Hey, Hey Boo-Boo, I found a Pic-a-nic Basket

Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road

This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

It's getting on late in the and the brisk wind has taken a turn colder as Alosynth swoops in from down the river, the green just barely skimming above the water before she reaches in and snatches a fish. Keziah is laughing, her hair streaming back as the pair circle in and land on the roadside. "Couldn't wait till we got back huh? Well, I can understand that. I'm feeling a might peckish too." she remarks as she digs into the packs and pulls out a meat roll as she slides on down to stretch her legs. "Suppose it's not a good idea to head back until we're finished patroling huh?" she asks the green who just eats her fish and warbles.

Silion is on his way back from the meadows and what suspiciously appears to be a picnic (if the basket hanging at his elbow with a neatly folded blanket is any kind of a give away). It's here that he happens upon the scene of rider and dragon, jade hues taking in the exuberant mirth that seems to stretch its long fingers invitingly towards him, curling and beckoning until the teen has no other choice except to smile. A chuckle bubbles from his lips soon thereafter, and while the pair might be virtual strangers, Silion doesn't seem in the least shy when it comes to greeting them on his way past. "Beautiful day, isn't it?" he implores, eyes still alight with the humor he seemed to find in their earlier antics. The dragon and rider both get half-bows, but it's the way his basket sways dangerously forward and threatens to spill its contents that has him halting beside them with a hand over the blanket to steady what's inside. "Ah- Almost had an accident."

Keziah is distracted at first as she just chatters on with Alosynth, it's the green that has her turning her attention towards the young man and his basket. "Absolutely stunning day." she remarks and tips her head a bit at the bow. "Don't think I've seen you around before." A pause and a thoughful frown. "Have I?" She then shrugs "Well either way, nice ta meet ya. This here's Alosynth." she notes with a smile "Careful about spillin, all the firelizards around the place, you'll be lucky to get any of it back."

Silion says "Probably not," Silion murmurs, in response to whether the woman may have seen him around. "I only recently came to stay, and I think I would have recalled you and yours." The dragon is offered a smile, a fleeting acknowledgment that green lady is the 'yours' in reference. The curling of his lips only tugs wider until he's laughing, a soft, evenly cadenced sound that ends almost just as abruptly as it had come. "I think I would be more worried about my weyrmate's lifemate getting ahold of it. He'll eat pretty much anything, really. My name is Silion, by the way. Well met, and sorry for intruding. You just looked like you were having so much fun." He couldn't help himself, really."

Keziah tilts her head a little to one side as she studies the young man. "Well many dragons do have that tendency." There's a sidelong glance at Alosynth and then she smiles "So who's yer mate?" she asks curiously as she leans back against the green and then she blinks and then shakes her head "Oh, names Keziah by the way." The green snorts and then turns her attention to the young man. Or well, maybe that basket of his.

"I noticed that, though Ecoatleth seems to have it a little worse than others." Silion busies himself for a moment setting the basket down the moment he realizes the green in question is giving it the eye, fingers diligently pulling back the blanket as he rummages through what's inside. "I have a few pieces of meat left, if you want to offer them to her. I don't really think she'd enjoy them though, since they're people sized." And people sized is /definitely/ far from dragon sized. The question about his mate is answered with another smile, albiet distant, and he's saying, "Y'ki. My parents fostered him when I was younger for a couple of turns. Funny how things work out sometimes." Pause. "Keziah. I will keep that in mind," he laughs, straightening into a standing position before motioning towards the green. "And may I inquire as to her name?"

There is silence as Keziah digests that bit of information. "Well, imagine that." she notes and shakes her head. "Funny how things do work out. Least yours fostered him and not the opposite." she murmurs softly and then she blinks. "Alosynth is her name." she remarks as she scratches her head and looks over at the green who rumbles softly. "Nah, she's just curious as to what you have. She ain't all that hungry at the moment. Only a bite here or there for her at the moment." she adds. "How long have you too been mated?"

Ah, it would seem that Keziah is well versed in some of the more delicate matters pertaining to Y'ki. The fact that Silion catches this fact is evident in the way his smile falters briefly, in the sudden stillness of his body before the sudden awkwardness is broken by Alosynth's introduction. "Keziah and Alosynth. I like it." But they're coming full circle back to his weyrmate, and Silion is shifting again, eyes darting towards the bluerider's home as if the man himself may emerge before he answers. "Not long, actually. My parents aren't too thrilled by the fact, but I can see that you have a bit of an inkling as to why." This is when he extends a hand very slowly to the green, but he stops short of actually getting /too/ near her. "May I?" he inquires, jade slipping towards Keziah before settling back on Alosynth.

Shifting just a little Alosynth settles herself out and gives a little nod "Alo don't mind, she likes a good scritchin' as well as the next one." Keziah remarks "I can see their reservations. Though Y'ki's not half bad, Y'ki's just well Y'ki." she notes "Personally, if you're happy with the arrangment, then thats what matters." She watches the two and just shakes her head as Alosynth sniffs at the young man, her tail tapping back and forth. "What all do you have in that basket?"

Silion closes the distance between himself and the green, immediately paying careful attention to the ridges of her eyes. Fingers scritch, he smiles wide, and then he's murmuring, "You're much prettier than my Dad's green. Don't tell her that, though." Conspirator's whisper! But even while he continues to dote affection on Alosynth, Keziah's got his attention. "Y'ki is definitely Y'ki," he laughs, all the unease of awkward conversation draining away from him at once. "I can attest to that." Silion's eyes go to the basket, and then he's dropping his hands to his sides, eyes rolling up as he tries to get it right. "Half a sandwich, half a bubbly, some tubers, and a book. Nothing special, really, but you're more than welcome to any leftovers if you'd like, Keziah." Hey! She was munching when he got on the scene. May as well offer, right?

Keziah laughs "Hmm, maybe I just…" she trails off as Alosynth starts to nibble at Silion "Alo! Behave." she snorts a little and heads over to push the greens head back and snorts a moment "I don't care if he smells tasty, you are not sampling him." she mutters as the green pushes back to get at the young man. "So sorry about this. It's that time of turn and all I'm sure that's it."

Silion doesn't really seem to mind the nibblies all that much. They make him laugh even more, though he certainly doesn't interfer when Keziah interjects. She knows her green better than he does, after all. "D'len's green seems to always want to eat me as well. I'd let you have a taste, Alosynth, I just don't think I would survive the experience." More laughter, but he shakes his head when Keziah apologizes. "No need to say you're sorry. I grew up around a green /and/ a gold, after all. I know how their moods can take them."

Keziah snorts a bit at Alosynth "He's Ecoatleth's. Leave him be." she green then rumbles and shifts so that she's surrounding the two in a possesive manner." Keziah blinks and she just bursts out laughing "Oh that's just grand. She goes to smack the young man on the shoulder in a playful manner "Listen to her. I don't think yer goin anywhere anytime soon unless she lets you." she continues to laugh as Alosynth just watches and waits until the laughter starts to die before rumbling "What do you mean you don't want him for yourself? What?" There is silence and then a thoughful look comes over her face "You ain't plannin' on goin anywhere anytime soon are you?" she asks Silion.

Silion doesn't at all seem to mind the smack. Just as assuredly as he was previously, the greenrider's mirth and playfulness end him up in his own laughter. He catches at the spot she'd hit, mockingly subduing phantom pain with a few rubs, but then he's being… Surrounded? And coveted? Jade hues blink once, twice, and Keziah's question has him turning that inquisitive gaze onto her. "No. I'm pretty sure I'll be here for the rest of my life." There's a hushed chuckle at this, but he's reaching out to gently pat Alosynth again, curious as to why, exactly, the green has suddenly taken to him so much.

Keziah snerks a bit "Well, how keen are you on not spending as much time with your mate though?" she asks after a moment "I mean as in not getting to stay with him and all. I don't think she wants to give you an option and all." she remarks ever so sweetly. "Alosynth can be a bit head strong after all."

"On account of the fact that I hardly see him as it is, I don't think it would be that big of an adjustment." Silion's laughing though, clearly still oblivious as to what, exactly, is going on. "And if you are being serious," he murmurs, scritching, scritching, scritching as he turns his eyes back onto Keziah. "Depending on what it was for, I don't think he would mind, and I certainly wouldn't either." It's a kind of understanding you have to come to when you're weyrmated to a dragonrider - absences happen! "Why? What is Alosynth saying?" Curiosity has been piqued, but he's clearly still oblivious."

"Well, seems Alosynth thinks that Seryth might like you." Keziah replies "She says you smell good enough to keep." There's a tender smile "Basically what I'm sayin' is iffen yer keen on it, you can take a chance and stand on the sands with the eggs." Alosynth just purr rumbles and her tail curls around a little more "Course, Alo is hopin' yer keen on it and all." she adds as runs her hand along the greens hide. "She says Ecoatleth can't have you all to himself, he has to share"

Silion seems floored, stunned, speechless. He stares for a moment at the pair, mouth agape in the slightest of 'o's before he's being overcome with what is quite possibly the biggest smile he's ever managed. "Really? Me?" Jade hues bounce back and forth from Alosynth to Keziah just before he's laughing again and giving a vigorous shake of his head. "Yes, yes of course! I would really be honored. Oh," he doesn't seem to know what to say, so instead he just goes right on and pulls the greenie into a hug before offering her lifemate another round of quick scritches. "You won't have to share me with Ecoatleth at all," he informs her, playful in his own delight. "So then… So then what happens now?"

Keziah squeaks as she's suddenly enveloped in a hug "Hey, wait now. Umm." she lets out a breath as the young man turns his attention onto Alosynth who enjoys the attention. "It's just standing on hot sands and all, no guarantees." she notes and then snorts a little at Alosynth. "Well, you move into the candidate barracks, lead a life of celibacy and stay dry as in no drinking and get to share quarters with a ton of people, some of whom smell. Very much bad." she snirks. "If that's all right with ya and all." Alosynth rumbles softly at him. It better be.

"I know it's no guarantee," Sil laughs, tucking hands away into his pockets as he suddenly ducks his head in a very shy way and sways a little. "It's just exciting, is all. To even have the chance." He nods to Keziah's list, listening intently. "I don't think I'll have a problem with any of those things," he says, still smiling his excitement even if he's just a tad embarrassed by his own enthusiasm. "Thank you both," and then he's pointing a finger towards the door of his home. "Should I go get my stuff now?" Definitely rushing, but who doesn't jump the gun when they're super excited?

Keziah chuckles a little and pushes at Alosynth "Get your things and all, you'll be staying in those barracks from now on." she notes and laughs softly, understanding the enthusiasm. "Alosynth thinks you'll be great, after all, you know how to treat a green like a lady." As if that made all the difference.

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