The acid-tongued healer meets (and searches) Pern's latest gift to women.

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow

A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

Aqueepoli wrinkles his nose, his expression dubious at best. "Why mess with perfection?" He states, a cheeky grin alight on his face. "I'd take it like a man, either way. Maybe get one of those," He stares intently at Pyriel's facial piercings. "Err… the eyebrow ones? Not sure how I'd feel about the lip ones. Don't it get in your way when you're trying to put your moves on the ladies?" Or eat food. "Better to be here than home, anyway, am I right? I'll take you up on that traveling gig, Sessy. Not sure how much longer I'm gonna stand being told what to do an' working around food. I'd rather gnaw on a runner's leg with some sauce, not treat it like a Blood heir." The tree he's leaning against gets more contact, as Aqueepoli adjusts himself to be even more comfortable. "Surprised they haven't come to get me yet, probably pissed cause I let that runner go an' said to Between with it." Yeah, that's totally what happened. His expression turns from surprise to cautiousness as he watches Pyriel. "Damn right it ain't advisable. Jumping into the sack with another boy ain't /ever/ going to happen. /Ever/!" NEVER. EVER. "Plus, something tells me you could kick the shit outta anyone who tried." Aqueepoli smacks his fist into his open palm, barking out a laugh. "/Shells/! I forgot about Bela." Pol shifts topics quickly, his attempt at eradicating any tension. "You shouda seen her, uh…" Stare. "Can't say I caught your name." Looking back to Pyriel. "Ya can call me Aqueepoli or even Pol, if'n you must." Back on topic. "Anyway, she was round, like Sess said, right? With all these warts on her face. Smelled like she hadn't bathed in a sevenday. I was laughing the ENTIRE time when they had to meet, 'member that, Iessrien? And they just kept getting worse after that. Your pa will keep trying to get you to settle down, that's for sure." As far as his own conquests, Pol only smirks. "I can't help it, y'know? Girls just loooove to dance on the Pol." SEE WHAT HE DID THAR?!

Iessrien doesn't appear to have any pressing duties this morning, or else he's shirking them, moving to prop a shoulder lazily against the tree trunk, keeping a decent amount of manly distance from where Pol is leaning. His nose does wrinkle some at Pyriel's insistence that the whole mating flight thing was actually like that, but doesn't continue to argue it. They'll find out soon enough, maybe. "Thanks," is wryly stated, for the condolences, though Iess doesn't seem particularly bothered, now that he's managed to escape off to a weyr. The startled harper is eyed once again, mirth lingering in pondwater-blues, Iessrien's gaze idly flickering between fellow candidate and fellow holder. "Just have to learn how to be a pompous ass too," is joked about the bronzers, lips tilting into another smile, "Can't be any worse than sitting through a gethering of holders." Oh, so little he knows of the world. "Weyr girls are nice and loose," he does agree, with all the manly wisdom he can muster, snerking at Pol's painful pun over there. Some staring happens for Pyriel's piercings too, Iess deciding, "You know, I could go for one on the eyebrow. Or maybe the ear. But.. don't you get.. food and things stick in the lip ones?" Enquiring minds want to know! Except not really. He's quick to move on with a definite nod of agreement, "Damn right," to Aquee, "Better than home, at least. Some of the cotholds weren't bad, if only because they wanted to show off their daughters," he can't help smirking at the bribe-type pampering he'd probably received. A sunshine-warm laugh is followed by a thoughtful, "We should travel some, along the coast maybe. I know my father's been making deals with seacrafters, maybe we can con some captain into giving us passage somewhere more interesting." He just eyes the talk of jumping into the sack with another boy, smirking slightly, but making no comment on either Pol's manlyness or Py's probably ass-kicking ability. Unstead there's a barked laugh, about Bela, "No kidding. I could have stabbed your face the way you were going on, and /I/ had to sit there and /smile/ at her while she tried to show more f her cleavage," a brief pause, "..Did have a decent rack, though." So maybe it wasn't all horrid as that. Suppressing a shudder, he will add, "If there's anything that convinced me I'd rather shovel runner dung than settle, it's /that/."

Pyriel's pierced brow lifts slightly, perhaps closely examining the tallest holder lad before a shoulder lifts and falls. He wasn't one to make judgments on the looks of other guys. So whether Aqueepoli was perfect or not just the way he was, is left up to the boy himself to figure out. "Not at all." Nope, the piercings do not get in the way of food consumption or macking on the ladies. "Like I said, chicks dig 'em." A pause and he tilts his head to the side, "I could do it for ya if ya wanted." he suggests, pointing to his eyebrow. He leaves it at that. He was likely the culprit for his own face of metal and plastic. There's a wide toothy grin for the part about bedding boys and the consequences there of. "Broke the last dude's nose who even suggested it. Heh." He really shouldn't be all proud of that sort of thing, but the harper was practically beaming over it. He visibly relaxes as the conversation shifts back to Bela. "Pyriel, or Py, whichever. Dun matter." That's all the introduction he gives himself, eyes wandering back to Iessrien afterwards. He looks downright disgusted as Aqueepoli continues on to describe her and the women who came after her. "Seriously?" he balks, and pales at the very thought, attention bouncing back and forth between the two younger boys. A snort and shake of his head for the pun Aqueepoli attempts, earning the guy a groan from the blond. As for being a pompous ass? Pyriel shrugs, again.

Shellie shakes her head as she arrives in the Meadow. "Not me. Frankly, I think they're an attractive nuisance, and I've seen too many people get infections from them. Frankly, they're one of the few customs of the ancient timers I wish hadn't been resurrected. It's bad enough to deal with them in ears." She's not having the best day, to be honest. Her shift in the infirmary was a long, unpleasant day, and she's glad to get out of it for the moment.

Aqueepoli lets out a lofty (but manly!) sigh, "Her rack was pretty huge." It's a faraway look that takes over Aqueepoli's face and quite a few moments before he centers back to the here and now. "Boobs are so awesome." He grins once more, waggling his eyebrows at each other lad. "Am I right, or am I right?" His smiling visage doesn't last long, because soon he's shaking his head and angled towards Iessrien. "Though why would anyone settle for one pair of boobs, when they can have all the boobs they want? I find it my personal duty to get to know every pair on Pern! …though that seems like a lot of work, so maybe I'll just stick to Xanadu for the time being. Faranth knows I've already gotten nice and chummy with most of 'em 'round my hold!" Cackling with glee, he digs an elbow in Iessrien's way, again doing that eyebrow waggling thing. Pyriel's offer does cause Pol to come off of the subject of boobs and look quite thoughtful as he raises a hand up to his eyebrow. "Well. Maybe. Let me think 'bout it. That is to say, I totally would, cause I could take it, but again. Perfection. I need some alone time in front of a mirror to really know if it'd enhance the Pol." Who has two thumbs and is egoistical as all hell? THIS GUY. A female's voice props up and Aqueepoli stands at attention, his head whipping over to spy the female in question. "Weeeeellll, heeellllo pretty lady. How /you/ doin'?" A charming smile is plastered onto his face and his chest is puffed out. Any muscles on the boy's body is suitably clenched and unclenched. He may even attempt to do that pec-muscle bouncing thing.

"Seriously," there's a nod at that, Iessrien's expression composes once again into something more akin to a smirk than a grimace, leaving all thoughts of frightful Bela and her warty face behind, in favor of giving Py's offer proper consideration. This apparently involves some scrutinizing of the harper's face, specifically that lifted eyebrow, Iess utterly uncaring that he's eyeing the poor boy so critically. "Alright," he decides, at length, "If Pol's man enough, we'll both do it," totally issuing a side-glanced challenge to his holder friend there. As for boobs and their awesome? "Word." The elbowing sent his way gets one in return, along with a more obvious smirk, "Shells man, don't woman on about it. It'll be badass and you know it," because real men don't need mirrors! He might have said more, in regard to holder girls, but there's then a female voice, and Iess is straightening to attention as well, before his gaze comes to rest on the rider, inclining his head with a, "Ma'am," for her. He can't help but roll his eyes at Aqueepoli, muttering an under-the-breath, "/Standards/, man," and then just shaking his head.

Pyriel laughs softly, shaking his head at Aqueepoli. The dude was over the top but he certainly knew how to make the harper less than his usual grumpy self, which was something even his best friend wasn't able to do. If anything Ryeokie made Py even more grumpy. Perhaps it was time for change of staff along his friendship tree. He did have to nod, boobs were after all, pretty sharding awesome. "Kiley has a nice set…" he idly mentions, drifting off again himself as he tries to recall alcohol hazy memories. "She's hold bred though, only got some of that by accident." Ah well. "'ight. If ya'll want." For piercings. "Jus' lemme know and I'll get the crap together for it." Which included sneaking redwort and numbweed from somewhere. Golden eyes turn, bringing the rest of Py's head with it at the arrival of Shellie. A frown casting upon his lips. He'd gotten someone else to take his stitches out, and his black eye was nearly completely faded. He backsteps a bit to make a nice wide open area for the greenrider, but still close and far away enough from the other two boys to at least give the impression some sort of badboy gang was taking it's first steps.

Shellie can't help smirking at Aqueepoli. "In your dreams, bucko. First of all, I'm twice your age. Second, I've got two weyrmates that keep me happy and satisfied." She shakes her head. "Someday, maybe, when you grow up." She sighs. "Standards? Thats why I live with a Brownrider. They don't generally think of themselves as Pern's gift to women. Bronzers do…and most of 'em are wrong." The smirk turns into an innocent little smile.

Aqueepoli takes his rejection with ease, "Aaaah, that's a shame. If you ever get bored of your weyrmates though, you can find me over in yonder stables! I'll be waiting for you in the loft." Some of his Holder heritage shows through, as he executes a rather stately bow to the dragonrider. "You know what they say about youth, though. While we may not have the experience, we've got the exuberance." And loooots and loooots of enthusiasm. A snort is sent towards Iessrien, "A boob in the hand, is a boob in the hand." It is equally muttered under his breath, though with a smirk to follow. Back to his big boy voice, Pol narrows his eyes and stands up straighter once more. "/Fine/. S'long as you do it as well, Sessy, than you know I will. Like I'd let you out-man me." Pffft. "You're on. Py, let's do this thing in the next few days. Whenever y'all don't have candidate-y dragon-whatever stuff to contend with. I want the /lip/ piercing. Just to show how much hardcore I am than you." Pol totally shoves at Iessrien, just for show.

The lack of grump seems to be going around, and Iessrien's lips are twitching up at the corners, even if he gives Aquee a slightly exasperated look for a second. Shoulder leaning back against the tree trunk, he absently crosses his arms over his chest and smirks. "Kiley? Isn't she the one you made cry the other day?" there's a wry tilt to his mouth, "You need to learn how to handle holder girls, man, not send them off bawling." Alright, so maybe the girl hadn't been /bawling/, precisely, but still. "Better by accident than none at all, I guess," he shrugs, another eyeroll for Pol's under the breath muttered reply. "Right, you're /on/," is nodded about the piercings, look given to Py and Pol, though he makes no promise about the lip-adorment, merely letting his breath out in a soft snort. And he totally shoves Aqueepoli back, using the tree to brace himself. Shellie's talk of weyrmates earns a browraise, though, and then a wry grin, "More than one, huh? Now that's what settling down /should/ be like." Though probably, all this boy is likely to do is be chasing tail for the rest of his life. Tsk.

Aqueepoli might be wanting to be all up in that, but the way Pyriel was eyeing Shellie was the opposite. It likely less about the woman herself, then the green cord woven into her knot. The other two boys would quickly discover the harper's passionate dislike for greenriders in general, but more so for the male variety. Brows are raising once again, impressed with Pol's audacity. The kid had some guts, that's for sure. He bobs his head in an affirmative towards Iessrien, "Yeah." Kiley was the cry baby. "She's got a thing for Ryeokie." That gets a twitch for some strange reason, but the blond lets it roll off his back with only slight difficulty. "I dunno, maybe she was hoping to land him instead and was upset she ended up with me." It was possible. Right? As for the topic of piercings, Pyriel nods and makes a mental note to get the stuff he needed. Likely he could hit up Laera for it, she was pretty easy going. "I'll let ya know." Finally his chin lifts at Shellie and he talk of brownriders, which gets a rather distasteful sound from him with no explanation. He really did need to learn some self control.

Shellie shakes her head again. "At any rate, I don't have the time for this." She points to Aqueepoli. "For some reason only known to her and Faranth, Rieselth has decided that you should stand for Seryth's clutch. I don't have any idea why, and the last thing we need around here is another rider…" (Note, no color specified.) "…with an overinflated sense of their own worth. So, are you willing to?"

"What even /is/ a weyrmate? S'like the whole husband and wife deal? I thought you 'riders were all bout the free love and tons of sex!" Poor Aqueepoli, all his illusions of Weyrlife are going up in smoke. "Though having two does seem better than being saddled with just one." Nodding his head to himself, Pol seems to think better of this option. Or rather, he would think longer on this option, but he's too busy being all distracted by what Shellie is saying now. "Waaaaait." A hand is held up, this all being quite perplexing. "You want me to join the ranks of these two," His thumb is jerked at both Iessrien and Pyriel. "What with the dragons and pissing off of parents?" It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. "You have a pretty smart dragon, my lovely miss." Pol all but purrs out. "I am /quite/ an amazing specimen of a man. Of /course/ I'll stand on those eggs," That's what that means, right? "Anything is better than the stables, at this point. Count me in." Turning towards Pyriel and Iessrien once more, Aqueepoli gives them both a thumbs up. HOLLA'!

Iessrien might just be too picky, or perhaps he's still too holdbred to look at an older woman that way, because the only type of regard for Shellie he offers is a vague politeness. "Hmh, sort of figured that," Iess nods at the talk of Kiley having a thing for Ryeo, "All the blushing." He hadn't been eyeing the ceiling the /entire/ time, see. The twitch there doesn't go unnoticed, and a brow arches every so faintly as he regards the harper, "Probably was." Hey, he's not going to argue there; he barely knows those two. "Plenty of other fish in the pond," he gives Pyriel a slight grin, nodding again about the piercings and then turning with a bit of a blink, to stare first at Shellie, then Aqueepoli. There's some mild admiration for his friend's gall, grin widening as he lets out a quiet laugh, "Shells, man," just shaking his head, and smirking, unable to suppress the amusement as he points out, "Some of the chores are in the stables." Still, he's hardly going to /complain/ about his best bud ending up searched too.

Pyriel opens his mouth to explain weyrmating to Aqueepoli, but just lets it slide. If he needed to know more, he'd discover it for himself or ask the weyrbred harper. There was absolutely no need to completely crush the hopes and dreams of the taller boy. At least not yet. Instead, he remains quiet just then, perking up nicely at the news that Pol was being asked to join he and other holder boy. "Cool." he says in an approving tone, grinning. "Ya'll should set up over by me. Got some cots free nearby." Cause friends are awesome just like boobs. He slides his eyes to Iessrien after, for a shrug in regard to Kiley. "Meh. Whatever." Yeah he didn't much care who the holder girl preferred, or so he liked the other two to think. There was probably more grumbling attached to that start, but the harper wasn't going into it. He wouldn't, at least not presently.


Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Shellie leads the way into the Barracks. "Well, welcome to your new home. Now, there are some rules you'll need to follow. First of all, no Fighting. You're all living in close quarters here, and it gets stressful, so the temptation is there. But you can be asked to leave for it. Second, don't leave the Weyr unless you're with a rider. You need to be available at a moment's notice. Third, no drinking. Same reasons as for no fighting. And last, but not least…" She grins evilly as she comes to this one. "No sex. Period. End of story. If you do impress, you're going to be chaste for at least a turn, often more depending on what you impress. Best to start getting used to it now." She motions to the barracks as a whole. "At any rate, welcome to Candadicy." She turns, and starts to leave, then pauses. "Oh, by the way. It's been my experience that most people who think they're Pern's gift to women end up impressing Green…" After that little bombshell, she flutters out with an innocent look on her face.

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