A Change of Plans

Disclaimer: Nudity. Intimate situations strongly implied. A small amount of stronger language.

Xanadu Weyr - D'son's Weyr

It's not the fanciest place in the world, but this cottage has at least been well kept up, the stone walls clean and free of greenery with the roof in good repair. The dragon's wallow just outside is a good size, suited for a large bronze. The interior is cozy enough, though the furniture is on the utilitarian sided. The living area has a couch, a carpet, some floor cushions and a table big enough to seat four tucked over near a not-often-used hearth. The bedroom has a bed, dresser and wash-stand and a single chair. The chair is often covered with clothes, speaking of a guy's less-than-neat housekeeping tendencies.

Throughout the place lacks much in the way of personal touches and has the distinct feeling of being a guest room. The singular exception are the portraits propped up atop the mantelpiece: two are family-style with several people pictured from grandpa down to small children. The other two are face close-ups of two pretty young women, a redhead with green eyes and a blonde with blue eyes. A large Istan conch shell sits beneath these two portraits, its insides flush with pink and purple, the outside white but infused with peach.

Sooo, late one evening or early one night depending on your outlook finds Vivian curled up under the covers of D'son's bed, waiting on him coming home for the night.

A little tired, D'son swings into the cottage as usual and doesn't even look at the bed as he tromps through, kicking off boots and shedding work-day clothes onto the chair in the room. Naked, he walks over to his press to bend down, get out fresh things. It's his usual routine: he's not actually planning to /stay/ through the night.

Vivian props herself up one elbow when he gets closer, one hand reaching out to tug the cover of the blankets away ever so slowly, revealing herself in the process, completely naked under there as she calls out a soft. "Well hi there." She murmurs huskily. "Hurry up and get in here before I cool down too much." Surpise!

D'son jumps about three feet back, clutching a shirt to his chest. "AUGH!" he exclaims loudly and then stands there, blinking at Vivian, open-mouthed. "Shells … Viv what're you — oh /shells/," he exclaims and turns beet red, drops his shirt down over his mid-section. "Viv …" he says her name again and yeah, he's looking and then squeezing his eyes shut. "Shells …"

Vivian's mouth opens as a soft seductive giggle rolls out as he stammers her name a few times. "Yes darling my name is Viv, though for tonight how about Vivi, like we talked about before." She murmurs, taking advantage of him closing his eyes to slide out of the bed and pad over towards him, one hand reaching for the shirt, the other placing onto his chest as she pushes towards him.

From outside there's the sound of Inimeth rolling out of his wallow and padding closer to the cottage with a brightly curious warble. D'son's eyes snap open at the contact, breathing rapid and hazel eyes round. His fingers clutch all the more at his shirt, though the physical reaction to the girl's closeness is obvious. "Vivi," he does say, but then: "Don't." And he tries to take a half-step back away from her, pauses and his expression goes a little vague, like his attention just shifted elsewhere.

His attention elsewhere is all she needs as she follows him back, pushing him towards the dresser he had bent over earlier. "Shush and kiss me D'son." Vivian instructs him as her hand slips from his chest up over his shoulder to the back of his neck, drawing him into a kiss as she pushes up on her tiptoes pressing her chest against his. As he tightens his grip on the shirt she discards the idea of taking it away from him and instead drops her hand to find what it's covering instead.

D'son is definitely very distracted and easily manipulated into moving backwards, though that kiss is probably not at all what Vivian would like, because he's only barely responding. No need to mention other parts. Dels' focus snaps back to her after a moment and for a fraction of a second, that kiss starts to heat up then he's pulling his head back and shaking his head. "Stop. Listen … Vivi. I have to say something."

Vivian stays pressed up against him, letting her head shift back a little when he breaks the contact. "Shush it can wait until after, I want you doing things to me, not talking." She explains softly as her hand below gives a gentle squeeze to get his attention back on the right track. "Either that or I drop to my knees and keep myself occupied with you so you can talk all you want?" She offers as she tries to steal another light kiss.

Deep breath and D'son's jaw firms up and his hand drops to peel hers off of his you-know-what. "No, it can't," he says decisively. "And for all you're gorgeous and clearly very good at this, I'm not available. So listen, okay?" And he draws his head back so that that kiss lands more on his cheek than his mouth. Just then Inimeth actually sticks his head in through the large, low-set window and whuffs loudly. "Yeah, I'm /getting/ there," the Weyrleader says with a slight note of exasperation in his voice. "Vivian, Inimeth wants you to Stand. I think he might be a little confused about which clutch, but that doesn't matter. Do you want to? Again?" Hazel eyes are seeking hers out, trying to stay serious in spite of the circumstances.

Vivian glances over to the big bronze with a bit of a frown appearing, she doesn't appear to bother that she's standing naked in front of the dragon. "Your timing sucks Inimeth darling." She explains to the dragon. "I'll give you your answer in the morning cutey." She tells him as her head turns back to face D'son. "Because we have other business to attend to tonight." She purrs at his rider.

This time, D'son's hands lift to Vivian's shoulders and it's a gentle pushback. "Vivi. I care about you a lot. Yes, I'm very attracted to you. But this isn't going to happen. If I were single, I would absolutely love to give you a proper send off into candidacy, but I'm not. I have a weyrmate and a lover who don't want to share outside the three of us. Aisling said no. So it's no from me too." Another deep breath. Inimeth croons a little sadly at her words though and shoves his head in as far as it will go, starting to threaten the structural integrity of the frame. "He really wants to know if you're going to Stand, Vivi. Will you?" Puppy dog eyes.

It's with a shrug of her shoulders that she replies. "They really said no when they haven't even met me?" She rolls her eyes. "They might like what they see enough to change their minds." She says taking a step backwards arms out, on full display for him. Her eyes hold a very dangerous edge to them as she looks into his eyes. "Last chance!" She offers with that same seductive note in her tone.

"They … aren't into girls …" D'son says, brows doing that quirky lifty thing of utter perplexity. His eyes close again after a moment and he turns, arm folded against the dresser, forehead to forearm. "You know I want to, Vivi. But I can't. I just can't. She'll break up with me and it'll break my heart." His voice is quiet, defeated. And Inimeth is still hanging his head in through the window.

"I'm not particularly into them either, but if it helps my chances with you any?" Vivian offers with a sly smile, truly the lengths she'll go to accomplish what she wants. At his outright refusal she shakes her head sadly, her arms dropping to her sides as she walks towards him. "That's right, hide yourself away from me, at least have the courtesy to look me in the eye when you reject me out of hand." Her hand rests on his shoulder and tugs him back round to face her. "Just remember what you're turning down." She snarls as her hand lashes out, to slap him very soundly across the face as she turns on her heel and stalks off. "I'll be standing for the coming clutches Inimeth, my dear sweet lady awaits me." She pauses by the window, leaning over to drop an affectionate pat to the bronze as well as a kiss. "See If you can make him see sense." She snags one of D'son's shirts that she'd left by the door and runs out of the cottage before she starts to pull the shirt on. Surely she didn't come in wearing nothing? He'd better hope that neither his weyrmate or his lover searches this cottage too closely and finds Vivian's clothes and underwear tucked away somewhere they shouldn't be.

"You can't seriously be that des—" Smack. D'son's eyes go wide at the slap and the snarl and the hurt on his face has more to do with illusions suddenly shattering than the physical pain. Inimeth's bugle is a weird mix of surprise and triumph. The first for what she just did to his rider, the second for her acceptance. Still he does nudge Vivian gently as she pats and kisses him. Dels just stares after her, hand to cheek where her handprint resides. "Vivi …" he calls out in protest but he doesn't chase after. There's not many places to hide stuff in his cottage and she'll find the lot returned, neatly folded, ironically, by the same woman she got to come tidy up his place a few days later.

Of course it may not help matters if Vivian is seen running out of the cottage, tears running down her cheeks in only a disheveled shirt held to her otherwise naked body. Conniving bitch? Why yes she is.

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