Xanadu Weyr - Nature Gone Wild Weyrbarn
The victim of one of the major storms to pass through the Weyr this past turn or so, this weyrbarn stands amidst the majestic trees of the forest like a sore tooth. Although still structurally sound - the underpinnings intact and the foundation unmarred - there is little doubt it will take a great deal of hard work and time to make this once elegant structure livable once more. The roof has been stripped to little more than crossbeams, the walls gaping with holes where boards had been stripped by the wind. The inside of the barn is little more than rotting floorboards and plant life tentatively exploring its new home. The bulk of the interior seems to be given over to dragon living space - stone gives in less to the demands of nature than wood, and most of the wallow seems yet in good repair.
Such cannot be said for the human side, however, where storm and nature have combined to create a verdant ruin where once was a two-level dwelling area, complete with vine-encrusted kitchenette, an entertainment room for mushrooms and fungi of all sorts, and two well-sized - and well-stocked with wildlife - bedrooms up what was once a spiral staircase. Choked with plants, overrun by forest furries, there is little of what was once a well-loved, well-tended weyrbarn in this decaying structure. Yet, with such a sound foundation, there is little doubt that it can be repaired, with a little hard work, a little ingenuity, and a lot of friends and family.
Just the kind of fixer-upper Thea would recommend for her sons, if indeed she had anything to do with assigning the dwelling. It builds character, right?

Where there's smoke there's…smoke? Ever since being assigned his weyr and then having perfume dumped all over him, the brownling has spent all of his time not in lessons, out in his trash heap of a weyr, tearing things down, setting things to rights. Sort of. Truth be told, he's not much of a craftsman, so all he's managed to do so far is get together a big pile of greenery outside the barn. Thus piled, it contains weeds, vines, and all sorts of growth including a ton of mushrooms. Which he's trying to light on fire. Dry sticks on the bottom, all that good stuff, but everything is so damp and green it's smoking more than burning, and a lack of any breeze leaves a lightly pungent scent in the air as the smoke drifts idly around.

Idrissa has caught wiff, of something involving perfume getting dumped on a certain brownrider, along with the fact that he has missed a few lessons, and then there was talk of that certain brownrider possibly needing help with his weyr.. So this is why Rissa is out here at the moment, and she is not alone. Asher her overgrown canine is following at her side wearing a harness that has two bags at his sides filled with odds and ends, and more importantly munchies of different types. The smoke is what allows Rissa to really find the weyr, and seeing /where/ this place is it took a lot of effort for her to come this far along near the forest. After all she tends to have issues with forests, plains and who knows what else where felines may roam. It doesn't take long for Rissa to catch sight of Mur'dah and she peers curiously at him. "Hey Mur'dah.. Ah.. Up for some visitors?" Which could mean more than her and the canine.

New digs! Everyone's got one, or at least it seems so, and Ka'el has been busy trying to snoop out just where the others have landed themselves. Not that he's had too much luck, being preoccupied with his own weyr and a good amount of catch up work he's needed to do on his studies. But right now he's snooping through the forest because he got word that Mur'dah lives around here somewhere too. If his weyr is as hidden as his, he may never find him! But find him he does, and the run down weyrbarn is approached. Is this it? Yup, it is because there he is! Barbecuing a salad. He lifts a brow, lightly fanning a hand in front of his face as he gets nearer. "I think meat would've smelled better for a Welcome to My Weyr Meal." He grins to Idrissa, waving a hand. And oh, look who else it is. "Asher! Long time no see."

Better outside than in? Soriana's heard the same rumors as the others, and has the same inclination to investigate. She's also a bit lost when it comes to buildings - it's not like she can slather a beam with numbweed and wait for it to feel better. (Well, she could, but she'd be waiting a long time.) But, hey. She's got hands. She can help out! Just as long as there's someone to give her instructions about what to do. There's bound to be someone with a clue around, right? Sure. So she's brought that pair of hands, giving a wave with one of them as she strolls down along the path. Hey, at least the smoke drowns out any lingering smell of mint? Soriana pauses, taking a look. "Shoulda brought a flamethrower."

Mur'dah glances up from where he crouches near the large pile of greenery, waving a hand in front of his face and inhaling deeply to call, only to cough and then laugh. "Hey. Well, yeah, I mean…c'mon in. Over. There isn't an in yet. This is a welcome to my weyr meal?" he asks quizically. "My weyr isn't even done yet. It's shit." And he frowns, but then there's a tug of a grin at one corner of his lips, as if this amuses him. "Ooooh, a /flamethrower/. That's the /best/ idea!"
Idrissa glances up as she catches others voices, a smile and wave is sent to both Ka'el and Soriana. "Hey guys." Asher settles back to his haunches and soon slides down to his belly, the canine wiggling about as he creeps ever forward trying to get that harness of his off. "Yeah, figured I'd go free Ers'lan from having to watch over him. His already started digging holes around my place." At the talk of a flamethrower she grins. "Did you bring it with you Soriana?"

Oh hey, look it's a party! Ka'el waves to Soriana as she emerges through the forest too, and he grins, shifting his eys back to Mur'dah. "What do you mean there's no in? There's always an in." He peeeers towards that weyrbarn, pausing near the smoking pile of…green. "What're you doing with all this? Are those mushrooms?" He squints his eyes, peering to the little fungi that smolder, and he coughs a little while waving his hand again, though it does little to clear the air. "You aren't…really…feedin' us this, are ya? Cuz .. I don't like mushrooms." He snickers. "We've all got flamethrowers you know. Big ones. That breathe fire."

Soriana heads on over to the fire… er, the smoke. She peers down at it, and half-grins. "It'd probably work better than this." Her toe nudges one of the branches sticking out. It's probably supposed to push it further in, maybe improve the airflow. What it actually does it make a cloud of smoke rise up and make Soriana cough as it gets in her eyes and lungs. Cough, cough, and… inhale to try and get air into her again. Or at least less intense smoke. She looks over to Idrissa, and blinks. "What?" Now what was she… oh yeah! "Oh. Nah. I'll bring it later. Oooor…" Her gaze settles on Ka'el, and she points at him with a grin. "You can build one. Right?" Y'know, with the zero supplies he has on hand. Sticks and vines, man. Build it like a cave smith. Or a cave… "I don't," she informs Ka'el.

Mur'dah wiggles his fingers at the canine and shifts, poking the smoking pile with a stick. "Yeah, they're mushrooms. And no I'm not feeding you it. Was I supposed to? Am I hosting a part tonight or something? Ha! I must've forgotten if I am…" And there's that grin again, slow but persistent. "Yeah but Kalsuoth's aim isn't that good and the place is in bad enough shape without being burned on top of it. I am hungry though. Anyone bring food? Build what?" he asks, hopping from one topic to the other and pushing to his feet. "Build a flamethrower? Can you really build a flamethrower? That is sooooo awesome, Ka'el. I knew you could do anything."

Asher lets out a slight bark while he sees there are people here then he knows, oh he wants to go play soooo badly! Idrissa chuckles softly and soon undoes the harness which allows the overgrown canine to spring back to his large paws and trot on over to Ka'el whom he snuffles about at. "Oh I bet Ka'el can make one, just give him a few turns and it should be easy." Rissa offers while she goes about looking into the bags that Asher happened to be carrying. "Yeah I brought some food, snacks mostly." But that counts, right? She waves off some of the smoke, which doesn't help clear it at all. "Who would have thought that stuff would smoke so much."

"Build a what?" A bear perhaps. Ka'el blinks blankly at Soriana, looking at her as if she's spoken to him in a foreign language. Stare. Stare. Silence. OH! "A flamethrower?" Yeah, the dots were connected … slllooowwwwlly. "Pssh. Yeah I can. Piece've cake. Or pie." He blinks again before exhaling a wistful breath. "Cake. … Man, that sounds shardin' good, doesn't it? A huge peice've…cake. With icing. Like, the kind with two layers 'n it has icing the middle? It's like… glue. Cake clue." He pauses, eyes widening suddenly. "Hey. A cake with two layers is …. two cakes put together with glue icing! I never.. I never thought about that." Like ever. Because why would he? But now, at this moment, he is mind blown. He looks at Mur'dah. "You should've had cake at this party. We should get a cake." He grins at Mur'dah for no real reason, perhaps in reply to his compliment. Or maybe just because. "Idrissa has snacks." Their hero!

"Of course it's a party." Soriana grins to Mur'dah. "We're all here, aren't we?" What more does a party need? …oh right. Snacks! A party needs snacks. Oh hey! Idrissa hath provided. But… "Do you have cake?" This question is important. CRUCIAL. You can tell by how earnestly Soriana looks at Idrissa for a good, oh, ten or twenty seconds before looking back to Ka'el. "Can you make a cake?" He can make anything, right? Out of sticks and stones and… "Make a cake, Ka'e…k. Cake, Ka'ek, Cake." She laughs.

"Did she bring cake?" Mur'dah asks, lumbering over towards Idrissa with a goofy smile. "Cake? Cake is amazing. I wonder if you could, like…build a weyr out of cake. Then you could just eat it whenever you wanted to." OMG AMAZING. "Kaaaaaa'el. Make us a cake. Or go get one. I'm the host so I shouldn't have to do anything." Except flop down again and poke at the fire, making it smoke all the more. And then he giggles. Random. Giggles.

Idrissa hums softly as she seems to think on this talk of cake. "Hey… cake would be good.." There is another pause as she eyes her bag trying to remember something it seems. "What am I looking for again?" Her green gaze turns to Mur'dah as he is over near her. "Oh right, Ka'el was gona make a cake.." Though she catches sight of Soriana staring at her and blinks slowly at least twice. "Am I supposed to have something?" Short term memory right out the door at the moment before she eyes the bag once more and catches sight of the bag of sweetbuns she brought and ohs! "Hey, I didn't know I had this, looky!" As if they was some magical buns.

"I totally can make anything." Ego. Boosted. "I can make a cake. Watch this.." Ka'el is going to magically make a cake appear! Or … find one laying around the perimeter because he's off in search for either that, or cake making supplies. Hum de dum. Here's a stick. Oh and a red leaf! A rock. And another rock. AND ANOTHER ROCK. He carries all this back to his friends, plops down on the dirt, and sets it all down in front of him. And then! .. he stares. And stares. And stares hard at the nature junk he's piled in front of himself. He has his thinking face on, folks. Watch out! A weyr made of cake. That'd be awesome. (which he really thinks he just spoke aloud) Cough! Cough. That smoke sure is strong. Too bad he hasn't the sense enough to move away from it. He's too busy thinking, you see.

Soriana frowns consideringly. "But a cake… a weyr, made of cake. It'd melt. It'd like… melt." She lifts up her hands and makes wiggly-fingers as she draws them down. "In the rain." That's where it'd melt, see. Her hands reach up and… wiggly fingers down again. Like the rain, or maybe like the fact that wiggly fingers look cool. So cool. Especially with how they move through the smoke. It's like… a haze. Like rainclouds. Lookit her fingers. SO COOL. They're practically better than cake.

"SWEETBUNS!" That was Mur'dah, yelling and then stumble/lunging to his feet to grab for them. "Gimmiegimmiegimmie. Don't tell anyone else, k?" Since they don't seem to notice, with Ka'el staring at rocks and Soriana entranced by her fingers. "It'll be all OURS," Mur'dah loudly whispers with a little cackle of glee.

Idrissa squeaks, yes she just squeaked at that quick movement from Mur'dah for that bag of sweetbuns she is, or well was holding. She stares at her hands where the bag was and tilts her head while blinking. "Where did they go..?" Though her attention is back to Mur'dah seeing how he is holding the bag and talking about it being /there's/. "..oh.. Alright!" She seems interested in it and inches closer to Mur'dah looking at the bag. "I had a bag just like that; I wonder what happened to it."

The epic staring contest between Ka'el and rocks continue. Who will win? It's a nail-biter! Then, he blinks and gives his head one shake to the left. "I can't make a cake out of this." And he abandons his pile by standing up. "Damn." He really….really wanted cake. Actually, at this point he really wants anything sweet! Like… "Hey are those sweetbuns?" He beams instantly and heads over towards Idrissa and Mur'dah. "You did have cake!" Kinda. "Shardin' liar." His grin remains dominant even as he pauses by Soriana and peers at her wiggling fingers. Blink. "What're you doing?" Yes because staring at fingers is so totally weird in comparison to staring at rocks that were to be made into cake.

Soriana looks over at Mur'dah. Sneaky, sneaky Mur'dah, and… she giggles. Like a schoolgirl. "He's got the sweetbuns," she informs the air, or maybe the smoke in the air, and then looks at Ka'ek. Er. Ka'el. "Lookit them." She wiggles her fingers down again, because clearly that should be totally self explanatory. FINGERS. WIGGLING. And then she laughs. "We should make a cake."

Mur'dah clutches the bag tightly to his chest and then when the others approach he grins. "Here, I have sweetbuns for everyone!" Total credit-stealer. He giggles when Soriana giggles. "How can we make a cake? Don't have anything to make a cake with! My weyr is shit. See, Ka'el? I'm not perfect! Hahaha. Bet your weyr's're better than mine. Mine's…mine's awful."

Idrissa doesn't have a problem with Mur'dah being a credit-stealer over the whole deal with the sweetbuns, as long he shares them! Which it seems that he is planning on doing. "Yay, sweetbuns for everyone!" This sounds like such a grand idea to her. "Cake.. We can make cake.. Just not here I'm thinking." Not unless they want a mud cake, that has leaves, worms and who knows what else stuck in it. "Ka'el's weyr is nice.. But I like this one, all forestry and leafy.. and.. greenie.."

Soriana giggling is making Ka'el laugh. And Mur'dah giggling is making him laugh more. And he laughs and laughs and falls back onto his rear on the ground and laughs so much that he can't even look at those wiggling fingers that are so amazing. "Your weyr's not shit!" he says within his bout of laughing. "Your weyr is total shit. Absolute. Total. In..credibly!" He falls back onto his back, an arm draping over his stomach as he laughs and laughs at giggling and cake and shitweyrs and sweetbuns and greenie. "Greenie like a greenrider. You should switch with Mur'dah!" he laughs to Idrissa.

Yes, how does one make a cake? Soriana's brow furrows as she thinks it through. "You need… flour." Yes. "And eggs. But you don't want the shells. Eggs with no shells." She blinks. "But how do you get eggs without shells? The egg would fall out. Like… like a weyr with no roof." She waves to Mur'dah's weyr with an expansive gesture, then turns her gaze to him and says, very seriously, "Don't fall out." That's important. Yes. So she nods firmly, head up and down and… huh? She giggles along with Ka'el. "Yeah. You're a greenie," she informs Idrissa, and giggles more. So much for serious.

Mur'dah shakes his head as he very carefully (EVER SO carefully) offers each of them a sweetbun before taking one for himself. "Wanna trade?" he asks Idrissa hopefully. Then he blinks at Soriana. "Eggs with no shells? It'd just…like…ooze out of the chicken's butt. That's so gross!" And hilarious. "I won't fall out. I'll…I'll…I'll tie myself to something so I don't!" Good idea. "Ka'el, your weyr is nice? You gotta tell me how you got a nice weyr. My mom hates me." Oh no. Now he's paranoid. "You guys don't hate me, right?"

Idrissa eyes Ka'el a moment in thought and soon grins. "Oh yeah! I am a greenrider an't I?" As if she forgot this idea. "Hey.. What if there like fish eggs? They have a soft shell on them. I wonder what sort of cake could be made with them." Once she is given the sweetbun she smiles to Mur'dah, a soft giggle escaping her. "Thanks!" With this said she is sitting down, and thus gets more smoke in her face as a result, not that she seems to mind at the moment. Hate.. what.. "Why would she hate you..? I bet she doesn't.. I mean I know when someone hates someone cause.. yeah.." Not that she does into detail. "Naw, I don't hate you Mur'dah. Your nice, and friendly and.. stuff.." Yes.. STUFF.

Ka'el is getting his laughing back under control. It's died down to snickering at this point. "A weyr with no roof… a roof with no weyr…" He grins broadly, staring up at the sky til.. oo! Sweetbun in his face! He snatches it up and takes an immediate bite. Nom! "That's gross." Not the sweetbun. Chicken butt ooze. That's gross! "My weyr's nicer'n this. It's dirty. Gotta clean it up. Gonna clean it up. But it's nice. Niccccce… Icccceeee. .. Micccccccce." Ooo! What other rhyming words can he think of? but his train of thought is derailed from that as he turns his head to look at the others. "Your mom is hot." Totally relevant.

He'll tie himself down? "Okay." That'll work. Soriana nods approvingly to Mur'dah. "Yeah." Yeah. And… ooh, a sweetbun. She takes it with a grin. "It's sticky," she says. "Like cake." Which it sorta is, except it sorta isn't, too. It's like… buncakes. Cakebuns? Hee. Cue goofy grin until… "What? Noooo! Of course not!" she informs Mur'dah with wide eyes. How could he even think that? He is SO WRONG. And she will prove it to him. With HUGS. So many hugs, complete with the sweetbun that's still in her hand and probably going to be squished against his back. Or maybe his hair? She's kinda forgotten it exists. She's also forgotten about Idrissa and Ka'el. At least for now. HUGS.

Mur'dah is /stuff/. YAY. And then he's attacked by Soriana hugs, and he is the HAPPIEST brownling in the WORLD right now. HUGS. And he hugs her back, squeeeeeezing and even wiggling a bit, swinging slightly back and forth in that happy go lucky sway. HUGS. And as he's hugging Soriana he grins goofily at Ka'el over her shoulder. "Yeah, she is. I wanna punch guys that look at her like that but then you know she's lonely so maybe I shouldn't. You should go out with her! You're nice. If you were my friend you'd go out with my mom." And he'll just stay here hugging Soriana, resting his head on her shoulder and swaying happily, like a middle schooler having his first slow dance. "I love you guys."

"I don't think it's like cake, I don't remember cake being sticky at least." Idrissa says as she ponders this idea, yes cake is the topic of the night for sure. Then she is peering over at Ka'el and a grin is seen while she shakes her head. "Right.. Or.. Sure.. or.. something.." Something? Well why not!

"She's lonely?" What? No! Poor Thea! Ka'el sits up, looking vaguely pained. Pained that Mur'dah is clinging to his girlfriend? No. Pained that Thea has a lonely, bleeding heart! She's probably sitting all alone in her weyr, shivering in cold with nobody to wrap an arm around her and warm her. Nobody but dust and loneliness! An aching soul, cold and forgotten! "I should go oout with her…" He echoes Mur'dah's words as a whisper, as if it were an idea just now fledging in his mind and not implanted there. "Yeah. I'd take her .. like…" he lifts an arm up, hand arcing to the sky, "up and away. On Kanekith. We'd…so placidly." A word he never usues on a day to day basis, but here it is now! "Like two….souls on a journey. Away…" His eyes start to squint, as if focusing on something far away. Or maybe it's just the smoke. "or something.." he echoes Idrissa. "Something"

All the hugs. Hugs are the best. Soriana is all about these hugs. She'll just keep on with the hugging and the swaying and the loooooove. Awkward? Nope. She has no concept of 'awkward' anymore, just hugs and love. All the love. For everyone. Thea? Sure! "She's nice. She should have someone." Ka'el? Sure, why not? Spread the love. "I love you toooo," she tells Mur'dah, and grins, wide and goofy. "You and me…. We'll make a cake. A cake for Kale and Thea!"

Mur'dah grins wide and goofy at Soriana, and then he just nestles back in for another hug. Spread the love indeed! So he beckons Idrissa over with an arm he wiggles free from Sori's embrace. Two girls? AWESOME. "Man. That sounds…so. Just. Like… Just what she needs. She needs to flyyyy, man. Up…up there in the sky. Like, away from, like…all these /duties/ and shit. She's got so much work and…she's the /man/. You gotta take her way from the…the oppressors." Hello, vocabulary. "Placidly. Yeah. Just like that… go on a journey with my mom. She's hot and she's amazing. You'll love it."

Kalsuoth reaches to the queen, his voice low and rich, his forest mindscape mellow and totally chill. « Does yours want to come to mine's weyr? They're having a little party and would love it if she could come. » There's a pause. « Bring food. »

Kalsuoth senses that Seryth's rains are delayed, the sort that are expected after a long dry spell and can't arrive soon enough to suit the parched. « She… will be there momentarily. » There's a pause, « If she reads any more protocol manuals, she'll die of boredom, so I'm telling her… well never mind, she'll be right along. »

Idrissa wasn't thinking about all this lonely stuff until it was brought up, hey she's well lonely not that she admits it. Mostly because she is chewing on that sweetbun, which Asher is also trying to get a hold of. Seems the canine is in the mood for munches as well. In the end Asher wins out and stealing the so not cake sweetbun and makes short work of it. "Flying is fun.." She'll just latch onto that idea at the moment while she eyes that smokey bunch of leaves and mushrooms. There is a glance over to Mur'dah and Soriana, a slight smile seen and then she is getting beckoned over? Well then! She hops up and moves on over to join in the hug-fest. "Yay hugs!"

Ka'el still has his arm up and hand to the sky. Gesturing. Pointing. … frozen like a statue. His brain has hiccuped and lost a hold of his thoughts, and thus they swim around in his mind with no order while synapses frantically try to collect them and put them back in order. It takes a little bit of doing, but .. there! He's back in service! His arm drops beneath a blink and he looks at Asher as he chomps up a sweetbun. Sweetbun? Oh yeah! He glances to the one he still has, which only has one bite taken from it. "Too many duties." He pauses…then SNERKS. "Doodies." He cackles in a juvenile fashion but is back in Thea-mode in an instant. "Damn all've the oppressors. I'll fight'm. I'm gonna go on a journey with your ma and we'll have the cake." … "It's weird when you say your ma's hot," he says, glazedly watching the huggyfest. Poor Thea. She probably doesn't have anybody to hug. "I should give her a hug."

"Yeah," Soriana says, and nods to Ka'el. "You should take her away. To… to X-W-infinity. And give her a hug. And… and you should take her… on an adventure." Another nod, a firm one, and then… aww! Idrissa joins the hug! So much hug. And swaying. Hugs and swaying, can't you feel the love? Also the sweetbun, getting smushed around and falling in crumbs down to the ground. The squirrels and avians will eat well tonight… unless Asher gets there first.

Mur'dah has Idrissa /and/ Soriana in a hug, holding them both tight and grinning like a fool. Feel the love, man! At least he hasn't tried to cop a feel yet. Of anything other than backs and shoulders, which is totally acceptable for a hug. "Adventure!" he says excitedly, nodding his head. "Yeah, you should. She needs an adventure. And is it? Why? She is. She's beautiful. That's why Marel and I are so awesome looking. Cuz' mom is. It's okay to admit it. And yeah, you need to give her a hug. She likes hugs."

Idrissa totally has no problem with hugs, hugs are good, hugs are fun! She gives Mur'dah that hug back and even Soriana is in on it. "I bet it would be fun.. An… adventure to.. where.." She peers at Soriana a moment. "Hey, where is infinity anyway?" Well she brought it up, so she must know where it is, right? As for the scene! Everyone is outside the weyr at the moment, and there is a pile of leaves, vines, mushrooms found within the middle of this group burning, or really smoking away and there is a rather pungent smell caught as well. Seems someone was working on getting there weyr all fixed up, which is where all the items burning (or smoldering) are from. The smoke is all around, somewhat thick near the pile and hangs therein the air like a haze. Mur'dah, Soriana and Rissa are off on one side hugging, while Ka'el is off a ways trying to eat a sweetbun.

Padding in on the forest trail is a large figure. Had that smoke pall not hidden her, the pale gold hide would be easily discerned between the winter-bare tree trunks. The snap-crackle of limbs broken off as the dragon moves heralds her hurried arrival and she seems intent on completing some mission. She's carrying the huge carcass of a recent kill by the looks of it, for blood is still dripping from the thing. In front of Kalsuoth is where she stops and the thing hits the ground with a resounding KER-THUD. What? He asked her to bring food! After a few beats the sound of running footsteps can be heard (no, she wasn't going to ride Seryth while she made the kill). and an out of breath Thea arrives. She too, stops, but it's more of a skid. Stops and stares. "Muireadhach." That is all. She needs to breathe (whaaaat is IN that smoke?). "Seryth said you needed me right away. You don't look like you're hurt." Yet.

"I'd noooot say my ma's hot," Ka'el drawls. "I'd say she's beautiful, yeah. Lovely… Like a day. Like a new day. Like a day that's ending. Like a storm. Like after a storm when the sun comes back and it's grey and gold and dark and light an'…" And he still has a sweetbun! Oh yeah! Nom! He takes a bite of it, abruptly ending his rambling monologue to enjoy the sweet and sticky treat. One bite. Then the rest is tossed to Asher. Eat up Ash! He looks to the group o' hugs. "She is beautiful, to infinity." Who? He doesn't specify, but she apparently is! "An' you look like a mushroom." … Snerk. Make that a double snerk. No, make that a laugh that has him falling onto his back in the grass and earth, which makes him in the perfect position to feel the ground vaguely shudder beneath him as something's heavy arrival. Still grinning widely, he rolls onto his side and looks up. Gasp. There she is! Thea He exhales. "..Be still.." .. Uh. His heart?

"She doooes," Soriana agrees. Another nod. And more swaying. "Yeah. You're hot, Mur'dah. I mean. You are. And so is-" Thud? She looks over to see… "Theeeeea!" She grins. A wide, goofy grin. Yay, there's a Thea! And a Seryth with a herdbeast. "That's not cake." But, hey. Sori's still got a Mur'dah, and an Idrissa, and HUGS. So, yay! Things are awesome. Things are infinitely awesome. "Infinite is forever. The dial just keeps on going. For-e-ver." She grins. "So gooo oooon!"

Mur'dah giggles, grinning at Idrissa and then at Soriana. "You're hot too, Soriana. And you too, Idrissa. You're both hot and beautiful and smart and amazing and wonderful and- Mom!" He doesn't let the girls go, but grins goofily at his mother. "She used my real name. That usually means I'm in trouble, haha! Moooom, Ka'el is gonna take you on an adventure! He thinks you're hot." Awkward much? Kalsuoth rumbles happily at Seryth when she brings him food, before he's tearing into it with a sudden and ravenous hunger. Anyone got any cheetos?

Idrissa leans a bit closer to Mur'dah, a soft giggle escaping her now as she feels well, high as a kite so to speak. "Infinite and beyond?" There is a pause, a soft oh escaping her as she sends a glance to Mur'dah. "Hey yeah.. You are hot, totally." As if the comment from Soriana spurred her into agreeing, though she says it with a serious sounding tone. As with the other's the sudden thud stops her from talking, and even from giggling as she peers towards the movement. "Hey… Your.. don't think that's like a wild cake do you…?" She catches sight from Mur'dah on her and blushes. "Aww…" Though now there is the scent of herdbeast, and the scent of blood and she suddenly is feeling ill, and even looking a bit green as she catches sight of Kalsuoth tearing into that kill.

Thea just continues to stare. Whyyyy was she called? "What is that awful… stench?!" The fire is eyed, squinted at more like before she's striding forward to kick dirt (or snow if there's any of that on the ground) onto it. She keeps kicking until it's mostly smothered, all the while there is talk that might as well be gibberish for all she understands of it. Except the part where they're all calling each other hot. AND she's included in that category??? She steps back away from the fire, fanning her face and taking a lungful of air now that she doesn't have to hold her breath. Her ice-green gaze sweeps the lot of them, pauses on Soriana while a brow twitches up, perplexed by the oh-so-breezy welcome from her junior. Mur'dah's comment draws her attention and her mouth opens, her mouth closes. Eyes swing to Ka'el. And eyetic. Whut?

Ka'el picks himself up off of the ground and hastily dusts himself off. This must be fate. It has to be! She is here now when before she wasn't, and when is she ever here other than during times when things are offical because she is so officially busy. No fear, Thea. Ka'el is here to save you. Oh he hears his friends alright. They're all hot. He'd claim how hot he is too and how weird Mur'dah's real name is and remind Soriana that he himself is so much hotter, but his tunnel vision has tunneled in on their Weyrwoman. Oh yes, he's staring at you, Thea. Glazed eyes and everything, expression a bit slack (though in his mind he's picturing something closer to "adoringly loving") and lips faintly parted. "Thea," because yes, he is on a first name basis with her now apparently, "it's alright." He approaches her now, brows faintly pressed and lifted, expression now sympathetic. "You don't have to sit alone without a blanket anymore. I've always been here." Always! And the aging teen is getting closer. Close now. And .. HUG! His arms lift and attempt to wrap around her in a snug embrace.

"Noooo, not trouble!" Soriana giggles at the idea of trouble. Because it's funny… apparently. Thea's perplexity isn't funny, but it's not awkward either, because Soriana has kinda lost that concept entirely somewhere along the way. She just looks happy at Thea. Glad to see her. Beam. It's all warm and fuzzy… and it continues to be so as her boyfriend goes to hug her senior. Shaaaaare the loooooove!

And that's when Mur'dah's hands slide down to try and touch Idrissa's and Soriana's rear ends. Just a little squeeze, honest. SHARE THE LOVE. Poor, deprived Mur'dah. "Nooo! Not the smoke! It was so /pretty/ and we were…/entranced/ by it." Good word, that. "/Entranced/!" Good enough to use again! "You go, Ka'el! Save my mom from lonely nights!"

Idrissa is doing her best not to toss her cookies here, and perhaps that is why Mur'dah gets away with the that /squeeze/. Though she does send a poke back towards his side. "Hey… Don't squeeze my bum.." Is heard after a few coughs. A soft aww escapes her once the fire is kicked out and she pouts a moment. "It wasn't that bad.. Didn't have to go and kick snow on it.. What did the smoke ever do to you anyway?" Because smoke can /so/ do something.. Asher meanwhile is curled up asleep, the canine having taken in a good amount of the smoke it seem and is sleeping it off.

Yeah, blame D'had for that name, Ka'el. You ought to hear D'had's brother's name. It sounds like someone was hawking up a loogie when he was named. "Blanket…what?" The rest of Ka'el's raving is dismissed as such because by now she's got a pretty good idea of what's gotten into all of them. She misses her son goosing his pals though she catches Soriana's giddy grin and since she's still eyetic-ing at him when Ka'el crosses the space, she can (sort of) guess his intent. "Whahey!" she says ducking under those arms and dancing several steps away. "Oh yes, the fire," she contradicts her son grimly. "You are all grounded." Now is not the time for questions but each of their dragons will feel the heavy weight of Seryth pinning them to the ground. « You are not to leave the ground. Period. Or hunt. » And there's a silent call to V'dim and any AWLM he can bring with him. When they arrive, they'll see a dirt-smothered fire, still smoldering and smell an acrid scent on the air. Don't breathe too deeply.

V'dim arrives not long after the summons, Isobeth must have swooped her dainty self into a nearby weyr clearing for the Weyrlingmaster strides in while the Weyrwoman is… dodging? one of his weyrlings. "Luraoth's hide isn't glowing," this to Soriana with a questioning upward tick of grizzled brows that question silently, 'Is she?' That would explain this odd behavior.

A swing and a miss! Ka'el's arms come up with empty air as Thea ducks his hug. What, no hug? Everybody else got hugs! He blinks, wholly confused as to why there's no one in his arms. He blinks at the empty space that should be occupied by the Weyrwoman, as if expecting her to materialize there. But wait. Her voice is coming from … somewhere else! He turns, blinking at the now distant (at least by some yards!) Thea. "But…you don' understand. We're gonna fly. To oblivion." Wait. wait. That didn't sound quite right. He furrows his brows, thinking. "Infinity" he corrects. "I'm gonna take you… cuz you're really really ho.." Wait, what… grounded? She can't ground him!! .. Can she? And oh, poor Kanekith! Succumbing to the queen. Fussing at the punishment! No fly? No flying!? Ka'el looks now bewildered, even more so when the army of AWLM's and V'dim arrive! "Hot." He finishes super belatedly.

Yep. There's a grope from Mur'dah. Soriana doesn't stop him. She doesn't even object. She's just happy! The smoke going away? That's fine. She's still happy. Luraoth's happy too. She's out on the beach, and as that weight from Seryth pushes down, she simply stretches out with it. She's got no reason to argue, because she's comfortable. Happy. She probably will be for a while yet, until the 'interesting' parts of that smoke make their way out of Soriana's system. The part Thea says about them being grounded makes Soriana blink. Huh? What's that about? There's… huh. She's getting the vague sense that there's something going on. Something… not awkward, because she still doesn't have access to that concept, but she's at least aware that there's something going on, something that she should understand but… doesn't. Quite. Her brow furrows as she tries to think, and then she looks at V'dim. What? Luraoth… Soriana thinks about that. Is she… "No." Soriana shakes her head, an exaggerated motion. A careful motion. There's something going on here. She doesn't understand it, but now she knows that something's going on, and as long as she pays careful attention she can remember that from one moment to the next. Sort of. Her hands fall from Mur'dah and Idrissa, because thinking very hard, she's pretty sure this isn't something she's supposed to be doing. Not that she knows why, but. "She's not." Her head shakes again, brow still furrowed. Something is not right. She's trying to figure out what, but it's very very hard. It's like her head is filled with… well. With smoke.

What a BUZZ KILL. "Heeeeey, what? What's going onnn, man?" Mur'dah protests, hugging the girls closer. Protecting them. Or something. "Why're we grounded? I was…Ka'el was gonna take you on an adventure! Why don't you want a hug?" He's getting confused now. "Do you hate us?" There's that paranoia again. "Sori! Is it Flight time? Kalsuoth is totally going to win." But then he pouts when Soriana moves away. Still, he's got Idrissa! And that happy grin returns again. « But I've got the munchies, » Kalsuoth protests Seryth's order, though weakly, as he finishes off the beast the gold brought him.

Idrissa isn't about to argue with anyone, oh no instead she is coughing again, she's reached her limit of dealing with the smoke it seems. Tahryth trying to figure out why she can't fly? The green is about as confused as her rider at the moment, attempting to question the order but not actually able to form anything in the way of sensible questions. Rissa sends a glance to V'dim once he is on the scene, and for a moment half leans back against Mur'dah, because that will help. Another harsh cough escapes her as she is soon sinking downwards so she can sit upon the ground, a hand moving to hold her head and she just listens to all the talking around her in a slightly dazed state.

Anoryn arrives hot on V'dim's trail, having received summons of the peculiar event unfolding. Nothing like chain-fed news to add to an already confusing call. Rysith is no where to be seen, but her rider arrives and from her flustered appearance it's a wonder from how far the old greenrider had to trek it to get here. May explain her mood too, which is not at all thrilled. Luraoth's hide may not be glowing, but Rysith's is nearing it soon enough and Anoryn would much prefer to be in seclusion from everyone if she can manage it. So that does little to help her mood or temper. But, duty is duty and if Seryth and Isobeth call well… so the AWLM answers. Maybe she wasn't that far away after all? Blue eyes narrow as she approaches, darting to attempt at sizing up whatever situation she's just stormed in on and then focusing sharply on V'dim. "It can't be?" she hisses in a low whisper, yet her nose is wrinkling at that acrid scent and the behavior of the Weyrlings only swiftly confirms her sinking suspicions. "You've got to be kidding me." she utters in what sounds like a flat spoken curse from her tone.

Thea isn't about to have Seryth try to explain to befuddled dragons the whys of her rider's passed-on edict. She probably knows only that they aren't fit to fly, from what she's picking up from them. Oblivion is faaar more apt, followed promptly by eternity should their riders be allowed access to the skies. Thea keeps backing away from Ka'el. "You got that right," she tells him of her not understanding. She does make eye contact with V'dim, and then Anoryn, glad (but not as haaaappy as Soriana over there) to see them. Mur'dah's comment to her is the one she picks out of his ramble and she shoots him a look. "I'm already on one, thanks." Oh indeed, this is an adventure! "Everyone march! To the Infirmary. Now!" Buzz-kill? Oh you betcha. It's her specialty.

V'dim nods grimly about Luraoth. Grimly because though early, it would be normal. Unusual but, not unheard of and so this… behavior is not flight-induced then. At Anoryn's exclamation, shakes his head and mutters to her.

V'dim mutters to Anoryn, "We'd… escort… infirmary. I'll take Ka'el,… Soriana and Idrissa?… best get… and… the… can…"

Something is not right, alright. Ka'e is unhuggable! Unloved. Rejected by Thea. Oh, his heart! It aches! .. or is that his head that's aching? Or maybe that's Kanekith's head that hurts…or a combination of both of theirs. Plus hearts, which Ka'el can feel is totally shattered in his chest! Luckily (for Thea), he's not following after the Weyrwoman, too distracted by the influx of familiar facts. There's Anoryn over there! Hiii..oh wait. She doesn't look too happy. Actually, no one does anymore! Oh the highs and lows of being high. Ka'el is unreasonably spiraling down into the pit of lonely despair as he looks over at the girls and Mur'dah … or, what was he called? Muirdelacoochle? Yeah. That was it. Thea's command to march to the infirmary gets a confused look. But he's not sick! He hates it there! But..oookay, he'll march, though "stagger" may be the better word for it.

Another shake of Soriana's head. She's trying to think. She's thinking so very hard, but it's not working. It's Just. Not. Working. It's kind of like… it is kind of like glowing hides. Not that Luraoth is… but Haruhi was, once, and Soriana remembers that feeling. It wasn't this feeling, but… it also made thinking hard. It made… "I should go… away. From everyone." She's thinking out loud, because thinking is hard. She's thinking what would have helped then, when it was Haruhi glowing. "And sit. And… wait." Wait for it to go away. Because it will go away… right? She starts looking around; looking at her fellow weyrlings, at the WLMs, at the forest. Looking for the place to go sit down, because she should go, and she should sit, and she should wait, and she has absolutely no ability to plan ahead in order to accomplish these goals, because if she lets go of this thought she's never going to find it again. And it's important. Because things aren't right, and now she's not so happy anymore. She doesn't know what to do… but Thea does, and the look Soriana sends her is pure, sheer gratitude. Orders. Someone she can trust is doing the thinking for her while Soriana can't. So, new thought to be held in her head. Infirmary. To. The. Infirmary. Yes. One foot in front of the other. Infirmary. Soriana to infirmary. She'll get there. Probably. It'd be a good idea to have someone keeping an eye on her along the way. Good thing the weyrlingmaster's thought of that, because Soriana sure doesn't have the brain for it.

Mur'dah is just as confused as the rest of them now, shaking his head and letting Idrissa go when she slides to sit. "But…we were having such a good time…" he says quietly, dejectedly. Suddenly he's so confused and sad, rubbing a hand over his face. "Where…where did the happy go?" he mutters, looking around. Kalsuoth is no help either, the brown floating along with his rider, present and comforting but hardly stable.

Idrissa is listening to everyone really, well she is taking in the words if she actually understands any of it that is uncertain. She is wheezing slightly though. Someone said the word infirmary and that was enough to reach her and she makes a face at the idea. Every time she goes there it is because something crazy has happened. Needless to say that is the last place she wants to go. She peers upwards and isn't too sure if she can even get up, well up is all the way up there and she is all the way down here, which in her mind there is a rather large distance between them. "Happy went away." Is commented once she catches Mur'dah question.

Anoryn will lower her head to listen to V'dim's muttering, though her narrowed and disapproving (or is that very disappointed?) glaring eyes never leave the Weyrlings, who're now all reacting to Thea's orders… more or less. The AWLM sighs, frustrated and concerned and just a whole bundle of 'not fun' emotion. Oh, lucky day for whoever gets her as chaperone! Not. Muttering back to the Weyrlingmaster, she then shakes her head and begins to move with determined purpose, her first steps taking her towards Idrissa, only to suddenly veer as Soriana goes on the move (or may hint at it). Get back here! Not that she'll forcefully hold the weyrling down, but she'll clutch at the fabric of her shirt. Kind of like holding on to a wayward balloon threatening to drift away, she'll just be sure to nudge her back into place with a low and harsh whispered, "Wait." while she deals with her second charge. Who isn't moving. Crouching down, she'll try to get an arm around Idrissa to help her with that business of 'up' and she is firm in her insistence that it be done. No choice here! "On your feet, you heard the Weyrwoman." March or… well, who wants to find out the alternatives?

Thea is Not. Amused. She as no idea if this was deliberate but oh, she will find out. But later, probably tomorrow. Right now she's stuffing her own alarm for their well-being down deep inside. To the infirmary to make sure they haven't poisoned themselves. Or her, because she's starting to feel dizzy from the little smoke she's breathed while kicking out the fire. So rather than waste time and breath using reason and logic on people void of coherency, she stalks to her son's side. "Let's go," she says and if he doesn't move, he'll find her using his ear as a handle while she tows him there. Seryth, prompted by a silent request, pads quietly away to keep her eye on Luraoth. She'll remain beside the younger gold until her rider has normal function of mind back.

Anoryn mutters to V'dim, "… those… of him?… now. Of… things!"

V'dim will corral Ka'el if he heads anywhere else. Or herd him in the right direction if he forgets which way that is. Other than that, he's not talking. He is watching though. And when the lot are delivered to the infirmary to get their 'reversal treatment', if indeed there is anything for that (they'll probably be kept for observation overnight too), he'll see to their dragons and make sure none of them do anything dangerous while the mindlink is affecting them. Sigh. He's a professional baby-sitter. Has been for turns. Is it retirement yet?

Soriana can trust Anoryn too, so… Wait. Okay. She nods, because she can do that. She tries to keep the infirmary thought in her mind, but… well. It drifts, a little. She's having a hard time with thinking. The thoughts keep drifting away like… well. Like smoke. Her gaze drifts too, but she mostly remembers to drag it back to Anoryn, because, you see, she's waiting. Because she's been told to. She even keeps her mouth shut, save for a few mumbles now and then as she tries to think. She may need to be nudged to move again once Idrissa's been caught, but she'll follow directions ever so carefully. Over on the shore, Luraoth will be glad for Seryth's company. She'll probably be snuggly about it.

Mur'dah sways a bit, does that count as moving? Apparently not, because she's grabbing his ear and he's whimpering and flailing a bit. "Owwwww!" he protests, but he stumbles and weaves forward, muttering to himself.

Mur'dah mutters to himself, "… is… Ka'el… hot…. hot. Idrissa… am… was fun. Where'd… go?… I… weyr…. hates… I… it. I'm… HUNGRY."

Idrissa doesn't fight Anoryn mind you, she really does try to get up but everything is spinning in her head at the moment. Though soon enough she is up and stumbling as she follows both Anoryn and Soriana towards the infirmary. She's rather quiet the whole way there too. Tahryth is curled up fast asleep near the corrals, she so wanted to get something to eat but never made it that far it would seem.

As long as Mur'dah is moving, Thea will relent and allow his poor ear some relief. Should he lag, or head in a different direction, she'll reclaim her former 'handle'. At the infirmary, she'll leave the healers to their duties, but she'll be in touch. Oh, will she ever.

Anoryn will lend support when needed, even if she's not entirely gentle about it. Neither is she rough but the AWLM will make it very clear that she wants both Soriana and Idrissa moving and will watch them closely to be sure none wander or stumble (or fall). Even if it means she has to play the role of a crutch. "Come on." she grumbles and the quiet is likely very welcomed. Once they make it to the infirmary, Anoryn will beat a hasty retreat though likely remain nearby on standby. They should be safe now though… right?

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