Taste Testing

Healer Hall - Pharmacy

Basically a large storage room with laboratory equipment, the pharmacy gives the appearance of being out of order. In fact, this is not the case, as in here especially, everything has its place. Herbs are stored in alphabetical order along the shelves or in the cabinets, depending on their state — dried but still intact plants in piles on the shelves, crushed and already mixed ones in jars or other containers inside the cabinets. Various bottles, heaters and other sundry items, used to create some of the medicines used frequently, are also stored, in a sterile area with other supplies. The counter space seems scarce, despite the amount of it around. One corner has been given over to a computer which contains a large herbal database as well as recipes and harvesting techniques. A door in the south wall leads to the infirmary, and like the one to the west which goes back to the hall, it can be opened at merely the top or both the top and bottom. A small door in the east enters into the herb garden.

A myriad of scents assault your nose when entering the pharmacy, overly sweet scents or harsh acrid odors, both may be able to curl nose hairs after too long. Kera is taking up one portion of counter space, her notebooks in front of her. "Blacgh." A slight retching sound follows as the greenhealer tries to swipe the nasty taste from her mouth. Washing the taste away from water, she proceeds to scribble out a fed notes about her observations. Staring at the little bottle of herbs, she shakes a tiny bit out and taste it once more, better prepared this time and sits staring at the page as she thinks. Minimur is absent right now, but Polgara is sleeping on her little travel pillow bed on an upper shelf.

c-rus never did like the smell of the pharmacy all that much. Poor Cyrus has a sensitive nose, but the things we bear for friendship. He scrunches up his face and makes his way into the pharmacy. He blinks as he spots Kera retching and immediately moves toward her, "What are you doing?" he asks with a worried look on his face. He quickly gives her the once over to make sure that she looks ok. A person can't be too careful after all, "There are loads of things in here that are really dangerous."

Kera reaches for another labeled bottle and takes a tiny sample of that one to taste without rinsing her mouth out. Glancing around when Cyrus arrives, she doesn't speak yet, simply holding up a finger to stall anymore questions for the moment. Letting the two separate flavors mingle, the 'bad taste' expression she wore slips away and another note is scribbled down. Another healthy sip of mouth rinsing water and she turns her attention back to Cyrus with a smile "G'day Cyrus. I'm just working on a little project. Unfortunately it requires a bit of trial and error." Glancing around briefly with a nod "I know that. I'm being careful. But gotta start somewhere, and start narrowing down the options before taking my project further."

Cyrus takes a seat next to her and watches as she seems to be taste testing the pharmacy. He is half tempted to speak up but does remind himself that she is no longer that 14 turn old girl that he met so long ago. She is a healer in her own right now and he knows she wouldn't be doing anything terribly dangerous…or at least he hopes she wouldn't. Its so hard for him to let go though, "What exactly is the project that you are working on?" he asks with a smile, "Please tell me it isn't taking notes on just how bad everything in here tastes."

Kera sets back one of the jars, grinning and already nodding her head agreeable to Cyrus's question. "Actually, just's pretty much exactly what I'm doing." Leaving that hanging in the air a little bit, she reaches for another labeled jar and starts making notes concerning it in her book. "For turns, the main complaint I've heard from patients, or grumblings about 'us', are the horrible tasting herbal mixtures we give the patients." Reaching for the bad tasting ground herb again, "So, that's what I'm working on. I hope to find a herb or combination of herbs that will neutralize or cover the taste of some of the more acrid tasting herbs." She shrugs and seems to be preparing herself for another bad taste. "It's a long shot, but won't know til I try. Who knows, may even improve how others think of 'us'." Us being the Healer Hall in general.

Cyrus nods his head as she explains what it is she is doing, "I've heard the same complaint too, though some things just seem to be unable to be fixed." he can't help but smile when she mentions it being a long shot, "I know all about long shots." he says with something of a smile, "I think that our problem is that people just don't like to be vulnerable and usually when they see us they are hurting. There is a power differential there that I don't think can be overcome completely, though I admire your initiative." He finds himself watching the labels on the jars as she moves them toward herself. He just can't help it, "Have you found any results yet?"

Kera nods with a little sigh and takes another taste of the acrid herb and quickly adds a taste of a different one. Not finding anything wrong with Cyrus's logic about how people may feel, she taps her pen on the notebook a few times and then jots down a few words of her observations before rinsing her mouth out again. "I suppose no one really like feeling on display when they are feeling bad. Or someone making a fuss over them. But if it helps get the medicine down, I'll consider the whole thing a success." Kera grins up from her notes. "Not really. A few that sorta seem to…blanket over the acrid tastes, but it doesn't keep your tongue from curling. Nothing that neutralize yet." Shrugging "It'll take me a while, but I'll come up with something, even if it's just…." A thought occurs to her and she flipping past a few pages and jotting down a fresh idea for something else. Totally unrelated to her current task, but sometimes ideas just pop in at the oddest times. Returning back to original page, she eyes her results thus far in a distracted manner. "So what about you? Any new projects percolating?"

Cyrus frowns in sympathy with her plight, "Your project is a good idea Kera." he says with a smile, "I'd offer to help you with it, but I suspect strongly that you would turn me down. Though in truth if you asked I would love to help you." Yes. People are hard. Especially when they are feeling under the weather. The younger healer seems to be onto something though and he is understandably curious and tries to peek to see what she is writing about in her notebook, "You look like you had a brainwave there." he says with a wide smile. As for her question of him, that's a bit more difficult, "Oh…you know me. Working on saving the world, studying history in Fort's library. It isn't going all that well really…but I have high hopes that if I keep working at it I'll find something."

Kera smiles a bit when Cyrus thinks her idea is a good idea, "Not sure anyone could help me right now. Each person senses things differently, including taste. Once I get some options narrowed down then I'll probably unleash work on people. Get their reactions." Chuckling about sudden idea she jotted down. "Oh, nothing to do with this. Just something that occurred to me. I've yet to go through all of Old Master Fraille's journals and notes. Who knows, she may have been working on something and didn't finish before she passed." Stopping up all the little jars and sitting back, she stretches a bit from the hunched over desk position. Turning back to Cyrus, she nods, looking her friend over thoughtfully "You seem more at ease than you did at Xanadu." Shaking her head gently in amusement. "I admit to being a bit surprised that you went to the clutching, even if it was the very end. Considering your way of thinking about dragons and their riders."

Cyrus nods his head in thought as she talks about her experimental process. She's right of course. Everyone is different. Introducing another person into the mix at this point might be counterproductive, "It wouldn't surprise me one bit if she left behind some interesting things." From all he heard about her she was something else, more than a little crazy. When she relaxes he is able to relax just a bit too and shifts his posture to sit a bit more comfortably as he talks to her, "The people here don't think I'm crazy. At least not yet." He has to admit the possibility that they will, "I think that helps me feel more at ease here." At least that's one of several possible explanations, "Kera you know that I don't hate dragons or their riders. At least not in the way everyone back at Xanadu seems to think I do. I just have a couple objections that are I think possible to fix given enough time and study is all." There is always a way out, "Besides regardless of what I feel about other riders. You know how I feel about you." He offers something of a half smile, "I don't ever want you to think that I harbor any ill feelings toward you. I've even forgiven Moncerath…I'm not interested in the past. I'm interested in the future. Going forward is what's most important."

Kera 's brow lifts and she nods quickly with the assessment of what may be found among Master Fraille's papers. "I'll get through it all eventually." Reaching around for her shoulder satchel on the back of her chair, and rummaging in it a moment, she tugs out a small hide pouch. "Want some?" She tilts the open pouch to Cyrus to show little strips of dried herdbeast. Taking one for herself, she grabs a smaller piece and partially rises from her seat to gives Polgara a small bit to play with. Chewing a few seconds, she watches her friend. "I know you don't. But, you can't deny that you've given that impression to many at Xanadu. Certain things were said, and done." Not mentioning what those things were, Cyrus is well aware of them already. Glancing down to her notebook, eyes scanning the scribbled lines, she leans to prop her elbow in the table. "Moncerath didn't do anything she needed to be forgiven for though." She's not about to drag the whole incident back up, but she did feel the need to speak up on her dragonmate's behalf. Waving off that subject, she grins suddenly and jumps topics "I heard they had a dance At Fort recently, people dressing up in while costumes and stuff. That woulda been fun to see."

Cyrus lowers his head, when will someone actually understand his feelings and why he does what he does. That would be a great day, but apparently this isn't the moment. He takes the piece from her with a nod, "Thanks." he says as he takes a few moments to chew his way through it, giving himself time to think. There are arguments he could make for why he did what he did, and the impressions he gave and all of it, but that really isn't even the point, "Kera…" he starts off softly, "I don't want to dwell on this but I was hurt….deeply…I still am….by it all and them, and I wish that…" he says trailing off, "…I just wish someone would understand is all." As for the dance, "Yeah…I was only there for a short time. I'd have liked to have had more lead in time and I would have invited you to come."

Kera nods solemnly to Cyrus, observing while she chooses her words carefully then speaks up softly. "I do understand, well now I do, I didn't so much before." She pauses and offers a hint of a smile over the past miscommunication. "But I realize that you were hurt and upset and lashed out. And when people lash out… they in turn hurt someone that didn't deserve to be hurt." A curious brow lifts, as if hoping Cyrus understands what she is saying, and not saying, about Kiena. Quick to move the topic onto something else, she flashes a grin and chuckles "It would have been fun, no idea how I would have come up with a costume on such short notice though. What were some of the wilder outfits?"

Cyrus lets his breath out in a burst when she says that she understands. It does him great good to hear that, "I just want to love and be loved." he says softly. As complicated as everyone wants to make him his needs are simple. When she makes the hint about Kiena his face falls and he shakes his head. He holds his hands out in front of him palms together almost as if he is begging her, "You know that I'd do almost anything for you. If I haven't proved that I don't know if I can." he says before shaking his head again, "Please don't ask me to do that. But if you asked…I would try." He has come far in a short period of time, but there are limits to his mercy. He then lifts one of his arms to rub along his nose as if brushing away a bad memory, "I didn't see anything truly wild, but I was only there a relatively short time."

Kera 's head shakes lightly "I'm not asking you to do anything Cyrus. Other than simply giving what I've said some thought.." She tears another bite of her dried meat and chews, gaze drifting up to watch her young queen gnaw on her small strip noisily. Smiling at the lizard's enthusiasm, her attention goes back to Cyrus "A moment ago, when we were speaking of patients, you realize and understand they may be feeling vulnerable when they aren't feeling very well. To come to that conclusion, you must have thought about what it was like to be them for a short time. To be in their shoes." Kera pauses as if considering saying more, but wrapping that topic up with "That's the point I was getting at." Not sure how to respond over something Cyrus says, it takes her a moment to get her thoughts. "I can't and won't make you any promises about how I feel or will feel Cyrus. Cause I don't really know." Kera sorta chews on her bottom lip some. "We'll just have to see what happens, won't we." She offers a grin and looks among the little bottles arranged on the table. Plucking one from the group, she scribbles a note about it, then cracks a grin "Now what's this your friend Sairon mentioned about a 'boring suit'? If you took him along for advice, and he thought the suit you got was boring, he didn't offer very good advice in my opinion."

Cyrus is more than anxious to wrap up the topic himself, it makes him feel all icky inside and he doesn't want that. It's a time that is dead, and its better if it goes away forever. He nods his head as she makes her point. He doesn't say anything because there is nothing to say. Putting yourself in a patients place is easy. They didn't do anything wrong, but putting himself in Kiena's place is neigh on impossible, "I will think on it." he says simply enough. That's about all he has to give there. He does blink though when she makes her next comment, "I wasn't…I mean…." his face becomes red with a blush. He had meant that more in the general sense, but she had taken it in the specific. Though he is secretly glad because it does clear something up, "We will." he says with a smile, "Just ya know…let me know when ya figure it out." He's a guy after all. They pick up on so little, "I thought the suit was fine. Classy and simple. Sairon apparently likes things a bit more flashy." Which doesn't surprise him in the least.

Kera smiles, nodding agreeably "I will." Listening about to Cyrus give his thoughts on Sairon, she can only chuckle. "And I suppose walking away from the card tables with a few extra marks is how he dresses so..flashy?" Reaching up, fingernails scratch underneath her braid. "To be honest though, I didn't really notice if he was dressed flashy or not, with trying to keep track of the apprentices the other day." Sniffing the bottle after pulling the stopper, her nose crinkles before she sneezes. Stopping the little bottle back up, she gives a few more sneezes. "Okie, no more sniffling…" Eyeing the label doesn't help since she couldn't make it out in the first place, thus the sniffling to try and figure out the contents. "..whatever this is." she hands it over to Cyrus "Can you read this?"

"I can't say that I really know him very well. I know he is from some weyr far away from here and that his parents were a bronze and goldrider. I know that he's sorta drifted around trying to figure his life out. I just met him on the road and he started following me. He seems like a good kid..if a bit flamboyant." Cyrus says to explain away how he met him in the first place, "He really likes runners a lot." he adds with a little shrug, "That's about the sum total I know about him." He blinks as she sneezes, "Bless you…" he says as he takes the bottle from her and makes a good effort to read the label himself. Whoever wrote this had terrible penmanship, "Sorry…can't read it. Though given your reaction it might be akin to some kind of pepper or something…."

Kera frowns and takes the bottle back, scanning the shelves til she spots identical looking ingredients. Plucking first one, examining it, then another, she huffs "They're all like this." She's only referring to that little row of bottles. "I'll just have to make a report that this herb shouldn't be used since it can't be identified." Let one of the higher ups figure out what it is that needs to be replaced. Making a quick note she sticks it up on the shelf in front of the bottles so it won't be missed. Sniffling a bit, she rubs her nose with the back of her arm a little cause of tickles. Scrunching her nose a bit, she glances down to her notes and shakes her head, and begins packing up her things. "I'd say that brings my work to a halt for the time being." Kera smirks over to Cyrus and turns her thoughts back to Sairon "He seems like a nice guy, rather outgoing." He'd have to be if he's off traveling about on his own. "Hopefully, he'll fall into water often enough so that he doesn't smell like those crazy beasties." Rather odd, considering a rather distinct scent lingers around Kera due to her closeness with dragons and lizards. Flashing a little grin, she finishes stuffing her notebooks into her satchel and regards her friend thoughtfully "So, you enjoyed yourself at the dance at Fort? Cause, I was wondering if.. Xanadu will probably be having a Harvest Festival soon, once all the crops are in. It's always been fun in the previous turns. Would you like to go with me?" Having managed to get the question out with little trouble, she breaks his gaze suddenly second guessing herself, and reaches out to stat adjusting the little bottles into alignment. But they just won't line up perfectly enough to suit her right now.

Cyrus nods his head as she puts the bottles away, "I'll have to have a chat with whoever does the labels here. It isn't good to use something that can't be read legibly. There can be all sorts of complications that can develop in situations like that." He can't help but chuckle a bit as she makes the comment about Sairon and the runners. It seems that Kera does have a secret dislike…or not so secret, "I'm sure that he bathes regularly, though next time you see him you can ask him yourself. I doubt that he will take that as a compliment." He does nod his head when she asks about the dance, "Yeah. It was fun. It would have been more fun had I known people…." he just sort of stops as she asks her question. Wow. He wasn't expecting that given her earlier comment. He feels a surge of happiness flow through him. He gets down from his chair and nods his head, "Kera. I would love to go to the dance with you." Need she even ask?

Kera nods to Cyrus when he says he'll see to having the labels looked into, but shrugs when he mentions sniffing Sairon and smirks "Think I'll pass on that option." Getting the row as she thinks it should be, he glance flickers to Cyrus as he thinks about her invitation. Smiling when he says he'll go. "Good. I wasn't sure if you'd want to visit Xanadu with all the festivities going on, and residents out and about." Hidden meaning,….play nice. "Hmm. You may not want to wear your new suit though. Most of the festivities are normally set up in the meadow, and there have already been dustings of snow some mornings."

"Oh come on. I think that Sairon would love it." Cyrus teases just a bit. He isn't being serious certainly. He puts his hands in his pockets and just stands there smiling, "I don't mind going and seeing everyone." While there are certain people he isn't looking forward to seeing, most of them were alright, "I'll just wear my normal clothes then if its in the meadow. That won't be a problem." Though he does pause a moment. As much as he wants to go there is another factor to consider, "Are you sure you'd want to be seen with me in a social setting?" he asks, "I mean…people will probably talk."

Kera finishes straightening up the area she was working in and slings the satchel over her shoulder. Reaching up, she gently wakes her young queen and coaxes Polgara to her arm then grabs the little pillow she was sleeping on. Tilting her gaze up to Cyrus with an amused snort. "I'm not worried about people talking. Everyone's always whispering something or another about this 'weird' healer or that one." She shrugs it off nudges the chair under the table before turning towards the door. "I think my friends can be civil to each other long enough to enjoy a festive day."

If she isn't going to worry about it then Cyrus won't worry about it either. If she is comfortable he is comfortable, "It will be fun." he says with a wide grin, "I suppose you are right. I can be completely civil for the duration of a day." Especially if he is there with Kera, "What sort of stuff happens at this festival?" he asks, "I don't recall attending when I lived there." He follows her as she moves toward the door.

Kera returns the grin and nods that it'll be fun. Recalling past festivals, she brightens a bit and even seems to hop from foot to foot a few seconds, still moving across the cavern to the door. "There are always loads of visitors from other Weyrs and Holds. Especially those looking to Xanadu. There will be lots of traders and little stands set up with all sorts of things. Plus all the tasty dishes that will be there." Shoving the little pillow under her arm, Polgara's dainty neck is given a gentle scratch. "There will be lots of stuff. Maybe I'll even get to practice some of those dance lessons we had to take in weyrling training." Looking back to the table, not seeing anything she missed, she steps out into the hallway.

Cyrus listens as she talks about all the events that go along with the festival. Since there are so many people coming he won't have to worry about being stuck with a certain subset that he wouldn't care to hang around with, "You may have to teach me a few steps. I'm afraid that I don't really know how to dance." he says a bit sheepishly considering that he had already invited her to one dance already, "You won't see me turn down any food that's for sure. Especially if the food at the festival is anything like the food the other evening." He can't help but smile as she pets Polgara, the little queen totally gets spoiled, "So where too?" he asks.

Kera chuckles, glancing to Cyrus. "Don't feel bad, I think I barely managed to be a 'passable' dancer in our lessons. But I didn't cause any permanent limps among my fellow Weyrlings." Hitching her satchel higher on her shoulder, she looks back inside the pharmacy briefly before the door closes. Where too? Hmm. "How about a mug klah or soup before I head back?" A little eye roll over something that just occurred to her "That's probably where Mini is anyway, where all the food is."

Cyrus can't say that he knows Minimur very well, but most times that he has seen him the little lizard has been rooting around through stuff looking for things to eat or trouble that he can get into so she is probably dead on, "When I dance with you I promise that I won't step on your feet too much, and the wonderful thing about going with a healer is that if I do I can probably fix it fairly quickly." he says with a slight grin, "I will be extra careful though." he adds just to be safe, "Grabbing something to eat sounds fine. You sure you have to go back?" he asks.

Healer Hall - Dining Hall

This spacious room has been carved into stone, leaving the ancient areas smooth as silk and the more newly excavated areas rough-walled. Long stone tables are set up in rows, the closest to the doors lined with wooden benches for the apprentices and those near the wide hearths set with cushioned wooden chairs for journeymen. Running perpendicular to these, the head table is smaller and surrounded by intricately carved, comfortable chairs meant for Masters and distinguished guests. Though the cavern is windowless, it is well lit by a simple but elegant electric chandelier that hangs at the center of the room, as well as the softer illumination of glow baskets scattered at intervals along the walls.
Opposite the Masters' table is the archway that leads into the kitchens, and nearby are the long wooden tables where food is served, often creaking under the weight of various offerings and tended by kitchen staff even in the depths of night.
Scattered around the edges of the space are smaller wooden tables that tend to be filled before the rank-based sort unless the hall is full or an official ceremony is taking place. It's not uncommon to see healers here outside of mealtimes, studying, reading or snatching food between odd duty hours.

Kera nods when it seems they've decided food is a good idea. Particularly something hot before heading out into the wintery blast. "Yea, I can stay for another candlemark or so. But I've shift in the infirmary in about ten or so candlemarks." Hard to know for sure since there's no nearby clock. "And Moncerath's supplies are back home so.." A half shrug lifts her shoulders as she turns the corner, heads a few feet long the walkway and makes another couple of turns with Cyrus. As they step into the dining hall, her gaze drifts upwards towards the lizard perches, looking for her wayward brown.

Therynn doesn't come to Healer Hall often, but when she does, it is for good reason. A few supplies have been picked up from the pharmacy, mostly salves and topicals for pain and scar lightening. A few scratches across one cheek and associated arm are glistening with the fresh sheen of numbweed salve she just applied. A favorite thing about 'socialized' areas is that there is no lack of delicious food, so before setting back to Fort, Rynn decided to shuffle in to the Dining Hall for a snack. She's plated up a few meat rolls and some fruit, a mug of klah and has found herself sitting alone at a smallish wooden table.

Cyrus nods slowly, though he doesn't relish the thought of her heading out in the snow, even after getting some warm soup in her, "Make sure that if its too bad that you don't try to make it…" There is no reason to risk a persons life to make it to a shift. There are plenty of healers that can cover if need be. He follows her into the dining hall and takes a glances around to see who all is here eating. There are a few familiar faces, but no one is standing out. He does blink though when his gaze shifts to the entrance and he sees Therynn making her way in. He wasn't aware that she was a healer, though he hadn't really paid much attention to what her job was when he met her those other times. He gives a wave of his hand in her direction, "Do you see Mini around at all?" he asks Kera.

Kera scans the rafters then the perches til she spots her target. Flicking fingers in the brown's direction, "Over there, begging." Shaking her head at the lizard's antics, her steps head towards the food. Her trek is slowed due to pausing to greet someone or two along the way. Finally, a mug of some chunky looking soup in hand, her attention drifts towards the waiting tables. "How bout over there.." She points out the table with a lone diner.

Therynn doesn't usually stand out in a crowd, and tends to fit right in with the shadows for the most part, though she is definitely out of place at Healer Hall. A wave is sent back towards Cyrus and the lovely lady with him, a chuckle spared for the begging brown. Rynn's a sucker for those guys and should he beg her direction, bits of meat roll will be torn off and fed to him with Tarth and Simian head bobbing and protesting that they must get fed this deliciousness too!

Cyrus moves along with Kera toward the place where Theyrnn has herself seated, "Hi Theyrnn." he says with a chuckle as he glances over to Kera, "Kera I'd like you to meet Theyrnn. She's been hanging out at Fort the last sevenday or so I think." He then shifts his gaze toward Theyrnn, "And Therynn this is Kera. She's visiting from Xanadu." he says with a good deal of pride and happiness. Yep. He gets to be a different person when she around. Certainly more relaxed and calm. He didn't really bother picking up any food. He'll grab something to take up to his room after she has to head for home. Ahh Mini…what can a person say, "Mini might need some discipline." he says as an aside to Kera, though he isn't upset with the little lizard or anything.

Kera heads over to the mentioned table, taking a cautious sip from her mug after blowing a time or two. Polgara sways gently on her arm perch, which isn't much since Kera got the young queen sorta cradled to her with one arm. When introductions are made, the greenhealer dips her head politely and smile "Nice to meet you Therynn." Gesturing to the table with her mug "Mind if we join you?" Seeing Minimur out of the corner of her eye, she frowns when Cyrus whispers something about the brown needing training. Giving two clipped shrill whistles, the lizard's head snaps up from his begging act and he wings over to land on overstuffed satchel. Teetering a moment as he tosses the woman off balance "You did that on purpose." Craning her head around to peer accusingly at her lizard, she finally cracks into a chuckle and peers back to the others "He's trained well enough, he just like to see what he can get away with."

Therynn blushes softly as Cyrus recognizes, joins and introduces her to Kera. "'Ello Kera ma'am.. well met." is murmured shyly, eyes settling for only a fleeting moment before wandering back to her plate. Scratched up arm moves from elbow on table position to hanging by her side, sideswept hair brushed from behind ear in an attempt to cover up the jagged red streaks across forehead. "Oh no.." she say with gentle huskiness "Don't mind at all.. please do.." a welcoming smile reinforces genuine gestures. Socializing is much easier when other people are good at it. There's a little giggle as the brown flutters over, her own pair gobbling up the treats and then squawking at the fellow firelizard. Noticing that Cyrus seems to be showing a different side of himself, Rynn will smile his direction and say "Always good t'see you as well Cyrus.. probably been about a fortnight now.. time sure does fly out there in the forest. How'd the um.. y'know.. thing with the weavers turn out?" She tries to be covert in case 1: This isn't said girl or 2: said date has not occurred yet.

Cyrus can't help but chuckle a bit at her comment, "It went just fine. Looks good and I'm sure it will impress." he likes it anyway, at least he wouldn't have bought it if he thought it looked terrible. He wouldn't really call himself very good at socializing, but his basic skills are improving all the time. The irony is that that he was sent to Xanadu with the intention of increasing his social skills and its only happening on a functional level after he left. Life is funny like that. He can't help but laugh a little bit when Mini pulls his stunt. He's half tempted to say something and opens his mouth to do so but closes it before any words come out. Once he takes a seat he looks from Kera to Theyrnn, who seems to be more than a little worse for wear, "Are you alright? Nothing happened did it?"

Kera nods to the greeting, but looks around curiously to see who else has arrived at the table. Not seeing anyone, it takes her a moment to realize 'she' is the ma'am. Well that's a first, she's never been ma'amed before. Shrugging that off to consider later, smiles and turns her back to the table, sinking down a little til she slides her pack off her shoulder and onto the table, Lizard clinging to the tattered and worn hide and chittering as if to scold for nearly slinging him off. 'Hmmp' is her elegant reply to the scolding. He's stays perched on top of it though as Kera drops into a chair across from the numbweed slathered hall visitor as the journeyman is asked about weavers. Lifting a brow at Cyrus's question, she gives a tiny shake of her head "She's covered in scratches, 'something' happened." She takes a little taste from her mug, then putting it down to fish out a couple of meaty bits and offer them to her lizards. Her gaze drifts to her table companions as she does waiting to hear what happen.

Therynn smiles and tends to the scratching and belly rubs that must follow meals for the fire lizards. "Glad t'hear it.." Rynn would agree that is is indeed funny how things work out some times, leaning back in her chair she takes a swig of klah, lips smacking softly as she does. Rynn is still honing in on the interaction skills, still rather uncertain when and how to address new people and with what terminology to use. It is at least clear that maybe Kera is not quite of the ma'am-liness stature, and Rynn is blushing as this realization is made. This shade is only intensified by the joiner's observations, a lovely beet like tint flushing her cheeks as sable shaded eyes divert. "Oh umm.. s'nothing. Really! You know me.. running around in the woods.. trees n'all.." She may be quiet and agile but sometimes speed necessitates taking a few whipping branches to the face or arms. "M'fine.. promise.." She's now two for two in her injured interactions with Cyrus.

Cyrus has a bad habit of seeing people when they are injured. The universe just sort of has a funny sense of humor like that. He catches the blush. Wow. Blushing day today. Everyone is getting on it. He can't say he's ever heard Kera called ma'am either, though he can't say he dislikes the sound of hearing it. Give it a few turns and it will probably fit, "I was attempting to be polite and not notice, while at the same time noticing." he explains to Kera, "I do attempt to be polite and discrete on occasion." he scolds, though there is no real energy in it beyond a bit of humor. When Therynn begins to explain what happens he is fairly certain that there is more to the story but since she is beet red now might not be the best time to ask. At that moment the firelizard that he carries in his sling decides that an impromptu flight is necessary and shoots up toward the rafters, "Hey…where do you think you are going." he calls out to him before looking over to the two others at the table, "He's never done that before. Most of the time he just likes to sit there…" Ok. New problem. Aegnor flies.

Kera listens to Therynn explain how she got her injuries, her expression growing a bit perplexed before she blurts out "I've a thought, next time you are out running, and the trees rear back getting ready to swat ya, try ducking." An amused wink sent to Therynn when she tries to joke a bit. Glancing to Cyrus and nods seriously, "And doing a good job of it too Journeyman." A little grin cracks her serious expression, which she tries to hide behind the mug she sips from. Thankfully, the young bronze darting up from his 'mobile nest' and winging up, she follows him with her gaze "He probably darts off a lot, but he'll always comes back as long as he's treated right." Which in Kera's way of thinking means spoiled rotten. "Polgara's been fluttering about too. It's what they do." Wings and all that come in handy that way.

Therynn is a blusher, what can she say? Nothing out of the norm here, even if her slightly androgynous self might convey a less girly mannerism upon first impression. What simplicity Kera offers, and Rynn laughs heartily and notes "Y'know.. that's a good idea Kera.." Arm is held up and she notes "I usual sacrifice a forearm, and trust me ducking doth happen. Y'ever sprinted through Fort's brush? S'a jungle out there!" The small firelizards antics have her chuckling more. Sweet, sweet distraction! And she's glad Cyrus does not press any further or she may have to explain part of the trees thing included stumbling across the roots of one and on to her face. Tarth and Simian are on board with this type of play, fluttering from Rynn's shoulder and heading towards the rafters where Cyrus' bronze disappeared to. "That they do.." Eyes follow her pair upwards.

Cyrus gives a little shake of his head when Kera begins to explain that is what they do, "No he doesn't. Thats the thing. Most of the time he just sits here in the sling, eats, sleeps and occasionally tells me things when he feels like it." At least the young firelizard is sleeping more which means that at least Cyrus is getting more sleep, nice bonus, but yeah. Wings. It seems that he is going to start flying now. Good, "He's not really flown before. I always figured he would eventually but…what if he does something to himself." Yeah. Protective mode kicking in. He just watches his little friend land on one of the rafters. He seems to be fine, so for the moment he won't call him. Yet, "I always do a good job my queen." he says with a little bow. Yep. That nickname is totally going to stick if he has anything to say about it, "I haven't actually been out there to see if it is a jungle. Not sure if I really want too. I think I might leave that to the experts. I'll just pass out the salve when they get back."

Kera grins, pleased to find a sense of humor sitting across the table. Lifting her mug, she raises it to Therynn briefly and take a tasty of the last of her soup, mostly chunky bits that settled to the bottom. When it's gone, she sets it back down and eyes the woman's arms again "Fort? No, haven't tried that. You should try the swamps around Xanadu though." The horror stories Kera can tell about those wherry sized mosquitos. "Seriously though, maybe try some hide bracers, save your /own/ the wear and tear." Cause repeated switchings from trees is just plain silly, when something can be done to avoid it. As the two lizard wing upward to join Aegnor in the rafters, Kera reaches out to gently smack Minimur's back, not hard at all, just keeping him in place. "Stay." He trills plaintively but he's getting scritches and hushes quick enough.The greenhealer glances to Cyrus with a grin "He'll be fine. He'll build up his muscles, just like dragons." The Journeyman's nickname brings her up short, scattering her thoughts. "Um, hmm." Yes, very well said. Glancing between the two she rises and gather up her stuff "I hate to cut this short, but I do need to be heading home. Chores to be done before I can crawl into bed." Looking to Therynn, she extends her hand for a shake if the younger woman is inclined to do so. "Nice meeting you Therynn." Wiggling her fingers to the woman, she turns her gaze to Cyrus "See you in a few days?"

Therynn raises a brow at the mushy mush from Cyrus as he calls Kera his queen. "Be good you two.." she calls up to Simian and Tarth who are quite fascinated with the small bronze. They will make a show of it, chittering and crooning, flapping wings in encouragement of his flight skills. "There's a first for everything Cy.." she says of his little bronze growing up. Klah is raised to meet Kera's with a smile "Swamp lands.. I'd end up scratched, bug bitten and stinky soaked then ya?" She's teasing mostly, though she knows next to nothing about Xanadu. The next idea is mulled over "Why didn't I think of that.. hide bracers.. thankya!" this is genuine as she takes mental note to have her weaver friend at Fort work on those. "Kera, the pleasure was mind.. and thank you again for the advice. Safe skies!" she wishes the rider well on her journey, finishing up her snack and calling to the pair in the rafter to join her for another bite.. the only type of enticing they'll listen to.

Cyrus nods his head in agreement with Kera, "Yeah protective gear is good. I recommend it." Though he sends a quizzical glance to Kera, "What were you doing out in the swamps?" He supposes that she'll have to answer that question another time since she seems to be needing to go. "I'll keep that in mind." he says in response to her comment about Aegnor building up his muscles. Everyone needs to spread their wings and fly a bit in the end, and perhaps his own time is coming soon, "Yeah. Just a few days." he says, mostly to reassure himself. Life is better with Kera around. Less broody and crabby for sure. He gets himself to his feet and runs through the options in his head of how to say goodbye. In the end he completely chickens out and just extends his hand to try to shake Kera's, "Be safe on your way home. And that thing we talked about earlier…I will give it some thought. No promises." Hopefully points for trying though. He nods in agreement with Therynn, "Yeah. There is. Believe me I know…"

Kera mock groans when Cyrus seems to want more info on the before mentioned swamps, "A horror story for another day." Smirking at that, she shrugs into her jacket and gets all or things situated, lizards:check, satchel:check. Waving to Therynn, she chuckles "And safe running to you Therynn." Looking to Cyrus and shaking the offered hand with a nod "Fair enough." When he agrees to think about their earlier conversation and she flashes a grin "See ya soon Cyrus." Wiggling fingers one last time, the green apprentice healer starts out to the courtyard with her winged friends.

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