All Roads Lead To Ressac

Ressac Sea Hold
Ressac lies in the swampy brackish delta where one of the many rivers reaches the inland Sea of Azov. Though the land holdings spread out up and down the marsh, the hold proper and harbor are on the largest of the many forest created islands formed as the river spreads across the flat land at the river mouth. A meager courtyard it may be, but nevertheless large flagstones have carefully been laid in front of the hall, forming a smooth expanse upon which to greet visitors. One edge of it is bounded by a low rock wall, beyond which the Ressac harbor can be seen, and the dredged cove that protects the ships from rough weather. The opposite side is bounded by water that switches direction dependent on the tides. The swamp spreads out as far as the eye can see, a mixture of slow moving waterways bounded by willow, oak, and other tall water loving trees festooned by those moisture loving aerials that give a mysterious gloomy to the landscape. The hall is a rather dilapidated gray wooden structure set high up on stilts to stand above any flooding. A road of wooden bridges and packed stones heads off towards the north.

A few days have passed since the search began for Hannista's missing Zavier and Galaxy had picked up a few clues along the way, they frustratingly still have not been able to find him despite all signs pointing towards Ressac. It's been a few days since the ferry he was supposedly on arrived and yet… where oh where could a kid be hiding from here?

D'lei isn't exactly Galaxy, not anymore, but then, a boy of seventeen turns isn't exactly a kid, either. The bronzerider is certainly quite capable of riding a basic sweep, or - as now - arcing in a slow spiral overhead. Not that it's likely to be much help, because the thick swamp does a great deal to limit the view, but some things are just what you do, right? That, or maybe they're just looking for a landing spot that doesn't involve getting entirely soaked in muddy sludge.

Kovagath is just going to go for it. Somethings, you just gotta get dirty — apparently this is one of those times. The first spot he finds that's big enough for a dragon, he's landing in it, dropping with a plop and kneeling so Sh'y can slide down and join him, the bluerider's grimace a fleeting thing before he schools it away with something more akin to determination. "Get back in the air," is said with a pat given to the blue, before he's heading in toward the hold itself. Kovagath offers a snort, waits for a moment for Sh'y to get out of range, and then launches himself back up to circle ominously over the hold.

Mirieth is very excited to finally be able to help! While she had tried very, very hard to convince Avi that she could totally search for missing boys while proddy? That had been a hard /no/ on Avi's part. Still, she's gone up and come down and all is now right with the world. And at the moment, she is happily mincing away in the muck after landing next to Kovagath. That being the case, Avi is there, as well, fully intending to do what he can to help. He is not, however, the most physical of dragon riders. He's trying though, and has an armful of sketches, tucked in a leather satchel, and clutched against his chest while he carefully picks his way over the ground. He is NOT, it should be noted, dressed for a swamp. But, he is, at least, wearing a riding skirt that vaguely mimics wide-legged trousers. "Wait up," he calls to Sh'y as he does his level best not to completely ruin his boots. He's an artist, not a Search and Rescue rider, Jim!
How frustrating, indeed! K'vir's head is already stuffed with far too many contradicting bits of information, dead-end leads, rumors, suggestions, theories … all nestled among his own personal opinion. Opinion he's been remarkably quiet on unless directly asked about it by anyone who outranks him (or has his trust — and even then…). Yet he made sure to be here on this stretch of further hunting searching, Wingsecond or no. Zekath has settled into a familiar flight pattern, his position at the rear as always to allow the more agile or swifter to sweep ahead. « Anything? » The bronze's dual-flanged voice pings several mindscapes of those who've been roped in volunteered and collected into their group, filtering in with some tinny echo like a comm-unit would. One last circuit around and they'll likely be joining Sh'y on the ground!

Late afternoon approaching early evening and one might expect the sea hold's harbor to be bustling. It is true that there is a decent number of ships that call Ressac home and most seem to have already been moored up for the night, there's only a handful of people to be seen checking the last of the nets, coiling some rope and other assorted nautical chores that just can't wait.
« Porcines wallowing. A fat prong-horn. » Garouth's tone is slightly amused, his mindvoice tinged with rustling green as he answers Zekath's question. « Of the other quarry - » which is to say, the young man they've been instructed to seek « - nothing. » He doesn't expect to find anything by air, nor is he afraid to let that opinion be known, but he and D'lei will certainly finish their circuits before they seek their own landing-spot. Perhaps along the road?

« Nothing of interest, » is Kovagath's answer, slightly droll and with a twinge of something like dry amusement for the literal interpretation offered by the other bronze. « But then, did we expect to? » He, and Sh'y, certainly didn't. It seems clear to blue, and rider, that their target would be in the hold rather than around it, and unlikely to be flushed out by circling dragons. But he'll do his due diligence and maintain a lazy sweep around the area, if just to keep himself out of the muck. Sh'y pauses at Avi's words, turns and waits for him to join him before continuing on his way. "Can I have one of those?" is asked politely, even if he doesn't really wait before fishing for a picture from the satchel.

"Of course," Avi assures as he holds the satchel out and lets the bluerider take as many of the drawings as he wants. Caught up, he twists a strang of pale white hair out of his eyes, tucking it neatly in to the loose bun at the back of his head. He's looking up, though, watching the circling dragons for a moment before sweeping his skirt to the side to keep it out of the muck. Personally, he has no idea how search and rescue works— aside from searching and presumably rescueing, but… "I brought of a lot of them," he assures to Sh'y as he tears his gaze away from the dragons and tries to hurry to keep up. "Just in case…"

« So … dinner, in other words. Nice! » Zekath'll take that as a win-win even if they're on serious business and duty here! Can't help to tag where a meal to-go might be hunkering down. « Figured. Gotta agree with you too, Kovagath. » On their actual quarry and that may be more his rider's sentiment than his own. K'vir will signal for a few other riders to sweep wide and circle back to eventually land themselves. There might be some strategy to it, given they don't all converge on one spot! Zekath catches a thermal, using it for a little extra oomph to catch up to Garouth and glide alongside him. « Road would almost be too easy. » He laments in private, while sharing more broadly on all frequencies those within range. « Anyone else finding it's a bit quiet? »

Wild porcines can be a major threat! Eating them would be helping, surely? Just make sure it is indeed wild later… As the riders begin to assemble, a man comes out of the gear shed at the end dock and hollers before he even looks up. "Yunia! Ya 'bout done? Gotta get down to the Lure before all—-" He cuts off abruptly when the woman who is apparently Yunia seems to be making some hand slashes over her neck, a sign to cut it if he didn't notice the visitors himself first. At the nameless man turns a bit red and heads immediately back into the shed. Nobody saw anything, right?

Nothing like working up an appetite for dinner, right? Garouth's rumble is entirely unheard, taken away by the wind, but the amusement and agreement is there in the shadow-sweep of his mind that matches the dark outline of wings cast down on the dappled swamp. « No unexpected disasters, either. » There's something about flying S&R that tends to make one dislike the unexpected, derive enjoyment from a peaceful, ordinary, boring sweep with nothing worthy of notice except the potentially-delicious… though, are things a bit too quiet? Garouth himself goes silent for a moment, considering. « I have not flown here recently. » So … maybe, maybe not? He's not sure. Others go to land, and while Garouth keeps his eyes out, a curl of deeper shadow does curve privately back to Zekath with a tease half-joke, half-challenge. « The trees are large. Perhaps enough to perch on like an avian. »

Sh'y definitely saw that! It has the bluerider going still, one hand unconsciously reaching to catch Avi by the elbow, dark eyes skirting the space — he's on high alert now. And Kova is perfectly happy to relay what Sh'y saw to those flying above. « Suspicious activity, » he notes, and while he's not worried yet, that air of amusement has vanished. It's not outright hostile, but it definitely has Sh'y looking a bit squinty-eyed. "Stay close," he murmurs, before he's striding forward with an air that isn't quite casual, but isn't really hostile, either. "Good evening!" is called in advance, a hand lifted in greeting, as he heads in the direction of the mysterious Yunia and the disappearing man.

Avi is impossibly confused about the whole affair. He gets that the parents are upset their son left home? But really? At seventeen he was on his own and supporting himself. As far as he's concerned, the missing person is an adult. "I don't…" Rather then finish the statement, though, he shakes his head and does his level best to keep stride with the considerably taller bluerider. It's not his business why they are doing what they are doing. Surely, there has to be some reason for it all. Given how clingy the Steward's wife had been? Well.. He's not going to comment on that, either. It's the comment on things being quiet that has Mirieth craning her still teeny tiny green head up to watch the dragons in the sky. « It's very noisy down here, » she provides helpfully. « Lots of chirruping and scraping and sloshing and hissing and slithering and rustling and…» Noise, there is lots of noise on the ground.

It's the shouting that has Avi twisting around, his head tilting to the side as he watches the 'shut it' gesture from the woman with an arched brow. He might not be as big, or as strong, or as physically intimidating as the others, but he's very, very observant. "Sh'y…" With Sh'y's hand on his elbow, though, he relaxes, clearly relieved that he wasn't imagining things. Rather then answer, he dips his chin in a quick nod at the caution to stay close, the satchel of drawings clutched against his chest as he makes a point to stay on the bluerider's heels.

Zekath's rumble is also lost to the wind. « Neither have I. Be my guest to try one of the trees? I'm still bruised from a branch becoming too well acquainted with my as—» That thought is interrupted by Kovagath's relay, which immediately shifts focus. Go time? « Guess it'll have to wait! You got our back? » Sure, Garouth and D'lei aren't technically Galaxy but K'vir's likely sent specific orders to the others. To Kovagath and Mirieth: « We're on our way! Keep us informed. » K'vir is concerned, as 'suspicious' could mean anything; too many variables, of which he doesn't allow his mind to follow too deeply. Zekath has already veered sharply, angling back towards the source of interest and to find the best place to land nearest to it. Belatedly, « And I guess it goes without saying but … try to stay out of trouble? Unless it comes to you. » Then what, Zekath? THEN WHAT?

Ressac might not have the biggest gather grounds, but just off the harbor there is a patch of dry-ish and flat-ish land that could fit a few large dragons. When the holler-er rapidly retreats, leaving Yunia all on her lonesome, the seacrafter ducks her head down and continues to determinedly coil that rope, letting out a whistle of a shanty as she works, only giving a bit of head nod in response to Sh'y's greeting while still not making eye-contact.

Garouth is attentive to what Kovagath relays from the ground, those second-hand observations that are so natural for dragons (and become so for their riders). « Of course, » he answers Zekath, less words and more an assent-salute as the brindled-bronze beast slides into a higher alert. He'll act as tail-guard while Zekath lands, and consider from that aerial perspective as he does. « Smugglers, maybe. » It's a reason he (or, well, D'lei) has seen before for why people near boats may suddenly grow taciturn when dragonriders get involved. « Perhaps related. Perhaps not. » A smuggler might transport people as well as objects! Or perhaps that's not what these people are at all, and Garouth's guess is simply that, as wild as those porcines (probably) are.
Sh'y is doing his best 'just a small country-boy!' routine, crooked smile and all, as he and Avi walk up to Yunia. It's probably a little less effective now that he's got a dragonrider knot on his shoulder, but oh well. He's also doing a great job of not side-eyeing the shed, though it's definitely on his radar. "Sorry to bother you. I'm Sh'y, blue Kovagath's rider. This is Avi, green Mirieth's. We're looking for someone who's supposed to have passed through here." And as he speaks, he offers up the drawing — though he won't relinquish it to the woman. She can look at it, but he'll retain ownership. "Anything you can tell us?" And oh boy is he studying her as he asks.

Avi is doing as he's told and staying behind Sh'y. Course, he's smart to stay far enough back to not be in the way, should it suddenly turn violent, but he's close enough to watch the exchange from an ideal vantage point. Rather then focus on Yunia, though, his attention sweeps over to the shed, keeping an eye out for the fellow who had vanished inside. He does, however, dip his chin in a greeting as he's introduced, offering the woman a sweet smile and finger waggling wave. "Hello." And in the wake of the greeting? He's sliding his gaze right back to the shed just in case.

« Smugglers would certainly complicate things. » Zekath's dual-flanged tone is utterly dry to Garouth's comment, only because it's one of those logical things; it could be and it would certainly be a quick answer … but not a good one. One that potentially explodes in all their faces into a myriad of 'Other Problems'. The bronze makes short work of landing on some of that flat-ish land by the harbor. He's barely settled, with K'vir dismounting the moment it's safe enough to do so, and then aloft again in the air. Either to resume finding a tree to perch in — or more reasonably, he's on standby. While he waits on D'lei, he makes a quick scan of the area and taking note of a few details. Most importantly? Spotting just where Sh'y and Avi are.
Far from violent, Yunia seems to be reluctant to make any contact at all with the riders. She glances briefly at the drawing Sh'y holds out, but makes no effort to try to take it as her hands keep coiling. "Uh-huh. Lots of folks come through here. Whoever that was, never been on my boat." Although that response does dance around whether she actually did see Zavier. Those three and now K'vir seem to be the only ones on the dock for now.

« There's always something to make it complicated. » Garouth is somewhere between wry amusement and practicality, with that observation. He takes his own landing with a fold of wings and a tense of legs, letting D'lei unfasten and swing off before arching back and making his own leap back into the skies. It's less because he thinks he'll be useful there, and more because if he's on the ground, he'll be holding this landing spot occupied when someone else might need it. So, now there's just some riders on the ground, and D'lei breathes in the swampy air and gives K'vir a nod as he approaches with a practiced casualness that hides just how muscles are half-tensed to be ready for whatever.

« Hm. Reluctant to speak to dragonriders. Suppose it's too late to pretend we're traders passing through? » Kovagath is only half joking when he says it, the blue keeping close watch from above where he still circles in lazy loops, relaying what he knows to the others as it occurs. Sh'y is somewhat out of his element. He can be polite, but charming? Sweet-talking the locals? Not really his strong suit. "Not on your boat," he repeats, as though to clarify what he heard. "What about on anyone else's boat? Or bar? Or shop? Or house? Listen, ma'am, we're not here to cause trouble, but we do need to find the kid, okay? His mama's real worried about him." Sh'y's gaze doesn't leave Yunia, but he *does* try to soften it with a little, crooked smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes. "What about your friend in the shed? Would he know anything?"

Avi is listening, although he's careful to keep his eyes on the shed rather then the woman Sh'y is talking to. Shifting his weight, he slings the satchel over his shoulder, casually glancing back the way they had come before raising a hand in a subtle gesture to K'vir and D'lei. As Sh'y launches in to his questions, his attention sweeps back that way, pale eyes trailing along the length of the dock.
K'vir exhales heavily and largely under his breath as he finishes taking stock from his current vantage point. A singular curse follows, summary within one word (and it rhymes with duck!). D'lei is likely the only one to overhear it and is left to assume just what is going through the bronzerider's head (hint: nothing good). Casting a sidelong look to him, there's a terse nod and he begins to stride forwards at a faux-leisurely pace. Avi's gesture is acknowledged with a small, subtle one on his end. K'vir's arrival brings him at the end of Sh'y's questions, expression schooled to a neutral sort of interest when eventually turned to Yunia; he stands a little behind so as not to crowd. « Anyone else get tired of how spooked they get at us? Guilt or not but damn, it's frustrating. » Zekath grumbles in one breath, only to focus on the next. « Friend in the shed, huh? » That is probably K'vir, piggy-backing on the bronze in order to slyly communicate without stirring the pot anymore than it might already be.

Considering the placement of the shed at the end of the dock, doesn't seem like there's much other exits aside from the door Avi's got eyes on. At least not any other exits that wouldn't involve a great deal of splashing that hasn't been heard. Yunai gives a bit of a shrug at the questions for additional locations. "He wasn't on my boat. Don't really keep tabs on others. What they do is they business." As for the friend in the shed, that gets a reaction from the woman as she gives a glances to the shed. "Byvero? He ain't good for nothing but running his—- nothing. He ain't good for nothing." For the very, very keen ears it may have sounded like the word she stopped herself from saying could have been mouth even.

Oh, yes, D'lei hears the invocation of what definitely isn't luck from K'vir, but his only response to it is a lopsided twitch of one corner of his mouth. He follows the younger bronzerider, a position just a bit back, just a bit to the side, that lets him watch K'vir's back while staying just near enough to peripheral vision that it's likely to be noticed if D'lei is the one who gets backstabbed. Not that anyone's shown any signs of violence yet, of course, but… some habits are hard to shake. « We are hunters. » Garouth is matter of fact, as if no more surprised to see these humans spooked by the riders than he would be to watch herdbeasts scatter for his strike. D'lei keeps his own expression neutral, his gaze mostly watching out for fellow-riders, though he certainly listens.

« Yeah. Came out hollering at our lady-friend here, then ducked back inside when she gestured at him to knock it off. » It's curious, perhaps a little suspicious, but nothing Kovagath is too worried about. « Very frustrating, » agrees the blue, who is undoubtedly giving voice to an opinion shared by his rider. The answer has Sh'y pausing between questions, his expression one of polite curiosity as he glances briefly toward the shed and then back to the woman before him. He sucks on his teeth briefly, squinting in thought, before offering a final little almost-smile and a nod of his head (what would be a tip of his hat, if he was wearing one) and a neutral, "Right. Thank you for your time," before turning resolutely toward the shed. A snag of Avi's arm seeks to bring him along, though the gesture — the motion of going toward the shed and the man thought to be inside — is more pretense than anything at the moment. With K'vir (and D'lei) on the way, he might just fall back and let his Wingsecond take the lead.

« Yup, » Mirieth chimes to Zekath in an attempt to fill them in. « They were talking about heading to something called the Lure when they noticed Avi and Sh'y. The other ran back in the shed to hide. » For his part, Avi is just quietly watching everything, his satchel of drawings clutched to his chest as he tries to stay as much out of the way as possible. On the off chance that things go south, he doesn't want Sh'y to be worrying about him. He does, however, slant a glance back at the woman's near slip, his chin ducking down before he smiles faintly and returns his gaze to the shed. He's keeping his mouth shut, though, confident that the others know what they are doing. When his arm is taken, though, he moves along as directed, his attention shifting back to watch the woman now that they are stepping toward the shed. The /last/ thing he wants to see happen is a knife in anyone's back.

Zekath is momentarily perplexed by Garouth's answer and likely had something to fire back until more details come in and focus is turned on that. « Definitely suspicious! » he agrees in summary. « Lure, huh? Ship name? There's got to be records somewhere. Ledgers. » More suggestion that command, as it's difficult to parse whether it's the bronze, K'vir or both who're in on that statement. K'vir would prefer if no one got stabbed! It's a lot of paperwork. He gives another nod to the woman, then a sharp glance to Sh'y and Avi. As Wingsecond he should take the lead and does — in part. The bluerider isn't exactly halted in his path towards that shed but once they're en route and away from prying ears (or so he can hope): "Probably not smart for all of us to be right at the door." Ambush, anyone? "Better if we spread out a bit. Don't think there's more than one way out?" He casts another look to D'lei and the other two, to see if any have something to add. "If he's cornered…" Things could go sideways, is what K'vir is hinting at. Once they get closer, it's obvious enough that K'vir intends to be at the front and readied to make the infamous 'only warning' knock of not-quite politely asking. "Byvero? If you can spare a moment, we've a few questions we'd like to ask."

Yunia seems more than happy (or as happy as she has seemed that they've seen) to let the riders shift their focus towards the shed since that means she can slink off anywhere else. For the dragons above, it's easy to spot her heading in the direction of one of those spider-y minor waterways that branch off from the river feeding into the harbor. The very, very thickly forested swamp waterways. There's a moment of silence after K'vir knocks on the door, perhaps awkwardly long before the man inside shuffles to the door and oh so slowly cracks open the door and peek out. "What makes ya think I got answers? Ain't seen much of anything inside this shed."

D'lei hangs a bit further back for a moment, as the rest approach the door of that shed, enough that he's lingering near Yunia. Not that he looks at her, but… well, she can probably hear him as he pauses and looks out over the swampy water. "Could be anything, hiding out there," he muses, quiet enough to be a pretense of private murmurings but still pitched to carry to the woman's ears before she slips off. "Folks tend to wonder, when they don't know. Some people care about the answer. Some? Well, they'll take anything, so long as it's an answer." He shrugs a bit, then turns - still not looking at Yunia - and heads a bit further after the rest, though he certainly still keeps some distance to avoid that sense of crowding.

Sh'y is more than happy to let K'vir take the lead. He's done his people-talking for the day, and is just as happy to hang back and keep an eye out. He's definitely not inclined to get himself (or Avi) into the line of fire, even if he's pretty sure is less of an ambush situation, and more of a 'reluctant to talk to dragonriders and nosy people' thing. He tugs the greenrider aside, still close enough that he can keep an eye and ear on the shed situation, but out of the way so he can murmur something low in Avi's ear. There's a quick squint around the area and then a glance at the sky — Kovagath — before he offers a quick, fleeting half-smile to Avi and then turns his attention firmly back on K'vir and the shed.

Avi is sticking close to Sh'y, the satchel of drawings slung over one shoulder and clutched against his chest as he watches the situation unfold. At the murmur from Sh'y, he nods and passes him the aforementioned satchel, urging him to be careful before gathering up his skirts and heading back to Mirieth. Aware of Kovagath shadowing him overhead, he does not deviate his path, mounting the tiny green and launching into the sky to head home without a hint of complaint. Wanted posters? He can do that? Fighting? Not his gig.

« Someone should tail the lovely lady! Looks like she's headed for some dense cover. Won't be able to keep tabs much longer if she gets under it! » Zekath broadcasts again on all in range within the area. « Follow out of sight. Just in case she's really our lead. » Or it's just another wild goose chase. K'vir will leave it up to those on the ground, be it one of the others with them or even D'lei or Sh'y; though truthfully, he'd prefer both of them with him, he wouldn't begrudge either shifting focus to that. Avi's departure is noted with a brief and silent question, but much of his focus is then turned to Byvero. "You won't mind if, we have a look inside, then?" K'vir does his best to keep his tone level and his cadence even; wouldn't do if he lapsed too much now. "We've got a missing person we're looking for. If you could step out a moment? See if the drawing we have doesn't jog something." He's already reaching for the copy he keeps on him, unless another beats him to the punch!

Yunia is making quite time straight into the swamp, apparently not fearing sinking into the muck. Anyone that dares to follow after her might find that there's been a rough pathway of boards set out, just enough to keep someone's feet dry if the water's not too high and they have decent balance. The seacrafter herself is nimble enough she's practically running on the hand-wide path.

Byvero doesn't really see much other options so with a sight, he does open the shed door and come out. "Missing person? That takes four dragonriders to find?" If the actual dragons didn't give them away, the knots and riding leathers sure could. Byvero might not be the smartest guy around, but he's smart enough.

D'lei follows after K'vir, and as the wingsecond manages to get Byvero out of the shed so he can search inside it, D'lei arrives in time to smile crookedly at the man's comment. "Apparently," D'lei says, as he tucks his hands into the pockets of his jacket and slouches, just a bit. He's not a fancy-knot-haver, nope! "I mean, given that we haven't actually found the guy yet, maybe it takes even more than that, eh?" He grins, as if offering a joking dig at… well, himself, but also the rest of them.
« On it, » says Kovagath. The words come as Sh'y peels away, turning as though he means to follow Avi toward Mirieth, except that it's in Yunia's wake he follows. He might not be an experience tracker, but he's picked up a few things since coming into Galaxy, and can hang back enough that, hopefully, he doesn't give himself away too early. He's definitely just going to see where she's going, but won't pursue her through closed doors. In the sky above, Kovagath alters his flight a little, widening his loops so that he can keep an eye on Shy without making it too obvious.

"It's what we're trained to do." K'vir adds with only some terseness; not because of raised hackles but because he's trying not to give even the slightest smirk of grim-humor to D'lei's joking dig. It's not quite a good-cop, bad-cop routine going on here but close enough! "Longer it takes us to find him, the more of us there's gonna be." Warning? Threat? Neither, perhaps. K'vir simply holds out the image, once it's been unfolded. "Recognize him? Name's Zavier, but might be travelling under a different one. We were informed he was headed this way by ferry." First things first, but it's evident he won't be done that quick with the man. Next will be the question of what, exactly, is the Lure and where it is. « Second there's trouble, get out of there. » Zekath informs Kovagath, which is both confirmation and order. For now the bronze is taking a higher vantage point, likely keeping close to Garouth if he hasn't found somewhere to perch settle. Never hurts to have an extra set of eyes, right?

Joke or not, Byvero seems to take it seriously as the man's adams apple bobs as he gulps, looking anxiously to sky and circling dragons. For K'vir's first question, he doesn't so much as say something, but the nod he gives is clear confirmation that yes, he's seen the kid. After a bit more prodding, he asks hestiantly. "Ya promise it's just the kid your after? Not causing any more trouble for folks that ain't be causing trouble themselves? He might be able to be found at the Lure." There's the name again, the same mentioned earlier.

"Me, all I really care about is that he's safe and sound, you know?" D'lei shrugs a bit, with a glance to K'vir like he isn't entirely sure of his compatriot (spoilers: he actually is) before returning it to Byvero. "Not really missing anymore if I know he's where he wants to be, I figure." D'lei gives a crooked grin, full of that assurance that he cares only about health and safety, not anything like, oh, smuggling, or whatever else. Which… honestly, he probably doesn't, but the character he's playing certainly doesn't, which means that the promise Byvero wants is going to have to come from the more-respectable-seeming K'vir. But, hey… it's progress!

The promise apparently doesn't even really need to come from anyone more respectable, as D'lei's is enough to get the seacrafter giving a nod. "I can show you." And he begins to lead them off to yet another pathway through the swamp, different than the one Yunia took, but same construction style and heading in roughly the same direction. Even as he leads them into the swamp the man groans before muttering mostly to himself. "Shard it all… Kifean's gonna kill me…"

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