I'll Think About It

Xanadu Weyr – Clearing


A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

It is very early on a chill spring morning, the sun just peeking over the horizon. A sleepy Weyr is astir with the few earliest risers. Thea is among them, walking through the Clearing looking rather somber today. It doesn't look like the goldie has had any sleep, not that she is a mess or anything like that. She's just a bit drawn about the eyes. She's walking aimlessly for once, not really seeming to have a purpose. Unusual for her. Dressed in Flight leathers, her hands shoved into her jacket pockets. She keeps to the edges of the trees, kicking at tufts of grasses once in awhile, her eyes downcast and she's not really watching where she's going.

Very early is the best time to snag breakfast if you'd rather not sit in the middle of hundreds of fellow Weyr residents. Enkavir apparently did just that, and now he's ducking back out into the clearing balancing a plate on one splayed hand as he ambles into the pale light. He pops a grape into his mouth as he takes up a spot of cliffside, leaning back against the rock with one foot propped up behind him. He's focused on his food, a bit bleary with sleep, and for once doesn't notice Thea's circuit around the edge of the trees.

Early is not D'had's favorite times, but then there are morning sweeps to do whether he likes it or not. Thankfully though his shift is over and there's a little blue speck in the morning sky that grows quickly larger as a dragon spirals down towards the clearing.

Thea draws nearer to the Caverns, pausing to pick up a twig. She leans against the trunk of a nearby tree and studies that stick like it's the most interesting thing. Her fingers begin snapping it into tiny little pieces as she intently watches the bits fall. Her mind is up in the stars, however, rather than here on Pern.

Enkavir nibbles on what looks like a meatroll but is filled with scrambled eggs, ham, and peppers. Even the tasty breakfast treat isn't enough to keep him from hearing those tiny snapping sounds and he lifts eyes that are on the green side of hazel today, only to find Thea. "Oh, hey." He pushes up off the wall and heads her way, but the smile that naturally springs to his lips fades as his eyes remain on her. "Morning, hon." He says as he nears her, but the tone is questioning even if the words are not.

Blue speck, turns to blue dragon who pull up last minute to backwinging to land just outside the entrance to the caverns. Its almost before he's completely grounded that his rider is swinging over the side to hop down to the ground himself, goggles and helmet quickly removed.

Thea looks up with eyes that have gone a flat, dull sage, "Oh. Hi." She adds a pale smile to that wan greeting. "Sleep any?" It's a dull question, really just something to say. Her eyes flicker towards the Clearing's center to watch Siebith land. Her fingers snap the last bit of twig and she tosses the remaining end away, bushes her fingers together and shoves her hands back into her pockets.

Enkavir follows Thea's dull eyes over his shoulder, and watches Siebith land with far more attention than such a commonplace occurrence would normally warrant. "A little, not much," he admits quickly but in a soft tone of voice. Hazel eyes slide back to twigs and pockets and a frown drifts down over his brow. "What's… no, I know what's wrong and we should probably talk, at some point." For now though, D'had is there and it's not really conducive to a nice long conversation (argument). He musters a hint of a polite smile and raises a hand to the bluerider as he hits the ground. "Morning, Wingleader."

"Morning," D'had replies, tossing a wave towards the pair after tucking gear into a travel bag on Siebith's straps. It might be early, but he's still charismatic as ever when he sends a wink Thea's way as he draws towards them. "Wouldn't have expected you out so early," he notes of both.

Liya steps out from doors leading into the hatching arena with an audible exhale, her footsteps somewhat slow as she reaches up to rub somewhat tired looking eyes. A squak comes from her shoulder, where a small, but overly irritated-looking firelizard perches, bristling and shifting from foot to foot as she stares holes into Liya's face. Liya's brows knit, shaking her head slightly as she continues her pace, her lips setting into a slightly strained frown.

Thea's lips twitch, the corners barely turn up as D'had winks in spite of her current mood, the tiniest bit of merriment spark in her eyes. A spark that dies right back out as they slide back to Enkavir's. "Never went to bed." She answers D'had, short in words, but her voice is pleasant when she addresses him. She barely notices anything else, but Liya's lizard squawks and she offers a pleasant, "Morning." Back to Enkavir, dull-voiced again and her lips have formed a flat, unhappy line, "I have nothing to say. If you want to talk, I'll listen."

Thea's smile, that sparkle in her eye at D'had's wink has Enkavir bristling almost as much as Liya's firelizard. His back straightens, shoulders drawing back and brows furrowing into a frown. "You have nothing to say." He states it flatly. "You don't…" but then there's the realization that D'had is still standing there, and his lips simply press into a firm line as he crosses his arms over his chest. "I like getting up early," he mumbles.

D'had ahhs, nodding quietly as a glance goes between the two. "Something troubling you that's keeping you up?" he asks in address to Thea given Enkair's reaction to his presence he'll just avoid that one for now.

Thea nods solemnly to Enkavir, her voice as flat as his, "I say too much apparently, so, no I don't. I repeat, if you have anything you want to say, I will listen. Without running away." The way she emphasizes those last two words, might be a significant clue. She shakes it off, whatever 'it' is, and smiles easily in response to D'had with a casual hand-flip, "Oh, you know, just couldn't sleep." She's breezy, nonchalant, changes the subject, "How were sweeps D'had? It's a fine morning." She inhales the air, "I'm so glad it's spring. How's Siebith this morning?"

Enkavir takes a slow inhalation through his nose, and where his fingers rest on the opposite arm they clench until his own motion makes him wince. He marshals his features, brings carefully polite neutrality to the fore, and simply nods to Thea. "I do have things to say but obviously this isn't the place. We can talk later." His eyes dart to D'had, suggesting the facade is for the bluerider's benefit, and Enkavir turns to include the man more fully in the conversation. "Yeah, how are you and Siebeith?" Subject change, thanks.

D'had nods again. He has a feeling there's more to that, but he'll not push the issue right now. "Nice morning," he agrees, "Sweeps were thankfully uneventful. Siebith is…" there's a glance over his shoulder for the blue, and he trails off when the dragon stretches out his neck towards Enkavir and Thea. Its an action that earns an annoyed swat from the rider. "Oh, leave them alone will you."

Tamasth opens an eye. Siebith is torturing people now? A quick glance around tells him that his new chew-toy-candie isn't the subject of the blue's torture, but he doesn't fall back asleep. Now, he's just curious.

Thea utters a soft protest, "Aw, D'had, he's all right. Poor Siebith, he just wants to say hi, don't you boy?" She reaches a hand past Enkavir towards the blue, a bright smile for both Rider and dragon and a chipper tone in her voice, "Uneventful is good." She murmurs a soft, expressionless, "Fine. I'll listen," in Enkavir's direction through the corner of nearly-closed lips and a flash of stubbornly-glinting eyes.

"Uneventful is good in this case," Enkavir allows with at least a bit more ease. His arms remain crossed though, and as Siebith stretches near he just raises a brow. "Curious? Overly friendly?" He tries to finish D'had's sentence but there's at least a tinge of amusement in both tone and eyes. It's not the blue's fault D'had isn't Enkavir's favorite. In the end he gives Siebith a little flip of a wave and a nod, then he flicks a glance at Thea, but for now lets it rest.

Siebith softly rumbles his appreciation for Thea's attention, nuzzling her hand though his blue-green eyes are set on Enkavir. "He's a pain in my butt, that's what he is," D'had replies for the recordskeeper. "Wanted to catch up with you later," he note, nodding towards Thea as he ducks over a step and out of the way of the blue's reach. "But yeah, in sweeps uneventful ain't so bad."

Tamasth grumbles softly. He sincerely needs to talk to his girl about letting him play with more than just Ruzel and Ro. Now, that Siebith has one of those gold women loving on him. He flops over melodramatically. Poor, poor, pitiful Tamasth. His eye remains on the archway to the cavern, knowing his girl would give him grief for being so pathetic.

Thea pats Siebeth, talking to the blue, "Next time he swats you, tell Seryth. I'll have her eat him." She manages a tiny grin and tosses a slight wink towards D'had, ignoring Enkavir for the moment. "Catch up with me? For what, D'had?" Curiosity is her tone and nothing else. She blows a kiss towards the rumbling Tamasth, since he's not within arm's reach.

Enkavir tsks softly, though one corner of his mouth lifts in a lopsided grin. "Poor guy. He picked you and all he gets in return are insults." But Kav's heart isn't in the teasing, and the grin quickly fades back to nothing. The sound of a blue body hitting the dirt has him blinking and shooting a sidelong glance over at Tamasth, and a frown darts over his features. "Is that one alright?" Aaaaand he's being ignored. His eyes dart to Thea and his careful expression slides to disbelief before he can pull it back to blankness. He scuffs a foot along the dirt, raising a little cloud of dust as he is reduced to listening to Thea and /D'had/ converse.

D'had lifts a hand to wave it off as nothing that can't wait til later. "Just some things," he replies to Thea's question both he and Siebith turning a glance towards the other blue. "Think he's just jealous," he chuckles. As for his own blue, Siebith's attention doesn't linger long on the other, rather he turns back to send a snort towards Enkavir.

Tamasth lifts his head a little. He got a kiss blowed at him, and that's done wonders for his self-pity. He snorts darkly at D'had. True or not.. ok.. well, yeah, truth hurts.

Oh-ho-kaaaay. Not getting much from either man, Thea now takes a half-step away, "You two seem to communicate on a level I cannot, so have at it, please. Don't let me stop you." Slight sarcasm in her tone, although she does slide a bit of an apologetic look towards D'had. She'll just step over here and say hello to Tamasth. She turns her back on the uncommunicative ones, bends and reaches a hand out to the other blue, "Good morning, Love how are you?"

Enkavir is used to the enormous head of Seryth looming over him so he doesn't shy away from Siebith. Instead he reaches out for him, the gesture a bit too hesitant to be anything but awkward. "Uh, h'lo there Siebith." He offers a faint smile and gives the blue a little pat on the muzzle. He blinks as Thea walks away and his frown returns with a vengeance. "Maybe /I/ should leave so the two of /you/ can talk. About whatever it is."

Tamasth lifts his head to meet Thea's hand. Wow.. that was a lot easier than he thought it would be. He croons pleasantly enough to her. Yes, he knows the rules about always being polite to the weyrwomen and not doing anything to hurt them. Of course, it's not just Cir's explicit instructions keeping him quiet and mindful this time but the fear of Seryth. It's a well known fact that golds /eat/ blues who molest their riders. Besides, she's nice and pretty and such, so she'll be spared from having to go for a swim.. for now…

Seryth senses that Siebith's loud cocky tones are backgrounded with the wash of ocean waves as he reaches out to touch Seryth's mind. « This boy that belongs to yours, he likes to fly? »

Seryth projects to Siebith in dancing raindrops that beat a gleeful tune, « Sometimes he does, when he's not afraid of mine. »

Siebith lowers his head to give Enkavir a bump to the chest for that awkward motion. D'had sends a glance after Thea, but he's not saying anything to stop her, rather his attention returns to the man in a hard gaze. "I ain't staying," he notes, "Was just saying mornin' an being polite." Until Siebith butted in is the bit that's unsaid but by a glance towards his blue. "No."

Thea is mid-pat on Tamasth's muzzle when Enkavir speaks. She peeks over her shoulder at him with a blink, straightens and asks with a bit of surprise, "Just what is -that- supposed to mean?" There's a bit of snap to the sparkle in her eyes and her lips are pressed into a line once again. Siebith's nudge to Enkavir's chest barely registers with her. Her chin is up and there's a calm ice to her tone, "Don't hint, Enkavir, let's hear it."

Seryth senses that Siebith ponders on this idea, a rolling chuckle of amusement mingling with his crashing waves. « Flying with you is not the same as flying with me. »

Seryth projects to Siebith her mindvoice swirls with the scent of rain-fresh forests and rising fog, questioning, « Why would he want to fly with you and the one who calls mine cupcake? »

"It's not supposed to /mean/ anything. D'had here wanted to talk to you about something, he said so. Clearly neither of you have anything to say to /me/," he shoots D'had a flat little look for the 'polite' comment but doesn't say anything. "So maybe I should go, so it's less-" Cue blue nose right in his chest, and he lets out a little puff of an airy grunt. He blinks, taking a little step back and arching a brow. "Less awkward," he finishes absently. Then he turns a quizzical look at D'had. "No, what?"

Tamasth is enjoying his pat when Thea seems to get all upset sounding. Ok, if he's no allowed to upset, hurt, molest or otherwise mess up a gold lady, neither is anyone else. He rumbles in annoyance at Enkavir, and that tail of his starts whipping in the grasses.

D'had glances between Thea and Enkavir. He's not getting in the middle of this. Not his fight for all he seems to come between them at times. "Just no," he turns a bit of a scowl on the younger man for his question, Siebith bumping him again when he tries to step back.

Siebith projects to Seryth, « Because I am the best flyer in all Pern. That is why. And he can't agree if he hasn't flown. »

Seryth projects to Siebith with the laughter of drops on a lake in her words, « Mine thinks he won't sit so close to yours anywhere, even on you, but she said…» the beat slows with thoughtful contemplation, «Yours could offer mine a ride? And then he might go? »

"Oh." Thea says it in a small-voiced little rush of deflating ire. "Well, neither of you were really saying much to me either." She waves a hand, "You stay. I'll go." She turns and shoves her hands into her jacket pockets and heads off, head down. She is only a few steps away when she jerks to a stop, turns and just blinks at Siebith. She whips back around and starts snickering softly to herself. Keeping her back turned still. Yes. Better that way.

Tamasth sighs. Well, now Enkavir's done it. The nice gold lady stopped patting and is leaving him loveless once more. But at least she spared some attention on him, and that's sated him for now. He grumbles at Enkavir again, but the threat is gone as his third eyelid clouds the brilliant display of color in his eyes soon before his other eyelids close shut.

Enkavir glances over at the tail-whipping blue and a frown begins - he turns to face D'had and it turns into a scowl to match the bluerider's. "Oh, well that's terribly helpful." Another nudge and he tries patting Siebith's head, attempts a scratch of an eyeridge. "What does he /want/?" There's confusion and irritation as he looks from D'had to the snickering form of Thea's back. "What?"

D'had rolls his eyes. "He won't tell me," he snaps, though the words of his annoyance are directed towards the blue more than the recordskeeper. "I told you to leave him alone," he grumbles towards the blue, then to Enkavir, "Just give him a shove." But then he too is glancing towards Thea and her snickering. "Hey," he tosses the word towards her leaving off any customary petname for the goldrider "Wanna go for a ride?"

For a moment Thea remains right where she is, then turns back slowly, her face carefully neutral, "Um." She appears to be considering it. She steps closer, sliding Enkavir an unreadable look, before looking at D'had with what might look like caution, and observes carefully, "That's an unusual offer." Her lips tremble and she presses them between her teeth for a moment to still them before simply shrugging helplessly, "I… guess…so?" She doesn't really look at any of them, especially not at Siebith.

"He's a dragon, I am not going to just /shove him/ out of my way. That might be the sort of thing you'd do, but not me." Enkavir tips his head, eyeing Siebith speculatively and running a palm down his jaw. "I don't know /what/ you want but if you don't tell D'had we're not going to get anywhere, man." He's torn out of his one-sided dragon conversation by D'had's offer, and his mouth flies open to say no when Thea's acceptance comes out of her mouth. "You /guess so/? Thea, are you serious?" He scrubs a hand through his hair, tugging a lock out of his eyes before spreading his hands palm up, a gesture almost of defeat. "Go wherever you want but please…" his gaze flits to D'had and he just shakes his head, turns to walk away without finishing the sentence.

D'had looks to Thea for her answer, but when Enkavir opens his mouth again his dark eyes are flashing towards the man. "This is /his/ doing," he points out doing just that and pointing towards Siebith, only to continue on his rant, mild as it is, "Don't you walk away from me, you're going too." Beat. "Say what?" He didn't just say that did he?

Thea isn't looking too pleased herself, though likely neither of them can see her face with her hair tumbled about her face as she just stands there with her head down. As Enkavir starts talking to Siebith, she remains immobile, but when he says 'go where ever you want to' her head snaps up. He's walking away and she flashes D'had a look of anguish, "I…can't. I'm sorry." She's backing away, then turns and runs past Enkavir and into the forest.

Enkavir stops in midstep as D'had makes that surprising announcement, apparently as surprising to D'had himself as to Enkavir. His foot, halfway raised, slowly drops back to the ground and he turns, shoving his hands into his pockets. "And now why exactly would I do that?" It's a bit cocky his tone, his lips twisted into something that's nearly a sneer. "I wouldn't want to be the thir-" He breaks off as Thea goes dashing into the forest, his hands coming out to reach for her as if at this distance he could snag her in mid-flight. "Thea! Don't…" but he lets her go at least for the moment, dragging hands through his hair and swearing creatively under his breath. "Shells," he ends with a growl. "What is going on D'had? Out with it so I can go try and salvage what's left of my relationship, yeah?"

D'had carries that distanced look as he argues with Siebith, and yes. His arguing, unlike many riders, is outloud. "You think," he's apparently interrupted, "And that's what this is all about?" Annoyance with the blue is clear. "You want to make sure he's right for the sands." Grumble, mutter. Yes, there's creative swearing on his part as well. "And you couldn't have just said that??"

Seryth senses that Siebith's deep ocean currents wash his noisiness over, « I am to apologize for upsetting yours. » A thing he apparently doesn't think he should have to do.

Seryth projects to Siebith with a cool mist swirling about the words, « You are not to blame, mine lost the star she found last night. » If this makes any sense.

Enkavir's expression wavers between the harsh lines of barely controlled irritation and near anguish as his eyes slide from D'had to the forest where Thea disappeared. He has little patience for the argument, out loud or otherwise, but when the bit about the sands comes out it brings him up short. Or at least, when what D'had just said sinks in, it does. "The sands? As in… /the/ sands? Of all the sharding-" He breaks off, tossing his hands in the air. "No. No, no way no how. You know what you can do with your thoughts on my suitability for the sands?" Doubtless his suggestion would be colorful enough to get him in big trouble for speaking that way to a Wingleader, but he just scowls and turns to follow Thea. A step is all he takes and he stops, dropping his head and taking a deep breath. "Is that what it's about, D'had? Is it really?"

D'had rolls his eyes at the blue, turning after Enkavir and about to say something when the man turns back. "Ain't up to me," he replies, "That's what he says," a nod directed towards Siebith as to who the 'he' there is. "Thinks you'd be good to stand, but if you want to.. that's up to you."

At his sides, Enkavir's hands clench into fists. He takes another steadying breath, the counting to 10 in your head so you don't go off half-cocked kind of breath. He's utterly still except for little tremoring squeezes of those fisted hands, and when he turns back to D'had, he's gotten his expression back to the blank canvas he prefers. "Thank you for asking, Siebith." It's addressed to the blue himself, not the rider, before hazel eyes meet brown. "Can I have a few days to think it over? I know it's an honor, but I'm not sure it's something…" he trails off. Not the sort of thing he wants to go into with D'had of all people. "Anyway, is that allowed? I'll come back, let you know."

D'had nods. Siebith snorts. "Ain't my place to answer for you. Take what you need. That's why we ask." Though if Siebith had is way there would be no other answer than an indefinite yes. "Ain't gonna offend me any by saying no."

Enkavir eyes Siebith and has the grace to give the dragon an apologetic smile, though it's a pale ghost that drifts over his mouth and is gone. "I'm not saying no. Not yet anyhow. Changing your life isn't something to be entered into /or/ refused too lightly." His hair gets shoved around in vain, a nervous habit that does little to right the messy locks. "I need to think about it. That's my answer. But thanks for giving me the chance to answer and not just telling Siebith no." He inclines his head, offers a rueful sort of grin, and starts to head off after Thea.

Seryth senses that Siebith seems confused by this thought. « The stars will come back. » There's a long silence that follows, but when Siebith's presence returns its in a gentler way than usual, « Mine wishes to speak to yours. Later though. When she is less… as she is now. »

Seryth projects to Siebith after a long pause before the answer comes, a faint curtain of receding rain « It was a special star, she cannot find it » a wisp of cloud « I will tell her. »

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