Enkavir Agrees

Xanadu Weyr - Siebith's Weyrbarn

Restdays. They're good for one thing. Being lazy. Not that that always works, but D'had tries. Mostly. And so even though its well into morning he's still sprawled on couch with an arm over his eyes in effort to continue pretending that the sun isn't already out. Siebith on the other hand has found his way out to take advantage of that sunshine and thusly bask.

Enkavir wanders into the vicinity of D'had's place, lifting a crumpled piece of scratch paper, peering at it and then looking around. Apparently this matches whatever notes he jotted down, because he crams the paper into a pocket, takes a deep breath, and move closer. Siebith is spotted as he gets close and he lifts a hand to the blue in case he should notice. "Hey there Siebith. Could you… ah…" he digs at the sand with a toe. Awkward. "Could you let D'had know I'm here? Or I guess I could just… knock?" He's only ever really interacted with Seryth and that's a lot different than this blue he's met all of once.

Siebith unlids an eye, lazily turning it towards the recordskeeper. Calm for once perhaps. The blue snorts, going back to his nap and inside there's grumbling followed by a loud thud "Damnit!" and the scrapping of furniture on floor. Beat. "Come in!" "Sharding stupid," Mutter mutter. D'had has his back to the door as he shifts the low table in front of the couch back into place. Yeah, he so didn't trip over that getting up. Dress, yes, though he hasn't quiet managed to tuck his shirt in all the way. The space over all is… well lacking in decor. There's the standard kitchenette, table and chairs, couch and that sharding other table and well.. that's about it other than the ladder like stairs that lead to a curtained off loft over the human sized living portion. There is however, a feminine touch found in a vase of flowers on the table.

Enkavir shifts his weight a bit at that blink and snort. It's a bit odd to have a conversation with a sentient being who is nonetheless non-verbal to most humans, after all. It's only made worse by the thud and the swearing and all that commences, and Enkavir flicks a glance over his shoulder as if actually considering just walking away. Nevermind, I don't really need to talk to D'had that badly. But no, he nods a silent thanks to Siebith and ducks through the door, taking a quick assessment of the space with a flick of his eyes and inclining his head to D'had. "Uh, hey there. Sorry to wake you, or contribute to your injury or whatever that was all about." Hands shoved in pockets he hovers near the doorway.

"Egh," D'had waves off any semblance of apology as he turns around. "If it wasn't you probably be someone else. Wasn't really sleeping anyway, just trying to make myself think I was." Or something along those lines anyway. "So then… that .. girl of yours, she said you've had some time to think."

Enkavir tosses a glance behind him and finds a likely spot of wall to hold up, leaning back against it and propping one foot behind him. "Wel then, I'm not sorry I guess." A hint of a smirk plays across Enkavir's lips as he crosses his arms over his chest. "That… girl of mine?" Irritation and amusement war in his eyes but in the end he just shakes his head. He's not here to correct D'had. "She seems to like you well enough so I'll let that go, yeah? I didn't realize she was planning on talking to you. Yeah, I've had time to think." He unfolds his arms to free a hand for shoving haphazardly through his hair. "I, ah, I'll do it."

D'had shrugs, "Ran into her the other day," Because you know, Siebith calling Seryth to meet at the StarStones is just like a random encounter. Enkavir doesn't need to know that bit though. Would probably just make it worse after all. "She mentioned it." There's a long pause, even after the other has given his answer, in which D'had just stands there with his arms loosely crossed. "Well then you can go find…." But Hisolda's still mia last he can remember, "Get you set up in the barracks and all that."

Enkavir arches a brow. "Did you now? I imagine that happens often enough, Wingleader, weyrwoman." He seems a bit dubious, D'had was a little too causal while still mentioning the encounter. But there are bigger things at hand. Moving. Into the barracks. A frown flickers over his brow but he nods. "Yeah, I guess we should do that. I have a few things just outside but I'll probably leave some things at Thea's until after this is all over." He makes it sound so optimistic! "That's alright, right?

"Don't see why not," D'had agrees as he puts feet into motion towards Enkavir and the door. "Long as you're sleepin in the barracks, followin the rules and keepin chores done should be just fine." A hand untangles from his other arm as he comes to the door, reaching into the pack that hangs beside it to produce a candidate's knot. "Good luck."

Enkavir eyes the knot as if it might turn into a tunnelsnake or something equally distasteful at any moment. It's just a beat of hesitation, but it's definitely there. "Right. Rules and chores. Check." He takes the knot, slowly replaces his own and just holds the old resident knot, letting it dangle from his fingers. "Thanks. I think I might need it." He offers a faint smirk, then tips his head toward the door. "You coming with me?" Even before there's an answer he starts off that way, leaning down to snag his sack of belongings outside the door.

D'had chuckles, "No sex, no drinking, no fighting," he rattles off the rules with a smirk of his own while the other exchanges knots. "Can show you the way if you need it," he offers, but its clear enough he's not going to go out of his way if its not necessary.

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