In between Fort's Clutching and the Feast

~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Galleries ~~*~~

The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded lanterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

Skyler grins a little "Nine, it's a special number. Three's a good number. Very steady." he grins a little more and then nods. He then notices people starting to leave and he looks a little unsure. He looks around for Harmond, but doesn't see the journeyman anywhere. Now what?

Kera loses track of time cause before she realizes it, the last egg is being tended and the clutchparents are settling down by their colorful mound of future dragons. The galleries begin to empty and Kera turns to herding the apprentices she brought. Urging little Polgara to her shoulder and waving the trio of younger healer over "Time to head back to studies.." Or feasting, who knows what will happen between here and there.

Abigail shifts and is up and moving, to follow the rest. There is a pause though as she catches sight of Hazelon and offers him a soft smile. "Hello Hazelon. Are ye going to the feast?" This is questioned curiously while looking to the others as they are heading out.

c-rus makes his way into the gallery area. He had heard the eggs were being laid and figured he'd come take a look. He's been 'lingering' around Fort over the last few days and has even been being sociable…more or less. He immediately spots Kera and a wide smile crosses his face. He wasn't expecting to see her here, but couldn't be more pleased if the look on his face shows anything, "Kera!" he calls out as he makes his way her direction.

Hazelon's gaze snaps away from those buried eggs when someone speaks his name. Noting who has spoken he jumps to his feet, shifting as if he has been caught doing something which he really shouldn't be doing. "Yes, ma'am. Mayhap just for a bit. If… no one else is mindin'."

Abigail nods to Hazelon. "Of course, yer welcome to come. Everyone is after all." She smiles and gives his shoulder a light pat before she moves to pass him and head down the steps. "I count on seeing ye there." Is said back to the teen.

Hazelon's gaze moves up to meet Abigail's, unreadable for just a moment. Then a slight smile in return to hers, as well as the pat. When she moves past Hazelon doesn't return to his seat. The eggs are given another look. What was it that goldrider had said? At least once? No. The inward thought turns to a very outward shake of his head. Turning his back on those eggs he follows Abigail down the steps, though not too close.

Skyler gathers up his jacket and after hearing the comments about food and feasting he figures he'll find Harmond there and so the small lad makes his way down the stairs and follows the crowd.

Kera smirks at the whining and grumbling from the younger healers as they try to convince her to let them stay for 'some' of the feasting. Pretending to think it over some, before finally conceding with an amused eye roll. "Fine. But no trouble.." A mock scolding fingers before the group rushes out. Hearing her name, she spots the Journeyhealer gestures for him to keep his voice low. Heading towards the exit where the man is "Hi Cyrus." Gesturing back to the sands "You missed it." Though, she does seem surprised to see him there now that she thinks about it.

Sairon is late. Figures. Dressed like he was just halfway up a really cold mountain, which given him could very much have been the case, the young man is wheezing up a storm by the time he's finally up the stairs to the gallery. "…I…shards…" He wheezes with his hands on his knees. "..missed it…" There's another grumbled expletive before he straightens himself up, squinting to see that Cyrus isn't too far ahead - the only recognizable face.

Cyrus gives a passing glance to the apparent young healers that his apprentice has in tow, but they are quickly forgotten as his attention once more drifts back to Kera. He stands in front of her and continues to smile widely. He gives a little shrug of his shoulders, "I didn't really hear about it until it was too late apparently." he explains. Nothing to be done about it, you hear about things when you hear about them, "I'm really happy to see you." he adds, there will be time later to ask her what exactly she is doing here, other than watching eggs being laid of course, "How are you?" he adds. Cyrus hears a familiar voice and glances over his shoulder to Sairon and gives him a quick wave of his hand.

Kera grins at the older healer, her gaze slipping back towards the younger ones' backs as they vanish through the doorway. "It's good to see you as well Cyrus." Canting her head a bit as she reaches up to loosen the too smug lizard tail easing around her neck. "I was at the Hall when Moncerath told me the something was happening at the Weyr. So I brought a few of the first turn apprentices to watch." A quick gestures down towards the sands "Nine of them.. well, harder to see now with all that sand, plus two dragons wrapped about them. Hearing a voice nearer the entrance, the crouched over young man is given a wave. "You can probably see some from the railing now that most are off feasting."

"Pah." Sairon mutters with a huff of breath and pulls off his heavy outer coat in the heat of the cavern. "Nine, eh?" He moves over to the railing to rest his arms on it after laying his coat over it. "Looks like a good group, unified… I've seen clutches that'd make your eyes bleed they're so crazy looking." He passes a glance over his shoulder towards Cyrus, "So you came to take a look too, eh? Ain't it somethin? To think those little eggs have dragons."

"If I would have known you were there I would have met you when you arrived." Cyrus says to her. He moves to her side and stands there, not really at all sure what he should be doing with himself. He first crosses his arms across his chest and then lowers them, and then sticks his hands in his pockets. Yes pockets are useful for things like that. Aegnor, who is resting in his pouch, pokes his head out to take a look at Polgara…offering her a little trill before he settles himself back comfortably. When Kera motions to the eggs he shifts a bit to take a quick gander over the railing to take a look at the aforementioned eggs. He nods his head before pivoting on his feet to once against stand beside Kera. As Sairon speaks he nods his head, "That they do." he says in response to his comment about eggs having dragons, "Sairon this is Kera.." he says as he motions to the woman standing at his side and then to Kera, "This is Sairon…"

Kera steps out of the way so Sairon can move past towards the railing. Her shimmery Polgara chittering back, responding to the still small bronze. Not to be left out, her brown wings down from the upper rafters and makes his presence known. Kera relents to let him settle on her other shoulder, his knobby head dipping to croon a greeting to the small queen lizard. Chuckling a bit, she nods agreeable about some crazy looking eggs "They were quite pretty, most at least, before…." She pauses, looking distracted for a few seconds, perhaps a name being supplied from her dragonmate, before carrying on. "…Velokraeth covered them over." When Cyrus makes introductions, she offers a friendly smile and dip of her head "Nice to meet you Sairon. As Cyrus said, I'm Kera. Sr. Apprentice and Moncerath's little healer." A quick glance towards the exit then the late arrivals. "Speaking of apprentices, I've just let three from the Hall loose on Fort Weyr." An amused laugh at that "Hopefully, they won't blow anything up."

Sairon raises up a hand to wiggle fingers towards Kera as she offers her greetings, a lopsided grin finding its way onto his face. "Ah! Meetcha at last. Heard a lot about you - only the good things, of course. Name's Sairon, born of eastern's junior Saisri and bronzerider B'rm, both now retired. Good looking firelizards you got there." He takes the waving hand and jerks a thumb to Cyrus. "Been keeping an eye on him. He's doin' good around here for a Holdborn though, proud of 'im. He likes really boring suits though." A brow raises in amusement at the idea of renegade apprentices, but he remains quiet on that note.

Cyrus smiles as Kera introduces herself to his new friend, well at least accquantaince. He sort of holds his breath as Sairon speaks, and thankfully when Sairon doesn't say anything too offensive or embarrassing he lets it out, "I have been behaving myself." he says as an aside to Kera, "And I have mentioned you…a few times." Slight understatement. He smiles to Sairon and affirms, "There are only good things to be said." He keeps his hands in his pockets as he gazes rather adoringly at Kera.

Kera arches a brow at Sairon 'hearing' things about her and she cuts a glance up to Cyrus in a questioning fashion, but peers back to Sairon as he mentions the lizards. Her hand reaching up to scritch one, then the other along tiny jawlines. "Thank you. Polgara's still a baby, but Minimur's a good little fellow. Most of the time." As if sensing he's being talked about, the brown rubs his head along the Xanadu rider's cheek. A mention of a boring suit and she grins "Surely it's not /that/ boring." A glance to Cyrus, watching him seem to fidget and admit to mentioning her a few times. Looking back towards the sands briefly, maybe to hide the blush creeping over her cheeks, she chuckles and nods to Sairon, though she's grinning over her shoulder to Cyrus "Ah, so Sairon will make sure you stay out of wayward taverns huh?" Sairon DID admit to keeping an eye on the Journeyhealer.

Sairon utters a faint clearing of his throat and his eyes relocate themselves to somewhere other where as his fingers drum against the railing. "Well. I… somehow doubt I'll be seeing him walk willingly into any. I personally try not to judge a person or tell 'em what wayward tavern to visit or no. I mean, who am I to tell someone where to go. No one, that's who. No one at all. Certainly not someone who has been known, only on occasion mind you, to visit such a wayward tavern though entirely in a legit and proper manner and most certainly not to win himself a few marks here and there."

Cyrus blinks as Kera mentions Taverns. That was only one time! "You know I don't drink." he says playfully to Kera. He can't help but offer an approving smile at her blush. One of his own creeps into his cheeks, but he is more than willing to show it off, "And I am getting a suit." he tells her. She'll probably have a really good idea why he is doing that. As Sairon wheels into his explanation of his own behavior, Cyrus can't help but chuckle, "Maybe I need to keep an eye on you." he says to Sairon. In that moment he takes a nice deep breath and decides to get brave and takes a hand from his pocket to hold out to Kera, hoping she'll take it, "So what happens usually after eggs are laid?"

Kera observes Sairon as he explains how he most definitely does /not/ frequent such establishments. She merely offers a smirk "Mmmhmm. You'll need to work on your delivery a bit more to make that more believable in future tellings. But a good effort." Grinning, she cants her attention back to Cyrus, nodding that's he's getting a suit. When he questions what happens when eggs arrive, she smiles, reaching down to take the offered hand and starts shuffling towards the entrance. "Now that the eggs are safely on the sands, there'll be feasting. Which we're all missing. 'Cept the apprentices I brought from the Hall. Hope Fort doesn't send a bill to the Hall for those three eating all the food." She gestures towards the with a tip of her head "Let's go see what the brats have left." This to both men as she is already tugging Cyrus to follow.

Cyrus smiles all the more widely when she takes his hand to begin to tug him away from the gallery. He's actually holding her hand! This is about as close to heaven as he can possibly imagine at the moment. He just gets a dreamy sort of look on his face as she explains that there is feasting going on. Ok. Another party, though he approves more of the parties that have food, "I'm sure that they won't…" he says softly, though who knows. Spiking the Hall with the bill would amuse him to no end. He just lets Kera drag him along, not even really caring where she plans on taking him as long as they are together. He gives her hand a little squeeze. He sighs contentedly.

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