A trip to the Istan Infirmary

Ista Weyr - Southern Bowl

Compared to that of other weyrs, Ista's bowl is small, and incomplete - northwards, one wall was blown clear away several millennia ago, leaving the view clear towards the plateau, the jungles, and the ocean beyond. Somewhat elliptical, the breadth of the bowl seems to run northwest to southeast, the bustling epicenter of the weyr being here, towards the southwest. Several large entrances have been dug into the sides - northeast are the hatching grounds and south the living caverns, these being the two largest caverns in the weyr. To the east, a smaller entrance leads in to the ground weyrs - the ledges of these line the bowl wall above, often filled with dragons of gold or bronze; westward is yet another ledge, but with a staircase built into the wall, allowing access to the Sable Sands. The infirmary is located nearby, towards the southwest.

It is early afternoon at ista, the sky above clear above. Along the southern bowl Alamith stands looking down at N'talya looking at her rider with some concern. The young green rider paces back and forth slowly biting her lip.

Having gotten a message that Nat wanted to see her about something very soon, Kera grabbed a meatroll on the go after her infirmary shift and headed to Ista. After Moncerath lands and the greeny loosens her dragonmate's cinches, her coat is then shucked off. Minus the coat, a young firelizard can be seen, shimmery wings half flapping to assist the small queen to Kera's shoulder. She rubs the spot between the lizards wings while giving an affectionate smack to Moncerath's neck. The green settles near a couple of Istan dragons while her riders spots a pacing N'talya near Alamith. Lifting a hand to wave, she starts that way. Minimur arrives with a chitter, as if scolding Kera for not telling him she was leaving.

N'talya continues to pace not noticing Kera for a few moments seeming lost in her thoughts. Finally spotting her friend, a look of pure relief comes over her face and moves towards her friend quickly, "Hey….."

Kera rolls her eyes at the brown lizard's scolding chitter. "Well, you're the one who took off after breakfast." As the young gold wraps her tail around Kera's neck, she looks back to her friend. A look of relief just because she has arrived? Eyeing her friend curiously she offers a smile "Hi Nat, Alamith. I came as quickly as my duties would allow."

N'talya steps over and hugs her friend tightly and shivers a bit, "I am sorry to have to call you like this…it just….I don't know…"

Kera returns her friends hug, being careful to not jostle the lizard on her shoulder too much. "It's no problem N'talya. OH! Meet Polgara…. Polgara, this is N'talya…..N'talya." She repeats it, making sure the little queen is paying attention. Always gotta take a moment to train the little ones. Once introductions are made, she cants her head to N'talya. "Now, what don't ya know?"

N'talya blushes brightly and fidgets just a bit and says softly, "Well I haven't been feeling well the last several morning…" she swallows and says softly, "And well….I was swimming with Echo and he said something to me and it…."

Kera watches her friend, the blushing and fidgiting don't go unnoticed. Not feeling well…check…Echo…check… Glancing around the bowl, several dragons spot the landscape here and there, and she turns her attention back to N'talya. "Okay, I'm following you so far. Echo told you something…and you wanted to tell me?" Kera smiles to her friend, getting an idea of what may be going on, but not about to jump to any conclusions.

N'talya blushes brightly and fidgets just a bit and says softly, "Well I haven't been feeling well the last several morning…" she swallows and says softly, "And well….I was swimming with Echo and he said something to me and it…."

Kera watches her friend, the blushing and fidgeting don't go unnoticed. Not feeling well…check…Echo…check… Glancing around the bowl, several dragons spot the landscape here and there, and she turns her attention back to N'talya. "Okay, I'm following you so far. Echo told you something…and you wanted to tell me?" Kera smiles to her friend, getting an idea of what may be going on, but not about to jump to any conclusions.

N'talya bites her lip and says softly, "I am not one hundred percent certain…"she shifts and says, 'I am a little late to….and you are the only healer I really know and trust….."

Kera nods slowly with a hint of a frown for her friend not trusting healers. That's something she'll have to consider another time. Another glance around and she moves as if to walk a bit, gesturing for N'talya to come along. Better than Nat pacing a little ditch in the ground. "And you're nervous about what it all could mean." She nods again "Want me to go with you to the infirmary so you can get yourself a checkup?"

N'talya nods her head and says softly, "I mean you are my friend.." she blushes and says softly, "And you will understand the things they say…I mean most the time when I talk to other healers they talk over me you know?"

Kera arches a brow when her friend mentions healers talking over patients heads. Another problem her crafts has when it comes to relating to people outside of the hall. Nodding agreeably "Of course I'll go with you." Her gaze drifts around, spotting her Hall's colors on one of the entrances a little further along the bowl. "No better time than the present, right?" She pauses a moment, reaching up and gently scritch the tiny muzzle rubbing against her cheek.

N'talya nods and says softly, "does it all mean what I think it means?"

Kera shrugs with a little smile and waits til N'talya is ready to start towards the infirmary, and a checkup. "It could mean several things. You didn't actually say what Echo sensed. From what you've told me so far…." not to mention their last conversation " …you may be pregnant, or maybe you've eaten tainted food. It could be you've come down with something that will run its course in a few days, or maybe even something that could be serious." It could be a baby the dolphin sensed, or a tumor. "You won't know til you you have a checkup and speak with one of Istan's healers." She cants her head, gesturing to the infirmary with an encouraging smile.

N'talya blushes and says softly, "He said I had something in me…." she blushes and nods, following along with you and into the infirmary.. N'talya is very nervous a she enter the infirmary and moves slowly about biting her lip lightly.

Kera nods at what Echo told N'talya, and follows her into the infirmary. Minimur wings in with a flutter of wings before the door closes him out. A quick warning to the brown and he settles on a nearby perch. An girl working the front desk is quick to spot and greet the riders. "Hello, do you have an appointment with a Journeyman?" She's already taking up a clipboard and scanning the top sheet. Kera looks to N'talya, gesturing her friend to step forward, it's /her/ that needs the checkup.

N'talya shakes his head ands says softly, "No sorry I don't have an apointment.." she blushes and says softly, "But I um…"

Kera moves to one of the nearby seats, coaxing Polgara to her arm, while N'talya steps up to the desk. The apprentice nods with an understanding smile, trading clipboard for a little notepad "That's no problem rider." She looks the Istan rider over quickly, not seeing any injuries that would make it an emergency. "If you give me you name, I can pull your file while you fill this quick form out." She hands a clipboard with the form already fixed to it. A quick scan shows a series of questions with spaces in between them ( Have you eaten anything out of the ordinary recently. Monthly cycle questions. and other assorted inquiries. ) Kera listens, nodding to herself as what she hears is all standard thus far, and murmurs quietly to the young lizard on her arm, praising the 'little princess'.

N'talya blushes and says softly, "Rider N'talya, from Ruby wing." as she picks up the form and begins to fill it out, "I am sorry I am just really nervous.

Kera looks up from spoiling her young lizard when she hears N'talya. "I guess it would do no good for me to tell you not to be nervous." The apprentice scribbles down the name, gives a sympathetic smile then slips off to get N'talya's file. Kera cranes her head some to peer at the standard questionnaire. "It won't take long Nat. A quick check up, a couple of test, and you'll know if Echo saw something or just seeing shadows." The apprentice returns with N'talya's file, having it ready for the Jrmn on duty.

N'talya moves to sit next to Kera and nods her head and says softly, "Thank you for coming over Kera… you are my best friend…"

Kera smiles over to the Istan greeny. "No problem, tis what friends do." Settling back in the chair "These chairs aren't bad, padding is a bit thicker than the ones we have in Xanadu's infirmary." While N'talya fills out the form, Kera looks over what she can see of the infirmary from the waiting area, spotting a couple of healers she knows and waving.

N'talya finishse up the form and offers it back to the person behind the desk and moves back to sit with Kera and says, "Do you think they will let you come back with me.."

Kera moves her hand to steady the baby queen perched on her arm when the lizard sways a bit too far, tail moving to wrap around her perch. Her friend's question gets a quick shrug. "Not sure how this infirmary runs. They may want to speak with you along at first." The apprentice pipes up then "Rider N'talya, if you'll come this way please." The young girl gestures towards one of the little rooms "If you'll change into the gown there.." She points it out "I'll be right back ma'am." She'll wait for N'talya to step in then draw the curtain closed.

N'talya steps into the little area and quickly changes into the gown, she fidgets all the while looking nervously about the little curtained off area.

A few minutes later, the curtain parts and a different apprentice comes in with a covered tray that she sets on the table by the cot. Scanning the instruction on her chart quickly, she smiles to the patient "Hello rider N'talya. I'm apprentice Lisa. The Journeyman will be here in just a moment." No sooner than she says that, a short woman with mostly grey hair and Jrman knots bustles in, tugging the curtain closed again behind her. "Good afternoon rider…N'talya, I'm Journeywoman Selma." Reaching up to nudge her glasses back in place the older woman starts ruffling through a couple of pages of the file, then scanning the just filled out questionnaire. "You've been sick a few mornings.." She trails off, squinting at what's written. "Sorry rider, I can't make this out. When was your last cycle?"

N'talya blushes and days softly, "It was a while ago…" she blushes, "It should have started a couple of weeks ago but…." she looks down and says softly, "I didn't think anything about it at all…" she shifts and says softly, "I sorta panicked when my dolphin partner said he noticed something in me…."

The healer nods, making a note on the chart, and asking a few more questions til she's satisfied with the gathered data so far. "Alrighty. I'll give you a check up examination and we'll see if your dolphin partner is correct." Odds are favorable, but even a dolphin can be wrong sometimes. Discarding the files, the healer slips on gloves "Now try to relax. I promise this will be painless." The apprentice nearby stands ready to pass the healers items, such as a little tongue depressor. "Do you have any soreness or stiffness in your neck." The Journeyman proceeds to gently feel the rider's throat for swollen lymph nodes and the rest of the examination.

N'talya shakes her head slowly and says softly, "No my neck doesn't hurt at all…" she sits back and looks over to the healer listening quietly.

In a very efficient manner, the grey-haired Jrwoman progresses through the rest of N'talya's physical exam. "Alright, you can sit up now rider N'talya." Tossing gloves in the waste bin, a few notes are made on N'talya's file "Are there any other symptoms or anything out of the ordinary from your regular routine?" The apprentice is straightening up the instruments tray and carrying them out between the curtains.

N'talya shakes her head and says "Other than the queasiness in the morning…no.." she swallows and says, "My duties have all been normal of late…"

The old healer huffs a clump of hair from her face that worked loose from her bun. Tucking it behind her ear, she offers a little smile and gets up from the little stool "You can go ahead and get dressed. I'll be back in a few minutes." She turns and then pauses looking back to her patient "Would you like for your friend to come back here now that the examination is over?"

N'talya nods her head and says, "Very much." she blushes slightly, "I called her over cause she is a healer I know….and my best friend…." she bites her lip. once the healers steps out she work on getting back into her clothing.

A motherly smile accompanies the nod from the weathered healer as she shuffles through the curtains. A few minutes later Kera pokes the outside of the curtain a couple of times, causing it to flutter inward "N'talya?" Waiting long enough to make sure it's the right cubicle, she pushes past the curtain. "The apprentice at the desk said I could come back now."

N'talya nods and says softly, "The healers said that you could come back and join me now that she was going back to run some tests of something." she looks really nervous and says softly, "I just don't know what I will do…"

Kera sidles in and sinks onto the chair at the edge of the room, offering an encouraging smile. "For the moment, you don't do anything except wait til the tests are finished." A quick glance is sent around the stark room. With the exception of a few very minor details, she could be sitting in Xanadu's infirmary. Peering back to N'talya, she voices the question that's been jogging around her mind. "N'talya, when you first suspected you needed to have a checkup, where you sorta glad a little, or more annoyed an irritated at the interruption to your schedule?"

N'talya says softly, "A little panicked actually.." she blushes and says softly, "I though I knew what it could mean and well." she bites her lip, "If I am I am not exactly sure who did it….."

Kera takes in those bits of info and nods quietly, offering a sympathetic smile. Scooching the chair a bit closer to where N'talya's is, she extends her hand to her friend for support. "It'll be alright Nat. Happens every day thro…" She cuts off as the aged Jrwoman shuffles between the curtains with a somewhat pleased expression, maybe for the techcraft's little gadgets that get quick results. "I've your results. Your suspicions were correct. You are most assuredly very pregnant rider N'tlaya. Congratulations!" Kera, who nodded respectfully to the Jrwoman, arches a brow at the results and flicks her gaze to her friend, offering a little smile of her own. "Congrats Nat!"

N'talya returns the smile and leans over to give Kera a hug, "Thank you for being here for me…" she blushes and says, "Not just to figure out who the father is….things go a bit weird when Ala went proddy last time…"

The motherly Jrwman smiles and pulls out a few sheets of information all new mothers need to know, as well as a bottle of pills for moms to be to take. "Please read these over, and follow the instructions on the bottle." Passing each over to the Istan rider "Do you have any questions for me?" Kera smiles to her friend and returns the hug, whispering a bit "You can consider the who part later."

N'talya nods and says softly, "Just I know between can be dangerous um about how long?"

Kera simply looks to the Istan Healer after her friend's question, settling back in her seat and rubbing her young lizard's back between her wings. The older woman speaks a few croaky words, then pauses to cough and clear her through before restarting. "'Cuse me. Betweening for the next few months would not be good for your little one. Other than that, you can continue with your normal routine, as much as early symptoms will allow you to that is. You need to make an appointment before you leave, and we'll keep a check on the progress of your pregnancy. If you think something needs to be checked between visits, do not hesitate to walk in if you need. Shuffling her feet, the Jrhealer smiles and glances down to scan the file once more "Do you have any other concerns you'ld like to discuss today?"

N'talya nods and says softly, "I will be sure to come in for check ups, I will tell my journeyman and my wing leader.

An agreeable sound comes from the weathered healer as she makes a coupler more notations on N'talya's file. "Very good. Read through the information I've given you, take your pills, and see the girl at the desk." Nodding, she does flash a genuine smile to her patient "Congratulations N'talya." With another quick bob of her head, the woman slips back between the curtains, off to her next patient.

N'talya smiles and says, "I will." she looks to kera as she stands ands says, "Soo…" she blushes, "I guess you have news to bring home with you.

Kera grins and gets to her feet, scooping the young queen from her lap and cradling to her with an arm in the process. Flashing a cheery smile to her friend "Only if you want it told. You've probably a thing or two to think about for now." Like who the father may be in this case. "For now, how about we go get some herdbeast steaks. My treat."

N'talya nods and says softly, "Yeah I do have some stuff to think about." she smiles 'Thanks I will take you up on that.

Kera nods as that decides that and moves as if to hook her free arm with N'talya's. "So, to the Sands we go." Starting through the curtain, "You should order an extra side of veggies too." down the hallway towards the desk partially blocking the initial check-in waiting room. Letting the Istan rider make her next appointment, she looks to where her brown is been perched with other lizards and calls him to her.

N'talya nods and says softly "I will, do you have any other tips?" she asks while signing out and sighing softly.

Kera spends a couple of minutes giving Minimur and Polgara affection scritches and murmuring mushy nonsense to them. N'talya's questions draws her attention back to the desk. A little smirk slips over her features before she nods "I could tell you all sorts of pregnancy facts I've read about or observed. But, I think the best advice would be to find a woman who's had at least two children, a first time mother, and talk to them."

N'talya nods and says, "That is probably a good Idea.." she says, "I just want to make sure I do everything right…"

Kera nods at something N'talya says, thus clarifying a question she doesn't need to figure out how to ask anymore, so continues on with her prior point. "I've noticed first time mothers are still nervous or…twitchy even months after they've delivered. But next time around.." Kera snorts with amusement and rolls her eyes "..you hear a lot of 'get out of there already you brat!'" The girl scheduling the appointment laughs before she can stop herself and offers an apologetic shrug "Sorry….but she's right. "Lowering her head, she finishes her task and hands another page to N'talya that has the date and time of her appointment.

N'talya smiles shyly to the nurse and says, "Thank you." before turning to follow Kera nodding to her as she speaks,

"Got everything?" Kera looks to her friend before starting out to treat her friend to steak to celebrate. Waiting til they are out in the bowl she grins to the Istan rider. "So, you're pleased with the news then?" Even if Nat isn't sure on certain details.

N'talya nods and says softly, "I think so." she blushes and says, "i know two of the three potentials… the forth…I never got his name with his blue caught Ala…"

Kera nods that N'talya is taking the news well, unlike some who would already be making plans to between to some distant location. Arriving at the cafe "Inside or patio?" Is inquired about where the Istan wants to sit. Canting her head at her friend, she watches the woman a moment "So, what's been happening lately N'talya? Last time we talked, you had news to share, and now, there are more than a couple of names in the hat?"

N'talya says, "I think the patio would be best I think there is a nice breeze today." she takes a deep breath and says, "Thank you again Kera…."

Kera nods and moves to one of the patio tables and waves off the thanks "Don't need to thank me Nat. Glad I could help ease your worries." She catches the waitress attention, the woman signaling she'll be just a moment, and turns her attention back to N'talya. "Now, tell me what's been going on with you." She's not talking about the pregnancy news, but what led to it.

N'talya says softly, "I have been working on my project, though I guess that is on hold for now….I think diving is probably bad right?"

Kera gives her order to the waitress when she arrives, the woman turning a smile to N'talya and taking her order too before rushing off to the kitchen. "Swimming is very good excercise. I wouldn't suggest too much diving though, blood oxygen levels become a concern for the babies system."

N'talya smiles and says softly, "Just juice for me to drink today." he smiles and nods to Kera, "Oh I will probably swim the entire time.

Kera nods at her friend's plan to swim a bit more. "Just don't overwork yourself. And be sure to notify your Wingleader and such." The conversation continues, the food is delivered, lizards stuffed and happy.

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