A Special Turnday Present

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow


A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the northern edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the east.

Its a rather beautiful day at Xanadu Weyr - the sun is shining the clouds are few and far between, and the populace is enjoying the weather. People are coming and going, laundry out to air, and doors and windows are thrown open to catch the breeze. Marte and Vwayath are settled outside of their own humble home in the meadow, the brown pair enjoying the sun, both with eyes closed as they relax.

Morlanol takes a deep breath of the fresh air as he walks through the meadow, enjoying his rest period from the mine. He opens his eyes to find himself staring directly at a large brown dragon. His eyes wander until he finds the rider, then smiles, "Hey, I'm Morlanol. I don' think we've met."

Its one of Vwayath's eyes that opens first, the large, faceted structure slowly unlidding, inner and outer to look at the boy infront of him. Hues of green mingle with sleepy blue, and there's just an extended snort at the miner apprentice, blowing cool air over him. Marte, for her part, opens her eyes just enough to peer curiously at the newcomer, without giving away her wakefulness.

Morlanol stares directly into Vwayath's eye, fascinated by the mixing colors and motions. Showing his lack of awareness he continues to speak to Vwayath, "Do your eyes always look like that? They're like the prettiest gems I've ever seen."

"Depends… If you ever see them get red, like a ruby though, I'd start to run.." Marte pipes up from her place on Vwayath's back, the brown's eye returning to a partiallly lidded state, spots of purple mingling as he does so. "He says thank you, though.." Marte slides to the ground offering a hand to the young teen. "Marte, and Vwayath. Morlanol, ya said?" She asks.

Morlanol jumps a little as Marte startles him, then turns, raising his dirty hand in greeting, "y- yes, I'm Morlanol. 'S nice t' meetcha." He pats Vwayath on the nose, "You're welcome, Vwayath."

Marte smirks as the boy jumps, the older woman winking and shaking her head a little. "Didn't mean to scare you." She comments after a moment, his hand giving a firm shake, dirty or not. "What they have you doing, boy, crawling around the in muddy tunnels or something?" She asks with an arched eyebrow, even as Vwayath opens his eye to look at him again, breathing out warm air.

Morlanol grimaces, the layer of dirt cracking and showing lighter skin underneath, "Naw, bu' since th' mine's still developin' an' I'm small 'n' mobile sometimes I ge' sent into th' voids 'n' stuff t' make sure there's no critters and t' pu' up joists. There've been a lotta voids t'day."

Marte shudders a bit, shaking her head. "Ain't that would those whers are for? To make sure there's no critters waiting for ya?" The brownrider shakes her head again. "Either way, no thank ya. Been in there once, and don't plan on ever going back." She says with fervor.

Morlanol nods, "Yeah, they do send th' whers in firs' t' make sure I'll live, but if'n there're no joists then th' other miners can't come in safely t' analyze yield." He shrugs, "It's a craft," then gives Marte an odd look, "Y' don't like mines?"

"Good, long as they ain't risking yer life, just cause yer little." She says quickly, and then, she shudders again. "Too small, too dark. Ain't no way you'd get me in there." She waggles her finger at the boy. "Least ya'll grow out of it soon, and you'll get real jobs. Ya can't be more than what, eleven? Twelve?"

Morlanol shakes his head, accidentally showering loose dirt around him, "Naw, they're no' like that." His face takes on a quizzical look, his brows furrowing somewhat, "Mines aren't small. They're big sprawlin' things. An' I like workin' there." He smiles proudly, "I'm almost 13!"

"Maybe for a little guy like ya." Marte counters with a smirk, reaching to ruffle his hair, not caring about the dirt. "I went in one, couldn't stand up. Felt like I couldn't breathe.." Marte shudders, looking a bit faint even now, for a moment, just thinking about it. But then, at his proud response, she grins. "Thirteen, huh?" Vwayath snorts again, turning to better watch them.

"Mus' not've been a very good mine, then. An' yeah, almos' thirteen. It'll be my firs' Turday away from m' family."

"T'was.. crom coal or something, I guess. Don't matter to me anymore.." She shakes her head, and then pats the boy's shoulder. "Well, that's what the Weyr is for, being your family!" And she glances at Vwayath, and then back at Morlanol. "Vwayath says he has a turn day present fer ya, if'n ya want."

Morlanol nods, "Yeah, cromcoal's soft, they can' risk diggin' th' mines too big, bu' you shoul' see th' mine here, 's really nice." Hiss eyes brighten, clearly both surprised and happy at the thought of a turnday present, "Really? Tha's awful nice of ya." He turns his body, clearly talking to the dragon at this point.

Its a gentle whuffle that escapes from Vwayath, the brown muzzle gently nudging the small boy, even as Marte grins a little. "He wants ta know if ya'll give up the mines fer a while, and stand on the Sands, as a Candidate. As his candidate." Marte explains, giving him a look over. "Though, we might have to make sure you get scrubbed down and get some nice new clothes, if you're gonna be representing the Weyr like that."

Morlanol's eyes go even wider, clearly caught completely off-guard by the offer, "Be a candidate? Bu' I… I mean… Yeah, I'd love t'. I di'n't know I was even ol' enough. D'you really mean it?" He's begun running his words together in excitement, "An' yeah, a bath's no pro'lem an' I have a few quar'er marks layin' aroun' I coul' use t' buy clothes." He turns back to Vwayath, "Are y' serious? I mean, coul' I really stand?"

"Aye, be a candidate. Got two clutches out there, too, so you've double the luck, in my books." Marte smirks at his reaction, shaking her head a little bit. "No need to go buying clothes, before you get a bath, we'll go make sure we find you some nice things from stores. I'm sure there's plenty of boys who've outgrown their clothes, and didn't totally tear 'em up." Vwayath seems to be chuckling himself, faceted eyes whirling speedily. "Aye, I promise. Happy turn day." Marte says again, with a grin.

Morlanol's face splits with a wide grin, causing more of the caked-on dirt to flake off his face. He throws himself at Vwayath, hugging him stoutly about… well… the front of his face, before turning and hugging Marte as well, "Oh, thank you, thank you! This is so totally amazing! What do I need to do?"

Vwayath snorts with a bit of surprise, but there's no sign of alarm in those faceted eyes of his, Marte at least having a bit of warning, patting the boy's back, and ruffling his hair. "How 'bout ya go get a nice bath, scrub up, and put on the cleanest thing ya have, and then ya can pick out a cot in the barracks." She comments, glancing at Vwayath, and then back at the boy turned candidate. "And then, if'n ya come find me, Ah'll help ya find some new clothes and stuff, kay?"

Morlanol nods vigorously, sending more dirt on its way, still smiling, "Yes, I'll go do that right now, thank you again, both of you!" He starts to turn to go, then turns back, "Wait, don' I need a new knot?"

"I'll get it for you, so it doesn't get dirty." Marte chuckles, motioning the boy on. "Go enjoy a bath. I'll pass the word on to your Master too." Marte adds, even as she leans on Vwayath's muzzle. "Don't worry, I won't forget, promise."

"Thanks, I'll come fin' you after I've washed." With that he does finally turn and run off towards the bathing caverns for a good, solid cleaning.

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