Portraits on the Beach

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It's early evening, the warm air of day lingering with some hints of coolness drifting in with lazy eddies from the water. Keziah is skipping pebbles along the water, sometimes getting several skips, sometimes only a plop. Activity on the beach has dropped as many are off to supper or settling down in the tavern or playing games.

It's been a busy day for Ruzel. After all the craziness of search and getting all his things moved to the barracks, he needs nothing more than a little time to unwind and process everything. Where better for that than the beach? He's wandering alone with a thoughtful look on his face until he spots Keziah. Noticing the familiar woman skipping pebbles, he smiles and waves. "Good evening."

The most recent pebble hits with a ker-plunk as Keziah loses her concentration and turns around "Hmm? Oh! Hey there. How goes the settling in?" she asks with a tilt of her head "Oh, and I recommend finding a place to hide things away. Something that can escape inspections and the like. Good for when there's a lockdown and no decent food to be had."

Ruzel wanders over to a more conversational distance, glancing out at the ripples in the water before looking back at Keziah. He grins at her suggestion. "That's a good idea… where else am I supposed to keep my contraband? Wouldn't be candidacy without getting into trouble, would it? So you've been a candidate before?"

Keziah gives a nod as she glances back over the water "Been there a time or two." she notes and smiles "Or several." she can't help but laugh "Xanadu's a decent place to be a candidate though. I certainly haven't minded. Generally have to find new places all the time though. Eventually they get found and then sealed up or the like."

"I'm sure I can think of something…" Ruzel ponders that for a moment. "And what all should I hide? Food, of course. And liquor. Hmmm…" He shrugs and grins. "Something to consider later… at least I don't have any chores until tomorrow."

Keziah grins "It's advisable to hide something non-perisable for long term. But try to get in a few treats. Alchohol can be tricky, because people can smell it and such. So can some firelizards I think. Always know who and whats around. But also for things you don't want people messing with." she stretches some "And if you can get a lock for your things. Do it. Trust me. Sometimes you can't all depends on what they allow."

"So what you're saying is, if you're going to hide alcohol, drink it fast. Can do." Ruzel says with a big grin, having obviously missed part of the idea. "Get a lock. Got it. These are good things to know. Anything else I should be aware of? And do you still want to be drawn?"

Keziah thinks for a moment "Try to get along with people. If you're lucky and you Impress, there's a nu,ber of them that are going to Impress with you. You're going to have to learn to get along. You can hate someone's guts and all, but still learn to work together." she tilts her head a little as she hmms "Well, yeah. Sure. If you think you'll have the time and all."

"Impress?" Ruzel seems a little taken aback, as if the prospect that he might actually impress hadn't actually entered his mind yet. "Huh. I guess that is a good point to consider. Well, I've never had much trouble staying on folks' good sides!" He grins. "I'm sure. I can find the time to draw such an excellent subject."

Keziah can't help but chuckle "Yes, Impress. It's a possibility." she notes and then looks closely at Ruzel "Are you prepared to give up life as you know it? To have your thoughts invaded by another mind. To never have to be alone again, to always have that someone that you never knew you were missing?" she asks. Course, she's heard it enough to likely toss in several other things that had been said or yelled at her as a person or in a group. "Think about it. Think about it good and hard." she snorts a little at herself "Now listen to me carry on there. But, if you have the time, that'd be great."

"Well, it does sound exciting." Ruzel says as he ponders the prospect. "The adventure, the excitement… being able to go anywhere you want. Not to mention being able to help so many people! And having a companion to go through it all with… I suppose it wouldn't be a bad sort of life at all!" He grins, enthusiasm renewed. "And of course! It's the least I could do for such great advice. What kind of drawing do you want?"

Keziah smiles softly as she nods. "That's the spirit. What sort of drawing? Well, what aside from sketches do you do?" she asks curiously "Do you do colors or well, what mediums, that's word do you use?"

Ruzel grins and nods. "Yeah! But that doesn't mean I shouldn't also savor my free time while I have it." The topic of his art gives him more enthusiasm. "Well, I do simple pencil sketches, but I also have a nice colored pencil set I use sometimes. And I have a wonderful new set of oil paints and brushes from Landing, along with a few sheets of canvas."

Keziah hmms thoughfully "Well, I don't think I really rate the use of oils and such. Those can't have come cheaply, but colored pencil might be nice." she says after a few moments. "ANd I'm sure that would certainly take up a lot of your free time which you may want to spend doing sketches of your fellow candidates."

"On the contrary." Ruzel says with a grin. "I certainly think you'd rate the use of a canvas. You're a very striking woman, you know. Plus, I owe you for you being willing to model for me. I really do appreciate it. If you'd like a colored pencil drawing, maybe I could do that for you and you might consider letting me do a painting as well? If you'd have the time, of course."

Keziah hmms a little and then just shakes her head a little and smiles "Well, how can I say no to that?" she asks and closes her eyes a moment and then looks at Ruzel again "You've the makings of a charmer me lad. But a decent sort. I'll let you paint me if you so wish."

Ruzel chuckles a bit and grins. "Well, I'm glad you think so. But I mean it all honestly. You'd make a very, very lovely subject. Now, how would you like me to draw and paint you? Anything specific you had in mind?"

Keziah blinks a moment at the the question and looks blank "Uh, well. Hmm." she purses her lips together and then shakes her head "I guess I hadn't really thought of it, I figured I suppose like a portrait or something. You know head shot. What would you suggest?"

"That sounds perfectly nice." Ruzel says with a smile, nodding. "That would make a lovely and tasteful present for your mother. That'll be very simple to do, too. Do you have some time tonight?"

"I do, Mirai is staying with Cora tonight, so I really don't have to be anywhere." Keziah states "So, where do you wanna do me?" she asks as she looks around the beach "Think here would work?"

Ruzel chuckles and winks. "That's a dangerous question to ask, you know. Hmm. Well, this would be just fine… why don't you find a nice comfortable spot? I'll go grab my materials and be back in a very short while. Sound okay?"

Keziah just snorts and then shakes her finger at him "You're a little young for me buck-o" she states, but she's laughing "Sounds good though, I think I'll head over to the drift wood, some of it's right nice to sit on."

"Young? I'm practically eighteen." Ruzel says, mocking feeling hurt. Yet he's still obviously in great spirits. "Fantastic. I'll be back in a moment." He jogs off to retrieve his supplies. In a couple minutes he's back, very heavily laden with art supplies. He has sheets of paper, an easel, a full set of colored pencils, paints, and brushes, and a lantern to keep everything well lit. He looks for Keziah again.

Keziah snorts a little and just rolls her eyes "Practically eighteen." she snorts and shakes her head but she does watch him go for a moment and then settles herself onto a driftwood log that someone has carved and sanded a seat into. She's gazing out at the water and then turns her head back as she hears him coming back, her eyes widening at all that he's brought "All that for a picture?"

Ruzel laughs a bit as he sets up the easel, unwrapping a sheet of paper and clipping it to the board to ensure the wind will not effect the picture. "Well, I need one set of supplies for a drawing, one for painting. If we have time for both, of course." He lights the lantern and sets it down near her, making sure the light nicely frames her. "Perfect."

Keziah ahhs a little and nods "Well, you know best as far as that goes. She watches him set up. "So, where do you want me to look? And do I actually have to sit still and not even twitch my nose?"

"Oh, it's not quite that bad." Ruzel assures as he gets back behind the easel, unpacking his pencils and peering over at Keziah. "It's fine if there are a few little movements, just try to stay still as much as possible. And let me know if you need a break. Look over toward me, alright?"

Keziah just has to wrinkle her nose. It's twitching and she gives into it. "Well, so long as I'm not having to pretend to be a statue and all." she remarks as she looks his way "Hows this she asks?"

"It'll be fine. I am a professional… sort of. I'll be able to deal with it if you make a couple little movements." He grins as he looks at her. "Perfect. Now give me a nice big smile. That'll look very beautiful." He gets a pencil held at the ready.

Keziah hmmphs big smile, professional. "Well, if you're not, you've got the vocabulary down it seems." she notes, though she does smile, at least one that's confortable for her. She can't help it if it almost seems more like a smirk. She's amused at the moment.

"I have been doing this for six turns now. Hopefully I'd at least have that down now… perfect! Hold that as best as you can. I'll try to work fast." And so he does. He starts drawing furiously, looking back and forth between the paper and Keziah.

Keziah watches as his hands fly across, and now she's starting to itch at wanting to look at how it's going, but she's being good and just sitting there. "Is it looking okay?" she just has to ask though.

"It's looking amazing. Just try to hold still, please." Ruzel stays true to his word and tries to work fast. Knowing that it might be a struggle for her to keep still, he works very fast. After a couple minutes go by, he steps back and takes a look at the paper. "Perfect. Why don't you take a look?"

Keziah sits still, which for her is something that's easy when she's being lazy and all, but to have to do it on purpose, that's something else. As soon as he says the words she's up and over and peering down at the paper.

"What do you think?" Ruzel asks as he leans back and lets Keziah survey the work. His style is very, very realistic. He's tried to capture her as accurately as possible, right down to each and every one of the freckles.

Keziah hmms as she eyes the sketch "A lot of freckles." she notes after a moment and is still tilting her head this way and that and then she nods "I like it." she states "Just a little wierd I guess to look at it and all. I don't really look at my reflection all that much and all, so." Hmm.

"Well, you do have a lot of them… I think they're cute." Ruzel says, grinning up at Keziah and examining her up close for a moment. "Of course, I could erase a couple if you'd like. But I like it this way."

Keziah just can't help but roll her eyes at that "Cute? Cute's for puppies and kittens and newborn kids. Now they're cute. All so soft and fluffy." she sighs softly as she thinks about them. She shakes her head a little and then nods "They're fine, you don't have to erase them and all." she notes.

"Would you prefer if I'd said they were sexy?" Ruzel says with a smirk, looking back at the paper. "Well, fantastic. It's all yours. Completely free of charge. I'm glad you like it."

Keziah looks blandly at Ruzel "Actually, I'm not sure I would." she finally says, looking just a little uncomfortable, or perhaps it's just embarrassed. "But umm, uuh thank you. I do like it." she murmurs quietly seeming a bit at a loss for words.

Ruzel laughs a little at the uncomfortable look, shaking his head. "Sorry, sorry. I forgot, I'm too young for you, aren't I?" He carefully detaches the paper from the easel. "Perhaps I should put on some muscle. People keep mistaking me for a kid."

Keziah coughs a little "Well, I suppose I'm just a little old fashioned or so in some ways. I always see the guy as being older." she shrugs some. "Sorry bout that. It's just I dunno weird thinking of someone more than a few turns my junior. It's almost like Candia saying she wished I liked girls."

"Really?" Ruzel chuckles a little at that last tidbit. "Well, guess I'm not surprised you get a lot of attention. But don't worry. I suppose as a candidate I'm 'off the market' for a bit anyways. But you do make an excellent model."

Keziah shakes her head a little "Yeah, really. She's a real good friend though, so it's all good. But I wouldn't call it a lot of attention." she notes thoughfully. "I mean its not like, uh never mind." she coughs a little and then laughs "Well, you'll likely be a bit too busy anyways, but yeah they do sorta frown on those things, I mean if you Impress, you're gonna be busy carin' fer yer dragon and all. Relationships sorta fall by the wayside and the none dragon riding partner can get the shaft on that one. If you've a rider partner, well they at least tend to understand from what I'm told, but still sometimes seem to get the shaft and well. Thank you."

Ruzel snickers and shakes his head. "Oh, really, don't worry. I've never really been too serious about these kinds of things, you know? I mean, maybe if I met the right woman it'd be different, but I've never been the type to fall suddenly and deliriously in love or something. I was just admiring your appearance. You know, from an artist's perspective."

Keziah settles back down a bit "Well thats different. Artists and their perspectives and all that." she notes and then chuckles "Course, I knew one artist who used that perspective as a way to view women in the nude and all. As if he couldn't just go down to the beach and all." she notes and then shrugs. "Well, candidacy shouldn't be too hard fer ya and all then. Wouldn't want ya kicked out or anything."

"Ah. Well. Scratch that suggestion off my list, then." Ruzel says in a half-jesting tone, chuckling a little. He does look a little curious, though. "Who was that? Anybody I'd have heard of? Aren't too many of us around this weyr, it seems like."

Keziah hmms a little as she thinks "I'm not sure I remember. It was several turns back and all." she notes as she purses her lips "Started with an N I think. But I've not seen him since the first time I stood here at Xanadu." she notes as she just eyes him a bit "Oh, I'm sure there's some sweet young thing who would fall for that, but I don't think I need a nude portrait of myself. But then, knowing you, you'ld likely go for each and every single blasted freckle."

"Hrm…" Ruzel thinks for a moment, then shrugs his shoulders. "No artists around here with an N name come to mind. Must just be someone I've never heard of." He laughs and shakes his head again. "Honestly, that's really not why I'm in this. While it would be a beautiful picture I'm sure, I wouldn't feel right trying to trick you into that sort of thing."

Keziah laughs "I should hope not. You do seem like a decent sort to me. Not at all slimey." she notes "But as I said, it's been many a turn. I think about 7 turns or so ago?" she shrugs a little "Well, did you wanna try painting now? Or is it getting a little too late for that?"

"If you're still awake enough for it, I'm up for it. Though I should warn you, it's definitely going to take longer than the sketch. We could put it off until another evening, if you'd prefer." Ruzel says with a smile. "And I'm glad you don't consider me slimy."

Keziah looks thoughful "Well, I'm not tired at all. And I don't have to work in the morning, so I'll likely be up a good portion of the night anyways." she notes "So it's up to you,. I don't mind sitting some more. Least the company is pleasant." she notes "If a bit disconcerting at times."

Ruzel chuckles and rolls his eyes. "Don't worry. I'll cut down on the commentary if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Why don't you take a seat and get yourself comfortable again?" He takes out some paints and begins mixing on a part of the easel stand that seems to double as a palette.

Keziah shakes her head as she returns back to her seat "No worries. That be worse I think. I'd be wondering what was going through that head of yours. And it being in your head, it's likely not at all censored and well." she shakes her head some. She's not going to even go there. "Tell me about yourself though. Why'd you become an artist?"

Ruzel gets a nice flesh tone colored mix of paint together, which he rubs on a brush. He gets the canvas set up and starts painting, looking back to Keziah frequently. "Well, I guess I always just sort of had a lot of creative energy. Even as a kid. One day my mother gave me some pains for a turnday present, and I knew that was what I wanted to do."

Keziah listens quietly as she watches him, certainly much different than watching him sketch. She smiles tenderly, her mind going elsewhere "I can understand that. I knew I wanted to work with animals when I saw the babies and I was always think with them. I'm just glad my family fostered those interests and all. Even when they wouldn't send me to the crafthall until I was older."

Ruzel grins as he watches her expression change. "I like that look. Keep it up." He says as he applies the paint in broad strokes to the canvas, occassionally mixing in just a touch of dark brown for shading. "That sounds lovely. It's great to have a supportive family. My parents and I have never really been that close."

Keziah loses the look and blinks at Ruzel "Huh? What look?" she asks looking a little confused as she peers over at him. "I was jsut sitting her like I'd been doing. Tis a shame to not be close to parents. Mother's been real great with advice for Mirai and all. And so has Caser and my sister-in-law Alimeade. They've a little one as well."

Ruzel pauses when her expression changes, mixing more paints while he waits. "That smile you had before… think about what made you get into working with beasts again. It brought a very pleasant smile to your face."

Keziah ohs a little and looks thoughtful and then she nods "Babies." she murmurs and gets that tender look in her face. "I love the newborn kids the best. Though lambs ain't half bad either. But the kids are the cutest. My second candidacy here, I actually had one in the barracks till it was old enough to leave with the others. It's mother died giving birth. SHe really was too young, but a buck got into the pens and bred a bunch before they noticed him."

"Perfect!" Ruzel says when the look returns. "Just try to hold that." He's working faster now, trying to make sure he captures her expression. He cleans the brush and uses a redder shade for her lips. "Well, new life is always a beautiful thing, isn't it?"

Keziah gives a little nod "It is indeed. I guess that's why I was drawn to Mirai as well. She was only a few months old when I found her." she notes softly. "Everyone wanted her, but I was determined that I'd keep her. She's such a lovely thing."

"And how is she doing now?" Ruzel asks as he continues to work. He adds dark brown specks for the freckles, and lighter shades for her hair and eyes. A dark blue is applied for the background.

Keziah smiles softly, the tender expression staying "She's doing great. She's integrated real well with the other little ones Caro watches. She's already got a group of friends she likes to be with, for all that she's three." she notes.

"That's wonderful to hear. You must be very good at what you do… say, you must work with Tali, right?" The background shade is applied in very long strokes, since it has far less detail than Keziah's face.

Keziah hmms a little "Well, I suppose so. I do what needs to be done, and I do take pride in what I do." she states and then gives a little nod "Yeah, I know Tali. She's a good worker. A temper here and there, but she's good with the runners." she notes.

"Temper? She's always seemed rather sweet to me." Ruzel chuckles and grins, looking at Keziah for a moment before he resumes painting. "Though I think I'm in rather the same position to her that you are to me. I think she's just a bit too young."

Keziah laughs brightly "She is a young thing. But she is sweet. Just don't cross her. But all in all she's good. I'm glad to have her around the stables." a pause "Though, I likely won't be seeing much of her there now, excepting on those chore days that have her there. So, you like older girls then huh?" she asks with a twinkle in her eye.

"Depends on how much older you mean, exactly. I like women who have a bit of maturity, yes. You can't possibly be THAT old, I'm certain." Ruzel says with a grin. "This is coming along very well."

Keziah laughs softly "I suppose not, I only just turned twenty-two a few months back or so." she notes "But, I do understnad the maturity aspect. Course with guys, they could be almost thirty and not all that mature." she notes with a nonchalant shrug "Suppose that's one reason I'm still unattached. Course the one guy I did kinda like, and no I ain't tellin' ya who. Too embarrassing. Mainly cause he didn't even really notice that I exhisted, outside of being just someone else to talk to and all. And well. The one person who has stated anything is well. A girl. So yeah. No luck."

"Twenty two? And you're acting like I'm much too young for you? Now that is just hardly fair." Ruzel says with a laugh and a shake of his head, winking to make certain she knows not to take him too seriously. He's applying little freckles, shadows, and details to the painting now. "Hmmm. Well, nothing wrong with being unattached, especially at your age."

Keziah rolls her eyes "As I said, I'm of the mind of a guy being older n' all then me." she shrugs some. "THough, hmm being not quite eighteen, that'd put you, hmm half plus seven Well eighteen would be about the right age goin' by the rule and all." she murmurs to herself. "But yeah, unattached, ain't too bad. Don't often have times to coddle some guy anyways I suppose. So it's just as well."

"Exactly. That's an excellent rule to go by. See, no trouble at all." Ruzel says with a little laugh. "I'm with you on that. It's one thing to have fun with someone, it's another thing to end up completely attached and dependent. Alright, just a little more…"

Keziah just shakes her head in bemusement and amusement "Ahh, but you see, you said not quite eighteen, so that'd put you under the mark." she teases lightly "But yes, fun can be nice. No worries and all that, but sometimes you just wanna wake up next to someone and fall asleep next to that same one.

"So if I wait until my turnday, I'm home free?" Ruzel asks with another laugh. "Mmm. You might be right. But there's a time and a place for both… okay. I think I'm done for now. Maybe I'll touch up the shading when there's better light, but it looks pretty nice!'

Keziah can't help but laugh "Well, how long is it until your turnday?" she asks as she gets up, stretching lainquidly and then giving herself a bit of a shake as she wanders over to go look at it.

"Oh, uh, just… a few months." Ruzel says, intentionally ambiguous. He waves a hand dismissively, trying to evade more questions on that subject. The painting is in a very similar style to the sketch, very realistic and capturing every detail. "The shiny quality will fade as the paint dries."

Keziah hmms a little as she nods "You're good." she notes quietly "Really good." she hmms a bit more "Just a few months huh?" she asks and then shrugs "Well, it ain't as if you're a mealy-mouth brat or anything." she notes and smiles.

"It sounds almost as if you're warming up to the idea." Ruzel says with an optimistic smirk. He surveys the painting for a moment. "I'll touch up the shading later and put it in a nice frame. But after that, it's all yours."

Is that a blush or a trick of the light "I never said nothing about warming up to the idea." she states and then clears her throat and goes back to the topic of the painting "How long?' she asks after a moment. She seems to be at a slight loss for words.

"How about I do it tomorrow night? Then it can dry overnight, and I can deliever it to you the morning after that. Sound alright?" Ruzel asks, studying Keziah's expression with a bemused look.

Keziah gives a slight nod "That sounds reasonable." she murmurs "Yes, very reasonable. I'll definantly have to recommend you as an aritst. You are very good at what you do. Me. I can hardly draw a map." she laughs.

"Fantastic." Ruzel says with a smile as he cleans up his brushes and paint, packing everything away. "The sketch you are welcome to take with you, though. I'm very glad you're pleased with my work."

Keziah gathers up the rolled sketch "Well, it's hard to not be pleased." she murmurs and then clears her throat somewhat "You should put together a, I forget what you call it, but a little book with sketches and perhaps some small paintings for people to see. You're sure to get commissions and all."

"You mean a portfolio?" Ruzel suggests, smiling. "I have sort of an informal one… but you're absolutely right. It needs to be updated and made a little more formal." Ruzel grins, just a touch devilishly. "I'm glad I… pleased you."

Keziah ahs and nods "That's it, a portfolio." at his last little bit, she just eyes him a moment "I'm sure you are." she remarks with a bit of a smirk "Typical." she shakes her head somewhat "So, whats in your portfolio?" she asks curiously.

Ruzel has a laugh as he finishes packing up the pencils and brushes. "Oh, don't take everything so seriously. It's all in good fun. And mostly it's sketches and paintings of landscapes around here. Before you I couldn't really find people to model for me."

Keziah chuckles "Well, maybe it's because I'm a sucker for hard cases." she notes with an oh so sweet smile "Sides, I do belive in givin' people a chance and all, and so why not give ya a chance to do me." a pause and then a frown and a bit of a head shake "A chance to draw and paint me." she amends.

Ruzel opens his mouth for a snappy reply, then shuts it as soon as the clarification is made. Still, the amused smile remains on his face. "Well, you were an outstanding subject, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity."

Keziah arches a brow as she eyes Ruzel "I heard those wheels cranking in there." she notes as she waggles her finger at him. "Well, you're very welcome." she says in a fake high and mighty way and then just laughs "It was certainly an experiance, and iffen you need the practice, not that I'm saying you do. I wouldn't mind modeling for you again."

"Well, I may just take you up on that offer. Although perhaps next time I'll keep my work for my new portfolio." Ruzel says with a bright smile at Keziah. It turns devious again. "And don't worry. I have enough sense not to ask you to be nude for it."

Keziah coughs a little and sticks her tongue out. "Silly boy." she states and smiles "Well, I certainly don't think I'd mind being in your portfolio. So long as it's a good one and all. Be alittle embarrassing iffen I look funny in it. And if, and I do mean if not when, I ever pose nude. I certainly do hope it's not in a portfolio."

Ruzel snickers a bit. "Well if… and that's if, not when, of course… you ever posed like that, I would certainly have enough sense not to put that in any sort of publicly viewable collection. That'd simply be rude!"

Keziah smirks and then nods "Well, that's good to know." a thoughful look. "Course, I may just have to watch out who's around when I sunbath in the nude." she remarks and then shrugs "Well, Eirwyn and Vesuvius can likely keep a watch out."

"Do what now?" That clearly gets some wheels turning in Ruzel's head. He laughs a little, trying not to picture that too clearly for too long. "Well, if you do that, maybe you're not quite as conservative as I'd thought. But still… only what you're comfortable with, of course."

Keziah laughs "Sunbathing nude or even swimmin' nude is a whole nother kettle of fish than posin' nude. There's just something wierd about that." she notes and then shrugs "I suppose some would argue otherwise, but well, it just doesn't seem the same."

"Well then, the solution is obvious." Ruzel says with a gleefully devious smile. "I just have to go swimming with you sometime and then paint from memory. Everyone wins."

Keziah eyes Ruzel and then just laughs "Sweet Faranth, I'm not sure I'd wanna see what your mind would add." she notes and then hmms "THough perhaps I might grow a few more curves than what I have."

"Well, there's an obvious alternative if you are concerned with accuracy." Ruzel continues to tease, grinning. "But in either case, I'd make certain to be both flattering and accurate. With you, those aren't contradictory."

Keziah pokes lightly at Ruzel "Careful, I may just take you up on it and then you might be scarred for life." she notes "After all, whats under the clothes ain't always a pretty sight." she remarks even as she absently rubs her side.

Ruzel rolls his eyes and grins. "Shards, I hope you're not the self-conscious type. I'm sure you're an absolutely beautiful woman. Don't hold yourself to some sort of impossible standard."

Keziah hmms a little "Generally I'm not." she notes "But sometimes there's some ideals that well." she shakes her head a little "Lets just say I sometimes talk up a big picture. I really don't go about in the nude much anymore. Least not when a bunch of people are around."

"Well that sounds like a terrible shame." Ruzel says with that devilish grin of his. "Still, I'd hate to badger you into something you weren't comfortable with. If the idea ever sounded appealing then I'll count myself lucky, but don't feel any sort of obligation. Fair?"

Keziah gives a nod "Well, it's not so much uncomfortable as my side looks unsightly." she notes and then shrugs "As I said, sometimes they tr to kill you in candidacy." she murmurs, attempting to make light of things "Course, I've not stood as a candidate since that time, so I'm not sure they still do it or not."

"Unsightly?" He peers at Keziah's side for a moment, pondering. "Let me guess… scars? Felines, maybe, if it happened in candidacy? Or a dragon at the hatching?" He gives her a smile. "Please, don't let something like that give you any insecurities."

Keziah shakes her head "Not a dragon. It was felines. They got a lot of us." she notes and then rubs her side "It's a pretty big one, I got lucky it wasn't more forward than it was I suppose. But's not a pretty thing, though they did sew it up right nicely and all. Was a pain while it was healing and then trying to stretch it and." she shrugs "Ruined me best vest I had too, though I've since had it replaced with my current one."

"I'm sorry you had to go through something so painful." Ruzel says with a more serious, sympathetic expression. "But never let anything hold you back like that, know what I mean? You seem like a strong woman."

Keziah eyes Ruzel and then "Well, I've a tendency to be strong, but like any normal person. I have my weaknesses. Me sides one, and well. I've a hard time dealing with them large felines when I used to not have any quealms about them."

"Well, people probably should have a little fear when it comes to dealing with felines. They're dangerous animals, after all. Still, I'm glad you survived relatively unscathed. I hope you never go through something like that again." Ruzel takes another look at the painting. "Well, looks like it's dried enough to carry. I suppose I should get some sleep… I'll get this to you the day after tomorrow, nicely framed."

Keziah shrugs a little "True, and I'm glad I am as well." she looks at the painting and then smiles "I guess I don't really look half bad." she remarks "I'll be lookin' forward to seeing it framed." she notes as she stretches again "Sleep well."

"You look gorgeous. I'm just lucky I managed to capture half of that." He carefully removes the canvas from the easel and prepares everything for transportation. "You too. I'm looking forward to seeing you model again, however you do so."

Keziah just shakes her head and smiles "As you say, but then, who am I to argue with an artist. You all see things in ways us mere mortals cannot" she states blithly and then giggles. "Well" she clears her throat "We'll just have to see how I choose to model." she notes with an idle shrug.

"I suppose we will." Ruzel says with a smile, lifting up everything very carefully to be certain the canvas is protected. "I'll see you soon, Keziah. Thank you again for posing, and have a very pleasant evening." With that, he's off back to the barracks, moving slowly to keep all his supplies in order.

Keziah gives a nod "And you too. Rezul." she notes as she watches him pack up. She shakes her head a little as she watches him head off, a bemused look on her face and then she gives herself a shake. "Silly woman." she murmurs to herself and then heads on down the beach for a stroll.

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