles his nose. The contents had been masticated and swallowed, leaving the plate itself bare save for some bits and things. Seriously, it looks like Py would like nothing less than to lick this plate and the rest of the containers of what he'd brought up to the ridge for everyone. As if in response to this, his stomach growls in discontent. So hungry. Whimper. Flushing slightly for that particular piece of awkward, Py sets his plate down with some regret. "Some short ass brownrider, here in Xanadu." he replies first and foremost, picking at the fuzziness of the blanket beneath himself. Yeah that whole subconscious desire to catch the social bug was failing miserably all right. Though as Silion introduces himself, Py's full attention is given for a fleeting moment. One and one makes two, and he knows exactly who this kid was. "Y'ki's weyrmate." he mutters somewhat, and then he's back to picking at the blanket. He points off to some things for Iessrien, as far as things that were cold. Not exactly getting what the holder boy was asking. Though by this point, all the food was more or less cold. Heat doesn't hold long outside in the middle of autumn. Espeically in non-thermic containers such as those. Tagging on absently, he throws out somewhat of an introduction. "Py." He could be talking about the bubbly pies he managed to snag. Who knows.

Karona frowns slightly at Iessrien's language, clearly disapproving, but she doesn't comment. There's a raised eyebrow at his answer, and a failure to completely suppress a smirk. "Family disgrace? Somehow I don't doubt that you earned that one." she says, though it's faintly… approving. Despite her best efforts to maintain a strict exterior. "Weyrmate?" she asks Silion, expression almost sympathetic. "Candidacy must be… interesting." With the rules and whatnot. "Don't know if /I/ could have accepted if … I had someone." But she shrugs, everyone's different. "Karona's the name. I was searched here too," she glances down to the meadow, and points out the building that houses the forges. "Down there. I'm just a smith, no-one special." she states, modestly. She didn't ask to brag, only to kill the silence. Karona glances down at her plate, and frowns slightly. She caught that rumble over there, yes. "…uh. I'm full, actually. But I can't put this back in the containers now… Here." she pushes the plate towards Pyriel. Mustn't let food go to waste, and all. She leans back slightly, eyeing the firelizard, and sipping her water slowly.

Iessrien settles cross-legged on the blanket, eyelids lowering as he considers the other three, any awkwardness in the situation completely missing him as he relaxes, easing back and shifting the plate to his lap. Picking up one of the containers, which originally probably had something actually cold in it, Iess nods to Py. The lid is put back on, and then and arm reaches back to press the bottom of the thing to his shoulder blades, or as far as he can reach, with a bit of a wince. Any disapproving looks from Karona are once again ignored, though he snorts softly at her comments, an eyeroll for the woman. At least he's not pulling a Pol on her, though he might look as if he's tempted, briefly eyeing her up and down a second before just shaking his head and turning to his own food. Pyriel's stomach is given a glance too, slight smirk twitching at the holder's expression. Something random from his own plate is plucked up and plopped directly on the one Pyriel just set down, without a word. Seems like everyone's willing to help feed him. "Weyrbred, huh? Well met and all that," eyes flick to Silion, and then he jerks his head to some spot not far away, "I was searched over there. Some green dragon started sniffing me or something." He'd shrug, but the lifting of shoulders elicits a wince, and the holder boy stills, puffing out a still-irritated breath.

Y'ki's weyrmate? Silion's curiosity is piqued. He blinks owlishly at the younger candie, head tilting the most slight of degrees to one side as a brow comes up. "You've met Ryski?" But on account of the fact that Sil is well-versed in the personality flaws that dominate the bluerider's buried kindness, he laughs. "I can imagine how that must have gone." He doesn't miss the grumbling of Py's tummy, and while his own food is a desired treat, he pushes his plate towards the blond - just as Karona does. He spares the girl a conspirator's smile before more laughter bubbles from betwixt his lips. And Iess too! He certainly finds humor in the sudden onslaught of Pyriel-giving. "I'm in the kitchens today, I'm sure I can steal a piece of food here and there to keep myself going." See, Py? All yours! As for Karona's observational skills, "It's not so bad, because he's here. I can see him every day. I think it's harder for him than it is for me." A shrug of shoulders, another smile, "Besides, he's a dragonrider. I don't think it'd be fair if he wasn't at all understanding of my agreeing to stand." Eyes go back to Iessrien, settling briefly before they trail off in the direction he's signaled with his head. One blink, two, and he's looking back in time to catch that wince. "Are you okay?"

Pyriel says nothing as to misused titles and the pain of missing a weyrmate's touch, far more focused on the food that was being offered to him from the left and right. For an instant, he might of been willing to kiss every single one of them, regardless of gender and mated status. Though quickly the blond schools his expression and makes a soft sound of thanks before he sets in on it all. Food. Food. Food. Faranth yes. The harper, despite being so slender, could seriously pack away the stuff. He's at least not so starving as to just put his nose down and snort it. Fork to plate again, he's more than happy to take in all the calories that he can. He does see that Iessrien is using one of the closed containers as an icepack, but for now does not make mention of it. No, he's a bit distracted by Silion. At his question, Py nods and his expression darkens. Perhaps Silion could glean the results of the bluerider meeting the grumpy harper from that, because the boy wasn't going to further explain without being prodded for information. Eyes dart to Silion, albeit brief, and then they are back to Iessrien. He shakes his head somewhat at his friend, and takes away the icy cold skin of water, squiggling only so closes as slim fingers need to tug away at the container held to the boy's shoulder blades. "Let me." Even with knowledge of certain things being a factor. Maybe Iess would let him help despite it. Maybe.

Karona yawns, and then furrows her brow, glancing up at the sky. "…hunh…" she murmurs thoughtfully, casting a glance down now, towards the hatching arena, and the barracks. "…hmm…" The onslaught of food to Pyriel's plate is definitely noticed by Karona, eyebrow quirking at Iessrien's offer, and then higher at Silion's. "Life in the Weyr, even with a shortage, still well-fed." she chuckles, attempting to conceal another yawn behind her hand, then frowning in faint irritation. "Right. No. Forget that. I'm going back to the barracks to take a nap. Like a little old lady." she snorts. "Move my things, and /then/ take a nap. I'm not sleeping next to the sleeping thunder one more night." she mutters. Aww, she wound up next to a snorer? Poor woman. She grabs the now empty basket, with now asleep firelizard curled up in it, and heads off back down the hill. No farewells, no thanks, just tiredly plodding on down to the barracks.

Having no clue who the other boys are talking about, Iessrien just eyes them blankly, though apparently doesn't have enough interest to ask, instead filling his face with the food on his own plate, using a fork and his free hand. There are no hungry complaints from his own stomach, though he surely couldn't have had much more to eat today. Iess' lips twitch upward at the corners in another slight smirk, amusement flickering in his expression for everyone's willingness to feed Pyriel. "Man, some people have all the luck," he comments on Silion's having pulled kitchen duty, letting out a soft snort of air through his nose and flicking a glance back down the hill, "I got saddled with runner grooming. I used to /like/ the things." Before he got dumped repeatedly on his ass, maybe. "Fell off one a minute ago," is at least given in explanation, "It's been awhile since I've gone riding bareback. My father /hates/ it when I do stupid shit like that," though the smirk is all too evident on his face. Give him a few hours, and he might be telling the tale of how he leapt off am out-of-control runner to attend a picnic. Iessrien keeps the cold food container pressed to his shoulder for a bit, resisting any tugging away that might be attempted with a vaguely grumbled, "It's fine, man. I can grab some numbweed from the healers on the way back, or something," but after awhile, he grows tired of holding the thing at such and awkward angle and drops it onto the blanket again. Though the flinches away from Pyriel and the offered waterskin, whether because his shoulders are just that sore, or for ..other reasons, who knows. Eyes don't glance Py's way even once, following Karona instead as the woman gets up to leave, the only comment sent her way a somewhat wry, "Glad you got some sense in you. There's no point in that character building crap, or whatever."

Oh, don't think for a minute that Silion misses that darkening look on Pyriel's face when Y'ki is the topic of choice. In fact, he doesn't even bother to hide the growing smile that blooms into full on laughter at the expression. "Was he pleasant, then?" he inquires, but his attention is drawn to Iessrien to endure his explanation. "At least you aren't out cold in the infirmary," he observes, hands tucking away into his lap. "I can't really blame your father for his concerns in that case, but I can understand why you would want to. Sounds kind of… fun." Fun? Silion is /clearly/ not the take-risks-type. Yep. That offer to hold the ice pack? A /grin/. The refusal? Confusion. And as if Silion is witnessing something rather private, he drops his eyes down to his empty cup and weighs the pros and cons of filling it when it would be a rather obvious gesture of awkwardness. He just catches it between his fingers instead, to study for a brief moment before eyes go out and up towards the sky. Hoping to find another blue, maybe, but there are none to keep his attention for long enough. It's Karona that saves him the trouble of trying much too hard to focus on anything except for the exchange before him. "Ah, bye!" he calls out, even if the lady in question is not paying any mind as she gains her feet and retreats from the picnic. Still, he waves (probably a little too enthusiastically), and then shifts awkwardly before jade hues come back to the younger candies. "Should I uhm… Should I leave now?" Well, he doesn't actually /know/ if he welcome any longer, as the picnic seems to be turning into something considerably more… close-knit.

Running Errands was Kiley's chore for the day, note the was. But having finished with one particularly odd man to run errands for, she found a quick excuse to bail and leave the man to find someone else to do his crazy chores. This is the particular reason in which Kiley has made her way towards the meadow's ridge and not for the fact that there appears to be people around. Karona's departure is noted as she passes the woman on her way up and there's only a polite nod given. She continus until she's near the other candidates, giving a polite smile to each one in turn but not making to intrude right away as she's looking out to their surroundings, first, rather than butting her way in.

Karona's departure is taken in stride. Pyriel makes no move or gesture to suggest that he's going to offer the woman any farewells, though clearly Silion's enthusiastic response was enough for everyone and then some. Golden eyes rest upon the oldest boy of those that remain, but Iessrien pulls his interest away. If Py thought he was the lucky guy that the holder was talking about, it surely doesn't show. In fact he winces somewhat when his offer of help is refused, and the boy flinches away from the mere suggestion of his touch. His expression hardens, jaw setting, and the icy skin of water is dropped beside the youngest of males. The harper has now lost all interest in the picnic for one reason or another, lashes lowering to cast long shadows along his pale cheeks, brows sunk low. Had he noticed the fact that Iessrien wasn't looking at him? You betcha. The look on his face was unreadable in it's complexity, regardless of the harper's pension to be pointedly expressive. "Naw," he says, keeping his gaze low and tone reserved. "I'll leave." Yeah, Pyriel was second by second starting to appear less and less comfortable now, fidgeting and fussing with the leftovers he was starting to pile back into the picnic basket. Everything was being sealed back up and shoved back in with a certain degree of force. As Kiley arrives, her presence is noted, but that is all. He was suddenly in a great hurry to leave, and soon.

"There is that," Iessrien agrees with Silion, about the infirmary, the corners of his mouth tilting upward in a slightly wry grin. "Shells, more than just kind of," sunshine-soft laugh easing shoulders down as he relaxes a bit, adding wryly, "Crazy too, but anything to piss off my dad." Including risking his own life, apparently. Reality check, has not hit this boy yet, it seems. The confusion and all that eye-dropping doesn't go unnoticed by Iessrien either, and he suppresses a grimace, possibly not /entirely/ for the bruising he'd gotten from the runner-fall. There's an admittedly awkward glance between Silion (who's sudden asking if he should leave) and Pyriel (who's suddenly making to leave). Lashes lower with a breath out through his nose, hand brought up briefly to aim a solid /whap/ at the back of Pyriel's head, muttering a pointed, "Your picnic man. Not allowed to cut and run." He's probably not so thick he couldn't have guessed, probably, but there's a distinct trace of exasperation to his tone. Kiley's arrival proves a sudden distraction, and is met with a smile, and a nod to the girl, Iessrien offering a, "Hey," and scooting over - toward Pyriel - as he indicates the blanket, "Py's throwing us a picnic. Have a seat." If the other lad wasn't going to do the inviting, Iess would, and maybe absently elbow-nudge said lad as he does so. Hmph.

"You and Ryski would probably get on well," Sil notes with amusement, in regards to Iess's blatant disregard for personal safety. "Well, if you could focus on the 'rules, what rules?' aspect, and not the rough edges he seems intent on cutting people with." What? He knows his weyrmate isn't exactly /nice/! But then… Pyriel is packing everything up? Do you see that horrified look that Silion is suddenly passing your way, Iessrien? It is saying, 'HELP ME.' Silion moves to his feet then, moving across the space of blanket to crouch beside the blonde and reach out a hand to gently put on his shoulder. "Hey, wait. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel awkward. It just seemed like there was something you two needed to discuss, or something, and I didn't exactly want to stay around and intrude." Cue Iess's head-thwacking. Blink, blink, shuffle backwards, cough into hand. Silion seems for all the world as if he is stuck between /laughing/ and feeling incredibly sorry for Pyriel. He settles on moving back to his previous spot instead, folding his hands back into his lap, and once again grasping for straws of conversation. SANCTUARY! Yes, Kiley is /sanctuary/ to the young man who was starting to feel as if a quick retreat the way he had come was the only obvious course of action. The pained smile that seems to radiate gratitude in the arriving woman's direction should speak levels about just how happy he is to see a complete stranger. "Hello!" he says, rushed, too bright, hand patting the blanket beside him a little too quickly. "You should sit, you should-" Iessrien's got this. Good man, good man.

Kiley blinks in surprise at Pyriel's sudden decision to leave, ignorant to the other going-ons of the small picnic and giving him a rather thoughtful frown as she turns a careful look towards him. "Pyriel?" She questions, but nothing more than his name as she attempts to understand the situation, each other candidate given a careful look in turn. But then Iessrien makes to whap the other candidate and her eyes widen just a fraction before calming down as he offers a greeting in her direction. "Hey Iesrrien." Comes her comfortable greeting as a smile soon forms upon her lips and then she settles neatly upon the blanket as offered and she folds her hands neatly upon her lap. Sillion earns a look that is also wide-eyed but far more surprise lingers behind it as she gives him what could be a quick look over as to find his story before she relaxes. "Hello. I'm Kiley." She greets more easily now that the shock has ran its quick course and she offers him a smile as her gaze drifts between the three, still looking for a silent explanation.

Even if Silion was talking to Iessrien about Ryski, Pyriel was still trying to get all the containers he brought out, back into the rather large basket. He wasn't having much luck though, and the frustration of this and of other attributing factors were rapidly causing the blond's eyes to become glassy. Not good, must hide unmanliness. Tucking his chin in all the more and missing much of the interaction between his holder friend and the bluerider mated newcomer. He startles at the touch to his shoulder, reacting much the same way as Iessrien did when he himself had attempted such. Golden eyes click in unison over towards the oldest of the boys, tongue darting over his own lips before they form another tight line. Piercings and all. He possibly had something to say there, but Iessrien's hand comes out and smacks the back of Pyriel's head. Ow? "What the fu…" he starts, flopping back on his bottom, and rubbing at the offended area. An accusing look is given to the holder, even speaks and moves closer to Py to make room for Kiley. There is a long deep sigh, now appearing to be utterly and completely confused and that is reflected in the way he stares at Iess. Though he does sink down and redden greatly when he's laughed at by Silion, or laughed about, or at least that's how he takes it. A frown settles on his face, grumpling just a smidgen, even as arms are crossed over his chest. He narrows his gaze towards Iessrien when he's elbowed in the ribs, causing him to be leaned over a bit, if just to drift back to upright as a result of it. Hmph was right. But at least the harper had given up for now, trying to leave. "Hey Kiley." he growls, not at her in particular, but rather for the other two guys.

"Who?" Iessrien flicks a curious look Silion's way, brow arching slightly, either not having been listening earlier or possibly not putting the two names together, "Heh, there are no rules about riding bareback-" pausing with a quick glance back down toward the stables, muttering under his breath, "Well, there /were/ no rules anyway." Some peeved stablehand might have made some up, just for him. He merely gives both other boys a look, eyelids lowering in thought as he takes them in, almost appraisingly, though pondwater blues are soon flicking towards Kiley again. "There's still food left, if you're hungry," indicating the containers which glassy-eyed Py had begun to put away, the holder boy leaning back with a hand behind him, only to wince and lean forward again, and then look vaguely irritated for it. He's just going to pretend that landing flat on his back earlier /didn't/ hurt like hell. "I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for another day off tomorrow," he announces wryly, though it's unlikely given the two days off in a row he'd somehow managed yesterday and the day before. Pyriel's grumpling beside him isn't missed, eyes sliding to the side to regard the other boy beneath lowered lashes, though there's again that considering look before his gaze flicks back to his own plate. He still has food. Which he is eating!

"Ryski. My weyrmate, though you'd probably know him better as Y'ki, if at all." Sil gets death glares when he calls the bluerider by his impression name - not that this is public knowledge. Still, Kiley is whisking away his attention. "Silion," he murmurs, in return to the woman's introduction. "Well met." It's short lived, however. If the blue dragon's previous landing hadn't been enough of a woosh of air, there is certainly more to come. From the sky, just there, a pretty little green arrives. She makes her decent in circles once, twice around the allotted picnic before finally finding a place to settle herself and land. From her neck drops the lithe form of a greenrider, a man who rushes to crash the picnic in favor of zeroing out one: his son. "Silion! Why didn't you tell us? We just heard the news!" But the greenrider spares no time in smiling between the remaining three candies as he pulls his son to his feet. "You all will be real nice to him, right? Take real good care of him, yeah?" Kheyuth trills at this, as if to put her own support behind her rider's words. Silion is flushed with clear embarrassment even as he gives in to O'lief's persistence. "Dad, okay, okay. I'm up. Let me go." The greenrider, however, does not seem very willing to release his son back to the public masses. "Well then, I hope you don't mind if I steal him. This calls for a celebration of sorts. Come along, come along." The greenie waves over his shoulder, pulling in such a way that Silion is forced to stumble and catch himself. There's a forlorn look passed behind for the three, just as he raises a hand to wave in a retreating farewell. Mission Make Friends: FAILED. Kheyuth is the only thing left behind in the departure, though the green seems much more interested in basking than she does in any of the candidates alongside her.

Kiley smiles at Pyriel despite the growl. The woman is getting used to him! Horray! She merely leans towards that basket to snag a little bit to nibble on, seeing as the woman is still working on losing weight. "How are you, Pyriel?" She asks, her tone sounding entirely cheerful for once and the woman seems to be at utter peace or at least she's feeling better now that she's with people she knows. "Thank you," this is to Iessrien as she offers him a far more cheerful grin and looks between the three other candidates before she notes to the formerly mentioned. "You've had more days off than the rest of us already." Yeah, she noticed that and she eyes him just a little longer. It is an evil eye, really, entirely lacking all things that are evil or angry. "I'd like another day off.. I keep having to run errands for weird people…" It is left at that as she turns a bright smile to Silion and nods in greeting. "Well met." But then his dad of all people comes swooping in and the woman remains unhelpfully silent, watching him become abducted with a wide-eyed and entirely sympathetic look.

"Sounds painful for the boys." Pyriel notes under his breath for the part about bareback riding, legs crossed before him, and hands fidgeting with his own fingers over the gap this creates. And so he remains until Iessrien goes quiet, looking up just in time from his own digits to catch that appraising gaze from the holder boy. For some reason, the harper blinks and colors rapidly before quickly darting his golden hues off towards something else. Brows sink, and then pop right back up to disappear under the jagged fringe of his bangs. That greenrider arrives and drags off Silion, Py's mouth drops open and he starts to point in that direction but O'lief doesn't stick around, carting off his son. "I totally know who that is!" he states, only once of course both rider and son are gone and out of sight. "Silion's dad is an Eastern greenrider….O'lief….which means his other dad has to be Hil…he was weyrleader at Eastern for a while." Oh. Well. That…maybe isn't so good. The astonished look fades to one of grumpiness again. Yeah, male greenriders, not his favorite. No matter who they were. "I got a day off tomorrow, ya can have it. I'll switch with ya." he murmurs softly, just to Iessrien and in a way that hopes that this moment of brotherly love is missed by Kiley considering how quietly this was said between them. As for what Kiley asked? It gets the typical Pyriel shrug, his attention wandering off elsewhere. Shame he was still flushed, but at least it didn't look like he was about to cry anymore.

There is a grimace which flickers over Iessrien's face, totally unrelated to all the bruising he'd received earlier, the holder muttering equally under his breath, "Shells, you got no /idea/," in reply to Pyriel's noting about the 'boys'. And yet he apparently thought it had been worth the pain? Someone.. is either very brave or very determined. Iessrien ahs at Silion's explanation of the name, possibly about to say more in regard to rules and things, but suddenly a greenrider is stealing their fellow candidate. Iess merely blinks, brows arching up toward his hairline, though he only raises a hand, head jerking in farewell, "Later, man," possibly not without some trace of sympathy - or amusement - for the other lad's predicament. Once the rider and son are safely out of earshot, Iess chuckles lowly, head giving a faint shake, "Shells, I'm glad my father can't do that to /me/. I haven't sent off the letter yet, telling him.." Just in case he /could/ hire someone to do it, perhaps. There's a blink for Pyriel's statement about recognizing the greenrider, a blank-faced, "Uh.. okay," in response. He gives the other boy another look, one which might be a but more curious for the blushing going on, though the offer of switching earns a second's hesitaction before a slight smile has lips twitching up at the corners. "Thanks man, appreciate it," giving Py a nod, "Next one I get is yours." Aah, bromance? He'll return Kiley's grin, though, his own somewhat sheepish, "Yeah, do.. seem to be getting a lot of them." Cue some absent throat-clearing while he clears the rest of the food from his plate. The potential evil eye is met by a slow and utterly guileless smile, possibly ruined a moment later as an eyebrow arches just so, "Weird people? Not that old uncle with the hunch?" Apparently his own errands duty the other day was ..interesting as well.

Kiley blinks at Pyriel's exclamation, turning her gaze to look back to where greenrider and son departed with a thoughtful look as she lifts the food to her mouth to nibble once more. She continues to watch until Pyriel shrugs, the movement drawing her attention back to the harper as she remains utterly oblivious to the bromance going on beside her. "I will take that as an okay, then." She declares a moment later as she continues to watch the harper and nibble upon the food until it is no more. But she doesn't reach in for more, she is learning restraint, after all. A curious look is given between the two, but she still remains lost on the bond of bromance the two share. She is a woman, after all. "Oh well, maybe because you work so hard?" She offers to Iessrien in reasoning for the reason why he gets so many days off. "I'd really like another day off tomorrow, even if I just had one the other day… I want to get some more of this programming done." Even on her days off, the woman works. The mention of the old uncle with the hunch has the computer crafter tensing up and casting her fellow candidate a look. "Yes. Him…" A shudder suddenly runs down her spine and she reaches in for food to distract herself. "What did he have you doing?"

Pyriel was excited there for a moment, having seen someone other than the bastard that sired him from his home back at Eastern Weyr. Or was his home. Not anymore. Xanadu was his home now. Sigh. That ends up being the thought that Pyriel dwells on and less the fact that one of Silion's parents is a greenrider. Can't blame a guy for his parents. Py knew this better than anyone. The harper bobs his head once though for the thanks and offer to pass up the next rest day for him. "Cool." he states, pointedly not looking at Iessrien. As he has no idea what the two holders are talking about when they switch topics to Some old uncle. His eyes dart between them, though he doesn't interject or ask. Maybe he doesn't care, maybe he doesn't want to look stupid. Whichever is the case, Py sees that Kiley has finished eating and takes this opportunity to clean up now that lunch was far over, and no one else was likely to show up. Plates are stacked, even as his coloring pales back to normal with the banality of such a task. At least this time around, he manages to figure out what goes where, scraping the leavings off peoples finished plates into a clean container kept aside for such things, and stacks the plates up on top of the clean ones. Eventually, everything is put away nice and neat with only a few growls and grunts of frustration. This time without the threat of tears.

Iessrien, now done with eating, draws his knees up somewhat, leaning forward to lazily cross his arms over them, flicking a bit of remaining grass off a pantleg. Kiley's suggestion of him working hard has Iess' lips twitching at the corners once again, a soft, wry laugh for that, "Must be. Not according to most, though," clearly amused by the idea that he, of all people, might be a hard worker. But his head is then tilting, actually considering this for a few seconds, perhaps. He comes up with nothing more, though, shoulders idly lifting before dropping down again, still a little stiff from the earlier fall. "Hmh," his nose wrinkles slightly, at the question of the old man, "There's something.. off about him. Maan, never in my life have I had to carry around so many stupid little boxes, and he wanted them delivered one at a time. He'd.. pet them too, like they were pets," Iess suppressing a shudder of his own, "I'd get back with one, and he'd make me run to the offices for another, just to get back and have to deliver more. Not to /people/, either." There's a vagueish frown at that, "Just.. to empty offices on the desks, or to a weyrbarn that looked like no one had lived there for turns," shaking his head with a soft snort, "And half of them smelled like.. rotten flowers or something. I'd wager, he's not all there in the head. Creepy old bas-" clearing his throat, and muttering the rest under his breath. With another headshake, he glances back at the quickly-disapearing containers, Pyriel's quiet is eventually noticed, Iess absently watching as the other candidate puts the picnic stuff away.

Kiley brushes off her hand as she finishes the last of her tidbit, making to stack a few of the other plates to help the harper clean up the mess of the picnic. Though it is a meager bit to what the harper continues to do, at least she offered some help for the mess as she did eat some of the food. Pyriel does earn himself a smile even if he remains in silence as she and Iessrien continue to talk. His laughter, however, has her blinking innocently at him and entirely oblivious to the fact that her fellow candidate is not a hard worker. This fact will likely change when they eventually get some chores together. "How strange. They must be jealous." The woman insists with a stern tone as she settles into a more relaxed position upon the blanket, leaning back onto the palm of her hands and considering the sky with a thoughtful frown. "I thought so, too. Something /really/ off." Comes her insistence, her nose wrinkles at the task that Iessrien was given. "That… Is really weird." To say the woman is now thoroughly freaked out is an understatement. "He kept having me pick things up that he would drop.. And he was sitting on the floor the whole time and he'd drop something else and have me pick it up. At first, I just thought he was having some issues.. But after awhile, I didn't think that anymore. When he ran out of things to pick up I told him I heard someone calling so I ran." Another shudder and the woman makes a face towards the sky as if blaming it for the assignment of chores for the day. "I really have to make sure I avoid him."

Pyriel appreciates the help. He does. At the moment though he just didn't have much to add to the conversation about this guy he had never had the misfortune to meet. Perhaps Iessrien was right, some guys just have all the luck. The harper yanks the basket, lighter than it was when he brought it here, but still heavy none the less. It took some effort to get everything up the hill, but it would be considerably easier to bring it back down. Down hill and all. Besides, Py was stronger than he looked. As soon as the basket is settled beside him to be picked up whenever it was that he decided to leave, Pyriel settles back, though his attention seems to be elsewhere. O'lief's green had wandered off at some point, because she was no longer sunning herself where she had been before Py got busy with his clean up. A crease forms between his brows, but he makes no comment as to why, his thoughts his own. Turning back to Kiley and Iessrien, he chews on his bottom lip, if only to stop a moment later in favor of getting onto all fours and grabbing the waterskin and klah thermos. Ooopse. He struggles to pinch both cords attached to the items at the same time, and so in an effort to do so and save himself from rocking back and forth foolishly he launches himself forward. He'd missed them. However, he was overreaching, he begins to topple over as he loses his balance. Not good, incoming!

Iessrien continues to absently watch Pyriel, though it's likely not the put-away dishes and containers he's contemplating. At Kiley's statement about peoples' jealousy, he opens his mouth as if to protest, but hesitates, quietly clearing his throat and then smiling thinly in apparent agreement, "Must be.." He nods with slender brows drawing slowly together, "Yeah.. weird," and then blinks, Kiley's own chore having the holder boy going still, the frown flickering just briefly over his face. Eyes narrow suddenly, though not at the girl or Pyriel, Iess muttering, "Ugh.. /definitely/ avoid him from now on." He might have said more, but then poor Py is doing a faceplant, and Iessrien leans over quickly to try to grab him, which.. totally doesn't work at all. A+ for effort, anyway? "You okay, man?" there may be a slight grin twitching ad the edges of Iess' mouth, but he's at least not outright laughing at his friend there.

Kiley is watching Pyriel, after a moment when he begins to pick everything up, thoughtful is her expression and she gives him a rather thoughtful smile as she watches. But that only lasts until he's falling forward, the computer crafter lets out a sound that sounds rather close to a squeal and a scream. However, the sound doesn't really leave her mouth unaltered and it comes more as an odd yelp sound. She's not in a position that she can help, being on the one side of Iessrien and Pyriel on the other, so she can only be a bystander to the events as they unfold. Iessrien's attempt is met with a wince and she finally touches the topic of the weird uncle. "I'll avoid him." And then, she's hopping quickly from her position to try and help the harper up. "Are you okay, Pyriel?" Her mouth opens to offer more, like assistance down the hill, but it closes shortly after. She doesn't want to beat his ego with a stick.

And, Py goes face first into the blanket. Ouchie. And he'll just lay there with his face planted to try and recover some of his dignity before even attempting to get up. There is a twitch, and then a soft, "Yeah, great. Thanks." muffled but loud enough to be heard by all. One by one his legs, once in the air following his topple over, clunk with steel enforced toes to the semi solidified ground. His arms fold in front of his head, one over the other. Yep, he'll just lay here. Meant to do that. Sure. Yeah. See, just needed a rest. Ahem. A soft groan soon ensues, the harper's head shaking back and forth. That was possibly the most embarrassing, ego deflating, stupidest thing that has happened in a while.

And, Py goes face first into the blanket. Ouchie. And he'll just lay there with his face planted to try and recover some of his dignity before even attempting to get up. There is a twitch, and then a soft, "Yeah, great. Thanks." muffled but loud enough to be heard by all. One by one his legs, once in the air following his topple over, clunk with steel enforced toes to the semi solidified ground. His arms fold in front of his head, one over the other. Yep, he'll just lay here. Meant to do that. Sure. Yeah. See, just needed a rest. Ahem. A soft groan soon ensues, the harper's head shaking back and forth. That was possibly the most embarrassing, ego deflating, stupidest thing that has happened in a while. At least since that time he marched into the candidate barracks and kissed a certain starcrafter in front of everyone. Yeah, that day wasn't so impressive either, even if the boy thought that was the best way to make sure everyone knew right away. Anyone who mattered anyway. It was just a matter of time before everyone else heard about it. Candidates weren't exactly known for their tact or ability to keep secrets. Especially the one about the self-proclaimed straightest guy in the weyr, falling for another guy. Uuuuugh. He mumbles something else just then, something that sounds like "Please kill me." as he recalls the similarity between what just happened here, and what happened back in the barracks. Another groan. Poor Py.

Iessrien starts at Kiley's yelp, the forward-leaning attempt to prevent the facefalling Py nearly having Iess faceplanting on top of the harper. He catches himself on a hand, however, shoving himself back to a sitting position, though not without a slight grimace for sore shoulders and back. A smile twitches briefly, though, possibly a little bemused by the girl's reaction, before Iess comments in a flatter, quieter voice, "That old guy gives you any trouble though, you come grab me or Py, yeah?" moving forward to flop on his stomach as well, following the apparent trend. the seeming words of chivalry accompanied by a wry, "Can't have some old creep messing with our girls, right?" Is he /joking/? He gives Kiley a sudden grin, pondwater drap eyes sparkling with something. He might be teasing her there. Or he might also be elbow-nudging the harper again for good measure as he gives Kiley that advice, too, before settling with arms crossed before him, though putting more than a handspan's distance between himself and the other two. Not hogging the blanket! At Pyriel's last statement, he cants his head with an arched brow at the other bow, "..At least you didn't fall off a runner?"

Kiley doesn't make any yelp as Iessrien, too, goes forward and almost lands on the harper. That was her fault and the look on her face most certainly reads as guilt as Pyriel remains on the ground as he does. So the woman crouches down beside him and makes to rub his back gingerly. "It's okay, really." She doesn't say more than that, carefully phrasing whatever may follow just so to avoid getting on his sour list once again. So, she simply rubs his back if he doesn't pull away. Whether or not he pulls away, she backs carefully away to allow him the room to get up if he so desires to. It is Iessrien that pulls her attention again, and her eyes focus on the other candidate at his words. "Okay, I will." She gives a firm nod in response as she settles down once Iessrien flops. She sits with her legs folded to the side, watching the pair as she asses them both and their well being. However, a blush quickly takes hostage of her cheeks as she ducks her head at Iessrien's second statement about the old creep. The statement of falling off runners earns no comment as she's distracted, still. Silly Iessrien and his choice of wording.

Elbowed or no, Pyriel lifts a hand in his shame to give Kiley a thumbs up. Yup sure, call him and he'll be there with his ass kicking boots on. Course he always wore his ass kicking boots but that was neither here nor there. He at least lifts his head to reveal a red spot where his forehead connected to ground before the rest of him did, sliding golden hues over towards where Iessrien had flattened himself out beside him. The hand with the thumb up, transforms into a hand that grabs the still icy cold skin of water, and unceremoniously settles it between his friend's shoulder blades. Gently, and deliberately without any physical contact between himself and the holder. Not so much for Py's benefit, as for Iessrien's. He'd obviously sensed by now the younger lad's reaction to being touched by another guy, especially Pyriel. Expression rather blank even after he does this, he slides his eyes over to Kiley then even as he shrugs to Iessrien. He may not of fallen off a runner, but at least it was less stupid then falling flat on his face. At least the runner could be blamed on the other boy candidate's bad luck. Py's faceplant? That was all Py. Sigh. Getting a twinge of sheepishness, he tilts his head in regards to the computer crafter candidate and then sort of leans over to murmur to Iessrien. Quiet, and secret like. "Dude, I think yer right." Right? About what? Hmmm, seems Py has finally put one and one together in respect to Kiley. Py might be dense, but eventually, he does figure stuff out without having needing people to spell it out for him.

"Good," Iessrien still grins a little, even at Kiley's sheepishness, the holder boy watching her thoughtfully for few moments before eventually puffing out a quiet breath and letting his eyes drift first to Pyriel, pondwater blues briefly meeting and then flicking away from golden hues, instead settling over to some spot across the way, possibly where Iess had earlier fallen flat on his back. There's another start, though, when an ICY COLD LUMP gets set on his back, shoulders tensing immediately, though at least it doesn't turn into a wince, eyes widening with a look shot back toward the other boy. He opens his mouth.. gaze drawn to that bruised spot on the other's forehead, and he just deflates a little, mumbling a, "Thanks," at the harper. So Issrien lies there, on his stomach, with a chilled waterskin plopped on his back, looking awfully silly. But maan, does it probably feel better after the tumble he took. At Pyriel's quiet murmur, Iess's expression can't help but tug into a slight smirk, "Heh. I'm always right." Liar.

Kiley chuckles softly in response to Pyriel's thumbs up, smiling in what could be considered fondness and this smile lingers easily upon the woman's lips. Her gaze, however, does not linger and drifts back upwards to consider the sky with a frown. The moment, again, draws her gaze back down in sort of a thoughtful, lost manner as her gaze focuses upon the two other candidates with the smile growing wider upon her lips as Pyriel looks to her and then to Iessrien. The smile fades partially as she is left out of whatever it is was spoken between the two, considering them with a lift of her brow. She takes this moment to push up to her feet, gingerly brushing herself off. "Well, I have a few things I want to take care of. Thanks for… Everything." Seeing as there was more than one thing for the woman to be thankful for. Her head bows briefly and then she makes her way back down the hill and off to finish those things.

And what does Py do when Iessrien's eyes meet his? He blushes like an idiot. "Shard it." he grumbles and is soon burying his face against his arms. Nothing to see here. Move on. The harper remains like this for a time, that is until he relocates the skin of icy cold water, and by then, he's cheeks are only slightly pink, rapidly cooling. He shakes his head to himself, but flickers his gaze towards the holder when he's thanked. "Welcome." Yeah that should help with some of the agony that Iess had to be feeling behind all that manliness. He doesn't say any more, nope. Not to that at least. For the slight smirk, the harper deflates himself and groans, now banging his slightly bruised forehead against his own arm. That would bring the official count up to two that he knew of for sure. Only time would tell if he would discover any others before the eggs started rocking. As Kiley rises to her feet, the shifting of the blanket this causes brings Py's head back up and he lifts his gaze all the way up to meet hers. "Um, kay…" Is all he manages before the woman turns tail and walks away. This is followed up with a series of blinks. Did she just flee the scene?

Slight smirk shifts into thin, thoughtful smile, lips pressing together at Kiley's apparent fleeing. There's a sigh, and a tilt of his head, a, "Catch you later," called after her. The smile fades a bit once the girl is out of hearing range, though, the thoughtfulness remaining. And what does Iess do when he catches sight of Py suddenly blushing with a 'shard it' over there? Subtle.. scoot. Scoot scoot. Handspan-distance becomes slightly greater. Smooth man, real smooth. Hopefully Py will be too face-buried to notice. Some throat'clearing, and the holder boy comments, "Don't think I want to move for the rest of the day," even if he does look pretty silly. Another thoughtful, almost considering look is sent in the direction Kiley went, before Iess just sighs and mutters, "Go after her, man. I can grab the blankets and shit, and bring it back to the barracks," setting his own forehead down on crossed arms and apparently closing his eyes.

Pyriel, may be dense, but if he felt Kiley getting up he sure as heck feels it when Iessrien moves away from him. There's silence as a result, and a distinct avoidance of looking over at the other boy. Whatever had caused the harper to react, he does not explain. Probably never would, even if asked. Not even an apology follows. He just keeps looking in the direction that Kiley escaped in, with the slightest flicker of eyes towards where the holder was. He stiffens visibly, and is soon pushing himself to his feet. He brushes himself off, and grabs the picnic basket. "Just return the blanket to the stores." Py grumbles. That is where he got it from. Now with basket in hand, he marches down the hill with a "Later." tosses over his shoulder, though whether he was off to track down Kiley or not was anyone's guess.

Iessrien doesn't immediately lift his head, though he's probably noticed the silence already. Eventually, a quiet breath is released, "Not worth getting hung up on someone, man, unless you're going to do something about it," muttered after a few seconds, absently almost, and who knows, maybe he's still talking about Kiley. The grumbed words earn a vague nod and a twitch at one corner of his mouth, pondwater blue eyes opening to flick up as he shifts a little, lashes then lowering to consider Pyriel, even as the other boy turns to leave. "Later, then," he tosses after the harper, considering look as he watches the other boy head down the hill.

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