Finding Friends

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

(Start of 'Big Brother's Knows Best' Scene, when Landers and Briana Meet up for the first time)

Briana was searched a couple days ago, the same time as Landers in truth. The dark skinned girl arrived with a small bag and a basket holding a young firelizard and a kitten. All her important possessions. She has a scar on one arm from shoulder to elbow. This morning she was assigned with errand running and has finally come to take a small break to come look at the eggs, a small sandwich in hand. She has been mostly quiet as she watched the others in the candidate caverns, not quite keeping seperate but not quite joining either.

Landers had been the same way, after receiving a release from his craft, keeping to himself while the decision he had made sunk in more thoroughly everyday. There was a questioning gaze on the man as he leaned over the railing, pondering the shells on the eggs, never having seen a clutch on the sands before or being witness to a hatching. There were many things to learn about a Weyr and so that kept him parted from some of the more weyr-bred candidates. They would dwarf him for the knowledge he did not have and mock him since he was likely their senior. Not that it mattered, he found a spot next to Lorelai, one that he did know if just a little. Ryeokie and Pyriel were amongst the others, although they had nested in a grouping of 'teens' that often liked to talk about boobs. While that was good fun, it was a sign of immaturity, and Lan was still dealing with the rule thing. He was rather absorbed in thought, his eyes seeing passed the eggs and into some unknown territory, stinking of runner beast since he had spent the day grooming them.

Briana has a rather intent look upon her face as she watches the eggs, a look of contemplation and curiosity. Finally she sets down the half eaten sandwich and glances towards the older candidate then back to the sands. "I would have thought they be bigger.." She finally says into the silence. "I ain't never seen them as eggs before and the brown that searched me, reckon his head was as big as one of the eggs." She says almost as if speaking a thought aloud. The girl herself would have taken a corner bunk near an exit no doubt. At times seeming cautious, other times just watchful. Occasionally there is a look cast to Pyriel, but it certainly is not a friendly one.

Keziah wanders up the steps as she takes a deep breath in of the hot air and runs a funger through her still damp hair. No better way to warm up after a muck dunking and a bath in the lake. There's a glance towards a group of candidates and there's a soft look that crosses her face as she delves back in time through her memories. She gives herself a shake

The words spoken by the girl seem as if a hum in his ear, breaking his mental train of thought some way into her appraisal of the eggs. Eyelids blink a good time or two, only after his chin draws up from where he had it nearly hung over the railing, his face casually turned to the side, eyebrows tweaked for the realization that someone else had been close enough to carry a conversation with. He had been truly lost in thought, troublesome or not. Stretching himself back from the railing, with forearms still lining the top rail, he answers in his thick seafaring accent, clearly one that would stick with him for all his life, "Tis true, t'would think them be bigger…" a pause as he regards the darker skinned girl, "Tis me own first time seeing 'em." While most men or boys would leer, Landers only has an appreciating look in his eye when he regards her in full. There is a fallen moment of silence that lingers before he offers his name, "I be Lan, m'lady. I reckon I not see ya 'round these parts before."

As it takes him a moment to respond, Briana bites her lower lip and looks back to the sands and the eggs on them. Then he does speak and she casts a look over to him, giving a nod to his words. "Suppose most critters start out really small…" She responds with a little shrug as she turns her gaze back to the sands. "Yeah, mine as well. Been so busy settling in the last couple days…well figured I would take lunch here and see whats so special about em." She murmurs with that same look of intense concentration in her gaze. As he gives his name she turns back to him, "It is nice to meet ya Lan, I am Briana.. used to live here with my uncle when I was like a toddler. Mostly hazy memories really. There are people who recognize me, its all weird cause I mostly don't recognize them and I hate sounding rude and stuff."

The man leans forward again after some time, resting his chest up against the railing as his arms fold atop it, head slung low, a near despondant position right then, that or one of relaxation. Her own response has him chuffing out of his mouth, a noise that hisses between his lips, "Aye, reckon all beasts start small. Jus can not imagine a big old dragon coming from that small…" It was true, the size comparison seemed a little unreal, unbelievable. "Dun seem ta be special save fer them holding wee dragons in 'em. Big avian eggs is all," he chuckles as his head draws up, eyes taking in the sights of the eggs that aren't moving (as exciting as watching paint dry). His eyes revert back to her when she offers her name, tipping his chin toward her, "Like wise m'lady Briana." A beat then as he mulls the name over in him mind… something trying to ring a bell in all the fogginess of his last few months. Squinting he asks almost too curiously, "Who be yer uncle?"

Briana finally settles onto the seat behind the railing, smoothing out the skirt of her dress over her knees as she does. "For sure, though I suppose we will see that in a bit…" She says in a curious voice, "Still can't believe they would pick me for it." Her words are soft spoken, uncertainty in her voice, "Still haven't heard from my boyfriend, not sure..I …left him a note, but I couldn't find him before I left." She takes a deep breath that comes out as a sigh. "Really big avian eggs…yeah. All colourful and stuff. The weyrborn talk all mystical about them and stuff." Then she catches the fancy title again, "Just Briana, or Bri if you like." The request of her uncle brings a shrug, "Delenn, he ain't really my blood uncle, but well, he took me…and raised me for a bit. Though I left when he was searched and then Ma and my brothers and I were taken to Ista when I was a bit older and after we left, I wanted to go back."

"Nor I," Landers says with an incredulous tone, "I know next ta nothing about 'em or abouts being in a Weyr. Born in Landing myself," hence the name, "spent time on the sea after that." A hand idly scrub the whiskers on his chin, thumb rubbing over mustache. For her words of a boyfriend, he groans a little, tossing his gaze toward her, "Whar do ya think of them rules we have ta follow? Be a long time iffin we impress, I hear, before we can be with our mates again." He frowns a little, eyes snapping back down to the eggs, as if not completely over that rule yet. A man had needs after all! Especially a young man in his prime! Grunting, he finally pushes back from the railing, slumping into the chair behind him, casually putting up his feet on the railing, as if to recline. For the title he gave her, he sends a playful little smirk her way, "Tis only my way Bri." Nicknames it is. And then, -that- name again. "Whar is it 'bout that man. I reckon I run inta all his family all the time. Swear ta Faranth that he be linked ta people far and wide." He chuckles a little, hands put upon his belly for now, "I know ya uncle. Be blood or not. T'was his mate that searched me." A nod for the rest of her story, his stolen glances bearing a little more weight into it now as he admires her from the corner of his gaze.


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