Weyr Warming

Xanadu Weyr - Luraoth's Menagerie

Before being cleared to make space for the training field, this expanse of land had been a farm. Fence posts still mark out small pastures or tracts of cropland that have long been left to go fallow and become little more than grassy patches of wildflowers. The path from the coastal road weaves between scattered fruit trees left over from an orchard, offering some measure of shade along the walk.

A huge barn with large doors that swing easily are moved by a mechanism with the sound of clinking chains and the chugging of a generator. Within, what must have once been storage space and the home for farm animals has been transformed into a place fit for a dragon. A huge stone makes up the center of the largest chamber, with heating or cooling with the flick of a tail. There are other stones set about in three other dragon-sized nooks, clearly set there for the comfort of guests or patients.

A set of metal stairs as well as a freight elevator around the side of the building allow easy access to a loft area that has largely been left untouched from the time this place was a farm. There's plenty of room for storage, but also room for any number of animals that may come to live here. One corner has been clearly dedicated as 'tunnelcat territory' with a bunch of little platforms, ramps, tunnels, and toys.

Crunch, crunch. The light layer of snow underfoot is enough to crunch beneath Ka'el's boots as he walks the shoreline, passing wagons and bundled folk who are in hurries to get to where they need to be, which hopefully is a warmer place than where they are! Few do more than glance at the weyrling and bronze that shadows him, a bag of sorts grasped between his teeth, making their way along the coastal road. One of Ka'el's hands is in the pocket of his jacket, the other clutches the scuffed surface of a metal bucket that he holds against his side. The pair make their way to a barn in the distance. A newly occupied weyr. Closer, closer, til they arrive. Ka'el takes a quick peek into the barn to see if Luraoth is home or no. Regardless if she is or isn't, he'll make his way to the cottage (after giving the gold a grin if she is in fact there) to rap upon the door, taking a step back after.

And wouldn't it be funny (in the sad sort of way) if Soriana was out somewhere else? If the barn and cottage were both empty, dragon and rider out elsewhere in Xanadu and not due back for hours? Ka'el would… freeze or something, knowing him and his dislike of cold weather. But! Today is not the day for that comedy. Luraoth is in her barn, stretched out across the warmed stone and watching a stray v'tol buzzing around. She chirps an unconcerned greeting, and probably warns Soriana, too, because the appearance of the weyrling comes only moments after the knock. Sori smiles, and then her expression grows curious as she takes in bucket and bag and… anyhow. Back to Ka'el. "Hey."

Ka'el would freeze! For equaling his hatred for the cold is his own stubbornness. And, dangnabbit, he has a mission in place! Luckily for him, he's not left waiting out in the cold, for Soriana and Luraoth are both home. In truth, he probably could've utilized Kanekith with this and had him call ahead to see if Luraoth was home. But then, she'd've been aware that they were coming and would've alerted Soriana, which would've ruined the element of surprise. If…this is supposed to be a surprise. In any case, when the door opens, Soriana is met with a grinning Ka'el who, as he sees her eyes shift to his bucket, positions the thing a behind him a little. Totally not suspicious at all. "Hey!" said with a shiver. "Did you know that when someone moves into new place, sometimes they get gifts?"

What, Ka'el, being suspicious? That's practically impossible. It's a thing that doesn't happen. Ever. And that's why she has a half-grin as she watches him, now. "I suppose I've heard of such a thing," she says. Deliberately slow, despite his shiver. "Now that you mention it." A pause, and then… okay she's bad at this. He looks so cold! And… cold. Like a half-frozen puppy. "You want to come in?" She arches a brow and steps back a little, holding the door open. It's warm in here. Lookit, she's not even wearing a jacket! Only now that warm air's escaping, so he'd better either come in or convince her to grab one and come out.

Inside? Where the warm air is curling its tendrils around him, all but pulling him past the threshold? Does he want to go there? "No. .. Well, yes! but in a minute." What? Ka'el…choosing cold over cozy warmth? The guy isn't still high, is he? "I've got a gift for Luraoth. Well .. Kanekith does. It's from us both." Mostly from Ka'el but, you know. From Kanekith too by association. "It's not in the bucket. The bucket's your gift, but don't get your hopes up. It isn't as spectacular as the flowers I made." Humble, isn't he? He backs away from her now, keeping his bucket behind him as he backwardly approaches one end of her porch. "Don't look inside yet. Luraoth first because… well. Kanekith might eat the bag soon." He bends to set the bucket down, keeping it as out of sight as possible. "Got a jacket?"

…and here Soriana thought she had a compelling offer for Ka'el. Apparently not! The brow arches further, and she glances to Kanekith with his bag (despite the fact that he's carrying it in his mouth, he does not look like a puppy. Because, you see, Kanekith has dignity) and then back to Ka'el. "Well, I mean, a bucket." Something inside, what? Naaah. "It'll definitely be useful." She flashes a grin, then steps back, letting him sneak away to the edge of her porch and set the bucket down while she ducks inside and snags her jacket off the set of hooks by the door. On it goes! Now she won't freeze. Probably. She steps out and pulls the door shut behind her… then waits there instead of chasing Ka'el and his bucket. "Hello, Kanekith." While she waits, and all.

Darn right Kanekith has dignity, and he doesn't feel it's very dignified for him to be standing out here with this satchel in his mouth. A somewhat .. squirmy satchel? Plus, he doesn't find it terribly fair that Luraoth gets this and not him … even though he was already compensated by his rider earlier. The fact of the matter is that she is getting a gift, and he is not! But he does stand quietly near the barn, hardly as put off by the cold as Ka'el himself, who is now heading back to the jacketed Soriana to grasp her hand with his gloved one. "Ready?" He departs the porch with her to approach the barn, Kanekith lowers his head now to set the bag down. Good riddance. His eyes meet those of Soriana, and the girl is graced with a rumble of a greeting. "It's a nice bucket, by the way," remarks Ka'el to Sori, brow arching. "You should be honored to get one like that. It's been around. Seen things. Had experiences.." He smirks, pausing to pick up the bag of squirmies. "Can I give it to her?"

Oooh. A gloved hand! That's good, because Soriana isn't wearing gloves, but this way, she gets a partial gloving nevertheless. The other hand will just have to go in her pocket as she walks over to the barn with Ka'el. "You can never have too many buckets," she agrees. "They've got a thousand and one uses. Fetching water. Cleaning fireplaces. Holding things." Oh so many things. Soriana smiles to Kanekith, then pauses to look at the satchel. Huh. She didn't notice the squirmy part before. Now that's… interesting. She glances back to Ka'el. How nice of him to ask, only, he kind of hasn't given her any information that might let her know what sort of squirmy mess she's letting them in for. Maybe it's a bag of mysterious weeds and fireworks! Soriana gives it another glance. A suspicious one. But… eh, she knows where Ka'el lives! She can take revenge on him later. So. "Suuure." Why not? …she'll just follow along and find that part out (too late).

Ka'el isn't quite sure why he's so eager to give a gift to Luraoth. Perhaps it's because he's never really had much interactions with other dragons before, other than the standard weyrling-necessary ones. Formation practice and all that jazz. And so curiosity of her reaction to him may be it. Or, possibly it's because that Luraoth is Soriana's dragon and pleasing her may make Soriana happy. Or maybe it's just because Ka'el is a good guy who likes doing good deeds. Who knows! Whatever the reason, Ka'el can't help the grin on his face as he moves into the barn, easily spying the gold upon her warming stone. Kanekith has followed them inside, gazing at one of those dragon-sized nooks with stones, though for now not claiming one. Being polite? "Happy weyr warming, Luraoth," Ka'el greets before releasing Soriana's hand, giving her a grin. "You'll let me know if she's in the mood to bite my head off if I get too close, eh?" he stage-whispers to her, arching a brow after. Who knows! She may be possessive of her slab. In any case, brave Ka'el approaches the serene gold, bag in hand. "I've somethin' for you because .. well, you've got a new place too. It wouldn't be right not to get you something too."

Soriana steps inside the barn a step behind Ka'el. It's warmer in here than outside - less wind, for one thing, and for another, there's the radiant heat from Luraoth's perch. It's not cranked up all the way, but… it's certainly not frigid. Soriana's willing to take her hand out of her pocket. Luraoth lifts her head, tilting it to the side slightly to express the same curiosity as her voice does. Weyr-warming? « But it is already warm, » she notes in an aside to Kanekith. Her mental tone is one of mild amusement. It's another of the strange human things. They intrigue her, even (especially?) when she doesn't entirely understand them. Soriana just grins, though whether at her dragon's comment or Ka'el's… well. "I think you'll be okay," she murmurs back to bronzerider… but then she stays back and lets him approach Luraoth on his own. The young queen lowers her head, looking at the brave petitioner in her court and listening carefully to his explanation. Her thoughts touch Kanekith's again. « You and yours are welcome here. »

« He means he is glad you no longer stay in the place that housed us all » explains Kanekith, who sounds a bit proud that he knows something that she does not. Though … this is solely because he didn't get it either, causing Ka'el to explain more than once just what the gift giving is all about! The bronze acts as translator, or rather transmitter, between gold and his rider though leaves out the confusion part. He's already fixed that, or so he believes, so why bother reporting it? It's the welcome that Ka'el receives, and thus his smile turns warm. "Thank you. I won't be long, I promise. I hope you don't mind, but I had to ask Kanekith a lot about what you knew of you. Things you like and don't like. Y'see, I was told I'm supposed to give a useful item at a weyr-warming. Something to put on a wall or outside. But I didn't know what you needed, so I brought something Kane says you like." He inches closer. "There aren't many, m'sorry. M'fraid it's out of their season, but the dockhands spared a few.." A few toss-aways. Too small to be profitable, but a treat is a treat, right? Ka'el overturns the bag, and out spills four spiderclaws. Still alive yet sluggish (perhaps from being tied up in a bag and jostled around for who knows how long!) and hardly enough to do much when it comes to satisfying the hunger of a gold.

« Oh. » Now Luraoth knows! She considers on that a moment, and then she laughs. « We make warmth wherever we are. » Barracks. Weyrs. All warm. Like her breath, which might end up puffing at Ka'el if he's close enough. She is leaning in and listening intently, after all. There's no trace of impatience, just a curious gaze and a small nod for his inquiries of Kanekith. But of course, she might say if she talked. Only, she doesn't, so it's down to Ka'el's ability to read draconic body language and anything Kanekith shares about her moods. Her head starts to tilt as he edges closer, a growing curiosity that gets it to sideways by the time Ka'el actually dumps out the bag. « Oh! » Spiderclaws! Her eyes sparkle orange for a moment, hunger roused by hunting-instinct instead of the other way around, and she reaches out a paw to tap the top shell of one that's started - quicker than the others - to scuttle away. Tapatap, and she disorients and spins it around to keep it from escaping. « It is well-thought! » And it's the thought that counts? Good job, Ka'el! …good job, Kanekith! Luraoth leans down and snaps one up, getting it lined up with her jaw and k-er-unch. The claws flail. « Thank you. » Luraoth can talk with her mouth full, enjoying the crunching as she keeps the other three from escaping with talon-nudges. Playing with her food? Maybe. Or maybe she's just making it last. Soriana watches with an amused smile.

Kanekith watches the interaction of his rider and Luroath, not at all worried about his welfare. Luraoth, bite off heads? Hardly. He is in good hands, though that doesn't mean that Kanekith finds it necessary to not watch his every move with the young queen, even as he begins to make himself comfortable upon one of those guest rocks. Just his size! And he settles onto his stomach just as the spiderclaws are revealed. There were six of them at a point, two of which found their way down Kanekith's gullet to keep jealousy from rising. But even so it's obvious that Luraoth is getting more, there's a flicker of satisfaction lighting in his chest. She is enjoying the gift. The gift that he himself suggested. Oh yes, Kanekith has no problem taking credit for this success, and Ka'el has no probably allowing him to do so. He needn't Kanekith tell him anything to understand that the present has been well-received, and his grin broadens at the crunch-crunching sound of a shell being broken by fangs. "I'm glad you like it. Come spring and summer, you'll have more than you know what to do with. You live right by the lake shore. It'll be a buffet." If she wasn't eating, he'd perhaps stick a hand out and rub her muzzle as he does kanekith's so often. But, as it is…she's eating. Also, she isn't his lifemate, so he keeps his hands to himself while backtracking towards Sori and stopping at her side. He did good? "Your turn."

Oh, yes, Kanekith can take satisfaction not only in the comfort of the guest couch, but also in a job well done, for Luraoth is certainly taking satisfaction in the gift. Crunchy! Chewy! A mere tiny snack, but it's a fun one. « I know what to do with them. » No matter how many. She demonstrates with a chomp, crunch, crack, and her enjoyment is evident with as much abundance as those spiderclaws will have once summer comes around again. Soriana reaches out to link an arm with Ka'el once he rejoins her. "Shells, everywhere." She grins, pleased, but she can't help but tease as she starts back with him. "Ooh. Did you get me spiderclaws too? Or, no, no, I bet it's… trundlebugs. Snails, maybe?" With options like these, how can she go wrong?

"Mm. Kanekith'll clean up," Ka'el says with a solemn nod. Yup. His dragon will sweep up all those shell fragments and…yeah. Sure he will! With Soriana's arms linked in his own, he exaggeratedly rolls his eyes at her guesses. "Uh huh. Trundlebugs. Shardit, Soriana, you weren't supposed to guess. You ruined the surprise!" The frosty sigh that escapes from his mouth can only be described as exasperated (and just as exaggerated as that eye roll), but his act is ruined as a grin makes its way on his face. Dang it! He walks her back up the porch and untwines his arm from hers so he can scamper to that bucket, lift it up, and bring it back to her. Behold! Your .. bucket o' stuff. "Happy weyr warming," he says as he presents her gift to her. And it really is just a bucket…with handy dandy supplies inside! A hammer, for one. Can't live without one of those! And a basic screwdriver. Then a little screwdriver. A wrench. Super sticky glue. A tape measure. A ruler. Another hammer? Polish and a handful of polishing rags. And an array of little fixer upper knick knacks that he probably snagged from the forge or his own toolbox. "To fix things. Y'know .. if anything needs fixing. Or for when thing needs fixing." A good weyr needs a handy dandy toolbucket!

It's not like the place wasn't going to get spattered with shells sooner or later. This is Luraoth's barn we're talking about. So… Soriana's really not upset at all. See, the grin! Also the sound of crunching following them. "Good for him," Soriana says with a glance back, then returns her attention to Ka'el and laughs. "Well, maybe if you were more subtle about it! Boys, always sticking trundlebugs in the hair of the girls they like." She shakes her head at the supposed trouble of these supposed boys… not that she's ever seen anyone actually do that. Still. It's traditional or something. Back to the weyr - or at least the weyr porch - they go, and then Soriana awaits the bucket of destiny and wonder, or at least… "Tools!" She grins, this one not teasing. "There is a bit upstairs where part of the trim's coming loose…" Oh. A bit of decorative trim. Loose. It's practically unlivable. Worse than Mur'da- okay, no, nothing is worse than Mur'dah's weyr. A tent set up in the middle of the clearing is probably better than Mur'dah's weyr. But, hey, she can bring these along next time she goes to try and help get that place fixed up. This time, with NO FIRE. She leans over to give Ka'el a kiss. "Consider my weyr warmed." Speaking of… she opens the door, and tilts her head. About that coming in? It is, in fact, warm…

Oh yeah, Ka'el's on a roll! Gift one, happily received by Luraoth. Gift two, happily received by Soriana! He was telling the truth. This gift certainly isn't as flashy or sentimental as the metallic flowers, or as pretty as a necklace, but what it lacks in fashion it makes up for in function! As she already voices a use for some of those tools with that trim of hers, he beams a little. Loose trim, meet TOOLBUCKET!
"Figured you could use some an' might not have any've your own," he says, nodding once. "This does not mean you need to warm my weyr with gifts. .. Unless you wanna warm my weyr in a different way. I'll take that instead." His grin is playful, and this time as the door opens and the warmth of within wafts out, there's no disregarding it now. He moves to her and glomps her, throwing his arms around her and leeeaning his weight upon her heavily. Goofily. Playfully. Though not allowing her to crumble down. "So when I put a trundlebug in your hair y'can't complain, then. Means I like you." So says she anyway, and he grins deviously now as he heads inside with her with heavy footsteps, still draped on her like a cumbersome robe. His foot is used to close the door behind them, shutting out the cold as he plans to stay a while. Til weyrling duties call him away again.

"Yeah, but I thiiink you can show your like in a different way," Soriana replies with a teasing grin as she drags Ka'el the human blanket inside. Oh, good. Door's shut. Tool bucket is set down on a chair near that door, because she'll deal with that trim later. When she has free time. …well, other free time, as opposed to this free time right now when she doesn't have weyrling duties but does have a weyrling. "Speaking of ways. And warming." Also, liking. All those things at once, really, and she's speaking of them with him! Possibly also demonstrating them. Hey did you know that she has a couch? Because… she does. It's comfortable, and… it's near the heater. Which doesn't explain why there's also a blanket, but, well, sometimes you need extra bonus snuggliness. It's important. Winter's here, after all! Better keep warm. (Together.)

"Hair tugging? I'm good at tuggin' hair," teases Ka'el in answer as they move further into her humble abode. "Or, are you meanin' spitwads? Y'know I was a champion spitter when I was younger.." More teasing, which comes easy in her company and with clear heads and worries and troubles of much heavier things pushed to the back portions of his mind. And hey, it really is warm in here. And oh, that couch is comfortable! And it proves its comfortableness once he sinks down into it with her. Even better? Kicking off boots and pulling her onto him to lean and lay beneath a blanket kept warm by heater, arms wrapped around her waist. And together they lounge and play, and Ka'el tugs her hair and pokes fingers against her side to try to elicit laughter. And eventually lips find neck and ears and cheeks and mouth, and talking stops to leave space for warmer things that bring forth smiles and comfortable feelings .. with the occasional roaming hand.

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