System Shock



Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

There is no desire to venture forth from the barracks this evening. While it's not quite time to hit the hay, the sun is setting but it's not quite dark yet. Aqueepoli is just not up to moving about. Instead, he's roaming around the room. And by room, I of course mean he's breathing heavily around some of the cot's of the lady-candidates. "Soooo, baby. Where you from? Ya wanna get to know The Pol?" Eyebrows are waggled at the female, and alas, he only gets a look of disgust in return. "Lemme tell you. I'm a holder. A big time one. Not, y'know. THE holder. But a holder. With a hold." Okay. The hold will be his brothers, but he's trying here. "No? Not interested? What about now?" His arms jerk out and are now flexing. He's jumping in one place, posing here and posing there. Trying to entice SOMEONE to touch him ANYWHERE. Just omg, give him attention. The female simply shakes her head, mutters something about a bath, and flees from the dorms. "I… I'LL COME WITH YOU! I CAN SCRUB YOUR BACK… AND YOUR FRONT TOO!" It's too late, he's yelling to an empty doorway. "Shells!" Pol swears, kicking at the nearest cot's leg. Turning about on his heel, he returns to his own bed only to throw himself down and pout mightily. So starts his evening.

Since it is past dinner and near curfew, Kiley has taken to settling in her cot with something to read. Sit sits up against the wall with the book on her lap, though her attention is hardly on the book. Her eyes flicker up to eye Pol with a rather bland look crossing her face for a long moment before she carefully drops her gaze back downwards. As long as he doesn't notice her, she doesn't seem to mind too terribly that he is being loud and obnoxious with his chasing of all the womanly sort. Her gaze flickers back upwards as he calls out to the empty doorway and the woman merely shakes her head in a pitying manner but that stops as he begins his pouting fit. The computer crafter rolls her eyes and shakes her head, completely unamused by the young man.

While Pol is (thankfully) distracted with his harassment of one of the other poor females stuck sharing the barracks with him until the eggs hatch, Kaede is settled upon her cot, tucked out of the way of a casual glance, with a large volume settled on her lap. With chores done for the day, the teenager has settled in with her crafter duties, and its there her attention lies. Or, at least it should, but the antics of her fellow candidate have her glancing in his direction now and again, snickering a little at his sulking, before she's trying hard to maintain a straight face and resume her reading.

Since the evening meal was over, the kitchen had let Ryeokie go and the starcrafter turned candidate now sits in his bed, shirtless as usual. He lays facedown on his cot, a pillow clutched in his arms and his head resting on it while he looks at a starchart set out in front of him. Rye's been watching the scene the entire time, and he really can't help but to smirk at the antics. When the girl runs away the smirk turns into a low chuckle and he shakes his head. Once that ordeal is over he returns to his people watching and constellation charting, a small smile still on his face.

Where has Pyriel been all day? No one has seen him since dinner, and he was particularly grumpy during the meal, even if he was sitting with his new buddies Aqueepoli and Iessrien. Yeah, those three were tight now. After eating, the boy harper had vanished somewhere, though Briana might of clued people in to where he'd run off to when she had come back to the barrack from the observation level of the hatching cavern. But low and behold, that girl escaping from Pol's suave and debonair display of ultimate manliness nearly collides with the determined Pyriel. Side stepping and peering after the poor female with more than a second spared to watch her progress, he is soon back on track. Long legs carry him into the barrack at last, honing in on…Ryeokie. His jaw sets. Uh oh. Someone was in trouble. He stalks forward, hands clenched into knuckle white fists as he ignores anyone else on his way towards the starcrafter, even if he has to dodge people along his war path. "Get the sharded up!" he snaps at Ryeokie, glaring at him with some serious pissed off vibes. Something was about to go down, and at the moment it was not looking good for the older boy.

There might be a few long, drawn out sighs coming from Aqueepoli's cot. Just to kind of show how much he is truly suffering over here. Luckily, Pol's attention span isn't one that lasts long, and already he's forgetting about the (yet another) rejection and allowing his eyes to trail across all the cots around him. They stop on Kiley and he attempts a smile at her, though by that point he notices her head is already down. Then to Kaede. Heeeeey theeeere. He gets to his feet, shuffling over towards the woman. "Hey," He tries for nonchalant this time. Arms all loosey goosey as he just stands near her cot, grinning. Yeah. Nothing to see here. Except his hot bode. Am arm is brought up and stretched. Ooooh yeeeeah. Look at those MUSCLES. Nonchalant muscles. "So, what brings a pretty lady like you to a place like this?" As if it wasn't obvious. Pol is about to keep the awesome lines coming, but he's distracted by Pyriel coming in and going straight over towards Ryeokie. An eyebrow is lifted in question and he forgets his come on lines to watch what is going on.

Kiley is looking up as Pyriel enters, her gaze focusing on the apprentice turned candidate with a look of surprise soon settling on her features. That look on his face sends fear down the woman's spine. It only lasts so long, however, as she sees where his path leads him; her relief is short lived for the fact that his target is one that also leaves a feeling of dread in place of the fear. Her bottom lip is taken briefly into her mouth to keep her silence while her fingers play with the corners of the pages in the book. Pol is completely forgotten as Pyriel and Ryeokie take full control of her attention.

As Kaede sits there, eyes scanning over the same section of the page time and time again, her shoulders shake a little and a hand is lifted to rest over her lips, catching a bad bad case of the giggles it seems. Giggles that just simply cannot be contained as Pol is headed in her direction, as the Harper Apprentice lifts her chin to look at him, watching and then just shaking her head and waving him off as giggles turn to laughter. "Shards…" She manages after a few attempts, waving her hand at him again, the book closed with a heavy thud before its pushed off her lap to sit besides her on the cot. And yet, as she catches sight of Pyriel, she's quickly sobering, cheeks still flushed in amusement as eyes follow and she noticeably stares. Sorry Pol.

On one of Ryeo's occasional glances up, he spots Pyriel and his gaze lingers. Of course, that lingering gaze becomes a full on stare as the boy makes his way to Rye's cot. The starcrafter looks up at the harper once he arrives, tilting his head slightly. "If you're going to punch me, I'd really rather not." But despite his words the starcrafter lazily climbs out of bed anyways, pushing his glasses up and staring down at the other boy. "What's wrong with you? You were fine the other day…." Everyone else might look scared, interested, or filled with dread, but there's not much in Ryeokie's features, maybe a certain measure of calmness and another measure of curiosity, but naught else.

Py'd missed Kaede's multi-wave, Aqueepoli's stare, and Kiley's fear driven apprehension as one hundred percent of his attention was completely focused on the starcrafter candidate. He stays thus, rigid and singled on the older boy, teeth clenched as he reacts just as he always does when in a full room of people. It was infuriating in itself, and just adds fuel to the fire apparently cause Pyriel was visibly shaking. With the curiosity, dread and interest all suddenly focused on the two candidate apprentices the harper lad tenses somewhat. He can feel all those eyes. As Ryeokie finally, albeit not as quickly as some might of given the situation, rises to his feet to stand before the shorter blond boy, his head tilts up to level his golden hued gaze upon the other's dark brown. "Yer what's wrong with me!" he hisses, narrowing his eyes. Oh it was going down! And Pyriel starts to move, as if in slow motion as he takes a step forward, hands lifting from his sides. Oh the horror! Just when people might get the impression that there was about to be some serious bloodshed, the harper pushes himself up onto his tiptoes, as his arms coil around the starcrafter's neck and…kisses him. Right then and there, in front of his bro, and everyone else.

Aqueepoli is all set to jump in. To help his bro out with either breaking the other candidate's face or to drag him off to ensure no one gets kicked out of candidacy. Cause seriously, the only reason to get kicked out of candidacy is to have sex and break that rule. Not the no fighting rule. He takes a few steps away from Kaede, one hand going up as he makes a fist… only to stop. Completely stop and stare. A dumbfounded look on his face. No, no he wouldn't… no. OHFARANTH. "GAAAAAAAAAAH!" Aqueepoli's hands are up in the air, waving around as he yells out. He's turning around, slapping fingers over his own eyes, attempting to claw the image of man on man kissing from his mind. "DUDE. /Dude/! DUUUUUUDE! SERIOUSLY. WHAT THE…" There are a string of curse words that follow the sentence, far too inappropriate to be written down. Pol's now back to his cot, his pillow over his own head. Suffocating oneself is the only real action in this situation. Someone wanna come sit on his head? Though that might be sorta hot. "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Is a muffled scream coming from beneath said pillow.

Kiley is clearly not expecting what happens. At all. At first there comes a strangled cry as Pyriel looks as if he may brutalize poor Ryeokie, but it dies in her throat as the harper /kisses/ him. It takes a moment and she squeaks out, "I thought—" But whatever that was going to be is quickly shut down as she closes her mouth shut tight. Though her reaction is nothing like Pol's, though her mind may be screaming in such a manner in response. She's hold-bred, that stuff doesn't happen in front of her! So, instead, she very quietly closes her book. And surprisingly, she makes her way over towards Pol's cot and attempts to pull the poor boy from it and maybe even drag him from the barracks. It is obviously a private moment and the fact that she can't stand the screaming drives her reasoning.

Kaede cringes as Pyriel closes the distance between himself and Ryeokie, wincing a little as the blonde boy starts his fussing, even though she's leaning to peek around Pol's frame to watch. And then, when its a smooch and not a smack, she squeals a little, shrinking back on her cot. "-Py!-" She shrieks a little, and then begins to sulk. Particularly as Pol deserts her general vicinity, and she's left watching her fellow apprentice kiss a -boy- of all people, with the horrible drone of Pol's scream reverberating through her head.

Even as the arms come in a supposed punch Ryeokie doesn't bat an eye. And then he's getting /kissed/! That makes his eyes fly wide open and he freezes for a split second. That doesn't last long though, even as he hears the screaming and other sounds of horror coming from around the barracks the starcrafter turned candidate grins and in a very showy fashion, just to spread the horror, wraps his arms around the harper's waist and gives him a hard kiss back. He pulls away after a bit and smirks, "Took you long enough. But I think we scared the living daylights out of everyone in here."

Yeah the screaming and lamenting of Aqueepoli in particular causes Pyriel to wince. He had some serious explaining to do to his bro over there, and the harper was likely of the mind that he was rapidly going to as friendless as he had acquired them. Brows sink down low, but he does not let go of Ryeokie, no. Even with Kiley and Kaede confused and horrified, Py lets Ryeokie kiss him as hard and deep as he likes, and is quite red faced when he's released. He drifts back to his feet and hands slide down the starcrafter's chest before the blond boy takes a step back, "Like I shardin' care." he snaps at the older lad. No this revelation had not cleared Py of his tendency to be sullen and grumpy. He now had a whole new reason to be pissy all the time. The first one to feel his recoiled wrath is Aqueepoli, "Shut /UP/. I ain't gay, and I sure as shell want to shag every girl on Pern. I ain't even sure I can sharding do stuff with this moron." Ah the sweet adoring nicknames he gives to the one he loves. "As fer you two…" He points between Kaede and Kiley, "Ya want an encore let me know." Yeah, he was still all male baby. He then slides his eyes towards Ryeokie even as he turns away from the starcrafter, peering at him over his shoulder. "Dun think cause I'm in love with ya that yer coming anywhere near my backside." He means that quite literally. Huff. And with that, the harper stalks over to his cot, and flops into it, crossing his arms over his chest and daring anyone to start something. Go ahead. Try it. See what happens.

Aqueepoli gets himself under some semblance of control and sends a grateful look to Kiley. His keening (manly) sounds are stopped, for now. "So… uh…" He falters for the right words, grimacing when the other male candidate only seems to encourage the 'kissing'. "/Dude/." His hand is back up over his eyes, head just shaking back and forth. "This sorta shit dun go down at the hold." Is grumbled out. Finally, there is more speaking, words from the two lads in question. This means they are no longer kissing, so Aqueepoli can finally look once more. First he splays open his finger, peeking through the gaps they create. Yep. It's safe. Though he's quickly flinging both hands up, palms out. "Sure, sure, whatever ya say, bro. You ain't… you just… in love… with a guy." He twitches while he says it, trying hard not to cough the words out. "S'long as we can still troll about for some tail, once this candidate business is over, it's good. S'all good. Everything is AWESOME." The voice increases, gets squeaky at the tail end of his sentence. A quick clear of his throat remedies that. "So." He uses that word a lot in awkward situations. "How was it for you girls?" Kiley and Kaede get a questioning look.

Kiley is only giving a shocked look to Pyriel in response to his statement towards herself and Kaede, cheeks coloring a dark shade suddenly but she says nothing in response. She's still not used to the back and forth that is Pyriel as first he was disgusted and now he is offering another go. Poor woman is stuck in an emotional roller coaster. She looks to Aqueepoli as he manages to gain some control and she /finally/ smiles at the other candidate, for the first time ever since his arrival. But that is it, she says nothing more and returns almost calmly to her cot. A deep breath is taken and she avoids making eye contact with anyone in the barracks as she attempts to regain some of her own emotional control. But Pol shoots down the fraction of control she has managed to gain with that single question. Cheeks flush a darker shade of red and she says nothing in response, giving the boy what could be considered a glare.

Kaede is just left sitting there, eyes drifting from boy to boy to boy, before she's giving Kiley a confused look, and her gaze is resting back on Ryeokie and Pyriel, her fellow harper's comment causing her to turn a lovely shade of red. As Kiley seems to have Pol under control, she's lingering on her cot for a moment. And then with a wrinkle of her nose at the holder, she's slipping off her cot, making a circle around Ryeokie, and settling lightly on the edge of Py's cot - assuming he doesn't chase her off.

Ryeokie stands for a few moments, staring after the harper before shaking his head and smiling. Everyone might slightly freaked out, but Rye's acting like nothing unusual happened, angry looking harpers kissing him may be a regular occurance for all that he's reacting. And then dark eyes are resting on Aqueepoli, flashing with a glint of irritation. "You shouldn't ask women those kinds of things. Its rude." Oh yes, someone was certainly being overprotective. He shoots a worried look in Kiley's direction before moving on over to stand by her cot.

Pyriel is glaring, at Aqueepoli. There was no doubt that if the holder boy, although taller and more muscular than the harper, was going to start some crap that Py was more than happy to bring the pain. He might be the smallest male candidate in the barracks, but he was a scrapper. His pierced brow arches at Pol, perhaps more than happy to explain to him that Xanadu was not a hold, but he stills his tongue as the other continues on. There is a visible relaxation of muscle when his bro, turns out to still be his bro. Maybe cause Aqueepoli was scared of the slender harper, maybe cause he still wanted Py to be the pied-piper of tail. No one could draw the women out of the woodwork like Pyriel could. "I ain't in love with a guy, I'm in love with Ryeokie." Cause, like, there was a difference right? Apparently in the harper's mind there was, or else he wouldn't of bothered to correct his melodramatic friend. "Ya bet yer ass I'll be there." Tail chasing was what it was all about after all, and clearly despite having laid claim to the starcrafter just a few moments ago, he wasn't about to give up his womanizing. He pffts at the rest of what Pol has to say, rolling his eyes towards the ceiling. "Whatever dude, get over it. Ain't nothin' really changed." Oh no, nothing at all. Kiley is eyed somewhat though after this, her reaction to everything now being noted. But because she wasn't saying anything, he leaves her be. Maybe they would talk later, maybe they wouldn't. That would depend on her. As for Kaede? When she comes over, Pyriel's glaring soften and he grabs the other haper and drags her over. Why? So he can bury his face in her neck and hide. This was some scary stuff yo. Ryeokie is now being ignored.

"Riiiight. Right. Ryeokie, not a dude. I get'cha, I get'cha." Aqueepoli is waving his hands around, attempting to dissipate the tense atmosphere with sheer movement alone. In truth, no matter his size, Pol has quite the appreciation for the pain Pyriel could inflict. Keeping that one on his good side was a top priority. He's quiet for a spell, which is a magical thing in and of itself. It doesn't last long, as Aqueepoli keeps shifting his attention from person to person. Not entirely sure what to talk about at this point, Pol latches onto the first thing he can that makes sense. "…rude? Really?" Both eyebrows arch now, Ryeokie getting an incredulous stare. "S'not like I asked her how big her boobs are or anything. An' hey, I was just trying to make some fun of the whole situation. Cause, y'know, maybe they dug it." It's possible. Though he does spare a glance at each female. "Course," A lazy smile, full of epic cheekiness, erupts on his lips. "If'n y'all wanna tell me how big your racks are, I'll gladly listen. Or even a game of show and tell!" Yay games!

"Rude.." Kaede agrees quietly with Ryeo's assessment of Pol's question, nodding once for punctuation, before she's pulling her feet up beneath her, tilting her head as she listens to Py. And then, suddenly, she's being dragged - a loud squeak escaping her - before she gives up and wraps her arms around Py, fingers gently curled at the back of the neck as she stares at the other boys accusingly. "Jerks." She murmurs accusingly, narrowing her gaze at Ryeo, and then at Pol, as the younger harper attempts to figure out just who to blame - Pol winning that game as he degrades back to his normal, womanizing ways. "Hey!" She protests loudly, pursing her lips.

Kiley only gives Kaede a brief, short look, as if to check the other woman's reaction but then her gaze quickly drops to her hands before fetching the book she left on her cot. The book is opened but not to her previous place as fingers play over the pages in an attempt to keep her mind distracted from previous thoughts. And it is only when Ryeokie is moving by her cot does she seem to settle and relax. A thankful smile is given to the starcrafter for his words to the holder and a deep breath is drawn. She is completely unaware of Pyriel's gaze as he watches her and assesses her reaction, instead, she does offer Ryeokie a spot on her cot to sit. "Thanks Ryeo." Comes finally, her voice surprisingly even and calm. "I'm okay." Being that Pol's question hasn't brought out the waterworks like it may have a few days ago. Such calm, however, only lasts a moment until the Holder is opening his mouth again and the woman colors considerably darker than before. The book is lifted as are her knees to make a barrier between herself and the offending person. Obviously: if she can't see him, she can't hear him and he is no longer there. Not really, but she can try.

Ryeokie relaxes for a few seconds at Kiley's thanks and the way that Kaede's dark looking goes towards Pol instead of him. But then his eyes are flashing with anger again when the younger candidate keeps going on. "Saying those kinds of things is rude too. And while I usually don't get into fights….I would like to say that I'm not exactly a weakling." There's a subtle threat slipped between his words before the starcrafter seats himself on Kiley's bed, still glaring full force over at the candidate. After a few minutes he turns away, looking over the techcrafter's shoulder at the book. "Is this the same book from the other day?"

Pyriel his shaking his head and grumbling softly against Kaede, his arms lifelessly hung at his sides. Not really about anything in particular that the female harper might understand, just general grumpiness at this point. Soft soft hair to be found at the back of the Py's neck, baby fine even just as much as the rest of it, though there is a slightly more down quality to be found where Kaede's fingers find themselves. Maybe this camaraderie between the two is harper related, or because this girl happened to be his first. Either way, they were obviously closer than some. It wasn't a sexual powered relationship, whatever it was. That was for sure. Eventually he turns his head and just drifts along on the safe harbor of Kaede's presence. All this coming out of the Ryeokie lovin' closet was exhausting, and still no less frightening for him then it was when he'd stormed in so determined to just be done with the whole business. At least of hiding his feelings in regard to the starcrafter. Loosely he hooks his fingers into Kaede's clothing at her waist, nothing inappropriate for a candidate, merely clinging to his life preserver a bit. He quietly observes the interaction between Ryeokie and Aqueepoli for a time, though eventually he sits up still close and finger hung on Kaede, and lifts his chin towards them. "Pol, ain't worth it man. Let it go." he offers, not sounding particularly concerned with the situation as it had not yet spun out of control.

Aqueepoli simply rolls his eyes to the ceiling at all this 'rude' talk. "Far-freaking-ranth. Are you one of those obnoxious types? All gentlemanly and crap?" Cue the fake gagging from the holder-turned-candidate. "Real girls don't like that bull. They want men to be men! To rip off their shirts and grunt and scratch themselves. Lemme tell you, I know. I've been around the hold quite a few times," He's grinning once more, punching his fists into the air with mock ferocity. All in good fun. "Hey, man, never said you were a weakling." Pyriel gets a look at this, since he's one of the more badass skinny guys that Aqueepoli knows. "But I ain't gonna stop saying what I wanna say, jus' cause you are all moral and crap. Man, seriously. This Weyrlife is more Hold-like than I thought." Frowning now, Aqueepoli sits himself back on his cot, thinking over his current situation. "Bah." Eyes close for a few moments, if only to try to assimilate all that has just occurred.

Kiley peeks from behind the book over to Pyriel and Kaede and a brow lifts before she's allowing the book to drop and she casts Pol a look, "I like it better seeming as a Hold than a Weyr. It is far better than the stories that were told about it." Aside for a certain few facts that did happen to her, she was content with living here. She then turns full attention to Ryeo and smiles brightly, giving a shake of her head to his question. "It is a new one.. But this one doesn't really have anything to do with computers."

Kaede has a cling-on Pyriel, it seems, and the female half of the harper duo is shifting and squirming a bit to try and get comfortable as she's held, soothing him awkwardly as she lays with him, one hand gently rubbing his back as she looks at the others, looking for some sort of help, perhaps. As he continues to cling, she shifts with him, glancing from Pol to Ryeo to the boy clinging to her, she frowns a little. "Please don't fight.." She murmurs softly.

The starcrafter simply shrugs, sending a smile over to Kaede and shaking his head. "Don't wory, we won't." As quick as that anger had appeared, it seemed that it was gone. There's a quick glance over at the harper boy before he raises an eyebrow. He would help….but that might make it worse. So he turns his attention back to Kiley. "It isn't? What kind of book is it this time?"

A brow lifts at Aqueepoli, though the questions he asks actually cause Pyriel to hold back a laugh. He wasn't going to spoil Ryeokie's two face bastardly ways, not if he wanted to stay under the radar for a while longer. Choking back laughter, the boy harper coughs a few times and shakes his head at the holder lad. Not that he wouldn't put himself between Pol and Ryeo if he had to, and Pol did not want that. He seriously did not. Satisfied when his bro over there chills out and lays down to try and comprehend the evening's occurrences, Pyriel gaze slides over Ryeokie and Kiley for a while, back and forth, but eventually loses interest in the book talk. Bleh. Boring. He leaves them to it. He releases Kaede of course, but turns and reclines back against her once she gets comfortable and just hangs out there. Yep, for Kaede is comfy.

With the tension seeming to be draining out of the room at a quick rate, Aqueepoli gets comfortable on his cot and lets out a jaw-cracking yawn. "Pfffft, ya dun know wha'cha talking 'bout." He throws back the covers and fluffs his own pillow back up. "I wanted the Weyr to be 'zactly like the stories we heard at the hold. All crazy sex, and horny women and naked people all over the place. That's what I was told. Women here are even more hoity-toity than the ones back home." This seems to be a continuous complaint poor Pol is obsessing over. Taking a page from Pyriel's book, Aqueepoli becomes sullen and grumpy and flomps back and throws the bedding over his entire body. "Y'all keep it down, cuz I need my beauty sleep." That said, his eyes are closed and he's out for the count.

Kiley doesn't join the sentiments about not fighting, if only because they should know better what with the rules and all. She gives the starcrafter another smile before she looks to the book and laughs softly. It isn't. It's just a few stories. The computer crafter notes with thoughtful smile as she closes the book to hand it over towards the starcrafter. Pol earns a slight look for his response but there is no verbal comment from the woman.

Kiley doesn't join the sentiments about not fighting, if only because they should know better what with the rules and all. She gives the starcrafter another smile before she looks to the book and laughs softly. "It isn't. It's just a few stories." The computer crafter notes with thoughtful smile as she closes the book to hand it over towards the starcrafter. Pol earns a slight look for his response but there is no verbal comment from the woman.

"Find a greenrider?" Kaede offers oh so helpfully to Pol, even as she leans back against the wall, arranging herself lightly, arms draped idly over Py's shoulders as he leans back, settling down to relax for the rest of the evening, reading forgotten.

Ryeokie takes the book, laying down on his back and flipping through the pages, "It looks pretty interesting. Lend it to me when you're done?" He hands it back to her with a smile and puts his hand behind his head as he stares up at the ceiling. "I'm still waiting on those computer lessons. Maybe we can fit some in when we have a day off. I've been working on a few more charts."

Pyriel pffts at what Kaede says to Pol about greenriders, just letting the holder boy do his thing over there. Kaede knew how the blond boy felt about those, so he doesn't bother interjecting his own opinion at this time. There really was no use putting the beat down on his fellow fifteen turn old, the kid was doing that plenty for himself. Then Aqueepoli is sleeping, and the barracks are once more serene and drama free, for the time being at least. As for Py? He's completely cool with chillaxin' with the harper lass, and quietly listening to Ryeokie and Kiley talk about books. Though too much of that and he'd fall asleep against his warm and soft companion.

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