The Weyrlings Come Back Down

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Kera slips into the side entrance from the caverns, pushing a little trolley cart with couple of pitchers, mugs, covered dishes and a little stack of small plates scattered over the two levels of trolley shelving. Pausing a moment to peek around, she starts easing the cart ahead of her, slowing her steps to peer back and forth along the patients, most of which seem to be currently resting.

It's been a tiring night, after all. Soriana's done her share of napping, but at the moment, she's awake. Not that she's doing much with her awake other than lying in her cot and looking at the ceiling and thinking… but she is, in fact, awake. The rattle of the trolley makes her glance in that direction… but then her eyes go away again, back to the ceiling.

Kera looks from snoring patient to the next bfore spotting Soriana with her eyes open. Keeping her voice soft to not wake up the others, she eases the trolley closer to her friend, hoping the aromas from the dishes will stir her appetite. "Good day Soriana." With a little smile, she takes a step closer while ilifting the dish lids to the Weyrling to inspect if she likes. "Are you feeling up for a bite or something to drink?"

Smells like… food. Soriana's stomach makes a little gurgly noise, and her nose wrinkles slightly as she turns her head away. Is she hungry? Probably. In fact, she's probably hungry enough that she's not sure if she's hungry anymore. She tilts her head in a small sort of nod to Kera, then reaches for the glass of water that's been sitting by her bedside and taking a sip before trying anything to do with her voice. "…hey."

Kera leaves the food uncovered, perhaps it will encourage Soriana's appetite after some time scenting the air. Quietly pulling a little stool closer, she eases down next to the cot. Looking the other girl over a few seconds, she offers a cheery smile. "How are you feeling Soriana? Any headaches problems with your eyes?" She gestures towards the back of the infirmary where the Weyrhealer is doing stock inventory. "The Healer said that your throat may be scratchy and irritated for a day or so from the smoke you inhaled. So taking frequent sip to soothe your throat is good."

Oh, look. It's the chirpy healer smile. Soriana… takes another sip of her water, looking down into the glass as if to find… oh, there it is. It was hiding in the bottom of her water. Now she's got a small smile of her own to put on her face. "Dehydration and irritation of the membranes. Nothing to worry about too much." Hey, she knows the healer lingo too, even if her usual patients wouldn't much fit in this cot. "Rest, liquids, food as tolerated." A glance to the cart. It's not an entirely tolerant glance, but it is a glance. "The worst is over." Shouldn't that be Kera's line?

Kera chuckles a little as Soriana spouts out 'healer directives' at her and simply gives a nod, clasping her hands on her lap. A half chuckle at the last words, but Kera shakes her head. "That's not for me to decide." Another flick of her fingers towards where the Weyrhealer is before she leans a little closer to lower her voice "I think he is waiting to see if food stays down before releasing the lot of you one by one."

"I wasn't asking you," Soriana says to Kera, and her mouth makes a small frown. She was telling… and trust her on this one, she's the one who went through it. The senior healers will have their own opinons, she's sure. She'll discuss it with them when they come over, if they've got opinions that differ from hers. Even dragonhealers make horrible patients, apparently. Soriana takes another small sip of her water. Right, that's where the smile's located. Here it is for her face again. "A reasonable precaution, if so." Okay, fine. She'll look at the food options.

Kera arches a little brow at Soriana's response and simply offers a nod and understanding smile. As the other girls seems to look over the food, Kera rises and moves the stool out of the way before sliding the snack covered shelves closer to Soriana. Putting one of the small plates within easy reach, Kera takes a moment to walk along the cots and seeing if anyone needs anything before moving to stand at the end of the Weyrling's cot. "Do you need anything else?" She still keeps her voice low trying not to wake anyone up.

Mur'dah awakens slowly, and once more he's not quite sure where he is or why, and it takes a few moments for things to click in with his muddled brain. Slowly he sits up, glancing around, more sharp eyed now than he's been the last time he woke up. He needs water though, so he carefully tries to sit up, glancing around to see who else is up and about. And when he sees Kera, he grimaces and takes a slow breath.

Idrissa is asleep, or well dozing at least, half listening to the voices around her as she shifts slowly, pulling a hand up to rub across her face a few times. She tilts her head, green gaze slowly taking in the area and who all may be nearby.

Does Soriana want the food? …no. Not really. It's hard enough to maintain the smile on her face (and she's only doing a mediocre job of it anyhow), never mind doing that and eating. And. Yet. She sighs in the moment when Kera's stepped away, and picks up a couple of oat thin crackers. Those are food, right? They should count. They'd better. She takes a bite of one, and discovers it's kind of dry. So she has a sip of water, and discovers the glass is empty. Okay, fine. She can pour herself a sharding glass of water, and she starts to sit up so she can reach the pitcher… and that's when Kera gets back. Fine. Hey smile, get back on her face. There. "More water, please?"

Kera nods and grabs up the water pitcher and refills Soriana's glass, while she's at it, she refills a couple mor and lines them along the edge of the trolley, leavin room to move up the small trays to the top shelf. Making sure Soriana has what she needs for now, Kera starts pushing the trolley further along the cots. Seeing Idrissa waking, she stops and ofers a friendly smile and offers a glass of water. "Good day Weyrling. The Weyrhealer said your throat may be irritated from the smoke you inhaled." Thus the offered glass of water. Mur'dah is noticed a few cots down the row and her smile fades quite a bit.

Mur'dah runs fingers through his hair and slowly pushes to his feet, frowning at Kera. Shaking his head, he looks around and then makes his way towards Soriana's cot, since Kera is over by Idrissa. "Hey," he says, and it's hard to miss the concern and guilt on his face. "You okay?"

Idrissa throat does for sure feel sore, she shifts slowly so that she is sitting up, a few faint coughs escaping her at the movement. She feels like a dragon knocked her over and dragged her along for a ways. A glance is sent to Kera, a soft eh escapes her and she nods before moving a hand to take hold of the glass. "Thanks." Escapes her, voice low and scratchy sounding.

Hardtack and water. Yep, sounds about right for her mood. Soriana nods to Kera as she departs, then looks down to her water glass again. No smile in it this time. Just a sigh, and then she looks up to see Mur'dah. "Hey." There's a smile, briefly, and then… another sigh. "Yeah." Still kinda hoarse, obviously, but, "I'm okay." She glances past him to Kera and Idrissa, then back to Mur'dah with concern. "Are you? You must've gotten the most of… whatever it actually was."

Kera turns her attention back to Idrissa, not bothering to introduce herself since who wants to meet new people while they are sickish. She waits a moment, hoping the girl takes a few sips from the glass before she speaks up again. "The Weyrhealer would like you to try eating a little bit when you stomach allows." She gestures to the trolley that has a few light snacks. For the moment, she tries to ignore /that/ weyrling.

Mur'dah sits down slowly on the seat beside Soriana's cot, turning his head to cough and clear his throat before he nods. "Glad you're okay," he says, hesitantly reaching out to try and awkwardly pat her arm. "I'm…alright I think. Fuzzy, still, tired and just…depressed." Bad trip, man. "I'm sorry."

Idrissa does sip at the glass she was given, the water is greatly needed at the moment. At the talk of food though she makes a slight face at the idea. "Not hungry." This said with a soft tone, voice a bit better after a few sips of water. "When… Can we leave?.." She's been here to many times to have many good memories of this room and wants to be gone if at all possible.

Soriana nods to Mur'dah, and reaches back out to him. It's awkward mutual arm-patting time. GO. …so awkward. "Yeah," she says. "I…" And she trails off for a few moments, looking down at her feet. Or where her feet would be except for there's a sheet, anyhow. "…at least we made it through. The worst part's over." Her lips twist in sour-lemon face unhappy for a moment.

Kera glances around towards where the Weyrhealer has moved to speaking with the last patient in the row. At Idrissa question, she gives an uncertain shrug. "I couldn't say Weyrling. The Weyrhealer will come by shortly to check you over." Gesturing towards the trolley. "Do you need anything else?"

Pat, pat, pat, before he withdraws his hand and nods. "I hope it's over," he murmurs. "It was an accident, I promise. I'm glad we're all okay…" Glancing around, he looks towards Idrissa and then gives Soriana's hand another pat before he's pushing to his feet and making his unsteady way towards the greenling's cot. "Pardon me, Healer," he says quietly to Kera. "May I speak with Idrissa when you're through?"

Idrissa doesn't like that answer from Kera, whom is given a slight look. "Very well." Is said before she shakes her head at the bit of needing anything. "No.. I'm fine." Mostly, she'd be a lot better if she didn't have to stay here that is for sure. She looks to Mur'dah as he wanders over, a slight smile seen, glad to see his alright it would seem.

There's a brief widening of Soriana's eyes and a frown. Yeah, okay, so maybe it's not actually over, and there's more yet to come, but she's just going to avoid thinking about that now. No flashbacks. Please, no flashbacks. Let it all be over.. well. Except for the lecture from V'dim that's sure to be coming, and… she sighs, then looks up to Mur'dah again to nod about it being an accident. "I know." Or, at least, she believes him. Close enough. For the moment, she lets him go and doesn't follow, eating her biscuit of Proof Of Food Tolerance.

Kera nods to Idrissa, offering a small smile before she starts moving the trolley back. Turning, she sees Mur'dah very near and sighs. As she listens to him, she sees the Weyrhealer walking over to Soriana's cot. Deciding to go ahead and get it over with, she simply edges the trolley well away from the young man. with a stiff nod "Weyrling Mur'dah, I must appologize for sprinkling you with perfume when you insinuated I smelled like your grandmother." Having finished her last punishment concerning the Weyrling, she simply eases the little cot into the hallway and slips out of sight behind another curtain. The Weyrhealer speaks to Soriana a moment "How do you feel Weyrling?"

Mur'dah blinks at Kera, uncomprehending. "But I /didn't/. I said you shouldn't /start/, by wearing perfume. I never insinuated you smelled like my grandmother. Never. I was complimenting you by saying you smell better /without/ it." There's a pause and he frowns. "And you didn't sprinkle. You dumped it all over me." And if she listens, great, but if she just keeps walking…then he just shrugs and turns towards Idrissa with an exasperated look. "How are you?" he asks, leaning against her bed in an effort to hold himself up. Still, he has to check with the friends he endangered.

Idrissa curiously watches the reaction between Mur'dah and Kera, she ponders and then a soft oh escapes her once the explantion is given. She watches Kera go and then looks back to Mur'dah. With him leaning against the bed she points to it. "You want to sit down?" Before you fall down.. Though she doesn't say that part of it. "I'm alright, tired and achey but won't complain. How you doing?"

Just because Soriana's not following Mur'dah doesn't mean she can't listen, and… she frowns at what she overhears of his conversation with Kera. Now what exactly… oh, but then her snoopage is being interrupted by a Weyrhealer inquiring about her. "Improved," she says, and permits the pulse check and assorted inquiries with mostly a patient smile and only occasional attempts to short-circuit them by being technical back at him.

Mur'dah sits, accepting Idrissa's offer with a grateful nod. "I'm…guilty," he admits. "Tired, have a headache, but it's fine. You sure you're okay?" Turning, he looks back at Soriana and now that Kera is gone, the brownling lets his true guilt show. "I feel so bad, I'm so sorry. It was an accident I swear. I'd never do anything like that." Not without warning them first.

"Yeah.. I've lived through worse then all this." Idrissa offers in a joking tone at the thought. She shifts sitting herself up a bit more while curiously watching Mur'dah. "I know you are.. It isn't your fault this happened." She leans over to give his arm a slight pat even. "We're all alright.." A glance is sent towards Soriana to make sure she is indeed alright.

The Weyrhealer nods and makes a few notes after his checkover of Soriana. Finally, he offers the girl a smile. "Good, good. Well then, as long as you are feeling able to be up and out of here without assistance, then you're released back to your duties. If you begin to feel anything unsual, headaches or the like, come back and we'll have a more through look." His attention takes in the Weyrlings moving about before adding "Be sure to sign out at the front desk." With a nod he moves off to tell the other Weyrlings pretty much the same if they pass checkup.

And once Soriana's satisfied the healer, she swings her legs around off the cot and… heave-ho. Oh. So this is what upright is. Okay, room. No spinning, you hear? That's right. Soriana moves over to join Idrissa and Mur'dah - slowly, but she's steady enough on her feet, so long as she's slow. "We'll get your weyr fixed," she says as she steps up next to Mur'dah. Leaning against the cot? Don't mind if she do. She smiles crookedly at her fellow weyrlings. "But we're not burning anything else." Nope. Not even a campfire.

Mur'dah turns his hand to grip Idrissa's hand, brief but firm. He just nods and then looks over when it sounds like Soriana is being released. "I owe you guys," he says with a thoughtful look. "Have to…make it up to you somehow…" Nodding to the Weyrhealer, he then looks back at Idrissa with a little shrug. "Ready to sign out?" he offers quietly. Then he laughs, short but still there. "My weyr…shards. I don't know what I'm going to do about the winter. Mom's right, I can't live there the way it is."

Idrissa offers Mur'dah a soft smile. "No, you don't owe me anything Mur'dah. We're all friends, friends help one another." She points out before looking up to the Weyrhealer at the talk of them leaving. "Yeah, sooner I get out of here the better I'll feel." A chuckle escapes her as she hears Soriana. "Right, no burning.. I bet if we all work at it we can fix it up.. Sorta.. maybe.." This said while she stands up ever so slowly as if making sure she can.

Mur'dah could move back in with his mother? Buuuut Soriana's just going to skip over that option like it doesn't exist. "You'll stay with us," she says, as if it's the simplest answer in the world. "We've got enough roofs to go around. Shells, you could stay in my barn's attic all winter if you wanted, and you wouldn't even be in my way - it's got heat, and Luraoth wouldn't mind sharing with Kalsuoth. Or you can stay with Marel." Who's already offered, even if she's currently busy with… heh. Weyrling duties. Those ones they've just been released to. Soriana glances to the front desk. Why does it have to seem so far away? But if she admits that, the healers might not let her go, so. "Let's get out of here." Though she'll probably stop along the way and see if Ka'el's rousable enough to drag along.

Mur'dah shakes his head, a bit overwhelmed by their show of support after he /accidentally/ got them high. Then he blinks at Soriana in surprise. "You wouldn't mind?" Move in with his friend's girlfriend? Yeaaaah, that's a great idea. Great sitcom concept. "Or Marel, yeah… I'm sure I won't be homeless," he says with a slight laugh, offering out his arms if either girl wants. He seems fairly stable. Or he's just putting on a strong show.

"Well.. I mean he could stay with me and Tahryth too.." Idrissa offers now that she is rather sure she can stay standing. "Not as big as a place that Soriana has but, plenty of room for sure." She glances towards the offered arm which she'll take hold of. They can help one another stay up!

See, this is why Soriana said her barn. Though… yeah, it'd probably be a sitcom in the making nevertheless. Might be less awkward for him to live with his sister - and these weyrlings have more than enough awkward for the next turn and a half. Which is probably how long it'll last, as they slowly remember and unpack all the things they said… and did. "Maybe you can rotate," she says as Idrissa joins in with the offers. Mur'dah can sleep around with everyone! …or something like that. "It'll work out." Soriana lets Idrissa have the extra stability for now, making her way on her own to see about Ka'el. All together now! Maybe.

Mur'dah blushes, shaking his head again as he helps Idrissa toward the check out desk, letting the girls sign out first. "It will," he says quietly.

Or maybe Soriana's just being picky about who she wants to lean with, because once she's gotten Ka'el cleared by the healer as not having any lingering symptoms all that much worse than a headache, dry throat, and fatigue (which are, at this point, probably as much a factor of dehydration as the pharmacological elements of that smoke), she puts an arm around him as they head off to the front desk to sign themselves out as well. Does he look dazed? Sure. But, hey. She'll keep an eye on him! And he'll keep an eye on her. Eyes will be kept, and between them, the weyrlings should have enough sense to stay out of trouble. … and if you believe that, Mur'dah's got a lovely weyr in the forest to sell you!

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