Loopy Weyrlings

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Having spent the last three candlemarks waxxing several large areas of the main cavern, Kera's feet drag a bit as she slips into the side infirmary entrace. Looking forward to getting some studying in, as well as getting off her feet, the apprentice makes her way towards her book satchel. Pausing along the way to wash her hands and checking in on the patients in some of the booths. All seems well for the moment thankfully, so she settles at the little sidedesk and spreads her books out. The Weyrhealer's at his desk by the front entrance, glancing up from his paperwork, he grumbles out some reprimand for her having to be off serving a punishment anyway. Kera simply turns her gaze back to her books and lowers her head with a little sigh. Well, at least she can spend the rest of the day with her books.

Not likely. Because into the Infirmary comes a /plethora/ of people. Weyrlings, Weyrlingmasters, assistants, and even the Senior Weyrwoman tromp in en-masse, and Healers are called swiftly to approach and assess. The problem? "They were breathing sharding mushroom smoke," one of the older riders mutters to a Healer, while the Weyrlings each deal with their crash in their own way. Mur'dah just looks confused and sad, holding onto Thea's arm to keep himself upright, occasionally glancing around and muttering to himself about 'happy' and 'hungry'.

Soriana is focusing as she's brought in here. She's focusing so very, very hard. So very hard on … wait. This is what she was focusing on. "Infirmary!" So she declares, briefly happy once again. She made it! Yay. Now she's going to… to… uh… what was she going to do now? She was focusing on things. Infirmary things. Okay. So… ooh. Look at that. There's a tray with some instruments on it. Like a pair of forceps! They're metal, and… they're SHINY. So shiny. So she weaves her way over toward them, with a small smile. She wants to look at the shiny now.

Ka'el has been herded in my V'dim, though the eldest of the weyrlings needn't much help from the aged weyrlingmaster other than a few corrects when his feet began to veer off the path to the infirmary. His mind is mush of thoughts that have no business blending together. From cake to hugs to weyrs and hugs, sorting them all out will take some doing. Luckily for him, his swimming brain is set on only one: hugs. Or, in his case, a lack thereof. His eyes flit dejectedly to the senior Weyrwoman before he's ushered to sit down somewhere. And he's going. Very. Slowly. Like each footstep weighs hundreds of pounds. At this rate, he'll get there…sometime next sevenday.

Idrissa like the other gets a 'helpful' hand as it were to find the Infirmary, which well is a good thing seeing how she is a bit more stumbly at the moment then the start of the dreaded march towards this place. She pauses at the entrance, peering inside there are memories there, cloudy ones that keep popping up in her mind like balloons as she remembers here. With a push forward she half hops, half stumbles inwards and is soon settling upon a cot with a slight oof escaping her.

Kera looks up quickly at the sudden commotion from the front. Marking her place, she closes the book and hurries over to assist the Weyrhealer, who is also rising to his feet and taking in the weyrlings being brought in. "Alright, get them settled into a cot." He steps closer to the Weyrwoman and the young man she is assisting. Kera however spots Mur'dah and her eyes widen briefly before narrowing on the Weyrling. Two seperate punishments already, now she must endure a third. Him. Since the Weyrhealer is helping settle him, the apprentice instead moves towards a weyrling she knows. Soriana, who seems about to mess up her perfectly arranged equipment tray. Kera hurries her steps to slide the tray out of the oddly behaving Weyrling's reach. Peering around towards the others briefly she looks back towards one of those assisting the loopy Weyrlings. "What happen to them?"

Mur'dah stares vacantly at the Weyrhealer, assisted to a cot where his vitals can be taken. And as he's being moved he catches sight of Kera and lifts a hand to POINT at her. "Not the mint! Not the MINT!" he yells, trying to make a run for it. However, it's like he's running in water, sluggish and awkward and slow, and he only gets two steps before two healers are upon him, wrestling him back to the cot.

Yes. So shiny. Soriana reaches out to grab a pair of forceps before Kera can take them away. The motion has a surprising speed, at odds with the dazed appearance of the rest of her movements and perhaps helped by Mur'dah's freakout causing a distraction. Hers! Her forceps. They're good. They're "…medical." That's what you do in infirmaries. Medical… stuff. So she gives those forceps a sly, conspiritorial smile, bringing them in to cradle them against her chest. You and her, forceps. You and her will go … places, and do … things. At the moment, she's not really sure what, but that's okay. It'll be okay now.

Ka'el eventually does get to his cot, thanks to the helpful hands of an assistant who hurries the slow motion weyrling along. And he's sat down. There's not much resistance from him, even though the simple action of going from a standing position to a sitting position feels like he just fell a mile. Woah. His eyes track the weyrwoman again before laggedly turning to a panicked Mur'dah. His eyes squint as he tries to focus on the blur of action. Running. Tackling. Winced eyes close all the way as he falls back onto his back, head to pillow with an arm curling over his eyes.

Idrissa is lost in thought once a healer is over checking on her, mind wandering on several things. She soon comes back to earth so to speak and blinks while swatting around the hands that are poking and prodding her giggling all the while. "Hey! That tickles.." Is said between giggles. The healer is not impressed to say the least. Once Rissa hears Mur'dah talking about mint she looks up and has a rather confused look across her face. "Mint.. Mint tea is good. Oh! Can I have some tea?" This questioned to the healer that just eyes her.

Kera frowns over to the disturance caused by Mur'dah, but at his cries of /not the mint/ the apprentice can't help but smirk. Ahh, how sweet. He remembers her lesson about insulting girls. Lowering her head a bit, she tries to get the smile off her face, but the weyrling's request for Mint Tea sends the apprentice into a fit of giggles. As she sets the tray aside, minus the forceps, Kera turns her attention back to Soriana. The Weyrlings' antics are observed by the Weyrhealer. He watches Sorina cradling some equipment, and Mur'dah making a run for it. Shaking his head "Alright. Help them all back into their cots and 'gently' strap them down. Can't have them injuring themselves further. Now, again, would someone be kind enough to tell me what brought this on?" He gestures to the various loopy patients.

Rotten firelizard that he is, Ruin spends a lot of time in the infirmary, basking in the aura of woe and pain this place offers. Today, however, he'd been drawn by his owner's black mood to that ramshakle fixer-upper weyr in the forest. Though owner is loosely used - he owns her instead of the other way around. There might possibly have been far too much HAPPY for him to stick around, but for Thea's distress. THAT made staying totally worth it and he's tagged along - and stayed behind in the infirmary when the Weyrwoman left. Right now it's Mur'dah who seems most miserable and so that has drawn him like a magnet. He's sprawled on the top of the shelf over his cot just soaking up the misery with a glee only the lordly bronze can muster.

Mur'dah is gently but firmly put onto his cot and, as per orders, gently strapped down. But the brownling does not like it. DO NOT WANT. He fights it, getting more agitated by the moment. Perhaps strapping him down wasn't the best idea? Wiggling and fighting, he shakes his head and goes on a rambling, unintelligible tirade with only a few discernible words like 'mint' and 'hungry' and 'crazy women' and 'oppression'. Vocabulary +1! Outside, Kalsuoth is kept down by Seryth's presence, the brown wiggling against it in a desire to get to his rider. Confused, the young dragon fights back as well, while Mur'dah does.

Strapped down? But Ka'el is being so .. inanimate! In fact, since he draped that arm over his head, he hasn't moved an inch. Did he die? That'd be … horribly awful, possibly sad. But lo, as his arm is guided off of his eyes, he squints them open, making a face. Hiissss! The light. He grumbles something unintelligible, turning his head and squeezing his eyes shut again. "Turn them down. Burns my eyes. My eyes buuuurn." He's dimly aware of his arms being secured down, though doesn't really understand what's happening to them until he tries to move them. It's a no go. Strapped. Trapped! As for what happened to them .. poor Ka'el has no answers. One minute he was visiting. The next, he was lamenting about cake.

But Soriana has the forceps now. They're hers. She's dragged over to the cot, and that part she doesn't fight, because hey. She's got the forceps, she's in the infirmary, things are medical, and it's all good. Lie back on the bed? Sure. She can do that. No problem. The straps are even fine, as they get put around her legs. All fine, up until the part where they start trying to pry the forceps away. Nooo. Her forceps. She clings to them. She's happy with them. She's here now. "But'm in the infirmary. I'm supposed to be here," she insists. "I'm s'posed to get medical. To get better. I got the medical." Her thoughts are blurry, but she's very firm on that point. Of course, she's… also rather outnumbered by burly healers and orderlies, and they uncurl her fingers and push her down to the bed for strapping down time. "…but…" No. This is not so happy now. This is not good times now. She's in the infirmary, but she's not getting medical. She's not getting medical, and she tries to struggle against the straps for a moment. It doesn't work. She can't get The Medical to fix things, and so… very quietly… she starts to cry.

Idrissa catches on that they are to be strapped down, say who in the what now? That wasn't part of the deal! She shifts back and is able to wiggles and slide right out from her cot before she is grabbed. Though she isn't making a break for it, instead she moves over to where Mur'dah is, a hand going to try and touch his arm in some attempt to calm him. "Hey.. I bet they have plenty of mint tea for everyone, just relax yeah?" Well of course he is upset; the thought of not everyone getting mint tea is a heavy blow to take after all! Though while she may be talking about mint tea there is something in the back of her mind that is telling her to try and get him to calm down. Though she won't be able to escape the healers for long.

Doesn't matter how much they struggle, the Weyrlings are restrained, gently, but restrained none the less. As the WeyrHealer moves from cot to cot, examining each patient's sight, breathing and pulse. Or he tries to at least. Some patients make the task more difficult with all the thrashing /he/ seems to be doing. Turning to his apprentice he gives her some orders. "Run to the kitchen and get juice and water." Kera nods and gives 'most' of the Weyrlings a sympathetic glance before hurring out through the side exit to the caverns. She's gone a few minutes before coming back with a huge tray of pitchers and cups. No doubt water and juice for the patients. And wasn't it just fortunate that Kera remembered one of the Weyrlings requested some Mint Tea. As she returns, might even make a point to walk by Mur'dah, not very at all and she doesn't spill a drop. What's that lovely aroma steaming through the air. Mint Tea anyone?

No Ka'el, you didn't die. Ruin would be circling over you like a vulture if that were the case! The bronze chitters in wicked pleasure at Mur'dah's flailing and then… oh joy! Tears! He launches to flutter over to Soriana and lands on her stomach, sprawls, plants his elbows and props his chin in tiny foreclaws, watching her, lapping up her mood. Bliss!

Mur'dah looks up at Idrissa with wide eyes, the paranoia setting in well and truly now. And who can blame him after all this? "Run," he whispers urgently. "Run, they're gonna strap us down and pour MINT all over us! Go, Idrissa, save…save yourself! Get…get your dog!" Yeah, he remembers something about a dog, vaguely. "That Healer over there is crazy, RUN! Ka'el…Soriana…got…get…wait. I…wait." And something confuses him and he thunks his head back down, staring glassily at the ceiling. Something was bothering him a second ago. Then he starts to fight again, against the straps. "This isn't dignified!" Outside Kalsuoth twitches, wings flaring as he pushes harder against Seryth's grounding. « Mine needs…something…help. That Healer…she is going to hurt him! »

Ka'el. Strapped. Like a mental patient! Well, currently…they all are a bit mental, aren't they? Maybe some fluids will do the trick, and luckily Kera is providing some of that. Unfortunately, when she gets to him, he'll have no way of handling the cup and drinking himself. Ka'el very slowly pries his eyes open, still squinting against the florescent lights, but at least he's no longer blind to what's going on around him. He's strapped down. Mur'dah is too. Why isn't Idrissa? "S'not fair…" he murmurs. What'd he do to deserve this? This is probably the Weyrwoman's doing. She's going to tie him down and ship him off somewhere! He's on the verge of seekign Soriana to see if she's free or tied, but the smell of mint distracts him. Ooh, here comes the drink tray! "..Is there water on that tray?"

Soriana is quiet now. She's lying there on the cot, strapped in… but it's like the straps aren't even needed anymore, because she's not trying to move. The tears just well up and drip out from the corners of her eyes as she stares at the water-blurred ceiling. The Weyrhealer comes and goes, and Soriana is as oblivious to him as she is to the fate of her fellow weyrlings. Ruin lands on her stomach, and… nope, she doesn't react. There's just more tears, big fat tears running slowly down over her face. It's glorious, if you're a firelizard with a taste for anguish. Out on the beach, Luraoth creels with the shared emotions. Where her rider is still, she becomes restless. Her motions are uncertain at first, mere twitches of tail and turns of her head. Seryth's will is strong… but so is Luraoth's, and it's not divided like that of the older gold. Slowly, the young gold begins to move with more determination. She doesn't rise far, her body low to the ground and sunken like the mood. Her wings stay against her body. She makes no attempt to fly, but she does walk, ever so slowly, toward the infirmary.

Idrissa blinks as she hears Mur'dah. "Asher doesn't even like tea.. Run?.." Is questioned with an unsure tone, worry that is now creeping into her mind and as a healer makes a grab for her she ducks down under the arm with a half squeal escaping her as she attempts to play keep away it seems. Not that it works for long, thanks mostly to the fact that she stumbles over a cot and is left sprawled out across the ground as a result. She could care less about the mint tea now, her face is sore and she is getting hauled up onto the cot she tripped over and strapped down like the others. Tahryth will not let her clutch siblings out do her while she attempts to reach her own rider in some form. The green finally woke up at her place near the corral, warbling cries escape her as she can't fully grasp what is going on in the infirmary at the moment.

Kera sets the tray on a large table and fills a couple cups of water, juice and tea each. That done, she adds straws to each, removes the pitchers from the tray, adding a large bowl of cool water and a stack of clean rags. Moving about, she turns off some of the lights before taking up the tray, Kera begins moving from cot to cot, attempting to gently swipe the cool wet rags over their faces, and assisting them in sipping some liquids. She eyes the odd lizard draped across Soriana. "Calm down Soriana, It's gonna be alright." She whispers softly, trying not to startle the weyrling. She spends a few minutes with her before stepping over to Idrissa, she frowns over to Mur'dah when she hears his comments and mutters 'Such a rude boy'. Idrissa may or may not hear as the apprentice speaks. "You asked for mint tea Weyrling?" Kera holds up a strawed cup to help her drink.

Mur'dah lifts his head and watches when Idrissa falls, and that sends him into another fit of muttering and rambling and struggling. But he can't keep it up for long and slumps, exhausted, against the cot. No more fun. He stares at the ceiling and sighs, his mind a blur and his emotions making no sense whatsoever. Shifting, he resists his bonds again and then relaxes. And outside, Kalsuoth just slumps, too big to walk between the trees and unable to fly. The brown focuses inward, focuses on his rider and tries to keep Mur'dah from doing something stupid. Which has worked /great/ so far. "I want my mom," is all that Mur'dah whispers, eyes closed and shaking his head at the offer of a drink (if one was even offered to him), looking rather queasy.

The thing about crying is, it makes the nose drip too - and, strapped in as she is, Soriana can't exactly wipe hers. Not that she'd necessarily even think of doing so, in her current condition, but. Dribbly snot. She makes her first noise in a while in the form of a sniff, which only sort of helps. It helps with the her-breathing part. It doesn't so much help with the tear-streaked dribbly-snot part. Kera's rag does more about that problem, at least for the moment. As for the words? It's questionable whether they even reach her, because at first, she just responds with more slow tears. Her thoughts are slow. They're blurred with smoke and water - not that she takes any to drink. Just as Kera starts to turn away, Soriana finally reacts… barely. A slow shake of her head, back and forth. No. Things aren't alright. Going to be? The future? What's that? Outside, Luraoth continues her ever-so-slow progress, forcing her way along until she finally reaches the infirmary. She can't fit inside, of course, but she pushes her body against the outer wall, curling (as best she can) around the entire infirmary that has her rider. Soriana… stops crying. Now she's just lying there in silence.

Ruin, the self-centered and self-gratifying firelizard, is as close to being in love as he's ever been in his life. This human girl cries! He's almost swooning because it is indeed glorious. He even cocks head and streeetches his neck out to follow the progress of those tears. And ooh SNOT. Even better! Why, he's never been so… dare we use the word? happy. Along with Luraoth, Seryth walks, crooning audibly while she also seeks to mentally comfort the gold - and all of the young dragons. She makes no attempt to stop any of them from gathering outside the infirmary and it's likely she who makes Mur'dah's request known to the Weyrwoman, for she too arrives, entering quietly, blinking at the scene before just as quietly going to sit beside her son. "I'm here Muir," she whispers. It's likely his sister isn't far away either.

Idrissa pulls and struggles as best she can against the straps, but she can't do much against them soon stops trying to escape. A faint mumble or two escaping her about something dealing with mint, and perhaps tea. Though once Kera is there offering it Rissa doesn't seem too eager for such things and turns her head away from Kera. She is not happy, which means she refuses anything they might want to give her now. Tahryth's warbling cries have stopped, and while she may not be able to fly that won't stop her from taking a trip, which is more like a lumbering one. If anything is in her way she doesn't bother to try and go around it, there will be a wagons for sure crushed as a result of her heavy steps as she slowly but surely makes her way towards the Infirmary. Once there she is basically crawling and is at least able to make it next to Luraoth's side before she sprawls upon the ground in a rather ungraceful looking position.

The Weyrhealer finishes assessing the Weyrlings and starts writing up a report. "Alright, everyone that doesn't need to be here stop crowding up my infirmary." This to the unaffected weyrling and assorted riders that carrying the loopy Weyrlings into the infirmary. "Accept you." He points out one unaffected rider. "Stay for a bit longer, I'll have a brief report for your WeyrlingMaster." He scribbles out a quick report while assigning the few apprentices to differant patients. One of which moves towards Mur'dah, and those gathered around him, attempting to gently wipe his face with the cool rag and offer something to drink "What's your name Weyrling?" The apprentice ask, only, it's not Kera. Kera's over by Idrissa trying to help her at the moment. And when she can't seem to get the girl to accept any tea, she simply dabs the cool rag gently over the girls face some before moving towards Ka'el cot. A couple of minutes with him and she's moving to Soriana. Sighing a little, she tries to clean the Weyrling's face some. "Soriana? Can you hear me?"

Mur'dah sniffles, and it's his turn to let some tears leak from his eyes and dribble down into his ears and his hair. But, please, don't come over here, Ruin. "Mom," Mur'dah whimpers softly, blinking up at her, glassy eyed and so, so confused. "I…I don't understand." That's an understatement. "We were having fun and we were so happy and are they okay? Where's my friends? Are they okay? I don't like it here, that one Healer is /mean/ and I'm tied to this bed and I don't know why and Kalsuoth is upset and I don't know what's happening. We were so happy and…and there was…I remember being happy but I'm not happy right now. I just wanna go. Can't we all go? Me and Idrissa and Soriana and Ka'el. I want to go with my friends and be happy again and I'm confused. And hungry. Do you have food?" There's a hiccup and then a brief little giggle. When the apprentice shows up Mur'dah recoils a bit, even though it's not Kera. "Mur'dah!" he says, sounding a bit offended by the question. Outside, Kalsuoth senses his clutchmates convening on the infirmary and he pushes his way through the trees, his sides getting a little scratched in the process until he's there with his sisters, crooning softly as he settles down to wait with them.

The AWLMs dragons are still shadowing the befuddled young dragons, so if possible, they'll nudge people out of the way, or hopefully block them from crashing into things. Their charge was to keep them from getting hurt but there's only so much they can do if their riders become frantic. With that end in mind, the journeymen healers there are aware they need to calm the Weyrlings down. So each has a healer to sit by them and the restraints on their hands are lengthened a bit, but not removed. At least enough so they can move their hands yet not get away. Thea frowns at the healer. "Please, can we try to get them to go to sleep?" Then to Mur'dah, she whispers, "Shh, it'll be alright. That smoke was toxic, it'll wear off."

The beautiful things in life can't last forever. Ruin's pleasure - like all pleasure, really - must end. The happy times go away. Soriana's stopped crying. There are still tear-streaks on her cheeks, yes, but they're just a reminder of what was. Perhaps it's the transience that makes things so exquisite, the knowledge that nothing can last. Soriana lies silent on the cot for long moments, as Luraoth presses to the wall outside and presses her thoughts to those of her rider. Her wing spreads to drape over brother and sister as they join her. As they wait. Oh, how they wait. Seeming eternities, to the smoke-fog that is Soriana's mind. Her eyes drift to Kera, and she frowns. "Go 'way," she says. "I'm bad. I need… to go away. Until I stop being bad." She shakes her head, turning it away from Kera and closing her eyes as she starts softly… singing? Her voice sounds awful from smoke and sobbing, but she's not really aware of that. She's just singing. Lullabies, mostly. The sort of things she heard as a small child. Outside, Luraoth croons softly as she shares - looks for - those thoughts of her rider.

Did someone say sleep? Don't worry, Ka'el is already there. After being given some care by Kera, mostly in the form of water that he suddenly felt in desperate need of, the rest of the world seems to melt away. His friends are here. A small frational portion of his brain knows this, but he isn't looking for them. His eyes are up, staring at the bare ceiling and the overhead light that so irritated his eyes not long ago. Disconnected. That's what he is. Disjointed. Detached from the voices and bodies of those that he knows and cares for until it is just himself floating in that bright artificial light cast by bulbs above. Apart is he from the conscious world. Divided is Kanekith from his congregated siblings. Kanekith, who stays at the forest's edge, his hide flaunting scores of scrapes and scratches earned from bullying through the trees that surround his and Ka'el's weyr, unable to fly from the clearing. He remains stubbornly confident that his boy will find his way through the thick smoke that has put a pounding on both of their heads. He will not succumb to the sick feeling and doubled vision. The bronze does not move further. Anxious. But undaunted.

Idrissa doesn't speak to Kera, or even attempt to speak to anyone else. Once the straps are loosened a bit she shifts to rest on her side, back to most of the ones near her while she does her best to tug that pillow over her face. She's achy, tired, the lights in the room so not helping, while the once happy thoughts are all rather depressingly sad at the moment, which she totally blames on those straps, and perhaps the healers that that made her stay put on the cot. Tahryth warbles out tiredly to Kalsuoth once the brown is here with them, shifting to make sure there is plenty of room for every dragon while her eyes swirl with worry and she keeps a close watch on the infirmary.

Kera frowns a little as Soriana turns away and start rambling, then singing, a bit croaky, but who is Kera to judge. She can't sing a note. Reaching over, she manages to continue trying to sooth the Weyrling with the cool rag for a few minutes before moving to the next cot. Ka'el seems a bit unresponsive at first. Freshening the cool rag, she attempts to gently clean his face and get him to drink. "Um, Weyrling Ka'el isn't it? Drink some more, it will help your throat." The Weyrhealer finishes his quick repoart and sends it off with the unaffected rider. He spots the Weyrwoman by one of his patients however and moves towards Mur'dah's cot where Thea is comforting her son. "Excuse me, WeyrWoman. May I speak with you a moment."

Thea murmurs as comfortingly as she can, her fingers stroking Mur'dah's hair, combing the clumps of stuck-together tearsoaked strands apart. "No food, sweetie. Your friends are here though, and yes, they are alright. You're confused because of the effects of the smoke. You need to calm down because you're scaring Kalsuoth." And then she adds quickly, lest he flail anew to get to the brown, "He's right outside." Outside, Seryth isn't part of the huddle but she does drench them all in her misty rains, washing as much peace and tranquility over them as they will receive. The other queens arrive, each quietly supporting Seryth while the junior weyrwomen slip inside to help the healers calm the weyrlings. V'dim is here, but keeps out of sight from the weyrlings. He's a stressful sort of figure and he knows it. Ruin? It's become far too peaceful in here for him and with the drying up of Soriana's tears finds the nasty firelizard lifting off to seek misery elsewhere. There's enough of a leftover aura that he doesn't leave the infirmary, but he doesn't land on anyone else. "I'll be with you in a little while," she tells the healer. "Can you please kill these lights?"

Mur'dah is relieved and much calmed when his hand restraints are loosened, and his head bobs slightly. "Want to go with my friends," he whispers, his full focus on that one thing. Outside, Kalsuoth licks at his scratches and croons softly, nestling beneath Luraoth's wing. Croons towards Kanekith, though he doubts the bronze will answer. Still, his rider's thoughts are of his friends, and so Kalsuoth's are of the same mindset.

Soriana keeps singing, and it's not long at all before another weyrwoman enters. This one isn't interested in receiving reports right now either. Nope. She's going to her daughter's bedside and… quietly joining the sing-along? Apparently. It's not going to win any awards from harpers, but… it does seem to comfort Soriana. Once more, there's someone she trusts here. Someone whose cues she can follow when she can't trust her own. So… she does. Outside, Luraoth stays close to wall andthe other young dragons, and inside, Soriana keeps singing, rambling from one song to the next until she finally actually falls asleep mid-verse.

The feel of something cool on his face is enough to stir Ka'el's thoughts. Awaken eyes that have fallen asleep opened. They shift to Kera, staring at her as if trying to piece together where he's seen her before. He's seen her before, hasn't he? And definitely not with pink hair. The pink hair must be a hallucination. "Ka'el. Just Ka'el. I had a different name before. Now, it's Ka'el. Almost the same, but not." He pauses to swallow, and then takes her recommendation and swallows more of that water while wishing his arms didn't feel so stuck to his sides. "Your head looks different than I remember. I think it's your hair." He exhales a breath, his already slowed speech slowing more when he speaks next. But not yet. Now, he's hearing music. Sort of. Two voices in the same song, and so he stops speaking to half listen, half fall asleep again while Kanekith, somewhere far off, indeed rumbles a soft sound in his throat in response to his brethren. But that is all. A sound with no motion. They'll all be ok.

Idrissa doesn't mind the singing, an while it helps calm her somewhat is also brings back memories of someplace she considered home a long time ago. She listens in on the singing until she falls asleep. Tahryth warbles out softly, her eyes closing, thoughts still muffled and hazy which will hopefully get better after a night of rest.

The Weyrhealer briefly goes on about /how not knowing the full affects of what the weyrlings inhaled, he felt it best they find sleep on their own rather than being given something to help. Once the Weyrlings settle down fully, the restraints will be removed, but he's keeping them over night and possibly into the afternoon./ Kera smiles when Ka'el takes a few sips. Her brow arches at the mention of her hair, which has her tugging the dark brown braid over her shoulder and peering at it. "Nothing wrong with my hair." Shrugging it off, she flicks the braid back over her shoulder and offers a little smile to the prone weyrling. "You try to rest and get some sleep now Ka'el." Another smile os offered before she moves back to Idrissa's cot. As she crouches down, the apprentice cast a worried gaze around the infirmary. The woman by Soriana's cot is offered a brief nod before Kera turns her attention back to her current task of trying to get Idrissa to drink a little more.

Mur'dah tilts his head to listen to Soriana's singing, even trying to hum along at times, though he doesn't know the melody. He just makes noise in an attempt to connect with his friend, wanting to be close but unable to be in a physical sense. And it's the singing along with the knowledge - hazy though it is - that his friends are here and safe and his mom is here too (and will protect him and his friends from all the evil things that his paranoid mind can create) that lets him ease into sleep. And once he does, Kalsuoth exhales heavily, shaking his head as if to clear it. « Next party is at someone else's weyr, » he says softly.

There's nothing wrong with her hair? If she says so. Ka'el's eyes close fully now nd he tries to roll onto his side. His favored sleeping position. But…drat. He's tied down. He murmurs something incomprehensible but doesn't fight his restraints. The fight is gone. The happy has left. Even now the sad has left. He's just … tired. Tired and foggy and will likely have trippy dreams he may not remember. But at least he's alright, as they all are. Kanekith rests on his belly, head down and eyes set ahead, penetrating the darkness. He'll wait here today. Tonight. Tomorrow. However long it takes for Ka'el to get himself together and get back here where he belongs. As for parties.. He rumbles. The dragons may have all had their fill of parties after this experience.

Finding Idrissa asleep, Kera smiles and pulls the blanket up over her against the winter chill. After a glance around, she reaches down and unfastens the restraints so she can rest more comfortably before moving on. Once the Weyrlings seems mostly settled, and the draconic sounds from the entrance lesson, the apprentices begin removing the restraints from sleeping, or nearly sleeping apprentices, that includes the ones singing off key, and covering the patients up against the chill.

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